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INUKAG WEEK - Day #3: Music 

we are unbreakable - hedley // give your heart a break - demi lovato // perfect - hedley //  the cure - jordin sparks //  jealous - nick jonas  //  let me love you - glee // my life would suck without you - kelly clarkson // let her go - passenger // for the nights i can’t remember - hedley 

+ listen! 


🌸 I’m back! OMG I miss writing so much and to make this comeback(lol) memorable,  here’s Boyfriend!Taeil for all of you!

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my top 10 esc songs: finland

1. 2006 lordi - hard rock hallelujah
lordi deserves to be at the #1. finland has won only once and they managed to do it. also the whole performance is just in another level (wings, pyros). i love how the lyrics are so anti-eurovision. i love it. #torillatavattiin

2. 2014 softengine - something better
at first i didn’t fancy the song but it grew on me. also the boys were so good LIVE. the fact that they were young and did their own music. the background is simple. just them playing music.

3  2008 teräsbetoni - missä miehet ratsastaa
this song is joke to me and my friends but finland needs more LIKE THIS in the eurovision. this is what we are good at sO.. also the extra leather drummers. on a serious note we need more metal entries (also we gotta use our own ugly language)

DISCLAIMER: i may be biased since I love metal & rock oops..

4. 1987 vicky rosti - sata salamaa
one of my fave finnish songs. this. is. everything. this entry deserved much more than it got. + that background (synth) piano is life.

5. 1984 kirka - hengaillaan
kirka is a legend in finland (rest in peace) but this song is happy and almost every finn know it. 

6. 2007 hanna pakarinen - leave me alone
the year finland hosted the show. i almost forgot this song even exists (like most finns) but hanna is amazing and so is this song. 

7. 2009 waldo’s people - lose control
finland really stepped up their eurovision game. waldo himself is a 90′s eurodance legend. and this is a great song. I just hate the background firedancers and how the girls have no real choreography..

8 1985 sonja lumme - eläköön elämä
we need to sing more in finnish. also i love the lyrics.

9. 1991 kaija kärkinen - hullu yö
dramatic af. i enjoy it.

10. 2016 norma john - blackbird
dark, mystical, leena’s voice is insane and lasse’s piano solo is in another level. sadly we didn’t qualify. 

music shuffle tag !

tagged by cutie patootie @4stigma ❤️ (tysm!)

rule: put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that come on
1. Lemonade - Adam Friedman ft. Mike Posner
2. Nana - the 1975
3. The fire - Kina Grannis
4. Signal - TWICE
5. Epilogue: Young Forever - BTS
6. Mess is mine - Vance Joy
7. Ophelia - The Lumineers
8. Spine Breaker - BTS
9. Beneath the lights - Cool Company
10. Don’t you cry for me - Cobi

i’m tagging @eunoos @gfriends @icydays @cyphrs @softjimns @jpghope @soegogi (of course you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to)

like FATHER, like SON - dedicated to queenamileena

child i will hurt you crystal castles | pet a perfect circle | ballad of a politician regina spektor | mordred’s lullaby heather dale | cat’s in the cradle henry chapin | father’s son tori amos | mowgli’s road marina and the diamonds | hast thou considered the tetrapod the mountain goats | teenage disease black rebel motorcycle club | the old timer’s 2x4 the lawrence arms | i’ll cut you vuvuvultures | human emotion digital daggers | sins of my father tom waits | papa was a rolling stone the temptations | who are you? andrew jackson jihad

The Lego Movie - Sentance Starters
  • "Ooops, I almost forgot that one!".
  • "Oh my Gosh, I love this song".
  • "Hey pal, I hate to tell you this, I don't think you're supposed to be here".
  • "Hey, listen do you think you can explain to me why I'm dressed like this".
  • "Great. I think I got it, but just in case, tell me the whole thing again. I wasn't listening".
  • "That is against the instructions!!".
  • "I don't know what I'm doing".
  • "Ah! I got pigs! I hate pigs!".
  • "I don't see any clouds, or cuckoos".
  • "Oh, we got a hugger".
  • "Be careful. I have been might explode".
  • "Come with me if you wanna not die".
  • "That is literally the dumbest thing I've ever heard".
  • "Ah, we gotta write all that down 'cause I'm not gonna remember any of it".
  • "Why are my pants cold and wet?".
  • "Well, where can we go where we can't be found?".
  • "Thank you, ______! Your ideas are the best!".
  • "I'm not trying to bail...".
  • "I read your dumb instructions".
  • "Stop yelling at me!".
  • "Get back to where you were!".
  • "I had no idea you'd be here".
  • "A double decker couch?".
  • "You're a liar!".
  • "Would you please be quiet!".

You have appeared to my life,
Feel like I’ll never be the same