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OK the first one was weird but they put so much extra EFFORT into this one



Thinking on it, I suppose Chibi-Usa technically doesn’t exist right now since Mamoru’s been dead for eight months or whatever, so I do note that when I say this. But somewhere Chibis is like “WHY IS IT ALWAYS MY FUCKING PEOPLE.”

I find it all tremendously sad from many different character-based angles, and like I said a few posts ago, I’m actually pretty on-board with how this has played out.

It truly sucks though how this season (and, in a lot of ways, the entire series) never really knew what to do with Pluto and Hotaru. One of the greatest travesties of Stars is that it didn’t give them the time and space they deserved to make this moment mean what it should have.

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Is having Pluto in the 12th house almost like having Pluto retrograde since it's all internal? But with the 12th house, it's really because they don't realize their own power?

Yes, kind of! Retrograde is having the planet coursing inside of you instead of around you. 12th house is like it’s coursing at the back of your mind. But having Pluto in the 12th could make someone not realize their passion, strength, and power. While the 8th house is what we choose to hide, the 12th house is what we don’t know is hiding. So this person is probably very talanted at reading people and understanding a lot. Similar to Neptune in the 8th house, having it in the 12th house could make someone psychic, or have some kind of contact to the beyond :)