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HI I'M IN DIRE NEED OF SEXY BUT WELL WRITTEN SMUT. LIKE FUCK ME UP WITH THAT WELL THOUGHT OUT PLOT AND GRAMMAR. I've read everything on your master list already though, so suggestions?

Hmm… ok, so, I’m not sure what you read (apart from plot and grammar stipulations, so let’s have a variety, yeah? Also, this is JUST a sample and I’m running on four hours sleep cause I never had a nap and am a ball of anxiety all the time now, so… forgive me. 

Reader insert mainly writers: @stylesunchained // @aqua-harry // @kasiwrites // @honeyedrasp // @harryandmesohappily // @sorrynotharry 

@cuddlemusclestyles has a OFC fic happening right now (based off her real life… please don’t take me seriously, lol), @islareeveswriting has some OFC stuff and she’s a wonderful writer, too! Mmm… @kasiwrites also has some OFC stories… @heart-attack-harry also has some OFC stuff… who else… (Incidentally, I reblogged a post earlier today, so you can probably find good things in there!)

@whoopsharrystyles also writes, but her writing is now available on WattPad to my understanding. 

Hope this helps a bit, love! Check my fics I like tag, too, to see if you can find anybody else. xx