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He is strange, and new, and entirely alien, and Saskia fumbles for what that means. Jaalmance, pre-relationship

When Saskia was young, her family had been stationed on an Alliance cruiser orbiting Jupiter for a few months, doing routine sweeps of the asteroid belt, checking their borders. Even almost thirty years after the First Contact War, everyone was waiting for the other shoe to drop.

There had been a paleobotanist working as a contractor for the team exploring Europa, digging into the ice and seeing if there was any viable plant life in the frigid waters they could study. The old woman had been full of stories, having worked in the most lush habitats Earth had to offer. She spun pictures of vines that crawled like snakes across the floor of a rainforest, and trees as tall as skyscrapers. Saskia had wrung every bit of information out of her in the two weeks their paths had crossed, falling asleep at night to tales of singing forests and a world that hid as much as it showed.

Havarl was beyond anything Saskia could have imagined as a child. The rose-tinted sky that greeted them as they broke through the atmosphere, the swaying, shifting wings, or some kind of appendage she didn’t yet have a name for, of the mantas as they made their slow, patient pilgrimage across twisted mazes of buzzing vines and electric-glow leaves that dwarfed her entire body. The planet was alive, bristling with sensation and thought, like a pulsing network of connection that sang inside her bones.

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Does it surprise anyone else how shitty Cyborg looks? I mean, here’s him on a poster

and he looks like he belongs on the box of a video card in 2005. 

Here’s Ava, from Ex Machina.

She looks about a million times better, and I’m sure that movie cost about what the catering did on Justice League. Then there’s Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Terminator from T2, which is almost thirty years old.

Then you have Cyborg, who is clearly just some guy’s face pasted on yay! to a bunch of pixels. 

He looks like he’s sticking his head through one of those cardboard cut-outs and having a picture taken. Really, would it be that hard to just put some costuming and prosthetics and make-up on him? Maybe use some sparing CGI to sell it, like for battle damage or stuff? I mean, if you look at Cyborg from the comics–

He’s not that far off from Robocop. And even the remake looks better than this.

External image

Like, at least that’s an actual guy

This is my first caption.  I’ve been so inspired by a bunch of bloggers.  Was so sad to see so many disappear, so I decided to finally start doing some posts.  Please just enjoy my shit–not gonna be taking requests because I’ve seen how bogged down people get.  Anyway, peace and junk.  

I feel pretty goofy. A morning shave was part of my daily routine for almost thirty years, but now that I’m inside that kid that’s always jogging around the neighborhood I guess I’ll need to adjust.  

“So smooth,” I said with this kid’s velvety and young voice as I washed the cream off and felt up his cute face.  

I didn’t even know his name, but I knew I was gonna be enjoying him for a while.  

“Shouldn’t have been such a showoff,” I said as I finally felt up that sweaty, toned body this little shit had been so proud of.  

The Chinese Emperor Xiaowu of the Eastern Jin Dynasty was murdered by his favorite concubine, Consort Zhang. She had been his favorite for a while, but (horror) was almost thirty years old! One evening, slightly drunk, Emperor Xiaowu jokingly said  "Based on your age, you should yield your position. I want someone younger.“ Consort Zhang had him killed the same night.

Macomb County has made a lot of news lately. A northern suburb of Detroit, the county is largely ‘blue collar’ and its economy is heavily dependent upon the auto industry. Last week Macomb County voted decisively for Donald Trump. It was the first time in almost thirty years that a Republican presidential candidate has carried Macomb. Many pundits have pointed to this shift as representative of a greater movement among America’s white working class. For the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting stories from Macomb County. I didn’t ask anyone who they voted for. Very few of the stories even touch on politics. And while the series cannot presume to be representative of an entire region, hopefully it will introduce you to a few of the people who live there.


I’m reading a discussion on goodreads that discusses the similarities (or lack thereof) between Twilight and The Mortal Instruments series, and in one of the comments, the poster states, ’And before you say that it’s just another cliche vampire story may I remind you that this was one of the first vampire stories’.

Dracula was published in 1897. The Gothic novella Carmilla predates it by almost thirty years. Anne Rice has been writing The Vampire Chronicles since the 70s. Even TVD (the original trilogy), was published in the 90s. These are all (excepting perhaps Carmilla) well-known, mainstream examples of vampire fiction. Twilight was published in 2005. So, no, it is not remotely one of the first examples of the genre.

Delia | Age 66 | Pisciscauda

Laeta was always very guarded with her feelings and was never inclined to romance. After Maxim died, though … we were both more open with each other about our feelings. We had to be, since we depended on each other so much. But I lived with her at this cottage for almost thirty years, helping her raise her daughters and being beside her. It couldn’t be a true marriage, given my form. But … sometimes we let ourselves think about each other as wives. I miss her very much

Iridia Series: Unrooted 6/13

(All characters and text belong to Sarah Viehmann. Images with sources can be found on my Pinterest. Do not repost!)

anonymous asked:

Hey! I just wanted to say thank you so much for running this blog! When I was a kid, I was really into things like healing hands and herbalism, but I started to realize that I couldn't be a doctor or anything like that, and so I started moving away from that into something I felt I could be. . .but because of your blog, I feel like I'm able to move back into learning how to heal and loving the parts of myself that want to heal, so thank you so much for this blog!

Thank you so much for telling me this and sharing this with me. It really means a lot to hear this, and know that I’ve inspired at least one person. Especially inspiring them to follow what they’ve always loved and dreamed of.

I also just want you to know that like…. You can become a doctor, or anything you want along the lines of medicine, healthcare, healing, etc. I’ve spent almost thirty years not thinking I could become something like that, basically doing the same as you, and now I’m gung-ho on the idea of becoming a Nurse Practitioner at least. So yeah. If I can do it, you sure as hell can! 

That goes for all of you. It’s not easy or inexpensive, but…. It’s worth it, y’know? It’s worth it. And so are you.



“The Baby” and “The Wardrobe”

Two illustrations for the first chapter of my new Post Series 3/TAB fanfic The Summer Boy. It’s not a parent!lock story, even if the first image suggests that. Here’s the summary:

About half a year after the fateful events at Appledore, Sherlock and John embark on a private case in Sussex. For Sherlock, it’s a journey into his past, bringing up memories both happy and sad that he has locked away for almost thirty years. For John, it means coming to terms with the present – and a potential future with Sherlock.

I’ll post the first chapter on AO3 tomorrow.

To those who think Alejandra is Sombra.

-Sombra apparently lost “everything” during the omnic crisis (according to the first leak with a first look at her in game model, now confirmed as true as official concept art of her was leaked several hours ago) Gonna assume that happy package included her family.

-Alejandra’s mum can be heard and is spoken to during the animated short (not seen). Anyone with a working brain can assume alejandra’s mother is still alive.

-the animated short is set shortly after the events of recall, at the ‘present’, when the game is set-thirty years after the omnic crisis.

So how the fuck does a little girl age almost thirty years in the space of one?

She doesn’t.

Alejandra is NOT Sombra.

Stop it.

So someone (maybe the people at Quality Quidditch Supplies or maybe the actual manufacturers of Firebolts) got an order telling them to take money from the bank account of Sirius Black, the notorious escaped convict, and instead of reporting it to the Ministry, had the money withdrawn without questioning it?

Did the Aurors not flag Sirius’s Gringotts account themselves, so they would be notified if anyone tried to access it or use funds from the vault?

This is why it took almost thirty years, and somebody raised in the Muggle world, to overthrow Voldemort. People in the wizarding world have more spells than sense.

Henry Miller’s novel Tropic of Cancer came out in France in 1934 and was immediately banned in the United States. A first-person novel that is a combination of fiction and fact, and frankly talks about sexuality, Miller’s novel was a revolution in its day. It remained banned in the United States for almost thirty years and it took a Supreme Court ruling in 1964 to overturn the ban.

Bruce Boyer’s New Book, True Style

It’s been almost thirty years since Bruce Boyer published Elegance and Eminently Suitable. For a lot guys, including me, these are some of the best books on the topic of classic tailored clothing. Eminently Suitable covers the history of men’s dress and how to put on a coat and tie; Elegance is a collection of essays (mostly from Bruce’s time as the men’s fashion editor at Town & Country). 

Bruce’s new book, True Style, is also a collection of essays, although this time taken from the hodgepodge of places he’s written for since he originally penned Elegance in 1985. Each chapter is dedicated to a topic – boots, denim, dressing gowns, suits, Italian style, sprezzatura, etc. There’s even a chapter on something Bruce calls “the shoe-hosiery-trouser nexus.” If that chapter is still up-to-date, we learn here that Bruce almost only wears brown suede shoes (he doesn’t own any black footwear, except for a pair of black velvet Albert slippers that he wears with dinner jackets. For him, black is too puritanical). 

The book isn’t about Bruce’s clothing preferences, however, nor is it necessarily a guide on how to put on a coat and tie. Although, when reading through, you’ll pick up things here and there. In his chapter on business attire, he notes that he’s not interested in giving fashion advice about whether you should match your belt buckle to your cuff links (something he thinks falls into “technical advice”), but has found some broader lessons to be true. Under the section titled “Big Mistakes,” he writes:

1. Being too studied: everything all matched up makes the uniform obvious, overly fastidious, and blatantly narcissistic. Individuality should be in evidence, quietly. 

2. Wearing too many accessories: like putting all the china on the table at the same time, it’s too busy and signals insecurity. Diana Vreeland wisely said that the key to style is refusal. This is particularly true today, when there is such a plethora of wares before our eyes. 

3. Using too many patterns: like an overloaded electrical circuit, the outfit quickly burns out and calls attention to itself. This is not unlike camouflage, in which lines of objects are blurred in order to mislead our eyes away from distinctions we should be making. 

4. Being too understated: blandness without indicated blandness within. Unless you’re incredibly handsome – as was Cary Grant, who made the low-keyed monochromatic approach to dress his signature – make a subtle, distinguishing gesture in your attire. 

Granted, not ground-breaking information, but whereas other advice sometimes keeps guys looking too stiff and rule-bound, the above are general axioms always worth remembering. 

Most of the book, however, is about Bruce’s observations on social history and clothing, how trends intersect with movies and popular culture, and how what we wear has evolved. In his chapter on boots, Bruce connects styles such as the engineer and work boot to the rise of working-class, rebel icons, such as Brando in The Wild One and Dean in Rebel Without a Cause. Another chapter on the “English Country House Look” nicely encapsulates a certain, well-worn, Old Money style that we’ve all admired. The idea, he writes, is to “give the impression that strata of taste have been laid down over years by successive owners and its crowded incongruities are the result of collective history.” That means always favoring the old over the new, and never looking too prepared. “Obvious coordination is to be avoided at all cost,” he writes. “Ties, socks, and pocket squares should slightly clash at the very least. Wearing clothes from different genes – or different periods or occasions – is helpful. Town and country often meet in the truly assured.”

There are dozens of new titles every year on men’s clothing. About half of them are just rehashed press releases; the others give the kind of tips-and-tricks you see everywhere online and in magazines. Bruce’s work has always been worth reading because he’s one of the few authors who deal with genuinely classic style, but in a way that doesn’t feel like it’s just about rules. True Style is a great read for guys who find joy in clothing, but aren’t necessarily looking for an instruction manual on how to dress. 


Pairing: Royai

Rating: K+

Summary: Havoc and Hawkeye have been suspiciously secretive lately and it’s making Roy Mustang a little jealous. Stumbling upon the two officers in a questionable position in a supply closet certainly doesn’t help much either. 

A/N: Hehe this one was fun. Jealous!Roy is surprisingly entertaining to write.

There were few things that could really shock Roy Mustang. He had lived almost thirty years now and figured he had seen it all.

Today he realized he was very wrong.

It was an ordinarily mundane day at the office. There was nothing to suggest that something was out of place. Everything ran as smoothly as it always did. His subordinates fired through the built up paperwork while he desperately tried to find a distraction from the stack of papers that had built up on his own desk. Breda and Havoc engaged in their usual banter, Fuery tinkered with his radio, and the Lieutenant sent glares his direction every few minutes to remind him to get back to work.

Everything was normal.

So when a young, brunette secretary knocked on the door and told the group that Second Lieutenant Havoc had a phone call waiting for him down at the telephone center, he thought nothing of it.

In hindsight, that was probably his first mistake.

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Triptych ; Chapter Thirty

HOW DID WE GET TO THIRTY ALMOST A YEAR LATER??? N I C E. Welp, here it is! The big three zero! Just like always, the post that inspired it all is right here! The other chapters are listed below!

Warning; blood mentions, violence, & all that stuff will be in this chapter!



You couldn’t help but laugh as Hoseok ran towards the small dresser, pulling out clothes and throwing them at you as he hollered to Taehyung. He quickly put pants on, running his hands through his hair to disguise the fact that yours had been running through and knotting it up for god only knows how long.

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