almost same posture

Something interesting I noted from the update,
from this panel here in the last update

through the next two

We don’t see Bitty’s face at all, and I think this is on purpose. This is like a physical representation of Bitty keeping his feelings to himself, of hiding his worries and frustrations away from everyone, but mostly from Jack.

The first time we do see his face is when he finally blurts out what he’s been holding in for so long

This is also the first time we’ve really seen anything this emotional from Bitty. We’ve seen him cry, and we’ve seen him happy, but we’ve never seen him quite this desperate. 

Immediately after this he pulls back in on himself and we pull back in the frame too. Instead of Bitty’s face taking up half the frame, we now see him from afar, small and surrounded by his room in almost the exact same posture as the end of the last update, but even more enhanced.

The next few panels all have Bitty partially hidden by something like his phone, 

or his blanket.

We see Jack’s face a lot more, while Bitty is facing away from us, or shown in profile.

In the last two updates, Jack’s face has never been hidden from us, perhaps showing his willingness to communicate. 
The only other time we see Bitty’s face up close in this update is the second last panel. 

Here Jack and Bitty are looking directly at each other, open lines of communication, which means when they hide their faces after, it seems more introspective and uniting rather than evasive and isolating.