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Darkness Devours Part 2

Summary:  Reader has been in Purgatory for a few years surviving as best she can with her companion Benny.

Characters: Reader, Dean, Benny, Castiel

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2041

Warnings: SMUT (fingering, oral - male and female receiving, little bit of breath play), canon typical violence, canon typical angst

A/N 1:  Thank you to my MastaBeta @wheresthekillswitch!  You are amazing!!​  I have a MAJOR Purgatory!Dean problem this series is the result.  This is Part 2.  Part 1 can be found HERE.

A/N 2:  Bolded text denotes dialogue from the show, credit goes to the writers.

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The next day you find the stream.  Water babbles over the rocks at the edge, the welcome sound calling to you.  You start to strip; the cool, clean water is too tempting to ignore.

“What are you doing, Y/N?” Dean asks surprised.

“I don’t remember the last time I had a shower or a bath,” you say, shimmying out of your pants.  “If you think I’m going to pass up a chance to get clean, you’re mistaken.”

Dean puts out his arms standing in between you and Benny.  “Benny you want to give us a moment?”

“Whatever you say chief.  I’ll make sure you’re not interrupted.”  He walks back into the trees.

Dean starts pulling off his clothes and you give him a questioning look.

“If you think that I’m gonna let you go in there by yourself, then you are mistaken.”

You smile pulling off your bra and running into the water.  It’s cold but you keep going, diving under the water.  It feels exquisite as the water washes away the grime and blood.  You pop up, pushing your hair back from your face.  Suddenly strong arms circle you.  You turn to Dean, beads of water speckle his face and water drips from his hair.

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Fic prompt - Hazel bumping into Aaron somewhere and finding him with a house, a husband, a sister and a beard.

This one got a bit long so there’s a read more 

AO3 link here if you’re on mobile

Aaron knew the date.

It was forever etched into his heart; his soul.

It was something he’d never escape from, after all.

He slinked out of their house early that day, without Robert. He knew Robert was due in Leeds for a meeting, and he threw himself into lugging scrap metal around for the day as he tried to wrap his head around his memories.

It wasn’t that Robert didn’t know what day it was – they’d talked about it, albeit infrequently and in an incredibly stunted manner – but Robert knew more than anything that Aaron needed to be left alone to process his thoughts about it all.

About Jackson.

About what he’d done for Jackson.

It was one of many demons he kept fighting, but this day would always bring it all to the fore, no matter how much he tried to suppress it.

He was tired of fighting with car engines come 3pm, and Adam didn’t bat an eyelid when Aaron slammed the bonnet of the car he was working on and cursed as he retreated back down the driveway to the scrapyard.

Adam knew the date, too.

Aaron paced through the village and into David’s shop, not uttering a word as he picked up a four pack and slammed a fiver down on the desk.

He made his way up to the graveyard, and he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw a familiar figure standing next to Jackson’s grave.


He thought about turning and running away from her – wasn’t sure he had the strength to battle through that conversation with her – but all in a second he was too late as she turned and spotted him.

Her face broke into a smile.

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The Girl Who Stole His Heart // BamBam

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Pairing: BamBam x Reader (ft. Jinyoung, Yugyeom & Youngjae)

Genre: Fluff

Summary; It’s your first date with BamBam. You’re both super nervous, and neither of you know that you’re being watched by three sets of eyes!

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(( I now have severe back pain and a hunch as bad as Hya’s but Ive managed to finish those humanization things @decidueye-dailyreport

it is 4 days until valentine’s and let me fucking tell you

how much dirk strider loves jake english and how cosmically In Deep he is means so much to me. dirk is actually In Love with jake on a level I think a lot of people tend to discredit as a first crush, or they take him at his word when he cynically says maybe he only liked jake because he was the only boy around. (which is very untrue – dirk is in a bad place when he says that and is trying to distance himself from what he feels are his own fuckups wrt jake.) 

dirk has been in love with jake for at least 3 years of his life – he and jake are dancing around flirting with each other for the entirety of the dreambubble log. if it was as shallow or easy to dismiss as dirk later wants to believe I’m sure he could have handled it then. that’s not to say he didn’t put way too much pressure on jake to be The One – of course he did – but it does mean that dirk’s feelings aren’t shallow, false, or easily overcome. dirk strider is head over heels for that boy. dirk strider is so completely horrendously in love that he cannot be happy without some form of jake english in his life and when he decides to stay away from jake (because he erroneously believes it’s better that way and jake hates him now) he is in fact cosigning himself to a miserable existence where he is going to keep going in circles chasing himself about how he never deserved jake.

not that it matters since they clearly hook back up in the post-act 7 world but hey

the depth and breadth of dirk’s feelings for jake is heart-aching if I think about it too hard and I think it’s something a lot of gay people can relate to, especially tied up as it is with dirk’s fear jake isn’t interested or that he dragged jake forcibly into it. but dirk is In Love. he’s in love in a romantic epic sense and, in a way I think he probably buys into a little too much given his love of antiquity, an almost greek sense where love is a madness that consumes you. dirk is truly and deeply enchanted by jake english and he knows it and on some level knows that he can’t really ever be over it. 

jake loves dirk too, of course, but dirk is afraid that jake’s feelings can’t run as deep as his and never could. though I think this fear is largely misplaced (for understandable reasons), it’s clear to see where it came from. dirk is in love with jake on an almost cosmic, transcendent level. it’s hard to think anybody could ever return your feelings with that sort of sheer raw realness. 

they are so desperately, deeply in love though. 

they really are.

@shancefluffweek Day 4: First/Last

They’re on their first date (on Earth), at an art museum! I know that both Lance and Shiro appreciate art. I know it.

As far as what art they’d like: I see Shiro being drawn to Impressionism in almost a therapeutic sense, because the figures aren’t distorted too much but the color choices can be very soothing/powerful. Lance, though, I definitely peg as a Contemporary Art type of guy. He knows all about context and satire and history, and I could see him spending hours in a museum just to analyze all the interesting pieces


positive lady characters meme redux-> [01/04 antagonists]

↳ Cersei Lannister 

Make Up (Sex), And Then Some (Part One) - By Solifiedjaporeanist21 (Admin SCYO)

Rating: Explicit

Member: Chanyeol (Exo)

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader(You)

Words: 5,032

Warnings: Explicit sexual content, blow jobs, dirty talk, body worship, slight orgasm denial.

Summary: You and Chanyeol were childhood friends as well as roommates, however when you cross the line and piss him off you will do everything you can to make it up to him, even going so far as to admit to your hidden feelings.

You knew better than anyone that you majorly pissed Chanyeol off, which is a very rare occasion, considering the circumstances. You knew you had to make it up to him, to find something to repay for what you said, but above all you needed to apologize. But that was the problem, you didn’t know exactly what to say or how for that matter. You sigh, back where you started, you honestly didn’t want to make matters worse for yourself— you didn’t want Chanyeol to be even more mad at you if you were to try and apologize—so instead of trying o fix things like you undoubtedly should of, laid low, kept your distance from the man in case you might infuriate Chanyeol further.

Although as the rest of the day progressed, your so-called plan of avoiding Chanyeol only seemed to make the situation much worse than it already was.

Chanyeol was never very good with words, especially when he was this angered, you knew this yet why did you expect Chanyeol to confront you about your supposed-to-be-friendly-banter from earlier that day? It wasn’t like it was Chanyeol who started the argument, so why did you feel like it was him who should be the one apologizing? You groaned loudly, you hated it (like really hated) to admit it but, it was you who was in the wrong, it was you that kept things going not him. It didn’t make matters any better that you was a stubborn ass who couldn’t grasp onto the concept that Chanyeol was right, or that you were more than desperately wanting to prove that you were correct in the argument when clearly Chanyeol said you wasn’t.

Now here you was outside Chanyeol’s room, hand raised in the air to knock but your pride was getting the better of you. You clenched your teeth, it’s for the better, you told yourself, it was best to resolve things therefore you could go back to the way things were. You couldn’t stand the thought of your outstanding friend to hate you for the rest of his life over something so fucking stupid. You didn’t want to be childish in this new problem, you were a grown woman who could do things for herself and running away (like you had been doing) is never the solution.

Eventually gathering yourself you finally knocked, but when you didn’t get a answer you knocked again and again and again until you grew inpatient and just bardged right in, seeing Chanyeol look up from his phone only to give you the dirtiest look ever. Clearly he’s still mad, you conclude. Pulling out a earphone he spat angrily, “God, don’t even bother, just get out.” You bite your lip, sceptical whether this was truly a good idea like you assumed. You shake your head, ridding the thought. No, there was no turning back, he was something you could never lose, and you’ll be fucking damned if you allow it to happen.

“No, I came to talk…We need to talk.” You spoke after a pause, unbottling your courage to face him.

“I don’t care about anything that you have to say, now get out, I can’t even look at you right now.” Chanyeol replied coldly, looking back to his phone before putting the earbud back in his ear, ignoring you completely. You flinched, you’ve never heard that type of tone from him before. He used to be sweet and gentle, but this was something altogether. You scowled.

“I’m not going anywhere, we need to fix this, Chanyeol!” You declared slamming the door behind you shut, before crossing your arms to show that you was dead serious. “Suck it up, I hate this side of you and I’ll be damned if Iose our friendship over something so fucking ridiculous.”

When Chanyeol noticed you wasn’t leaving he angrily pulled out his earphones and threw his phone halfway across the room, the device hitting the wall loudly as he nearly screamed, “Get the fuck out, (Y/N)!”

“No!” You yelled back, walking over towards the abused phone to pick it up, luckily it had a case on it or else who knew how much damage it could’ve taken. When you made it across to Chanyeol you tossed it back to him, but not harshly, you didn’t want to complicate things further. “We are going to sort this fucking shit out Chan! You were right, okay, I get that now. Do you hear me? You. Were. Right! There I said it! I’m fucking sorry!”

Chanyeol’s glare of daggers had yet to die down and you snarled, gritting your teeth. What the fuck do you want from me Chanyeol! To get down on my knees and beg for your forgiveness, to kiss your fucking hand like you’re a saint, to embarrass myself in public just for your joy, fuck I’d simply like to suck your cock just to show you how much I care for you, to prove just enough that I want us to be more than friends. That’s what you wanted to say, but the words didn’t come out that way.

“What do you want from me then, huh Chanyeol? What more bullshit do I have to put up with until you see that I’m truly sorry?” You furrowed your brows, leaning forward and grabbed Chanyeol’s neck roughly, pulling him forward to look at you as you spoke. Chanyeol eyes merely sharped. “Come on tell me, Chan!” You snapped, your fingers tightening around the nape of his neck, before you finally said fuck it all and placed your lips eagerly against Chanyeol’s in a angry kiss. You were sick of hiding, of running away.

Chanyeol only gasped surprised, other than that he didn’t pull away, which he probably should have. You soon tried to deepen the kiss, to pry Chanyeol’s lips to cooperate with your own but when he wouldn’t you pulled back abruptly. Such a fucking stubborn ass. Sounds like someone. “What do you want, Chanyeol? Do you want me to humiliate myself in front of everybody so you could take pleasure in my misery, would that be enough proof? Would you rather me tell all how I truly feel for you?” Chanyeol tensed against your hold and you inwardly grinned. “To tell them how much I want you to fuck me until I forgot my own name, not only because you’re sexy or innocent or charming in my eyes but because you also turn me on more than anything else in the world? Believe it or not but I can’t even fuck a guy without seeing your damn face, only you are able to make me come. Can you imagine what fucking hell that is, especially knowing that you won’t ever return my feelings?” You confessed looking deep into Chanyeol’s dark brown eyes.

Rejection, hesitation, acceptance, confusion, disgust, hatred, anything, but as you expected the man remained inpassive as ever. You growled. “I can’t read you Chan, I can’t tell if you want me, if you’d like to fuck me against that counter you were throwing shit onto earlier, if you’d like me to shut up so I could choke myself with your cock to further advance my apology, or whether you’d want to share my feelings. Just tell me what you want, I hate not being able to know what you think of me!”

Chanyeol smiled, a low chuckle heard from him and you let out your held breath. “I’d like you to shut up and kiss me, to put that mouth of yours to good use without having to hear you bitching at me for being wrong all the time, when you clearly know I’m right.” You matched his smile, quickly leaning down, you take Chanyeol’s invitation, but this time he kissed you back.

Chanyeol allowed you to deepen the kiss this time, to slip your tongue past his parted lips where you explored the wet cavern, tonguing every nook and cranny to familiarize every bit of Chanyeol’s mouth and tongue so you wouldn’t ever forget it and the man let you. He let you take control, to have your way with him. Eventually you slid a arm around Chanyeol’s neck, the other running through his hair, where you pulled him closer, scooting him closer to the edge of the bed.

You were the first to groan, to wallow in the pleasure of longing and Chanyeol grins satisfied against your lips before you pull back, both immediately sucking in the room’s air. Chanyeol though shakes his head seconds along, yanking you back forward, running his own fingers through your hair, enjoying the softness that touches his fingertips. You moaned against him, feeling him lead you into his lap, hands trailing down your sides. You circle your limbs around him.

You couldn’t begin to express how much you’ve been waiting for this, to feel these lips against yours, to feel these hands upon your skin, to witness that look in his eyes that he always gave his former girlfriends. Over the years you forced yourself never to look, to never think of how lucky she was to have someone like him. And as the good friend you was stood by his side, you didn’t want to care as long as he was with you. But you found out that the more time had past only made you want more, that being just his “friend” wasn’t enough, you wanted him to look at only you, to see you like you see him.

You wished for so little yet so much and it was beginning to grow unbearable. Yet now that they were coming true before your very eyes you couldn’t help but think of how much of a dream this felt like. It was just so surreal.

You pull Chanyeol closer, wanton for his attention, digging your fingers into his scalp. If this was a dream you were hell-bent on never waking up-of letting him go-, because honestly you were sick of it, you couldn’t be that person who couldn’t have him to the extent you deserved anymore. You’ve longed for far too long, you had done your part of laying low, of hiding the truth behind your smile; you were done lying to him.

Chanyeol’s moves his lips across yours, kissing you with so much fever and passion, it was nearly almost too much to take in all at once. He hazes your senses instantly, bringing you to the loss of breath without so much as a second thought. Chanyeol trails his mouth across unknown territory, exploring your neck with his lips, electing blissful cries from you. Your body responds to his actions effortlessly, your back arching into the fingertips that caress your spine.

“Hmm…” You hum, biting your lip, drowning in the euphoria of pleasure Chanyeol was eagerly portraying to you. Shamelessly, you’ve dreamt of this multiple times, but never was you so far from the truth of the feeling. Never has your breath been so taken.

Chanyeol grips your hips, immediately turning around and pinning you to the bed. A short gasp manages to leave you, the thought of being underneath this man driving you mad with unsatisfied tension. “We should fight more often, (Y/N).” Chanyeol breaths against the shell of your ear, his hot breath ghosting across your sensitive skin, making you groan.

“I’d say.” You circle his neck, pulling him closer to your grinning lips. “Oddly one normally wouldn’t argue and fuck though.” You murmur, pressing gentle kisses across his racing pulse.

Chanyeol laughs, pushing you away from him by your shoulder. Your smile didn’t once falter. “I wouldn’t really call it arguing (Y/N), more so a stubborn attempt to be proven right, though gone out of hand. Moreover who said I was going to fuck you?” Chanyeol taunts, a smirk rising upon his handsome face.

“Yeah? Well…” You pause, quickly flipping each other around, this time with you on top. “-good thing I wasn’t aiming for that, now isn’t it, Chanyeol?” Said person gasps loudly upon seeing just where you were heading. “Like I said, sucking your cock is so much more of a apology than any, wouldn’t you agree?” Your hands make sure to take their time in sliding up his thighs, feeling his muscles tighten in the excitement of your tease.

Your make out session only helped matters, much to your delight. His arousal further rose as you proceeded. You casually lean up, lightly gliding your hand across his growing dick, scarcely enough to get a reaction. Chanyeol definitely gives you one, moaning lowly, hips lifting into your hand for more that you clearly weren’t going to give him. You’ve wanted this for years, you wasn’t about to make haste, not when you were having this much fun.

“You’re such a tease, (Y/N).” Chanyeol forces out through gritted teeth. You smile, pleased. “Yeah, and so are you.” Atlas, even with the remark that didn’t stop you, if anything it just made you want to do it more. To release the years of frustration you’ve had pent up. You press the palm of your hand harder against him, feeling his dick pulse against you. Chanyeol tosses his head back, a moan erupting from his throat, bringing music to your ears.

Eventually you move above him, sliding your hands up, away from his cock, where they run underneath his shirt. Your mouth follows, landing upon the bare skin that lies beneath your fingertips, tasting and savoring what you’ve never been offered until now. You kiss up his chest, moaning lowly. Chanyeol grabs you by your hair roughly, leading you to his lips, where he kisses you sloppily. This time around it definitely wasn’t as passionate as it was earlier, it was far more rushed and lust driven. Not that it mattered any.

Chanyeol hazes your mind in mere seconds, bringing you new unexplainable feelings you’ve never received before. In the end it was you who pulled back, panting for air, of course not without reason. You smile, “Don’t distract me, Chanyeol.” Having said that you move back down, unbuttoning his jeans, spreading his legs wider.

You hear Chanyeol’s breathing pick up when you reach into the slit of his boxsers, taking hold of his erect cock. Gingerly you glide your fingers over the moistened tip, wrapping your hand around the base where you slowly begin to stroke him. Alone the feel of him makes you mewl, bitting your lip.

“God, just hurry up, (Y/N). I can’t take this slow pace.” Chanyeol pleads, fingers digging into the sheets, the feel of your small hand touching him seemingly driving him nuts with desire. You stop your actions all together, meeting his eyes. “What’s wrong? It sucks doesn’t it, having to wait and be patient to get what you want? I would know.” Chanyeol whines noisily at your comment, bucking his hips up into your slow moving strokes,. He was begging at this point.

You remove your hand moments later, pulling down his boxers to reveal his cock. Chanyeol grunts when his dick meets the rooms cold air, kissing his flushed skin. You awe over his size, bitting your lip, your tongue eagerly waiting to taste it, to feel it around your lips. “God, you don’t believe how much I’ve wanted this, to have you.” You moan, wrapping your hand back around him, your thumb running over his cockhead, collecting the warm pre-cum.

Chanyeol moves against your touch, wanton for the mouth you’re so willing to offer. You grew too inpatient over the years so foreplay wasn’t a option in this situation, you needed his cock in your mouth, to feel his soft skin upon your tongue. Chanyeol wanted it too.

Leaning forward you lick a stripe up the underside, feeling his cock throb against it, a loud moan escaping the man beneath you. You do this a couple times, enjoying the pleasing noises that leave him, it at least gives you insight that you were doing something right. It was when you finally take him completely that he cries your name for the first time, his deep voice sending a shiver down your spine. God, did he sound sexy when he said it like that, you think blissfully.

You grin, eyes closed as you welcome the salty taste of him on your tongue, before continuing. You bob your head, further exploring hidden grounds, moaning lowly, the vibrations only making the feeling far more pleasurable for Chanyeol. And as expected he combs his fingers through your hair for more, helping you suck him off even if you didn’t need it. You honestly didn’t, especially not now given how much you wanted it too.

After a while you pull back for air, bitting your lip, a smile growing upon your lips. Chanyeol growls at the look, yanking your head back by your hair, roughly. “Fuck, (Y/N), if I would’ve known how damn hot you look sucking my cock, I would’ve asked you years ago.” You chuckle, indeed you should of.

It didn’t take much to proceed. Grasping his dick again, you lean down to lick up his balls, suckling one into your mouth gently before giving the other the same treatment. Chanyeol groans gruffly, his fingers digging into your scalp, your name effortlessly dripping like velvet off his tongue. Trailing away from his balls, you engulf him into your mouth, using the tip of your tongue to lick the underside as you move up.

Chanyeol visably shivers, tremors sprinting down his spine and you smirk, proud. You kept your rythmatic pace, bobbing you head faster as Chanyeol’s noises increase, cheeks hollowing. Your hand accompanies your mouth, stroking his balls before focusing on what your mouth couldn’t reach.

Your mouth tightens going down, taking him further down your throat to the best you could. Surprisingly you didn’t gag that bad, although your eyes did tear when you got close. Chanyeol throws his head back against the pillows that have scattered, a hoarse moan heard as he literally tries to rip your hair out. Nonetheless, his reaction to your actions was worth it.

“Holy shit,” Chanyeol gasps, hips rising for more of your skilled mouth. You smile forcing yourself back to give your mouth a break, instead you stroke him, your saliva helping in making him slick. Your tongue doesn’t need rest however, so you just lick at his swollen tip, running down to the underside where you suck lightly at the pulsing muscle.

“Fuck this.” Chanyeol finally says, pulling you up over his body. Though surprised, you go along with it, meeting the hungry lips that crash upon yours whence you had. You moaned, feeling his tongue slide pass your parted lips, joining in a swirl of passion. “I need you, (Y/N), like now.”

You smile against his lips, “Took long enough, but what happened to your cockiness? Remember you didn’t want to fuck me?” You remark. Chanyeol flips you around, towering over you in a heartbeat. “Yeah, well thank your mouth, god I haven’t ever received a blow job that fucking good.” This just makes you beam with happiness.

“Just don’t rip my clothes off, alright?”

“Then I suggest you get out of them quick.” He threatens.

You didn’t have to be told twice, as you quickly begin to pry your dress off, your stockings right behind. Chanyeol follows suit, pushing himself up to remove his own. Then once you both rid of the stubborn restraints, Chanyeol plants trails of wet kisses down your body, worshipping your petite form, as well as your soft skin.

You arch into his lips, feeling his tongue press against your neck, your breast, your stomach, his touch in general had your blood pumping.

“Hmm, Chanyeol…” you whine, passing your fingers through his hair. He grins pleasantly pleased at his work, trailing his lips up your jaw, his breath heavy and uneven at the shell of your ear. “I’m going to fuck you so good, (Y/N), expect to be sore by the time I’m done with you.” Chanyeol growls, nibbling at your earlobe. You moaned at the breathtaking sound so close, your cunt aching in the need for his cock, to feel him slide around your tight walls. “So be it, now just fuck me already. I’m tired of this teasing.”

Chanyeol lets out a low laugh, “I haven’t even gotten started, baby.” And as he said he reaches between him, running his fingers through your soaked folds, rubbing your swelled clit with slick with cum fingers. You mewl, wrapping your arms around his back, your fingers digging into his shoulders. Chanyeol kisses at your raced pulse, creating hickeys and love bites across the junction of your neck and shoulders. You gasp, pushing your pussy against his fingers harder, you wanted them inside you so bad.

“C'mon, (Y/N), beg for me, tell me what you want me to do. I want to witness your frustration with my own eyes.” Chanyeol demands, his rubbing upon your clit getting faster. You inhale sharply as your unwelcome orgasm nears, his name rolling off your tongue with each ball of heat that builds in the deep pit of your belly. Normally you wouldn’t dare let him have his way so easily but right now you needed this, you wanted to feel those skilled fingers more. “Please…” You pant, “I need more. Please Channie.” You begged, tears stinging your eyes at the denial of your pleasure.

Chanyeol smirks proud, sliding a finger inside you, a loud moan coming from your lips as you finally got filled. Of course it wasn’t nearly enough to what you really craved for but as of now it will do. “Fuck (Y/N), you weren’t kidding, your fucking tight.” Chanyeol gasps, thrusting the finger in you fast and deep, feeling your muscles react to him. You throw your head back, legs spreading wide, your back arching the quicker Chanyeol finger fucks you. His name continuously leaving you like a chant.

He soon adds another, but even that was a struggle. In the end he sticks with the one. You could tell by the look on Chanyeol’s face that he was fighting the urge to fuck you, that he was holding out for as long as he could. Yet right now you wanted nothing more than that, to feel his cock enter you for the first time, to see that gorgeous look on his face when he reaches release. God you tremble at the thought.

You come back to your senses when you feel your orgasm rush. Chanyeol sees this too, and in result he picks up his movements, eager to please you. Whilst, you didn’t want to come, not because you wanted to with him (not that you didn’t) but because he hadn’t came when you blew him so why should you? It was only fair.

Panting and sweaty you push at his hand, stopping his actions. Chanyeol only looks at you, catching your sudden attempt. “I’m close, but I don’t want to come yet, not without you.” You admit, reaching further down, you grab his cock, stroking him a couple times to get the point.

“I won’t argue.” He replies gruffly, leaning down to your lips. You smile against his lips, giggling. He runs his tongue across your bottom lip, lightly bitting at it before he meets your waiting tongue. You whimpered into him, running your hands back up to card them through his mused hair. Chanyeol groans into your mouth at your domonice over him. Yet even if you controlled the kiss, he still left you without words, kneading your breast with callused palms.

Reaching between you, Chanyeol grabs a hold of his cock, stroking himself a few times before he aligns himself with you. Naturally he teases you with rubbing his cockhead against your hole, making you even more of a crying mess. You toss your head back against the sheets when he begins to enter you, clawing at his back. Chanyeol groans noisily, face obsorbed with unmistakable ecstasy when he pushes forward, filling you in one swing of his hips. “Fuck…it’s so big.” you point out, hissing as he filled you to the brim, there being a slight inch of pain. Chanyeol pants, “Yeah, well you’re too damn tight.”

He’s still for a mere second, allowing you to ajust to his size, before he slowly begins to move. You gasp, your walls feeling every bit of him when he had. Chanyeol watches your facial expressions carefully to make sure he wasn’t hurting you and when he noticed you begin to relax into the pleasure, he picked up his speed. He starts a languid pace, fucking you slow and deep before picking up. You groaned his name, your voice beyond hoarse now.

“Ahhh, (Y/N), you feel so good.” Chanyeol moans, pushing himself up. He spreads your legs wide, holding them at his sides as he watches his cock. In and out, in and out. He drowns in the beauty of your pussy taking him.

Chanyeol fucks you faster now, burying his cock nice and deep until you scream his name, until you see nothing but the bliss he was washing over you. You grab the sheets above your head, neck stretched back beautifully. Chanyeol takes advantage of the position, panting against your skin as he licks stripes up the front, feeling you swallow deeply, the vibrations of your cries.

When Chanyeol moves you take in the sight before you, it seemingly knocking the wind out of you. Never before would you have known how incredibly sexy Chanyeol looked while in pleasure. This was a sight to behold, there was nothing more beautiful. Chanyeol looks down at you with half-lidded eyes, a sloppy grin plastered on his face when he realized just what you were mesmerized by.

You smile, reaching forward you pull him down, sliding your lips across his. The man groans, reaching down to rub at your clit. The kiss was broken easily, you bitting down onto his shoulder as extreme pleasure engulfs you.

“I’m going to come.” You blurt, feeling a massive build up inside your belly. Chanyeol grunts and just continues, rubbing your clit faster, his dick awaiting to feel those wonderful walls tighten around him. Unconsciously your cries increase in volume, body numbing as you near your golden peak.

“Come for me, baby.” Chanyeol moans in your ear, his hot puffs of breath only making your orgasm much heavier. With fingers dug into his skin you scream Chanyeol’s name, your body quaking in the intenseness of your satisfaction. Chanyeol hisses when you break the skin.

Your mind goes dead as the white haze clouds your mind, your body trembling in the aftershocks, heartbeat erratic between your ribs. Chanyeol kisses you on the cheek, “Good girl.” It didn’t take him long to reach his own climax, the feel of your walls gripping him like a vice were alone to put him at the edge. Quickly Chanyeol pulls out of you, crying your name as he spills ropes of white across your thighs and pussy.

You moaned at the feel of the hot substance running down your body. It took a minute to reclaim your lost breath and even though Chanyeol hadn’t he still cleans you up. Reaching back he pulls a couple tissues out from his nightstand, wiping up his cum to the best of his ability before he falls atop of you. You laugh, circling his back, hugging him tightly.

Eventually he turns on his back, so not to crush you with his weight, taking you with him. You sigh satisfied against his chest, listening to the hurried heartbeat as it slowly begins to steady.

There was a long pause of just peaceful silence, the sound of Chanyeol’s breathing soothing, almost putting you to sleep. But there was still something you had to do- say.

“I love you.” You confess lowly, closing your eyes. You feel Chanyeol move slightly, you guessed to look at you

“I know.” Is all he says.

Your eyes widen. Pushing yourself up, you meet his eyes. “What!”

“You really don’t think I didn’t know, did you?” Chanyeol smiles, cupping your cheek. You furrow your brows. After all your secrecy, he knew all along. “Give me more credit than that.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You question, moving into his gentle touch. You close your eyes, feeling his thumb run across your cheek.

“(Y/N), we’ve been friends for 8 years, what was I going do? I wanted you to come to me, to confess on your own free will.” He looks at you sternly and you exhale, leaning back into his chest.

You chuckle. “Its funny really how things work, isn’t it? Who would’ve known that us arguing would result to this.”

Chanyeol kisses your forehead, wrapping his arms tightly around you, tracing your shoulder with his fingers. “Even so, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Today turned out for the better and with you by my side it will only get better from here on out.”

You smile brightly, your heart warming at the words you’ve been waiting years to hear. “Yeah.”

Sitting upright you inhale sharply, your vision blurry from sleep. You rub your eyes, riding of the sleepiness. It takes a moment to register just where you was but when you had you hurriedly looked to your bedside, a smile growing as you hoped to be welcomed by the sleeping face of your beloved boyfriend.

However, what you found there instead makes your heart stop. Frantically you look at your surroundings. Regrettably you wished you hadn’t. T-This wasn’t Chanyeol’s room, you look down at yourself, this wasn’t what you were wearing. You begin to tear up…this means…

Your blurry vision worsens as you begin to take it all in. Your heart nearly breaks at the realization. There was never any fight, you never went to him, you didn’t confess, you didn’t…. Your tears fall down your face more frequently now, small whimpers of pain escaping your mouth. It can’t be, it just couldn’t. Not now.

But it was.

“It was…all a dream?”

My Life as an INTP

Name: Alice

Type: INTP. Maybe. 

I’m pretty sure that I’m an INTP but having strong Ne, I can’t help but doubt my type.

Enneagram: 5w4 but I don’t know this system too well so I can’t vouch for its accuracy

Introverted Thinking (Ti)

I see my Ti as being obsessed with the world in the most detached way possible. I spend colossal amounts of time thinking, analyzing, theorizing, and this alone in enough to satisfy me. I don’t care about the practical application of my ideas. In fact, I like them most when they’re in their most abstract, nonobjective state. I adore learning, and I’ve always done quite well in school. Subjects like math and science come to me naturally, but to an extent they almost have too much structure for my liking. If I something makes sense to me, I get bored with it. I need exceptions and contradictions and loopholes and grey area, which is why I adore music, language, and philosophy. 

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buc-eebarnes  asked:

for the "friends or more?" sentence starters could you please do “You know this voucher only works for couples, right?” or "Why are you looking at me like that?" for STEREK? (tbh i'd love for you to do all of them <3) love your fics!! ^.^

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Stiles asks.

Derek thinks that Stiles must not know what he handed him.

There’s no way that Stiles could actually be suggesting this. Well, maybe, it is Stiles after all.

“You know this voucher only works for couples, right?”

“Oh,” Stiles says softly, “I didn’t.”

He takes it back from Derek.

“I really wanted that massage, but I can just give it to my dad and Melissa or something.”

And, well, there’s no good reason why they couldn’t go. Derek knows how stressed out Stiles has been with his classes; he probably really could use a relaxing spa day.

“We could still go,” Derek suggests.

Stiles rolls his eyes. “In case you somehow forgot, we aren’t a couple.”

“They don’t know that though.”

Stiles stares at him for a long moment. “You want to pretend to be together to use a voucher?” Stiles asks disbelievingly.

“You really wanted to go, right?”

Stiles doesn’t respond.

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anonymous asked:

What do you think of this idea: Barry doesn't get adopted by Joe, but Len and Lisa do. Barry still becomes a CSI (so he can see his dad), still becomes the flash, met Ollie, etc. But Len is an officer at CCPD and is a big brother to Iris and Lisa. Any thoughts on this?

I have always been a fan of this twist. But then who DID adopt Barry?

What if it was Eo as Wells, taking his evil obsession a step further? He can encourage Barry in the right directions while keeping a close eye on him. Only he doesn’t realize that his influence actually changes Barry, makes him a little more cold and calculating, a little less warm fuzzy puppy. 

Of course Joe would still be a presence in Barry’s life, always watching out for him, especially after Barry joins the Force, because he remembers the young boy from that night, still being the cop on the scene of Nora’s death. 

So as Joe’s adopted son and partner, Len is a presence in Barry’s life too. He’s always been attracted to young Allen and his quiet brooding darkness and shy smiles. He’s maybe one of Barry’s only friends, which Iris and Lisa encourage because Barry always looks so sad. 

“Plus I’ve seen the way you check out his ass, Lenny.”


When the lightning strikes, Wells is able to take Barry to S.T.A.R. Labs right away as his ‘father’, and allows Joe and the others to visit to keep up appearances, but only so often. Len doesn’t like it, suspects something’s off, but while Barry is in the coma, he takes what he can, visits as often as he’s allowed, and talks to Barry. 

Once Barry wakes, it’s different. Wells keeps Barry occupied almost too much. And at first it makes sense, because the labs is overseeing his recovery, but Len still worries because Barry is pulling away more than ever. 

In the end, what if they need Len to help reel Barry in, because this isn’t The Flash Eo counted on, he’s too brutal, and Eo can’t get him to be the speedster he needs like this, so he asks for Len’s help. 

Of course Len helps too well, because he reaches Barry like no one else can, and when the time comes and Eo reveals the truth, Barry listens to Len not Eo, Barry trusts Len, Barry wants Len, the one constant thing in his life that never felt like charity or pressure to be more, be better. With Len he could always just be…him. 

Imagine Len, Joe, Iris, and Lisa all as a unified second family for Barry, being there to back him up and prove to him he can be better than what Eo made him?

'Ghràdh, Bithbhuan' - Camping

I LOVE YOU ALL. Thank you for all of the glorious messages you’ve sent me for my birthday, I covet them all. To reciprocate, I’ve written you a wee fic, to say ‘thank you’ in the only way I know how. I hope you enjoy…and HAPPY SUNDAY.

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Anonymous said:
I love your stories! Can you please write one where J and C go camping?

So, I know this is only half of your ask, Anon, but I needed this bit to come first before I can write the second part. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve split it into two ❤. 

I slotted it in (as I’d been thinking about what to do next for a while) with ‘Ghràdh, Bithbhuan’. Since it was angst for the last chapter, it’s not for this one ;). As always, this fic is not in chronological order, but this does come sometime after Marie Stopes (chapter three). 

Thank you to @dingbatland (always) for the idea. 

You can find the other chapters here: One, Two, Three

The sun dipped low on the horizon, a deep red glow bathing the grass in a sea of maroon.

“Sassenach?” Jamie’s voice broke through the silent dusk. “Do ye remember the first time we came up here, when I hadna been here long?”

“Yes, I do. I think that was the first time you kissed me.” Claire blushed, a rare deep peach colouring her cheeks.

Neither of them was looking at the other, engrossed as they were in watching darkness coat the mid-plains of Beinn Nibheis. The wee loch almost glowed grey as the light finally left them.

“Aye, I recall it. I didna think ye were all sae pleased wi’ me afterwards.”

Claire reached behind her, gripping the firelighters between her fingers as Jamie stacked sticks for their evening fire.

“I wasn’t angry with you, Jamie. I was shocked.” She leaned forward, her hair falling around her face as she slid the chalky brick beneath the dry wood. “I liked you, even then.” Her voice was so quiet, barely a whisper. But he didn’t have to strain to here her, their temporary elevated home was surrounded by utter noiselessness. “I just –thought it was too soon.”

Jamie smiled in the dark, his eyes twinkling in the moonlight. “I canna agree wi’ that, mo nighean donn.”

Twisting to the side, fire forgotten, he took her lips against his, his hand slipping beneath her hair, massaging her scalp as he did so.

Claire didn’t protest this time, her mind devoid of thought as the tip of his tongue nudged her top lip. Unconsciously her head tipped to the right as her mouth opened. Massaging her tongue with his, she moaned, the taste of him almost too much. The faint tang of whisky invaded her senses, mingled with the scent of their last meal.

She couldn’t get enough.

Jamie was lost, his eyes scrunched tightly as he kissed her into oblivion. Their teeth clashed a few times, but the sweet aura of her eclipsed all embarrassment he might have otherwise felt at their minor clumsiness.

“Don’t stop.” She mumbled against him, in-between kisses, her soft breath fanning across his face as she did so. “This time I don’t want you to stop.”

Straddling him, Claire slid her clothed hips flush with his, her fingers sweeping along the length of his cheek bones before disappearing into his loose red locks.

The evening air swirled around them, the slight breeze prickling their skin. Jamie was boiling, his whole body alight like a living flame. It was enough to keep Claire warm, enough to have her curling herself around him in a desperate attempt to lose herself.

“Do ye…” he moaned, shifting himself in the direction of their small tent.

“Yes.” she muttered in response, kneeling over him as they shimmied backwards as far as they could.

The base of Jamie’s back grated painfully against the few stones buried in the grass, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. His hands were filthy, the damp dirt getting stuck under his nails as he waited for Claire to undo the zipper of their canvas door.

Claire’s hands grappled to find the small metal hook, her breath visible in the deep inky blackness as she pulled away for just a moment, needing to see that she was searching in the right place. Satisfied that she was, she began to pepper kisses along the length of Jamie’s jaw as the gratifying sound of the zipper pulling free echoed through the hushed night.

“Thank God.” She whispered grinding her hips fully against his as they finally snuck inside.

They didn’t even bother re-closing the door, Jamie simply shifted his pelvis in the confined space, causing Claire to roll onto her back. The sleeping bags slipped a little, but she managed to settle herself into a comfortable position, the soft liner beneath her.

“I need these off, lift!” Jamie whispered, his hand squeezing her arse and tugging at the thick breeks she’d worn to climb the first half of the mountain.

“Yes,” she replied, a breathy moan falling from her lips as she reached to tug the poppers at her waistband. He fumbled with his trousers as she kicked her feet, trying to free herself from the tight material.

As soon as she was mostly bare from the waist down she discretely slithered her hand under Jamie’s underwear.

He jumped, the feel of Claire’s nimble fingers catching him off guard.

“Do…” he stuttered, his breath catching in his throat as she delved ever deeper, his trousers still caught around his knees.

He was trapped. At her mercy.

She smiled and bit his lip at his hesitation, sweeping her tongue over his damp flesh before letting him go.

“Do…?” She questioned, tracing the length of him so slowly.

Jamie tensed, his whole body shaking, his skin covered in a thin sheen of sweat.

“Do ye want to…Claire…here –now?” He finally managed return, his knees aching with the pressure of holding himself up.

“Have you ever *lain* with a woman before, Jamie?” Claire peeled her eyes open, looking up at him as she continued to massage him.

Jamie shook his head, his curls bouncing against his ears as he did. “Nay. I have’ne. No’ that.”

“Do you want to wait?” She questioned whilst extracting her digits from his rigid skin. Instead, she rubbed her palm along the smooth expanse of his bottom, cupping him gently between her fingers. “We can, you know? We can just sleep.” She could feel the shiver that swept over his skin, leaving raised gooseflesh in its wake.

He could tell that she meant it, but there was an underlying need in her voice that called to him. It made the blood sing in his veins. Part of him, the righteous part, mumbled inaudibly about the moral code he’d break should he give in to his baser needs. He opened his eyes, focusing on Claire, rather than on her wandering hands.

She truly did look like a goddess, hair flung haphazardly around her head, buried as it was in the soft creases of the blankets beneath her.

Watching him intently, a small smile tugged at her lips. He surveyed her as she licked her lips, sliding her shoulders a little to left as she gazed back at him. Beads of sweat were gathering on her temple, the temperature below the tarpaulin rising gradually.

“Tell me what you’re thinking, Jamie.” She brought one hand up and rested it, softly, just under his chin, rubbing her thumb over his stubbly chin.

“I want ye, Claire. You ken it, ye can feel how much I do.” He replied, his will breaking by the second. “But I dinna wish to take advantage of ye, I don’t wish for you to regret it, come morning.”

Noting his hesitance, Claire pushed herself up, bringing him up on his haunches as she did so. He dipped his chin forward, the thin material of the tent stretching over the crown of his head.

Her hands tugged at her shirt (noting his eyeline), pulling the buttons apart and exposing her chest as she disrobed, leaving herself only in her knickers now.

“I won’t.” She whispered, heavily emphasising the ‘I’ and leaning back on her palms, her legs stretched either side of his calves. “I want you, and I don’t want to wait. But I won’t take that choice from *you*, Jamie. Do you want me, now?”

Her toes twitched rhythmically against the sensitive skin of his ankles, tangling in the sparse hairs that lay there. It tickled and he shuddered, pleasantly, feeling the faint rush of blood as it pulsed through his aching body. Still, a wee bit of shame filled him. He shouldn’t have allowed her-

He stopped, pulled up short by his thoughts. They’d been here before, he remembered it well. Those weeks of solitary confinement. The silence that followed him around their home like daggers slicing through the tainted air. The overhung sense of dread when he heard her come home, knowing all the while that she would only throw him angry looks and not say a word.

Before, in his own time, he would have been reticent to do such a thing (to allow her to do such a thing), but here things were different. She’d shown him how women were different, and he kent that he had to make his own mind up.

She already *knew* what *she* wanted.

Claire waited patiently, watching the myriad of emotions cross his face. She saw the shame, the dimming of his eyes as he contemplated what it would mean for him to *sleep* with her before marriage, before he’d even proposed. Remaining quiet, she raised her hips, moving her bottom just a little.

A bead of moisture ran down her chest, between her breasts. She felt the tepid liquid as it tumbled southwards, tingling her heated flesh and leaving a tiny wet line in its wake. Jamie’s eyes followed its journey, enraptured by the teeny droplet.

Claire swore she heard him curse.

Slowly Jamie bent forward, his nose touching her ribcage first, his hair tickling the underside of her breasts as he finally allowed his mouth to caress away the water. Using his tongue, he slowly followed the path back up, before quickly turning his attention to her nipples.

“Good choice,” she gasped, holding his head against her now, “right answer, Fraser.”  

Jamie continued for what seemed like the longest time, paying full attention to each breast, licking and suckling against one whilst lightly rolling his fingers over the other. He was enamoured, completely bewitched by her body. Every moan, every movement, he soaked it up, basking in her beauty. He hadn’t even noticed that she’d removed his undergarments, her feet pushing them down to meet his trousers, and then taking those down as far as they would go.

Claire, half drunk on lust, tugged her own knickers off and tossed them aside, letting her knees fall against the cold plastic coated sleeping bags.

In no time at all they were both entwined. Jamie held himself over Claire, his nose now level with hers as she rolled her groin upwards, teasing him as she went.

“Ah Dhia! Yer so…” Jamie groaned, as she slid herself along the length of him, her slick skin covering every exposed inch of him but not taking him inside her, “Jesus, Mary and Bride.”

Her shoulders shook as she pushed herself up and took his mouth back against hers, tugging his arse downwards as she kissed him passionately.

“Now, Jamie. Take me –now.” She gasped, her sweet breath rousing him further as he pushed himself forward.

As they joined they both released simultaneous moans, the heightened relief of them becoming one encircling the close air that now filled the tent. Panting, they rose and fell together, the sound of the dry-moisture that coated their heated skin reverberating around them as Jamie pushed his hips forwards and then pulled back, repeating the motion over and over.

“Oh –God–Jamie, don’t s-stop…” Claire cried out, the feel of him overwhelming her.

He didn’t answer her vocally, he couldn’t. But his body responded to her plea, moving harder and faster, as fast as he could bring himself to go without crushing her. His thighs burned, the pressure building from his toes and beating through him, finally ending as a punishing pulsation buried deep in his balls.   

“Come to me, Jamie. Let –go.” Claire whispered, her heart beating a deafening tour-de-force, its uneven tap ringing in her ears as she arched her back in response to his jagged movements.

Dots danced in front of his eyes as he felt Claire tighten, the already compact set of her sopping skin closing around him.

He lay his head, as gently as he was able, against her soaking wet shoulder as he bucked and bit into her flesh, trying to contain his wails. Claire held him close, her own orgasm still rocketing through her as her legs anchored him as best she could. A deep, almost animalistic keening broke free as he contracted nearly every muscle in his body, coiling up and flopping to his side as the pleasure took him.

Crickets chirped, their hushed song rattling in a gentle crescendo through the short grass that surrounded the tent.

Deep into the summer night, Claire carefully moved her sore body, twisting herself so that both she and Jamie lay underneath the thick plaid. He stirred as she did so, half in a daze as he sought out her calming presence.

“Shh, Jamie.” She soothed.

“Ye dinna regret it then?” He returned, his eyes opening sleepily as he tried to make out the shape of her in the dark.

“No.” Her answer was firm and unyielding. “Do you?” She asked, with some trepidation.

“God no, sassenach. Anything wi’ you leaves me with no regrets.” He yawned, wrapping his arms around her and trapping her legs beneath his as he burrowed against her. “I love ye, Claire. Have done since I woke wi’ my head in yer lap on that fairy hill.”

Claire’s lungs ceased to function as she processed the words. She clenched her fists, careful not to disturb him as she tried to stop herself from shaking.

“Dinna fash,” he cooed, tracing subtle patterns across her back with the tips of his fingers, “just sleep now, a ghràdh, hush now and sleep.”

Outside the millions of wee creatures continued about their nightly routine, rustling as they went. Claire lay awake, her brain swirling with so many different thoughts.

It wasn’t long before she calmed, the steady beat of Jamie’s heart against her chest bringing her slowly back to earth. She took one last deep breath, letting her hands unfurl as she gently relaxed into his embrace and muttered, thinking him to be fast asleep now, “I love you too, Jamie. Just don’t leave, please.”

His heart shattered as the words hit his ears, muffled as they were the tenor of them still sliced through him.

“I willna, my Claire. No’ ever.”

Jamie’s last sentence hung in the air, a solid confirmation of his commitment to her. No matter what, he thought, half dreamily, he would *never* let her go.

🕵🏻‍ 3 🕵🏻‍
  • *a club*
  • Molly: *leaning against the bar; sipping her drink*
  • Bloke: *approaches, wearing a beanie, short blonde hair and glasses; grins* Hey, babe, I seem to ahve lost my phone number. Can I have yours?
  • Molly: *sighs* Sorry, I don't believe in technology. You could catch a virus *finishes her drink; gestures at the bartender* same again, please.
  • Bloke: ...
  • Bloke: *disappears*
  • A Very Different Chap: *decked out in a bowler hat, posh suit, monocle and moustache* Excuse me, m'lady?
  • Molly: *turns; raises an eyebrow* Can I help you?
  • A Very Different Chap: *pauses* I'm sorry, you're so beautiful you made me forget my pick-up line.
  • Molly: *smiles* Well, Im going to leave before you remember, okay? *picks up her bag; walks away*
  • *John & Mary's table*
  • Molly: *sits beside them; huffs* Men!
  • Mary: *sympathetic* Were those guys bothering you?
  • Molly: *waves a hand* Oh, they're just Sherlock.
  • John: *looks up* What??
  • Molly: *nods at the back of the club* He's in the bathroom with a huge suitcase of clothes, wigs and fake moustaches. I saw him sneak it in.
  • Mary: *laughing* Seriously?
  • Molly: *nods*
  • John: *shakes his head* He mentioned about trying to put you off men or something. I told him to just ask you out know what he's like.
  • Molly: *shrugs* Yeah, well, I don't really care. I'm going to put a stop to this *gets up and marches to the bathroom*
  • -a few minutes later-
  • Sherlock: *exits the bathroom looking like a Scottish lumberjack; turns around, face to face with Molly*
  • Molly: *folds her arms*
  • Sherlock: *awkward* I can explain...
  • Molly: *thoughtful* Did I ever tell you how much I love plaid shirts and jeans on men?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *shakes his head slowly*
  • Molly: *looks him over* Take off the stupid wig. I'll call a cab *turns around and saunters away*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *follows, sees John and Mary giving him thumbs up; frowns* Shut up.

Day 9: Caramel Apples

“How about you have a caramel apple?” Dean nodded towards the food as Cas frowned at the street they were walking on for no reason in particular that Dean could understand.

It took Cas a moment to realise that Dean was speaking and he paused his one way staring contest with a lamppost to look at Dean, “What?”

Dean rolled his eyes, because dammnit, Cas could be difficult when he wanted to be, though Dean knew he couldn’t yell at him for it. It had been tough for Cas during these first few weeks of humanity. Now, Cas’ senses seemed to be in overdrive, everything almost too much for him. That was why they’d come out for a drive and then a walk in the first place, though in hindsight, it probably wasn’t the best idea seeing as the town was bustling today.

“From the stand over there, look,” Dean pointed over to the stand that didn’t look too dodgy, “I think you’ll like it,” he gazed at Cas encouragingly, faltering a little when he saw Cas squinting at him, “What?”

“Is this another prank?” Cas demanded frankly, eyebrows furrowing.

Confused, Dean managed a rather elegant, “Huh?”

“Last time you said I should try something, it was a lemon,” Cas pointed out with a downturn of his mouth, clearly not having quite forgiven him for that.

“Yeah, okay, that was kind of shitty of me,” Dean couldn’t help but grin when he recalled the way Cas’ face had scrunched up cutely at the taste, “But funny,” Dean finished off with a snort.

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