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“Today we are here for the union of my most beloved and only son, Matt, and the man who stole his heart, Marshall…But all of you already knew that.”


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Jungkooks fave is tom delonge and he knows how to play every blink song on guitar (but secretly his favorite album off all times is arctic monkeys AM)

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he especially knows how to play i miss you on guitar and it woos everyone, also played simple plan’s i’m just a kid over and over again when he was younger, also likes nirvana but says that the radio and ppl who don’t even care about the music ruined “smells like teen spirit” for him (but you’ve seen him rock out to it a lot of the times before). one time he listened to like an all time low song, (or, god forbid, some song on the radio), and kinda enjoyed it and u catch him singing it, and u won’t let him live it down now. also cries to joy division and radiohead (*ahem* creep) but will never admit it. also says rad and chill unironically.

Why Do You Live?

Freshuary Day 13: Fresh meet’s one of his parasites

Since I have my own parasite, I’ll be using it- Lurker.

Lurker sat on it’s sidewalk as usual, when it caught sight of something strange. A… skeleton… in neon clothing. Wearing gaudy glasses to boot… Lurker could feel it’s soul grow cold. So…. it had arrived. But what did it want?

Fresh was just strolling along the street, whistling like always, not a care in the world. Well. Not like it usually cared. But today was a particularly lax, care-free day. Fresh was just exploring the different worlds, and had stumbled on this one at random. It was a dreary place- totally not-fresh. A grey city, made worse by the overcast skies. He was the brightest thing there, by far. 

Fresh just shrugged- he didn’t like it, but it didn’t bother him none. Besides, the empty city street was a great skateboarding place. He pulled out his board and started to do tricks.

Lurker watched the skeleton skate around- odd. It- he? didn’t seem to have noticed its presence. Lurker internally debated between just melting into the wall, trying to walk off, or… going up to the skeleton and talking to him. 

Lurker shifted around a bit- put it’s journal back in it’s hoodie pocket, changed to a kneeling position. If it had to run, it could. And now it seemed like that might be an option- the skeleton had noticed it move.

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Seokjin Scenario: The Little Things.

Request:  Hi~ I’d like to read a scenario where You and Jin were previously dating but broke up and a year later he finds out he had a baby with you and you didn’t tell him because of his idol career. Thank youu!! sends you loves

Genre: Drama / Family

If destiny was a thing he believed in, Seokjin would say that this was no other than fate pulling at the strings and letting him be at the same place you were, in the exact moment he could see you. Almost looked like the guy who passed fast by his side on his skateboard and almost made him drop his iPad was planned, because it was crouched on the ground of that crowded sidewalk, with his loved device safe from a terrible break where he saw you walking towards a car and getting inside.

He had gone back to his native city to visit his family and spend his deserved rest away from the hectic rhythm of Seoul and find a little comfort in the well-known Anyang streets, which was at the same time, the last place where Jin would have expected to find you again.

It had to be you, he didn’t have a doubt, it was enough to make his heart race momentarily, last time he saw you was about a year ago and he’d thought he’d lost all hopes in seeing you again. He could have believed it was all just an illusion, that the one walking across the street was just a stranger that looked like you if he wasn’t so sure of what he saw.

A bunch of questions and thoughts rushed to his mind but he tried to tame it down while he walked to his own car and sat inside, taking off his face mask to take a deep breath and grab the steering wheel if only for the sake of holding onto something. You had history together, you’d been an important part of his life but things between you had broken at some point and you had not talked after that, there was never a call or a stray message, no number left for him to contact you.

Jin sighed and started the engine, well, he didn’t even knew if you ever wanted to see him again, it felt as if your breakup had been so long ago and at the same time so close after seeing you that morning. He hadn’t even had the time to say a proper goodbye, of processing what had happened because you left, and made sure to not leave any trace behind.

You looked still as pretty as the day Jin meet you, still had that aura that allured him and made his eyes follow you. He knew he didn’t have the right to demand an explanation or something like that, but he wanted to know why you disappeared the way you did, why the rush, why did you think you had to hide from him. Maybe you didn’t want him to find you and he shouldn’t search for you again, but it felt as if it was the right thing to do.

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That Autism Feel...

When you realize that you can’t learn to skateboard since you were a kid to now because of your unbalanced body that goes with being an autistic. Since some autistics have trouble with their balances all the time and yours just happened to be one of the worse ones.

-sighed- I love my skateboards but I can never keep my balance straightened on them and I tend to bail off of it when I only rolled only two or three feet forward. Wish my balance wasn’t so severe off, it’s also another reason why I end up injuring myself on accident all the time. I bump into stuff without meaning to… And now I have to be even more careful or just give up until I can keep control of my seizures. I’m already banned from driving so probably banned from biking and skateboarding too. FML.