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Uprising Interactions

So after playing for an intense amount of time the new event. I began unlocking some more interactions between characters and some stuff I haven’t heard.

Firstly. Torbjorn clearly displays his mistrust for omnics plenty of times, “You just can’t trust omnics!” He said at one point and “This is what happens when you trust the omnics!”
Reinhardt was quick to tell him, “Now is not the time, Torbjorn”
Torb also has a small arguement with tracer over that too. “Not all omnics are the same!” Tracer told him at one point in my gameplay. Torbjorn replied by saying that one second they seem fine, and then the next, they are causing all this (aka the mess that was kings row 7 years prior to the recall)

Another thing that I caught was how hopeful Mercy is. “How will we ever rebuild kings row from this disaster?” Tracer asked at some point, to which Angela replied with, “First we must save whatever is left.” And at the start of the match, mercy says, “It’s so strange to see the streets so empty.”
Tracer usually says, “null sector caused this.”

The last point I’m going to make is when you lose a game (which i have more than enough because i am trying to win expert mode) this one time I was the last to die and just before it led to play of the game, I heard Jack Morrison speak. This felt very emotional for some reason but hearing him say, “Call the prime minister, I have alot of explaining to do…” and he sounds utterly defeated. Mixed with the stress that is was to get as far as halfway through expert mode, hearing him like that was the cherry on top. Because the defeat means that the strike team, and Jack’s friends, comrades and basically family are now either dead or critically injured and they have failed to keep everyone safe.

Tbh after playing expert and legendary, and hearing Reinhardt and Torbjorn say this was just like the omnic crisis, it makes me think just how desperate the world must have been for Overwatch and the SEP. And even how many lives were lost.

(Apologies if my spelling is crap right now, it’s almost 12am and my hands are cramping real bad.)

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Wait is skyyefall really dating imallexx (I always misspell their YouTube names sorry!) because thats pretty cute 👀

You spelled them right :P but they broke up almost a month ago. Don’t know how bad it was but Alex seemed pretty down about it, and Riley hasn’t been online on any platform since May lul

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Fushcia (I cannot spell unless I accidentally got it right) Honeydew

almost got it dude, but like, tbh, it’s a tricky word, like here’s me trying without looking at the word: 

fiushia. fisuchia. fiuchia. fiuschia. now let’s look at the word:


wait no shit, it’s not even that one, wtf. WTF I HONESTLY DIDN’T THOUGHT I WAS THIS BAD. I have something, ok. 


for the honeydew one: oh dude, ofc!!! gimme a nickname, I love love nicknames! 

Fan Meet

REQUEST:Scoups scenario? You go to a fanmeet, and he ends up liking you? please and thank you!


“Hi, what’s your name?” Seungcheol asked you, smiling brightly. 


“Your name is cute! Who is your bias?” 


“Me? Really?” You nodded, blushing. You were really excited to be meeting Seventeen, especially Seungcheol. You pulled out your letter to him from your purse and handed it to him. “Oh is this for me?” You nodded. “Okay, I’ll make sure I read it later.” He put the envelope in his lap and smiled. 

“Thank you.” You smiled. He held up his palms and you put yours together with his, he shook your hands a bit, making you giggle. You two stayed like that for a moment before he let go so he could sign your CD. He asked you random things, like how far you had to travel to come to the fan meet, which wasn’t very far, and how old you were. 

“Thank you for coming! I hope you keep supporting us.”

“I always will.” You beamed and he did too. You moved onto the next person and began talking with them.

You got home and laid on your bed, happy that you got to meet your favorite group. You pulled your CD from your purse and looked at it, grinning at the signatures. One had something under it.


to: ??

Hi, this is (y/n). who is this?

from: ??

I see you saw my number on the CD :)

from: ??

its seungcheol

to: ??

no its not

from: ??

it is! I’ll call you on face time to prove it!

Call from: ??

You hesitantly answered it, covering up the camera with your finger, Seungcheol’s face appeared on the screen and you nearly fell over.

“Yah! Uncover your face.” You slowly moved your finger and smiled at him. “There you are! Hi.”

“Hi.” You said shyly.

“Why are you shy now? You weren’t shy at the fan meet.” He smiled. 

“I-I..its different.”

“Ah, is this more personal?” You nodded. “That’s okay, we’ll get to know each other better quickly.”

“Why did you write your number down?” You asked, sitting up on your bed. 

“I..thought you seemed like a cool person. I read your letter by the way. Thank you for all your words.” 

“You’re welcome. Thank you f-”

“SEUNGCHEOL-HYUNG THINKS YOU’RE CUTE!” Someone yelled in the background. Seungcheol’s face flushed red. 

“Yah! Shut your mouth, respect your hyung!” The phone was taken from Seungcheol and Seungkwan’s face appeared instead. 

“Seungcheol-hyung thinks you’re pretty. He kept looking at you at the fan meeting. He almost didn’t spell someone’s name right!” He laughed as he ran away from Seungcheol.

Suddenly he was tackled to the ground and then Seungcheol’s face appeared again, making you laugh. “Don’t listen to him, he’s crazy!” Seungcheol exclaimed. 

“You almost wrote a fan’s name wrong?” You asked, smiling. “That’s embarrassing.”

“Yah! Its not my fault that you’re so pretty that I couldn’t stop looking at you.” You blushed deeply at his comment. “Awh, you’re pretty when you blush too.”

“Yah! You flirt, stop it!” 


hi hello please let me know if this is any good ok thank u
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Knowing When Magic Won’t Help

Magic is a virtually infinite thing. The witch wills something to happen, and it does, in one form or another. Almost all spells will work if you put the right amount of juice into them.

Sometimes it’s not where magic would fail, but where it would be useless. It’s hard to admit that something you use all the time won’t help you when you could use it most.
Magic is something to live by. It’s a way of life. It’s a power. It’s a part of yourself, if you decide to take it in. 
It’s not always the best tool to for every situation. 

The most common place I see this lesson learned is after someone begins missing something. Their best friend moved away and changed. Their ex moved on. Whatever be the situation, and there are countless ones, it ends up being disappointing. 

You could drag them kicking and screaming back to you. You could make them love you again. You could magically reconstruct the entire memory. 
But it won’t be the real thing. 
It would be a poor imitation. Take away the magic, and everything is still different. It won’t ever be the same as it was. 
And that’s only one scenario. There are many others. They almost always end the same. 
It’s not about ethics. It’s about being honest with yourself. It’s about being kind to yourself. 

Magic can only halt grief temporarily. When life has irreparably changed, magic cannot fix it.  In the end, it must be faced. 

The Magic of Ordinary Days AU (2005)

Darcy takes the offered glass of lemonade, trying to hide how badly her hand is shaking with nerves.

“Steve,” Mr. Coulson adjusts his tie as he addresses the man across from her, “I am going to go wait with Maria and Sam at the courthouse. Give you two a moment to get to know each other before we begin. I figure you’ll be wanting to head out soon with how long the drive back to the farm is, so try not to take too long.” With a slight smile he’s out the door in a moment, leaving silence behind. 

She coughs lightly and flattens the front of her dress with the hand not holding her drink.

“Mr. Rogers-”

“Steve, please,” he corrects, brushing his hair nervously from his forehead.

“Steve…now that you have met me, seen me in person, do you have any doubts?”

“No.” He cleared his throat as he looked to the floor. “What about you? Any second thoughts?”

“No.” Darcy tried to tamp down the bile that was trying to climb it’s way up and out. What she was doing was insane, for show, but she promised her father. And as long as Steve could do this one thing, she would find a way to make it work. 

“Do you think you could love the baby?”

He looked taken aback by her question but schooled his features quickly. When he finally spoke his voice was low, full of conviction, and his eyes intense.

“I do.”

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10 with JB please, I'd be so happy if he gets my name right :)

10. You’re the first barista who finally wrote my name correctly so I’ll buy you a coffee and a muffin on your break AU

You stood in line at the coffee shop tapping your foot nervously. Funny how you were more anxious when you DIDN’T have a cup of coffee in your hand as compared to when you DID. Maybe your mom was right…maybe you really were addicted to that stuff. You looked up and saw that there was only one person in front of you and slightly cheered as you could smell the warm ground coffee beans in the air.

A high pitched giggle broke you out of your thoughts and you rolled your eyes as the girl in front of you flirted with the barista and twirled a piece of her hair through her fingers. The barista merely smiled politely, obviously annoyed by the girl, and asked what she wanted to order.

You held back a snort as she ordered more sugar than coffee (something with caramel, cinnamon, vanilla, marshmallow fluff, chocolate and of course, whipped cream) and your foot continued to tap nervously until she walked away from the barista. You quickly took her spot and shot an apologetic smile at the barista, motioning to the girl and shaking your head slightly. The barista, whose nametag read ‘Jaebum’ gave a small (incredibly attractive) chuckle while smirking and he raised an eyebrow, nodding in agreement.

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