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A collection of the greatest Chris Kreider tweets circa 2011-2012. 

My favorite is the last exchange between him and Kevin Hayes, because Hayesy clearly tweeted in the middle of the class, while Kreids waited to tweet after the class was over.

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My body is ready // I need a hobby // #kidinacandystore // Don’t hold up the bus // #conspiracytheory // big wheeling my texts // I’d be lost without you ;) // let’s go b’s & apologies for the go b’s // #legendsneverdie // sitting in #bonnies class & #nolove

is it weird I sort of ship bits and whiskey? like, calling him by his first name, all the animosity between them (mostly on whiskey’s end) at the beginning of this year, whiskey supposedly being pretty hockey-focused and bits cheering him up after the season – it’s all kind of reminiscent of zimbits, honestly.

Double Teamed (Andre Burakovsky)

Prompt: Could you do one where you’ve been friends with Geno for years and you’re dating Andre Burakovsky and the three of you guy run into each other at one of the playoff games and Andre gets jealous because he didn’t know you knew Geno? 

Andre Burakovsky x Reader

Requested: yes

Includes: jealousy, somewhat sad Andre

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Green Eyed Monster - Leon Draisaitl

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Notes: Hi again, friends! Throwing another Oiler into the mix, because he’s beautiful and because technically it was requested. It was also requested as a smut, but I haven’t written smut in ages so I can’t promise if it’s gonna be good, but I can promise that it’s absolutely filthy, so if this isn’t your cup of tea, run away now. But I hope you enjoy babes!

Mentions: William Nylander

Warnings: Smut, mentions of exes having access to personal information

Smut: Yes | No

Requested: Yes | No

Up Next: Auston Matthews

Teaser: “Are you jealous?” “Of who?” Leon questioned, raising an eyebrow at you. “William.” “That’s a funny joke. He can’t do half the things I can do, baby.”

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Why do I care abput k*ne scoring his 20th goal of the season when there are literal rookies who have scored almost 30……like???????? @the NHL app, show me that sweet matthews goal again

Ice Crew AU

So, yesterday, I went to the caps game (first hockey game ever!) and you better believe I was there doing all the research for more Check Please fics and here is what I came away with (in quick-fic form because I do not need another real fic) (note from four hours later: fucking fuck this turned into a real fic. but not long! NOT long!)(note from the next day: fuckity fuck fuck. so fucking long.)

So, in this fic-world, a few things are different: Namely, Jack did not overdose on anti-anxiety medication. Which means he did go first in the draft and is playing hockey professionally at 18 - except it’s not for the Aces; the Falconers had the first pick that year and so that’s where Jack is. It’s been a couple years so you have: Jack Zimmermann, age 21ish, professional Hockey Player in Providence.

And Jack Zimmermann is good at hockey. Very good. His team won the Cup his second year and now, in his third year, they are looking good. Jack should be on top of the world. And some days, he manages to convince himself he is.

He’s not, of course.

Enter the Ice Crew.

In case you don’t know (as I didn’t until last night), the Ice Crew is in charge of coming onto the ice during the game (like when there is a time-out or stop in play?) and skating around and attempting to get as much loose ice off the rink with shovel-looking things and a trashcan. Then there are also zambonis that come out between the periods. Further research tells me that the Ice Crew is usually a very lucky local hockey team who is totally jazzed to be able to skate on the same ice as the NHL team and gets paid in t-shirts.

Because this is fic, we’re going to do this a little differently. In this alternate universe, the Ice Crew is a collection of young adults who get paid barely over minimum wage to not only work the NHL games but also keep the ice in good condition for most of the day - for practice, other events, for when the college team comes and plays on it, for when it is a public rink for two hours in the morning on the weekends the Falconers are away (but, petals, there is no way an NHL rink would ever be open to the public, this is not Ice Line! hush. let me have my fun. it’s going to be worth it, promise.) They are also in charge of cleaning the locker rooms (and those are private, fear not hockey fans who I’ve already mortally offended.)

Now, I think we can all guess who is in our Ice Crew, but let’s go over them anyway:

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I miss your writing like whoa!!! ❤️

Sorry to make you wait so long! In penance I bring you 7k of an update. Hopefully that makes up for it. A little? Lol. Thanks as always goes out to @toewsme1988 and @boodreaus for all of their help and support!

Part: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight.

It’s quiet in Winnipeg.

Jonny’s not expecting different, not really. It’s the summer in Canada. People are out on the lake and his mom’s calling him about his annual Canadian Tire sponsorship. It’s all normal, or an approximation of. Still, it’s almost too quiet compared to the ever-present buzzing movement and noise of Tampere, a constant simmering energy in the air everywhere he went.

He tries to keep busy. Yoga, Pilates, weight lifting, running, strength training, careful meal preparation and supplement intake. His basement gym is divided into two rooms, one for weight lifting and the other cardio. He’s set off a smaller space for aerobics and stretching, but it feels cramped the longer he’s down there, stifling.

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Jack retires from the NHL after almost 15 years and a couple of Stanley Cups and goes back to coaching youth hockey. He forgot how much he likes working with kids. There’s an innocence there and he remembers his original love of the game. Jack is happy that he’s able to keep passing that on.

He also takes a position with the League as head of a new Mental Health and Substance Abuse department. He works with outreach programs and youth leagues across the US and Canada to tailor information for kids in sports programs, centering on hockey but including information for other things. Jack knows how important these things are and wants kids to know they aren’t alone. He makes sure there are resources in place for kids like him.

Jack has become a bit more open with his own struggles and does a few speeches about his own experience. He still doesn’t love talking about it, but knows it can help others. And Bitty is always there by his side.

He is just determined to make sure that what happened to him doesn’t happen to any other kids. Not if he can help it.

Important dates in the 2015-16 NHL season

I thought I would make this list so you could remember these dates or something, feel free to add any dates that you think are important! I will be updating through the season so watch out for that. This also includes some very hyped events.
Also * signifies that it’s not NHL but it’s still hockey so that’s cool.

-NHL regular season starts October 7th 

 -List of every teams home opener here

-List of every teams regular season schedule here

-Stanley cup banner raising, October 7th at the United center.

-Connor McDavid’s NHL debut, October 8th

-Jack Eichel’s NHL debut, October 8th

-Babcock is back in Detroit, October 9th

-Battle of Ontario, October 10th (first out of four games)

-*NWHL regular season starts, October 11th

-Battle of Alberta, October 17th (first out of five games)

-Brandon Saad is back in Chicago, October 17th

-Rematch of the Stanley cup final, Tampa Bay vs The Chicago Blackhawks, October 24th

-Rematch of the western conference finals, Anaheim Ducks vs the Chicago Blackhawks, October 26th

-Bylsma back in Pittsburgh, October 29th

-Phil Kessel is back in Toronto, October 31st

-Crosby vs McDavid, November 6th

-Rematch of the Eastern conference finals, Tampa Bay Lightning vs The New York Rangers, November 19th

-NHL thanksgiving showdown, New York Rangers vs Boston Bruins, November 27th

-Battle of New York, December 2nd (first of four games) 

 -McDavid vs Eichel, December 6th

 -Holiday Break, December 23rd-26th 

-*World Juniors, December 26th-January 5th in Helsinki Finland

 -Boston Bruins vs Montreal Canadiens, Winter Classic, January 1st 2016

-Battle of Pennsylvania, January 21st (first of four games)

-*CHL top prospects game, January 28th 

 -All-star weekend, January 28th-February 1st 

-*AHL all-star classic, January 31st-Febuary 1st

-Chicago Blackhawks vs Minnesota Wild, Stadium Series, February 21st

 -Detroit Red Wings vs Colorado Avalanche stadium series, February 27th

 -NHL trade deadline, February 29th 

-*NCAA Frozen four, April 7th-9th

 -Last Day of the NHL regular season, April 9th

 -*U18 IIHF championship, April 14-24th 

-*IIHF world championships, May 6th-22nd

 -*Memorial Cup, May 20th-29th

-NHL entry draft, June 24th-25th

-*World cup of hockey, September 17th-October 1st 2016