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Why it is important to tip/respect your servers right.

Just a little background, I’m a waitress/hostess at a Denny’s near me. During the week I serve and sometimes on the weekends, but normally on weekends I host. I’ve been waitressing for quite a few months now and I’ve been working at the diner for almost two years (give or take). I say this because I know how things work, I know good customers from bad and ect. I know all my coworkers very well and how important their money is to them. 

So tonight I had two girls come in, I knew them both when I was a freshman and I run into one of them frequently at her store. Of course, I take them because I know them, and its just kinda easy to take care of people you know. I gave them plenty of time to review the menus and look over their options and stuff like I’m suppose to. When I asked if they were ready they pretty much knew what they wanted and they were reasonably priced meals. One of the girls ordered from the value menu that we offer (this is not the girl that gave me the issue) The other girl added on something to one of her items and it of course, it is extra

As a server, you’re trained to go back periodically and check in with your guests and make sure that everything is alright, and make sure that their drinks are refilled and plates are pre-bussed. Each time I checked up on them they needed something, not a big deal, I went and got it and I asked them how everything was and they said it was ok, each time.  

When I went back to offer dessert or anything else they said no, and that they just wanted their check, the one girl with the add on asked for a box to-go. She had a little bit left on her plate, but mostly everything was eaten. When I brought the check to them they were reviewing it and called me back. She was asking why there was an extra charge on her meal, I explained that it was an add on and it needed to be charged.

Now I understand at some places you can let things slide and hook your friends up but when its a “chain” kind of restaurant its really not possible.

She goes on and is trying to figure out how her side of the check was about ten dollars, she ordered a soda, at my restaurant thats two bucks. Anything that isn’t tap water, is priced. She complained about each one of her items that  came with her meal, after she had eaten all of it. (Also, I had to exchange one of her items for something else because she didn’t like the way it was cooked, and at my restaurant we try to do out best at fixing things and making things most enjoyable for our guests)  I said to her “I can get my manager if you’d like, and she can sort this out with you and take care of it.” She denied my offer and went on to complain about her food and whatever and at this point I was beyond pissed, and I told her she can go and figure things out, as politely as I could, and walked away from the table.

They go up to pay and my manager is cashing them out and she asks “How was everything?” and they said it was fine. This gets me even more mad because the one girl was throwing a fit because her drink was two fucking dollars and she had an add-on for .79 cents. The girl who didn’t have a problem with her food paid for the entire check (18 dollars and change) They walk out and I explain to my manager what happened and she found it completely ridiculous (she is a server as well and understands what its like) 

When I go to finish bussing the table and wipe it down I see that they did in fact leave me a tip, twenty-five cents. Any server would have more respect if they didn’t leave a tip at all. Twenty-five cents is a slap in the fucking face. 

Every server has their own story, theres not one server that is serving you for the hell of it, because they like it, or because they feel like doing something good for others. The servers you see in restaurants have bills, just like you. They have families, just like you. They could be paying for their college classes, or trying to pay off college loans, just like you might be. Your server at IHOP or Chili’s or even a higher end restaurant could be a single mother of two working two waitressing jobs, trying to put food on the fucking table and keep a roof over her kids heads, and maybe see their kids ten hours out of the whole week, they may come home just in time to tuck them into bed and kiss them on the forehead goodnight. 

I’ve seen it and experienced it where there is a large check, lets say 100 dollar check, and they leave a fucking five dollar tip. Or my personal favorite is when its a large party, they all get separate checks and they each leave one dollar (if that) and then compliment on how good their server was. Please, if you don’t learn anything from this post just know that compliments don’t pay the bills.

Please understand that if you don’t have the money, don’t go out and eat, and if you don’t have food at home, just go to a fast food joint and get a bunch of food there. Don’t come to a sit down restaurant where a  server takes your drinks, prepares your appetizers, gets you your six extra sides of ranch, and three refills of cherry coke to give them a two dollar tip. It’s not fair. Especially in bigger, higher end restaurants. Those kind of restaurants have to give a percentage of their tips to buss boys, bartenders, hosts, and food runners if they have them. You can go on to any social media website and search something like “Server Problems” or “Server Life” or anything like that and see the bullshit people do to us. It’s rude and disgusting and fucked up. 

This is not the first check that I’ve seen like this either on these pages. 

If you want to do something nice for someone and take them out to eat, make sure that you repay your server for doing all that work for you. Even if they do a shitty service job, the minium gratuity is 15% (in the states anyways.)

Hostessing on holidays really shows you what people are like, you’ll have parties of fifteen come in, have almost a two hundred dollar check and leave a seven dollar tip. Ive seen two servers give the tip back because its just insulting. Then you’ll have a small family of four with a maybe a 30-50 dollar check and they’ll leave anywhere between a 15-30 dollar tip. 

My recommendation, If you can afford to take a loved one out, and go all out, and cant leave a reasonable tip, make them a home cooked meal. You’ll save the money and your loved one will probably be just as happy, if not more because it came from the heart. 

Everyone everywhere has a story, has a life, has something they’re working towards or just be trying to get by. This is just from a servers stand point, I’m sure someone on here can give you something like this and they work in retail, banking, or they’re a mechanic. Just treat people how you would want to be treated, or how you’d want your children, or significant other or who ever raised you, anyone you care dearly for, to be treated.