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Little Bro

Fresuary Day Seven: Fresh meets his kid self

In an abandoned lot, two neon skeletons skated around doing various tricks. From a distance, they looked almost like father and son, or maybe two brothers who dressed alike. They laughed and talked casually as the breeze, looking to the world like the happiest people alive.

But of course that’s at a distance. Up close…

“Hey big bro mcman, how’d ya do the rad nasty trick again?” the smaller one asked.

“That widdle-waddle nightmare flip? Little buddy bro it ain’t so far out hard as you’re trying, you need to relax a little more little buddy,” the larger one replied. He skated over to the little guy and sat down on the board. “Show me what moves you got so far homeslice, then we’ll see. You’re pretty bright little bulb after all.” The skelly smiled, but it looked hollow, and even with the sunglasses one could sense a hard stare.  

“Shaw, I’m always cool big guy, I’m the chillest radtastic guy on the block. Nothin’ bothers me,” the little guy said, shrugging. When the big guy skated over, the little one stared a bit from behind his shades, watching him. Then he grinned broadly and said, “Hey, no problem my man, check out these moves.”

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Russel on a skateboard being cool around town

~ Russel enjoys his drums and his taxidermy, but he also enjoys the simple things in life. One of his favorite things to do is ride his skateboard, not many people know about this, but he’s actually pretty good. He’s been skateboarding almost his entire life. It’s a way for him to get his mind off of things when he’s stressed out. He’ll usually ride his board through town. You’ll see Russel casually skating down the street with his hands in his pockets. He’ll just be thinking about nothing and enjoying the ride.

Seokjin Scenario: The Little Things.

Request:  Hi~ I’d like to read a scenario where You and Jin were previously dating but broke up and a year later he finds out he had a baby with you and you didn’t tell him because of his idol career. Thank youu!! sends you loves

Genre: Drama / Family

If destiny was a thing he believed in, Seokjin would say that this was no other than fate pulling at the strings and letting him be at the same place you were, in the exact moment he could see you. Almost looked like the guy who passed fast by his side on his skateboard and almost made him drop his iPad was planned, because it was crouched on the ground of that crowded sidewalk, with his loved device safe from a terrible break where he saw you walking towards a car and getting inside.

He had gone back to his native city to visit his family and spend his deserved rest away from the hectic rhythm of Seoul and find a little comfort in the well-known Anyang streets, which was at the same time, the last place where Jin would have expected to find you again.

It had to be you, he didn’t have a doubt, it was enough to make his heart race momentarily, last time he saw you was about a year ago and he’d thought he’d lost all hopes in seeing you again. He could have believed it was all just an illusion, that the one walking across the street was just a stranger that looked like you if he wasn’t so sure of what he saw.

A bunch of questions and thoughts rushed to his mind but he tried to tame it down while he walked to his own car and sat inside, taking off his face mask to take a deep breath and grab the steering wheel if only for the sake of holding onto something. You had history together, you’d been an important part of his life but things between you had broken at some point and you had not talked after that, there was never a call or a stray message, no number left for him to contact you.

Jin sighed and started the engine, well, he didn’t even knew if you ever wanted to see him again, it felt as if your breakup had been so long ago and at the same time so close after seeing you that morning. He hadn’t even had the time to say a proper goodbye, of processing what had happened because you left, and made sure to not leave any trace behind.

You looked still as pretty as the day Jin meet you, still had that aura that allured him and made his eyes follow you. He knew he didn’t have the right to demand an explanation or something like that, but he wanted to know why you disappeared the way you did, why the rush, why did you think you had to hide from him. Maybe you didn’t want him to find you and he shouldn’t search for you again, but it felt as if it was the right thing to do.

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It’s October 12th, scrolling through Instagram, Transwold has posted a picture of Dylan Rieder and his baby German Sheppard. Out of the 276 comments on that picture the first one reads, “Grace, power, style, incomparable influence… One of the best to ever ride a skateboard, one of the kindest people to ever walk this planet. Rest in Peace, Dylan.”

​Dylan Joseph Rieder was born May 26, 1988 in Westminster California, to his father Joe Rieder and his mother, Dana Nee Webb. According to his father Dylan started skating his local park at the age of 9 after his father bought him his first board. Not long after Dylan won the 2001 Damn-Am contest, putting him on the fast track to skateboard stardom, and a flourishing professional career.

​ After his 2001 performace, Rieder was quickly picked up by Osiris and Quiksilver. In 2003 he released a part in Osiris’s “Subject to Change” and two years later released a part in Quiksilver’s 2005 “Promo”. Dylan continued skating AM contests until the release of his breakout part in Transworld’s 2006 video, A Time to Shine, turning him pro. The part received tremendous feedback, being categorized as a “Classic” by Thrasher Magazine, and winning him Skateboard Mag’s 2006 AM of the year award. Not long after, Rieder appeared in Alien Workshop’s 2009 video, “Mindfield”, highlighting his unhampered personal style, one the skateboarding world had never seen, or even dreamed of before. With his credentials rising steadily, footwear brand Gravis, among other brands, took notice. It was in 2010, with the release of his head-turning Gravis part, “Dylan”, that he released his first shoe. Unlike most skateboarding shoes of the Era, or those before it, Rieder’s wasn’t rugged or in your face, a slip on, more-so resembling an all black dress shoe.

​As Dylan’s personal fashion sense developed, the fashion world caught on. Dylan first appeared in the September 2012 issue of Vogue and later in a 2014 issue for designer Alexander Wang. He also appeared alongside Cara Delevigne and Jourdan Dunn for DKNY’s 2014 spring campaign. Dylan’s fashion activities were accepted in full, and almost mimicked by the skateboarding scene, something that was unheard of. In a memoriam piece posted this year, GQ quotes Rieder as, “The Skateboarder who changed fashion forever.”

After the shutdown of Gravis Footwear in 2012, Dylan redesigned his signature slip-on with HUF, shortly after joining their team in early 2013. In early 2014 he had left Alien Workshop and released a part in the Supreme film “Cherry”. From his style choices to the way he simply pushed down the street, many agreed Dylan’s section was the best in the video. It was the style choices he exhibited in “Cherry” that later influenced an entire generation of Converse wearing, shirt tucking, pant cuffing, loose truck riding teenagers that still follow his role to this day. It was also in 2014 when Rieder teamed up with Anthony Van Engelen, (AVE), and Jason Dill to create a new board brand dubbed, F—king Awesome (FA). It was not long after the creation of F—king Awesome that Rieder won Transworld’s 2015 “Best Part” for his contribution to “Cherry”.

Shortly after returning from the HUF European Tour, Rieder reported feeling constant nausea and decided to get blood work done. It was not long after when he was diagnosed with Leukemia. In March of 2015 he received a bone marrow transplant fro his sister, a month later he was in remission. However, the disease returned in November of 2015 and again he received a transplant from his sister, again he was in remission. It was not until mid 2016 when the disease finally returned. On October 12, 2016 Dylan Joseph Rieder, surrounded by his family and friends, lost his battle with leukemia.

​A day after his death, Thrasher Magazine posted a statement regarding the passing of Rieder stating, “Born to ride a skateboard? It’s a seemingly silly concept when you think about it, but Dylan Rieder made us believe it. That man was absolutely, positively, a gift. Power, style, grace - he had it all. That said, he was much more than a skateboarder, and that’s what makes this infinitely tragic. Think about what he had already accomplished and imagine how much more he could have done. We are at a loss for words right now, but what we do know is that Dylan made everything around him better. Our thoughts are with his family and friends in this difficult time. Rest in Peace, Dylan Rieder. We will all miss you, each day more than the next.

Rieder influenced those who could never be. He pushed like he had never pushed before. He made any kid who owned some worn out white tee-shirt feel like they too could go pro. He made your grandfather’s wool trousers and leather loafers look cool, like they were made to skate. I never met Rieder, I never really got into the Supreme scene, and I’ve never skated in loafers. Rieder didn’t care; he wore loafers because he could, and because he’d sure as hell be better than you while wearing them. Rieder encompassed what skateboarding is all about, doing what you want for you, and not caring what anybody else thinks. He was able to do what most can’t comprehend almost all fail to accomplish.

To Skate and Destroy, to Live and Enjoy.

Thank you Dylan Rieder.

Henry Banyacski