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me, seeing a scrap of cloth on the side of the road: hey yall do you think i could make a patch out of that


After the Rain's「I Sleep Well」MV -short version-
After a year it’s finally out! By all means you should go watch it asap!! (^ω^)

How to stop breathing
1. Open YouTube
2. Watch this video //wHEEZE

Night Moves

Written for Baby’s Big 50 Birthday Challenge, hosted by @butiaintgonnaloveem​​. My prompt was “Night Moves” by Bob Seger. Happy Birthday, Baby!

Summary: Dean and Sam go see an old friend while recovering from a rough hunt. She helps them admit what they really want.

Pairings: Sam x Dean, Sam x Dean x OFC (Katherine)

Warnings: Smut, feels, Wincest

Word Count: 4150

A/N: I loved writing this one. Hope y’all love it too! Feedback appreciated. XOXO

Dean slides the cassette into the deck, grinning when the music starts. He’s got the itch under his skin and he needs to drive, needs to breathe fresh air and see some new trees.

“You ready, Baby?” he whispers, and he swears she purrs back a yes.

Sam comes out of the motel room, looking sleepy and relaxed, blinking into the early morning sunlight. “What are we doing up this early?”

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No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross (Live in Edinburgh)
Sufjan Stevens
No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross (Live in Edinburgh)

No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross (Live in Edinburgh)
Sufjan Stevens

now that i fell into your arms
my only lover
give out to give in
i search for the capsule i lost

drag me to hell
in the valley of the dalles
like my mother
give wings to a stone
it’s only the shadow of a cross

The Reward of a Rainy Day by Vaidas M 

Beautiful evening light falling on the cliffs near Cap de Formentor in Northern Mallorca. 

Our second day in Mallorca was initially not looking that great - as we arrived at the northern town of Port de Pollença, the sky was covered in grey cloud and it kept raining almost constantly. After a few hours in town we were considering just heading back to the hotel in Palma, but we decided to visit the Northern peninsula of Cap de Formentor before heading South. The sky started clearing up and it suddenly became obvious that there was good potential for a beautiful sunset, and the sky certainly didn’t disappoint eventually! 

This is a long exposure taken using the B+W 3.0 10 stop ND filter, Lee ND grad was used to balance the exposure between the cliffs and the sky. Nikon D90 + Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 B+W 3.0 + Lee 0.9 ND HG 18 mm | f/5.3 | ISO 200 | 186 sec Explored | August 8th, 2011: #304. 

23.01.17 || 3/100 days of productivity

studying bio today!! ( and i realised how much i actually dislike plant topics )

it’s raining almost the whole day today & it’s like the perfect weather to sleep but nope someone has tons of tests to study for & is overloaded w homework sigh

MC Falls Asleep

MC is tired and falls asleep on the RFA + V and Saeran, I hope you like and sorry for being gone.


  • You guys were in a park, walking around and looking at all the animals that were just coming out of their hideouts and hibernation.
  • It was so cute, but Zen was staring more at you than the little squirrels and robins
  • Eventually you find your way to a park bench to watch the ducks coming back
  • The sound of the water fountain, the ducks splashing around and looking for food, it’s all so calming
  • And Zen’s shoulder is so soft…and warm….and…..
  • Boom asleep!
  • Zen of course notices almost immediately
  • Unfortunately it’s a good three block walk to the apartment
  • Fortunately  there aren’t a lot of people there
  • Zen strokes your hair a bit, and eventually kisses you on the forehead
  • You wake up in his arms, and smile brightly at him
  • He feels his heart swell
  • You being here with him, smiling at him in that special way and looking only at him when he doesn’t even feel like he deserves it
  • He gives you a huge hug, and begin to walk home for another round of cuddling


  • Okay, he just stopped
  • You were adamant on staying up late while he was playing LOLOL
  • Snuggling up next to him
  • He was fighting a major boss with his team, and honestly didn’t notice you nodding off
  • Eventually your head hit the middle of his chest, and to the tune of his heartbeat you fell asleep
  • He finally gave up the game at about two o’clock in the morning
  • And he felt so lucky
  • You were there, you trusted him enough to fall asleep on him, to allow him to see you when you’re your most calm and peaceful
  • He wants to cry
  • Instead he scoops you up, pressing you against his chest, and take you to the bedroom, happy to be you knight in shining armor for once
  • Even if you are asleep T_T


  • You guys decide to go to a late night movie
  • After much debating you guys decided to allow your inner child to win and agree on Moana
  • It’s around 23 PM so you are dead tired
  • You try to stay awake, you were so excited to go see this
  • But about halfway through, at a soft point in the movie, you accept defeat and drift off to sleep
  • Unfortunately you flop right onto Jaehee’s lap
  • There’s no way she doesn’t notice
  • She tries to continue watching the movie, so she can tell you what happens
  • But eventually her attention wanders from Moana, as much as it’s a great movie, to the person asleep on her lap
  • Strokes your hair, kisses your face softly
  • Even if movie night didn’t go as planned it was still good for both of you


  • You guys were going to a party and boy was it long!
  • You were fighting sleep through the social interactions you had to participate in
  • It was a long and hard battle
  • You eventually down a cup of coffee with a high sugar quantity
  • And proceed to fight the coffee buzz that you now also have to regulate
  • Eventually you give up and hang around in the corner, mumbling random things in the haze of coffee and fatigue
  • Eventually Jumin gets the idea of how tired you are and asks if you want to go home, it’s almost done anyway
  • You happily agree and he says goodbye to a few friends before you guys get into the car and go back home
  • On the way in the car you mumble more random things, leaning against the frame of the car
  • “Jumin, I, I love you, I’m tired…. Elly… so cute.”
  • He just kinda snorts, smiling at you softly
  • You managed to get out the car and into the apartment
  • But while Jumin’s petting Elizabeth you slump onto his shoulder
  • You’re just kinda dead by now
  • And unfortunately you’re in a really awkward position and Jumin can’t move with Elizabeth on his lap
  • So he just falls asleep there
  • Probably a bit grumbly in the morning, but he doesn’t really mind that much
  • But the crick in his back is killing him, so he goes to take a bath
  • And when he’s done there’s cat-shaped pancakes waiting for him!


  • You guys were binge watching old movies
  • Who knew Saeyoung was obsessed with old American 50s films like “Singing in the Rain”?
  • It the scene right after Gene Kelly dances around in the rain, almost getting in trouble with the police
  • And the sound of rain in the tv, the humming of the song
  • It’s the perfect setting to take a nap
  • You’re pressed against Saeyoung’s chest, and the steady heartbeat in his chest is relaxing
  • You’re happy for the constant company of him, and the way you two are so trusting in each other
  • You keep thinking these thoughts of happiness and contentment, and slowly nod off to the troubles of Debbie Reynolds and Jean Hagen
  • Saeyoung was focused on the movie, but when he feels your breathing slow down he looks down and sees you smiling softly, in a shallow sleep
  • He knows that it’ll be easy to wake you up, so he puts the volume down a bit lower, and strokes your hair
  • The movie eventually ends, and he turns off the television, and carries you two bed
  • It was a peaceful night


  • He ended up having the surgery
  • And you were staying up all night waiting for him
  • He returned to the hospital room he was going to stay in for at least 24 hours after, and you were still waiting there, fighting sleep
  • You smile softly, his eyes are bandaged as part of the treatment, so you help lead him to the bed and lay down
  • You talk softly about a bunch of different things, about nature, and skies, and stories that you make up in your head
  • But slowly your voice slows down and you begin to forget your stories
  • Eventually you nod off on his lap
  • He feels the sudden weight and hears the flop of the bedsheets
  • Smiles happily and strokes your hair slightly
  • Is excited to regain sight so he can see your peaceful face
  • It took you two forever and a million years to have any sort of intimacy
  • When you guys slept in the same bed it was back to back, opposite side of bed
  • So when he asks to go out for ice cream with you and then go see some animals at a shelter you want to scream with happiness
  • It’s an amazing date, and seeing Saeran smile over ice cream, and sww over animals happily your heart just melts
  • He also holds your hand and arm throughout the whole things which makes you want to cry
  • But fatigue catches up to you, and you almost fall asleep in the middle of a bunch of wriggling puppies
  • But you keep up your spirits, because it’s definitely worth it
  • The date ends up being longer than planned, because when you get to your apartment Saeran remembers that he wants to watch some Game of Thrones so you watch about five episodes
  • You go to get some food for you both that’s not ice cream
  • It ends up being some chicken and soup
  • He’s wrapped up like a burrito and doesn’t want to get out
  • “Saeran I swear to god you have to eat something!!”
  • “No, I’m comfy!”
  • He gets really red in the face, but refuses
  • After some bickering you get too tired
  • You put the food on the counter and sit down next to him again, defeated
  • Listening to Game of Thrones, leaning on a fuzzy blanket person, you feel yourself drifting off
  • Eventually you fall asleep
  • Saeran notices, and he immediately blushes heavily
  • But slowly wriggles his way out of his blanket fortress to carry you to bed
  • For the first time he sleeps holding onto you
  • It was a great day

Hope you like!! I have a request I’m working on, but I wanted to post this before I forgot about it!! I’ll have the request posted either in a few hours, or tomorrow, I promise!

So if you were the one who submitted it don’t despair I got it!!

You’re On (Sirius Black x Slytherin Reader)

“Can you please write a real fluffy sirius x slytherin reader imagine? Where they hate each other at first but as the years go by they come to like each other? REALLY like each other haha. Thank you for your amazing writings btw I am obsessed xx” omg thank you so much!!! i loved this prompt and i hope it exceeds expectations! xx

You sighed as you felt a raindrop land on your forehead as you looked up to the skies, you were supposed to be getting ready for Quidditch practice, but seeing as how it was starting to rain you almost skipped out but you knew that the rest of your team would hex you if you did. I’m so over this childish rivalry, I just wanna be wrapped up in my blankets…

You had an upcoming match with none other than Gryffindor, as a Slytherin you were less than thrill because this meant extra practices, which meant less free time for naps. Nevertheless, you mounted your broom and started doing some laps as you waited for the rest of your team.

“Say, Y/N, if you fall, would you land on your feet?” a voice called out from the bleachers. You rolled your eyes and flipped off Sirius Black with your hand that was also holding your bat. Just great, you thought, he here to watch your team’s practice with his little posse, and the rest of the Gryffindor team. It wasn’t unusual for the other team to come and watch their competition during practice, it was mostly annoying because they would try to distract them, and now that Sirius was there with them, it meant that you would be his number one target.

You and Sirius were both in the same year, but you had never gotten along with the long haired boy, even when you were little, you two would bicker endlessly, driving both of your mother’s crazy. You were the only child from a very prominent pure blood family, and just like Sirius’s family, blood status was incredibly important to your parents. You remember watching Sirius’s sorting ceremony, how you gasped when he was sorted into Gryffindor whereas you safely sat next with the rest of the important heirs of pure blood families at the Slytherin table.

As far as you could recall, your years at Hogwarts with Sirius were less than amicable.

First year was spent throwing dirty glances towards one another, bumping into their shoulder a little too harshly when walking down the hall and of course, nicknaming each other some ridiculous named that would leave both parties grinding their teeth. He dubbed you Princess of Slytherin, and how you hated it. To get even with him, you call him Goldie Locks. That was four years ago, you were both currently in your fifth year both those names still annoyed you both to the core.

During second year nothing much had changed between the two of you, it wasn’t until third year after spending a summer vacation with the Black family and yours in the country side for a week that Sirius decided to make your life a living hell, and you retaliated.

You were coming back from Quidditch try outs, feeling particularly confident in yourself and how it went. You were turning down a hallway when suddenly there was a loud explosion and the air around you was a very bright and powdery green; you looked down at your hands and you noticed that they were also bright green. You were speechless, completely confused at what had happened before you heard laughter.

“James, don’t you think the Slytherin Princess looks lovely?” Sirius bragged to James, coming down the opposite side of the hallway.

“Sirius Orion Black, you have ten bloody seconds to get this off of me or I’ll hex you so hard, your great grandchildren will feel it.” you hissed, pinching the bridge of your nose.

“Hmm, I don’t know Princess, green really suits you.” before you could threaten him again he ran down the hallway, James following behind as you were left fuming and green.


“Oi, watch where you’re going.” You growled as Sirius bumped into you after Potions.

“And if I don’t? what are you gonna do? Run to mummy and daddy?” he taunted, you scoffed at him.

“What makes you think I’ll willingly talk about your slimy ways with them? We only associate with pure bloods.” you sneered. He said nothing more and left with a dark look on his handsome face. Truth be told, you hated the whole ‘pure blood’ argument, but if it meant getting Sirius off your back for a moment or two, you would swallow your pride and preach a sermon that you’ve always hated. Sirius had embarrassed you countless of times and it was time for you to give him a dose of his own medicine.

During your fourth year, you briefly dated Lucius Malfoy and that seemed to make Sirius go out of his way to intentionally bother you more than before. You would find your books disappearing from your dorm, robes that were discolored and once you spent a whole week with green hair thanks to his prank.

It wasn’t until Lucius ended things with you that the pranks and glares briefly stopped. After the break up, the marauders noticed how Sirius would glance at you more often and how he wouldn’t have a weekly prank just for you.

Sirius had developed feelings for you. He stopped with the cruel pranks, in fact, the last prank that he played on you was transforming into his animagus form. He literally came barreling into the Slytherin common room, grabbed your freshly done Transfigurations essay and ran off with it. You had to fight a dog for your essay and the dog won, ripping it apart. Needless to say, McGonagall didn’t believe you when you told her a dog ate your homework.

By the end of your fourth year, you were beginning to see the messy haired boy as less of a nuance, he didn’t prank you like he used to so now you found his pranks and jokes endearing.

Which brings you back to now, fifth year.

“I can’t believe you dragged us out here just so you could stare at Y/N.” Remus muttered to Sirius as they marauders held to their rain jackets tightly.

“Oh shut up, Moony, a little rain never hurt anyone.”

“Seriously, just ask her out already, you both seem to be mature enough to handle each other outside of a duel without killing each other.”

“Very funny, Prongs, and no, I don’t want to ruin what we have.”

“I wouldn’t consider death glares in between classes something to cherish…” Remus said.

“How about this, if Y/N doesn’t knock out Lucius with a Bludger, I’ll ask her out.”

“Aw come on, you know she dated the git and still has some pent up aggression towards him, it’ll be a miracle if Lucius comes out of this practice without a bruise from Y/N.” James pointed out, but nevertheless, they shook hands with Sirius.

“If you don’t fulfill your end of the bet you have to cut your hair. All of it.” James smirked as Sirius’s eyes widened.

Much to his displeasure, Lucius managed out of practice unscathed. The Marauders pointed towards you as you made your way across the field and towards the locker room. He nervously made his way to you, this was not how he planned asking you out but a bet is a bet and he loved his hair dearly.

You were heading towards the locker room when a hand grabbed your shoulder, making you turn around.

“I guess you’re getting better at blocking me out, huh?” Sirius asked with a smirk.

“I’m in it to win it.” you shrugged.

“How about we make this game a little more interesting…” he trailed off.  You arched an eyebrow, prompting him to go on.

“If Gryffindor wins, you have to go on a date with me.” He declared.

“Is this some sort of joke? Listen if it’s because of what I said last year about being a scum and all that other pureblood nonsense, I’m truly sorry.” You apologized, you saw the look of surprise on his face.

“Wow, I can’t believe you still remember that, I mean I knew you didn’t mean it but that truly showed why you were sorted there, you’re cunning and know how to use your ‘opponent’s’ weakness against them.” He said, rubbing the back of his neck. You stifled a laugh.

“I never thought I’d see the day when Sirius Black admitted that I’m smarter than him.” You said good-naturally. He simply shrugged.

“So what do you say?” he asked.

“I swear to Merlin, if this is a joke…”

“I promise you, Y/N, this is not a joke. Cross my heart and hope to die.”

“Alright Black, you’re on.” You shook hands and felt a spark of electricity as your hand connected with his. Little did you know he felt the same thing.

“Come on let’s get you into something dry, I want to win this fair and square.” He said leading you inside the castle.

The days leading up the match were some of the most nerve wracking ones you’ve ever lived. Part of you was confused on these new found feelings for Sirius and the rest of you was hoping that Gryffindor would win.

You began to notice Sirius more and more; how his eyes would crinkle when he laughed or how he would doodle on the corner of his parchment during Charms. More than once you caught him staring at you which prompted you to blush. Who would’ve thought you would be crushing on your former enemy, but I guess it’s true what they say, people change.

The day of the match finally arrived and your team was ready to win, the game began and the stakes were set high. You wanted to win just to rub it in their faces but at the same time you did wanted to go on a date with Sirius.

The game was one of the closest ones you’ve ever played, you were currently tied and the rest of your team were basically praying for your Seeker to catch the Snitch, but lo and behold, Gryffindor catches the Snitch and wins the match.

Your team congratulated them bitterly, although Lucius flat out refused to acknowledge their victory. The field was soon filled with the rest of the students, a sea of green and scarlet running towards both teams, congratulations and laments were exchanged.

Amidst the commotion you didn’t notice Sirius coming up behind you, a pair of strong arms circled around your frame and spun you around.

“I believe you owe me a date.” Sirius exclaimed as he set you down, grinning. You laughed merrily. You looked up at him and acting on the rush of adrenaline from the game, you stood on your tip toes and kissed him softly. You could tell he was surprised but without missing a beat, he kissed you back, cupping your face with his hands.

You both broke apart after a few moments, smiling at each other.

I guess you were the first Slytherin to ever be thankful for losing a match against Gryffindor.

anonymous asked:

Would you be up for Bughead angst? Like maybe the two of them get into a fight over something huge, like he gets jealous of another boy who likes her or Betty feels like they're growing apart because they don't hang out as much/he's not very affectionate anymore and she confronts him about it only for him to argue? That's only if you're up for it! If you are, thank you!

I’m always down to write anything, I have to warn you though, usually all of my stories end in happy endings. I’m a sucker for a good fairytale ending!


People moved on, it happened, it was a natural way of life.

Betty just never thought jughead would move on, from her.

It was obvious what was happening, he had fallen out of love with her. He was distant. Cancelling dates, pulling away when she tried to kiss him in public, and almost never returning her texts.

She racked her brain for hours last night , trying to figure out where it all went wrong. She knew she was difficult, and she could be selfish, lord knows her temper wasn’t as it should be, but jughead always understood, whenever they had a problem, they talked about it.

The last four weeks had been horrible, school had been getting in the way, jughead had been working on rebuilding his relationship with his father , while Betty’s relationship with her parents was falling apart in front of her eyes.

She was tired.

Jughead deserved the world, and if she couldn’t be that for him, it was time to move on.

She still loved him, god she still loved him, no matter how bad he had been treating her this past month, and because she loved him so much she had to let him go.

He would find someone else.

Someone with less baggage, someone who could make him happy.

Weighing the red and grey flannel in her hands she watched as a tear fell on the familiar shirt.

He had given her this flannel after he caught her shivering at the drive in. He had walked all the way home in just a black tshirt. She wore that flannel to bed every night.

One day he caught her all cuddled up in his flannel and smiled

“That’s my favorite shirt”

She had tried to give it back, but he shook his head

“Looks better on you”

She would give it back today, kind of a sign of closure.

She had texted jughead and told him to meet her at Riverdale park, it was an emergency.

Sitting on the cold bench, the sun setting in front of her she couldn’t believe what a beautiful night it was.

She almost wished for rain, something more fitting.

Suddenly the beanie wearing boy came into her vision, his frown now a permanent feature on his face.

“Betty, what’s the matter, what’s the emergency?”

She patted the seat next to her and smiled sadly

“Sit down, we have to talk.”

Taking a hesitant seat, Jughead glanced down at the shirt folded in her hands

“That’s my shirt, what’s going on?”

Taking a deep breath, Betty began

“I’m sorry I can’t make you happy anymore, I’m sorry you’re so angry all the time, and I know it’s partially my fault. I wish that I could make this better but I can’t.”

Jughead went to interrupt her, his eyes wide

“Let me finish, what we had was amazing, I’m never going to forget this. I love you. So much. And I know you’re gonna find some gorgeous girl out there, who was meant for you and who makes you happy all the time. I want you to have that, you deserve that. So I’m letting you off the hook.” She placed the folded up shirt in his lap and smiled softly

“Goodbye Jughead.”

Suddenly he was standing directly in front of her the shirt wrinkling under his clenched fists.

“You’re breaking up with me.”

She took a shaky breathe, she couldn’t remember the last time they were this close

“It’s for the best, for both of us, you need someone who can make you happy, and I need someone who loves me.”

He was angry now, she wasn’t sure at what though. Her? Himself? The situation?

“You think I don’t love you?” He said in a raspy whisper

She stepped back one step, but he stepped forward keeping her close


“I love you more than anything in this world. You think I’m not happy? You’re the only thing that makes me happy. Im not losing you. ”

Betty was taken back by the intensity in his eyes for a second, before she got angry.

“No. no, you don’t get to act like this, you haven’t been around in a month jughead, I’ve been on my own, you have your own life I get that, but I thought that maybe I was part of that life.”

His eyes widened at her sharp voice before he exclaimed

“You are! I’ve been so busy trying to fix everything, trying to make things okay, trying to be better”

“That you forgot about me” she interrupted
“I never asked you to fix anything, I love you just the way you are.”

“You don’t get it Betty! I don’t want to be some loser, gang members son, you deserve more than that for a boyfriend!” He was yelling now

And she was crying, tears streaming down her face

“I never asked for more! if the person that you’ve been this last month, is you being “more” I don’t even want it!“

“It doesn’t matter, I have to change, for you, for my family. It’s my responsibility to be the man you deserve. That’s just how it is.”

“I DONT WANT THE MAN YOU THINK I DESERVE, I WANT MY BOYFRIEND BACK” Betty screamed into the quiet park silencing jughead instantly.

Taking a watery breathe, Betty wiped at her tears

“If this, new person, is who you want to be, then be him. But, the jughead I fell in love with was never afraid to tell me he loved me, or lay around all day watching movies and eating popcorn. Your dad will love that jughead just as much as I do, you don’t have to change who you are, for anyone.”

Jughead looked at her, taking in her shaking hands and her red rimmed eyes.

“I ruined this didn’t I?”

Betty looked up at him, connecting their eyes

“I don’t know jughead, it can’t go on like this.”

“It won’t.” He assured her “I’ll fix this.”

She looked at him as he held out the flannel to her

She took a deep breathe, weighing her options

“Please” jughead said softly, his eyes pleading

She finally reached out and grabbed the flannel, their fingers brushing, she silently thanked what ever god was up there for the fact that the spark was still there.

Apparently jughead had felt it too because before she knew it she was flat against his chest, the flannel squished between the two.

She allowed herself to relax in the familiarity of her boyfriends body

“This is gonna take work”

She felt jughead nod from above her, placing a kiss on the top of her head.

“I know.”

We Intertwined: Ch. 16

An Ignis Scientia Story

Chapter 15 | AO3 | Chapter 17
Word Count: 1,916 

Three weeks had passed since Raine parted for Meldacio and Ignis rejoined the others. There was still more work to be done on the boat, but it was almost ready to set sail. Ignis was starting to worry. Raine kept her promise to call, but as the weeks went on, the calls turned to text messages, and they grew increasingly infrequent.

The guys were camping near the Vesperpool one night when Gladio approached him.

They sat by the side of the fire, a cup of Ebony in Ignis’ hands. He’d been sleeping less, took to drinking coffee in the evenings to stay awake in case Raine called or texted. He didn’t want to accidentally miss her in case she needed him.

“You love her, don’t you?”

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Headcanons for failed!dates for Chocobros? Like one which go way too bad way to soon. Not the first date, however! They've been with their partner for few months.

This has been sitting in my drafts for so long. I’m so sorry. Noct’s came really easily but coming up with dates for the rest of the bros was a trial. 

I threw in a read more after Noct’s because this post got really, really long.

Noctis L.C.

  • It was supposed to be a simple date. Ice cream, movies, lunch, shopping, you know.
  • Well.
  • There’s forecasted rain on the day of the date, but it hasn’t started raining yet, so Noctis and his s/o usher themselves to the ice cream parlor. 
  • They’re out of both of their favorite flavors, but the two of them still get ice cream. Noctis is a bit pouty that he didn’t get his favorite, but eh, things could be worse. 
  • Things do get worse. Noct’s ice cream falls out of the cone about a block away from the parlor. His s/o is laughing at him and offering some of theirs, except then their’s falls out of the cone too. “Instakarma!” Noct cries, but he’s laughing too.
  • The two of them are walking to the movie theatre and everything is fine, but then there’s a flash of lightning and a crack of thunder and the sky just opens up and “I thought the forecast said light showers!”
  • They’re are already soaked, but to prevent getting more soaked, they start running to the theatre. It seemed like a good idea until one of them trips, and there was a giant puddle ready for the both of them to fall into.
  • Noctis looks like a drowned cat, and his s/o wants to laugh but they’re a drowned cat too.
  • After that, there’s no running, and they walk to the theatre only to find that the movie they were going to see is completely sold out. For the whole day. Noctis looks increasingly frustrated.
  • “There’s still lunch?” his s/o suggests, and they’re headed to one of the fast food restaurants close by.
  • The restaurant is out of french fries. And chicken tenders. And sandwiches. “What DO you have?” They have broccoli. The restaurant has broccoli.
  • “This is blasphemy against the crown!” Noctis shakes his fist to the sky dramatically, then grins when he sees his s/o really struggling not to laugh at him. 
  • The date itself was a complete disaster, but once the two of them get home, they take a hot shower together and then collapse on the couch and gorge themselves on cup noodles.

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pairing: john laurens x reader

word count: 1200

warnings: lots of teasing, john talking about sex, swearing

summary: it’s raining, it’s a saturday, and the power is out. being two adults in love, what is it that you choose to do to pass the time with - playing games, of course!

a/n: enjoy <3

It was raining.

“I hate the rain,” John pouted.

“Me too,” you grumbled, falling back down in bed.

It was a Saturday, which was good, because you really didn’t want to drive to work in this horrendous, almost torrential rain storm. This also meant, however, that you had next to no food and John would refuse to go (‘it’ll make my hair fuzzy’, he always said, and he would defend his locks with his life), and you had to eat whatever scraps you had left in the cupboard. Rainy days were both a blessing and a curse – it gave you an excuse to stay home, but there were so many things that could make it a terrible experience, such as the power going out…

Which is exactly, when you thought about it, what happened next.

“Fuck, babe, the power’s out,” John told you.

“Yes, Johnny dearest, I could tell.”

“Man, what are we going to do?” John groaned.

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I suppose so

request from @ra-veela-claw x : Draco x reader where Draco takes care of her because she got stuck outside in the rain soaked to the bone…

sorry if its short, I can do part two if this not enough. I love draco requests guys so this made me super happy… keep sending me requests guys!!!!!

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Since it was the autumn holidays at Hogwarts, and you didn’t have another home to go to at the moment, due to your auntie and uncle staying, you stayed in school. It was quiet- it was miserable; the corridors were freezing cold and outside school grounds where full of puddles. Most of your house had left, and the others all went out for the day in Hogsmeade, so you were stuck in your dorm by yourself. 

You leapt out of bed, your feet hit the icy wooden floor, and your whole body shivered. It was freezing. 

The fire place had ran out of wood in your dorm, and lucky you, the only place for the fire wood- that was dry- was in Hagrid’s. So as fast as you could, you found the closest matching items near you and dressed yourself, along with y/h scarf wrapped around your neck and y/h bobble hat snug on your head. Leaving your common room, you set off to Hagrid’s. 

‘Hey Hagrid, how are you?’ you quivered as you entered the Gamekeepers humble hut. 

‘Oh, Hey love, I’m fine. Whats up wi’ you? Why are you ‘ere?’ He handed you one of his hot chocolates, in a gigantic mug.

‘ Yeh, I’m fine thank you Hagrid,’ you took a sip of the steaming hot beverage he gave to you  ‘but by any chance do you have any spare fire wood lying around, my dorm ran out you see and its bloody freezing in there!’ 

‘Ah-ugh, one sec there, ill have a check.’ and off he popped into the other room, hitting his head across the wooden beams. 

‘- AH, found some ‘ere!’ a muffled yet loud shout came from the other room. 

You stood up, taking the wood from his hands, and thanked him for the trouble you had caused. Before you went to sit back down, you heard patters on the ceiling. 

‘Oh, Merlin!’ you jumped up to see that the grounds were almost instantaneously soaked by the few seconds of rain that fell. ‘Hagrid, I’m awfully sorry, but I really must go, I can’t get this wood wet or it won’t work, thankyou Hagrid I had a lovely tim-’ and you were already running back up the hill. 

Your clothes were stuck firmly to your body, showing your bright coloured bra that you totally forgot about, but it didn’t bother you since you kept the wood dry. You walked the rest, looking like a drenched mess, when you come across a blond boy running towards you. 

is that Draco Malfoy? It can’t be. Why would he be running to me?

And to your surprise, it was Draco. He came rushing towards where you were stood, but slowed his pace when the two of you made eye contact. 

‘Er- I saw you, from the tower,’ he pointed up so you could see, ‘and you were running so, er- I came to check if you are okay? Are you okay?’ The blond boy stuttered, covering his head with, what seemed to look like, a book. 

‘oh-erm, yes, i’m fine Draco, I was just getting some wood off Hagrid,’ you shivered as the rain got colder and heavier ‘the dorm had no wood for fire.’

‘ah er, y/n’ he looked down at your chest to notice your neon underwear bulging through your white shirt, ‘here, you can use this.’ his cheeks became a shade of pink, and he wore his signature smirk, before handing you his long black coat. 

‘oh, Merlin sakes! I’m so sorry.’ you stammered, flustering at his remark, and obligingly took his coat, instantly covering your soaking shirt. 

You looked down to hide your redness, but it was too late, he saw. 

‘You know, y/n, I never thought that you would have bright coloured underwear, since you love dark colours..?’ he broke the silence, nervously laughing at the sight he had seen. 

‘well, it was the only spare I had lying arou- wait how did you know I love dark colours?’ you looked back up at Draco.

His hair flopped and became messy from the rain, it almost made him look attractive. Secretly, you blame the rain, making you think delusional thoughts about him; you have never even spoken to him! But then again, his eyes- blue eyes - made contact with yours and your stomach fluttered. Are you seriously developing a crush on Draco fucking Malfoy?

‘Ah, ur,’ he hesitated, looking for an excuse, ‘you told me one time, I remember.’

‘Draco, I have never spoken to you. I think I would remember speaking to such a pretty Malfoy,” you blurted out, not realising what you actually just said. 

‘Am I pretty, y/l/n?’ he grinned at your comment, and you felt helplessly under his control. How did he make you do that?

‘ugh,’ this time you hesitated, ‘I suppose so.’ 

You are such an idiot.

‘hm, well your not to bad yourself, love.’ he stopped walking and shuck his head at his response. 

You sniggered louder than you thought, and crunched your belly.


No, if you weren’t an idiot before, now you were.

You slipped on the wet grass, falling right on your arse. Draco chuckled, but little did Draco know, you gripped on to his hand, causing the pale boy to fall with you. 

‘Ah, so I see your already falling for me, huh?’ Draco smiled, causing you to mirror his image. 

‘ugh’ you brushed back his blond locks behind his ear, ‘I suppose so.’

arghhhh, I was really loving this request so I started to right immediately, I hope this is okay for you lovely! 

Rain (Jikook)

The rain always reminded Jimin of a certain someone.

A certain someone with raven black hair that fell in perfect bangs on his forehead, big brown eyes and a smile that would always ease Jimin even when he had the worst possible day ever.

The rain reminded him of that certain someone’s voice that was like honey and Jimin could never get tired of listening to especially at the rare times he would sing a song that he had written for Jimin. And when Jimin would tell him just how much he loved the song, he would get a shy smile in return that only made Jimin fall in love even more.

“Jimin,” he heard a voice breaking the train of his thoughts. It was Taehyung.

“Your shift ended 15 minutes ago,” he said. “What are you still doing here?”

Jimin hadn’t even realized that he had been watching the rain from the window for the past 15 minutes.

“Oh, I was just…” he said and trailed off not bothering to complete his sentence.

Taehyung gave him one of his concerning looks so Jimin pressed his lips together in a smile.

“I was just um leaving,” he said as he began changing out of his uniform. There was still an awkward tension in the air as Taehyung eyed sensing there was something wrong. That was the one thing with Taehyung, he always knew if something was wrong even when Jimin didn’t tell him about it.

Jimin decided it was best if he changed the subject.

“You are coming home with me?” he asked Taehyung as he changed into his faded blue jeans.

“Uh no,” Taehyung answered. “Hoseok is coming to pick me up”

“You guys are going on a date?”

“Kinda, yeah,” Taehyung answered and it was hard not to see the smile that was on Taehyung’s face.

“Where to?” Jimin asked.

“A movie and dinner too,” Taehyung answered.

“Will you be home today?”

“Uh, probably not,” Taehyung answered.

“Okay,” Jimin said. “Have fun”

Jimin knew he could have at least tried to sound a bit more enthusiastic or even gave him a smile but he couldn’t. He wasn’t jealous by any means. It was just that love-wearied him out now. It just didn’t seem to have the same meaning it used to once.

Thankfully, Taehyung hadn’t heard as his phone had started ringing at the same moment.

He picked it up and the grin he had on his face, only meant that it was Hoseok who had called.

“All right,” Taehyung said. “I’ll be out in 2 minutes”

With that, he hung up still smiling until he looked at Jimin who was once again seemingly lost in his own thoughts.

“Jiminie,” Taehyung said. “Take care okay and eat dinner, sleep on time”

Jimin nodded listening.

Taehyung hugged him.

“I love you, okay,” he said. “See you”

And this was Jimin felt like he was a shitty friend to Taehyung. He never felt happiness for Taehyung or asked him how his date with Hoseok had been or how was he coping with classes and finals.

All he ever did was moping around.

And then there was Taehyung who had been Jimin’s rock. He had been through everything. All those nights that Jimin had cried himself to sleep, Taehyung always was there for him, making sure he slept or ate when Jimin had no interest in doing either of those things. He had helped Jimin in every possible way.

Jimin felt worthless. He was shitty at everything- from friendships to relationships.

“You too,” he mumbled.

Taehyung smiled before leaving the changing room. Jimin sighed as he took his backpack and left too.

The rain was still pouring and Jimin didn’t have an umbrella with him. He could wait for the rain to stop but instead, he chose to walk in the pouring rain. It only reminded him the happy times he had.
There was a time when the rain made Jimin happy, feel warm.

But now every time it rained all Jimin could feel was pain because it reminded him more of the dark times he had than the happy ones.

But the rain still had a special meaning to him.

It reminded Jimin of the time they had first met. It was pouring buckets that day and of course, Jimin didn’t have an umbrella even then. He was forgetful like that.

Jimin was standing at the bus stop waiting for the rain to stop, glancing uneasily at his watch every 2 minutes as he was sure he would be very late to class if the rain didn’t stop anytime soon.

That is when Jimin felt a pair of eyes on him.

Jimin looked to find a boy staring at him. He had black hair the bangs falling on his forehead as he looked at Jimin curiously biting his lower lip. For some reason, he seemed familiar to Jimin but he couldn’t quite put a finger on it.

Jimin looked away and when looked back the boy was still staring at him. Jimin who was a little uncomfortable now didn’t expect the boy to suddenly start walking towards him. Jimin’s first instinct was to move but instead, he was rooted to his spot looking at the stranger.

“Jimin-ssi,” the boy said. Jimin was slightly creeped out by the fact that this boy even knew his name.

The boy seemed to sense it and he immediately smiled a little.

“I…I am a student at the University too,” he said. “I’ve seen you around and that’s why I know you”

That’s when Jimin realized why this boy looked so familiar to him.

“Are you the one who sang at the festival that night?”

“Yes,” the boy said with a shy smile.

“Oh, that was amazing,” Jimin said. “The performance I mean”

“Thank you,” the boy said with a small smile.

There was a moment of silence until the boy spoke up.

“You don’t have an umbrella with you, right?” he asked.

“Uh, no,”

“Well I am going to Uni too,” he said. “We can share”

When Jimin didn’t reply the boy’s face faltered a little.

“If you want to,” he added in a low voice.

“Yeah, sure,” Jimin said with a little smile.

The boy smiled back as Jimin got under the umbrella which thankfully was big enough for the both of them. It was cheesy too, Jimin thought as he had seen a lot of couples sharing umbrellas but Jimin tried not to think about it. Getting to Uni without being soaking wet was his priority.

They were quiet and it was frankly awkward so Jimin decided to speak up.

“What’s your major?” he asked,

“Music,” the boy answered. “And you are a major in theater? If I am not wrong”

“Yes,” Jimin answered. “How do you know?”

“Oh, I watched one of your plays,” he said. “That’s how I know you”


“You are really good at it,” he said.

“Thank you,” Jimin chuckled.

There were on the campus of the University and it had almost completely stopped raining now.

“Thank you for sharing your umbrella with me,” Jimin said.

“Oh it’s no problem Jimin-ssi,” the boy said with a big smile.

Jimin smiled back before walking away when he realized he hadn’t even bothered to find out the name of the boy.

“Wait,” he called out.

The boy stopped looking back.

“What’s your name?” Jimin asked.

“Jungkook,” the boy answered.

The rain falling made Jimin feel icy cold but Jimin had grown numb to it as he kept on walking.

Since his car was in the garage, he took the bus to work and back home but today he decided he would walk all the way to home.

He had convinced himself it was because it didn’t make sense to get into the bus as he was already soaking but Jimin knew that it was a lie.

He was purposely walking out in the rain because it reminded him of Jungkook.

And that was the only way he could relive his memories with him.

Jimin was terribly lonely and he hated how he clung onto everything that reminded him of Jungkook. Even though he had promised Taehyung he had deleted all of his pictures there were still some that he had managed to save in his phone because Jimin could never truly forget Jungkook.

And he still wore the oversized gray hoodie that Jungkook had left behind at his flat and he had cried so many times in it that it didn’t even smell like Jungkook anymore. But Jimin still kept it.

But out of all things that reminded him of Jungkook, the rain was the one which hurt him the most.

Every time it rained outside there was a rain in Jimin’s eyes too.

They had their first kiss the day it had rained a lot.

Jimin and Jungkook were making their way back home after they had gone bowling together and Jungkook had managed to win all games and he was being very smug about it and rubbing it onto Jimin’s face.

“Since you lost, you are paying for dinner,” Jungkook said.

“Yeah, fine,” Jimin grumbled.

It had been 4 months since the pair had met and they had hit it off instantly becoming good friends. Jungkook hung around Jimin and Taehyung’s flat a lot and Taehyung seemed to like him a lot too.

But when Jungkook would leave Taehyung would endlessly tease Jimin about the way they looked at each other.

“Friends,” Jimin would say. “Just friends”

“You never look at me like that,” Taehyung said.

“You are just seeing things,” Jimin said. “I am pretty sure Jungkook isn’t even interested”

“Does that mean you are?” Taehyung asked.


Taehyung would just laugh.

“So where do you wanna eat?” Jimin asked Jungkook.

“A five-star restaurant,” Jungkook answered. “But since you are a broke college student I am happy with sushi”

“All right sushi it is,” Jimin said and Jungkook smiled making Jimin’s heart flutter.

It had been doing that a lot when Jungkook would smile at Jimin or even when their hands brushed against each other.

Jimin knew he was being stupid.

He felt a drop of water on his face followed by another one.

“It’s raining,” Jimin said and he felt his hand being grabbed as he was dragged under the roof of a convenience store.

Jimin’s heart fluttered yet again.

“We should have gotten umbrellas,” Jungkook said.

“Yeah,” Jimin sighed. He was hungry but now he was stuck waiting for the rain to stop which by the looks of it wasn’t gonna happen anytime soon.

They waited for another 10 minutes before Jungkook grumbled angrily.

“Hyung,” he said. “Do you hate being wet?”

“Not really,” Jimin answered. “Why?”

“Well, then let’s walk in the rain,”

“Are you sure?” Jimin asked.

“I am starving,” was all Jungkook said as he stepped out and began walking. Jimin followed.

“Where’s the restaurant?” Jungkook asked.

“About 10 minutes away,” Jimin answered.

Jungkook just nodded as they walked only to find the restaurant was closed.

“We walked so much for nothing,” Jungkook groaned.

“I guess,” Jimin said.

“I am still starving,” Jungkook said.

“Well how about we go back to mine and I’ll make some ramyeon for you?” Jimin said.

“Sure I love your ramyeon hyung,” Jungkook smiled.

“Well then let’s get a taxi,” Jimin said as Jungkook nodded.

They got a taxi back home and by the time they had made it to their building it was raining even more.

Jimin opened the door to the flat and turned the heat on as soon as they got in.

“We should change first,”

Jungkook nodded.

“I’ll give you Taehyung’s spare clothes,” Jimin said. “His will fit you better”

Jungkook nodded as Jimin went inside Taehyung’s room and found a T-shirt and a pair of shorts for Jungkook.

“Here you go,” he said and a few minutes later Jungkook came out of the bathroom dressed. It was the first time Jimin had seen so much of Jungkook’s skin exposed and his eyes lingered for a few more seconds than what would be considered appropriate and he forced himself to go the bathroom instead.

He took a quick hot shower and changed into dry clothes while he found Jungkook seated on the couch watching TV.

“I am making the ramyeon now,” Jimin said.

Jungkook just nodded.

“What? You won’t even ask me if I need help” Jimin said.

“You lost all those games,’ Jungkook said. “It’s only fair you make me dinner at least”

“Fine,” Jimin huffed as he went inside the kitchen and started making the noodles. Now, Jimin was never a master at cooking but he prided himself on his ramyeon making skills and he had garnered quite a few praises from a lot of people.

Jimin was done pretty soon and he took the pot of steaming hot noodles outside in the living room.

“Ramyeon’s ready,” he said.

Jungkook sat down immediately smiling as Jimin served him the noodles.

He took one big slurp and hummed in satisfaction.

“It reminds me of my mom’s cooking,” he said making Jimin laugh.

Since they were both ravenous, they ate the ramyeon in minutes and followed by dessert which was some ice cream that Jimin had found in the freezer.

“Where’s Taehyung hyung?” Jungkook asked.

“He is with Hoseok,” Jimin replied.

Jungkook nodded as he looked at his phone.

“It’s 10; I think I should leave now,”

“Have you seen the rain outside?” Jimin asked.

“Yeah, it’s almost like a storm,” Jungkook said.

“You should stay here,” Jimin said in a quiet voice.

“What?” Jungkook asked raising his voice.

“I said you should stay here,” Jimin repeated regretting what he said.

“I um I guess,” Jungkook said.

“You can sleep in Tae’s room,” Jimin said.

Jungkook nodded.

“But before that, we can watch a movie,”

Jungkook nodded with a smile.

After a 15-minute long argument, they both settled on watching Toy Story.

They had just as much distance between that would be okay for friends to have between them and Jungkook’s hand was between them.

Jimin was tempted to hold his hand but he knew better than that but what he didn’t expect in a million years was Jungkook resting his head on Jimin’s shoulder.

Jimin’s heart stopped as Jungkook expression didn’t even change. Jimin didn’t dare move. He was hardly even watching the movie anymore, his eyes on Jungkook who seemed engrossed into what Woody was planning next to get rid of Buzz Lightyear.

They stayed like that right until the end of the movie and when it was finally over Jungkook moved his head stretching his arms over his head.

“I can literally watch that movie a million times and I wouldn’t be bored,” Jungkook said.

Jimin nodded.

“Hyung, you okay?”

Jimin nodded again.

“You are sleepy, aren’t you?”

“Uh no not at all,”

“Me too,” Jungkook said.

Jimin nodded again.

“Hyung, “


“I have a question,” Jungkook said.

“Tell me,”

“It’s um a bit weird,”

“Oh that’s fine,” Jimin said. “You can ask me anything”

“Have you ever kissed a boy?” Jungkook asked looking at Jimin.

When Jimin was in high school, he still dated girls and he had kissed 2 of his girlfriends. But by the time he had started University he had come to the realization that he was anything but straight. And when he had told Taehyung about how he thought he could be gay, his best friend thought the best way to know was to drag him to a gay bar and that was possibly one of the worst experiences Jimin had ever had as some stupid drunk guy had kissed him right on the mouth with no warning. Taehyung had since then never took him to a gay bar and nor was Jimin interested. He had enough of it for a lifetime.

So even though the kiss was technically the first time Jimin had kissed a man he didn’t count it as a kiss.

“No,” Jimin answered.

“Oh,” Jungkook said. “Me neither”

There was a long pause and Jungkook spoke up again.

“Hyung,” he said. “I have another question”

“Um okay,”

“Can I kiss you?”

When Jimin didn’t answer Jungkook knew from Jimin’s eyes that it was only because he was at a loss for words so Jungkook leaned in and pressed his lips onto Jimin’s softly, his hands had snaked in around Jimin’s waist and Jimin’s were around his neck as their kiss deepened. Jungkook’s lips moved perfectly against Jimin’s and his lips tasted like strawberry and Jimin wished he could keep kissing Jungkook but they broke away soon.

“Hyung,” Jungkook said. “Can we sleep now?”

This was the last thing he had expected Jungkook to say right after they had kissed but Jimin nodded as they got up from the couch and Jimin walked into his own room.

“Hyung,” Jungkook said again. “Can I sleep in your room?”

Jimin nodded and Jungkook smiled as he made his way to Jimin’s bedroom and lied down along with Jimin who turned the night light on and lied down as Jimin looked at him and wordlessly kissed Jimin again.

“Good night hyung,” he said.

“’Night Jungkookie,” Jimin said.

They did nothing that night except for sleep together and the next morning both of them avoided all questions Taehyung had for them who had found Jungkook spooning Jimin but when Jimin looked at Jungkook he just winked at Jimin.

They both knew something had changed that night.

Jimin relived all of those memories in one go and he could feel a stabbing pain in his heart.

He remembers how he felt that night, so in love.

He felt grateful that it had rained that night because if it hadn’t then Jungkook would have never stayed and they would have never kissed each other.

Jimin couldn’t even imagine that happening.

It was no surprise that it had rained on their first date as well. It was 3 weeks after their first kiss.

Jungkook had gone all out and shelled out what meager savings he had from his job as a server at a local diner and decided to take out Jimin to a meal in an Italian restaurant. And this was all after Jimin had repeatedly told him not to spend too much.

Jungkook could have taken him to McDonald’s and Jimin would have been just as happy if that meant spending more time with Jungkook.

Jimin was dressed in a white dress shirt and black pants along with a black blazer and he had taken more effort into styling his hair.

Jungkook had dressed identical and Jimin could hardly take his eyes off him as they sat down to order.

All Jimin saw was the exorbitant prices and he ordered the cheapest one and Jungkook asked for the same.

“So do you like it?” Jungkook asked.

“It’s so fancy,” Jimin said.

“Of course it is,” Jungkook said.

Jimin rolled his eyes and Jungkook grinned.

The waiter soon returned with their plates and it was just salad but it still tasted really fancy to them but it hardly even touched their stomachs but it definitely emptied Jungkook’s wallet.

“I am still hungry,” Jungkook said as he stared at the empty bowl in front of him.

“Me too,” Jimin sighed.

“Let’s go to McDonald’s,” Jungkook suggested.

“Sure,” Jimin said. “But I’m paying”


They left the restaurant and it was raining but this time neither of them groaned or waited for the rain to disappear.

They ran straight into the rain laughing as they did. They might have looked slightly out of their mind but hey you only have one life. You might as well live it.

“You know Jimine,” Jungkook said. “I have always hated the rain but not anymore”

“Why?” Jimin asked.

“I think rain is our lucky charm,” Jungkook said. “We met for the first time when it was raining and then when we kissed it was raining too and look it’s raining now as well”

“Yeah,” Jimin said. “I think rain is our lucky charm”

Jungkook grinned as he came towards Jimin and as the road was thankfully fairly empty Jungkook twirled around Jimin a bit before hugging him.

“I feel like we are in a movie,” Jimin said as Jungkook rested his chin on the top of Jimin’s head.

“Only this is real,” Jungkook said as he kissed Jimin’s head.

Jimin only smiled as he looked at Jungkook before leaning in to kiss him.

Jungkook kissed him back and they kissed for a while until Jimin broke away.

“Come on, Kookie we have greasy burgers to eat,” he said laughing.

They had walked into the McDonalds soaking and got a lot of weird looks as they ordered two cheeseburgers and large fries.

They got a taxi back to Jungkook’s flat and after changing they ate their food and then just snuggled up on the couch together.

“So did you enjoy today?” Jungkook asked.

“It was the best date ever,” Jimin said and Jungkook gave him an ear to ear smile.

“And you are the best boyfriend ever,” Jimin said as he kissed Jungkook.

“Boyfriend?” Jungkook asked in an unsure tone.

“We have been practically making out for 3 weeks now and you took me to a fancy restaurant today,” Jimin said. “I think that makes us boyfriends”

“Oh yes,” Jungkook said. “We’re boyfriends”

Jimin just grinned before kissing Jungkook again.

Lucky charm? Jimin lets out a hollow laugh.

There was a time when rain meant only happiness and kisses but now it didn’t.

Now it served as a painful reminder. Because now every time it rained Jimin could only think about the day it had all went down.

Jimin never expected to be the fighting kind in a relationship but petty arguments were a regular thing with him and Jungkook.

Arguments that would sometimes lead to full blown fights that would mean either of them would storm out and then sulk for the next few days before either of them swallowed their pride and said sorry.

Jimin knew fights were healthy for a relationship but to this extent? He wasn’t sure.

They fought about every little thing but that one-day thing had blown out really bad.

Jimin loved Jungkook more than he had loved anyone but that didn’t mean he wasn’t annoyed by the fact that Jungkook was jealous of every male and even female friend he had because for some twisted reason he believed that they were all hitting on Jimin which wasn’t the case but that didn’t stop Jungkook from worrying.

When Jungkook was inquiring him about one such friend he had seen Jimin talk to Jimin had lashed out at him and said every bad thing he had felt about the other in the most hurting way possible as he saw Jungkook’s eyes glisten for a moment.

“You know what,” Jungkook said. “I fucking hate you Jimin,” he said as he stormed out of Jimin’s house and walked into the pouring rain.

Jimin realizes that he doesn’t remember that day as well he remembers all the happy memories.

Maybe because he had tried to suppress it and tried to forget about it which was clearly unsuccessful.

The rain wasn’t the lucky charm it used to be, nor did it remind him of happiness. No, the rain meant that Jimin relived the day Jungkook had walked out on him.

That was 3 months ago but even when it rained now, Jimin cried locked into his room. A lot of things reminded him of Jungkook but nothing compared to the pouring room.

He was crying even now but thankfully no one could see his tears in the rain.

He had reached his house where he would continue to mope around but in private and maybe eat a dinner of microwaved leftovers and that is if he could make himself to do it.

The rain hadn’t stopped at all and it looked like one of those heavy showers that lasted over a day.

A whole day that reminded him of Jeon Jungkook.

Jimin reached his building and as he walked to his flat he heard a voice. A voice that was all too familiar. A voice that he had grown to love but now even listening to it made his heart stop.

“Jiminie,” it said.

Jimin turned around. He felt like he had officially lost his mind and that he was seeing Jungkook everywhere but no there he was standing in front of Jimin wearing a black hoodie that was concealing his face.

“I know,” he began. “You probably hate me”

Hate him? Jimin laughed internally.

“But I have to say this,” he continued. “I am sorry Jimin. I am really really sorry”

When Jimin didn’t say anything Jungkook continued.

“I am sorry for being an ass and leaving like that and never calling you again it was all my fault and I regret it so much because I have been so lucky to have you and I was being a jerk to you even though you deserve so much more. You are my everything Jimin and you are the best thing that has ever happened to me”

Jungkook sighed.

“All I wanted to say is, I love you Jimin. I love you so much. I love you more than I think I have and I ever will love somebody,” he said and he sniffled. “Please forgive me. I understand if you don’t but give me one chance Jimin and I promise I’ll make it up to you”

Jimin was rooted to his spot as he looked into Jungkook’s eyes.

Jungkook seemed to sense it as he gave a little nod and began walking away his head hung low.

“Wait,” Jimin said weakly.

Jungkook instantly turned around and he found Jimin running towards him throwing his arms around him.

“You idiot,” Jimin muttered as he felt tears at the crinkles of his eyes. “I love you”

“So you forgive me?” Jungkook asked.

Jimin nodded smiling a little.

“I can’t believe this,” Jungkook said. “I don’t deserve you”

“Shut up,” Jimin said as he kissed Jungkook. God, had he missed the feel of Jungkook’s lips on his.

Jungkook kissed him back and they stood there kissing for the longest time neither of them wanting to stop when Jimin finally pulled back to catch his breath.

“Look it’s raining today as well,” Jungkook said.

Jimin just nodded with a grin as he leaned into kiss Jungkook again.

Maybe, the rain was still their lucky charm.