almost two weeks is really long for him to keep it a secret and to be thinking about how schuyler would love it

Lafayette x Reader

Hello! This was requested by @oakdragon253, and it was also the first thing requested since I started this blog and it’s the first piece of writing I’ve ever posted online. I really hope everyone enjoys it, I’m sorry it took so long, I’ve been super busy these last few days! I promise my next ones will be much longer and if you like this please feel free to leave me any requests you have! :)

“Alexander, I really don’t feel well. Maybe I should just head on home and we’ll catch up another time because-”

“(Y/N) I mean this in the kindest way, but please shut up. You’re going to this party even if it means I have to drag you in there kicking and screaming. My friend has been looking forward to meeting you for weeks now especially after I told him all about you so don’t mess this up for me” Alexander gave me a small smile and winked before pushing open the doors. As you entered you were both greeted by several groups of men and women some of which were drinking or eating or dancing. The room was filled with the sounds of laughter being slightly muffled by the band playing as loud as they could. “Ah, there he is, Lafayette come over here!” Alexander called causing a man to turn around. His eyes landed on your face and what had to have been the most incredibly beautiful smile you’d ever seen, spread across his face almost immediately. He said goodbye to his group of friends, never taking his eyes away from yours’ before walking towards you and Alexander. “(Y/N) this is-”

“Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette, but you, mon cherie, can call me Lafayette” Lafayette said in almost a whisper as if to keep Alexander out of your conversation despite him introducing the two of you. You didn’t realize that you’d been staring at him until Alexander coughed obnoxiously loud and nudged your arm. “Oh yes, right I-I’m (Y/N) and that’s what you can call me…” you trailed off realizing how stupid you must’ve sounded to the man standing in front of you. Alexander chuckled a bit and opened his mouth to speak when a young woman walked up to him. “Hello, can I steal you away for a moment?” she asked before pulling him away, not waiting for a response, not that Alexander would’ve said no to a pretty girl especially when that pretty girl was Angelica Schuyler. “Vous êtes un ange absolu.” he said taking your hand in his and taking a step towards you. “And what would that mean?” you asked, staring at the floor as you felt your face turning red. He smiled and lifted your hand to kiss it. A group of men walked over to you, laughing and talking loudly, clearly very drunk. “Lafayette, let’s go, we’re tired” one of the men said and began walking out, the others trailing behind. Lafayette nodded and turned to you, looking into your eyes. It was clear that he didn’t want to go and you weren’t ready for him to leave you just yet. “Promise me you’ll write to me, I don’t want to be the end” you whispered. Lafayette lifted your chin, forcing you to look him in the eye. “Mon cherie, this is only the beginning. I promise to write you every single day until we meet again.” he leaned in to kiss you on the forehead before retreating from the room. You let out a sigh and looked around the room before spotting Alexander in deep conversation with Elizabeth Schuyler. “One sister just isn’t enough for you, is it Alexander?” you thought to yourself and let out a small giggle. Knowing you weren’t going to be leaving anytime soon now that your friend and only way home had found something to keep himself occupied for the next few hours, you found some place to sit down where you could watch the party without really being a part of it, not that you weren’t enjoying yourself, but in that moment the only thoughts that consumed your mind was Lafayette and when you would get to see him again.

2 Weeks Later

It had been a few weeks since your first encounter with Lafayette and just as he promised, he wrote to you every single day. Every letter was better than the last and left you praying that the next day would come sooner so that you could read more words written from your love. While the letters were great, you longed to see him. Alexander spent most of his waking moments with Eliza now that their engagement was official and you couldn’t help but be jealous, not that you weren’t happy for your friend, but it was difficult to watch them be so in love together when the one you loved was so far away. These thoughts continued to consume your mind when you felt something hit you in the face. “Huh?” you looked up and saw Alexander looking at you as if he was waiting for something. “Did you hear anything I just said to you? Or are you to busy thinking about your precious Lafayette?” he smirked as he sat back in his seat. “Oh you stop, all you ever think about is Eliza. I have every right to only think about him, besides I haven’t seen him in weeks and I think it might be killing me” you sighed and went back to flipping through some random book Alexander had sitting on his desk. “You’ll see him soon enough, try not to worry too much (Y/N)”.

It had been two days since your conversation with Alex and two days since you’d received a letter from Lafayette. Your assumption was that he had to have been busy but he hadn’t missed a single day for two weeks so of course your mind thought the worst. Something must’ve happened to him and no one knew anything. You’d asked Alexander, John, and Hercules, and you had nothing to work with. You feared that the man you’d fallen in love with was gone. You decided to take an afternoon nap, hoping maybe that would ease your mind and just as you were getting ready to doze off, there was a knock at your front door. You got up to answer wondering who could possibly be here because you hadn’t been expecting anyone, but you were in for a shock when you opened it. “Did you miss me my love?” Lafayette stood outside your front door looking more handsome now then he had two weeks ago if that was even possible. You were so overcome with so many different emotions, you wrapped your arms tightly around his neck, not wanting to let go but he seemed okay with that as he hugged you back even tighter. “You hadn’t written me, I thought something had happened to you. I was so worried” you whispered still holding onto him. He pulled back slightly to look at you and smiled, brushing a stray piece of hair from your eyes. “I was so busy with work, I was planning to come see you and I made Alexander promise not to say anything. I wanted to surprise you” he said, with so much excitement in his voice. You didn’t care that Alexander had kept this a secret from you, you were just happy that the man you loved was here with you now. “Lafayette, I love you” he leaned in towards you and your lips met. It was as if the world had stopped, everything else in the moment was completely irrelevant and nothing could take this away from you. “I love you even more mon cherie, I want to spend my life making you the happiest women alive”

“You’re already doing that” you responded causing that smile that you loved more than anything to spread across his face again. He was right, this was only the beginning for the two of you.

Secret (Alexander X Reader)

A/N: Hello, lovelies! This imagine was requested by @justapieceofsimstrash. It’s a modern au, featuring the Hamilsquad and Schuyler Sisters as well! It’s all pretty fluffy, and I hope you enjoy! 

t was early. Too early to be awake. Either way, someone was opening the curtains of the hotel room. You squinted, trying to figure out who was letting the light in. It was Alexander, of course. “Good morning, sleepyhead.” He came over to the bed you’d shared last night, sitting next to you. “How are you?” He fan his fingers through your hair, which made you smile.

“Good,” You paused, collecting your thoughts. “Tired, but good.”

“Well I hope you aren’t too tired, because everyone else wanted to go to the beach today.” Alex, never one to sit still for too long, had gotten up and began pulling different shirts and shorts out of his suitcase for your trip to Hawaii. 

“I’ll come. Do you know when we’re going?” You started to climb out of bed, messily making it afterwards.

“We’re meeting in the lobby at noon.” You nodded, and started to get ready. Reaching into your suitcase, you pulled out your favorite bikini. It had a plunging neck line, which was filled with strips of fabric, almost like a cage. In the back, it tied like a halter. The bottoms were less than modest, and were black, to match the top. It was definitely revealing, but you didn’t care, because it was just your friends.

Alexander was in the bathroom, but when he got out, he took one look at you and said, “Whoa.”

“You like it?” You did a little pose, for your boyfriend to take a look.

“I’m not sure if I can keep my hands off of you in front of everyone else if you’re wearing that.” 

“Then don’t.” You flashed a smirk, obviously being a tease. In this bathing suit, you felt like a model. You were so confident, and you loved it.

“Y/N, you know that we’re keeping our relationship a secret.” Alex whined. “Weren’t you the one who said ‘Keep it a secret, it’s funner that way’? The two of you had gotten together a few days before your group of friends flew off to Hawaii for vacation. Now you were three days into the trip, and you weren’t sure if you could last another four days without the group finding out. You and Alex would have to leave the hotel room at different times, so no one suspected that you were sharing a room. 

“C’mon, Alex. Do you actually think Herc will care?” The reason you weren’t telling your friends was because you and Hercules used to be dating. Although now you were great friends, you didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Alex gave you a knowing look, and you groaned. “You’re right.” You paused, and then said, “But I’m still wearing this bathing suit.”

“Fine. I’ll just have to keep it to myself.” Alex groaned, but he still wasn’t that upset, because he got to see you in that bathing suit.

Everyone was packed up and heading down to the lobby. You went before Alexander, and you were greeted by Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy. You all sat in the hotel lobby, waiting for the guys. Soon enough, John, Laf, Alex, and Herc came through the elevator. “Everyone ready to go?” John was eager to get on the beach. You all nodded, climbing into two different cars. One for the boys, and one for the girls. 

“So, Y/N.” Angelica looked back at you through the rear view mirror. “Are you sure that you don’t want to room with us?” To make it so you and Alex could share a room, you had told the girls that they could have a room so you wouldn’t crowd it with four people. Alex said the same thing.

“Don’t worry Angelica. I don’t want to crowd things up. Peggy’s already on the pull out couch.”

“Yeah, and it’s awful.” Peggy joked.

“Peggy! Be hospitable.” Eliza scolded. You all giggled.

As silence sunk in, you wondered what the guys were doing in their car…

The beach looked stunning. The crystal clear water lapped up on the soft sand. As foam washed away from the tides, shells would appear in the sand, before they were quickly snatched up again by the waves. Everything was so pretty, almost too pretty to walk on. 

Clearly, John and Laf didn’t feel the same way, because they were running down the sand with their surfboards. One of them shouted, “Calabunga!” and the other went, “Woohoooo!”

The group spread out on the beach, which was fairly empty. John, Herc, and Alex took on the waves with their little surfing knowledge. Lafayette sun bathed in a bathing suit that left little to the imagination. Peggy and Eliza took photos. Angelica was reading. You watched the boys surf, rather, fall of their boards.

After a while, the guys came in, talking about how much fun they had. “Did you see me out there, Y/N?” Alex came up to you, and you both gave each other a peck on the lips. The moment you withdrew, you realized what you had done, and you could tell that Alex felt the same. Everything fell silent.

Angelica was the first to speak, “What.”

“Was.” Eliza followed.

“That.” Peggy finished the sentence.

Everyone stared at you and Alex, waiting for an answer. “I can explain.” Alex spoke, and you worried that his answer wouldn’t convince them.

“Okay, so a week or so before we left for Hawaii, Y/N and I were hanging out. As friends and all. But then things began to escalate, and-”

“Alex, you can skip over that part.” You interrupted him, afraid that he would embarrass you.

“Well after that we kinda realized that we really, really liked each other. We just didn’t want to hurt Hercules’s feelings, or make anything awkward between our friend group. Sorry guys.” Alex hung his head low, as if he were ashamed.

“It’s okay.” Hercules was the first one to speak, which surprised you. “Y/N and I dated so long ago, and we’re great friends now. I don’t mind at all.” Then, other people began to chime in about how they were fine with it.

You and Alex smiled, and everyone had a group hug. “Thanks guys.”