almost his birthday!

30 April...,,,, huh..,,

in all this,,, heat of yuri on stage and the movie news i forgot something very important and i’m truly sorry


YES HE IS 20 TODAY!!!! WOW!!!!!!

well done to him for lasting so long with such an optimistic attitude wow lov him such a hard worker and gr8 hamsters amazing friend


from now on to the end of my life, you are mine and I am yours
while the sun rises from the east and sets in the west, you are my sun, my moon, and my stars

Happy birthday ZEN! (*’∀’人)♥


Key example of the group teasing Shiro bc of his leap year age

yes hello allow me to introduce you to elemetary school teacher derek malik nurse (aka my shameless excuse to yell about nursey with kids)

  • ik a lot of people see him as a high school english teacher for the Literature Aesthetic but? come on? he’s so good with kids they all love him
  • he’s 24 and teaches 3rd grade and he loves his kids!! so much!!
  • he’s “mr. n” and they all love him bc hes the most laidback teacher theyve ever had in their short little lives and he plays cool music on his phone during arts & crafts

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good luck leading your team to victory, captain (and happy birthday)

taeyang coming down the aisle at his wedding like


— The Last Olympian (2009)

it’s the same shot as in my son of neptune edit because he was remembering this kiss… happy 23rd birthday, seaweed brain! you’ve lived another year

anonymous asked:

Can you say us the date of your characters' birthday??? I'm really curious!!

hello! it took a bit of time to decide but I have a bunch of them for now!

Milo was born on March the 20th (it’s almost his birthday!), I wanted him to be a spring’s son like Yurio, and which better day than spring’s equinox? 
On the other side, Mamoru was born on December the 19th. Just a day before winter’s solstice, he’s a winter’s son like both his fathers. 
Jr. was born on August the 23rd, the first day of the Virgo sign (it’s a joke, like him), while Jasmine and Jean were born on June the 1st, because they were born to win ofc lmao 

Yuri on Ice Lovechildren AU

Jack Maynard Imagine - Surprise

I’m sorry that this is quite short

Jack’s birthday was just around the corner, and your head was struck for ideas. You literally had nothing. And then, suddenly, after days and days of pointless brainstorms and restless showers, you finally found it. Or more like it found you.

You paced nervously around the flat, which looked incredibly small to your eyes now, as you waited for Jack to come back from Conor’s. It wasn’t unusual for him to be gone all day. You weren’t at home that often yourself neither. But that specific day, it was bothering you.

It wasn’t even his birthday yet. However, over the past years, you had grown the habit of giving each other your presents the night before, to make it more special. But it was 8pm already, and only you were at home.

You had your two presents carefully placed on the wooden table, waiting for Jack to open them. You chewed on the inside of your mouth nervously. What if he didn’t like that one present? What if it was too much for him? You shook your head as you looked out of the window, the bright night of London staring back at you.

At 8:35 pm, Jack finally opened the main door as you chewed on your thumbnail for the eleventh time that evening, He raised an eyebrow when he saw you, then smiled widely when he noticed his presents on the table. He had almost forgotten about his birthday “Hey, babe” he greeted you, kissing your lips softly “Everything alright?” he chuckled.

You stopped chewing your finger, and looked up at him with a wide smile. But you knew that fooling Jack after 5 years of relationship and 2 of friendship was a long shot. He could see that you were worried about something, and eventually you let it be.

“I’m actually kinda nervous about your presents” you said, a small smile forming on your lips as he took a seat in front of them.

Jack couldn’t stop smiling, and although his smile always made you relax, it didn’t happen this time. You didn’t even sit down with him as you always did. You stood up by his side instead, waiting nervously for him to open them. To open that one fucking present.

“I’m sure I’ll love them, babe” he reassured you “I always love whatever you get me. It will be no different this time” he said as he started to unwrap the first one.

You nodded and waited for his reaction. You smirked knowingly when he saw the Rolex, and his jaw dropped “Shit, babe, you didn’t have to” he said, holding you by the waist to kiss you.

“But I wanted to” you said truthfully. He always made sure you were treated like a queen. He deserved nothing less than that, even such a pricey item wasn’t enough for him, or so you thought.

When he put his hands on the last present, your heart started racing again “I really hope you like this one” you said abrumptly “You can’t really return it”

Jack let out a small laugh “I’m sure I’ll love it”

You nodded, staring blankly at the now little wooden box that laid in front of him “Yeah”.

You rubbed your eyes impatiently. When you opened them again, you saw that Jack had already gotten the fragile object out of its box, and his hand was over his mouth. You freaked out for a moment, but then he turned his head to look at you with watery eyes, and suddenly yours started feeling kind of wet as well.

“Is…is this for real?” he asked you, a shy smile forming on his mouth.

You nodded, words not able to escape your mouth. Just before you knew it, Jack was spinning you around the living room, laughing as a white porcelain mug that spelled ‘Happy Birthday, Dad!’ watched you from the table.

“I’m glad you liked that one” you joked, still on his arms, as your hand went up to push back a rebelious strand of his hair out of his eyes.

“I love it more than I love myself” he mumbled, closing the space between your lips once more. But this time, it meant the start of something new. It didn’t mean just love. It meant family.