Things that are totally doomed

1) Sci fi shows on Fox

2) Sympathetic Game of Thrones character

3) Red shirts on Star Trek

4) The guy in the horror movie who goes outside to check the weird noise.

5) Any character Sean Bean plays

6) Anyone who wants to be the Doctor’s assistant when he already has an assistant

7) Characters in the first five minutes of Supernatural


Get to know me meme - [3/5] relationships - John Kennex/Dorian

“When I was decommissioned, the second before it happened I just kept thinking "I really hope there’s someone there to wake me up again.” I just want to be a cop, man. I just want to be here. And then you woke me up. It was you. You were that person for me, John.“

  • What she says:"Yeah, I'm okay."
  • What she really thinks:I mean, it had Karl Urban in it... KARL URBAN. It's not like he's unknown, is it? And then, Michael Ealy was so cute as Dorian the android, he was perfect. And what about that line about scanning his balls, how did they even get that past the network? The dialogue, the interplay, it was all so fresh, there was such chemistry! AND you had all the proper, hard SF stuff going on, nature of consciousness, the mysterious wall. How the fuck does that get cancelled and then other series just limp on year after year, renewal after renewal, just repeating the same bullshit???
Dorian was, and always will be, a very special character in my heart. I really wanted to play him for five years. And it hurt when that was taken from me. It hurt bad… I feel like people really connected with that character… no one connected with him more than me.
—  Michael Ealy (TVLine interview)