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I'm so excited! The new chapter was amazing! Your original fiction will be superb and even though I'm sad about BTU ending, I'm thrilled and excited about your next works especially The Reaper's Secretary! ^^

I’m excited for you guys to read my original work!

I just need to finish it first. ^^;

For now, though, thank you for reading the madness that is my fanfiction. XP

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*Comes to check on the Queen of the Duckenation* *Sees a bunch of Heathers shit* ...WHAT DID I MISS?!? XD First I finally get pulled back into the Hamilton fandom. (Phillip owo Just phillip XP) I ALMOST get out of the Heathers trash-bin and now I'm pulled RIGHT back in. THANK YOU

You’re welcome ;)

Daily Convos w/ My Brother
  • So, context. This started because my brother and I were too lazy to change the channel when One Crazy Cruise - a pbad Nickelodeon movie - came on. The dad came in and told the kids that the password to his safe, which could only have 3 numbers input into it, was 'iceberg'
  • Jakob: How is the password iceberg? It's a number lock that has 3 keys?!
  • Me: Maybe it's a code within a code?
  • -- immediatly deep in thought --
  • Jakob: Okay, so it's a number lock with 3 keys, but the password is iceberg.
  • Me: Well, in Psychology, they use an icebeg to represent the Id, Ego, and Superego
  • Jakob: Okay wait but ego sounds like nego which could be short for neo geo.
  • Me: Okay... so where do we go from there?
  • Jakob: Well... neo geo was made by snk, and snk also made the games King of Fighters and Art of Fighting.
  • Me: Okay, fighters... King... Art... King Arthur?
  • Jakob: King Arthur!
  • Me: Okay well King Arthur had round table with knights.
  • Jakob: And what else is round at night? The moon.
  • Me: People say that the moon made of cheese.
  • Jakob: Cheese... gives off sharp smell?
  • Me: What else is sharp? Edges.
  • Jakob: What has edges? A triangle.
  • Both: Illuminati confirmed. He's part of the Illuminati.

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High School AU-  sorry if its bad xP it’s almost 4 am, and I should be asleep 3 hours ago.

Long story short, never leave undying love confessions on your notebooks kids!

I will continue with the rest after I take a long long nap.
Thanks for participating guys!!! This is so much fun-! (And I actually get to animate something)

I misspelled breathe- OTZ SORRY- i will fix it later.

Song in the moonlight ~ 

well, Foxy is just trying to be a singer like Freddy but in fact- his voice rocks on top of Freddy, making him absolutely jealous and he hopes to smack that gay fax with fire extinguisher xP (btw it’s probably an outdoor stage outside the pizzeria (?))

just practicing background with clouds and that moooon xD

reblogs are appreciated <3

life update number 8,942:

Got a bit over a month left before I graduate (It’s just an associates ((two associates actually)) but it’s impressive to me because of how much work went into it)  and right now cramming on some projects for school as well as gettings cosplays prepped for a convention this weekend (my last big one in California). Work loads been hectic but gettin easier. Also I’ve been getting more freedom with my painting work now that we’re beyond the basics which is cool too. Still not online much because with how busy everythings been, distractions like tumblr or facebook or whatever can be the kiss of death XP

Anyway, almost done, and it’s pretty surreal but also pretty cool. Hope you all are doing well on your own respective ends and love all of ya bunches <3 

Kid!Sourin Theme Ep 10
Kid!Sourin Theme Ep 10

*rolls in* X3~ ehehe~

it’s a long time since I uploaded some piano cover~ T^T

This one!! BGM from Sourin scene at episode 10~ *v* (when Sousuke reminiscing his and Rin’s childhood - the one when they have a broom fight, when sousuke visit sick!Rin at Christmas, yesh the one when they run together, *melts*, and when Rin said that he found someone to swim relay  with *sobs*)

I’m a sourin trash, what do you expect from me, www, and yesh I re-watch that scene a lot of time~ orz, so in the end half of that nice music *that make me cry a river* stuck on my mind… *weeps*

so I’m trying to do that bgm, yay~ though a little hard to catch the first part because I can only heard kisumi and sousuke’s conversation~ but I think it’s right, at least almost right… oops~ XP~

Original Song : BGM of Sourin Scene at Episode 10

Played by : Scarv~ X3

Key : 1 = D