almost went bald

George and Fred are never far apart

*From the moment they were born their cribs had to be placed so they were visible to one another

*George waited for Fred to get the hang of waking before he went anywhere

*the two of the laughed at everything and were all smiles from the beginning

*Fred was always a bit more daring than George

*Fred encouraged George to swim

*Fred helped George learn how to stay on a broom and soar

*lt was Fred’s idea to use their magic to cause mayhem (much to Mrs. Weasley’s displeasure)

*Fred was the first to mention the possibility of a shop

*Even though George was nervous about the idea he knew everything would be fine if they stuck together

*Bad things happened when they were apart

*George almost went bald when he tested a new fireworks display without Fred

*Fred was sick for a week after tasting prototype sickening sweets (those definitely didn’t make it to the shop)

*George lost his ear flying separately

*and Fred well…he lost a bit more than his ear