almost too good to eat

* inhales so long they inhale a whole burrito *






excuse the blurry pics i’m still shaking over this!!


THIS!! THIS PRINT!! THE FIRST PIECE OF XENIA’S I SAW AND INSTANTLY WAS TAKEN WITH i’m still crying over how beautiful the flowers are, i’m such a sucker for this sorta ethereally/otherworldly elegant stylization and aaaaa the kids are so smol it’s adorable


it’s still so beautiful and melancholic HNNNGH MINE KOKORO !! and the metallic inks look amazing, gold in reigen’s hair, silver in the roses and the smoke, ahhhh also on the rest of the flowers too, it looks fucking EPIC irl

“oh a cute wintery serirei! how nice, looks like it would work for the cold/warm prompt…” *squints* “why is seri holding that coat over his head…. and what’s with how big reigen’s coat is… and a shopping bag…?” 

“w a i t - !”


got a touching letter too! HONESTLY i didn’t mean to get hanahaki/art relating to my fic originally but i got carried away after xenia talked about liking it ahaha~!! ZERO REGRET about it tho, it was a great decision, thank you for dragging me into it!! 

in general, a massive T H A N K  Y O U  for the gorgeous piece, and all the extras!! you shouldn’t have ahhhh i gotta sit my ass down and whip some more fic out, i can’t thank you enough!!

Gottie’s Beef, Ginza, Tokyo

This is one of those posts where I’m going to let the pictures pretty much speak for themselves.

You see, I like to consider myself up on my Tokyo restaurants, especially where beef and uni are concerned, which is why I was so surprised I’d never heard of Gottie’s Beef before…

Especially once I saw popular Japanese foodie Fallin Debu post a picture of this beautiful bowl of red and orange…

House made roast beef, Hokkaido uni (sea urchin) and an egg yolk the color of the sunset…

Perfection on a plate. The kind of dish that looks almost too good to eat…

But then your appetite gets the better of you…

It turns out Gottie’s is also quite well known for their beef katsu, or deep fried steak…

Topped with a beef demi-glace that had a hint of tang to it, almost like a barbeque sauce…

Fried to medium rare…

Another lovely bite of beef…

Both dishes run around 2000 yen, or $20.00 US.

Gottie’s may be an American-style steak house, known for their aged beef, but I have to say, when I looked at the tables around me, most people were eating the same two Japanese preparations you see above!


Ginza Velvia Hall, 7F

2-4-6 Ginza

Chuo, Tokyo




Sugar Plum Fairy

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word count: 1,768
Request: @feelmyroarrrr Oh could I request Bucky x reader, she is the personal chef for the avengers as no one could take vision cooking any more. He doesn’t want to bother her with requests so she talks to Steve and starts making things Bucky might like and making sure he gets some left outside his door. (Maybe plum crumble?) he falls for her and she already liked him. Etc etc, happy ending, smut if you want 😍 thank you

Being hired on as the personal chef for the Avengers was an amazing opportunity. You couldn’t say it was your dream job, because it wasn’t something you’d even considered. It was always interesting, however.

Over time, you got a grasp on their individual tastes, and tried to come up with new recipes for them. The only one that you couldn’t ever figure out was Bucky. He was the one that never asked for anything special, and never complained.

It would be a lie to say you didn’t have a slight crush on him, but you’d never really spoken beyond pleasantries. You’d been there just over four months, and decided to do something for him. However, not knowing what the man liked made that a touch difficult.

Standing in the kitchen, you tried to think of something. Steve. Afterall, he knew Bucky best of all. You moved to the intercom and pressed the button. “Steve, can you come to the kitchen, please?” It wasn’t unusual for you to page a member of the team. You’d ask them what they’d like you to add to the shopping list, for birthdays coming up, things like that.

“How may I help you today?” He smiled, sitting down. “If it’s about dinner, my vote is for ham.” Steve told you. “It is the holiday season.”

Laughing, you shook your head. “Dinner is already planned, but I’ll make note that Captain America wants ham.” You smiled. “No, uh, this is about Bucky.” Your cheeks tinted pink, amusing him. Licking your lips, you went on. “He’s the only one that doesn’t ever request anything. Ever. No dinners, no lunches, no snack foods…nothing.” He nodded, knowing that he probably didn’t want to bother you or give you more work. “I feel bad.” You shrugged. “I have no idea what he likes, so I called you up here.”

Steve smiled. “You want to get an idea for what Bucky likes to eat? So…what? You can surprise him?” He teased you, making you roll your eyes playfully.

“Something like that.” You told him. “Besides, like you said- it’s the holiday season. Everyone deserves something.”

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me: *doest get or phoned back in spite of looking forward to it all day*
me: whatever. i’m independent and don’t need anybody [gets super stoned to her sex playlist]

Ghhh leopard gecko update time:

Cerilla’s going into shed so instead of being the super friendly & curious banana she always is, she’s skittish & unhappy with everything around her.

Boomer’s gotten EXTREMELY docile out of nowhere?? Like he’s not a nippy little shit suddenly– now he’s climbing onto my hand the moment I put it in his tank & happily sits with me when I’m cleaning/working.

Regina… is still in a worrisome status. She’s regularly eating & doesn’t show any signs of stress/illness (in fact, she ate her first superworm the other day!! A big step for her!!!) but *still* not putting on weight. She’s going to be taken into the vet soon to get checked out. Part of me thinks she has some sort of parasite– it wouldn’t shock me considering the shitty quality of the pet shop my bf got her from.

restitutiopax  asked:

Aaand here's the bright-opticked could-be, bouncing on his heels at Bumblebee's side. "You have a organic slime creature? What sort of organic slime creature is it? What does it look like? Does it have a unusual biochemistry? Does it know how to sit?"

“Orion, right? Yeah, I do! One of the Anonymous gave it to me! It’s a domesticated slime, usually used to harvest small crystals called ‘plorts’ that I think other organics might use. Um…probably, it’s slime but it can eat almost anything. No, not too good on the sitting, but it’ll bounce in place if I tell it to stay. That is, if I’m in the same room. It’s pretty big for its species now. I fed it a plort and, well, it looks like this!”

“…I still need a name.”

That Sushi is lookin’ almost too good to eat! 👌☺️🍣 via @idream0fsushi 📷
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Hello little bean! I'm a PokéPoff and berry farmer from the Kalos region! I'm on vacation here I Alola with my Pokémon friends Riolu, Pupitar, and Flabèbè! I'd like you to take some deluxe puffs with you just because you are so adorable! Stay safe ok? 😊

The squish’s eyes light up. They’ve never had a Pokepuff before, but it looks amazing! Almost too good to eat … almost.

“Whoa! Thanks, cousin! And have fun on your vacation, yeah?”

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Prompt if you are interested: Fenris buys himself pastry. But has to psyche himself up to eat it because slave conditioning means that is "master's food" and he can be punished if he eats without permission . Hawke cheers him on to eat but is careful not to be the Master substitute... I hope that makes sense.

OOOH I REALLY LIKE THIS PROMPT ANON, I HOPE I DID IT JUSTICE! Gonna slap a little warning on this fic for, essentially, past mentions of slavery and Danarius-related douchery (this takes place in Act 2 probably, before they get together).


The pastry rests in the folds of waxed paper on the small table before the fire, as Fenris stares, and wills himself to eat.

The last time Fenris tried to do something like this, it tasted like ashes in his mouth; guilt, anger at his own guilt, frustration at his weakness, until eventually he’d taken the small cake he’d bought for himself and thrown it into a fire.

He’s never known why food seems to be so much harder to adapt to in his new life of freedom over drink; he feels defiance, sipping fine wine by his fire at night, regulating his own portions like a person. Danarius used to control his intoxication - either a sip of his master’s wine at dinner (after another, less valuable slave had checked for poison first), or enough to leave his memory in painful tatters the next morning. Drink was used as a weapon, and now Fenris has the handle of that particular dagger clenched tight in his own fist, and he feels stronger for it.

But this.

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Pretty Pastel Wedding Details

Your girls have never looked as beautiful as they will in an all pastel palette!


Dress your reception in light pink, baby blue, and mint.


Macarons are the best, all the time, but these sweet colors make them perfect for a Spring wedding.


Pick a signature cocktail in lavender to really celebrate the season.


As a backdrop for your vows, the cake table, or even just a pretty spot to take pictures, these pastel ribbons are our favorite!


You can never go wrong with a striped straw, especially in these sweet colors!


Dress your cake in mint and it will almost be too good to eat!


Tie in your sweet pastel palette with a soft and romantic floral centerpiece.


Bringing in another trend we can’t get enough of (watercolor) is the perfect way to pretty up your invitations!


A romantic and soft bouquet is almost required to fall into this sweet color palette!


Mint, one of the hottest colors of the season, looks pretty anywhere, but we’re especially loving this chair (and the table!).


It’s pastel, it’s a floral crown… pretty much it’s the freshest piece you or your girls could wear this season!


It doesn’t matter what you serve in these sweet bowls (though we’re partial to lavender ice cream), they’ll be a beautiful hit no matter what!


Of course, our favorite way of infusing a little color in your day, the sweet shoes.

Love Bites Back | John & Steph | AU

Peace and Harmony set in, such an oddly quiet and yet incredibly tense area it was. Winter had hit hard, snow covered and cooler than his skin, it was less and less bareable every day with the British mood swings that it’s weather had. 

John was just one of few brave enough to walk around such a bitter, misty night like this. In fact he was the only ‘one’ of his kind to be able, prey came before temperature, which the weather here would never match his skin for that, he was cold to the core always. 

Person after person, he sat at the bench, tapping cigarette after cigarette as his cold emotionless pits for eyes cradled and admired each blood carrier that walked by. He was hungry, starving for more but waiting for the right time, right person to walk on by innocently and expect the least. Innocence was the fun in this job of his, the way they’d squirm beneath him as he drained them, leaving a dusty form in it’s place when he was done. There was no messing around with John. When he was hungry he meant business and if a right moment didn’t come soon he’d have to demolish every human to walk his way, it was growing tense and difficult.

Pushing up and standing steadily, the creak of the leather he wore as his knees joined the rest of him slowly. Black circular glasses sat against his nose, pushing them further as he scanned and patrolled the area like an animal. Gazing upon one person in particular, an instant click in his mind, a complete seal of a deal as he watched her grow closer, licking his lips secretly and shuddering in pleasure as he ground his fangs harshly. He needed it and now, her scent was alluring and the cravings were hurting him now, making him draw blood from his own lip rather than hers. 

Washing his waves of jet black hair with a palm flick, he waited for her to walk by and almost dropped to his knees just from the temptations and alluring sense she had to him. Not only did she look a good meal but also very attractive. In fact almost too good to eat, how could he be so suddenly cruel to that sort of beauty. He could quite easily, crush a bone with a flick of his fingers, drain with thirst. However he waited and stopped in his tracks, following like a curious duckling instead. ’

My my, she’s magnificent, I can’t just attack this one, work your way round it John’ He thought, getting closer and approaching a startling close distance from her as she stopped in her tracks too. He strolled closer and closer and shivered in anticipation, inspecting her from behind, he didn’t need to lie when he could admit he laid his eyes upon things he liked. There was more to approach in front too, another favorite indeed, and a real good pick too. He circled round her and stood in front bravely, making sure his fangs were away and he didn’t seem as much a threat, he needed to make an impression instead. Tapping his fingers together they finally made eye contact as he stopped pretty close in front of her, sniffing harshly as he look pretty keen and courageous right now, feeling it too. “My my, hello there beautiful” He growled a little, a rough yet erotic tone that was appealing in itself, he had a way with his voice, charming smile and ultimate appeal too. His hands wanted to touch but he knew he’d only been here two seconds, she was probably frightened for her life right now, and who wouldn’t be, stood in front of an incredibly strong, fast and hungry Vampire like him, he was unique in his kind, the only one that had love left, mated with prey rather than kill them, he was very controlled in his manner. His pinpricked black pupils glued to hers in such ways she froze, she’d no longer move as he held with just a deadly stare. “Where'r you off to, it’s awfully late.. shouldn’t be out her on your own.. precious thing like you..” He trailed off, getting carried away with his thoughts, mind and imagination as he already had vivid images cropping and circling. He was already pretty impressed, the way she looked stubborn and less scared than his less fortunate victims, she’d managed to naturally fight his urges off with her appeal, now he’d expect some sort of reward, he wasn’t being kind for nothing, Vampire’s didn’t work like that. 


No Regrets Chapter 14 Sneak Peek:

Café Du Monde had been filled to the brim when they’d arrived just after ten o’clock.  The line moved quickly though, and soon enough they were seated outside the famous café enjoying their iced au laits and beignets.  They caught a few amused glances as Fitz, true to form, had moved Olivia’s chair to his side of the small table so they could sit next to each other.  He’d used the excuse that the place was loud and they’d be able to hear each other better.  His arm was slung loosely across the back of her chair as they talked.

“I wouldn’t‘ve minded spending a few more hours locked in our room” Fitz was saying as he absentmindedly stroked her arm. 

“I know” Olivia said teasingly.  “But I want to talk and it’s best that we do it in a public place surrounded by lots and lots of people.” 

“Okay, shoot” Fitz encouraged her.  “What do you want to know?”

Olivia shifted, not sure how to approach the question.  “Well, we’ve talked at length about our families and work and all that, but I never pried about your marriage because it wasn’t any of my business.”  She looked at him shyly.  “I guess I just wonder what happened.  You were married for fifteen years?”

“Almost sixteen” Fitz said helpfully.  He’d known this conversation would come, and he welcomed it, but he also sensed that it would be one of many they would have on the subject and wanted to broach it carefully.

Olivia could see that he was gathering his thoughts, so she dusted a bit of the mountain of powdered sugar off one of the still-warm pockets of fried dough and took a bite.  “Mmmm” she hummed appreciatively, licking stray sugar from her lips.  “Oh, Abby would love these!”

Fitz looked at her beautiful, shining eyes and smiled.  “Abby, the infamous baker?  I’m sure she could make her own” Fitz said thoughtfully. 

“She could” Olivia agreed.  “But I don’t think she’s made any since culinary school.  I think I know what her souvenir will be” she said with a suggestive waggle of her brows.

“Culinary school?”  Fitz frowned.  Didn’t she go to business school with you?”

“Mmhmm.  And when I continued to graduate school, she started at Le Cordon Bleu.  Then she abandoned me for two years cooking in places I was dying to visit while I slaved away eating garbage.”

Fitz chuckled.  He loved how easy it was to talk to her.  Her sense of humor and her tolerance for his teasing endeared her to him even more.  “But she’s been making it up to you.  Those pastries you ate during one of our chats looked amazing, almost too good to eat.”

“Canelés!  My favorite.  I’ve never had any as good as hers” she said with a smile.  “One day you can visit me and help me eat an entire box instead of me finishing them all myself.” 

The mention of Fitz visiting her in New York made his heart drop to his stomach and his expression turned somber.  Olivia felt it too and fell quiet.  Fitz cleared his throat to answer her question about his marriage.

“Mellie and I had known each other for years and had the same mutual friends” he began.  “She was ambitious and driven and those things impressed me about her.  She was always encouraging me, telling me I could be whatever I wanted to be.  When things got hairy between my demanding course load in grad school and my drunkard of a father, she was right there to support me.  When I didn’t have anyone else, she was there.” 

Fitz licked his lips, looking at Olivia to gauge her reaction to his words.  Her expression didn’t seem cautious or hesitant.  She was rapt, taking in everything he had to say.  So he continued.

“Neither of us knew exactly when our friendship became something—more.  I mean, we had been intimate a few times.  We’d become close friends and neither of us was seeing other people so it just happened naturally.  Falling in love seemed inevitable, and we did.  We got married while we were still in school.  When it became clear that I didn’t want to become a surgeon, it’s like something between us shifted.  I still don’t quite know what happened—“

Fitz looked at Olivia ruefully.  “She wouldn’t speak of it again after that, but I knew I’d disappointed her.  Talk of kids, hopes and dreams for the future–the kinds of things people in love talk about—stopped.  We still cared for each other as individuals, but the spark was snuffed out early on and we were both too proud to acknowledge it.”

“But all that time” Olivia said pensively. 

“Pride” Fitz said sadly.  “I felt that I owed something to her for being the only semblance of family I could remember.  I couldn’t humiliate her with a divorce after that.  When people started asking about kids, we’d blame our careers, timing, anything to placate them for a while.  Eventually, they stopped asking.  Two years before we divorced, during one of our worst fights, she finally admitted that she’d never wanted any.”

“Oh” Olivia’s brows rose.  “That had to be shocking for you.  I know how much you want kids.  Three, right?”  She remembered very well how many children he wanted from one of their many late-night conversations, but she saw the pain in his eyes and suddenly wanted to lighten the mood.

He smiled.  “My lucky number.”

The air between them grew heavy as they both fleetingly imagined a future together but neither was ready to voice it aloud.  It just wasn’t the time.

“So, by the time you met me” Olivia prodded gently.

“By the time I met you, I knew my marriage was over.  I thought everything was over quite frankly; my marriage, my career and any hope that all those years had been worth something.  It isn’t a reflection on Mellie.  We both made mistakes.  We should have been more cognizant of what we wanted before we made vows to each other.”

“But what did she want?” Olivia asked, curious.  “What does she do?”

“She’s a defense lawyer.  She wants to make it to the big time.  She idolized Gloria Allred, mostly famous for high-profile stuff like celebrities and really controversial cases.  But there isn’t much in the way of sensationalism in Seattle and she hasn’t had her big break.  I think she must feel a lot like I felt when I was trying to get this project off the ground, but she can’t see the similarities.”

“Do you speak to her?  Now that it’s been some months since the—since you parted ways, I mean” Olivia said cautiously.

“We spoke right after, back in January, for something—maybe closure.  Things were still pretty tense between us, so I let her know I was meeting with someone about my project and that it would be the end of the line for me.  She wished me the best, I reciprocated and we haven’t spoken since.”

“Wow” Olivia said, not sure what to make of what she’d just heard.  “You don’t think we’re jumping into anything too soon?  Maybe you need some time to—“

“I don’t need time, Olivia.”  Fitz looked at her face earnestly.  He could see her gaze wavering, the uncertainty creeping back into her eyes and he wouldn’t stand for it.  “I’ve taken so much time from someone else and so much time was taken from me.  It can’t be returned or exchanged.  I won’t waste anymore of it feeling regret or chasing after meaningless things.  I’ve forgiven myself.  I’ve opened myself up for whatever there is ahead and for me it’s you.  This project meant everything to me until I met you.”

“Do you mean–?” Olivia blushed, not wanting to bring up their hot and hasty union in Chicago but needing to know everything.

“Our encounter almost a year ago was the first step in finding my courage.  So in that way, yes, meeting you got the ball rolling.  And then after I discovered it was you I’d be working with, I couldn’t believe my luck!  There are coincidences and then there is fate” he smiled as his ears reddened. 

“I didn’t know you believed in such things, Doctor Grant” Olivia teased in wonder. 

Fitz’s brow cocked at her use of formality and his gaze burned into hers.  “I don’t think I did” he admitted.  “But then we met again and after that night in your hotel, suddenly the thing that had been consuming my life for so much time seemed almost inconsequential compared to you.  I thought about you all the time.”  His voice deepened, “I think about you all the time.”

Olivia’s breath caught in her throat.  Her lips, her entire mouth, felt dry.  She took a sip of her iced au lait.


She felt her face heat so quickly she was sure he could see it burning, and her eyes lowered.  “It’s all so overwhelming, isn’t it?  Sometimes I can’t even breathe.”

He didn’t care that they were seated under a crowded tent or that a few people had already been pretending not to stare at them for their different hues.  In that moment, he only worried about her.  He took her face in his hand to drive it home.  “It gets to me sometimes too, but it just lets me know that I have the capacity to care about someone in a way I’ve never felt before.  The only time I want is right here, right now.  Whatever you give me, for however long.”

Olivia looked at him, unshed tears in her beautiful eyes, and swallowed.  “Just—shut up and kiss me, okay?”

And he did.  Fitz bent to press his lips to hers, gently but firmly.  It only lasted a few seconds, but the seconds were theirs.  It felt like a promise; a promise that there would be infinitely more seconds to share because the time had been reset now that they’d bared all to each other. 

Unnoticed by either of them, Priestess Felicie was about to enter a building across the street when her surprised countenance fell on the couple.  A knowing smile graced her handsome face and she nodded once, seeming to bless the pair before walking into the restaurant.