almost had a child

someone on the TAZ tag wanted to see Taako cooking with his aunt, so here it is

Young Taako and his aunt whom I called Jeremiah in my head though I don’t know why

Things that bother me

-Eurus, the supposedly smartest Holmes child ever, was locked up for her entire life with literally nothing to entertain herself with but a violin. Not even furniture. Even Hannibal Lecter had books. Sherlock goes crazy w/o a case for a few days how is Eurus alive.

-With Sherlock & Mycroft the show explains their deductions and we can see how they are as smart as they are supposed to be. With Eurus they were just like “oh no yeah she controls minds it’s fine don’t worry about it she’s really smart”

-Eurus, a 5'6" woman, somehow manages to not only lower John into that well but also shackle him to the bottom? How??

-Eurus could see the future???? In her drawings as a child she had a picture of almost exactly sherlocks black marble tombstone.

-Eurus is capable of all of this and has been locked away for her entire life with nothing to occupy her time and waits until…now? Why?

-Eurus convinced Moriarty to record himself making just like a bunch of train sounds? It wasn’t even impressive it was like…oh….there’s Jim….with some train sounds……I guess …

-Moriartys motivations officially make no sense. His only goal was just to ruin his own business and fuck over Sherlock. What did Sherlock ever even do to him? If it was just bc he was so cool and smart, why not obsess over Eurus who was apparently way cooler and smarter?

-Why was Mycroft given a love interest that they had no intention of either developing or ever referencing again??

Yuuri rocked the baby in his arms and paced about his chamber.

After he had taken the child, it had stopped crying almost at once. A curious occurrence if any. Yuuri had dealt with children before; he had stolen many from their beds and brought them to his kingdom. Poor, lonely children, who had been abused and neglected.

(There was a reason his subjects were so loyal.)

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what she says: i’m fine

what she means: the more i think about cursed child, the more i am confused like on what drug JK Rowling must have been when she agreed to publish a script of her almost flawless series where voldemort had a child, where her hero orphan selfless boy tells his son that sometimes, he wished he was not his dad, where the child of hermione SPEW granger allows her daughter to bully the son of her best friend for some mysterious reasons, where draco malfoy has the same haircut as his father while he apparently dispises him very much, where ron weasley gave a love potion to the son of his best friend while he has himself been traumatized by a love potion he consumed during his sixth year, where apparently ron’s love for hermione was only due to viktor krum, where the purest hufflepuff boy turned to the dark side because he was humiliated, where lucius/draco malfoy had the possibilty to change the time and the fate of his family the whole time and they didn’t while they had th ebest redemption arc in the whole series, where hermione would have became cold/angry/mean person because she did not marry ron?????????????? i mean what kind of fanfiction did i read 

Here’s a round robin ficlet I wrote with @reallyjustaneggoscommercial!! She’s gonna post it on AO3 under pan_cakes so catch it there too ^^

“Hi Ms. Wheeler,” Eleven called from where she was taking her new shoes from Joyce.

“Oh, hi sweetie. Are you here to see Mike?” she asked. Did she even need to? The two were inseparable. “He’s getting some milk right now, but it’s ok. Why don’t you go see Nancy, she said she had a pair of shorts that were getting too small for her, go try them on”. Even though El lived with Joyce, the two mothers almost shared her - raising a child who had lived in a lab up until half a year ago was no easy feat. Besides, she was over at the Wheelers so often, Karen was like a second mother.

“Yes, Ms. Wheeler,” El called, already most of the way up the stairs. She knocked on the door of the older girl’s room hesitantly.

“Come in,” Nancy said, smiling when she saw it was El who’d knocked.

“Hey,” El mumbled; she was still nervous around Nancy. She knew it was stupid, because Nancy would never do anything to hurt her, but she just couldn’t shake the feeling of unease she got around older girls, since she hadn’t met many who’d treated her well. “Your mom said you had shorts?”

“Yeah, sure!” Nancy smiled, sliding off of the bed and opening her closet. “These ones, I think. They probably won’t fit you, though.”

“Cool.” El tried the word out, having only used it a few times. She went to leave, waving a little at Nancy, when the teenager stood up.

“Hey, El, would you… wanna hang out with me until Mike gets back with the groceries?” El nodded shyly, sitting down and smiling weakly. Nancy swung her legs a little, sitting down next to the smaller girl and smiling back. She reached a hand up tentatively, touching one of the loose strands of El’s ever-growing pixie cut; it was more of a bob, by now. “Your hair’s getting long now, yeah?”

“I guess,” She agreed, looking at Nancy’s long curly locks. “Not like yours, though.”

“It’ll get longer,” Nancy shrugged. “Hey, can I show you something cool to do with your hair in the meantime?”

“Ok,” El wasn’t sure what Nancy meant - once when the two had been painting their nails (something El now loved) Nancy had shown her how to put her hair in a ponytail, but she didn’t think there was much else to do.

“So, you take your hair, and you split it into three, right?” Nancy took El’s hair in her hands and did so. “Now, basically all you have to do is put one section over the other and into the middle. So the left section goes into the middle, and now the right. Left into middle, right. Left, right. Do you want to try?”

“Yeah,” El said faintly, taking some of Nancy’s hair into her hands and looking up for permission.

“Go ahead!” Nancy looked on in encouragement, waiting for El to finish. “El, this is so good! Are you sure you’ve never braided before?”

El shook her head. “I haven’t. Thanks.” She practically glowed at the praise, focusing on Nancy’s necklace to keep herself from shaking. She still wasn’t used to compliments.

Nancy looked down at the girl sitting on her bed, warmth filling her chest. She felt an unreasonably strong attachment to this strange little girl, same as everyone else. Everyone had a different reason. Nancy thought maybe it was the way she carried herself, with a quiet assurance rooted beneath her layers of timidity. She reminded her of Barb, sometimes. Everything seemed to, these days. “So, El, do you have your eye on anyone these days?”

El looked up in surprise. “Huh?”

Nancy repeated the question, smiling. “Do you like anyone?” She thought she already knew the answer but she wanted to know anyway.

“Like? Well of course. I like Mike and Dustin and Lu-”

“No, do you like anyone? Like a crush?”


“Oh! Well, a crush is like… hm. It’s when you like someone as more than a friend. A crush means you want to date a person. Maybe even kiss them. You know what kissing is, right?”
“Oh, yeah,” El answered. “But how do I know if I have a crush?” As Nancy explained, El tried to think. Felt fluttery around the person? She always felt like making something levitate when she was around Mike. Make your heart beat faster? Definitely. Did she have a crush on Mike?

“So, do you?” Nancy tucked some of her hair back, causing El to mimic the motion. “Like anyone, I mean.” She wasn’t sure why she was so interested. El was four years younger than her, at the very least. They’d not been able to pinpoint her age, but they’d all gathered she was the boys’ age, landing her around twelve. So it wasn’t as if she could replace… anyway. Maybe it was just the fact that El had given her another sister, one who was old enough to at least kind of understand.

“I mean… Yeah…” El looked at Nancy nervously.

She squealed, moving closer to the younger girl. “Oh my god! Who?” she pushed away her assumptions, waiting eagerly for a response.

“I… I dunno if you…” El stuttered, dancing around the question before sighing. “Mike.” She said it quietly, almost inaudibly.

“What was that?” Nancy already knew, but she’d rather be safe than sorry.

“Mike.” She said it louder this time, and was about to stand up before Nancy tugged on her skirt. “I’m sorry, I-”

“Hey, hey, woah, El!” Nancy patted her shoulder. “I’m not mad, you know that, right? I think it’s cute.”

“Oh. So, does… does Mike crush me back?” Eleven asked tentatively. Was this wrong? She was never sure about social things. She only ever really felt comfortable around the boys, especially Mike.

“Crush you too? Oh haha, well, you don’t crush people - I mean you might be able to with your powers, but you have a crush on someone. Of course he does! Have you seen how he looks at you?” Nancy thought it was adorable the way Mike stared at El when he thought she wasn’t looking. He had the sweetest look on his face, full of admiration and a little embarrassment. As soon as she said that, El’s face positively lit up.

“Really?” She asked, trying to keep her excitement in, but it crept into the edges of her voice.
“Yeah, you should say something! Or, hold his hand. Really, it’ll be cute,” the older girl playfully suggested.

El looked at her lap, her cheeks tinged in pink. “Yeah.” She said it quietly, with trepidation. “Say something,” she echoed, fiddling with the hem of her dress.

“Mom! I’m home!” The door slammed, and El perked at the sound of Mike’s voice. “Where are you guys?”

“El’s here for you, Michael,” Ms. Wheeler yelled from somewhere else. El still hadn’t gotten used to that part of the Wheeler family’s differences from the Byers’. The Bers were quiet people for the most part; they all sat in one room and talked things out, and El had never once heard Joyce raise her voice at her sons out of anger. The Wheelers, on the other hand, yelled everything. They yelled up the stairs, they yelled across rooms only feet apart, and heck, they even yelled at each other if they were in the same room. They didn’t always mean it to be rude or argumentative: the Wheelers were just loud, abrasive people in all of the areas El’s foster family was subdued and gentle.

“Cool, thanks mom!” Mike set his backpack down, and El could hear his light footfalls up the stairs. “Where is she?”

“She’s in here with me, Mike.” Nancy responded, giving El a knowing smile and patting her hand.

“Why’s she with-” Mike was clearly irritated, but he dropped his tone when he saw El, as always. “You.” His face softened at the sight of the small girl, also as always.

“Hi Mike!” El was chipper, excited by the prospect of Mike liking her back. She still wasn’t totally sure what it meant, but she knew she had liked it when they had kissed in the cafeteria and when they would find excuses to hold hands or cuddle up together.

“Wow, El, you seem happy. Are you doing Nancy’s hair?”

“Yeah I did - um - this?” She showed him tentatively, not sure how to let him see it without putting her whole head under his nose. She did just that anyways. What would he mind?

“It’s called a braid El. There are more types than just that - I’ll show you them sometime if you like,” Nancy filled in.

“Cool!” Mike looked at the braid with apparent interest, although he was really just looking at how long El’s eyelashes were when he was looking straight down on them.

“Well, now that you two have been rejoined at the hip…” Nancy stood up, shooing both of them out as they giggled. “Get out of my room. Well, Mike, you get out of my room. El, you too, but only for now. Come back another time for braiding lessons.”

“Yes, Nancy,” Mike mimicked her bossy tone, rolling his eyes and looking down at El.

“Joined at the hip…?” She looked down too, trying to figure out the idiom.

“Joined at the hip, yeah,” Mike said before smacking his forehead. “Oh! Um, well, she just means that we’re always together, I guess. Not that we’re actually stuck together.”

“Oh.” El looked up, careful not to slip on the stairs as they headed toward the kitchen. “I understand.” She bumped her own hip against his, smiling at the pretty color creeping across Mike’s face. He always looks so pretty when that happens, El thought absently.

Mike rubbed the back of his neck, pulling a chair out at the dining room table for El and sitting across from her. “Yeah. So, homework?” Even though El wasn’t in school yet, she still did homework with Mike, as a stand in school. Lessons with Joyce, Jonathan and Mr. Clarke could only go so far. As Mike explained what he was doing (a math sheet - El could do some of the problems as she was a quick learner and was now up to 3rd of 4th grade level math, but others were a mystery to her). She found herself tuning out and staring at Mike instead. His hair was only a bit shorter than hers, she realized. An image of Mike in - what had Nancy called them? Braids? Yeah, that was it. An image of Mike in braids crossed her mind. She giggled to herself, thinking of how cute he would look.

“What’re you laughing at?” Mike asked, bringing her out of her thoughts.

“Your hair, it-” she reached out to touch it, tracing one of the flyaways. “It’s really pretty.”

“Oh-” Mike’s voice was cut off by her words, his mouth clamped shut in an attempt to contain his own set of complements. “Um. Thanks. So, you remember long division, right?”

El nodded, but she was too busy looking at Mike’s hair again to actually pay attention. She eventually walked around the table, sliding into the chair next to him while he was distracted.

“And so then you- hey, El.” The hey was elongated, and he looked down at his lap. “Can I… do you need something?”

“No.” El shakes her head, her hair swishing around her face while she swings her legs back and forth. She decided just to go for it. “Can I braid your hair?”

Mike sat up straight, no longer slouching. “What?”

“Like this.” She ran a hand over Mike’s hair, carefully selecting and parting one section of his inky locks and setting to work. “Okay?” She kept at it after he nodded his head, smiling to herself. She was pleased with how close she was able to get to Mike’s- what’d he called them? Freckles. She really liked them, no matter what Mike had said about them. He’d told her about all of the times Nancy had teased him about them, how much trouble they’d caused. He didn’t particularly appreciate their existence, given that they set him apart from everyone else. El liked them for the same reason. They made him look even more interesting.She sectioned off his hair, deciding to do two braids to lay on each side of his head, pulling the left section over into the middle just like Nancy had taught her. Now, the right. She liked doing hair, especially Mike’s.

“So you had fun with Nancy?” Mike asked, tilting his head a little.

“Stay still!” Eleven reprimanded jokingly. “Yeah, I can braid my hair now!”

El’s infectious enthusiasm made Mike smile. “It looks nice in braids,” he said, letting a compliment slip. The two children settled into a comfortable silence. With El finishing off the first braid, then running upstairs to Nancy for some hair ties. She had returned and started on the next when Lucas, Dustin, and Will walked through the front door, coming over to the Wheeler’s for dinner and a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

“Wo-hoah, Mike!” Dustin lost it when he saw Mike sitting at the kitchen table with half a head full of braids. “What’s happening here?”

“Say one word, Dustin, and I will kill your D&D character, I swear to god.” Mike glared, trying to look dangerous, which just made Dustin laugh harder.

“Who did this to you, dude?” Lucas joined in.

“El decided she wanted to, okay?” Mike stayed still, as El had returned with a wristful of hair ties. “I’m not going to tell her she can’t.”

“No, I think you mean that you can’t tell her she can’t.” Will.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Mike narrowed his eyes at his three smug friends. “I can choose what to do.”

“Oh, nothing, nothing…” Dustin said airily. “You didn’t choose to be whipped, it’s fine. Continue, El.”

“Whipped…?” El looked up. “I’m not hurting him, am I?”

“No, El, whipped means like…” Lucas began, looking to Will for help. He’d always been a wordsmith.

“Whipped basically means that he’ll do whatever you want. Like, you know, sort of trained, like a dog.”

“I don’t think Mike’s a dog.” El frowned deeper, dropping the braid she was working on.

“And they don’t either,” Mike said firmly, looking at them pointedly. “And they are also putting their bags downstairs, right? English class is over.” He crossed his arms, muttering about free will and being his own person.

“Is something wrong?” El asked. Why do they have to make it weird between us? Mike thought, even though he knew the boys were just kidding.

“No, they’re just laughing because, well, because boys don’t usually wear braids,” Mike explained. He wasn’t sure how El would react, seeing as she wasn’t totally used to social customs.

“But you look pretty,” she said.

“Oh, um, ok,” Mike decided to let the use of the word pretty slide. “Ok, well, I’m going to keep them in.” El smiled, and he knew he was right. They turned to go downstairs, so Mike could lead his party and El could sit in her fort and watch, when Will came through the door to the basement.

“Hey, I like the braids. You should keep them in. Jonathan says to do what you want,” the small boy said, reassuring the two.

“Well, Dustin says to get playing!” Dustin plopped down at the small table, waiting impatiently for the rest of them to start the game. “Come on!”

“Yeah, yeah,” Mike grumbled, sliding into the chair he always sat at and opened his folder. “Let’s go.” He feels himself start to fall back into the easy rhythm of staying in one place, surrounded by people he cared about.

They began setting up the table and board, bickering about who would sit where and where pieces belonged. As the boys sat down Mike turned to El, who was sitting on the couch watching.

“Hey, El…” Mike says, beckoning her over. “D’… do you wanna sit down with us?” She nods eagerly, putting her hands behind her back and smiling.

He pulls a foldable chair out of the garage, running back downstairs with it and setting it down for her.

“There you go. We can switch chairs if you want…” he noticed his friends all laughing behind their hands. “What are you all laughing at?”

“Nothing, it’s just… it’s really funny how absolutely devoted you are,” Lucas teases.

“Completely and utterly,” Will adds.

“I’m not devoted! I’m being considerate, unlike you guys!” Mike protested. Shut up guys! He thought. They we humiliating. He usually didn’t mind the teasing, but tonight something was different. She… he couldn’t describe it, but there was a feeling, like when he was around her something would happen. Eleven slid into the chair he had finally finished dusting off, smiling at him.

“Nice hair El, did you do that?” asked Will, sensing the awkwardness between the two and changing the subject.

“Yeah!” El said, excited for the chance to talk about her new skill. “Nancy taught me while I was waiting for Mike,” she explained, as Lucas and Dustin shared a look. “Your hair almost looks long enough to braid…”

Will nodded, scooting his chair towards her and smiling indulgently. “You can if you want, El. I won’t mind.” Lucas and Dustin both snickered, both at how Mike looked jealous at the prospect of El touching someone else and how silly the whole scene looked, with Will practically laying across El’s lap, giggling at how spidery-quick her fingers were.

“And you two can shut up, because I’m coming for you next.” El pointed at Dustin and Lucas, grinning mischievously at the way their faces immediately went blank.

“Take Dustin, not me! I don’t even have enough hair to braid!” Lucas yelps, pressing his knees to his chest and giggling at Dustin’s face.

“No! Not me either!” Dustin started to get up, but when El shot him a look, he sat back down. “I mean… whatever.” Mike smiled, pleased. They all knew that El had them wrapped around her finger. She could braid their hair together and they probably wouldn’t complain. Woman’s charm and all that.

And maybe just a little bit of the fact that she saved their lives.

She finished up Will’s braids, choosing to do two, like Mike. Dustin sensed that she was coming for his hair next, and started to run up the stair playfully, but she swept him off his feet and floated him down in front of her with the just the flick of her head. He resigned, and she took one section from the front of his head, braided it, did the same to the other side, and met them in the back, making Dustin’s hair look delicate and elegant. Lucas laughed at this, thinking he was safe with his short curls, but El pulled out her secret weapon: the blonde wig she wore when she first arrived.

“What? You want me to wear that? No way,” Lucas protested. “Just so you can braid it? No way!” Just like the other boys, he couldn’t resist her, especially after how hostile he had been when they had met. He felt bad - even though she insisted she was over it. He settled down in front of her, pushing Dustin from his spot. She placed the wig on his head, and after they had all stopped laughing about his grumpy expression offset by the cute blonde wig, she combined what she had done to Mike and Will with what Dustin sported and created a elaborate hairstyle. The boys hadn’t seen their own looks yet, so they marched up to the mirror in the hallway to see.

“Oh my god oh my god oh my god,” Dustin moaned, picking at one of his braids. “This is so completely stupid.” He threaded his hand through his hair, the ponytails coming out and dropping to the floor. “Can I take them out now? Please?”

“Sure.” El shrugs, interrupted by Lucas’s shrieks of laughter.

“Oh my god, Will, you look so-” Lucas was cut off by a slap across the shoulder from the boy.

“You can shut up, Lucas, because you look like a fairy princess.” Will follows Dustin’s suit, unraveling the braids and marveling at the slight curl they’d caused.

“Hey!” Lucas slapped him back, right on the forearm. “You can shut up too, you look just as funny.”

“Is there anyone who doesn’t look silly here?” Dustin says, as he leads them back downstairs.

“Yeah,” Will scoffs. “Mike.”

“What? What’re you talking about?” Mike’s head snapped up. He hated being singled out from the group, even positively.

“What, are you gonna disagree?”

“Wh- no! I just don’t think any of us look that ridiculous.”

“I think you all look great!” El added. The boys looked at her for a second, then continued their arguing.

“Mike, you’re crazy. We look hilarious,” Lucas said through laughter.

“What are you laughing about?” called Karen from the next room. “And does anyone want to stay for dinner?”

“Oh, no, it’s alright Ms. Wheeler, my mom’s expecting me at home. And hey, El, I liked the braids,” Will said, heading downstairs to get the game going. He didn’t even realize he still had his hair all done up.

“Lucas is coming to my house for dinner, Ms. Wheeler,” Dustin said, heading to the mudroom to get their bags and giving Lucas a shove as Mike and El walked to basement, ready to start.

“You look nice, Mike,” El said tentatively.

Mike coughed, looking around, desperately trying to look somewhere other than El’s face. “I… thanksyoudotoo.” He said it quickly, smushed together, and El frowned a little at his reaction. She waved goodbye to the rest of the boys, and remembering Nancy’s advice, she slowly, nervously, put her hand in Mike’s.

Mike stiffened up, almost ram-rod straight. Did what he thought just happened just happen? He didn’t complain, though, and just let his much larger rest in hers. She smiled appreciatively, happy to just stand and let things be.



“Is it normal to want to do this,” she held up their entwined hands, “with a friend?”

Mike coughed again, raising his eyes to the stars. “Um. Well, it’s different in some cases. I think it’s normal if you’re both girls-”

“And you’re not,” El shoots back.

“Well, yes, but I think it can also be normal if a boy and a girl are really good friends.”

“And… we are?”

Mike sighs in frustration. “I don’t really know, okay? I love being friends with you, El, but you make it so hard for me to- to-” he turns around, dropping El’s hand and sighing once more. “Never mind.”

“Mike…” El catches his hand again. “Friends don’t lie.”

Mike paused for a moment, not sure what to do. Could this be the moment where he… tells her?

“Well, I don’t know. I mean, I guess…”

“Mike,” El interrupted.

Mike pulled Eleven closer to him and kissed her, all in one swift motion. It wasn’t like the kiss in the school, this one was fueled by something more than just the fear and adrenaline. This kiss was an answer, the cumulation to all the hands brushed up against each other, all the glances, all the hidden feelings of the past half year. It meant something going forward.

“Mike? Was that… was that your answer?” she looked so innocent and bewildered, Mike couldn’t help but kiss her again.

“Yeah, I think so,” he told her. It was cold, the May nights not quite warmed up yet. El radiated heat, as she always did, probably something to do with her powers.

She put her head on his shoulder, her cheeks hot and her heart beating faster. “Okay,” she said faintly, smiling at nothing and sighing happily.

“Yeah, okay,” Mike echoed, letting her rest her head on him and smiling down at her.

And, in that room, there was a moment of perfect balance.

Deep Woods

Request(s): Can you do list 2 #7 for bell?

Please can you do list 2 #7 for bell with xreader?

Paring: Bellamy/Reader

Word Count: 1,012

Request hereList 1 Of prompts

List 2 Of prompts

Originally posted by magicalice

Being sent to earth was a blessing and a curse. When you were being sent down, you had time to reflect on how you went wrong with your life.

Originally, you were turning eighteen in two weeks, and you were to be floated for the crime of being in a distrusting family. Almost everyone in your family had been having more than one child, or breaking other rules. Your parents were floated, but for two different reasons. Your dad had tried to steal medicine for your mother, who was secretly pregnant, and your mother had been taking more food than normal, sometimes going as far as to take it and bring it back home. They were both floated at the same time, the chancellor never knew your mothers secret.

Forced on the ship with no friends, you thought your life was doomed. Forever to be tainted with the image of your parents in a small confined death into open abyss.

But when the ship had landed,and you could hear the voice of your one true friend, and your secret crush.

Bellamy Blake.

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Somehow in the last 12+ years, this woman has solved crimes, maintained her position at the top of her field, gone on digs, allowed her family back in her life, been kidnapped several times, dealt with multiple serial killers, wrote best-selling novels, saved her partner in a few instances, ran away from her partner, watched him try to move on, pretended like she could move on herself, realized she could not, witnessed her partner unable to move on, provided a metaphorical shoulder to lean on while he healed, watched a beloved intern die, finally dropped the “just partners” pretense, had a baby with said partner (and man she loves), dealt with another serial killer and all that that entailed, got married, watched her husband almost die and then go to jail, watched another member of her “family” die, had another baby, endured the gambling relapse of her husband, retired for a spell, wrote a few more books, almost lost her husband again, went back to work, is currently contending with another serial killer, let a film crew follow her around, and STILL she somehow managed to pick up two extra languages along the way. Although- they are clearly ones we’ve heard of, so perhaps it’s not that impressive. :))

I know this one’s been out for a moment, but this long time fan of Dutch duo The Him is far too enraptured by I Wonder to not give it a necessary share. I Wonder, which features Spanish songbird LissA, is a dynamic dance ballad that fuses tropical house with future bass in a fluid and flawless fashion. It’s almost like The Chainsmokers and Kygo had a wild child. I Wonder is irresistible, a juicy lustrous anthem out now on iTunes.

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I got back from my break and my boss ran up to me and said, “What the fuck is up with Lil Nosferatu?! He’s a manipulative little shit! Now I understand why you didn’t want him in your cabin!”

Apparently LN was so upset that I went on a break that he tried to convince my boss that I shouldn’t be allowed to take them because I am a bad counselor and don’t deserve time off. He lied and said I’d already taken time off earlier today. Little bastard just wants me around to give him constant attention and annoy me until I give him what he wants just to shut him up and get him out of my face for thirty seconds.

elbukibarnes  asked:

Idk why but I can't stop thinking what if Hanzo had a really high pitched voice as a child,almost cartoonish,but then puberty ran him over like an 18 wheel truck really fast like he went home from school on friday sounding like kirby and by monday he sounded fucking ma/cho man ra/ndy sa/va/ge

GJGJ YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES !!!!!!!!!! this is GOOD. it fucked him up cause yeah what the fuck now he can’t reach those high tones!?? and when genji started on T his voice didn’t change that drastically so what gives? hanzo is jealous.

okay headcannon that Yakov always hated Victor’s long hair cuz he refused to tie it up when he was skating and it got in the way and he bought him hair elastics but Victor only used then during fancy competitions and stuff and he was always begging Victor to just cut it, and then Victor does, not because Yakov wanted him to but because he felt like it, and Yakov is a little lost for a while because this man with short hair is nothing like the angelic long haired Victor that he viewed almost like a son and had a little “my child is growing up” crisis

… right under mY EYEBROWS

Someone stop m e

princess--alice--xxx  asked:

Saeran and reader AU reader drops her ice cream on Saeran and apologizes a lot so embarresed(bonus if he is still "unknown " she is not scared at all) And offers to make it up to him by buying anything he wants

Haha, I hope that this is okay for your request! It was quite fun to write >u<

You had been getting a bit too excited over the fact that he was taking you out to buy ice cream… You jumped a bit in even more enthusiasm when you were allowed to choose the flavour too, and he had rolled his eyes at your almost child-like joy as you looked at each and every flavour available. (Even though you could see a slight hint of joy in his own eyes too, as if he had something happy which he associated with ice cream.)

This excitement wasn’t to last though.

Once you had your ice cream – your favourite flavour, of course - for a few minutes, it had begun to melt. And when it poured on your hands from the cone, it was cold. The cold made you flinch… And the ice cream went falling… Right into Saeran’s lap.

That led to the… current situation.

“What the fuck?!” Saeran jumped up from his seat, the zips from his jacket almost hitting you in the face as he did so. “That’s a waste of ice cream! A- And it’s cold damn it!” He did his best to wipe the ice cream (which just so happened to be a similar white and pink colour to his hair) off his legs, looking both angry and panicky at the exact same time.

Yes, he did look very threatening with just how aggressively he was trying to brush off the ice cream, but you had been with him for many months by this point, and you weren’t completely fazed by that… But what bothered you was that until you both left the city again, he would be walking around with ice cream on his pants. It actually made you feel quite… embarrassed…

“I- I’m so sorry, Saeran!” You reached into your pocket and pulled out some tissues which you had on hand, before biting your lips and standing up yourself. “I- I’ll do anything to make up for that! H- How about I buy you something for an apology!” You were red in the face out of the embarrassment of spilling that ice cream on Saeran’s pants as you said that.

Saeran was too busy wiping off the ice cream to instantly respond to your offer, but when he did, you were met with a raised eyebrow. “You’ll buy me anything?”  As he waited for a response, Saeran pulled his jacket off and tied it around his waist so that the ice cream stain was covered.

When you nodded, you noticed that Saeran’s eyes had widened slightly. You put it down to his eagerness to have you buy him literally anything which you could afford, but that was far from the reason. There was a tiny bit of melted ice cream resting on your lips, and to say that it had his full attention was an understatement. He wanted to get rid of it from your soft, gentle lips… And he wanted to get rid of it with his own lips.

“So, what do you want then? A… Another ice cream? Some candy? I- I’ll seriously get you anything I can afford, I’m that sorry about dropping the ice cream on you!” You started pouting, and Saeran rolled his eyes at the child-like way you were acting in an attempt to apologise. And the ice cream was still on your lips.

Saeran spent a moment thinking, before letting out a loud sigh. “Fine. We’ll get some more ice cream then… In a tub this time. I’m not having you spill it on me again.” Following that, he grabbed your wrist and started pulling you along the path so that you would remain behind him. Through all of the dragging, you were constantly apologising for spilling the ice cream on him whilst the two of you were receiving the strangest looks why. (Well, it probably did look like a kidnapping to everyone, Saeran supposed. He was wearing dark clothes and a leather jacket and he honestly did make some people – mostly children - cry when they looked at him, and you were… a sweet little thing getting dragged along by him whilst apologising over and over…)

Soon enough, Saeran released his grasp and turned back around to face you, and-

‘Fuck!’ Saeran internally yelled. That ice cream was STILL on your lips?! ‘Does she not wipe her lips after eating like any normal human being?!’

Eventually, Saeran forced himself into saying something, as he could see the worry and confusion building up in your face as every second of silence passed. “C- Can you please stop apologising now? Honestly! You apologise too much!” He gritted his teeth then, mainly to stop himself from feeling tempted to get rid of that ice cream which you obviously weren’t going to do anything about, but he left you to assume that it was because of him getting annoyed at your apologies.

“S- Sorry-!” You started panicking then, before you gasped. “Damn it… I did it again! I’m sorry about apologising!” Before you could possibly go into an eternal spiral of apologising and apologising for that apology, Saeran pinched your cheek. “Ow!” You were slightly red in the face from before still, and he could absolutely tell from just touching your face like that. “I’ll stop… A- Anyway… What f- flavour ice cream do you want Saeran? And, u- um… What size?”

“If you can be quiet until we get to the shop, I’ll tell you then. If not, you’re guessing, and there’s trouble if you get it wrong.” A smirk grew on Saeran’s face then, and straight away, your face was as red as his shirt again.

“Wh- What kind of trouble?”

“Oh… Just, you know… trouble.” You didn’t need to know that he was bluffing, right? He didn’t care at all over what flavour he got, as long as it wasn’t one of those really bizarre flavours. “Now, get a move on, we’re nearly back at the ice cream place now.”

You nodded, before the two of you started making your way to the shop which was just at the end of the road. Saeran still kept you in the corner of his eye as the two of you walked, and noticed that you still had that little bit of melted ice cream on your lips. That was when he made his mind up.

If that ice cream was not gone from your mouth by the time that the two of you got to the shop, he was going to get rid of it himself. It was becoming too much now!

So… As soon as the two of you were outside the door to the ice cream shop, Saeran grabbed hold of the tops of your arms, and stared. “I’ll have a large chocolate mint ice cream,” he stated, his eyes narrowing at the sight of that damn stupid stray little piece of shit ice cream on your mouth. “First though, I’m getting rid of that.”

You were completely dazed as Saeran walked into the shop about thirty seconds later, and were blushing even more than previously as you thought about what he had just done. There had been ice cream on your lips… and rather than telling you it was there, he decided to lick it off?!

“Oi! Come on, you owe me ice cream for spilling yours on me before!”

The Outsiders Preference: Sleepy Time

Requested by anon


You got home at 1am from a girls night with Evie and Kathy. You entered your shared room to see Dallas asleep. You gazed at him as he slept. His hair fell across his face and you brushed it off to reveal his sharp, beautiful face. He looked kinder in his sleep. Almost like a child, and you had to wonder if he wasn’t all bad, if somewhere inside of him there was a soft place where he could stay, free from reality. You placed a light kiss on the ‘bad boy’s’ cheek. Iyou stripped from my clothes getting into one of Dallas’ t-shirts. you got under the sheets and layed down on my side. “Goodnight baby” you cooed, as you felt arms pull me close.


You walked out of the bathroom where I had been changing into my pajamas, brushing my teeth, hair etc. You walked out with my y/h/c in a messy bun and my favourite pajama shorts and a tank top, that made my boobs look just divine. “You look hot” Sodapop commented. “Thank you sir” You posed sillily. You made your way over to the twin sized bed, and got on top of Sodapop, straddling his waist. You peppered kisses all over his face, before hip flipped you over returning the favor. He started to suck on your colloar bone leaving a mark. “Let’s go to bed” You stopped him. “Alright, alright, I love you” he replied. “I love you too, Sodapop” you answerd laying on his chest letting sleep take over.


“Ugh” you groaned, digging your head into your pillow. Johnny turned his head to face you. “What?” he asked, and you slammed your fist into the bed. “I’m getting frustrated. I can’t fall asleep” you said, and Johnny frowned. “How can I help?” he asked, brushing the hair out of your face. “I don’t know” you whispered, staring up at the ceiling. “Come here” he whispered, pulling you in under his arm. You cuddled in close to Johnny’s chest, and he cocooned you. You felt his chest rise and fall against your back and his warm breaths on your neck. Johnny held you tight, pulling you in really close. Almost instantly you dozed off, feeling a sense of security in his arms.


You gasped loudly as you felt Keith’s hand gently squeeze your hip a little too hard. Your head turned toward your boyfriend who was slightly smirking in his sleep “Mm babe,” You heard him mumble. You raised both your eyebrows in surprise but groaned again in pain as he kept squeezing you tighter and moving you closer to him. You smirked knowing exactly what kind of dream he was having. “You are,” He breathed out into your ear “So funny when you wear that clown suit,” He finished saying. You almost chocked on your spit when you processed his words.’ What the hell was he exactly dreaming of?’ you thought to yourself as a little laugh escaped his mouth. Before anything else can escape his lips you shook Two-Bit roughly “Two! What the hell are you dreaming about you weirdo,” You said laughing slightly. He smiled largely in his sleepy demeanor and stretched lightly. “Mmm, just about you and I running away to the circus together,” He said. You couldn’t help but laugh out loud “Please do tell me the details,” You pleaded as you snuggle closer to him.


(Steve’s pov)

“Give me the cereal! Bastard! Give me the cereal! Help Steve!” she growls, tossing and turning in her sleep. I yawn sleepily and look over at her, biting back a laugh. What in the hell was she dreaming about? “That’s my cereal you bitch!” she snaps, the sheets getting tangled around her legs. I softly shake her shoulder and she jolts awake, breathing fast. “What the hell were you dreaming about? That must’ve been some fucking great cereal,” I chuckle, making her roll her eyes and grin. “Thanks for waking me up. I was walking home from the DX and one soc was trying to steal my cereal…” she says, explaining her crazy dream. I follow her whole retelling of the dream with amusement, watching her bright eyes and hand gestures as she retells the whole thing.


“NO! NO! NO!” You scream in your sleep. Darry hears and opens his eyes to realize that you are having a nightmare. “Y/N, babe, wake up!” He says, gently nudging you. You stop screaming and slowly your eyes open. “What was going on?” Darry asks. “I had a dream that I was losing you.” You say. Darry chuckles. “Babe you are never going to lose me.” He says with a smile. “I know that now, but I don’t think that I will be able to go back to sleep.” You say. “How about we watch a movie?” Darry asks. You nod and Darry walk downstairs to the couch. He puts in your favorite; Breakfast AtTiffany’s. For the rest of the night you and Harry stay up watching love movies and cuddling and not thinking about that terrible terrible dream.


You examined your boyfriend’s sleeping figure as you sat up against the headboard, mindlessly drumming your fingers on your leg. The neon colours of the alarm clock on the bedside table read that it was four in the morning. You groaned, remembering that you had to be up in four hours for classes. “(Y/N)?” you heard a sleepy voice say. Your head quickly turned towards Ponyboy who was now lying on his back, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. “Why are you up?” You shrugged and scooted closer to him when he sat up against the headboard with you. “I can’t sleep.” “Do I need to sing you a lullaby?” he teased. You rolled your eyes and gave him a smile, “No need Pony. Just go back to sleep I’ll be fine.” He yawned but put his arm around you, pulling you even closer to him, “Not until you do, want me to read?” He asked, and you simply nodded leaning your head on his shoulder. His soft voice putting you to sleep.

Cold - USUK

(Happy birthday @owynsama! This is a short ficlet for you! I hope you’re enjoying your birthday!)

Summary: Based on this prompt
AU: Omegaverse
Rating: SFW
Warning: Mpreg, fluff

Frustrated, Arthur tugged the blankets around himself and brought his legs up closer to his stomach. No matter how small he compacted himself it didn’t seem to stop the cold from finding its way to every corner of his body. He was freezing.

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So many of us had died to get here. I want you to know that if there was another way out, I would’ve taken it.
—  John Connor, signing off Kyle Reese’s death warrant