almost home shelter


Author’s Note: Dusted off my writing skills just for you. Happy birthday @kpopfanfictrash. I hope you like it! Love you, darling. 
Pairing: Kim Jongin x OC
Genre: Fluff;Supernatural
Word Count: 2.7K+

There was a veil of silence that enveloped the whole campus. It was that time of year where the college campus had strictly enforced a conduct of quiet hours. The end of the year is probably the most stressful thing a student goes through during their duration at the university.

Students were cramming and attempting to implement everything they had learned throughout the year into this one dreadful week.  You’ve seen your fair share of sleep deprived students chugging disgusting caffeinated energy drinks, pulling their hair out, on the verge of tears. You pitied them.

But what you had learned from the past few semesters is that this was where you made the big bucks. Students would pay anything to relieve  their stress and anxiety during this time. You low-key had quite the reputation around campus. Whether or not it was all true, people may never know. That was your secret to keep.

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