Heyo pals so I hit 700 a while ago and honestly why?¿? Thank you all for following my shitty blog!! I love y'all:/ OK So here are all of my lovely mutuals that I don’t ever talk to and are probably wondering who this bitch in their notifications is (feel free to deck me if we’re mutuals and I didn’t add you or if we’re not and I accidentally added you) (also sorry for the shitty and boring banner) Some of fav blogs/mutuals are bolded.

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30 April...,,,, huh..,,

in all this,,, heat of yuri on stage and the movie news i forgot something very important and i’m truly sorry


YES HE IS 20 TODAY!!!! WOW!!!!!!

well done to him for lasting so long with such an optimistic attitude wow lov him such a hard worker and gr8 hamsters amazing friend

I’ve decided to try something new on this blog by introducing a birthday page!☘️I thought it was an adorable idea and something relatively easy to update and keep track of. It’s also really good way of making new friends and mutuals and hopefully, you’ll find a new friend too! ❤️ it’s still a work in progress so is a little messy, but i will sort things out soon!


  • Must be following this blog ( @nctreacting ) AND/OR my main blog ( @myjihansol )
  • Reblog this post (liking it won’t count)
  • Send me your name and birthday off anon (you don’t need to include the year, but it’d be nice if you did!) 
  • (Optional) Please try to wish other people a happy birthday, some people don’t have anyone, IRL and online, to wish them it sometimes so please try to be kind on their birthday!


  • A spot on my birthday page here!
  • A shoutout on your birthday!
  • A message from yours truly on your birthday (via DM or ask box)
  • Possibly a dedicated post, if you’ve sent a request in and want it written for you in time for your birthday (please give me at least 3 weeks notice or expect it to be written after) Depending on how many people join and want a dedicated post, I might just limit this to mutuals and fave blogs!
  • Hopefully some messages and love on your birthday from other fans!
  • Find (perhaps) your bday twin
  • Maybe even some new mutuals!


  • This isn’t limited to only NCT fans! You can stan any kpop group and still be added as long as you follow the rules - this is to bring people together, not separate them
  • ️Please let me know if you want me to link your main blog or a side blog on the calendar (still send it in off anon though please)
  • There isn’t a closing date as such, but I won’t be updating this every single time someone sends their birthday date in; I’ll update it when I have the time
  • If I missed your birthday, I’ll be sure to do it asap!
  • I will know if you have followed this blog/my other blog and if you have reblogged this post, so don’t try dodging things! (I’ll also know if you’ve unfollowed me after; anyone who does will be removed, sorry!)
  • If you change your URL, please notify me so I can update the link otherwise you might risk not getting anything out of this
  • NCT’s birthdays have also been added to this post and I can add any other idol too if you ask!
  • If you are not a NCT fan but want to join and have a request written for you with another idol, please ask and depending on the idol I might write it for you

SIDE NOTE: blacklist flo’s bday page if you don’t want to see this or the asks that follow!