[INFO + TRANS] 150903 Army medic expresses his respect for Kim Jaejoong and Military band members

JYJ3’s Note:
After they finished their training, soldiers enter the base as a private, and gradually move up the rank up to sergeant over time (Kim Jaejoong currently is PFC: Private First Class). Their specialties are already assigned according to their abilities. The life at the bases can differ vastly depending on where the base is, and what your specialty is.
Kim Jaejoong belongs to 55th Infantry Division Military Band.
We already informed that being part of Military Band means he will have to do his military service like any other active duty service soldier (Active duty in the Army refers to working full-time as a soldier), but also to ADD his activities as a member of Military Band, this is the specialty Kim Jaejoong is part of, and it was understandable because where else he could display his singing abilities without losing his touch by being on hiatus as singer for almost 2 years?.

Here we have a more detailed explanation of the meaning of being part of Military Band from the army medic’s point of view:


Army medic expresses his respect for Kim Jaejoong and Military band members, they have punishing schedule:


Army medic responds to netizens who say military band is a cake walk:

Source: KJJ DC Gall
Translated by: @crystalmoon64
Shared by: JYJ3

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Well that was a fun night after a long week of work. So glad we got to catch up. It’s been almost 2 years since we saw each other. Jin Shumpei and new friend Gabe, all such cool guys. Lots of laughs for sure. Take care my friends. Until the next time. #Tokyo #workhardplayhard #friends #skyhoffman #shuuumps #jinakanishi #Akanishi

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  • Important first date question:Do you drop a frog that pees on you or keep holding it
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It was a hard time.A really hard time.After jack died she didn’t knew what to do.He was the main point in her whole live.And now he was gone?She still couldn’t believe it , because it hurted.

That was now almost 2 years ago.Her pain had eased away and she had her old live back , robbing doing some bounty hunter jobs.The normal things you did on Pandora.But still he was on her mind.She had still some things from him.Never ever would she fall in love with someone else.That what she thougjt., until she met this charming big office boy named Rhys.Normally she was about to rob him but he seemed so..well charming and a bit like jack as he was younger.Well at least what she had heard about.

She was sitting in a bar and looked sometimes to him.A small smirk on her lips all the time.What she didn’t knew was that he had someone really familiar in his system.But she didn’t knew that.So she walked over , ready to steal his money.

“Tell me.What is a hyperian guy like you doing on pandora.?”


I love you. I love how when we go shopping you always get excited about some clothes and when we go back home you immediately show me how beautiful it looks on you. I love how when we go outside we talk about pretty people we pass but in the end we only have eyes for each other. I love how when we just lay together in bed you cuddle up next to me and tell me how much you love me. I love how when you tell something funny you can’t stop laughing. I love how when we argue we always end up confessing our love and promising we will get through it together. I love how we both are so sure we are going to marry, we are going to stay together, I love how when we look at each other we both know there will never be anyone we’ll love as much as we love each other .


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