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High School AU-  sorry if its bad xP it’s almost 4 am, and I should be asleep 3 hours ago.

Long story short, never leave undying love confessions on your notebooks kids!

I will continue with the rest after I take a long long nap.
Thanks for participating guys!!! This is so much fun-! (And I actually get to animate something)

I misspelled breathe- OTZ SORRY- i will fix it later.

anonymous asked:

you're actually such a goddamn precious sweetheart but your writing is the embodiment of sin and im so here for it

(2) sorry if that came off as hostile, you’re just so damn sweet and delightful and must be protected at all costs

Oh my gosh, you’re the one who’s super sweet xP I almost don’t even know what to say haha, didn’t come off as hostile at all! My writing is indeed the embodiment of sin, my blog is called the web of sins for a reason xP Thank you so much!!! <3

Song in the moonlight ~ 

well, Foxy is just trying to be a singer like Freddy but in fact- his voice rocks on top of Freddy, making him absolutely jealous and he hopes to smack that gay fax with fire extinguisher xP (btw it’s probably an outdoor stage outside the pizzeria (?))

just practicing background with clouds and that moooon xD

reblogs are appreciated <3