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Hey guys! It’s been like??? ages since I’ve done a follow forever (and it was really sad too lol oops) ANyways, I really appreciate everyone I follow and everyone who follows me and obvi not everyone is one this list because that would be like?? 1000 more people???. I’ve met some really amazing people along the way here and sOMEHOw this blog I started 5 years ago turned from a nerdy Marvel/BBC fangirl blog (still feel that lol) into a kpop blog officially like eight months ago and it wasn’t until joining the kpop fandom that I really made friends here on tumblr. This is just a giant shout-out/thank you/I love you to my favorite blogs and mutuals :)

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Very Close to 500 followers

Ok lovely fannibals I am so so close to 500 followers…Once I get there I will be doing a massive fic giveaway for those lovely peeps who put up with my perverted ramblings.

So please re-blog and encourage people to follow me I have porn, fluff, angst, kink and love.  

Originally posted by friendlycannibalhannibal

Here be my AO3 porn:

So, in retrospect I realise it may be a bit hard to hear what I’m saying because of the whole “inside a BMP” thing. (For those who don’t know, a BMP-2 is a second generation, land and water based armored anti infantry vehicle from the 1980s which still makes up a a large proportion of the Russian armored forces. As for the soap, I can’t tell you much about it other than that I picked it up on the way to the event, and didn’t swallow the whole thing due to toxicity/indigestion risk (shortly after the video ended I spat it out the back of the BMP, to the shock of the operators). I had to cut short because we were stopping to let more people in, and it would have ruined the moment of the filming.

But suffice to say, OP delivered, Well done guys, you got me to eat soap while riding a tank, and I’m at almost 500 followers now.

@humans-are-seriously-weird Rekina, are you ready for your challenge yet?

anonymous asked:

Levi first time sleeping in the same bed with his s/o

Although mod Spookzz already made an announcement about it, I just wanted to say thank-you all so much for almost 500 followers. The amount of support this blog has received is just astronomical. I’m so happy that our writing is received as well as it has been. Anyways, thanks again and enjoy! 

  • Levi’s s/o is going to find out about this man’s piss-poor sleeping habits really early on in their relationship.
  • They are the ones who propose the idea first. After the nightly routine, his s/o will snuggle under the covers and wait for Levi to turn out the light at his desk and come to bed, but it doesn’t happen. 
  • The first time they ask him to come to bed is after thirty minutes. Even though he says he still has paperwork left to finish, they still ask him to come and get some sleep.
  • Another hour passes and his s/o realizes that they had drifted off, only to wake up and see Levi still at his desk. They’d ask a little more firmly this time, to which Levi responds with, “I have this paperwork Erwin dumped on me. I’ll be done soon.” 
  • Soon translates into two hours from now and, when his s/o wakes up and realizes the lamp on his desk is finally off but Levi is nowhere to be seen, they sigh loudly and look to his chair, where he has configured his body in some odd position to fall asleep. 
  • This time, they demand that he get up and move to the bed. There isn’t much protesting, but his s/o will drape themselves over him just to make sure he stays put and doesn’t wake up at the crack of dawn. 
  • Now that they know his night routine, Levi’s s/o makes it a habit of turning off his lamp when they are ready for bed, a piercing look in their eyes, and he knows that he isn’t going to win this argument. He’ll toss and turn for a moment, but warms up to the idea of slinging his arm around his s/o’s midsection in order to fall asleep. 
  • There are still some nights when Levi buries himself in paperwork, but his s/o will typically allow him to finish some before asking him to come to bed. He needs more sleep than he gets, after all.  

gosh I’m so cute SUPER EXCITED FOR THE FINALE even though you can’t see it in the pictures haha, but the weather has been amazing this week, I mean I can actually go outside in just a sundress? wonderful. if I look dead inside it’s bc I’m studying for my exams, nevertheless I’m going to try to watch live tonight (!!) I’ve been stressed all day help. getting more and more excited. qmskldjfqmlsklmkj

I also want to say: I love all of you so damn much!!!! I’m almost at 500 followers (how??), I got amazing compliments today, I started talking to so many wonderful people this season and idk I am so emotional I love all of you let me hug you one by one <333

going to tag quite some people so it’s going behind the cut

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ʚ 13th jan 2017 ɞ

here’s my thai literature notes (again) i forgot to bring back other subjects’ books, so yeah lol

and thank you so much for 400 followers guys! (i’m late btw bc it almost reaches 500 already, sorry ;-;) and have a nice day everyone! *hugs* ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

Jetpack Judy!!!! (She’s been doing this for hours and Nick has to use the bathroom)

Also WOW!!!! I’m almost at 500 followers. I honestly can’t believe it you guys, I never would have imagined that so people people would want to follow my draws :) Each and everyone one of you are wonderful and I love and appreciate you all so much! <3 <3 <3 (Except that one porn blog, you’re just kind of okay.)

A little about me

I’ve gotten almost 500 new followers here in the past few days and I rarely do these type of things but here’s a little about me for all the new followers. 

My first name is Erik

I go by Red mostly as in Erik the Red but Red works just fine

I’m 35, Jack Mormon living in the Mojave Desert near Zion’s Canyon in Hurricane Utah

I’ve been all over and have many scars from the travels. 

I used to speak Russian well but these days I aint so good in it

My parents live with me since i am their caretaker and they’re both in their 70′s or so

I hunt a lot

Until recently I owned a lot of guns

I also do survival type things in the desert. 

At heart I’m a tinkerer and builder that likes to re purpose things into something else and this includes machines, clothing, weapons, vehicles and the like. 

I’m not a Liberal, Conservative or Libertarian. I’m just me. 

I’m a Jackass most of the time so if you came here expecting a safe space or someone to coddle you then I’m not the guy you were looking for however I’ll treat you with the same respect you treat me. 

Ooooh, s-s-s-somebody stop me!

I’ve been RPing as The Mask for almost a year now come July, and we’ve reached over 500 followers, now? That’s just looney! Then again, so is he, but still, thank you all SO so much for following The Mask on all of his wacky adventures on this blog, and we couldn’t have made it without you! You guys are positively S-S-S-Smokin’!

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Drabble: Bad driver

“1 and 3 Spencer Reid <3 Xox thanks love !!(for almost to 500 followers prompts)”

1: “You didn’t just say that.” 

3: “Just because I drove into that river, doesn’t mean I’m a bad driver.”

Originally posted by x-criminalminds-x

Driving in a car with Spencer wasn’t that interesting. He drove, you sat back and didn’t talk. He liked to concentrate, and he said your voice distracted him. You just said he was a bad driver. Of course, this was the reason of some conflicts. He said you weren’t that good of a driver either. 

“Spencer, I jus don’t get it. You’ve been driving for hours, don’t you want to take a nap? Just let me drive!” You exclaimed, giving him your puppy eyes. 

“Y/n, I can’t you are a bad driver.” You gasped, pretending to be hurt. 

“You didn’t just say that.” 

“Oh yes I did.” 

“Fine. Then drive until you fall asleep and kill us both.” That was what made him slip. He looked at you and sighted. 

“Okay, just a few hours.” You were happy, you never got to drive. And just a few hours later, you understood why. 

“You drove in a lake?” Spencer exclaimed as he woke up from the shock. 

“No. It’s a river. And we are only in a little. don’t complain that much and help me push.” She sighted. 

“You are such a bad driver.” Spencer said, but he smiled. 

“Just because I drove into a river doesn’t mean I’m a bad driver.” You exclaimed. 

“Well actually it does, Y/n.” You rolled your eyes.

“Whatever.” Together you pushed the car back, but there was no way he let you drive again. 

Requests are still open! 

7 YEARS OF JTHM- 500 Follower Thank You Contest

Back when I was a wee gothling in 2010, I was introduced to JTHM and my life was forever changed (some might say for the worse, I’d imagine Jhonen would think so).  NNY has been a constant presence in my life since then- as a character who would eviscerate the sort of person who might take advantage of a child etc., I drew a lot of strength from what positive and cathartic elements he had written into his persona.  I’ve never had the greatest mental health but he was one of my healthier crutches, if you can believe that.  

That tattered copy of the director’s cut has been with me through maybe 6 moves, 2 bouts of homelessness, the loss of almost every scrap of my personal belongings, 3 trips to the psych ward, several shitty partners, uncountable mental breakdowns, and at this point might be my oldest possession.  I’ve heard it said by a surprising amount of people that it’s considered their Bible; I often consider it a guide of what NOT to do in life. ;) At this point in my life I’m going to med school, living in a stable situation, finally found someone who isn’t running and screaming from my horrible mental deformities and I might be considered something like a functional adult with a happy life.  I’d like to thank Jhonen for giving me something to hang onto through all that.

ANYWAY- 7 years (and probably hundreds of fanarts) later, my humble little blog has ALMOST 500 followers!  Cool beans.  To celebrate, I’ll be battling my constant desire to do nothing ever and drawing a kickass Thank You fanart of NNY or something JTHM related.  But since it’s MY blog, here’s how it’s gonna work- send me ideas of what to draw, and reblog this image.  Your idea will be valid and considered if you a) reblog this post and b) are following me.  It’s just a lil effort to get about 20 more followers and bump me into a 500 follower count.  Once I reach 500, I’ll select my favorite idea and draw it.  That simple!  Go to it and try to think of something Good.  (If you’re wondering about my art style I drew the images in both my icon and blog header so that should give you an idea of my ability to emulate the style.)

(NOTE: If you ask for something terrible and stupid like Nny and Squee interacting in some inappropriate way, your idea is going in the trash and you are unfollowed and blocked, do not ruin my day with that garbage I’m dead serious. I hate even acknowledging that possibility but I’ve seen some of the worst sludge of the earth somehow make its way into my pure and good dark comedy/gore fandom and it will not be tolerated, end of story.  In fact I may personally bag and mail you the resulting vomit.)