almost to 500 followers

Jetpack Judy!!!! (She’s been doing this for hours and Nick has to use the bathroom)

Also WOW!!!! I’m almost at 500 followers. I honestly can’t believe it you guys, I never would have imagined that so people people would want to follow my draws :) Each and everyone one of you are wonderful and I love and appreciate you all so much! <3 <3 <3 (Except that one porn blog, you’re just kind of okay.)

I just wanted to say that for those of you who don’t have a lot of new books, or fancy props, or a nice camera, or whatever it is that might make you feel like you can’t get a lot of followers or participate in the community like you want to, I gave away most of my books and have little to no props to work with. I take pictures with whatever I have, even if its just the book itself. Just anything to participate and talk about books, and I still have almost 2,500 followers (not that that’s any huge number to brag about). But the thing is, it’s not about how many followers you have, or how nice your picture is, or how many times it got reblogged. It’s about having this amazing opportunity via technology to talk and connect with reader of all kinds, to make friends and connections and find solidarity with something that defines a lot of us as people. By far the most rewarding thing about this whole damn book blogging business is meeting people who love books and making friends who love books and celebrating holidays and birthdays with people who your main and lasting connection to is THAT THEY LOVE BOOKS. It’s the only requirement for participating: the love of books. And I do love books and I love you all so much, and I’m s thankful. So don’t you dare feel inferior, or like you can’t interact. We’re all one.


Paula: Hello? Is this thing working? … You’ve got to be kidding me, this shit has over 500 followers?

Ok so, I know that we can all agree that this year has been pretty damn horrible™, but seeing that I’ve almost reached 500 followers (which was my follower goal), I decided to make my very first follow forever to thank all of my lovely mutuals for making this (hell)site a bit brighter for me by being amazing. Also I am terribly sorry if I am forgetting anyone.

Happy new year!!!

(there was indeed once upon a time a tagging system but everything changed when my laziness attacked)

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A little about me

I’ve gotten almost 500 new followers here in the past few days and I rarely do these type of things but here’s a little about me for all the new followers. 

My first name is Erik

I go by Red mostly as in Erik the Red but Red works just fine

I’m 35, Jack Mormon living in the Mojave Desert near Zion’s Canyon in Hurricane Utah

I’ve been all over and have many scars from the travels. 

I used to speak Russian well but these days I aint so good in it

My parents live with me since i am their caretaker and they’re both in their 70′s or so

I hunt a lot

Until recently I owned a lot of guns

I also do survival type things in the desert. 

At heart I’m a tinkerer and builder that likes to re purpose things into something else and this includes machines, clothing, weapons, vehicles and the like. 

I’m not a Liberal, Conservative or Libertarian. I’m just me. 

I’m a Jackass most of the time so if you came here expecting a safe space or someone to coddle you then I’m not the guy you were looking for however I’ll treat you with the same respect you treat me. 


Okay, so, I somehow am almost at 500 followers!?! Like, JFC WOW!!!

I love you guys so much!!!

So, as a gift, when I DO reach 500 followers, I will draw either Sin or Crack for the fandom. 

Which will it be??? That’s up to you! Tell me, would you rather see Sin or Crack??

Found this lineart and decided to color it in thanks for reaching over 500 followers!! I really appreciate it! In the beginning i honestly thought this blog wouldn’t get over 20 :’D so thank you all!!

What better way to celebrate than with fluffy pearlmethyst smooches <3

anonymous asked:

can you like some good blogs you follow?

tbh the only 1 you need to follow is @jungkookslove but kfncsdnfkd

im following almost 500 blogs so im sure im forgetting someone but here are some mutulas whom i love off the top of my head :’/

@1vrse @jiminsangel @danceliners @lieparkjimin @blushguk @jiminbeba @chimchimshi @inlovewithkook @neverbefake @jmins @4hyung @jiminshugs @kihyunsgirl @jiminstiddy @jikooksgf @lgbtae @foryoubybts 

their blogs are really good be sure to check them out !!!!

Hey there, guys!

I always loved the idea of having a fandom family and since I almost have 500 followers now, I thought, this is the right time to start one!


  • mutuals only!
  • must post at least 50% hp related stuff
  • reblog this post!
  • send me a message with the character you would like to represent (hp only!) and your favorite line of/about them
  • you can check which characters are already taken here
  • you can also choose if you would like the picture to be of the actual actor, a different actor or an aesthetic portrait


  • a place on my wall of fame aka my wizarding family page
  • endless love from me! <3

Please don’t make this a fail