I’m almost done rewatching season three of ATLA and I keep finding these little moments where I can just tell without a doubt Bryke wrote them, because they feel so out of place and out of character. 

For example: in Sozin’s Comet pt. 1, Zuko and Toph are walking the length of the beach trying to find Aang, and since Toph sees this as her ‘life changing field trip’, she opens up to him about the abuse she felt with her parents, confessing that she never felt loved by them. Zuko ignores her and finally groans in frustration, turns to her, and asks her to stop talking. Zuko, the boy who has bonded with Toph and feels a deep kinship with. Zuko, the boy who would be there in an instant to support his friends, no matter the danger. Zuko, the boy who also suffered severe emotional abuse from a parental figure and knows more than anyone what it feels like not to be loved by their father. 

Don’t try to tell me Zuko would’ve done that. Please, Sozin’s Comet and Aang’s disappearance be damned. The moment Toph told him about her issues with her parents you KNOW Zuko would’ve dropped everything and gone to the Earth Kingdom right then and there and yelled at them. 

Lmao for all the character development he received in the show and season three, Bryke was still trying to demonize Zuko to the very end. 

Who remember’s Shiki? Please message me if you’re a fan of this series. It was a pretty big deal when it came out, but it doesn’t get a much attention anymore.

It’s a horror anime which came out in 2010. It’s got a great atheistic,  unique characters, style, and a smart plot. I would say it’s actually one of my all time favorites. 

It’s a realistic show about dealing with vampires. It’s smart, kinda gay, and one of the coolest anime i’ve ever seen. Dude, if you’re looking for something, you found it. It’s Shiki. Go watch it. 

I’ve been cursed with falling in love with all these irrelevant anime.

holly j is so relatable im almost done rewatching season 11 of degrassi and i related to her so much when i was 12 and still do its scary