Annnd I forgot to post this yesterday, it was too crazy of a day. XD But I got Ictinus finished!

I don’t know why but I almost never draw this guy happy. I decided to draw him just relaxing for once and enjoying himself.

I love drawing Ictinus with really huge hands and feet a skinny lil arms and legs X’D Oh man.

Into the Depths of Hell, I’ll Gladly Fall

He came back as quickly as he left, and with guests as well.

You stood at the gate with the other maids and retainers that were left to watch the castle in Lord Ichinomiya’s absence. Although what should have been cheers and celebration were replaced with silence and grim faces.

Lord Ichinomiya lead his men, followed closely with Lord Oh and Lord Baba behind him. They were galant on their horses, riding high and proud, with few injuries to show. Although you noticed the subtle difference in Lord Ichinomiya posture, you knew better than to mention a word about it since he just returned. You made a mental note to ask him about his health later.

“We return victorious,” He announced, causing strained cheers from his retainers and maids, however you remained silent, urked by the atmosphere. Lord Ichinomiya noticed, quickly glaring at you and looking away, as if his eyes were burned from looking at you for too long.

You peered around him, looking to where the prisoners were being held hostage by other retainers, noticing one of presumed royalty, but you didn’t note your brothers––

“We did not find him,” Lord Ichinomiya announced, causing you to turn your attention back to him. But as quickly as he spoke he left, heading off to the meeting hall with Lord Oh and the prisoners behind him.

“Come,” Lord Oh announced, and when he didn’t sense you following him he grasped your arm, dragging you along with him.

“M-Me?” You asked, turing to watch as the few captured men were ushered to follow after you and Lord Oh.

“I want you to see with your own eyes who Eisuke truly is,” Was all he spoke, shoving you view of the interrogation from a nearby window, before Lord Oh proceeded to head inside himself to participate.

You couldn’t hear what was being discussed, but each man only lasted moments before being carried away. One, than three finally five were carried away before who you assumed to be Lord Takeda Shingen himself.

“Where is Shuichi Hishikura!” Lord Ichinomiya’s voice boomed throughout the hall, his patience being reached, causing you to shrink back by the anger in his voice. Although Lord Shingen did little to be moved. In fact, he laughed in the face of Lord Ichinomiya himself, “You think a man that dares to laugh at me will leave here alive? Unharmed? You have just proclaimed your own death.” He spat out, reaching for his blade to tap it against the base of Lord Shingen’s chin, “Where? I don’t like asking twice? Those men I brought with you,” He started, waving his hand as retainers piled into the room, dropping body after body in front of Lord Shingen, “Dead. Would you like to meet the same fate?”

“Oh my…” You gasped, loud enough that apparently Lord Ichinomiya heard you, turning his head in your direction, his eyes widening when he saw you watching what was going on before sending a glare towards Lord Shingen, then a even harsher one at Lord Oh.

Really?” Was all he asked, at whom, you weren’t sure, but you scurried away fast enough to not hear what he said after that, running to the safety of your own room and slamming the screen door shut in a frenzy.

You just didn’t understand.

Why did Lord Ichinomiya want to find your brother so much? Was that why he kept you locked up here? And Shuchi Hishikura? Who was that man and what business did Lord Ichinomiya have with him? Was he the one pulling the strings over at Shingen’s castle?

Before you could formulate any thoughts a knock was at your screen door, followed by a loud bang of the screen hitting the wall as it was slid open, a dark aura seeping inside as Lord Ichinomiya himself stood at the entrance.

“Busy?” He asked, a crooked smile on his lips as he stepped inside, throwing the screen door closed just as loudly behind him.

“N-N-Nope,” You stuttered, inching closer and closer to the back of your room, your back already hitting a wall behind you.

“Afraid?” He asked, stepping closer and kneeling down in front of you, his hands still bloody from when he took those prisoners lives only moments ago.

You noticed how he very slightly winced as he knelt down, and your hand automatically reached out to cup his shoulder, “Are you still hurt?” You asked, your eyes wandering over his chest and shoulder in hopes to find anything resembling a injury.

A deep chuckle left his lips as he stood up, “Please. I am Lord Ichinomiya. I do not simply get injured.” He announced, walking back to the screen door in a attempt to leave.

“W-Wait!” You called out, running to grab at his hand, “Forgive me Milord but if you refuse to see the clan doctor, please allow me to look at your injury.” You suggested, gripping his hand tighter in hopes that he would not leave.

Laughing again he turned to face you, silently undressing himself and removing his armor in front of you until his chest was bare. You felt embarrassed, but were more shocked at the amount of scars that laced his body, the most prominent one being a large one straight across where his heart should sit.

Hoping your eyes didn’t linger too long you sought out to tending his wounds, moving him to sit on the floor you took out a damp cloth and rubbed the dried blood and dirt that caked at a deep wound on his shoulder.

“I didn’t find your brother,” He finally said after long moments of silent, “He already fled the castle with Hishikura.” You didn’t know who this man was, or what your brother was plotting to do, but you silently listened on anyways as he continued to speak, “I got information that they are heading West, towards the Capital. We plan to establish a new base there. Soryu has a residence there that is plenty large enough to convert to a temporary castle for the Ichinomiya Clan.”

“I see,” You responded, not entirely sure why he was telling you what he was.

“You didn’t try and flee,” He spoke again, after a much longer period of silence.

“Mhm, you said so yourself,” You started, putting down the cloth and smiling at him, “If I did you drag me back here yourself!” 

You didn’t expect him to cup your cheeks at your response, his face close to yours, almost like he was searching for something in your eyes as you answered him, and all you could do was stare back at him as he equally stared at you.

“You did, good girl.” He responded, yet, his hands still firmly cupped your cheeks.

“Lord Ichinomiya I need a moment of you––”

As Lord Baba called out to Lord Ichinomiya your screen door opened, leaving your stunned and embarrassed and Lord Ichinomiya annoyed, while Lord Baba only looked on his amusement. Quickly Lord Ichinomiya buried your face into his bare chest, which did little to ease your already pounding heart.

“Out,” Lord Ichinomiya spat, unknown to you that he was annoyed by being interrupted by this idiot. 

“Oh but Milord you should have seen!” He exclaimed.

Out” He said again, this time his free hand that wasn’t holding your head reached for his sword in a threatening way.

“Once you two are…done,” Baba said, sending a smile at the two of you, “I’ll be waiting in your room with papers for you to look at,” He said, leaving with a wave and a wink, elated at what he just witnessed, but you couldn’t help the pounding in your heart.

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about your tags on the sapphire ruby photoset. sapphire pushes down problems and ignores them until there's too many and they swarm at her as the buildup is devastating, while ruby hyperfocuses on a single problem so much she doesn't notice anything else, which worked as a parallel for seven and connie respectively (she focused so much on a problem she didn't see its easy solution, while he ignored the growing list of problems until they almost drowned him) but they ended up aiding each other.


thank you anon