Dear People Who Watch And Enjoy Robots In Disguise 2015

…you all should check out the Afterbuzz Aftershow podcast!

  • It can be found here  and also here and on iTunes.
  • Episodes start streaming at 8:10 Eastern time on Sunday nights, usually running about 45 minutes to an hour but they don’t feel that long at all
  • The show is hosted by 4 awesome (and smart) lady Transformers fans who call themselves Alexis “The Wrecker” Torres, Emma “The Speedster” Fyffe ( almostapalindrome ), Megan “Lord Megantron” Salinas and Katie “Kia Prime” Cullen ( kiaxet ), how cool is that
  • You can tell said hosts are really invested in / enjoy the show and it shows in their conversations about it
  • They frequently have special guests who work on RID 2015 proper, like for the week of episode 12 they had Roger Craig Smith, Mitchell Whitfield, and Eric Bauza (voices of Slipstream and Jetstorm, Fixit, and Drift respectively)
  • It is hilarious and should probably not be listened to in public because of risk of excessive laughter
  • They give the Decepticons who escape amazing nicknames such as Hungry Like The Wolf (Steeljaw) , Legion of Spiders (Chop Shop) and Mafia Bambi (Thunderhoof) and have other great running jokes, such as the humans being like kittens to the Autobots
  • They actively encourage audience participation and read all comments from the chatroom running alongside the episode as well as their Twitter hashtag (abtvrid) and iTunes reviews
  • It’s just really fun to listen to and provides a solid companion for each episode of RID 2015 so please go watch and/or listen it is worth it
Doing new stuff

Recently I got together with my friends and we decided to kick some ass and make our own vlog for nerd ladies. We filmed our first episode last night and I’m crazy excited. I’m excited to make stuff with my friends and I’m excited to embark on this adventure with them.

We’re called The NerdStreet Hoodlums if you want to check us out. We’re on all the social media and our first episode will premiere next week!