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highlights from my 12-person d&d session

Or, “How I Saved the World from Complete and Total Destruction… Oh, and These Eleven Idiots Were Here Too, I Guess” by Ilya the Bard

  • The halfling monk interpreted “no armor” to mean “no clothing at all” and also, “covered in oil.” The rest of the party didn’t want to get near him, which was unfortunate because we all had to squeeze together to sneak past some zombie giants, and the naked monk almost ruined it by scraping his bare butt against one of them
  • The tiefling sorcerer/warlock (or sorlock), a follower of the Great Old One, a cult leader, and ostensibly the most evil member of the party, spent most of the campaign buffing or otherwise aiding other party members. The paladin, who had vowed to kill him once the session was over, changed his mind by the end because “you’re all right.”
  • The paladin climbed a castle wall, launched himself at a Beholder, stabbed it in the eye with a spear and then hung there as the rest of the party piled other attacks on top of him, yelling, “I CAN TAKE IT!”
  • The Beholder cast Dominate Person on a few party members, but that didn’t do anything because we killed it before it got to their turn… in just over a single round of combat. Twelve-person party, man.
  • The drow rogue (named Drizzl Do’Furty) spent half of the campaign disguised as a Canadian suburban dad named Chad who stumbled upon the dungeon while looking for the Home Depot and just… stayed there.
  • Later, the rogue got swallowed by a Mimic and lost his disguise in the ensuing chaos. The paladin became convinced that the drow was someone else entirely and Chad had been devoured by the Mimic.
  • The rouge encouraged this by using his Helm of Telepathy to pretend to be Chad’s ghost.
  • The human fighter (one of several) didn’t use his weapons and instead just threw vials of acid at the bosses.
  • The naked monk, upon discovering that he was immune to poison, proceeded to cover himself with neurotoxin and drow poison to deal extra poison damage whenever he punched something. The rest of the party’s reactions to touching him went from “ew” to “oh hell no” and he was forced to travel at the back of the party, at least ten feet away from the nearest other party member.
  • My character, a half-elf bard, rolled a nat 20 on Deception and convinced a group of ilithid that we were Eldritch Girl Scouts selling cookies. They let us pass without fighting us, with an order to “leave the cookies here for when you die further into the dungeon”
  • A few rooms later, my bard rolled a crit fail on her Arcana check for a magic statue and became absolutely convinced that you had to eat the statue to proceed through the dungeon. She almost persuaded other party members to actually do it.
  • When the drow was swallowed by the Mimic, the sorlock used Eldritch Blast at least six times in a row to punt it, at intervals of 10 feet, out of a side room into the main room while the rest of us waited. We immediately dealt over 100 damage to it, which… killed it very very dead.
  • Upon facing the final boss, a gigantic red dragon, the dragonborn sorcerer attempted to seduce it by singing a traditional dragon courting ballad, Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” accompanied by the rest of the party.
  • He failed.
  • The sorlock polymorphed his horse (which he had been riding this entire time) into a T-Rex. The resulting wild magic surge made him unable to speak for the next minute, and instead pink bubbles came out of his mouth.
  • He counterspelled the dragon’s subsequent Polymorph spell on him by flipping it off with both hands. Luckily, Counterspell only needs a somatic component.
  • I inspired the dragonborn sorcerer, who was named Jeremiah, by singing “Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog.” He immediately spent it on persuading the dragon to kiss him.
  • He succeeded.
  • And then was KO’d by the dragon.
  • The dragon collapsed the bottom of the dungeon and sent us all plummeting into an infinite free-fall. Our party dealt with this in several ways, including:
    • Casting Feather Fall or Fly on themselves/other party members
    • Casting Feather Fall and then Fly on the T-Rex, and having other party members grab onto it
    • Dimension Door onto the back of the dragon (me, and the paladin)
    • Using a grappling hook to grapple onto the dragon’s tail (acid-throwing fighter)
    • Having another party member throw them onto the dragon, while both party members are falling (halfling monk)
  • The monk decided to run as far up the dragon’s nostril as he could in order to better deal poison damage.
  • The dragon was finally killed by 5 points of poison damage from the naked, oily, covered in poison halfling monk shoved halfway up its nose.
  • The world was saved. A glorious end.
Dad’s best friend // FP Jones

@Fuckkoffcourtney: Could you write an FP Jones imagine where the reader is Archie’s older sister (like out of college, 25 years old at least so it’s not weird) and her and FP have this secret thing going on bc if Fred finds out, hell would break loose and maybe Archie or Jughead walk in on them being cute af and instead of being mad, they’re just kinda like “I KNEW IT” and it’s just amazingly adorable??? Thank you so much!!!

Warnings: cussing (i think it’s legit the word slut lmao)

Word Count: 1,356

Characters: FP Jones, Jughead Jones, Archie Andrews, Fred Andrews, Pop Tate.

A/N: I’m so sorry that it’s been a while since my last imagine, but I’ve been job hunting lately. I’ll be posting more for you soon. I love you x


Ever since moving back to Riverdale, only one person had occupied your thoughts.

FP Jones.

You weren’t really the one to go around dating everyone (very different to your brother, who in your opinion was a slut), but when you did have relationships, they usually lasted a good year or two. But this relationship that you had been building with your dad’s best friend and brother’s best friend’s dad, it was a bit complicated.

Like, if Fred found out, you and FP would both probably have the same fate as Jason.

“Can you two shut up?!” You groaned, opening Archie’s bedroom door, looking at the two boys sitting on the ground, playing the old Nintendo 64 (which was yours, but he had taken it from your room, obviously). “Jughead, what do you want for-“

“A burger and fries please.” He didn’t even look at you, making you roll your eyes at the younger boy’s obsession with Pop’s burgers. “Archie?” You asked, leaning against the door frame and raising an eyebrow at your ginger brother. “Same as Jughead, please.” He didn’t even look up at you, his fingers pounding away at the buttons.

You groaned once again, turning around to go to your bedroom. “And try not to break my controllers!” You called out, shutting your door and picking up your phone, dialling Pop’s number (which everyone in Riverdale surely must know off by heart) and placing the order. Once you slid your white Converse on, you rolled your jeans up and shrugged on a jacket and fixed your hair. You had gotten the darker locks from your father, unlike Archie, who got the ginger locks from your mother, whereas, you both had the same eyes, long lashes and pale complexion.

Tucking your phone into your pocket, you left your room and bounded down the stairs, holding onto the railing. “Hey there Vegas!” You grinned, kneeling down in the foyer of the house to pet the Golden Retriever who was obediently sitting at your feet. “I’ll take you for a walk later on, alright?” You smiled, kissing the Retriever’s head and walking into the kitchen. “Dad, I need money to pick up dinner. I’ve ordered yours and I’m about to go- Oh, hello, Mr Jones.” You stopped rambling as you saw the older male (other than your dad) in the kitchen, leaning against the counter with a beer.

“(Y/N).” FP nodded, letting his eyes rake up and down your body. “Remember. It’s FP or you don’t say anything at all.” He laughed, looking at your dad. You giggled a little, keeping your eyes on him, but snapping from the little daydream as your dad handed you money.

“I’ll be back in about 20 minutes.” You nodded, grabbing your bag, which hung on the hook, and taking the keys to the house. You looked over your shoulder, seeing your dad had moved out of your sight, so you looked FP in the eyes and bit your lip, giving him a sly wink and leaving the house.


“Hello, Pop!” You greeted as you walked into the diner, seeing the man that you had grew up around. He would always give you free onion rings or a free milkshake everytime your 5 year old self would walk into the diner, chubby cheeks and hair in two pigtails.

“(Y/N)! How was college, love? You’ve grown up so much!” He greeted, shuffling out from behind the counter and wrapping his arms around you. Pop gave the best hugs, and it just made you feel like nothing was wrong in the world.

“I passed with a master’s in Psychology, so that was fun, but other than that, I didn’t really do too much. I was mostly studying or travelling from New York to Riverdale.” You took a seat on the stool, biting your lip. “But now that I’m finished, I’m going to go job hunting. I hope I can find somewhere in Riverdale, or Greendale, but if not, I’ll have to move elsewhere, and I really don’t want to do that.” You tightened your ponytail.

“Love, I think you’d do amazing out in the Psych field, but if you need some quick cash, come work in the diner for a bit. You could do night shifts for me.” He laughed, sliding a strawberry milkshake in front of you. “I’ll go finish up your order.” Pop went out the back, but not before smiling at you when you called out a ‘thank you’.


“Hey! The onion rings are mine!” You shouted as Jughead tried to take the packet of onion rings. “I got you a burger and fries, so get away from my food!” You slapped his hand, sitting at the breakfast counter and huffing as you set your onion rings and burger in front of you. “That goes for you too, Archie.” You raised an eyebrow at your little brother, who was obviously trying to take the onion rings from you.

“I swear, you still act like you’re sixteen again and complaining when Archie threw up everywhere,” Fred laughed, making you look up at him with a raised brow. You shook your head, placing the food back in the paper bag and stuffing it in the fridge when you felt your phone buzz.

“I’ll be back later. I need to go deal with something.” You shrugged your jacket on again and left the house, making your way towards the side of town most people avoided.


“FP?” You said softly as you opened the trailer door, gently closing it behind you. “Iyou’re your text.” You swallowed a lump in your throat, hearing the shower running. You shook your head and made yourself comfortable on his sofa and put on a cooking show, focusing your eyes on the screen in front of you.

“Thought I heard you come in.” You looked up, seeing a dripping wet FP with a towel wrapped around his hips. You smiled, standing up and walking over to him. “You put on quite the façade with your father, don’t you?” He grinned, leaning down as you put your hand on his jawline, pecking his lips gently. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too,” you said softly, grinning as you pushed him towards his bedroom. “Now go get dressed. I’ll be on the couch.”

You sat down on the couch, watching FP disappear into his room. You could hear things moving around and a small thud, which must have either been the towel dropping on the ground or a pair of jeans falling from his grasp.

“Better?” FP’s voice travelled through the trailer as he walked out of his room, clad in sweat pants and a flannel. You nodded and held up the blanket, patting the sofa. “Come sit,” you had said sweetly, watching the older male make his way towards you. “I didn’t know if you wanted to watch a movie or anything, but I’ll let you pick.” You smiled, making yourself comfortable with your legs outstretched on FP’s lap.


“I KNEW IT!” You shot up, bumping your forehead against FP’s as you were awoken by another male voice, making your eyes wide. “Aren’t they adorable, Archie?” You saw a brunette and red head, rolling your eyes. FP groaned and looked at the two teenage boys who were standing at the door.

“I mean, yeah it is. But you two might wanna be a bit more careful and not leave the front door unlocked. Because if dad had walked in instead of us two, which almost happened, until we persuaded him to take a nap, you two would probably have ended up dead.” Archie swallowed, looking at the two of you, a small smile on his lips. “We’ve gotta go anyway, Jughead just came to pick up his stuff.”

“Have fun, you two. But not too much fun,” Beanie Boy winked, making you blush as you watched them leave. Jughead locked the door, smirking at the both of you and closing the door.

“Well, that went well.” FP laughed, leaning in to kiss you gently.

“Better than well,” you smiled, resting your forehead against his. “Much better.”

Photographs (Pt. 2)

Harry still wasn’t sure if his decision to end your relationship was for the best or for the worst but through work and his busy schedule, he was only concentrated on his new interviews and promos. He wasn’t a workaholic. No. But he wanted a distraction. And his career was willing to offer him just that. He had almost persuaded himself that he was over you. That he only saw you as an old friend of his and not as his passionate lover who used to spoil him with her love and her support. But as soon as such thoughts made their appearance in his mind, he started working again in order to think of nothing but his new appointments.

But what happened when he was all alone in his home and you weren’t there to welcome him and relax him? What happened when work was no longer able to fill his mind and keep his thoughts away from you? What happened when he finally understood he shouldn’t have let you go? He started reminding himself why you were so important to him. That’s what happened.

He had fooled himself if he ever believed he could forget you. Even the simplest of things reminded him of you. When he was preparing his lunch, he couldn’t help but remember the times when you had cooked his favourite meal to help him get his mind of off his hectic day or when he would place his hands on your hips when you were doing the dishes; because leaving them dirty overnight is nasty, as you always said to Harry. Or when he was watching a movie, the thought of you snuggling closer to him and peppering each other with kisses and of course hugging him very tight throughout a horror movie would flood his damn mind; he had connected everything to you.

According to him though, the hardest time came by the night. When it was finally time to go upstairs and be met with the warmness of sleep. The thing was, he couldn’t sleep properly anymore. After some time of being asleep, he often found himself placing his arm near him, where your usual spot was, absentmindedly, but he was only met with coldness and emptiness instead of his lovely and welcoming girl who always slept with him. It was coming to a point where he felt, if not knew, that not being with you was an utter torture. Sometimes, he would be with his group of friends or with his family, but he would still feel like a part of him was absent. He couldn’t take it. It was slowly driving him insane. And what killed him more was not knowing if you felt the same. If he caused you so much pain as well, because he knew for sure how it felt being separated from you, or if you had found somebody new who would heal your wounds with the love he was only supposed to provide you with.

“What have I done to yeh and us, Y/N?”, were the words that were permanent on his lips. Sat on the bed he long ago shared with you, hands on his face and warm tears wetting his cheeks was his current position. He felt lost. He felt so numb that he was surprised he felt a jolt of pain when his foot kicked something under the bed he was sitting on. He hesitantly kneeled down to have a look and a simple box was staring right back at him. He didn’t remember having purchased a new pair of shoes recently so he just discarded the lid and the revelation of photographs picturing you two, came like a rushing wave. He had erased the box from his memory. He of course remembered all the photographs taken when you were a couple but he didn’t remember agreeing when you had suggested you both keep copies of the photographs. But now, he definitely remembered.

He placed his hand in the box and picked up a photograph. Not a particular one. Just one. And he wished he hadn’t.

“When was the last time I kissed you?”, you asked out of the blue and you were met with a smirking Harry.

“Hmm, I think ten minutes ago when we were cookin’ dinner”, he said before bringing the fork full of pasta to his lips.

“How did I manage to resist for so long?”, you acted being shocked and got up from your seat ready to share a kiss with your hungry boyfriend. Just as you were about to lean in, he filled his mouth with pasta and without thinking twice, you kissed him.

“Love, yeh have a bit of tomato sauce on yeh”, he said chuckling and you started laughing.

“Where? Where?”, you were feeling a little bit gross, but it was your decision to kiss him while he was chewing.

“Here baby”, he said before snapping the picture.

“Meh lovely tomato stained girl”, he said before grabbing your waist and kissing you while staining his mouth with tomato sauce as well.

All these memories made him curse under his breath. He started to wonder if you ever looked at the pictures as well. A part of him hoped you didn’t because if you did and you hadn’t called or sent a message, even accidentally, this meant you had moved on. And he couldn’t bring himself to handle this. His hand picked up another photograph and a smile made its way on his lips before more tears started blurring his vision. It was the last photo of you together.

Harry’s mom, Anne, had invited you over for a small gathering at her house. She knew the beautiful relationship between the two of you and she hoped it would last a lifetime.

“Harry, pass me the salt dear”, she said to her son and he happily obliged. He was so content you were getting along with his family that he couldn’t stop his smile from forming every now and then.

“I have an idea! Only if it is possible of course”, you said suddenly, getting everyone’s attention.

“Go on darling”, Anne encouraged you enthusiastically. You had the greatest ideas and Harry’s family was more than eager to participate.

“When we were coming with Harry, I couldn’t help but notice the perfectly decorated backyard. I was wondering if we could all go there after we finish dinner and have a few drinks along with some music!”.

“Like a small party yeah?”, Gemma completed and you nodded. Everyone agreed and after some time you were all outside.

“Yeh have brilliant ideas baby. Meh mom would never want to have a party unless she had it organized two weeks ago. Whereas your idea of a small gatherin’ just like a party was very smart”.

“Aw thank you Harry. It is nothing really. Anyone could have suggested it. But I wanted to cherish this backyard like crazy”, you said and just then Harry’s lips met your forehead. He was very proud and appreciative of you.

Just then, you heard it. A click. And this time, the photograph was not taken from either of you. It was taken from Anne. And she couldn’t choose a more perfect time to snap it.

“My two lovebirds”, she said and smiled while leaving you two be.

This was the last push. He knew it was time he got you back. He realized what a huge mistake he had made and honestly, he was okay, pleased even with the idea of making it up to you his whole life. The only thing he was wishing for was for you not to have moved on. But how could he ever think you had the strength to do that?

His feet carried him to your house. It wasn’t much of a distance and right now, he was thanking God. Before he was ready to knock on your door, he saw you. You were in your bedroom and you were doing what he had been doing some moments ago. You were looking at a photograph.

“I knew it. I’m comin’ baby”, he said and then, he knocked.

You were startled hearing the knocks on your door, because you were sure you weren’t expecting any visitors. Besides, it was late in the evening so no one would come at such an hour. When you opened your door, you choked on your own breath. He was the last person you expected to see on your doorstep. You took a good glimpse of him and knowing it would wreck you, you brought your eyes to his. His eyes were dull. They weren’t shining like before. They had lost their happiness; their life.

“What happened to your eyes Harry?”, was your only question. He was taken aback from your reaction but when he comprehended what you had just said, he smiled through his tear stained cheeks.

“They weren’t looking at you every day”, he said before showing you a piece of paper. You instantly started tearing up when you saw the picture he was holding out for you to see. It was the picture you were holding as well. The picture in which you two were kissing on your first date, right on your doorstep. How was this possible?

“Harry, h-how?”, you stuttered showing him the photograph you were holding as well. You felt a bit intimidated; it was like fate was playing tricks on you and it enjoyed it too.

“Whenever I wanted to sleep well in the night, I always held this picture close to meh. I guess I knew that this picture is as important to meh as it is to yeh. We are one Y/N. We make a whole. And I was a complete idiot fo’ lettin’ yeh slip through meh fingers. I wish we hadn’t let all this time pass us by. Is it too late now to make up fo’ it?”

You were distant. Yes, you were because the pain he had caused you was something unbearable. You only knew how strong you had to be not to witness yourself collapsing due to heartbreak. But as you were looking deep in his eyes, you suddenly knew you were the one for him and he was the one for you. He made a mistake but he looked determined to make it right. So you did the only thing you wanted to do all this time you had spent sitting alone and crying over your photographs; you kissed and hugged him like he was about to disappear once again and you would lose him for once and for all.

“I promise yeh Y/N. I am not leavin’ yeh again whether you like it or not”, he said before kissing you again, recreating the context of the photograph you were both holding that night.

Part two to Photographs was requested so here it is! I hope you guys liked reading it! Feedback is very much appreciated and don’t hesitate to express your feelings about my work! Requests are open and I will try to come back to you with the requests I have already received! Don’t worry loves! As I always say, more is yet to come! Stay tuned!

Pulling off a heist in D&D 5E

Our most recent session saw us plotting a heist on board the casino boat The Golden Goose.  The casino owner, Lord Drylund, had information we wanted and we needed to get to him.  Our GM gave us a week to scheme and plan and three actions each to perform to prep for our heist. And we did!

With a few lucky rolls (plus one not lucky one) and Plans A, B, & C in place, we began. Our halfling bard was performing on stage, our dragonborn got a job in the kitchen, our elven monk had joined the rowers down below (and was chained to the wall after having sabotaged the boat roof for a contingency plan), and our human thief and myself (a human wizard) boarded as wealthy passengers. 

Plan A: the dragonborn slips our truth serum in Lord Drylund’s food, giving the thief and me a one-hour window to get to his cabin on the top level and talk to him.  The cabin is off of a hallway, guarded from the dance hall by two guards. There’s also a wizard woman who is the head of security and keeps order on the casino floor on the main deck. We manage to avoid rousing suspicion from her or the small group of city watchmen who decided to show up to gamble too. And our monk is trying to win over the other slave rowers with a sing-a-long and jokes.

Plan A starts just fine. We get past an unexpected encounter with a former acquaintance of our thief, who has glasses made from a Gem of Seeing and so knows who he really is and almost blows our cover, but buys his silence with an Amulet of Nondetection.  Our thief almost persuades the guards to let us through to see Lord Drylund with our fake documents. But they refer us to the bouncer/wizard, who isn’t completely convinced and asks us to try again in a few hours. 

Well, balls. Time to change plans.

Plan B: we go loud. I cast Fog Cloud at 4th level and obscure the entire boat right as we happen to be going through a rough patch of the river called “the chucks,” plunging everyone into chaos. I then cast Invisibility and Nondetection on the thief, since we know of the Alarm spell beyond the door. Our thief applies our sleeping potion to the guards by the door, I use Dispel Magic to bypass the Arcane Lock and then he picks it record time (gotta love a natural 20!).  We also steal a Staff of Power from a rich young idiot in the confusion because we can. Additionally, our thief pickpockets the Gem of Seeing and puts the glasses on. 

The ship hits a large rock in the chucks and a hole is ripped in the lower level of the boat.

Our dragonborn starts making her way out of the kitchen and trying to feel her way to the rest of us upstairs. And our monk has secured the help of one older lady and through some impressive acrobatics he manages to get through the hole in the hull, climb the side of the boat, set her on the roof, jump back down two levels to retrieve his gear, and then start berating the half-orc slave drivers about the wrongs of slavery.  (I’m really not sure what his intentions were there.) 

The three of us on the upper level get into the hallway. Our thief discovers the door to Lord Drylund’s cabin is a mimic because of his glasses, so he and our halfling start fighting it.  I cast my own Arcane Lock on the door to slow down pursuit, as well as Grease at the opposite ends of the hall near the ship’s bridge, before joining the fight. Our dragonborn stumbles across guards on the main level and just incinerates them with Hellish Rebuke—but now the boat’s on fire and slowly sinking.

We get through the door, find Lord Drylund with a bejewelled sword, and he attacks us… by throwing an octopus from his fishtank at our halfling.  We start interrogating him and he tells us everything we want to know before being telepathically killed by a kraken.  (I was caught off guard by this too.)  We loot the room and then escape through the roof where our monk had weakened it. 

We meet up with the older lady on the roof, get to a lifeboat, manage to get all of our party on this thing and start trying to make our escape as the wizard bouncer lady throws an angry fireball at us before dousing The Golden Goose in frost spells to put out the flames and seal the hole.  As we limp away in our stolen lifeboat and our thief carves the name Ocean’s Elven into its side (because it’s a genius name), my wizard lights his pipe, regards the charred casino boat, and comments: 

“Looks like their Goose just got cooked.” 

(From the bottom of the lifeboat, our monk screamed “YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!”) 

And there were facepalms all around. 

Best. Heist. Ever.

Arranged Love Pt.19 {the end} | Jungkook

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 14.5 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Epilogue

Summary: When you and Jungkook are forced into an arranged marriage for publicity, you never expected to find yourself falling for him - even if you know it’s wrong.

Word Count: 3,440

Genre: Fluff/angst

A/N: Here it is, the last part to AL ): Expect an epilogue and a post to show my appreciation and gratitude for all that we’ve been through <3

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For my own part, I find it exceedingly difficult, even at this time, to determine, in which of the Learned Professions I shall list myself.  When I hear a Man of improv’d Education, speak from the Goodness of his Heart, Divine Truths with a persuasive Eloquence which commands the most solemn Silence and serious Attention from all his Audience, my Soul burns to be in his Place.  When I hear of One who shines at the Bar, and overcomes Chicanery and Oppression, who pleads the Cause of helpless Widows and injur’d Orphans, who at the same time that he gains lasting Fame to himself, disperses Benefits to Multitudes, the same emulous Ardor rises in my Breast.  When I hear of another, who has done eminent Service to Mankind, by discovering Remedies, for the numerous Train of Disorders, to which our frail Bodies are continually subject, and has given Relief to Numbers whose Lives without his Assistance would have been insupportable Burthens, I can’t refrain from wishing to be an equal Dispenser of Good.

Thus I am agitated.  ‘Tis beyond far beyond the Power of one Man to shine conspicuous in all these Characters.  One must be determined upon, and I am almost persuaded that it would be that of the Divine, if this did not preclude me from bearing Arms in Defence of my Country (for I can’t read with Indifference the valiant Acts of those, whose prudent Conduct and admirable Bravery have rescued the Liberties of their Countrymen, and deprived their Enemies of power to do them Hurt.)


John Laurens to his uncle James Laurens, in a letter dated April 17, 1772

For those of you curious about John wanting to enter the seminary

Previously on Once Upon A Time…

Hook punched Hook in the face for kissing Emma

then Emma was separated from Hook and ran into Hook before making her way back home to Hook

then Hook went to rescue Henry, got knocked out by Hook, regained consciousness while Hook hung out with Henry and pretended to be Hook, before realising that Emma was pregnant with Hook’s child and feeling guilty so he went to help Hook, but Hook was already awake again and stabbed Hook, who almost died, except Hook persuaded Emma to save him, so then Hook went back home with Emma while Hook went off with Emma’s son to try and find his daughter

Next up: Hook impersonates Hook in order to fool Hook into thinking that Hook is really Hook, but he’s not, but then Hook finds out and punches Hook in the face while Hook stabs Hook, and Hook and Hook duel, and then Hook hugs Hook while Hook hooks Hook with the hook

Lotor and Haggar. Mother-son relationship or something else?

One of the strongest scenes from the whole third season happens in the fifth episode. We finally get to see how Haggar and Lotor interact.

Haggar orders a general to follow Lotor and monitor his activities. This first part of the scene seriously shook my previous idea about Haggar being Lotor’s mother. Here, she speaks about him with displeasure and dusgust and she doesn’t trust him one bit.

I fear Lotor’s focus wavers since his return. I knew there was a risk in bringing him back after such a long absence and I worry about the path he leads us down. I need you to keep an eye on him. Follow his battle-cruiser and report any suspicious behaviour to me.

I seriously feared for Lotor’s life during the rest of the episode, until I saw the continuation.

The screenshot is pretty bad, but when Haggar hears Lotor’s step, she looks worried, if not scared! This is highly unusual of her, considering both how few emotions she usually shows and her assertive demenour.

Further, she speaks to Lotor in a pronoucedly calm, persuasive voice, as if speaking with a child:

I know many ideas flow through your head, like you father’s. But the empire need your leadership in these troubling times.

To which Lotor reacts with an outburst of aggression:

I am a leader! Just not my father.

Mentioning Zarkon was such a wrong step here. It seems like Haggar wanted to flatter Lotor by comparing him to the emperor, but the only thing she did was anger him. She really doesn’t know how to manipulate him. Either she never bothered to study what he want and likes, or he changed a lot during his exile and lot methods don’t work any more.

And yet this persuading, almost lulling voice of hers was so familiar… The last time she spoke like that was when she attempted to make Zarkon let her finish her quintessence experiment and not send the ships out for Voltron immediately, like Prorok suggested:

And she succeeded! Zarkon decided for her opinion almost immediately.

Still, what worked with Zarkon doesn’t work with his son(anymore?). Lotor and his generals have this open kind of communication, he doesn’t need the witches whisper in his ear. Haggar is unsure of how she should handle Lotor. He scares her, like any unpredictable yet powerful political player would. Her attempt to control him fails (RIP general Roth). By the end of the episode, she is almost out of options, she feels that she starts losing to Lotor. I wonder if this scene was the one that made her try to wake Zarkon up forcefully by looking into his mind.

I wonder what season 4 will bring us.

See also: my masterpost for theories and meta.

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Headcannons about how Evie had to break Harry's heart so bad so he wouldn't miss her leaving. She broke his heart into tiny little pieces and made sure she would hate him so he can move on with his life?

oooh, such angst anon. this should be interesting.

  • grimhilde is especially against the thought of her daughter dating anyone who wasn’t a prince, so when she hears of evie dating a pirate, all hell breaks loose. she turns into that evil step-mom who will do anything to break them up
  • but no matter what grimhilde’s thrown at them, harry and evie have managed to foil all her attempts, only growing closer and their relationship strengthening over time. they’ve lasted for almost a year already
  • it’s when evie is chosen to go to the isle that grimhilde finds this the perfect opportunity to break them up for good. once evie goes to auradon, she’ll forget about him and find herself a nice prince with a nice castle
  • evie tells harry she’s been chosen, but she’s worried about them not being able to handle a long distance relationship. harry is almost reluctant to let her go, but he knows that this has been her dream ever since she was a child so he lets her. but, that doesn’t mean they won’t last. harry is determined to make it work, declaring that he’ll also find a way to break out of the isle so they can finally sail the seven seas together
  • grimhilde thinks otherwise - it just wasn’t meant to be. as a master of manipulation, grimhilde is almost able to persuade her daughter into thinking they really wouldn’t work out, not when the people in auradon would most likely refuse further communication with the isle and she’ll be living there permanently. but evie’s able to resist her when she remembers what harry says, so when she refuses to break up with him like her mother suggests, grimhilde has to jump to plan z
  • she manages to manipulate humbert into doing her bidding once more, threatening harry’s life if evie doesn’t break up with him. evie is still skeptical, confident that harry could take down the huntsmen but grimhilde decides to bring maleficent into the equation
  • knowing she no longer has a choice, evie obeys her mother. she doesn’t tell mal, knowing that if mal rebelled against her mother, the consequences would be very severe so she decides that she’s on her own. but she knows that simply breaking up with him won’t do the job, not when he’ll convince her otherwise and the truth will come spilling out. no, she has to break his heart so finely that he’ll hate her and wouldn’t follow her, hoping that at least he’ll be able to move on
  • the day before she leaves for auradon is coincidentally, the day of the anniversary of their relationship. unbeknownst to evie, harry’s planned something big so the timing of it all goes all wrong. evie’s been delaying it as much as possible, trying to enjoy all the time she has with him before finally breaking his heart. the perfect opportunity arises when she’s walking with jay, and harry spots them 
  • harry is about to surprise her, when she surprises all of them by kissing jay on the lips (she puts a finger on top of her lips so they don’t actually kiss but it looks like they do) and harry buys it. both harry and jay are shocked, and when evie pulls away she looks rather smug. harry yells at her, asking how long its been going on for and evie says its been a few months. jay’s about to protest but evie shuts him up. harry and evie get into a screaming match, with harry eventually throwing her the pendant he was supposed to give her and storms off
  • jay is entirely confused, and when harry’s out of sight, he’s about to reprimand her when he finds evie breaking down. the whole truth comes spilling out and despite him wanting to tell someone, evie makes him promise not to
  • that’s the last time harry and evie see each other before evie leaves
  • she tries moving on in auradon, but finds herself unconsciously comparing everyone to harry (she finds the princes quite bland, much preferring pirates) and so focuses on her fashion line instead. mal notices that her newest collection involves a lot of red and some ripped shirts, and that she’s always wearing this pendant around her neck but never has the heart to ask about it
  • when evie returns back to the isle to rescue ben, she finds out that harry’s sided with uma and that they were possibly much more than first mate and captain. evie can do nothing but smile; while she’s bitter, she’s happy that at least one of them has gotten their happily ever after
you never loved me, you loved what i could give you - jennie kim scenario

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jennie x reader

prompt 24 - “you never loved me, you loved what i could give you” (x)

word count: 496

you know jennie doesn’t truly love you, and you’ve finally drawn the courage to do something about it.

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Family Dinner

AN: This is my first attempt at writing anything substantial in 10 years. I’m extremely terrified excited to post it.  I’m happy to be getting back in the game.  Please be gentle with me. Having said that, any constructive criticism is welcome. If you notice any spelling or grammatical errors (which I hope you don’t), I apologize. Feel free to point them out to me. Enjoy! And let me know what you think!

Summary:  You and Howard go way back to the days of the war. Back then you had it all. A job that you thought was important, friends, even love. But, those days were a long time ago and a lot had happened since then. People important to you had died. Others had moved on with their lives. Even Howard had gotten married and had a kid. A headstrong kid he didn’t always see eye to eye with. A kid who was coming home for the weekend, unbeknownst to Howard. Could this end in anything but an argument? 

(Steve x Reader mentioned)

Warnings: Language; Good, old-fashioned Stark family angst

“I think you need to check your math.”

Howard was crouched over his desk, surrounded by parts. He looked over his glasses at you, “Darling, I’m a genius. I know what I’m doing.”

“I’m thoroughly convinced that’s not true. It’s my personal belief that you never know what you’re doing. You just consistently get lucky.” You smirked, feeling as though you had the upper hand in the conversation.

“Well, you’re not entirely wrong. However, I am a genius. How long have you known me?”

“Long enough for me to know that in the time you’ve taken to argue with me, you’ve also been checking your math.” Your smirk widened into an all out grin at the defeated look on his face.

“Alright, you got me. Master spy, indeed. Do you see everything?”

You looked at him for a moment before speaking, “Yes. Yes, I do.”

“What are you doing lounging around here anyway? Shouldn’t you be off, fighting bad guys or going undercover or doing whatever it is you do exactly?” You started to answer, but he held up his hand and looked at you seriously. “I don’t actually want to know what that is.”

You rolled your eyes at him. “Oh, please. You already know what it is I do exactly, Howard. You should. You work with SHIELD, too. Don’t be so dramatic.”

“I’ll ask again, how long have you known me?” He laughed, “But really, what are you doing here?”

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Proper Behaviour

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Word count: 2650

Characters: Jace x reader, Alec, Izzy

Warnings: Emotional manipulation, fighting

Summary: Jace has doubts about the relationship between the Institute’s newest recruits.

This was it. The beginning of a brand new adventure.

“Hey, Y/N. Slow down a bit. They’re not expecting us for another hour, you know,” Lewis grumbled from behind you. You spun on your heel and stuck out your tongue at him, fully aware how childish you were being.

You would never understand him, even if he was your parabatai. “We’re moving to a new city, Lewis. And look how amazing it is! You could at least be a little enthusiastic!”

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Maybe that’s the problem


Word count: 2939

Summary: You go to one of philip hamiltons famous parties, and next thing you know, you wake up in his house. shit happens.

Au: Highschool Au

Pairing: Philip x Reader

Warning:  Uh. French, mentions of sex??? but really just. the word, underage drinking/smoking (dont do drugs kids) i think thats it.
Note:good god guys, I really loved writing this. Also, I always think of so much to say in the notes when i’m actually writing, but now i forgot all of it. No proofreading, we die like men. I love Georges, anyone wanna see a georges fic?  AND Want this to be a multipart fic???? And yeah. I listened to Initiation from The Weeknd, so i recommend you do to. Even if it doesn’t have much to do with the story YET.  And georges is sleeping with philip, im sure. (you will understand later) Enjoy. Thats it. Also thanks to @fanfrickinhamiltasticimagines for helping me with the name so philips generation. Check her out guys. She hella cool. Done. Oh. @lookaroundlookaroundhowlucky wanted to be tagged. okay im out.

“You’ve never been to a Hamilton-Party?!”

You couldn’t help but giggle at your friend Abigail, her eyes were widened in shock. “I’ve already told you a thousand times I’ve never been to any parties, Nabby”, you reminded her, before taking a seat next to the girl. Abigail lifted her shoulders, giving you a shrug. “Yeah, but the ones at Hamiltons’ are different. I didn’t know you meant those too”, she alleged, plunking down into the chair. Raising an eyebrow in amusement, you explained yourself. “I told you my parents are trying to prevent me from underage drinking at all costs. How was I supposed to find a way to go there anyways?” Your words made your friend twist her mouth. “Hmm”, she hummed, hesitating. She seemed to be contemplating something, which made you curious in an instant. “What are you thinking about?”, you asked her, shifting around in your seat. “Oh nothing”, Abigail informed you, as a wide smile began spreading across her face, “I was just wondering what I should borrow you for tonight! We’re gonna pay the Hamilton Estate a visit!” Reluctant, you crossed your arms. “I don’t know. I mean, I’m not even invited. And if my parents would find out…”, you didn’t even bother to finish your sentence. Your parents were horribly strict and it already took you almost a week to persuade them to let you stay overnight at Abigail’s home. “Come on, don’t be such a party pooper! I’ll be with you, and it’ll be fun. Trust me!”, she reassured you, grabbing your shoulder. “Nobody will find out! And you don’t need an invitation! Everybody can go. Okay? Are you with me?” A deep sigh escaped your throat, before you slowly nodded. “I’m not gonna regret this, am I?”, you joked, but all you received was a shrug, before Abigail left the room.

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All I Wanted; C.H. 9

A/N: I’m sorry I didn’t update like I said I would, it’s my best friend’s birthday weekend and I didn’t have one coherent thought in the last 48 hours.

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 , part 5, part 6 , part 7 , part 8

But his gaze had found me first. His focus is completely on me, his eyes flicking from my outfit – which covered everything, and I mean everything – to my face, which I’m fairly certain that isn’t visible to his wandering gaze. I lift my hand to grant him with a small wave and I can’t suppress the giggle when I see his eyebrows shoot sky high.

He raises to his feet and I can’ help it. I hope he’s ready to play a little game. I swiftly turn and disappear back into the kitchen for a refill of my drink. I haven’t seen him actually get up and follow me, but I can sense him near.

When I cock my head, I see Calum’s larger frame trying to decipher where I had wondered off to. He spots me and I see it as my cue to disappear into the hallway this time, jogging up the stairs. But Calum’s faster this time and catches up to me in no time. Before I know it, I’m pressed against the wall and the tall frame of Calum Hood is blocking my way.

“Where are you wondering off to?” Calum whispers. I don’t say anything. I lick my lips slowly, crossing my arms over my chest as I lean my shoulders against the wall.

“Do you realise you’re the only one dressed rather properly tonight? I’ve been drawn to you as soon as I saw you.” Calum mumbles as he presses me further into the wall. I’m not sure still if he knows who he’s speaking with, but for now I keep quiet. I chuckle, letting the breath slip through my nose as I bump my head against the wall.

“And you’re awfully quiet. Also very intriguing…” Calum trails off, his fingers tickling along the side of my waist, his body inching closer with every breath we take.
“I didn’t know I could intrigue you, Calum.” I whisper, his eyes widening when I speak up. “Y/n?” He takes a step back, but still keeps his hand resting on my hips. “Seriously? I should’ve known it were you.”

“I may have been messing with you the slightest bit.” I laugh, my own fingers ghosting over Calum’s ribcage as I grasp his shirt of both sides of his waist, slowly inching him closer again.
Calum pushes my hood backwards, but not off of my head, so he can see my face, but still hiding me from view of any spectators.

His hand reaches up to cup my neck and he pulls me closer, crashing our lips together. His lips taste like alcohol and cigarettes, his touch burning my skin. He steps closer and presses me back against the wall roughly, his second hand cupping my neck as well. I whimper into the kiss, my own hands resting on Calum’s wrists, fingertips digging into the soft, tender flesh.

“Are you spending the night?” Calum mumbles against my lips before retreating, but still hovering over my hidden face. “Yes. But sadly, not with you.” I mumble as I let my hand rest on Calum’s sharp jawline, eyes flickering between his saddened gaze and his plump, pink lips.

“Isn’t there something we can do about that?” Calum whispers, gaze flicking between my eyes as I glance at his bottom lip pulled between his teeth. I sigh, rather forcefully, as I let my fingertips roam over Calum’s clothed chest. “How would I explain not spending the night but being here in the morning?” I mumble, letting my eyes drift closed as I lean against the wall completely.

“You could sneak out before Meredith wakes up, Y/n..” Calum breathes as he leans closer again, his lips leaving a ghostly trail along my collarbone as he makes his way towards my jaw. As much as I want this to happen, there are too many scenarios where this goes wrong. As much as I want it to, I can’t backstab my best friend like this. As much as I want it to, I know Calum.

“If you feel the same way about this in a few weeks, we’ll figure something out.” I speak up as Calum reaches my lips, catching mine again in a passionate, almost trying-to-persuade-me kiss and I can’t help but breathlessly moan against Calum’s warm lips. I let my hands roam upwards and I cup his neck just as he pulls away from me. “I don’t think I can wait a few weeks.”

The warmth that spreads through me surely isn’t just from his kind words. I press my legs together at his need for me – apparently – and pull him closer to me once more. If I had to wait for a more reasonable time to take this any further, I sure as hell was going to enjoy the present just as much.

We make out for a few moments – although I believe almost an hour has passed – before we break from both of our phones vibrating. The boys are questioning Calum’s whereabouts, as well as Meredith does mine. With one last, soft kiss against my lips Calum disappears off of the stairs, only his cape still dragging across the marble steps as he leaves me panting against the hallway wall.

I wait until the hallway is clear, several minutes after Calum had disappeared before making me reappearance in the kitchen. Meredith is leaning against the counter, talking to Michael – I’m sure they were making out a second before I entered – and she swiftly turns her head as soon as she sees my red cape arrive.

“Where the hell have you been?” She sounds accusing and I can feel the frown set onto my features as she speaks. “Not that I need to defend myself, mom, but I saw an old high school mate who I rekindled with. I hadn’t seen her in years.” I shrug my shoulders, winking at Michael as I fill a cup with beer from the keg underneath the kitchen table.

“Do I know her?” Meredith questions again as I rise to my full height again and I roll my eyes now that my face is still covered by my hood. As I turn, I flip the hood off of my head, exposing my face to the nearby partygoers. Some wave as they now realise who it is and I wave in return before focusing my attention back on Meredith.

“No, you don’t. It was in my last year.” I realise I’m being rather mean to my friend so I grant her with a bright, all-teeth-showing smile, holding my cup out to her as some sort of apology as I reach for a second cup to fill it for myself.

“Have you seen any of the boys?” Michael questions as he raises his chin, trying to look above the partygoers for his mates. I shrug my shoulders, raising my now full cup to my lips. “I just passed Calum who was actually going towards Ash and Luke, but I don’t know where they were.”

“I’m going to go look for them. Later babe, Y/n.” Michael kisses Meredith quickly before nodding in my direction and disappearing in the mass.
“So… Tell me. What happened? Because that grin is too bright for just a plain rekindle.” Meredith wiggles her eyebrows and I roll my eyes again, this time for her to see.

“Can’t I just be having fun and smile? Come on, let’s go dance.” My fingers curl around Meredith’s wrist as I drag her into the mass of dancing people in the living room area and start swinging my hips in the most inappropriate manners.


When I crawl into bed beside Meredith, she’s quiet at first. So quiet that I actually thought she had already fallen into a slumber, so my whole body shakes when I hear her voice whisper through the silent house.

“I saw Calum with another girl again.” She speaks so casually, her hands folded on top of the sheets as her gaze is trained on the white ceiling. She glances at me though and I raise an eyebrow, sucking my bottom lip between my teeth. “Oh, really?”

I hope she doesn’t hear it. My own words still linger through my head. If you feel the same way about this in a few weeks, we’ll figure something out. Apparently Calum wasn’t planning on waiting for anything. But Calum was known to get what I wanted as soon as he decided to want it. I feel my chest tighten and my mouth go dry. I don’t want to have this conversation, and definitely not with Meredith.

“Yeah, you know –“ Meredith pauses and turns her on her side so she could face me, a small smile on her lips but still a frown on her overall features. I hum in response, my gaze trained on her chin as I wait for her to continue.

“She had a cape exactly like yours. Although I believe it was black, I don’t know. They were getting busy in the hallway.” As soon as the words leave her lips, I can feel my eyes widen and my mouth slowly drift open. Realisation kicks in and I close my mouth briskly, squeezing my eyes closed as I try to suppress a grin. The girl Meredith had seen wasn’t some random girl.

“Oh, I didn’t see her then.”

“I wish I had as an exciting sex life as Calum does.” Meredith sighs and I laugh, rolling my eyes before turning around, facing away from my friend. “Try being in my shoes, you’ll think about it differently.” And with that, the room turns silent again. I can feel the adrenalin course through my veins from my encounter with Calum along with Meredith confiding me that she had witnessed her brother with someone – me. As I feel my eyes slowly drift closed, the last thought that crosses my mind is that I wish I could share this with my best friend.

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Gaslight AU

Orphaned at birth, the only mother Emma Swan ever knew was her aunt Ingrid, a world famous opera singer. When Emma is fifteen Ingrid is murdered by an unknown man, who then ransacks her house, looking for diamonds rumored to have been gifted to the soprano by the Czar of Russia. The house remains empty for years, until Emma returns with her husband, aspiring pianist Killian Jones. Emma soon finds herself misplacing small objects; and, forgetting things. Killian does everything in his power to isolate his wife from other people, he neither allows her to go out have visitors, implying that he is doing so for her own good, because her nerves have been acting up, causing her to become a kleptomaniac, and to imagine things that are not real.

What Emma does not know is that Killian has been using the gas lamps to search the closed off upper floors, which causes the rest of the lamps in the house to dim slightly. When Emma comments on the lights’ dimming, he tells her she is imagining things. The sinister interpretation of the change in light levels is part of a larger pattern of deception to which Emma is subjected, she is almost completely persuaded she is going mad. Her salvation is a friendship made in her teenage years with a boy named Neal Cassidy, now a detective. He connects Jones with Ingrid’s murder and convinces Emma that the only threat to her sanity is her husband’s scheming manipulation. Upon discovery Jones begs Emma to help him escape, which she does- until the last minute she reminds him that, having gone insane, she is not accountable for her actions.

happy misfortune

Part I: reason | Part II: alone | Part III: happy misfortune

December 26th

Remus pulled slowly in front of his countryside home. It wasn’t as majestic looking as Sirius’ house but it was home, it was the place Remus grew up and he loved their old place no matter what. His father had spent months renovating the place, it was old but it was as good as new. As he was trying to get the keys out, the door flew open and Hope Lupin appeared at the door her hands on either side of her hips and a frowning smile on her face. Remus knew that smile too well, she made that face when she wanted to be angry with Remus but she couldn’t find it in herself. Behind her was standing Lyall, his father, with a grin on his face as he mouthed “Be careful” to his son.

It was obvious that Remus had his father’s physique and mother’s kind and beautiful face. He got out of the car and hastily walked to his mother, he hugged her and her feet left the ground for a little while. He had missed his mother the past few months he hadn’t seen him because he had so much to do. Hope had tried to make him come home every now and then but something had came up each time. The Christmas dinner he had missed was a huge family gathering unlike New Year’s Eve where they would invite Remus’ old school friends and their families. Remus had missed the rest of his family, too, but the snow storm had kept him from coming.

“Remus Lupin, put me down,” she said firmly as she tried to stifle her laugh. “If you think I will forgive you for missing Christmas dinner just for sweeping me off of my feet, you are wrong.”

She had already turned around and left before Remus could come up with a smart answer, so he launched himself on his dad. After a long hug with infinite number of pats on each others backs they separated.

“It’s good to have you back, son,” smiled Lyall as he made his way back in. “Your mum could use some help in the kitchen, you know how clumsy I am.”

“Remus!” yelled Hope from the kitchen. “I thought you had a guest.”

“Oh shit,” gasped Remus. In the excitement of seeing his parents after a long while, he had forgotten Sirius was in the car and as he turned around to go back to get him, he saw that he was already coming towards them with the luggages.

“I think that’s all,” he reassured with his perfect smile before he dropped the bags at the door and extended a hand for Remus’ father to shake. “I’m Sirius Black, sir, thank you for accepting me.”

“Lupins don’t let people spend holidays alone, Sirius,” he said as he shook Sirius’ hand. “Now get in, it’s cold outside.”

They both tried to take the bags at the same time and gave each other a small concussion but laughed it off like nothing was wrong. Remus’ head was still banging as he heard his mother shout from the kitchen yet again. 

“Remus! Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend, cariad?”

Welsh?” mouthed Sirius before they entered the kitchen, he looked genuinely shocked.

“Oh,” said Hope, she probably was a little taken aback by Sirius’ beauty. “Well, hello Sirius, is it?”

“Yes, ma’am,” replied Sirius politely. “Thank you for letting me come to your holiday dinner.”

“It’s our pleasure,” she smiled. Remus knew they shared that with each other, even the way their eyes squinted when they smiled was similar. “I hope you are familiar with cooking. Lyall just creates chaos in the kitchen, just like Remus, and Peter doesn’t arrive until 30th.”

“I’ll help the best I can Mrs. Lupin,” he assured and turned to Remus with his pale grey eyes. “Where should I put my bag?”

“In Remus’ room,” interrupted Hope before Remus could reply. 

My room?”

“Yes, your room. You forget there will be other people staying here,” scolded Hope as she washed a mug. “Now go and get cleaned up.”

They made their way upstairs to Remus’ old room. It was almost as big as Sirius’ guest room. It had a bed that would easily accommodate two children but only one adult, a gigantic book case in which there was numerous space related books that fed Remus’ curiosity when he was younger. There was a bed fashioned out of a pullout couch that their parents have bought back when James and Peter practically spent the summers with them.

“Sorry about this,” muttered Remus shyly as he put his own bag down. “This must seem like a death trap after your bed–”

“Why are you like this?” asked Sirius with his ridiculous eyebrow raised. “This is perfect, your parents are perfect, you are-”

Sirius suddenly seemed very interested in all the things he could see outside the window next to his bed. 

“We should go downstairs before mum comes here and drags us down from our ears,” pointed out Remus and they made a small stop at the bathroom to wash up before going downstairs for lunch. 

“I hope leftovers are alright,” said Hope in a apologetic tone.

“It sounds perfect, leftovers are better than the actual food anyways,” replied Sirius with his indescribable smile and a spark in his eyes, getting a warm smile from both Hope and Lyall in return. Remus didn’t know why but the fact that his parents seemed to like Sirius was making him really happy, but he still had the biggest test to ace. James Potter and his stupid standards but Remus wasn’t going to tell anything about this to Sirius of course, he was still very uncomfortable about coming to somewhere he was invited at the last minute.

As he ate the leftovers, Remus felt sad that he missed the actual dinner because each bite was more delicious than the other. When they were done, Lyall made them clean out the snow from the driveway.

“Bet this wasn’t what you were hoping for when you got in the car,” teased Remus as he shovelled a big lump of snow to the side. 

“It’s better actually,” grinned Sirius, his hair was in a bun but one stubborn lock was in hanging in front of his face. How was it possible that his bloody triceps were visible from all of the clothes he was wearing? Remus thought he should sign up to the same gym as him, he would probably faint the first time he saw Sirius sweat drenched but it would be worth it.

When the whole driveway was cleaned up, they made their way inside and they found two large cups of cocoa waiting for them on the kitchen counter.

“For your hard work,” explained Hope as he took their coats from them. Remus loved this cocoa ever since he was a small kid but Sirius was staring at the marshmallow filled cup with an utter disbelief on his face. “What’s wrong Sirius, dear?”

“Um, nothing, Mrs. Lupin. It’s just that I’m not used to drinking cocoa,” he replied as he freed his hair from the bun. “My mum was never the cocoa making type.”

He was smiling but even though knowing him for only two days, Remus knew that smile wasn’t genuine. He sat on the chair next to Sirius and watched him take his first sip, he was actually happy the first proper coca he ever had was Hope’s coco because it was magical and Remus could see that magic in Sirius’ expression after he swallowed that first sip.

“This is delicious!” he raved as he stared at Hope with a foam mustache.

“It’s family recipe maybe Remus will give it to you someday,” laughed Hope as she gave Sirius a napkin. “I will gladly make you loads of hot cocoa Sirius.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Lupin,” said Sirius as he caught a marshmallow with his teeth. Just as they were finishing their cocoas Lyall came in with a huge smirk on his face meaning they were not done for the day.

“We need to cut some wood,” he gushed. “Have you ever cut firewood before, Sirius?”

“No, sir, I haven’t,” said Sirius as he licked the remaining foam from his upper lip. “I genuinely think I shouldn’t be trusted with an axe though.”

“Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it looks,” laughed Lyall before he handed them their coats. “Now, come on, that fire isn’t going to burn itself.” 

It was starting to get colder as evening came closer but wood cutting was a tiring business. Lyall was doing it like it was the easiest thing to do, but then again, he had been a carpenter his whole life. Remus was not bad at it but he wasn’t good at it either but Sirius was a complete mess. They had tried teaching him very patiently but at the end of almost two hours they had decided that he was a lost cause. 

“Let’s go inside before one of us gets pneumonia,” warned Lyall as he ushered Sirius and Remus inside. 

“Can I use the bathroom if it’s alright?” asked Sirius as he wiped the sweat from his forehead. “I could use a hot shower.”

“Remus’ bathroom is right across his room, dear,” explained Hope as he hang Lyall’s coat. “Take your time, dinner won’t be ready for another hour.”

“Thank you Mrs. Lupin.”

As soon as Sirius was out of site, Remus’ mother sat across him with a smirk on her pretty face.


“So what?”

“Do you like him?” she asked her brows raised with excitement.

“What are you talking about mum? I just met him,” he shot back trying to stop her from getting excited for nothing, how could she think that an ethereal creature like Sirius would even look at Remus that way. It was ridiculous.

“You can cut the tension between you two with a scissor, cariad,” she whispered so that Lyall wouldn’t hear. He had been very accepting of Remus’ sexuality but he still wasn’t comfortable with talking about his love life which was very understandable. “He is beautiful and kind. Don’t you dare miss him.”

“I can’t force him to like me, mum,” he complained. “Have you seen him? If God created the universe in six days, he created Sirius Black in seven.”

“Tell me,” she began, confident that whatever she will say next will almost certainly persuade Remus. “Who in the world would say yes to an invitation from a man they just met if they didn’t have hopes?”

“He’s an adventurous soul,” he countered.

“Listen to me just this once, cariad.”

“I always listen to you, mum,” grinned Remus.

“Oh please, don’t make me laugh.”

Sirius stood frozen at the top of the stairs, as he listened to the whole conversation. He intended to ask Hope where the towels were just when she asked his son about him and he had the happy misfortune of over hearing the whole conversation which made him weak in the knees.

Deep breaths.

Sirius almost ran into the bathroom door when he heard the mother and son get up. He went in and turned the water on, he would have to improvise the towel situation when he got out.

Time alone in shower wasn’t what he needed at all at the moment, he needed a good strong drink and not overthink what he had just heard. What did he mean by all that? Remus seems like a clever man, would he even like a man he just met a few days? But the thing he said about him being created in seven days, what was that about? Maybe Remus just finds him attractive and nothing more. 

After standing under the running hot water for what felt like days, Sirius finally stepped out of the shower and saw that there already was a clean towel for him. He wrapped the towel around his hips and walked out of the bathroom leaving a steam bath behind him.

He opened the door to Remus’ room and found himself right in front of him who was laying in his bed comfortably playing with his phone. Sirius could easily see that Remus was somewhat blushing but he just thought maybe he wasn’t very good with nudity. 

“I- I was just going to get my clothes,” he mumbled and took his clean clothes from his bag and went back to the bathroom. He got dressed quickly and cleaned the mirror so he can check himself out, if Remus was so impressed with his looks it wouldn’t hurt to look a tad bit better.

Sirius hadn’t stopped thinking about what he had heard a few hours ago. He hadn’t eaten his dinner properly because he was so consumed with the thought. He turned the conversation in his mind over and over again, wondering what Hope had told Remus when she was whispering.

After dinner, they had felt the heaviness of all the work they did that day weigh on them. Both Sirius and Remus excused themselves to go to sleep, both of them had a lot of thinking to do, neither of them knew the other was suffering, too. 

As he took his shirt off to get in his bed, Sirius took his sweet time to show himself off, he had sworn he would abuse the fact that Remus thought he was ethereal. His family might have been a nightmare compared to the Lupins but Sirius couldn’t help but feel thankful for the genetics sometimes.

“Goodnight,” murmured Remus his voice a little hoarse from fatigue and it was so beautiful Sirius almost choked on his own spit.

“Goodnight to you, too,” replied Sirius as he got in the bed and turned towards the wall to drown in his own thoughts.

Air - Shawn Mendes imagine (requested)


Request: I don’t know if u r still doing this but can I have one where the reader is friends with a famous singer who is doing a song with Shawn and the reader writes a song for them and at the end, Shawn and the reader get together and sing the song. Sorry if it’s a lot to ask for.

A/N: I cannot write a song for shiz, okay? So I may have pretended that instead of Shawn writing ‘Air’ you wrote it, and instead of ‘ft Astrid’, it’s ‘ft Jacquie Lee’ okay? Cool.

[Y/n - ‘your name’ Y/l/n - ‘your last name’]

Y/n’s POV

I am humming along to ‘Let it go’ by James Bay as I write another line of the new song. You see, I’m a song writer, but I’m too scared to sing the songs in front of a crowd, so instead of hiding my songs, I write them for other artists. This time it’s for Jacquie Lee and one of my favourite artists, Shawn Mendes.

They recently toured together and during the tour, they had the idea to write a song. Shawn quickly became busy writing songs for his album, so he asked Jacquie to write it for them. See, Jacquie is one of my close friends; I’ve known her since we were 14, so when she asked me to help her write the song, I didn’t even argue.

I just didn’t think I would be writing the whole song. I was piqued with her absence, but yet, being me, I wrote the song. Well, I’m almost finished, I just have to write the bridge and then I’m done.

“Y/n! You in there?” I hear Jacquie’s voice come from outside my apartment door.

I run to the door and open it, looking back into my room to see that I accidentally knocked over a pile of paper in my rush to get to the door.

“Jac, I’m nearly done with the so-” I stop mid-sentence as my eyes meet someone else’s. Shawn Mendes is right outside of my apartment.

“Y/n, you okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost?” Jac grabs my wrists and my attention immediately adverts to her.

“Huh? Oh-um-yeah, sorry. Come in, both of you,” I open my door wider to let Shawn in.

I then grab Jacquie’s forearm.

“Um, Shawn, just make yourself comfortable, I just need to talk to Jacquie for a sec,” he nods and plops down on the couch, instantly going on his phone.

I pull Jacquie into the kitchen.

“What? What’s wrong, Y/n?”

“You brought Shawn - Shawn Mendes - into my apartment without any warning? You know how much I adore him! Oh my god, I look like a mess!” I whisper-yell at her.

“Gosh, Y/n, calm down. It’s not like he cares much. He’s here to see the song and make improvements - that’s all.”

“Okay, fine, just the song that’s it,” she nods before making her way to the living room. I am slightly more hesitant, making sure to look at the microwave screen to check my hair.

As I walk in, Shawns eyes shoot to mine and a smile graces his face.

“Hey, I’m Y/n,” I awkwardly say, pulling down the sleeves of my blue and green flannel.

“Hey,” Shawn says casually. God, I sound like a nervous wreck next to him.

“Um, do you want to see the draft of the song? It’s just in my room.” He nods and stands up, putting his phone in his back pocket.

“Y/n, I have to go I have a meeting with Atlantic records. Shawn, just stay here and help her with the song.” Jac says and closes the door before I can say anything.

“Okay… Anyway, my rooms just here.” I walk into my room, where the walls are filled with pictures of everything I like; my friends, family, places I have visited and places I’d like to visit.

“Wow, I like your room.” I just smile softly at him before pulling out my desk chair and sitting down.

“Um, so here’s the song.” I move the pencils on my notepad out of the way. Shawn places his hand on the desk and the other on the back of my chair, before leaning down near my face to read over my shoulder.

“Trying to hold me down, but I’m surfacing. It’s hard to let you go, but I gotta leave.” 

Shawn sings quietly. I feel his warm breath close to my neck and he hums the tune. I closed my eyes at the feeling.

“These are amazing lyrics. You came up with these on your own?” My eyes snap open and I turn to him. He is, thankfully, looking at my notes.

“Uh, yeah, um, yeah, I wrote them a c-couple of minutes ago actually.” My voice is almost breathless. I am so embarrassed, even if he doesn’t see it.

“That’s so cool. But I have some small, very minor details we can improve,” we spend roughly an hour changing the lyrics, Shawn sitting on the edge of my bed, whilst I sit on my chair.

You, you don’t mean no harm, but you’re stringin’ me along and I don’t have time to spare. And I, I’m trying hard to breathe, but you’re suffocating me. This time I’m coming up for air.” 

Shawn sings perfectly. I watch as he closes his eyes and how his nose crinkles when singing. His hands are in the air, the way singers do, in a way, showing how much passion he is feeling.

“How was that?” Again I snap out of my dream-like state, frazzled and confused.

“Uh, that, that was amazing,” I breathe out smiling. He smiles and looks down at his hands. I turn around to place the notebook back.

“So, Y/n, you write amazing songs. How come you don’t sing them?”

“Oh, I don’t sing. I just write the songs, and then give them to amazing artists, like you, so you can sing them instead,” he just nods, and then a ping is heard. Shawn takes his phone out of his pocket.

“Oh, shoot, I have to go now, Andrew wants me back on the bus,” he stands up and I lead him to the door.

“Thank you, really. For writing the song and letting me help you. I hope to see you soon,” Shawn hesitates before turning away from me and walking down the hallway to the elevator.  

Two weeks later

Tomorrow is the day that Shawn and Jacquie will be performing the new song; I had left the title to be up to the two. They decided on Air; it was a fitting title.  

Throughout the past weeks, Shawn and I have kept in close contact and started hanging out. Today is no different. We are going to meet at a small cafe a few blocks away from my apartment. It is well hidden and the people who go there won’t even acknowledge Shawn’s presence.

I walk down the footpath to the alleyway. The cafe has a door that is on one of the walls of the alleyway, then a set of stairs. The cafe is almost like a rooftop garden. Shawn and I often meet here.

“Y/n!” A familiar voice calls out my name from the other end of the small cafe. Shawn stands as I approach him. He opens his arms and I snuggle into them, wrapping my arms around his waist whilst his go around my neck.

We pull away and I take a seat opposite of him.

“Sorry, I already ordered drinks for the two us. I got the one you always got don’t worry,” In the short time I’ve known Shawn, he’s come to know a surprising lot about me. Not just drink orders, but he knows about my family, friends, what my hobbies are, he even picks up on small gesture I do that show a certain emotion. He’s something else. And I’m also pretty sure it’s obvious I’ve grown feelings for him. I wouldn’t say I love him, but an attraction, which I hope will one day be mutual, is definitely there.

“So how’s writing going? Any new songs?” I nod, getting out my notebook where my new song is written. I always give any new songs I’m working on to Shawn, as he’s an excellent editor and tells me what I need to change and what I need to add.

“Wow, is this for anyone special, ‘cause it’s amazing,” I blush at the compliment.

“No. I just created this one through a spur of inspiration.”

“’He’s completely oblivious, can’t he tell? Can’t he tell?’ This almost sounds like you’re talking about someone. Anyone I know?” I look down at my hands on the table, fiddling with my fingers.

“No, it’s not about anyone specific, but a common feeling. Where ones attracted to someone but the other is completely oblivious or chooses not to care. It talks about the struggles of unrequited feelings,” Shawn nods and turns the pages over, reading Air.

“I’m so excited to sing this song. You’re so talented, you know that right?” Chuckling I nod.

“Considering the number of times you have told me, I sure do.”

We spend the day talking about what the future holds for the both of us, sharing inside jokes and so on.

Soon the cafe is closing and they shoo us out.

“You can come to my apartment if you want?”

“I have a free day so why not, eh?”

As we make it to my apartment, Shawn immediately goes into the living room, whilst I go to the kitchen to grab a couple of snacks.

“Thanks,” Shawn says as I place down a bowl of popcorn and two muffins on the coffee table, knowing it’s his favourite.

“Y/n, I want to ask you something. But please don’t say no before hearing what my idea is,” I just nod and lay back down on the couch.

“Why don’t you come up on stage with me and sing Air?”

“Shawn, I don-” I am about to interrupt, no way am I going up on a stage.

“Don’t shoot it down before hearing me out,” I nod and let him go on.

“I talked to Jacquie and she thinks you should do it, too, because you did write the song, you deserve to sing it. Look, just think about it, you don’t have to answer. Jacquie told me you can sing, you’re just afraid to. Look, the light shines in your eyes and you can barely see the crowd. All you have to do is let go and sing,” I know he really wants me to do it, and he almost persuades me.

“Fine, I’ll think about it. But I don’t know. I could get scared and mess up the words, I haven’t sung in front of a cro-” Shawn gets closer and grabs my hands.

“I’ll be with you up there the whole time. You don’t have to even think about the crowd, just focus on me.” I look down at our hands and notice how perfectly they fit together. I look up at his eyes, they are honest and calming.

“Alright, but don’t you dare leave me, okay? I can’t do this without you,” Shawn smiles so widely and in that moment I want to kiss him. I guess Shawn has the same feeling because no sooner are we leaning in.

I close my eyes and Shawn puts his hand on my cheek, pulling me closer. My hands are on his chest grasping onto his shirt. Our lips connect and in seconds they are moving perfectly. His lips taste of pineapple and blueberries from the smoothie he drank earlier. His tongue enters my mouth and it is a new and exciting feeling. We soon pull away, my hands still holding his shirt, his still cupping my cheeks.

“I’ve been meaning to do that for a while now.” I notice now that his cheeks are pink and his lips slightly swollen from kissing.

“Good thing too. But we should, you know, try again, huh?”

“Oh, definitely, maybe this time a little deeper,” and on to the next kiss, we go.

That night is full of watching marathons of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, and stolen kisses from both ends.

The dreaded night arrives. I wait nervously backstage. Shawn has just sung one of his new songs Strings and now Jacquie is on stage singing Broken ones.

“Hey Y/n, come over here so we can get your ear buds fitted and hidden.” I nod at Geoff’s instructions. Only a couple of seconds pass before Shawn comes trudging in and places his guitar on its stand and plops down on the couch huffing.

“You okay?” I ask, the ear buds hanging off of my shoulders.

“Yeah, just slightly tired, but super excited considering you’re singing next.” I plop down next to him.

“I’m terrified. No one knows me, and this song is by ‘Shawn Mendes ft Jacquie Lee’ - not me. I don’t want your fans to hate me.”

“They’ll love you, trust me!” Shawn kisses my forehead and hugs me into his chest.

“Two minutes, Shawn!” Geoff tells Shawn before leaving the dressing room. It is just Shawn and I and my nerves begin to take over. Shawn holds my hands and tells me it is going to be fine.

Shawn goes on stage and tells the crowd he is going to duet with someone with a new song.

“Give it up for Y/n Y/l/n,” Shawn claps and even though the crowd doesn’t know who I am, they clap and cheer.

“Y/n here actually wrote this song, I just helped her edit, but otherwise she did it all. So today, Y/n and I will be singing our new song, Air.”

Shawn starts strumming the guitar. I clear my throat and watch in complete awe as Shawn sings with such passion and talent singing his first verse.

“Never thought that we would end up here, should’ve known it from the start. 

I know you mean it when you say you love me, but we’re trying way too hard.”

I take a deep breath before singing,

“Used to think that we would last forever, how could I’ve been so wrong? 

Never thought I’d be the one to say this, what if our time has come and gone?

You, you don’t mean no harm, but you’re stringin’ me along and I don’t have time to spare.

 And I, I’m trying hard to breathe, but you’re suffocating me, this time I’m coming up for air. 

Air, air, air, air, air, air, air, air, air, air, air, air.” 

We harmonize perfectly.

I notice that Shawn is right. The light beams down on you so that you can barely see the crowd. With these ear pieces, the loud cheering of the crowd is muffled and it makes me feel more comfortable. I look over at Shawn, his nose crinkled again as he closes his eyes. The amount of passion he has whilst singing is unimaginable. He puts his heart and soul into singing and pleasing the crowd.

Soon we end perfectly and the cheering grows in volume and we both do a slight bow and walk off stage.

“That was so exhilarating!” I yell at Shawn as the crowd is still cheering. He places his guitar on its stand. I feel the adrenaline fill my veins. I feel impulsive and excited. So I do something impulsive; I jump onto Shawn and cup his face and kiss him. I kiss him so hard and full of emotion. We are standing there for a couple of minutes; Shawn holding my thighs and kissing me. We pull away and I look at Shawn’s lips. Lipstick is spread across his whole mouth. He looks adorable.

“Thank you! Thank you for persuading me to sing on stage with you. Thank you, thank you, and thank you,” with every thank you, I plant a kiss on Shawn’s face.

“Well Y/n, thank you for listening to me and singing with me. You were amazing and the crowd loved you.” I just breathe out and feel the adrenaline slowly fade out of my body.

Singing with Shawn is by far the best moment of my life, and I’m even happier I get to share it with a guy like Shawn.