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I’m Naegiri trash, and all for Asahina being Kirigiri’s wingman.

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You Me Her

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Chapter Three: Excuses 

Word Count: 2136

↠ ♥ ↞

After lying to Lucas about the extent of her feelings towards him Riley feels she has no choice but to tell Maya the same thing. Riley thinks it’s better to hear it from her rather than Lucas, especially after the two girls agreed to no longer keep secrets from one another. A pact that makes Riley feels horrible for lying to Maya but she keeps telling herself that this is the best thing for everyone. Her guilt subsides slightly when Maya looks relieved after Riley explains that she isn’t romantically interested in Lucas. 

As the weeks pass things remain awkward. Even though no one is asking Riley if she’s okay anymore they certainly still have a watchful eye on her in all situations. Still, Riley wears a smile that doesn’t waver as she tries to navigate through every tense situation. 

As for Maya and Lucas, on the outside you probably wouldn’t even be able to tell they were dating. They almost never held hands or made contact of any sort. Riley was unsure if they acted like this because of her or for other reasons.

Not surprisingly at all Maya prioritises Riley over Lucas in ever situation, even when ‘choosing’ isn’t necessary. Riley wonders if Maya does this out of guilt or obligation but she shakes the thought every time, Maya was her best friend and she does things because they love each other. Even though Riley tries to primarily focus on Maya she can’t help but notice the slight wave of disappointment that seems to cross Lucas every time he’s passed over for Riley. At least she thinks it’s disappointment. 

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Request: (rebel) Thomas Brodie-Sangster imagine where Y/N plays Brenda in The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure movies (because I love the actress they picked for her in general but imo she isn’t fit for Brenda whoops) and they fall in love. The general public loves them but lots of fans want Y/N to be with Dylan since they play (kinda) lovers. At a panel a fan asks about how Y/N,Thomas,and Dylan feel about the situation. (the rest is up to you)

Warnings: none

You were the newest actor in the acting world. Your first major role was playing Brenda in The Maze Runner movie series. You were so excited to play the part, and the fans loved you in The Scorch Trials movie. Now it was time for your first convention and first panel.

You didn’t know how it’d go. It was a panel with James Dashner, Thomas Sangster, Dylan O’Brien, and a few other of the main characters in the second film. 

However, what made you even more nervous was the fact that you and Thomas obviously had a thing going on. During filming, you grew close to Thomas out of everyone, and eventually you two began dating. A lot of fan wanted you and Dylan to be together in real life because they shipped your’s and his character together. You didn’t know how they would react.

The panel started. Hearing the roaring cheers coming from the audience caused an adrenaline rush. This was so exciting and you were so nervous. You were shaking almost. Thomas held your hand though, squeezing it. You sat next to him, Dylan on your other side.

For your first panel, it was going pretty smoothly. Fans asked a bunch of questions. Some were silly and some were serious. It was all good fun. But then came the question. You knew someone would question it, want to talk about it. And it happened.

“So this question is for Thomas, Dylan, and Y/N,” they began. “So Y/N and Thomas are dating in real life, but a lot of people want Dylan and Y/N to be together because of their characters minor love interest. How do you all feel about that?”

“Uh, good question,” Dylan chuckled. “Well, Brenda and Thomas do have this love thing going on, but just a little.”

That got a few laughs from audience members.

“Thomas and I,” you chipped in, “grew really close on set. And although Newt and Brenda don’t really interact or have some love thing going on, we…” You didn’t know what else to say. you were at a loss for words.

“We have created this bond, and although people want Y/N and Dylan to be together, we fit better in the romantic setting.” Thomas smiled, looking at you.

“Plus, I see Y/N as a little sister. I could never date her a sibling, that’s gross.” Dylan joked, laughing.

You rolled your eyes. “Oh yeah, could never date someone I see as an older brother,” you giggled.

Thomas picked up his microphone again. “All in all, we’re fine knowing fans want Y/N and Dylan to be boy and girlfriend in real life. The three of us know that that won’t happen since they view one another as siblings, and I love Y/N so much…”

“I love you, too,” you blushed. The audience awed, causing the blush to grow. 

Thomas grabbed your hand underneath the table, squeezing it. You let go, resting your hand on his thigh. You both exchanged loving grins, waiting for the next question of the panel.

The rest of the panel went smoothly. Of course more questions about you and Thomas came up, everyone wanting to know the scoop. It was fun and nice to actually be at a panel. It was a lot more fun than you thought.

“So how was it?” Dylan asked. “How’d you like your first panel?”

“It was loads of fun, and so silly. I thought I wouldn’t know how to answer any of the questions, but I did. I knew exactly what to say. It was one of the best times ever.”

“You’re so cute,” Thomas chuckled, wrapping an arm around you.

Dylan grimaced playfully. “You two are gross.”

The three of you laughed, walking out of the building to get some lunch.

I Know

A Stucky One Shot

TW: PTSD (Bucky), Language, FLUFF AF FAM, thats it?

A/N: Thanks @drarryfetish for being my first request! Love ya Beans! Also my last one shot got like 70 notes??? THANK YOU??? 

Request/Summary: Buck has nightmares, he tries to tell himself to man up and get his shit together. Steve hears him and comes in and comforts him. Steve decides to take Bucky out around NY and their old haunts, try and bring a smile to his face They’re driving on one of the bridges and Steve is driving and fluff ensues.

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“Son of of bitch.”  

Every night. Every god damn night Bucky is woken by his nightmares. Every night he kills someone he loves all over again. Tonight it’s Steve. Bucky can still feel the heat of Steve’s throat on his metal hand….

He can’t take it. He can’t handle it anymore and he starts to cry. That only makes it worse.

“Come on you little punk. Knock it off. Men don’t cry over bad dreams. Get your shit together.” Now he’s sobbing, pulling his hair and rocking back and forth on the bed.

“It’s just a dream, it’s just a dream, it’s just a dream…” The phrase repeated endlessly, loud in his mind. He didn’t even notice Steve had come into the room until the bed dipped down under his weight.

“Buck? Are you ok?” Steve places a gentle hand on Bucky’s back, slowly stroking up and down, trying to soothe his sobbing boyfriend.

Bucky stops rocking, moving his hands from the back of his head to cup his face as he leans into Steve’s broad shoulders. “Yeah I’m fine. Just a nightmare.”

“This one was worse though.” A statement, not a question.

Bucky hated how Steve always seemed to know him just as well if not better than Bucky knew himself. Then again, it was nice to not feel quite so alone.

“Yeah,” His throat constricts and he has to swallow hard before speaking again. “It was you this time. And I woke up and for a minute I… I thought I was… that you were…”

“Aw Buck… baby c’mere.”

Bucky has broken down crying again. Steve tilts him over until they’re laying down in the bed together, with Bucky sobbing into Steve’s chest.

“Listen to me Buck, you got nothing to be ashamed of, ok? After everything you’ve been through, everything Hydra made you do, no one thinks any less of you for having these nightmares. And honey, it’s ok to not be ok. This doesn’t make you any less of a man you hear me?”

Bucky sniffles, nodding into his chest as Steve leans down to kiss the top of Bucky’s head.

“Tomorrow we’re gonna go out.”

“Out where?” Bucky mumbles, his head still buried in Steve’s torso.

“Out anywhere. I was thinking maybe that old diner on Coney Island? I think it’s still there. We can steal one of Tony’s convertibles and drive out there tomorrow! But right now you just try and get some sleep ok?”

Bucky tilts his head up to look Steve in the eye. He whispers “Ok” before leaning in, capturing Steve’s lips in a sweet kiss.

The Next Day

Steve convinced Tony to let him take out the convertible for the day. Him and Bucky drove through Brooklyn, pointing out familiar places that no longer felt familiar.

The couple made their way out to Coney Island, and spent the day on the boardwalk, soaking in the warm spring sun and the fresh ocean breeze.

Bucky even convinced Steve to go on the Cyclone again, despite Steve’s protests.

“Come on, you’re not that little guy who could barely breathe anymore. You’ve handled worse than this!”

“Seriously Buck it’s ok, you go on without me I’ll wait for you right here.”

Bucky pouts, and looks up at Steve through half-lidded eyes and long bangs, “It won’t be as fun without you though Stevie…”

Steve was always a sucker for Bucky’s puppy eyes, despite them both being grown men.

They held hands almost the entire day, relishing in the freedom to love each other and enjoy the day together as boyfriends.

When it came time to drive back to Avenger Tower, it was late afternoon, the sun setting over the water as they made their way back over Brooklyn Bridge.

Steve was driving again, but instead of using one hand to point out personal landmarks, he used it to hold Bucky’s hand on his thigh, fingers interlaced, not wanting to lose any physical contact with his man.

The wind was whipping their hair and faces as they drove and the red sun cast the tail ends of its warm fingers on their bodies. A comfortable silence had taken them over with only the loud wind to make noise against New York traffic.

The silence was broken by Steve, who looked over at Bucky, smiled at him, and said, “You know I love you. Right Buck?”

Bucky, slightly taken aback at the seriousness in Steve’s voice, smiled back at him, “Yeah… I know punk. I love you too.”

Steve’s smile widened into a grin at this, and he raised their intertwined hands from their place on his leg, and kissed Bucky’s hand.

“I know.”

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And I think what I miss most is the ‘almost’. Sure, we ‘almost’ dated, but it’s so much more than that. We ‘almost’ cuddled on your couch under cozy blankets drinking cocoa and watching television. We 'almost’ planted kisses on one another when we parted. We almost wrapped our arms around each other at dances while staring into one another’s eyes and soaking in the magic. We almost bought each other cheesy Christmas presents and funny birthday cards. I almost got to wear your sweatshirts and I almost got to FaceTime you about my day. We almost held hands together in the hallway and ate lunch with our friends. I almost got to fall asleep on your chest after a movie day. I almost got you saying you loved me and telling me how much I meant to you. I almost had you in my arms. And those almosts hurt much more than the word 'dating’ ever could.
—  I wrote this for you because I’m sorry and I want it back. (TRM)
#129 - For memories-come-and-go

Filling the prompt “I had this dream the other day and i thought you could write about it. I really don’t remember the beginning but I know it was after a show, me and my friend met the boys and we ended up in a karaoke bar and by the end of the night I was drunk singing wonderwall with Van. If you can, please do a Vondy thing lol.”

Note: I’ve done a fair few ‘meeting Van as a fan at a show’ things recently, so I’m gonna take the karaoke part and run with that. Also, Van and Bondy, because you know I am here. for. it.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaate!” Bondy said, falling into Van’s arms.

“John, bit early to be this pissed?” Van said, hoisting him up and wrapping an arm around his middle.

“Nah, look, it’s alrigh’, I can walk,” he replied, pushing away from Van and stumbling forward a few steps before regaining his balance. Van looked back at you with an amused grin on his face.

“He’s fucked,” he said, to which you nodded.

Van had been at yours for dinner. A couple of cheese toasties later, you’d walked to meet Bondy. It was only a bit past 8:00 pm. You strolled side by side with him, keeping a watchful eye on Bondy up ahead. Van felt around in his pockets for his lighter. When it couldn’t be located, you handed yours over. The cigarette was shared, and you had to yell at Bondy to stop walking when he almost walked past the karaoke place.

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haineko16  asked:

16 for Aria and Jaal please! 😍😍😍

#16 “Why Haven’t You Kissed Me Yet?”

Slightly AU, Set after Aria’s second ‘death’ on the Archon’s ship and immediately before going to meet Sahuna. Thank you for the prompt! ♥

Battered but triumphant, exhausted but celebrating: that described the Tempest’ Crew perfectly in this moment.

The first thing they’d done after escaping the Archon’s ship with the Salarian Ark in tow was report to the Nexus for a debrief.

Then, after Aria had returned from that meeting with a scowl and a soured mood, someone in the Crew had announced it was party time.

Doesn’t matter what those assholes said! Peebee had been the one speaking, chin up and hands planted firmly on her hips, You’re alive, and the Salarians are safe! I’d say that’s cause for celebration!

Aria had relented once the rest of the Crew joined the call, grinning ruefully as she lead the way to the Vortex… but the Crew had other plans.

They brought the alcohol back to the Tempest, converting the communications room into a makeshift party-suite, and let loose.

Being docked at the Nexus meant they didn’t have to worry about drifting aimlessly or being ambushed by Kett, so even Aria - who Jaal had never once seen drink alcohol before - downed what she called a ‘cooler’ when encouraged.

Jaal spent his time on one of the couches ringing the floor, a drink he almost liked held in one hand, watching the rest of the crew in amusement.

With how hard most of them were going, he fully expected them all to have terrible headaches the next morning - though his attention rarely strayed from the redheaded Pathfinder, were he being honest.

Now, more then ever, he wanted to bring her home; introduce her to Sahuna, ask her if, somehow, she might possibly care for him the way he cared for her.

He would wait, though; Aria seemed to be enjoying herself, laughing and joining Peebee and Vetra in dancing for awhile, eventually excusing herself with a smile and a wave.

Aria grinned widely when she spotted him on his couch, face lighting up as she headed towards him, and Jaal mirrored the grin as she drew closer, happy as always to have her near.

“Room for one more?” she asked, voice raised to be heard over the music.

“Of course!” he chuckled, motioning to the seat, hyper-aware of her warmth as she plopped down beside him.

“I don’t normally drink!” Aria laughed, eyes on her Crew, “One cooler and I’m done!”

“I am not a big drinker, myself,” Jaal lifted his nearly full bottle for her inspection, happy when she laughs again.

“They deserve this. The break.” she pulls her legs up under her, settling more comfortably, “Just a little loud, for me.”

“You deserve it to, Dearest.” Jaal watches for a moment when he drops the word, then lets his arm slip down around her shoulders, glad when she snuggles immediately against him, “Though I agree. It is quite loud.”

Aria huffs out a laugh, and then they simply watch, amused by the drunken antics of the rest of the Crew.

Eventually, the others begin to disperse one by one, someone turning off the music and dimming the lights back to their standard glow. Liam shoots him a thumps up before retreating, and soon it is just he and Aria left in the room, the glow from the lights reflecting slightly off the window behind them.

At first, Jaal thinks Aria’s fallen asleep, about ready to carry her to her quarters when she shifts against him, pushing herself up so they’re nearly at eye-level.

“You know, Jaal,” she says, and there’s no trace of alcohol in her words this time, “I’ve been wondering something…”

 He unconsciously lets the arm around her shoulder drop, hand brushing up and down her back, “What is it, Aria?”

“Why haven’t you kissed me yet?”

Jaal freezes, wide eyes pinned on hers, unsure if he heard her correctly or if his imagination was getting the better of him.

Aria stares right back, a sudden nervousness in her eyes now, lip caught between her teeth.

He’s quiet for just a moment to long, it seems, because she adds “I mean… with all the flirting and the banter and the comforting, I kind of thought… y’know…”

“I did not know you wanted me to kiss you,” he manages finally, hand slipping from her back to rest on her waist, leaning the tiniest bit forwards, “If so, I should like to correct this slip… immediately.”

Aria shuffles closer and tilts her head back, and it’s all the invitation Jaal needs before bending to press his lips to hers.

Aria’s lips are full and soft, slightly chapped in one spot from constant biting, and kissing her is so much better then anything he’d imagined.

She clearly has no experience, and Jaal only had one previous relationship, so the kiss is messy, at times to eager, but they make do, and by the time they pull away she’s somehow ended up in his lap.

They stare at each other for a moment, breathless, until she smiles and cups his cheek, and Jaal purrs and leans gratefully into her touch.

“My family would like to meet you.” Jaal says then, hand coming up to press over hers, “The next time we’re on Havarl, if… you don’t mind…?”

“I’ll tell Kallo to set course.” Aria smiles back, leaning in to press her forehead to his, mimicking his actions from what feels so long ago, “I’d love to meet them.”

Ice Skates and Spontaneous Dates

Word count: 3,525

Author’s note: I’m turning this into a cute au fight me

Yuuri looked down into his cup of coffee as he stirred it lazily. The platinum haired stranger had walked through the door of his cafe once again, and he was doing everything in his power to avoid eye contact with him. He had been seeing him there for a few weeks and had no idea of how to approach him. His name was Victor and he always ordered the most exciting drink on the menu, his eyes full of life. Luckily, Yuuri wasn’t on duty today, so he could admire Victor in all his glory.

Yuuri didn’t have a crush on him, he convinced himself. He barely knew the man! All he knew is his blue eyes could pierce through his soul, and his smile could put the sun to shame.

Alright, maybe he had a little crush on him.

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True Love Pt. 3

Part 2

Summary: Pietro takes you out on your first date and things get heated in Clint’s barn…*blushes* Also a very cute Clint story at the end!

Warnings: Smut!! But mostly fluff. 

A/N: Sorry this is coming so late! I was away the past two weeks and when I came back I was too tired to write and I’m sick with jet lag and I was going to post this earlier today…But then my computer spazzed and deleted everything before I could finish! I don’t like to save things in my drafts because for some reason there’s always a glitch when I post afterwards and usually as long as I keep the tab open my work always stays there but this time it decided to backfire and delete all of my hard work before I had a chance to share it with you. And it was so good too! So I rewrote it all today. Enjoy :)

It had been a few days since you and Pietro had confessed your love for each other. You and the team ended up staying longer than a weekend because Fury didn’t have any missions for you and Steve thought that the team deserved a break. This just gave you and Pietro time to hide in different parts of the farm and make out. You two still kept your relationship a secret because you knew Clint would kill Pietro if he found out and forbid you two from being with each other ever again. But aside from your more intimate moments the two of you also found time to take care of the kids. They all absolutely adored Pietro, much to Laura’s delight and Clint’s disappointment. 

Cooper loved to play wrestle with Pietro and both him and Lila loved it when Pietro would race them around the barn. And Lila was very excited about your relationship with Pietro. One day you were giving Nathaniel his bottle outside on the steps while Pietro was swinging Lila on the swing and she asked him “When are you and Auntie Y/N going to get married?” 

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close a little distance (1/?) 

pair: newt x tina

wordcount: 4k


Her badge tumbled down, one credential after another. The top one, right between her thumb and forefinger, gleamed in the faltering light of the alley.
Tina Goldstein.
Ah, he thought. Not quite the meeting he pictured.

Years ago, Newt’s History of Magic professor assigned them all pen pals from different wizarding schools. Not having corresponded in years, Newt is surprised to run in to his old letter writing friend, Tina, on his first trip to New York.

1926. New York.

The witch shoved him, stumbling into a dark pocket of an alley. He watched as her head, small, short brown hair covered by a blue hat, whipped back and forth, checking to make sure they weren’t followed.

“Who are you?” She rounded on him.

Newt stared for a moment, catching up to her. He shook his head slightly when he realized she’d spoken. “I’m sorry?”

“Who are you?” she repeated.

He straightened a bit, offered her a smile. “Newt Scamander,” he said. He almost held his hand out for a shake like Theseus always did when he met someone new. “And you are?”

She hesitated, as if weighing some invisible set of scales to see the benefits of getting on equal footing with him. He thought he must have imagined the flash of recognition flitting across her face. He’d never been to New York before, though, if he admitted it to himself, it was always on the to do list. But he’d certainly never met anyone from New York before.

She ducked her head for the briefest of moments, before coming back to him, ignoring the question.

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the signs as scott pilgrim quotes
  • Aries: "you cocky cock!"
  • Taurus: "if I peed my pants would you pretend I just got wet from the rain?"
  • Gemini: "tell your gay friends I said bye."
  • Cancer: "I sorta feel like I'm on drugs when I'm with you"
  • Leo: "I feel like we just washed our sexy laundry in public"
  • Virgo: "we almost held hands once but then she got embarrassed"
  • Libra: "look, I've dabbled in being a bitch."
  • Scorpio: "well, I'm a little bi-furious!"
  • Sagittarius: "I have to go pee due to boredom."
  • Capricorn: "I just like to live."
  • Aquarius: "pirates are in this year"
  • Pisces: "you know what sucks? everything"

I don’t know why I made these gifs. I think it’s just a remind of why I’m still here. Why I didn’t give up like a huge part of the fandom. Why I still write and read fanfictions, why I still watch fanvids and their collabs, why I still cry sometimes when I think that maybe they’d a fight or something like that.

People come to me all the time asking why I still ship Troyler, why I don’t ship Tronnor since they are “real”. Why I insist in my OTP when it’s “dead”.

I think I’m like this with all my ships, you know. It hurts me to see my pairings getting away from each other, but at the same time it doesn’t change what I feel. Doesn’t make me stop thinking what a fucking perfect couple they’d made.

Because, yeah, 2015 was shitty for Troyler and they seem really apart from each other lately, but you know what? 2013/2014 still existed. The moments that made me ship them, still are real!

They made cute collabs together, they travelled together, they almost held hands in Italy, they probably kissed at the background of Louis vlog, they flirted online, they supported (and still do) each other, they kissed on stage. It all happened, it’s all real and you can say: yes, but it’s over, get over it.

I’m not getting over. I’m not giving up. That doesn’t mean I don’t support Troye and his relationships or that I want them to be together at all costs. No. It’s not like that. It’s special, it’s something mine that I don’t feel the urge to see getting real, I don’t want to force them into something they don’t want, I don’t want to get things more awkward between them. 

I just wanna be able to look at their pictures and videos and to wish that they were together or just think how happy they made each other, how they shine in those videos, how even if they broke up or never were together, how they made each other a better person.

And yes, Troyler might be not showing their relationship (friendship or more), but I know that irl they probably are the same, just don’t want the pressure of the Troyler fandom back. And even if they really had a fight or something, I can see that beautiful things happened and that’s enough for me. The happiness they shared is enough for me.

So no, I’m not forgetting it. I’m not giving up. I’m not letting this go.

If Phan shippers survived 2012, larries survived all those years, Tronnor shippers are surviving 2016, we, Troylers, we can survive another year. It’s okay to keep shipping them. Never think otherwise. 

I just wanted to share this with you guys and I think this text applies to a lot of ships, so…

If you’re reading this line, I just wanna say thanks to giving your precious time to me, it means a lot. Thank you.

things I noticed in newsies that nobody asked for but I’m posting it anyway because it’s newsies

•the freaking overture had me in tears okay that’s how much I love this show
•at the very beginning Crutchie just had a sad look of defeat on his face while putting on his best and it broke me
•pretty sure Jack was giving Crutchie a massage when he was all “close your eyes” bc his hands were on crutchies shoulders so
•I just love Andy as Crutchie okay

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