almost thirty years

it’s equal parts a shame and a blessing that most people now justify jason todd’s resurrection as ‘he was brought back to life in the lazarus pit’ and erase the part where superboy literally punches reality- yes, you heard right, he punches reality so fucking hard that jason breaks out of his grave… that happened and that was a real thing dc comics thought was a good idea

The Night Waves, the Stars Talk, the Years Alone Know

“How did you do it?” Ford asked. Something about his tone made it clear to Stan it wasn’t an idle question. It wasn’t an offhand remark like the hundreds he’s gotten over the years. It wasn’t the rhetorical awe Soos or the kids sometimes gave him. It wasn’t even the admiration and frustration from one genius to another (hey—criminal genius is still genius, right?) It was asked in a low, clear voice.

No accusation, no awe, no admiration. Just a simple question, one brother to another. With an undercurrent of sadness that resonated deep within Stanley’s bones.

He knew exactly what Ford was referring to the moment he asked. He considered playing dumb, but he knew Ford no longer fell for that—not with him.

“Stanley?” Ford asked again, slight worry creeping into his tone. Stan sighed and turned to face his brother. The cool night air swayed their hair with the breeze, but nothing else was moving. It was a still night, cloudless, perfect for watching the stars. And telling a dead man’s story, apparently, Stan thought.

“Inside,” was all Stan said, turning to duck into the cabin and make himself a cup of hot chocolate before plunging into the story. (What could Stan say? Mabel had ruined him for coffee, it had to be hot chocolate now).

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Xeno - 4

Plot: The best part about being an assistant in a lab was watching all new inventions come to life, although sometimes some of them fail, leaving them away in a storage room, never to be bothered with; free for the taking.

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader | Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff, angst, Futuristic au!

Notes: Do you even read these? Probably not lmao. This chapter was supposed to be something else but then it turned into this. Kill me. The damn storyboard said fluff, but it turned into angst. ARGH. 2.2k Words

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It was finally back to work – which meant finding out more about the cyborg. You figured that some background information would help you get his feelings back; memories were always the root of all human emotion, after all. 

You had no problem in leaving him alone at home. There was food for him to eat, clothes for him to wear, and the smart TV was there for entertainment. He could take care of himself, even if he went out. You figured he had some common sense.

“Y/N, I need you to help me with something.”

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BTS / Their daughter is getting married

REQUEST: I️ was wondering if I️ could request a BTS reaction where they’re having a hard time accepting or seeing their daughter getting married and their wife kind of consoles them? Could you make it kind of emotional and angsty?

Thank you for requesting this, I hope this is what you wanted! Please enjoy 💕


Originally posted by minshoot

He had a hard time accepting the fact that his little girl was dating. He couldn’t even wrap his head around the idea of his little girl no longer being his after she announced that she was going to get married.

“She can’t get married!” Jin exclaimed once the two of you returned from your daughter’s engagement party. “She’s my daughter! She’s like… she’s a child!”

“She’s twenty-three, Jin,” you told him, smiling softly. “And she’s getting married to a very nice person. Aren’t you happy for her?”

“Happy?” Jin repeated in a tone that made it seem like the most unlikely thing ever. “Why would I be happy to give my daughter away?”

You couldn’t help but find his protectiveness adorable, and therefore, couldn’t resist the smile that crept up on your face. “Jin, she’s still your daughter. She just has someone else to take care of her now.”

Jin sat down on the bed, running his hands through his hair. You tried to stifle in a laugh, thinking that he looked like he was having a mid-life crisis all of a sudden.

“I just don’t understand,” Jin said. “She grew up so fast…”

You sat down on the bed next to him and placed a hand on his knee for comfort. “I know, Jin. But that tends to happen with children.”

“I’m going to cry my eyes out at her wedding,” he admitted.

“That’s okay,” you said. “You can cry as much as you want as long as you don’t get into a fight with anyone over her.”

This got Jin to smile. “I’m making no promises. She is my little girl, after all.”


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Yoongi smiled through the pain when his daughter brought her fiancé home to introduce him to her parents before their wedding. You were very excited to finally meet him but Yoongi’s cold, quiet façade was really ruining it for everyone.

Excusing yourself from the dinner table, you asked to talk to Yoongi in the kitchen. Silently, he got up from the table and followed you out of the room.

“What’s wrong?” you asked him. “You’re really creeping me out, Yoongi.”

He just shrugged his shoulders. “I’m fine.”

“You don’t look fine.”

“It’s just… she’s my only child,” Yoongi said with a deep sigh. “And now she’s no longer a child all of a sudden. It’s like I picked her up from her crib when she was just a week old, I blinked my eyes, and now she’s twenty and she’s getting married.”

This almost got you to tear up.

“I know,” you nodded. “I feel exactly the same way. But, ultimately, the only goal I ever had for her was to be happy. And she looks happy, doesn’t she?”

“She does,” Yoongi agreed. “I guess this was inevitable. She has too many of your genes not to attract attention and get someone to fall in love with her.”

You laughed. “Well, she got the attitude from her father.”

“That she did,” Yoongi said, finally smiling. “I guess I have to go back and give the guy holding my daughter’s hand a chance, huh? But also warn him that if he ever hurts her, I’ll—”

“Let’s leave the death threats for the wedding,” you cut in. “How about now we stop scaring the poor guy and at least act like normal parents for the sake of our daughter?


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Hoseok thought he’d explode from happiness every time you gave birth. Experiencing this three times proved to make him an exceptionally positive dad who wanted nothing but the best for his children.

And yet, ever since he found out that his eldest child, his little girl, was going to get married, his face started to get clouded.

When it was just a week left to the wedding, your daughter called you, asking you to talk to her dad because she was really concerned that he didn’t want her to get married, since he seemed so upset whenever she brought the wedding up.

“Hoseok,” you said, walking into the kitchen where he was busy getting himself a glass of water. “Are you okay? I mean, about the wedding and everything. Because our daughter seems to think that you don’t want her to get married.”

Hoseok turned the tap off and turned to look at you. “It’s not that. I just never thought this day would come.”

“I knew you were just sad about the fact that she grew up,” you said, sighing.

“Yeah,” Hoseok nodded, leaning against the cupboard with his hip. “It’s like, here she was, completely dependent on me, and now she’s out there, living her life, making people fall in love with her and getting married…”

“Children do that, Hobi,” you said, still using the nickname almost thirty years after you met him. “They leave their parents’ houses to take care of themselves. But they’re still our children.”

“I know,” Hoseok nodded. “It’s just hard to see that happen.”

“It is. But you’re not alone. I’m with you.”

“Thank God for that,” he said, smiling softly. “I always used to say that I was really excited about us growing old together but now that it’s actually happening, I’ve got to say, I’m more excited about the prospect of becoming immortal and living together forever.”


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So many of your friends warned you that their husbands went crazy when they found out that their daughter got engaged, which is why you were a little concerned about Namjoon.

You were the first person your daughter told about her engagement. She asked for your help to find a way how to break this news to her father. You suggested she just talked to him personally because there was no way Namjoon would reveal that he’s unhappy when he’d see the elated face of his daughter.

And you were right. When Namjoon and your daughter walked out of his office, both of them had smiles on their faces. Smiling back at them, you quickly said goodbye to your daughter, and then, once she left, turned to look at Namjoon.

You were surprised to see that he was smiling, and yet tears glistened in his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” you asked, feeling worry wash over you.

Namjoon shook his head, wiping the tears away from his eyes.

“Our baby grew up,” he said quietly.

Already feeling the tears in your own eyes at the sight of him like this, you wrapped your arms around him to reach some comfort for both of you. Namjoon hugged you back tightly.

“She’ll be okay,” you said. “She always knew how to take care of herself.”

Namjoon nodded and rested his head on the shoulder. “She never needed us that much.”

“Maybe not,” you replied. “But we’re still her parents. We won’t lose that title even if she gets married.”

Namjoon sighed. “Thank you. You always know the right things to say. I love you so much.”


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Jimin was a pool of emotions. He obviously smiled and congratulated his daughter on the engagement. He even behaved properly during the dinner with her future partner. But as soon as it was just you and him left, all of that self-control flew out of the window.

“Should I say something?” he asked. “She’s our little girl. Our only daughter. She can’t just decide to grow up, can she?”


“She still needs me to drive to her house to get rid of the spiders – a trait which she gets from you, by the way – and she still doesn’t eat properly! Have you seen how skinny she looks?” Jimin continued to panic.

“Jimin, sweetie, calm down,” you said. “She’s an adult. She’s doing everything she can. And now she won’t be alone anymore. She’ll have someone to get rid of the spiders and to make sure she eats well.”

“Yeah, but isn’t that our job as her parents?”

“Not anymore, Jimin,” you replied a little sadly. “We can just watch from afar and suggest some things to her. But it’s time we let her make her own decisions.”

Jimin exhaled deeply. “When did she grow up?”

“We probably missed it,” you admitted. “She’ll always be our baby but let’s be happy for her, okay?”

“I am happy,” Jimin said. “I just wish time wasn’t flying by so fast.”

“I know. We’re getting old.”

Jimin smiled finally. “No, I’m excited about that part. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life complaining about my aching bones and then driving to visit our grandchildren with you.”


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When Taehyung found out that your daughter was engaged, he looked like he was hit in the face. Many different emotions passed behind his eyes. Confusion, anxiety, anger, and finally, acceptance.

One of his children had just grown up. There was nothing else he could do but accept it.

“You know, when over twenty years ago you told me you were pregnant,” Taehyung said to you while he watched you make dinner in the kitchen. “I was over the moon with joy. Like, I can’t even describe what I was feeling.”

You smiled while you chopped the vegetables.

“And when I first held her,” he said, talking about his daughter. “Or when I first looked into her big baby eyes, I never thought that one day, twenty years later, she’d be getting ready to get married to the love of her life.”

“You really think she met the love of her life?” you asked him.

“Of course,” Taehyung nodded. “She has my blood. She has to know when the person she meets is the one for her. I mean, I did. And look at me: twenty-five years later, I’m still with my soulmate.”

Smiling even wider, you stopped chopping to turn around and look at him. “If her relationship is anything like ours, then I’m incredibly happy for her.”

Taehyung nodded in agreement. “I am, too. I mean, it’s obviously hard to see my baby grow up, but if she’s happy, then I’m happy.”


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He played his initial shock off at the news of his daughter’s engagement and congratulated her with a bright, happy smile. Once he was left with you, though, his real emotions were revealed.

“Y/n,” he said to you. “When we got married did you think that one day we’d be in the same spot that our parents were on the day of our wedding? I can still remember your father crying his eyes out as if I was kidnapping you or something.”

You laughed at this. “Maybe it’s a dad thing, Jungkook. I’m sure you’ll cry at our daughter’s wedding, too.”

“Oh, there’s no question about that, of course I’ll cry,” he said. “I mean, it’ll be my child walking down that aisle into her new life.”

“Well, I’ll cry too if I see you cry,” you admitted. “Even though I really want to appear happy for her. I mean, I am happy. But also…”

You drifted off, not finishing the sentence, but Jungkook nodded eagerly, agreeing with your silence.

“Exactly,” he said. “It’s hard. And now I understand why your father pulled me aside after the wedding and warned me to take care of you or he was going to hunt me down. Every time I went to your house and saw that hunting rifle he had, I’d shiver.”

Your eyes widened. “My father threatened you?”

“Yeah, but I understand him now,” Jungkook said, shrugging his shoulders. “I will probably threaten my daughter’s partner, too. It’s another dad thing.”

“How about this doesn’t become a tradition?”

“No. How else will I assure myself that I did everything I could to make sure my little girl is taken care of?” Jungkook insisted. “I want everyone to know that although she’s married, I’m still her dad and I will still kick everyone’s ass if they hurt her.”

Morning, Sunshine.

Cas doesn’t really hear the words. They aren’t said with any seriousness, anyway. He can’t focus on anything other than finding Lucifer, and any jokes or endearments are a waste of time right now. He simply files it away to be analyzed later.

If there is a later.


Morning, Sunshine.

Cas really hears the words now, suddenly remembering a few years ago when Dean said them for the first time. They had been teasing then, but there’s something softer in Dean’s tone now, a little more weight behind it. Cas smiles in return, unable to stop his reaction, and Dean seems satisfied with that.

Cas pretends that he’s completely satisfied, too.


Morning, Sunshine.

Cas groans. He’s still getting used to being human, and he hates getting up in the morning. He’d spend all day in bed if he could. But Dean’s grinning at him almost apologetically, and Cas knows he’s going to have to leave the bed soon.

He pulls Dean back under the covers anyway, and Dean indulges him, settles back in for a few more minutes of warm skin and tangled legs and hands gently stroking hair.


Morning, Sunshine.

Cas has heard that phrase every morning for almost thirty years now.

It’s still the best part of each day.

Made In the USA

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word count: 3390

Warnings: Language, implied smut, so fluffy it will probably give you diabetes!

Request: based off the song “Made In the USA by Demi Lovato” from @padackles2010 for my 300 follower celebration! I know I am horrible! but this fic, it had so many paths it could have taken and I would put money on starting over 30 times until finally settling on something that wasn’t complete garbage. The song talks more about a relationship, not caring what people think but I decided to take a different approach, you will see and hopefully understand what I heard after listening to the song for the millionth time. A huge thanks to @avasmommy224 for putting up with my rambling on this fic, her advice really helped shape it into the idea it became! oh and also being an amazing beta!

hope yall enjoy! I’m up for a part 2 if enough people are into it. thanks again for reading yall :) ♥♥♥

Growing up in Garfield, TX was one of the best experiences in your life and you wouldn’t trade the path your life has brought you on or the path that Garfield was responsible for. The small town was located just outside of Austin, trips to and from the city as a child was always exciting and when your mom ended up with a job there, you thought it was the coolest thing on the planet.

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Cut Off and Vaguely Threaten My Wife? Enjoy five years of being slightly delayed from going home.

Five years ago, my wife and I started new jobs in a new city, right down the road from each other’s offices, employed with the same government agency. Our schedules were roughly similar for several months before she went to a night shift, so we would occasionally encounter the same people or vehicles in our commute. The commute consisted mostly of two lane roads with no passing.

One day, my wife gets cut off by a fancy black sports car with a vanity plate (Let’s say DICKLAW). He had been tailgating her for nearly ten minutes already, as she had the nerve to only go five miles per hour over the speed limit on a busy downtown road. So, the moment he could, he cut into the other lane and passed her, giving her maybe only a foot or two of space after doing so, and forcing her to hit the brakes suddenly in response. She honked her horn at him justifiably in response. To her surprise, Dicklaw stopped his car in front of her. Dicklaw gets out of his vehicle and is an older balding male in a fancy tailored suit. He starts marching towards my wife’s much cheaper car shouting and ranting with his fists balled up, and he hit her car a couple times. Thankfully, it didn’t get worse, because my wife stayed in her car and already had her phone out calling 911. Incidentally, that’s also her place of employment at the time, and she was wearing a uniform which bears a bit of a resemblance to a sworn officer’s uniform. Dicklaw apparently notices all this (apparently also taking note of her name tag) after putting a crack in her windshield and immediately heads back to his car and drives off.

About a month later, my wife ends up having to talk to Internal Affairs. A prominent member of the legal community made an official complaint against her for “reckless driving” and “aggressive behavior.” IA thankfully is run by some awesome people, and we had the physical damage to her vehicle that we photographed, a partial recording of his shouting from the 911 call, and the responding officer’s report. The complaint was dismissed as unfounded. Due to Dicklaw’s prominent status as an attorney locally for almost thirty years, nothing more could come of it legally.

My wife moved to night shifts and my own schedule adjusted slightly, and I was working a typical 9-5, heading from an office along mostly the same route that my wife followed. Lo and behold, I soon discover that with my adjusted hours, I was leaving from the same parking garage as Dicklaw every day of the week at the same time. For the past nearly five years, I waited for him almost every day of the week, and made sure to drive home in front of him at exactly the speed limit. This easily extended his home commute time by five to ten minutes each day, depending on how much other traffic was on the road. He tried tailgating me, changing his hours that he was at the office, and multiple other ways to escape this delay in getting home, but thanks to an accomplice in his office, I never had a problem learning his schedule or what vehicle he was driving when he sold his old one. During times when I would take a vacation, I had comrades from my department take up the mantle of driving slowly home to inconvenience this guy. I’ve gone through three cars in the ensuing time frame, but he never seemed to want to make a confrontation of it.

As of three months ago, I moved to a new office building and Dicklaw retired shortly after. The saga has ended, and I can only assume he’s off to enjoy a retirement of kicking babies or whatever it is lawyers do in their free time. It was a good run, and would always fill me with satisfaction at the end of each day, no matter how much crap I may have faced.

TL;DR: Achieved stress free living by inconveniencing a lawyer for the past five years.

Almost thirty years ago, all of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ failures compounded and sparked what is known as The Disney Renaissance, a ten-year stretch of creative genius that resulted in The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Beauty And The Beast, the first animated film to be nominated at the Academy Awards for Best Picture.

So how is 1989 like now, aside from a rise of neo-conservatives to power, a wealth of politically conscious hip-hop, and a weird amount of denim jackets in circulation? Well, for example, Disney has been prioritizing everything else they own over their own movies for years.

While their subsidiary studios are hitting home runs, their proprietary studio is lucky to get a Zootopia once in a while. Disney has been making their junior studios a priority, simply because they know they can’t compete. At this point, Disney is treating its most legendary arm like an afterthought. 

Compared to the output of Marvel and Pixar, their release of animated films has been at a crawl. Even the success of Frozen, the closest they’ve come in decades to reaching cultural saturation with their trademark animated fairy-tale music formula, has yet to be followed up on. 

What Happened Last Time Disney Was This Creatively Bankrupt

My Bloody Sweetheart (Part 2)

Originally posted by veryamooseing

Summary: The reader and Dean settle into an easy rhythm but Dean may have made an enemy already…

My Bloody Sweetheart Masterlist

Pairing: Demon!Dean x reader

Word Count: 4,200ish

Warnings: language, mention of murder

A/N: Dean in domestic life does things to me…

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robotsnchicks  asked:

Hello! If you still want any prompts, I love punk!Cas and would love to read something with him as an older punk in his 30s and Dean as the owner of the bookstore he frequents.

Dean glances up from his book as the bell at the door dings softly. It’s still fairly early and there’s only a few people milling around the store, all of them regulars that Dean knows will come to him if they need help. He’s been using the opportunity to catch up on some reading, or so he intended.

In reality, he’s had the same pages open for at least ten minutes, every tiny noise a constant distraction.

It’s just… it’s Thursday. And Cas always comes by on Thursdays, usually around this time.

He’s here now, giving Dean a soft smile before ducking between the shelves, just as Dean weakly lifts his hand in greeting. He drops it again, feeling like an idiot.

He doesn’t get this way around people he likes anymore. It’s embarrassing. He’s almost thirty-five years old, not a teenager with some stupid crush. Except, the crush part very much applies.  

It caught Dean off guard when it started. Cas isn’t exactly his type; he’s all tattoos and piercings and weird hairstyles that involve a lot of gel and temporary dye. The leather jacket might be kind of hot, except it’s covered in ironed-on patches with various band logos, none of whom Dean is enough of a music snob to recognize.

Dean’s always thought the punk aesthetic is better left to the twenty-somethings and teenagers, and Cas is at least a couple of years older than Dean is. Yet, somehow, he pulls it off. Maybe it’s the confidence he carries himself with, or his gentle manner that stands in such stark contrast with his fashion choices. Or maybe it’s just that he’s smoking hot.

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post-curse BATB headcanon
  • the enchantress’s magic spreads farther than anybody guessed, least of all her
  • following the curse, things are…..well, they’re joyous, obviously. They’re beautiful. They’re glad, and new, and full of sunlight. But also, sometimes….
  • Plumette wonders if Lumiere has gotten a little taller. Not a lot, not tremendously so—just an inch or two. It might be the new heels he bought as soon as he could, but she doesn’t quite think so.
  • Lumiere thinks Plumette’s hair might have gotten curlier, her skin a little softer. No, he thinks, that cannot be quite right, time was frozen during the spell, non? And yet—ohhh, she is as good to him as ever, what does it matter, she is radiant as always, with or without the extra locks.
  • Cogsworth sees Mrs. Potts moving around the kitchen and thinks, now, didn’t she used to have a touch of the gout in that one leg? And yet there she walks now, as she did when we first met almost thirty years ago. I must have a cog wrong, somewhere, thinks Cogsworth.
  • He could not always play with his eyes entirely closed, could he, her darling Cadenza? surely he was not so supernatural as that? Garderobe looks at him again and sees his eyes shut, his fingers flying over a passage she knows he shouldn’t know. Something has grown better with his fingers in the time he wasn’t using them. Magia.
  • Chapeau never says much, but he sees that Cogsworth’s back does not hurt him so anymore. It’s like a gear has shifted and released some spring he didn’t know he had.
  • Mrs. Potts knows Chapeau should not be that strong—yet he lifts Chip easily, now, as easily as if he were just a cup. Yet before—he’s a skinny man, Mr. Chapeau, I don’t know where he got that from. Mrs. Potts gets herself a cup of tea and thinks about it, crossing her two perfectly fine feet without another thought.
  • Cadenza notices no difference. His amore is as beautiful as ever, and the only magia he’s privy to is when she chooses to sing for him.
Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

Summary: Emma Swan despises the pink christmas tree currently living in her apartment. It’s nothing short of an abomination. But when Emma decides to replace it with a freshly chopped tree of her own, Her bug gets stuck in a storm, and she’d forced to call the last person she ever wanted to see again. The man that broke her heart. Also on AO3.

Rating: Mature (there’s smut)

A/N: Imagine signing up for the CSSecretSanta and waiting patiently for a name to be assigned you, and when it finally come you’re just like crap. Not because you’ve been assigned a person you don’t care for, but you’ve been given someone who is just leaps and bounds above the cut in fiction writing. Someone whose work everyone in the fandom loves an adores. And then you realize that you have to write a fic for them. Ya, no pressure there.

So with that said, this is my CSSS gift for the lovely @alexandralyman. (Surprise!) She asked for angst and I hope I’ve delivered. There’s a bit of humor tossed in too. I wasn’t able to fit in forced bed sharing like you’d mention, but there is force cohabitation and definite bed sharing. I hope you like it Alex, and Merry Christmas!

I was mostly joking when I told people that this was going to be 10K, but apparently I have no self-control and it just kept growing and growing.  

(P.S. If you’ve never seen Sandra Lee’s Kawanzaa cake, you might want to check it out on youtube before reading this fic!)

Another A/N: I also want to thank @best-left-hook-jones​ first and foremost for kindly helping me polish this bad boy over. I had this vague idea of Emma hating on MM’s princess themed tree that was inspired by a conversation we had on different types of Christmas trees. There were pink ones, white ones, upside down ones. There are even ones that look like dresses on mannequins. Then after talking to Alex, everything seemed to fall into place. 10K later, Best-left saved this fic from being tossed in the garbage.

I’d also like to thank @optomisticgirl​ and @distant-rose​ for helping me brainstorm. I’ve never been to a tree farm or to a tree chopping so I had no clue what I was talking about. Boston isn’t exactly the prime spot for me to have set this story, as there aren’t any actually forests with evergreen trees near by, but if A&E can throw logic out the window, so can I!

Have a Merry Christmas everyone (or whatever holiday you celebrate!)

Word Count: 10K+

                    Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

Emma lay in bed, waiting until the she heard the roaring of David’s engine fading down the street. As much as she loved her roommate, and even her roommate’s boyfriend, there was only so much of the sickeningly sweet couple she could take. On a normal day, Mary Margaret was someone who Emma felt completely comfortable around, but the holidays brought out the monstrously sappy side in her best friend, and with it an overly motherly quality.

Emma, I have this friend who would be perfect for you.

Emma, I can’t just let you spend the holidays alone.

Emma, there’s somebody out there for you. I just know it!

So when David invited Mary Margaret to come home with him to meet his mother, and Mary Margaret systematically invited Emma to tag along, Emma quickly came up with an excuse to remain in Boston. Family had never really been her thing - not that she’d ever had enough experience with them to really know. Her knowledge base came from watching her friends. The sentimentality of missing them in complete conflict with the reality of being trapped in a house for a week, tense dinners, arguing. None of it was her.

No. Instead she told Mary Margaret that she’d picked up some extra shifts at the stations so that a few of her colleagues could spend time with their families. Technically speaking, she’d offered, but her captain had told her that she had enough man power. Still, Emma had insisted on them leaving her on the oncall list if something came up.

And that’s how Emma Swan found herself hiding out in her room Christmas Eve morning like a coward. Once she was sure that not only were they gone, but also far enough out of town to not pop back in for something forgotten, she forced herself out of bed.

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The College Years - Freshman Year (Chapter 7) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Third Patrol”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski & Reader/OFC

Warnings: Fluff, cursing.

Author’s Note: Ignore the issues with the timeline and just go with it.

Summary: Stiles and Y/N go on your third patrol where you two discuss her being a witch and you both finally run into some vampires.

Chapter Six - Chapter Seven - Chapter Eight

Originally posted by bloggergirl29

“So how do you become a witch? Are you born one or does something happen to make you one?” Stiles asked as you both sat in his infamous battered up, blue Jeep, watching the front door of the building that one of the alleged vampires had walked into the hour before, while the last group was on patrol.

“I was born one, but sometimes you can be made one later in life. It’s all kind of a long story..” You explained.

“I mean, we’ve got three more hours of this until the sun comes up…” Stiles prodded.

You laughed quietly. “Right.. Well, the gift is inherited… I guess would be the best way to describe it. I got it from my Grandfather on my Dad’s side.. and there are rules about how you receive it.”

“What are those?” Stiles inquired.

“My grandpa Jack, he died during open heart surgery, on the operating table on May 12th, 1979, at 7:31PM. I was born May 12th, 1992, at 7:31PM…”

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CSJJ: Awkward

Living with your parents while you’re a thirty-year-old woman can lead to awkward situations. So can having your father be close friends with your boyfriend. So can your mother not calling before coming over. And Emma thought “Taco Tuesday” was bad. ( @csjanuaryjoy submission)

Rating: M

Can also be read on AO3. 

The clock on her phone read 3:00 a.m., and Emma reasoned that if she went to be immediately, she could get fours hours of sleep before needing to wake and get to the station in time for an early morning meeting with Regina. She held her heels — “fuck me heels,” she had explained to Killian earlier that night — in her left hand in order to make as little noise as possible as she climbed up the stairs to the loft. Emma was almost a thirty-year-old woman, but she felt like a teenager as she attempted to sneak back into her home after a night out with her boyfriend.

It wasn’t as if Emma was doing anything wrong. She wasn’t. She was nearly thirty, and she was entitled to spend the evening with her boyfriend doing whatever they wanted. She wasn’t shirking any responsibilities. She knew where Henry was ( Regina’s ) and had there been any crisis, Emma (and Killian, honestly), would have made themselves available. So, really, Emma shouldn’t feel weird about coming back home at 3:00 a.m. after spending much of the night pillaging and plundering with her pirate boyfriend.

She supposed this was another example of making up for lost time. For the most part, her various foster parents hadn’t truly cared about her whereabouts, and she had been barely seventeen when she decided to run away from the system and blaze her own trails. She didn’t have the doting mother who took photos before herr a date, the overprotective father to give her boyfriend an unnecessary lecture, and family meals were all too rare. Emma cherished these moments, the ones she wished so fervently for as a child that were granted much too late. And, it was nice most of the time.

This was not one of those times.

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Although I’ve been reading Discworld books for almost thirty years, I’ve only now started reading the first Tiffany Aching book. And, TP, I don’t know how or why or what it says about me, but I have tears in my eyes reading about that clever girl pretty much from page 1. 

How absolutely incredible is Tiffany Aching? Thank you, TP. xx

I Am An Alpha Ch 3: I Can Do This, I Think...

“I can’t do this!” I groan as Jin drags me behind him through the forest. We spent most of the night figuring out where the black dragon’s home base is located and finding a quick path back to the camp so we, or I guess I mean they, can run back after. The land near the massive mansion reeks of them, not in a bad way it’s just so over whelming for me. I smell four wolves inside, three are unfamiliar and one is the wolf from yesterday. A small sigh of relief leaves my lips when I know the head alpha is not there, though that is a problem that Jin quickly realizes.

“The head alpha is out,” Jin informs the group, stopping us just behind the last row of trees that separate the forest from their main property.  There is a green house on one side of the mansion, I can smell flowers and fruits and vegetables. Even with the massive windows on the back of the house I can’t see a single person inside but I know they are here. “They know we’re here.”

“How can you tell?” Tae stares into the house with so much focus I feel like his eyes are going to pop out of his head.

“They are coming out,” Jin nods in the direction of the green house. Four figures step out and scan the forest line. Jin quickly tucks me behind him.

“Come out, come out where ever you are,” One sing songs. His voice sounds so warm and alluring I almost feel tempted to obey but Jin’s firm grip on my arm keeps me low.

Another sighs, already bored with the situation, “We know you are out there, don’t make us come look for you.”

“So many trespassers in two day? I wonder if they are with that mutt we cut up last night,” One chuckles in a deep voice.

My heart shatters at those words, “Cut up?” I echo.

“What a pretty voice,” The first voice purrs.

Another hums in agreement, “I wonder what pretty little creature it came from.”

“Should we go find out?”

The annoyed one voices his opinion, “I think we should just slaughter them now before the hyungs come back.”

“If you insist.”

“Wait,” Namjoon sighs as he stands up from cover. “No need to bring out your claws.”

“You are trespassing on our territory, that gives us permission to slit your throats without question. Lucky for you though, I’m feeling friendly today, now tell us what you are doing here.” The first voice demands.

“The rest of you stand too, I want to know who had the pretty voice,” The other commands. Jin pulls me up with him, still blocking me from view. The others join us, Joon is standing at point, Jin and Yoongi are flanking him with the other three standing at the back.

Namjoon bows as he introduces himself, “I am Kim Namjoon, we came looking for our pup, you caught him yesterday. We are sorry for being on your territory, we didn’t realize who you were until after. So if you could just give us back our pup we will be on our way.”

“Why would we just hand him over? We have a nice new chew toy.”

“We have something that you want more,” He offers.

One chuckles, “What do you have that we would want?”

“Your mate.”

There is a brief moment of silence before a chorus of growls come from the four alphas, “Mate.” I cling to Jin’s jacket, both out of fear and excitement. There is a silent fight for dominance as both my pack and my mates release their alpha pheromones. My omega instincts are screaming at me to drop to my knees and bare my neck, to submit just to get this to stop. I hold on to Jin tighter as my knees begin to loose their ability to hold me up. Jin, who is masking my scent, notices my suddenly trembling hands.

“Where is she? Do you have her with you? Where the fuck is she?” The first demands impatiently.

“We want our pup first, but since neither your head alpha, or your second in command, aren’t here we are going to have to come back later.”

“There is no way in hell we are letting you leave without handing over our mate.”

“We aren’t holding her back, she’s here for the pup as well,” Jin tells them, slipping a hand behind his back he offers it to me for stability and comfort. I accept it and let out a breath I didn’t even realize I was holding. “Please reel your pheromones in though, you are scaring her.”

“Why can’t we smell her?” The first whines almost desperately.

“I’m masking her scent with mine.”

“Stop it,” Another snaps.

“It makes her feel safe, so no.”

One growls, “We would never hurt her.”

Jin scoffs, “Your head alpha almost killed her thirty years ago. You,” Jin raises his free hand to gesture to one of them, “you almost attacked her yesterday.”


“Yes, you. But you missed her and attacked our pup instead.”

“Can we at least see her?”

“I don’t know,” Jin hums, “It’s all up to her. Do you want to see them Insoo-ya?”

I gulp, “As long as they don’t freak out or anything.”

“Wait,” Joon stops me, “Maybe it’s better if they don’t see you yet. I will be harder for both parties when we have to leave.”

“Where the hell do you think you’ll be going with our mate?” Someone barks, again I find myself under a massive amount of pressure. I hold Jin’s hand tighter.

“Control your anger!” Jin snaps back.

Namjoon gives his second in command a stern look before turning around to face the four men, “We aren’t running away, we are just waiting until your alpha comes back. I figure we should leave since none of you seem to be able to control your emotions which means Insoo is struggling to even breath with so much alpha pheromone in the air.”

“We will call him, just don’t leave.”

“Will you at least go inside or something?” Yoongi suggests, “None of us are enjoying the hostile atmosphere and at this point you are going to give her panic attack.”

The four men are silent for a moment before one speaks for all of them, “As long as we have your word not to run.”

“We came to you for our pup, we aren’t leaving without him.” Joon tells them.

“Does that mean we can see her? Since you won’t be leaving now?” One says hopefully.

“Insoo?” Jin wonders.

“I really want to peek,” I admit meekly. My pack is watching me intently, this isn’t my normal personality, I’ve always been strong and brave, not like this. I take a deep breath and take a shaky step to the side to look around Jin. The four men are standing a few yards away from the forest, watching with an intense stare. Three are really tall, about Namjoon’s height or a little taller. The other is short but only by a few inches, he’s absolutely beautiful, I mean they all are, but he is strikingly so. I’m surprised to see faded pink hair and darkly outlined eyes but they fit him so well, it makes him appear other worldly.

The tallest of the group is to his right, this one has tan skin and bags under his eyes. He doesn’t make me think of a wolf, maybe a cat or possibly a bird. Next to him is slightly shorter with a scary looking face. I find myself actually taking a step back when our eyes lock. He is the one from the forest, I can feel his familiar scent calling to me, drawing me in again. His hair is a light blond, beautiful pale skin stands out against the two tan men standing on either side of him. The other tan boy on his right has soft features compared to the other but he looks just as dangerous. Jin has to hold my hand to keep me form taking another step back.

“So beautiful,” The pink haired man purrs taking a step closer.

“Hello little wolf,” The next one coos. The other two just continue to stare. “What is your name?”

“Insoo,” I say softly.

He smiles, “So pretty, I’m Tao, this is our hyung Baekhyun. These two are our youngest pack members, Sehun and Jongin.”

I gulp, “Hello.”

Their eyes turn a brilliant gold.

“Hyung,” The youngest, Sehun, says with a cold voice.

“Sehun,” Baekhyun says with a obviously forced calm voice. “We have to wait for Kris hyung to get home, you should go call him.”


“But nothing,” The eldest says sternly, “go.”

With that the boy nods and turns to leave, not before giving me one last glance. Even his stare seems so cold, I wonder what I could have done to earn such a frightening look. “Sorry about him, he’s still so young but you can understand that. This pup of yours, he’s younger than our Sehun, he must be quiet a handful.”

Joon shakes his head, “He’s pretty well behaved. We were pretty strict since that is how we were raised but he never really caused any problems.”

“Um,” I open my mouth to ask a question but quickly close it when all eyes switch to me.

“Go ahead little wolf,” Baekhyun urges with a sweet smile that reminds me vaguely of Tae’s.

I take a deep breath to calm my pounding heart, “You didn’t hurt him did you? You didn’t cut up my little pup, did you?”

“Your pup?” Jongin finally speaks, his is like ice as he glares daggers as Jin.

“He is not really her pup,” Namjoon clarifies, “She raised him since he was a child so she considers herself his mother.”

“How long have you all been together?” Tao wonders.

“Over one hundred years for most of us. Insoo has been with us for about 109, the three younger than her about 70 to 50. Jungkook was the one she took responsibility for.”

Baekhyun’s brow furrows, “109 years? How have we not found you?”

“We wandered frequently with a larger pack for most of that time,” Jin explains simply.

“You said something about our leader attacking her, when did that happen?”

“It was thirty years ago, he tackled her and almost ripped open her throat.”

“Excuse me,” I call their attention hesitantly.

“Yes my little wolf?” Baekhyun gives me a kind smile.

“Our pup, Jungkook, is he okay? Could I see him?”

The three men share a look but Baekhyun’s smile doesn’t falter, “If you want to come in, of course you can. But because of certain  rules I’m not going to bring him out yet.”

“How is he?”

“He’s fine,” Jongin answers shortly.

“How about you?” Tao asks, “Are you okay? Are you hungry or cold? Would you like to come in and warm up?”

I tuck myself against Jin’s side, “I’m fine thank you. I’ll just stay out here with my pack.” I watch as most of the warmth in his eyes fades to a obvious distaste for me actions. His hands clench to fists at his side and his jaw is clenched.

“As you wish, we will be inside if you need anything,” Baekhyun nods curtly and begins pulling the stubborn younger boys inside with him. As soon as they are gone I drop to my knees, ignoring the cold seeping into my jeans. Even though I already miss my mates and yearn for them to come back out and just take me in their arms I’m happy I can finally breath. Just them staring is enough to take the air out of my lungs.

“They looked pissed,” Taehyung stresses. The younger wolf joins me on the ground, letting out an exhausted breath of his own. “You have some strong mates, and that’s only four of them.”

“Of course they are pissed,” Jin snaps as he also collapses. “Their mate is clinging to another wolf, jealousy with wolves is a scary thing. I’m surprised the tan one didn’t rip my head off.”

“How many are there?” Yoongi wonders, not taking his eyes off the house.

“I’m not sure, their numbers have never really been discussed since many don’t live to see them all but I know there is about six or seven,” Namjoon answers.

“Do you think all of them are my mates?”

Namjoon nods, “I believe so. They all seem to have the belief that they will have the same mate.”

“They probably smelled you on Jungkook like the youngest one,” Hoseok figures.

“Are you okay Hyung?” Tae checks on me, placing a warm hand on my back.

I sigh and run my fingers threw my hair, “I feel so tired. It has been awhile since I had so many powerful alphas around me, I’m not used to it anymore.”

“Well you better get used to it because there is no way in hell we are getting out of here with both you and Jungkook,” Hoseok gives me a sad smile.

“I know,” I return the smile briefly before suddenly tackling the male.

“Fuck,” The older boy curses as we roll in the snow, wrestling for dominace, “What are you doing?”

I can’t hold in my giggles as I’m able to get on top and pin him down, “I’m enjoying my last bit of freedom with you guys.” The others stare at our fight for a brief moment, letting my words sink in before sharing a look. Soon they are joining in on our fight.

“Dog pile on Insoo hyung!” Jimin declares. Suddenly I’m on bottom with six heavy wolves on top of me. There are laughs and curses as everyone is scrambling to be king of the pile. I push, punch, and kick my way through, doing my best to not seriously injure anyone, but in a fight like this, anything can happen. With lady luck on my side I’m able to concur my pack to reach the top.

“King of the hill!” I yell happily.

This is it. My last few hours of freedom before I have to commit to seven mates and leave my crazy world and past behind. I will no long be a alpha, or a hyung, or a boy. I will be a pretty little omega like I was always meant to be, like I always wanted to be when I was slaughtering villages. But now that I have the possibility in front of me, I don’t know if I want it.

I saw Daddy kissing Santa Claus

Robron December 2017

December 21st 2017: Robron + five times they celebrate christmas

Fanfic by @wellyfullofale // WellFullOfAle on Ao3

Word count: 11,770

Read it on Ao3

Ratings: /

Summary: Single Dad Robert takes his daughter to Santa’s grotto, and he finds his own Christmas wishes coming true when he lays eyes on the man behind the Santa suit.

Merry Christmas Robron fandom!

Read under the cut!

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Imagine Chris realizing he’s in-love with you. (Part B)

A/N: Part 4B, yay! This is honestly taking so long, I’m so sorry. The two of them are just insufferable. 😂 (Unexpected Reader - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B/Part 4A) Enjoy! X

You decided to skip the date with Sam after seeing Chris at your doorstep. You wanted to go, but you couldn’t do it; you couldn’t pretend to be interested in another man. So you left him- looking politely pissed as he was a nice guy and it was fairly obvious you were lying- with the excuse of a family emergency. Sam, compared to the other guys you’d agreed to date before you met Chris, was amazing; he shared your interests, he cared about you, he was funny and good looking and so ridiculously nice. You would’ve been lucky to date him, and you wouldn’t have mind if you had to date him, but that shouldn’t have been how it felt.

Falling in-love shouldn’t have felt like a chore, or like you were settling. You should have felt excitement and passion, but no, you felt nothing. Sam could’ve kissed you and you would’ve felt nothing because your mind would be thinking about Chris and how his lips would feel on yours instead. You knew when you said yes to Sam that you shouldn’t have, now you’d hurt the feelings of the nicest guy in your class because you couldn’t admit the one you were in-love with was Chris.

And now you were too late.

Since you couldn’t go home in fear of running into Chris, you spent your time wandering a mall instead. You bought things you didn’t need to distract yourself because retail therapy was something you always found incredibly effective. You then went to a movie alone, ‘Gifted’ was the movie you decided to watch. Again. This time, however, you entered the theatre feeling more vulnerable than when you watched it the first time. You were lucky there weren’t many people watching a 8:50PM movie on a Thursday night, because you sobbed like a baby and it wasn’t just because of the movie.

The second you saw Chris on screen, you broke down. He was the one and you weren’t going to get the life every being dreamed of when they found their soulmate. There wasn’t going to be a cute proposal, or a wedding. There wasn’t going to be a nice house, or a picket fence, or mini versions of you and him running around. There wasn’t going to be a surprise trips to Rome. There weren’t going to be articles about the two of you being a power couple, or taking home six Oscars with the film you made together. God, you weren’t even going to get to dance with him in your backyard listening to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’, because life wasn’t perfect and you couldn’t just write a story and expect it to come true.

The movie ended around 11:00PM and you took a cab back to your apartment. In the cab, when you finally turned on your phone- you saw text messages from both Ava and Chris. Ava sent you about five because she was understandably worried and confused by your absence in the apartment. You’d left at 1:30PM for a coffee date, you should’ve been home by 4:00PM at the latest. Ava knew you; you weren’t the type to prolong anything on the first date, especially considering the one you loved wasn’t the one you were with. You sent her a quick ‘I’m okay, on my way home’ text, then replied to Chris’ one which simply asked “are you okay?” Your thumb hovered over the send button as you reread your reply “no, we need to talk.” Were you really going to tell him now? Now that he was in a relationship with someone he undoubtedly could have forever with? Are you honestly that selfish? No, you weren’t. You deleted your four words and responded with a simple one, “perfect.”

The lights were out in the apartment by the time you arrived home, which meant Ava had gone to bed. She’d received and replied to your text; she knew you were okay now, so you’d didn’t blame her for not waiting up even though you could’ve used some company. It was nearly midnight and Ava had classes in the morning, unlike you who didn’t have anything on Fridays. You passed her room on the way to yours and quietly opened her door to leave a bag from Topshop by the foot of her bed; there was a dress you saw that you needed her to have.

“Hey,” you flinched when you heard her voice speak to you in the dark. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m good,” you lied with a forced smile that you were glad she couldn’t see and decipher. But she knew, she could hear it in your voice. “I’m sorry I worried and woke you,” you whispered, patting her foot through her blanket. “Go back to sleep, I’ll talk to you in the morning.”

“There’s something for you in your room,” she told you before rolling over to go back to sleep.

You quietly made your way back out, closing the door behind you. Your eyes narrowed as you walked to your room, you pushed open your ajar door and saw the bouquet of roses Chris had said were Ava’s and an envelope sitting on your bed. You lowered your shopping bags onto the ground and sat down on the edge of your bed as you picked the envelope up. It felt heavy, like there was a long, long letter waiting inside for you. You could tell by the handwriting that it was from Chris, you loved the way he’d scrawl everything else but write your name with utter perfection. You stared at it for a little while, contemplating whether or not you should read it. What could it have been? He always spoke to you in person, why did he need a letter now? Was this a letter ending your friendship because he was in a relationship now and the two of you were too close for Scarlett’s liking? You’d never even met the woman before, could she have known? You were terrified to read it, because what if after reading it, Chris was no longer in your life?

“Grow some fucking balls, Y/N,” you muttered to yourself before carefully ripping the envelope. You were right about it being a long letter, it was at least four pages. You decided to get comfortable before you started reading because you had a feeling it was going to be a bit of a read. Just in case, you grabbed your tissue box and settled it on your lap.

“He wrote a story,” you mumbled to yourself as soon as you caught sight of the first sentence.

She opened the letter wondering what he could possibly have to say to her, wondering why he couldn’t just say it to her in person. She was an irrational person with thoughts beyond herself; an imagination so wild and expectations so high that it both amazed and scared him. He knew when he gave her the letter that her mind would’ve had a hundred thoughts going at full speed before she even read it. She’d think a thousand bad things, and one good, because that was the kind of person she was; she spent her life searching for greatness and striving for perfection that she didn’t believe she deserve. She’d question everything good in her life, like they were just part of a vivid dream that she would wake up from. He was one of those things she questioned, and he didn’t understand it. To him, she was part of the vivid dream he was afraid he’d wake from. To him, he was the lucky one who didn’t deserve a girl like her.

The further she read, the more she realized he was writing her a letter because he felt the same way she did. She knew now why he chose to write instead of speak, because she was the same; she used written words as a way to articulate the constellation of thoughts she couldn’t use spoken words to. She also used her writing as a shield to hide behind so no one could see her cry, or hear how fast her heart was beating. She used writing to make sure she was the only voice one heard, and that was what he needed from her now; to hear him and nothing else.

How was that, Y/N? I’m not as big of a fan as English as you are, but I think I kind of nailed it. I just needed that to capture your attention as well as give you a bit of an introduction to what this letter is going to be about. You’re a writer, an incredibly talented writer, so you should be able to read between the lines of the first two paragraphs and realize that I, too, am in-love with you.

Yes, you read correctly.

I am in-love with you. Read it, read it again. I don’t care how many times you read that line, or this whole letter- I just need you to hear me and understand me. I am in-love with you, Y/N, and I want to be with you. I’m sorry it took me this long to tell you, I just couldn’t until I figure out why I loved you. I didn’t want to start something with you based on an illusion, and I didn’t want to love you because of the series. I wanted to be sure that what I was feeling- what we were feeling was because of who we are when we’re together now, not who were are when we’re in the story. I’m sorry if that doesn’t make sense and I’m sorry if I made you feel like I didn’t want to be with you because I did, and I do. From the moment I saw you at that check in talking to that little boy, Jasper, I wanted to be with you. Then you snapped at me and- God, I knew you were the one. I’m sorry I let fear get in the way, I’m sorry I wasted so much time not being the man you needed. But no more, I’m done being just friends.

I want more, I want a life with you. I’m sorry if I’m being too straight forward, but that is what I want. I know you’re only turning twenty and you’ve got this whole life ahead of you, so I’m not asking you to marry me. Yet. I’m going to marry you, oh- you bet I’m going to marry you. But I don’t have to marry you now, I’m very capable of waiting. I’ve waited almost thirty-six years to meet you, I can wait a little while longer to marry and start a life with you. I want you to go pursue your dreams first, write a screenplay for a big production company and win an Oscar. I’m going to be there with you every step of the way, just as I hope you will be there for me as I continue on my career’s journey.

I wouldn’t normally do something this extreme and futuristic, but you’re not a normal girl. You are the kind of girl who plans her entire life to the tee, you appreciate long term commitments and you don’t do causal well. You’re amazing and I’d be an idiot to let you walk away from me, even my mom said so. You haven’t met her, but she loves you already. If you agree to being with me, you can come with me to Boston on Sunday for the week. I’d love to spend some time with you (as your boyfriend) and have you meet my family before I have to go film Infinity War. I know this is a lot to process in a short amount of time, but I have a feeling you’ve thought about this before so it shouldn’t be hard for you to come up with an answer.

Call me when you’re ready to talk?

You read the last line and nearly fell face first as scrambled to your feet, grabbing your house keys and phone from your bag. There was no way you were going to just call him, you needed to see him in person. The smile on your face since reading the line 'I, too, am in-love with you’ hadn’t faltered. Christopher Robert Evans was in-love with you. It was time to go and do what Ava advised, “just grab that man and kiss him already.”

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Part 5

Love Yourself // Tom Holland

Pairings: Tom Holland + Reader (Y/N)

Description: Reader has hit an extremely rough patch: she was just fired and she has just discovered the love she’s had for seven years meant nothing. She’s just about given up on love, or at least she thinks she has.

Warnings: Strong language (curse words), this is just the FIRST part! I don’t know how many parts there will be, but let me know if you want to be tagged in this series! :)

Two | Three | Four

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