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“Unfortunately, there was a side effect.”

September 12, 1962 was when Dr. Herbert Cockroach’s life was forever changed. It is his monster birthday; the day he went from being a brilliant, handsome mad scientist to a brilliant, handsome cockroach-headed mad scientist. 

Happy 53rd monster birthday, Doc!! <3 <3

Chapter One: The Return

olicity ||ย explicit || angst || 4192 || more fics

Summary: When Oliverโ€™s boat went down in the North China Sea, he had no idea how much his life was going to change. He never had a choice in anything that happened to him. Never had a choice in what he became; a monster with blood soaked teeth. When a woman crosses his path by chance, he canโ€™t help but find her completely intoxicating. Thereโ€™s just something about her, but itโ€™s a fleeting moment and he knows he must let go. Heโ€™ll never see her again, anyway. Thereโ€™s no chance for someone like him to even consider letting something so beautiful enter his life. But Oliver is going to learn that sometimes fate can be a fickle bitch.

Chapters: 1 out of 12
Chapter Word Count: 4192
Other Pairings:ย background Laurel/Tommy, John/Lyla, and Roy/Thea
Warnings: graphic depictions of violence/bloodย 

Authorโ€™s Note: Well, here it is! My fic for @olicityficbang!ย I feel like Iโ€™ve been waiting forever to do this AU and Iโ€™m so excited for everyone to read it. I had so much fun writing it and I hope it shows. Thank you so much to @the-silverforked-sky for being an amazing and patient beta. I really enjoy working with you. Also thank you to @gothsmoak for creating the beautiful cover for this story. Iโ€™m in love with it.

Oh and thank you to everyone who already got hyped about this. Your excitement got me through the nerves. โ™ฅ


Oliver sighed heavily as he leaned over a large desk. He was back in Starling City for the first time in three years. Back home. He knew he needed to pay attention to the instructions Maseo was giving him through his earpiece, that he needed to move quickly and grab what he was sent in there for. But he didnโ€™t want to do this anymore; he wanted to see his family again. Being in his motherโ€™s office where she still kept pictures of him and his father, of his sister, whom he missed dearly, made his heart ache. He missed Thea, even more knowing how much she was struggling without him. Everything was shit and there wasnโ€™t a damn thing he could do about it. He held in a frustrated growl.

โ€œThere should be a print scanner,โ€ the voice in the earpiece said.

โ€œWhy would I still be in the directory?โ€ Oliver muttered.

Without missing a beat Maseo responded, โ€œWhy would they take you out? Youโ€™re dead.โ€

Fair point.

His thumbprint unlocked the computer, he plugged in the drive and waited for the ninety second download. Something on the screen caught his eye. A file addressed to him and Thea among his fatherโ€™s files. It was going to take longer to download, but he just couldnโ€™t ignore it. A quick search in the desk found him a blank usb drive. He shoved it into the computer just as the other download was finishing.

โ€œYou need to get out of there.โ€

Oliver growled, โ€œIโ€™m not finished yet.โ€

He whipped his head to the side when he heard footsteps; he had at least a minute.

โ€œSomeoneโ€™s coming.โ€

He rolled his eyes, โ€œI know.โ€

Without much effort, he zipped out of the office. It was a quick and fluid motion, almost graceful. As he pressed himself up against a wall, a sweet smell filled his nose. Lavender mixed with coconuts, but there was something underneath that was simply intoxicating. His ear twitched at the sound of heels clicking on the floor and the subtle sound of fabric moving as whoever it was sashayed through the office. The smells and the sounds told him that it was a woman.

His suspicions were confirmed when she spoke, โ€œYouโ€™re cute.โ€

It was a mere whisper, but to him her words were as clear as if she was standing right beside him. He wondered who she was talking to, though. There hadnโ€™t been another person with her, but maybe sheโ€™d seen him? ย He peeked around the corner to take a look. His eyesight was just as strong as his hearing and sense of smell. From where he hid he could see that a young woman, petite and blonde, was leaning over his motherโ€™s desk. Her eyes were on the picture of him and his father. She was very cute, in an almost nerdy and innocent way; she wore glasses and had the poutiest pink lips. Pair those with the short skirt and sensible blouse, well it was hard to call her anything but cute.

โ€œItโ€™s too bad youโ€™re you knowโ€ฆ dead,โ€ she sighed.

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Hey Scout, do you know the difference between Rob and Rich? They both seem funny, friendly and goofy, but is there anything noticeably different between them? Do you know?


i’ve been watchin them do their thing for like 4 years and have gotten to know them both a little better over that time–these’re the things that’re very loudly distinctive to each that sets them apart from each other, but it might just be to me:

when you have a close friendship with someone you definitely start to mirror them, but their differences are what drove them to that point. they pretty much have the others’ back where their weak areas are!

The Other Stark

Anonymous asked: Hi, Meg. Can I request Steve Rogers one-shot? The reader is related to Tony, like his sister or something, kidnapped by HYDRA and made into an Enhanced(you can pick powers). Sheโ€™s really quiet and nerdy almost the opposite of Tony and Steve finds her endearing.

Here is your one-shot, anon! I do not own Steve, Tony or Clint. They belong to Marvel.

Warnings: brief mentions of kidnapping and experimentation, mentions of injury and fluff

Pairings: Steve Rogers x fem!Stark reader, Tony Stark, Clint Barton

Originally posted by naih-reedus

โ€œCome on, Y/N! I know you can do better than that!โ€ Clint yelled at you as he knocked another arrow. You were panting and sweat was rolling down your body. Learning to use these powers of yours was harder than you thought. You couldnโ€™t seem to hold it together long enough, but you knew that you needed to learn. You had to get this. If not for your sake then for the safety of the team, your brother included.

ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย Several months before, your brother Tony and the rest of the team had rescued you from a HYDRA base. Youโ€™d been kidnapped and experimented on. Soon, you could produce force fields out of thin air. It was an amazing ability. If only you could keep a force field up longer than a few seconds. Thatโ€™s when Clint decided to train you. You were supposed to be blocking his arrows, but you werenโ€™t doing a very good job. Youโ€™d barely missed being hit several times.

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Hiiii can I have a headcanon pretty please? How about how the Rfa would respond to a super cute and shy mc who has never had sex or even kissed or been in a relationship shop before and when it comes time for that, she admits it? Her appearance, let's say she's adorable to the point a lot of guys would be chasing her, but adorable in almost a nerdy cute way.

I kept this one pretty SFW because I wasn’t too sure how naughty to make it, but I hope you enjoy it! (≧ω≦)


- The poor dear is just so relieved when you tell him about your inexperience.

- Because he has 0 experience as well and was so worried about disappointing you.

- So the two of you take your time and introduce new things into your relationship slowly.

- There’s sometimes a bit of fumbling and awkwardness but you both just smile and laugh it off.

- He’s really happy that you two get to figure things out and experience new things together.


- This is her first relationship with another woman.

- So she’s in some new territory too.

- She’s sooo touched that you chose to be with her.

- And really proud that she gets such a cute, sweet girlfriend.

- You take things slow. Both of you feel so safe and content when you’re together no matter what you’re doing so you don’t feel the need to rush anything.


- You’re so cute and innocent!

- And it just turns him on so much. His inner wolf just wants to devour you!

- But he’s so worried about going to fast for you or making you feel pressured to do something you’re not ready for.

- He asks you more than once if you’re sure you’re ready, because he’s willing to wait.

- You’re his princess and your happiness and comfort are his top priority.


- When you tell him, he gets this smug, satisfied smirk.

- He already knew.

- He could tell by how often and easily you got flustered by his advances that you were inexperienced.

- And he’s so into it.

- It’s exciting to him that he’s the first (and hopefully only) man who gets to have you.


- This is honestly a big deal for him.

- It just means so much to him that you want your first time to be with him.

- He really doesn’t feel like he deserves you.

- Like, you can have anyone and you want to be with him.

- Wants to make each new experience you share together to be as special as possible.

dust to dust .two.

chapter two - unbetaโ€™dย 


โ€œItโ€™s so dark right now, I canโ€™t see any light around me.
Thatโ€™s because the light is coming from you.
You canโ€™t see it but everyone else can.โ€
โ€“ Lang Leav



Betty furrows her brows at the chess pieces in front of her before grimacing at her aunt. โ€œYou canโ€™t do that. Knights donโ€™t move diagonally.โ€

Hilda leans back on her chair, the front legs coming off the carpet as she hangs her arm over the back of it lazily. โ€œThis knight follows whatever order his Queen commands, and this Queen orders him seven spaces there.โ€

โ€œYouโ€™ve heard the saying that cheaters never win, right?โ€ Betty quips with curved lips before reaching forward to move her spade across the board. โ€œCheckmate.โ€

Hilda frowns as her chair tips back onto the ground. โ€œWhaโ€”โ€

Betty only grins in victory before her mom comes walking in, Zelda behind her. Looking to her blonde aunt, Betty gestures to the ingredients laid out on the counter. โ€œNeed help with dinner?โ€

โ€œIโ€™ve got it, honey.โ€ Zelda answers as Alice gives Hilda a reproachful look for the bottle of Blue Moon on the table.

โ€œItโ€™s 4 P.M. on a Thursday, Hilda. Should you really be drinking another one?โ€ She remarks dryly.

โ€œYeah.โ€ Hilda draws the word out before bringing the bottle up with a cheeky grin. โ€œThat means itโ€™s happy hour, Ali. Maybe you should have one and lighten up.โ€

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Ive learned to really like subtle romance in shounen anime, especially DBZ. When I was younger I relished in the violence of DBZ as a kid but as I grew older I began to really appreciate the dialogue and the relationships and interactions between characters in the db universe. A lot of western fans, not all, but some definitely need "in your face" displays of affection or romance otherwise it doesn't exist. That's the problem I think with some ppl not liking Gochi. I love em so ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

I think our romance in media is very, very often portrayed poorly so when something more real and subtle and in the background pops up, we don’t believe it exists?

So yeah, I kinda agree, but…

It’s really weird, though.

Cause I’m not sure where Vegeta x Bulma are ever “in your face” (until Super, I guess) and it’s arguably one of the most popular, if not the popular pairing in the west. Or at least in the States. I see a lot of people that have drowned themselves in so much fanfiction or fan works or fan ideas that they can’t tell the difference because it’s easy to believe it’s all there (because often times, it does fit and it does make sense) - but there’s really so so so very little of anything in the manga. Toriyama’s romance arcs skip over a lot of the slow burn portion and just “oh lol they’re together, and here’s their funny moments, you decide what they’re really like, idc”

Of course there’s plenty of fun filler. ESPECIALLY for GoChi - they have a whole dang adventure arc together at the end of Dragon Ball and little extra moments of when they’re kids, even. (They literally have the most screentime of any couple; make one VegeBul amv and you’ve gone through everything available, whereas my GoChi videos… I have several and I still have more material I could pull from xD)

Honestly, I think a lot of it comes down to how people view a good relationship. Even in the real world, our views of good relationships are different. You can connect one thing a fictional couple did and suddenly it resonates with you, whether in a good way or a bad way. And that may not necessarily be true to the actual couple in canon. So you have to know your own personal viewpoint when looking at it. 

I mean, for me, I see a lot of my grandparents and my parents and sometimes even my own marriage in the way Goku and Chi-Chi just… interact with each other.  

There’s no super in-your-face romance in this but these characters are married and show plenty of signs of caring about each other. I used to take it for granted that GoChi was the cute couple and VegeBul was the “how the fck do you guys work?” couple. I used to say GoChi was like the old married couple and VegeBul is the hot teenage or young adult romance. With HanVi being the cute couple in a different, almost nerdy kind of way. Like that couple you see in high school and you’re just like “oh they’re adorable” - high school sweetheart in the making. Krillin x 18 is another one where you see them together later and you’re like “wait what, didn’t expect that all” but you quickly forget about wondering how they work cause they’ve clearly got this understanding between them.

[All of the canon couples are just… easy to look at in a realistic way and I love that about them, honestly]

Whereas GoChi / VegeBul are easy to compare because of the feisty wives and the Saiyan attributes of Goku and Vegeta being often exaggerated. (ie: these two couples are shown arguing or fighting a lot, though Goku just kinda tries to gently talk Chi-Chi down while Vegeta snaps back or huffs and walks off from Bulma)


Maybe it’s culture and how we view relationships. Maybe it’s how we’re brought up and what signs we see and resonate with. Maybe you’re on to something with some people have trouble recognizing that subtle love underneath the comedy ploys.

But at the end of the day, people need to stop hating on my favorite ship, man. I see real lasting love there and ain’t nothing gonna convince me otherwise. 

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  1. I dont have a Gall Bladder, i had it removed in December because it sucked.
  2. I have ridiculously poor film knowledge, I never have enough time to sit and watch films, old or new.
  3. I like to bake when I can get the time, and said bakes are almost always nerdy and/or ridiculously unhealthy.
  4. I am a dad to my tiny zoo of succulents like a good millennial, and all of them have names.
  5. My handwriting is so incredible bad I can barely read it myself sometimes. 
  6. I’ve been to 7 different countries, soon to be 8! I love international travel when I can do it, and If its offered to me I jump at the chance.
  7. I have a Grade one qualification in the Tenor Horn, which I got when I was 10, and haven’t played since because I quit the same year when I started high school and got too busy to do so. This was not a clever choice on my part but here we are.
  8. I also have an FCSE Distinction in French, which is a bullshit qualification but looks great on a CV. The only French I can remember are the colours, 1-10 and how to tell you I don’t speak French.
  9. I wear glasses, because my vision is pretty awful.
  10. Even though I want to be an artist, I also really adore zoological sciences, Archaeology and Palaeontology, enough that sometimes I feel guilty for not choosing them as a career path, but maybe i’ll get to combine those, who knows

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The Portrayal of Indians in Western Children’s Media is Problematic and this is Why.

First off, let me get one thing straight. I’m not saying that all media has shitty representation of Indians. There are shows that have excellent representation concerning Indians, but these sadly, are few and far in between.

For now let’s focus on children’s media, specifically the Disney channel shows Phineas and Ferb and Jessie

To start off, lets tackle the less problematic one: Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Ferb is a great show in general. I myself have watched it for years now, and overall, its a very positive show. My only problem with it is the portrayal of Baljeet.

When I first started watching this show (back in 2009) I was super excited to see the inclusion of an Indian kid in an American show. Being the first generational child of two Indian parents and growing up in the States, I wasn’t really exposed to too much Indian representation in media as I grew up. Anytime I saw an Indian character on a western show, I used to get excited because I felt like I could connect to them in a way. 

Now before anyone starts yelling at me, let me just say that I love Baljeet. I love the inclusion of his character, and I love the brains and problem solving abilities they gave him, as well as his larger role in the series. 

What bugged me, however, was how they portrayed him socially. Throughout the series, Baljeet can be seen being bullied consistently by Buford. Now see, it would be fine if he fought back or at least acted like the bullying affected him in any shape or form. What I really found really irritating is that he would go back to being friends with Buford and bending to his will, regardless of how many times Buford picked on him. Baljeet was portrayed as the scrawny little awkward brainy Indian kid who couldn’t fight back. He was portrayed as weak and submissive and forgiving, which is a really bad thing to portray an ethnic minority as, especially in a kids show. 

As much as I loved Baljeet, it hurt me a little to see him not standing up to Buford throughout the series. I myself was bullied mercilessly as a kid, but I always went along with it because I thought that I was just a weak foreign kid who didn’t have a chance of standing up to the kids who weren’t foreign and were so much stronger and better than me. I hoped that Baljeet would stand up to Buford in the series, so that other Indian kids seeing the show could see that they are not simply brainy weaklings that could be tossed around at will, but the show never truly delivered on this.

Besides that however, they did portray Baljeet well, and the show was respectful when it came to Indian culture and heritage.

Ok now on to the really problematic one: Jessie

Jessie is a show about a girl who moves from Texas and becomes a nanny to a rich Brangelina-esque family in New York.

Disregarding its terrible cliches regarding the other kids in the family (Zuri, who is black is carnicatured as a sassy and bratty black kid, Emma is depicted as a ditzy dumb blonde, Luke is depicted as a dumb jock with no moral compass, and their butler is picked on just for being fat) the show is absolutely terrible when it comes to representing Ravi, an Indian kid who was adopted into the family.

Now don’t get me wrong, the kid who plays Ravi (Karan Brar) is an absolutely wonderful person, but the representation of his character in Jessie is absolutely disgraceful and offensive as hell.

For starters, most of the stereotypes Ravi is portrayed as aren’t even close to accurate. No, Indian people do not always have crystal balls and other magical ancient devices that they consult all the time. No, India is not some exotic type of land where wild animals roam free, there is no reason that Ravi in any shape or form should have a komodo dragon as a fucking pet. No, Indian people do not always wear Sherwanis 24/7 with Om symbols on them, or say stupid shit like “Great Ganesha! I’m a human samosa!” And why the hell does an 8 year old kid have certification in yoga? And no, we are not all obsessed with curry.

My mother used to love watching this show just for Ravi because she loved the fact that they included him in it, but after a while even she was disgusted by the blatant racism towards him that the show depicted. Ravi is constantly bullied in school, the food he eats is regarded as gross and met with a grimace from the other characters, his cultural practices are mocked and the other characters cheaply imitate them. He is often portrayed and possessing mystic knowledge from his country (what the hell) and as being interested in shit that is almost always nerdy or Indian culture based, which makes him (according to the show) a social outcast at school.

I would say more about Ravi, but his portrayal on Jessie angers me so much that I cant bring myself to watch the show anymore. His portrayal is highly racist and highly damaging considering that this is a show for children. It depicts and teaches children disrespectful stereotypes about Indian culture. Its also very damaging to Indian children who watch it. Imagine being a young child, excited about seeing representation of your race on television, only to find that its a gross caricature of your culture and ethnicity and that the show depicts your heritage as a goddamn joke.

Please don’t mess up representation in media, especially representation of minorities and especially in childrens media. Kids who watch this will grow up learning and being exposed to incorrect and racist stereotypes like this, and that’s damaging as hell. If you’re going to represent a minority or race, please do your research and consult someone of that race to make sure you are doing it respectfully and accurately .

Music Store

💖We work together and we talk over lunch? He confessed he liked you but was way too shy to tell you and you feel the same. (Do this whenever you can but yeh :3 also really love your imagine they’re the best!!!)💖

“Excuse me uh where are the drum sticks?” Your suddenly woken from your sleepy state and look at the slightly annoyed and awkward customer. Being too tired to speak you pointed behind them at the obvious shelf which displayed the drum sticks. “Thanks.” You only nodded and took a sip of your coffee. Before resting your head on the counter. It was 10:00 AM and let’s face it going to bed at 1:00 in the morning wasn’t the best day considering you had to open the store the next day. You were lucky that your boss even trusted you to open the store. Well, you were good friends with them so that was a bonus. Today was not your best though. The only thing that kept you awake was the bell that went off every time a customer walked in. You looked at your watch and saw that (c/n) was late. You sigh before closing your eyes once again. You listened to the music that played softly throughout the store. You slightly hummed to the tune as your eyes became heavier, pulling you to sleep.

You awoke to the sound of the cash register opening and shuffling before you heard the bell ring again. Oh no. Somebody was robbing the store. You sprung up from your chair and saw (c/n) standing next to you and he just closed the drawer before looking at you. “You know your not supposed to be sleeping on the job” he says in a joking matter, struggling to hold his laughter in the confused state you were in.

“And you know you’re not supposed to be late for work” you say while fixing your hair.

“Well then I guess we’ll have each other’s back then won’t we?” He says with a smile as another customer walks in and he goes to organizing the CDs. “I guess so” you say and you look to see its only 10:30. You sigh in relief. Thank god you were only asleep say 10 minutes. You go to the other side of the stack of CDs and organize them as well. While doing so, you soon realize that the conversation you had with (c/n) was probably the most you’ve ever said to him. He was usually quiet and stuck to dealing with customers and organizing the store and muttering a quick “bye” when his shift was over. But I guess he had another side to him. You tried to have conversations with him before but he didn’t say much. You sort of liked that kind of quiet side he had. Almost a little nerdy but insanely hot. He was tall and today he wore some black skinny jeans and a band t shirt. (Or whatever you want him to wear tbh) he had those broad shoulders and messy looking hair. It was the type where he probably tried styling it but have up so just combed his hands through it. He seemed to like music as much as you considering he works here. Since he didn’t talk to you much, you just assumed he wanted to mind his own business.

You finished a few stacks then walked over to the guitars, making sure they were tuned. You’ve always admired music and found it a passion of yours. That was a main reason you worked here, getting to listen to music all day and borrow CDs or play the instruments. Considering the store was small there wasn’t much to do so you sat behind the counter once after checking the guitars. (c/n) just continued organizing and cleaning the store. It was cute the way he sometimes mouthed the words to songs and nodded his head or even smiling when a song he liked came on.

Around 1:00 o'clock the store was dead. There was always some part of the day where nobody would walk through and so you always took this as the opportunity to take a break. You jumped off the stool and flipped the sign on the door ‘Be back in 20 minutes’. (c/n) looked at you in confusion and you just looked at him and said, “I figured it was time for a lunch break. I’ll be back in a few minutes” you say with a wink and walk across the street to the little fast food place.

“With two bags of food in your hands you entered the store then locked it. You turn around only to see (c/n) nervously tapping his foot and waiting for you to get back, considering he’s never watched the store by himself. He sees you and looks down at the food you were holding. You carry on walking to the back of the store but you don’t here him walking. Turning around, you say, “come on. I can’t eat this all by myself”. You turn again and here his footsteps behind you and you get to the counter and grab one of the stools and sit and see as he grabs one too. You take one of the bags and pull out two burgers and (c/n) takes the other bags and pulls out fries. You don’t hesitate to turn up the volume on the little radio and nod your head to the beats. It doesn’t take long before the both of you are basically stuffing your faces with food. You forget that there’s also a drink and pull two out. “Uh I wasn’t sure what you would want so I just got lemonade” you say giving him his. He just smiles and says, “no that’s fine. That’s my favorite actually”.

“No way me too” you say before taking a sip. “Uh how much was it” he starts to pull out his wallet but you stop him. “No that’s okay (c/n). My friend always hooks me up with free food over there and I get her CDs so no need to worry” you say and watch as he puts his wallet back into his pocket. “Well I guess I’ll return the favor tomorrow” he says looking at you for approval and you smile and nod at his suggestion.

“We haven’t really had a conversation before (c/n). We should definitely talk more” you say as you put your feet against the counter and lean against the wall behind you. “Yeah we should. It makes work a lot more fun. And I don’t mind getting free food” he says chuckling and looking at the ground.

You were laughing a little too. “Why don’t we talk?” You say and now he looks back into your eyes. He shrugs his shoulders. “I guess I just get nervous talking to you. I wouldn’t want to say something stupid. I like you a lot (y/n)”.

He blushes at his confession and takes a sip of his drink once again. “I like you too (c/n). I kinda just figured you didn’t want to talk to me” you blush at what you admitted and he gets slightly less nervous now. “A reason I actually got to work earlier than usual is because I remembered were working the same shift as me” he says. Giggles erupted from your mouth before you said, “that’s probably the reason I still go to work”.

He chuckles before saying, “well we end work at…” He stops to look at the time and says, “3:00 o'clock. So do you want to go out and I can make up for lunch by buying you dinner?” He says. Before you say yes you try to tease him a little. “I’ll go out with you…” you say and he smiles. “But…” you continue and he gives a confused look. “Tomorrow you show up to work on time so I won’t fall asleep” you say in a joking matter and once he realizes what you’ve done he laughs.

You guys are stuck in a silence with the music creating a tension. You feel your faces becoming closer and closer and his lips are almost on yours when you hear knocking on the door. You both jump away from each other land both look at each other in worry before sprinting to the door, realizing it’s been at least 45 minutes. You guys get to the door, stop, then look at each other. “You open it” you say at the same time, causing you both to laugh. The silly argument carries on. He starts by saying, “if it’s the boss you won’t get in trouble since he knows you.” You continue, “Yeah but if it’s a customer they won’t get mad at because you can just charm them with your looks” he blushes at the statement. You both continue until you just decide to face whoever was on the other side of the door.

You reach to open the door unlocking it. It was (f/n) from across the street. She probably just got off work considering her hair was somewhat messy and she looked tired. You sigh, at least it wasn’t your boss or any angry customers. “Ugh finally. I thought you guys were making out in here I was knocking for 5 minutes,” she says walking in. She then turns around to face your blushed faces. “Were you guys making out?” She says and you guys both yell “no” before she can make any more assumptions. She puts her hands up in surrender. You turn the sign to open and walk back to the counter as (f/n) starts looking through records. “Okay well I hooked you guys up with some lunch and saved your butt from getting in trouble so how about you get me a cd and we play it cool so you can get back to whatever you were planning which I’m sure was “work”,“ she says with a smirk. You and (c/n) blush and stay silent, not wanting to admit what might have happened. You give (c/n) one last look and he gives you an attempt at a wink causing even more blush. What were you going to do with this dorky boy.

Sorry just really wanted to post something I hope you guys have been having a good summer and I hope you guys like it I tried to mix it up. Sorry for posting like really late I just have writers block and didn’t have inspiration but I love u guys. xo