Stone Cold Sober

Who: Chris Evans
What: Inspired by Say You Won’t Go by James Arthur

“I’m so in love with you
And I hope you know
Darling, your love is more than worth its weight in gold
We’ve come so far my dear
Look how we’ve grown”

“I wanna live with you
Even when we’re ghosts
‘Cause you were always there for me
When I needed you most”

It had been a rough year.

Chris was in way over his head with everything that he had signed up for. In the sense of trying to juggle his work life with his personal life. He thought he could handle both but his personal life just seemed to slip through his fingers. It had been a few months since he had spoken to his sisters and brother and even longer with his mother. It was rare for him to get lost in his work. Chris had always stressed that family was important in keeping him grounded. 

He knew his family would understand, because this was what he wanted to do. This was who he was. Chris hardly felt guilty when it came to his family because in the end, he knew that they would always be there for him. The only person he was worrying about was [Y/N]. Chris felt as if it had been an entire year since he got to sit down with her and talk about random things, the kind of conversations he fell in love with. 

And in retrospect, it had been a year since their last dinner date. 

Chris had captured [Y/N]’s attention about four years ago and despite their very busy schedules, they always made time for each other. They had an understanding. Work came first because anyone that was part of the film industry knew that whether or not they wanted to admit it. Work was number one until it was time to dock it further down the list. And they had both agreed that day would come when children were involved because [Y/N] was just as passionate about kids as he was. 

But, it had been sixty-seven days since he had physically seen [Y/N]. And he craved her touch, her kisses, the way she’d dig her nails into his back, and more importantly her laugh. Chris wasn’t entirely romantic, he had good intentions but it just wasn’t him and he loved that [Y/N] didn’t expect much. Because when he would, he’d get her a single flower and present it to her with a kiss and a sincere, “I love you so much.” And it reminded her just how much she loved him, not that she really ever needed a reminder. 

So, here was. In the middle of their kitchen. A little white stuffed bear holding a single red rose with a bottle of her favorite wine sitting on the counter top. Chris had managed to get off a few days earlier than he thought and he wanted to surprise the love of his life. He forgot what it felt like to be happy in the arms of his girlfriend. He heard the jingling of keys, sitting up straight, he waited for her to enter the kitchen. 

To say Chris startled her was an understatement. [Y/N] thought her heart was about to leap out her chest. Clutching her chest and leaning against the counter, she gasped. “Holy shit.” Regaining her composure, she spotted the stuffed animal and wine, “I thought you weren’t coming home until Thursday?” 

He moved towards her, cupping her face in his hands. Relishing her scent and warm cheeks. “I wasn’t until I moved a few things around.” Chris kissed her gently, “I missed you, bug.” 

She chuckled at the sound of her nickname, how she got it was beyond her knowledge. “I missed you too.” Wrapping her arms around him, she squeezed him tight. “I’m glad you came home early, we would have only seen each other for less than a day before I would have to go out to New Zealand.” [Y/N] would be lying if she said that she didn’t hate this past year. It was hard not seeing Chris for more than a week before the either of them would have to run off to the other side of the world. But relationships were all about compromise and commitment and she’d be damned if she was going to let the only man she ever loved slip from her fingers because of distance. 

He pressed a kiss to her head, “I’ve been thinking about us.” 

[Y/N] wasn’t sure if she liked the tone in his voice, pulling slightly away, she frowned. “Do I need a glass of wine for this?” 

Chris laughed, his hand reaching for that signature spot. “Baby, no, it’s not a bad thing but I wouldn’t say no to a glass.” 

Turning her frown upside down, she nodded and pulled away from him completely. In a few quick seconds she was back with two glasses and a bottle opener. She handed him the opener and graciously took the bottle from his hand once he popped the cork. Pouring a generous amount in each glass, they toasted to finally spending time together. 

“Now, what’s got that mind thinking?” She asked.

Taking a sip, he gave a gentle smile. “I miss us. I thought I could handle us and work but I don’t think I did a very good job.” 

“You didn’t but you know I don’t mind.” Frowning, she shrugged. “I mean I would have liked to see you more but I understand. It comes with the job, you know. We both knew what we were getting into when we snuck off that night.” [Y/N] reminiscence back to that night where the two of them got so unbelievably drunk at an after-party that they ended up in her hotel room with their clothes all over the floor. She had never met someone that she could get along with so well then Chris. They instantly clicked when they were sober and things got even better when they were drunk. It was inevitably once the pair finally met, it was almost like love at first sight. 

“Yeah, but that’s the thing.” Chris groaned. He set down his glass of wine and cupped her face again, his body pressing against hers which caused her hips to collide with the counter. “We work way too much. I almost forgot what it felt like to be with you. If we weren’t face-timing or texting, it was almost as if I was single. Not that I went out, because you know I didn’t but that’s what it felt like. I don’t fucking like it. 

I’ve been with you for four years and hell, [Y/N] it’s been the damn best four years of my life. It’s unreal how lucky I am to have you. I love you so fucking much that you have me wrapped around your fingers.” He let his hands fall from her face and to her waist. “I want to focus on us, I want to feel us, I want to feel you. Work is just work but when I’m with you, it’s like a whole nother world.” 

[Y/N] looked in his eyes, searching for some kind of explanation for this. “So let’s focus on us. Let’s take a vacation.” 

Chris shook his head, “No, baby. I want to marry you.”

[Y/N] choked a little, had she heard him right? Did Chris just say that he wanted to marry her? “Marry me?” She asked in disbelief.

Chris laughed again, throwing his head back. “Yes, baby. You.” He pulled her in close, nipping her lips for a moment. “You and I have been to hell and back. You were there for me whenever I needed you. And I like to think that I’ve done the same for you. I don’t want to do that for anyone else but you. I want to wake up every single morning knowing that I have you for the rest of my life. I want to rush home from the airport because I know I’ve got my favorite girl waiting for me with our kids. I want to start this life with you, [Y/N]. No one else. I want to love you with every bit of my soul because being away from you this past year was rough.

And I don’t know if doubts ran through your head or not but I want you to know that I don’t ever want to see you walk out our door with your bags packed for good. I can take it if you’re leaving me to come right back when you’re finished with work but never for good.” He placed a tender kiss on her lips, breathing her in. “I love you so much.” 

[Y/N] melted into his kiss, her hands gripping his upper arm. “I love you so much.” 

Forgive me pt2.(Peter Parker)

Summary- You helped Peter after he told you he was Spider-Man and Liz was getting very suspicious. One day you were helping Peter and you were in a situation where he had to choose you or Liz. He chose Liz in the end.

“Peter I’m making the antidote right now!” You said through the phone. Peter never listened to you, ever even when he knew you were right, which was always.

“Hurry up I see him, he’s walking up the Stark tower”

“Peter don’t you dare hang up on me”

“Look I love you okay just be safe and trust me” Peter end the call and starts swinging while Y/n was trying not to think of ways to kill the boy. As she was thinking there was a shatter of glass behind her. He said he was the Stark tower, she thought to herself. Since this was her fathers building she knew her way around pretty well but it all felt alien to her.

“Come out come out come out pretty girl” he bellowed as he took long strides around the lab. With every second the fear grew inside of Y/n just how the antidote was cooking. If she left now she’d be safe just how she promised Peter but she stayed for the antidote. Y/n ran to gas chamber that they had in the lab for some weird reason, she wasn’t going to question it. Her plan was to stay in there till the lizard left and she could give the antidote to Peter. There was no sound of footsteps, which stopped earlier than expected and the fear went away and washed out of Y/n’s system as relief grew over her. She was safe, or so she thought…

Her eyes darted at the gas that was filling the chamber. It was almost instantly that she stood up and was met with his face.

“Boo!“ He said calmly. Y/n felt that fear come again as she stared into the eyes of a man who her father worked with.

"HELP!” Y/n screamed as she banged on the glass. She could feel the intoxicant trying to take over her body with every breath she inhaled.

“What- did- you- put- in- here?” She said trying to gasp for air. There was no point in holding her breath for as long as possible because soon enough her respiration would kick in.

“Something that will make you go to sleep” he sang as the weight on Y/n grew immensely.

“Sweet dreams my dear” with that said Y/n’s eyes grew heavy and she could no longer open them. Her whole body had given out to the gas. There was nothing she could do to save herself.



“Y/n!” Someone was screaming her name. The voice was too muffled to hear through the trance she was under. Her body didn’t feel heavy anymore but there was something on if pulling her down maybe?


“Y/n you’re awake!” And Y/n wished she was dead. Why was Liz here? There was no possible way she could of been, she said she was visiting her grandparents down south- unless she lied to Peter and stayed. Of course she lied and stayed, that’s all Liz ever did when Y/n was around. Liz was jealous that Y/n could help and she couldn’t, she was just a pretty face.


“Now which one does Parker love more?” They both turn their heads to the direction the voice came from. Y/n had always looked nice and smart but right now she looked terrible from everything she had been through tonight which was Peter swinging her around foolishly, bandaging Peter up, creating the antidote- Where is the antidote?, she thought and looked around her. Of course it wasn’t with her, it never was when she needed it, which was right now.

“Me obviously I’m his girlfriend” Liz glared at Y/n when she said ‘girlfriend’ and put more emphasis on it.

“Are you joking? You want to have a petty argument right now?” Y/n said coldly, almost as cold as the lizard who enjoyed watching them bicker.

“I am his girlfriend, what are you a rich snobby British kid?”

“Love you forgot ‘bitch’ in that but I guess no one can take your title” Y/n almost forgot about the man who had gassed her and was out for Peter.

“Well at least I can help, I’ve got this” Liz held up her cellphone. She was so stupid to of even brought that thing with her.

“You dumb bitch how are you supposed to use it if the guy that’s out for your boyfriend is right there and has you captive?!”

“At least I can call Peter my boyfriend” Y/n had had enough with Liz using everything and everyone. They all think she’s nice, smart, kind, loving,pretty but in the eyes of Y/n she was a nasty, dumb, hypocritical cunt of a lair.

“Hey buddy do you think you could untie me so I can beat the crap out of her?” The huge lizard laughs and shakes his head no.

"As fun as that sounds I need you to bring Peter to me” he grabbed both the girls and ripped the ties on each before holding each in one hand. Liz was already calling for Peter like she was in charge of him. It wasn’t helpful that they were on the edge of very high building. Y/n wasn’t afraid of heights like most things but she sure didn’t like being dangled from off the side of one.

“COME OUT SIPDEY BEFORE I DROP ONE!” He yelled and with that said Peter did come but how could no one notice a massive Lizard on a rooftop? Peter’s moments made him seem tired and exhausted only because he was tired and exhausted. This life wasn’t for him if he didn’t get the girl he thought to himself but their were two girls.

“Let them go” Peter says calmly and then the girls weren’t dangling over the edge but had strong grips around their necks. What he was trying to do was make Peter choose, he could only have one of the girls so he had to choose.

“Alright Parker I’m going to make you a deal, choose one of the girls and leave the other one to die and I’ll come in safely, save both and I’ll kill them both” he spat with a little lisp on each ’s’. Y/n felt the grip on her neck tighten as Peter walked towards Liz. He was going to choose her.

“I-I want Liz” Peter breathed as Y/n couldn’t she could see black dots forming in her eyes and the pain of having no oxygen was the worst she had ever felt. No, Peter choosing Liz and leaving her to die was the worst pain she had ever felt. Her beating heart stopped after a whole minute of struggling.

“Very well then Parker” a loud snap was heard by every member on the rooftop. Y/n was glad she didn’t feel the pain any longer even though she wasn’t living anymore. She died because Peter chose Liz but if she did live, would he have chose her still?

Peter thought he was going to be able to save her, after he heard the snap he knew she was gone and it was his fault because he chose the wrong girl. He didn’t hold Liz in his arms like a boyfriend would instead he held Y/n in his red and blue arms.

“I’m so so so sorry Y/n I didn’t choose you” he cried, his mask was no longer one because there was no need he lost a great big part of him. There was no point in checking for a pulse yet Peter did jut because he had a little hope that she was okay. She was never going to be. It was like uncle Ben all over again.

“You did this!” Peter shot daggers at mutant lizard who had a smug smile on his face.

“You did this, you chose a different girl, face it Parker we all don’t get what we want in life” for him it was his arm that made be this way and it made Peter furious he just wanted to kill himself just so Y/n could forgive him. The thing is before she saw what she thought was death she did. It was always going to be Peter and Liz never Peter and Y/n. Peter knew this was his fault there was nothing he could do about it. He sat on the floor and carefully placed Y/n’s head onto his lap hoping her neck wouldn’t have more damage than it already did. It was then he noticed that she drowning in her own blood. This is all my fault, Peter thought. All he wanted was Y/n back and that was never going to happen.

“I’m so sorry Y/n, I’m so sorry I didn’t choose you. I-I thought I could of saved you too. Please if you’re still here, if you’re still with me, please forgive me, please” Peter cried the hardest he ever did and nothing was going to make him feel better. A gentle hand touched the side of Peter’s face, he looked at her eyes hoping to never see them again.

“Pete, it’s going to be okay”

“Don’t touch me” Peter snarled at Liz and she was taken back by his rudeness, it reminded her of Y/n and it made her feel sick.

“Pete come on let’s get out of here-”

“I don’t want to see you again”

“Peter you’re in shock lets go” Liz tried to grab Peter’s hand before they could touched Peter wiped the sweat that was still on Y/n’s face away.

“And leave her here, I should of broken up with you just like I told her I would”

“What are you on about?” Peter turned his head and looked Liz dead straight in the eye. She knew that he hated her as much as Y/n but he hated her for the wrong reasons.

“Y/n kissed me and I kissed her back, she asked me to break up with you so we could be together but I never did and she was okay with that. She was okay seeing me with another girl when she wanted that girl to be herself and now look at what’s happened. I took her away from myself because I didn’t break up with you, this is your fault!”

“My fault? You had the choice, me or Y/n and you chose me, don’t blame me for your actions Peter. She deserved to die anyway, Y/n was always horrible to me and I was nothing but nice and I’m glad she’s dead because now she won’t get in the way of us”

“What 'us’ Liz? That 'us’ left as soon as her and Harry came into town and Y/n was never horrible to you, you were jealous that Flash wanted to get with her and not you”

“Your an ass” Liz couldn’t stand being in the presence of a boy who was grieving over a girl who, in her opinion, wasn’t that special. Yes she was the daughter of Norman Osborn and was extremely smart but at the end of the day she was nothing, so was Liz. There was nothing special about her either. All Liz was was a pretty face nothing more nothing less. All Peter wanted to do was bring Y/n back and then he remembered Harry, her brother. If Harry knew he would never talk to Peter again. It felt like years that Peter was crying when it was only seconds till Mr. Stark flew by. He knew what was going on between Y/n and Peter.

“Peter…” the only thing Tony could give was comfort and it was the thing Peter needed most of it.

“She’s dead Mr. Stark, she’s dead because of me and I don’t know what to do” the only feature that stood out on Peter’s face was his eyes, his bloodshot eyes.

“You tried-”

“No! I didn’t, I didn’t try at all and now sh-she’s gone”

“Let’s get her home safely” with that said Tony carefully picked up the fifteen year old girl in a bridal way. From this angle he saw that she had countless tiny cuts on her face and her face itself was a different colour. Peter watched Y/n’s head seeing as her neck had snapped that’s when he saw a necklace she was wearing. 'Osborne’. He asked Mr. Stark if she could take it and he let him. If Tony didn’t have any love for Peter he would of killed him on the spot because his niece was dead. Don’t ask about the family tree, it’s complicated.

Tony got Y/n home safely to the tower and he placed her on her bed. No one was there to see the mess he was in. His niece was gone and he couldn’t help but feel responsible because he didn’t try to stop her from doing anything bad. This whole situation was bad but what was going to be worse was that Tony had to tell her sister and brother. They both already hate Tony, only Y/n was the one who loved him and now he had to tell her she died.

GUYS!!!! GUYS!!! GUYS!!!






Sleep ( Laurens X Reader )

I legit forgot how I formatted what comes before the gid for I stayed so long without posting. Wtf. I’m back now though, and I’m here to stay. The request, which I strayed a bit from, was from a little anon: “John laurens modern AU where he and reader have been friends forever and then at a late night talk john accidentally admits his love for her?”

I relate to this imagine in a deep level (I almost named reader’s brother like my own), because I am very very sleep deprived and this can make your life be shit. So yes, take this as me mommying all of you. Am I ruining my life by staying up until 3 (watching netflix on my galaxy cUZ WE AIN’T GOT NO TV - sorry, it’s a song of Anthony’s) and waking up at seven every single day? Yes. But I shouldn’t, and neither should any of you, my precious lovely little beans. Go to bed!

Also, yes, the cliffhanger is on purpose. Don’t kill me, ask me for a sequel ;3 Love y’all. Hope you enjoy it!

Word Count: 2.335

Warnings: (because there’s already too much drama about everything else in this fandom) straight Laurens, quite a bit of swearing, sleep deprived people, small reference to domestic violence

Setting: New York, Modern AU

Originally posted by hamilbabes

Your sleeping schedule was far from regular. For real. Between reading books until two and watching Netflix until three, it was basically a much messed up one. Yes, that sometimes meant a very tired you in the morning and a basically sleep deprived Y/N throughout the weeks, but you could never help it. Sleeping was just not your thing, not during the night anyways. You learned to take it in. You learned to live with it. 

That is, until your best friend stepped into the situation. 

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1ady1azarus  asked:

OMG your wife is so beautiful! I saw her last night at the paramount and was shocked to see that she was pregnant! I completely forgot! What a role model to females everywhere. I almost cried 5 times during her performance because of how touched I felt. In a world where love is becoming increasingly difficult to find it is so important to see Amanda up on stage STILL performing even though she is pregnant. She is a cornerstone in the development of young female musicians.

I am so glad she’s performing while pregnant. Our only regret was that she was going to be in Edinburgh in August with a one woman show for the Festival, but that is no longer possible as the baby’s due in September, and she’d have to fly back. (I went and checked Atlantic Ocean crossings, just in case.)

anonymous asked:

do you have any blog recs (you seem like a nice middleman between the cool and other blogs)

Not gonna lie I kinda wanted to say, “Excuse me I’ll have you know that follower wise I’m bigger than most of the esteemed ‘cool blogs’ but I decided not to because I could just get it out in this passive way, and also we’re not cool people, we’re all nerds, and also I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt, Nonnie.

That being said, I’m a little bit torn between a rock and a hard place with what you just asked me because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. So before I answer this, I just want to say your blog matters, whether you post original work, whether you reblog and flail in the tags, whether, you just kind of float by on this site, your blog matters and you matter and being on a rec list doesn’t determine that. Because if I don’t know you? How could I rec you? Ya feel? I can only rec what I know, that’s like asking a scientist to do a study on a universe they don’t know exists. They can’t.

So this is my rec list and I’m going to say it, it’s based 99% on who I know and talk to and chat with, and 1% on people who I just admire from afar (because I talk to most people I admire). Also life tip: life is about networking, it’s not fair, but it’s who you know, who you know, who you know. (Wise words from my acting coach).

Soley Hailey’s Rec List Based on Hailey’s Opinions & Friendships 

Organized by contributions to fandom (as I’ve witnessed). If I’m wrong you can kick me in the shins.

and the key is this:

bolded = SQ shipper

italicized = CS shipper

OQ shippers are nothing and if they’re multishipping trash (like myself) they get a * by their name. (And only for the ones I’m 100% confident in, not jumping the gun.)

Fic writers

Graphics/Manips/Gifs/Fan Art (same key applies) 

People You Should Follow Bc They Meta/Are Good People 

I am so sorry, I know someone is going to see this and they are going to be left off and I am so so so truly sorry. But it is 4am and I have been working on this since midnight with foreveroutlawqueen (HOLY FUCK ALMOST FORGOT YOUR SHOUTOUT go follow Lindsay, my ex wife!) and I am exhausted. I have listed god knows how many blogs, I have tried to include as many people, I mean I basically gave you my blog roll, I went through the oq ff tag to find writers who weren’t seen by the masses enough to give them a s/o, I don’t know. I have tried my best to give you a rec list and avoid waking up with a Hitler comment in my askbox because that’s the point fandom has reached. If this isn’t enough than I can’t give enough, but I tried. But when you see this list and you aren’t on it, know it’s not because I don’t think you’re awesome, because you are SO awesome! I love your blog, keep doing what you’re doing, but you’re not on here because I’m human, I’m tired and I’m going to bed. 

I love these blogs, I love these people, you should follow these people. But I’m going to bed now. Goodnight, Nonnie! 

And again, huge s/o to foreveroutlawqueen who stalked all of your blogs for me, team work is dream work. 

Goodbye 11, hello 12.

This post contains: 

I’ve just seen season seven of doctor who and I am an emotional mess. God I never knew how much I loved eleven.

I couldn’t even watch the regeneration of ten, I skipped that. However, I grew to love eleven so much that I couldn’t bare not saying good bye, if that makes any sense.

 A few episodes before this amazingly well written episode, when River said goodbye I could cry. 

 That was because I almost forgot River had died the first time we met her. I could have cared less at that time, but learning about River’s past was just..amazing. I am going to miss eleven so much, probably more than I missed Ten the first episodes. However I know that his absence will make me move on eventually because thinking about ten right now, is just a pleasant memory rather than missing him immensely like I did before. Doctor, you will be missed.

Welcome 12th doctor. 

Disclaimer to the people who think I love rivers and numbers, those are the names of Doctor who characters. I don’t like numbers or math, the only math I like is Matt smith. Bad joke, I know. 


Can you please stop?

Too many people I love are receiving hate, and for what? For being themselves, enjoying their time and posting what they like.
If you are that offended, go on, there is an unfollow button on everyone’s blog.
But what would you gain from sending hate?

You all forget that there are real people with feelings behind the screens, and if you don’t like something you don’t have to force your idea on them, if they like it let them like it. You are NOT forced to like what they like or to follow their blogs.

For example, let’s talk about my latest topic and reason of hate, I like Diabolik Lovers, and I like the demonic and twisted relationship of Laito and Cordelia together.
A lot of people may not like that, and I respect them, you are you and I am me.
BUT what gives you the right to go to my ask box and bash me with hate telling me what I should or shouldn’t like?

AS IF I would change my mind because someone told me.

I NEVER liked the proxy, ‘Yui’, honestly… But I don’t go around and hate on everyone who likes her.
I mean, if they have fun I let them have it, hell, I even have friends who like her, but who are we to judge the others based on our tastes?

My dear friend @ladydarkcat likes Ayato and Cordelia together, so why all the hate? She never sent hate to anyone because they liked yui with someone or other ships.
What I want to make you all understand is, you can’t act offended if someone insults you AFTER you provoke them, because if we feel attacked of course we will send you the same treatment.
If someone treats me with disrespect of course I will fight back, I am not as dumb as the proxy.

THIS is the fic I wrote of Laito and Cordelia, and their true feelings for each others

This made me receive hate for simply stating what I like.
Is this tyranny? Am I not free to say what I want without being hated?

Because I do, I LOVE CORDELIA. AND LAITO. TOGETHER. I SHIP THEM. But that doesn’t give you the right to tell me that I should go and f**k my father, right?

So please stop wasting time sending hate, people worked hard for fics, art or other things, even if you don’t agree you have no right to disrespect an artist.
And just to say, me and Katya actually love the first game, the only original one, so if you see that the way we portray our characters are OC for you, well let me tell you this, we portrayed the REAL ones, if you don’t like them, I don’t mind.
What I mind is if someone forces their opinion on us.
And if you need to change those vampires, transforming their twisted, sadistic and demonic personality into a ‘proof of love’, you are NOT a real fan.
Real fans don’t need to change the personalities of the characters they love, because they accept all of them, all their good aspects and flaws.
They don’t need to turn black and white into other colors, so please try to not see romance in a supposedly DARK game, with EVIL and insensitive characters.

And this is a request, I am not telling you what to do, it’s just that it makes me so sad how people are so convinced that those vampires actually are able to LOVE someone in the human way. They will never do.

And now I am so ready to receive hate, because I KNOW I will receive it, after all… I CAN’T say what I think or like, right?! Whatever, peace and love everyone.

Keep in mind that sending hate or sending love require the same actions, -typing and sending- but the effect is the opposite. Oh, I almost forgot, you don’t know what an amazing friend Katya, aka @ladydarkcat is, she is lovely! Too bad for you, that you hated her instead of loving her, your loss.

Imagine Castiel humming your favorite song in the back of the Impala: 

Warnings: Fluff 

Castiel X Reader

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It was the end of a heavy hunt, this hunt wasn’t necessarily the worst hunt it was just long way to long. It toke almost three and a half weeks to find that damn demon’s nest and to top it off you almost got yourself killed. You were in no mood to hear Dean’s rants about how much danger you put yourself in and blah, blah, blah. The only thing good about this hunt was that you got to spend the time with Castiel which always made everything seem less bleak. So as the crew road down the pathways towards the bunker you called home, you decided to put your headphones in. Letting your favorite song take you away, you soon drifted into a deep sleep. What felt like many hours later you awake to discover that you had moved during your nap. Instead of your head resting on the car window it was now gently placed on Castiel’s shoulder. You dare not move with fear that so might he. This was comforting and it made your heart sing with thunder, just then you heard a familiarly tune coming from the lips of your angel. Oh how adorable I think his humming (NOFS), you thought as he continued to fill the car with musical notes. “Cas what the hell, are you singing?” you hear Dean’s voice automatically rolling your eyes at the sound of it. “No, I believe I am humming. (Y/N) taught me how”, you could almost see that dopey smile across his gorgeous lips. “Oh I forgot you have a major crush on her”, Dean teased Cas. “Of course not”, as soon as those words hit the air your heart sank deep in your chest. Of course he doesn’t have feelings for you, you’re a human and he lives in the grace of God, these thoughts poured out of your head like lava. “I would never crush her, Dean I love her too much to do that to her”, Castiel’s voice rang. Wait, what? Did he just say he loves me? This car ride was beginning to feel like a roller coaster with this confusing angel by your side. “No stupid that’s what having a crush means. You like her.” Both Dean and Sam began to laugh. Oh shut up you two he is trying to understand, you yelled in your mind at the brothers. “Dean I said I love her not like her”, Castiel was almost certainly pouting. “Yeah okay Cas we get it, why don’t you tell her that”, Dean mentioned. Suddenly you felt a shift in Castiel’s arms, he put his arm around you gently bringing you close to him. Kissing your forehead he whispered “I love you more than you will know”.