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1. Chloe Dancer / Crown of Thorns - Mother love bone (holy blast from the past, i used to play this on piano in my angst-ridden teenage years)

2. 715 Creeks - Bon Iver (the live version of this kills me)

3. Should Have Known Better - Sufjan Stevens (top 3 concerts ever)

4. Are You Satisfied? - Marina and The Diamonds (she’s fun)

5. Ritual Union - Little Dragons (i’m oddly addicted to this song)

6. Gimme Sympathy - Metric (metric is like…almost there, but never enough)

7. A Thread Cut with a Carving Knife - Stars (decent song)

8. New Skin - Torres (love her)

9. Futures - Jimmy Eat World (one of my all time fave bands)

10. Wave - Beck (look i like slow string filled music and this is just incredible)

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Being your almost felt like the universe was teasing me
Showing me how I could almost have you, almost touch you, almost be with you
How I was your almost best friend but not completely
How you almost kind of liked me
But not completely
—  Almost // JustScribbledWords
maddmusic reference

this is what i use, i’m only sharing what i experience as i experience it. it might me different for everyone, but i hope this helps 💙

* paradise / coldplay
* oh ms believer / twenty one pilots
* soon / thumbelina
* astronaut / simple plan

* how does a moment last forever (montmartre)
* shouldn’t come back / demi lovato
* dark paradise / lana del rey [warning: this song tends to trigger extremely depressing daydreams, i only resort to this when i’m already feeling significantly sad)
* colors (stripped) / halsey
* the house that built me / miranda lambert
* danny boy / declan galbraith (can be interpreted as parent and child or separated sweethearts relationship)
* bottom of the ocean / miley cyrus
* talking to the moon / bruno mars
* never grow up / taylor swift

* sorry / halsey
* almost is never enough / ariana grande ft. nathan skyes
* just give me a reason / p!nk and nate ruess
* wildest dreams / taylor swift
* need you now / lady antebellum
* the heart wants what it wants / selena gomez
* she will be loved / maroon 5
* hey there delilah / plain white t’s
* what to do / demi lovato
* the last time / taylor swift ft. gary lightbody
* someone like you / adele
* back to december / taylor swift
* cosmic love / florence and the machine
* heart attack / demi lovato
* daylight / maroon 5

* mirrors / justin timberlake
* summertime sadness / lana del rey
* look at me / carrie underwood
* love alone / katelyn tarver
* if you told me to / hunter hayes
* come on get higher / matt nathanson
* when i look at you / miley cyrus
* wanted / hunter hayes
* everything has changed / taylor swift ft. ed sheeran
* a thousand years / christina perri
* all of me / john legend
* catch me / demi lovato
* fearless / taylor swift
* marry you / bruno mars
* begin again / taylor swift
* i see the light / tangled
* young love / kip moore
* death of a bachelor / panic! at the disco
* ours / taylor swift
* let me be your wings / thumbelina
* more than miles / brantley gilbert
* a year without rain / selena gomez
* bright / echosmith
* state of grace / taylor swift
* without you / lana del rey [warning: comes with feelings of dependence on paras, may break the fourth wall]
* drive / halsey
* starlight / taylor swift
* if i lose myself / onerepublic
* salvatore / lana del rey
* can’t help falling in love / ingrid michaelson or twenty one pilots or céline dion or elvis (the original singer)
* malibu / miley cyrus

* treacherous / taylor swift
* pillowtalk / zayn
* take me to church / hozier (especially sinful vibes with this one, watch out)
* wildfire / demi lovato
* casual affair / panic! at the disco
* lust for life / lana del rey (seriously recommend this song, not only is it aesthetically pleasing and sexy but it’s also full of hope and general positive inspiration)
* miss jackson / panic! at the disco
* criminal / britney spears
* crazy in love / sofia karlburg or beyoncé
* stars dance / selena gomez

* already gone / kelly clarkson
* jar of hearts / christina perri
* paper doll / john mayer
* goodbye / miley cyrus
* mine would be you / blake shelton
* when i was your man / bruno mars

* hold me down / halsey
* ballad of mona lisa / panic! at the disco
* gasoline / halsey
* teen idle / marina and the diamonds
* habits / tove lo
* chandelier / sia

* set fire to the rain / adele
* trouble / halsey
* grenade / bruno mars
* wild one / i am harlequin
* nicotine / panic! at the disco
* dear john / taylor swift
* stay / rihanna ft. mikky ekko
* i’m low on gas and you need a jacket / pierce the veil (super emo, suicidal vibes, highly emotional and poetic lyrics)
* love the way you lie / rihanna (there are 2 parts, i personally prefer part 2)
* teddy bear / melanie martinez (her music generally tends to focus on children’s lifestyle which can be creepy and seem pedophilic and i have mixed feelings about her but this one is kinda okay. just warning you in case you’re sensitive to it)
* dollhouse / melanie martinez (same with this one, i actually really like this one)
* cold as you / taylor swift

* clean / taylor swift
* i’m not a robot / marina and the diamonds
* if i die young / the band perry (it’s a reminder of the aftermath of suicide)
* warrior / demi locator
* human / cher lloyd
* human / christina perri (they’re different songs)
* fight song / rachel platten
* try / colbie caillat (on female body image and standards)
* scars to your beautiful / alessia cara (also female body image and standards)
* wide awake / katy perry
* saturn / sleeping at last
* lovely / twenty one pilots
* carry on / fun

YOU’RE MY HOME + FAMILY OF FRIENDS + PLATONIC ROMANCE + JUST HANGING OUT (with a hint of friends with benefits)
* sweater weather / the neighborhood
* love / lana del rey
* she looks so perfect / 5 seconds of summer
* team / lorde
* we are young / fun
* this is what makes us girls / lana del rey
* tennis court / lorde
* 22 / taylor swift
* LA devotee / panic! at the disco
* holy ground / taylor swift
* forest / twenty one pilots
* royals / lorde
* new romantics / taylor swift
* i’m yours / jason mraz
* house of gold / twenty one pilots
* castle on the hill / ed sheeran

* castle / halsey
* how to be a heartbreaker / marina + the diamonds
* heathens / twenty one pilots
* blank space / taylor swift
* dangerous woman / ariana grande
* control / halsey
* can’t be tamed / miley cyrus
* national anthem / lana del rey
* primadonna girl / marina and the diamonds
* centuries / fall out boy
* emperor’s new clothes / panic at the disco
* circus / britney spears
* music to watch boys to / lana del rey
* defying gravity / idina menzel
* homewrecker / marina and the diamonds
* off to the races / lana del rey

an extra bit of advice:

-follow up a series of dark/sad themes with a few happier themes
-try not to engage in the violent/depressing themes, but i know sometimes it’s just too hard to resist, so when you just *have* to daydream violence and the like, if it gets too intense for your health, cut off the music, take a little break, put on a happier song even if you don’t feel like listening to one yet
-please turn the volume down, darling
-drink water!! take breaks
-if you cry, it’s okay

i hope this helps!! sorry to the boys, these are mostly directed @ girls cause i’m a girl and so is my parame :// if you’d like to request more themes, drop them in my inbox or leave a comment and i’ll see what i can do for you!!

Actually, while I’m thinking about it: Team Voltron and the 5 love languages headcanons

(Apparently, according to Wikipedia, the dude who wrote the book says you have a primary and a secondary but like… that’s silly? To me? Are the rest just chopped liver? So I’m not doing that.)

Lance: Our boy is all about words of affirmation.  Did you see him light up when Shiro told him he did good?  Because I sure did. Quality time is big for him, too - he wants to go out on the town and have some pizza with his buddies and get to know people and listen to Coran talk about Altea.  Physical affection is another significant one for him, but touching has been a kind of the emotional equivalent of low-level radiation in his life, so it doesn’t always stand out to him and he doesn’t always notice how much it means to him.

Hunk: Acts. Of. Service.  If Hunk loves you, he will make you a food or build you a device to solve your problem or help you fix your broken thing, and he will have a great non-grumbly time doing it.  Physical affection is also extremely high up there for Hunk.  He needs touch in his life to feel healthy, and is always about a hug.  He’s figured out that quality time is important for Lance and will prioritize it when necessary, but it’s not always something he needs/wants for himself as much as Lance does. 

Pidge: Physical affection, words of affirmation, and acts of service.  Her dad’s talk about her bright future used to get her eyes all aglow, and she still sometimes hears Shiro saying “Go. Be Great.” when she has her eyes closed.  But she’s also definitely a hugger.  Physical affection is important to her and is often a way she gets out the affection she’s trying to express for other people.  She’s one of those slightly-less-common people who tend to display affection a little differently than she receives it.  Words are hard for her sometimes, so acts of service are a big way for her to show she cares about people, and they definitely matter to her, too.

Keith: Gift-giving is one of his biggest things, and that sometimes creates a little bit of a disconnect with the others, because most of his teammates just don’t value that as much as he does.  If you give Keith something, he will treasure it forever and have a very hard time letting it go.  He loves having things with him that can serve as reminders of the people and things he’s loved and, often, lost, and gifts mean you want him to have a part of you, even when you’re gone. Even more than Pidge, Keith feels a disconnect between how he feels inclined to express love and how he wants to experience it, and figuring out his relationships with other people can be a frustrating tangle.  He will bust his ass day and night with acts of service to make sure the world knows he cares, but when other people do things for him, he has a hard time believing it’s for him and not secretly about something else.  In his heart of hearts, he’s dying for a hug, but he struggles with expressing physical affection.  He wants quality time, but often doesn’t know how to ask for or offer it, especially when he believes other people have more important things/people to spend their time on.

Shiro:  Shiro’s one of the best people on the team at reading the kind of affection each team member needs.  His top love languages have traditionally been acts of service and words of affirmation, but he’s learned (painfully) how words of praise can be warped around to sting (Champion) and while it’s still very important to him that he tell other people he loves and is proud of them, physical touch and quality time have become more important to him recently.  He’s often working so hard to prove he cares about the others through acts of service that he doesn’t leave room for them to help him, which can be frustrating.  They want to show him how much they care about him, but he doesn’t always make it easy to find the space to do it in.  Good thing he’s started appreciating hugs more and more.

Allura: QUALITY TIME.  Allura wants to sit among the juniberries with her dad.  She wants to drag Pidge off for long extended girl talk.  She wants to play Hunk’s silly road games and reminisce with Coran, and there’s almost never enough time.  Allura also values gifts highly, up to and including gifts of her own quintessence.

Coran: Words of affirmation and acts of service.  Why is the castle always clean and in working order and with food on the table?  Coran loves them all a lot, that’s why.  He also likes just telling it like it is - his paladins and his princess are all smart and great and doing wonderfully.  A few more thank yous wouldn’t go amiss, because he does need that verbal confirmation that he’s cared for, but he’s also pretty good at reading the other kinds of affection that come at him from time to time.

Music Series: Almost Is Never Enough by Ariana Grande & Nathan Sykes

I think I have two or three requests for this one, and it finally came around in the queue, so looking forward to writing it! Beautiful song. Imagine came to me instantly. Thank you for requesting!

Almost Is Never Enough” by Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes. You can listen to it HERE on my Spotify playlist called ‘I Love You Long Time’.

If you have not listened to this song, or do not remember it, stop and have a listen before you read this imagine. It really sets the tone, I think.

Beautiful…lyrics, piano, vocals… xo



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yellow is an odd color. I always thought that I didn’t like it, that it was too obnoxious & happy.
I thought happiness was rainy days & being alone. maybe that was peace, & maybe peace is what I needed. but now I need to be happy, & yellow is happy.
yellow is the panera where I was supposed to have lunch with james, but the poor sleepy thing was 45 minutes late & he wouldn’t let me buy him coffee.
yellow is the binding of the book encouraging me to wander, & I did, around the store, for half an hour.
yellow is dana’s hat as I stood at the counter of the cafe where she works & we talked about how time heals all.
yellow is the lining of the clouds as I looked up at the sky & realized I don’t want to be alone anymore.
yellow is happy, & I like being happy.
—  today was a good day

GUNS N’ ROSES - Live @ Imola | Not in this lifetime tour 2017