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We can actually hear Swift’s critics rolling their eyes. But here’s one of the best things about the star , Even when she’s mocked for writing thinly veiled songs about her love life or criticized for going completely pop and not sticking to her country roots, Swift still follows her own path.
This is a woman who will tell her record label, when instructed not to venture too far off in a new direction, sorry, “but this is how it’s going to be.” She knows what she wants. She knows who she is. And if you don’t like it, she’ll just shake off the criticism and write a song about doing so that you secretly won’t be able to stop singing.
That’s pretty gutsy in an industry that’s running scared. Here are five other reasons why you can’t help but like Taylor Swift, even if you’re not a fan:
1. The catch factor
Have you ever caught yourself singing a catchy ditty and not even remembering how you know the lyrics? It was probably a Taylor Swift track.
Her music has a way of permeating every facet of popular culture, to the point that you don’t have to buy her albums to recognize the twang from “You Belong with Me” or sing the hook from “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”
2. Ten Grammys later, still more likely to be found baking with cats
Taylor Swift is one of the most recognizable pop stars on the planet, and we can only imagine the access that kind of fame can yield. We would not be at all surprised if the singer could jet from Milan to Tokyo in the blink of an eye in a private jet with seats lined in mink.
But instead of the usual shenanigans you hear about from the very young, privileged and wealthy, Swift is more likely to be found baking cookies or playing with a new kitten.
In other words, probably the exact same things she’d be doing if she weren’t famous, which is a rare thing to witness.
3. She obsesses over the same TV shows
Speaking of those cats, one of them is named Olivia Benson, as in one of the starring detectives on “Law & Order: SVU.” Another one of the star’s feline friends is named after Meredith Grey on Shonda Rhimes’ “Grey’s Anatomy.”
Many celebrities claim to be fans of their famous peers work, but Swift appears to be just as obsessed with your favorite TV shows as you are, almost as if she forgot that she, too, is on the A-list.
4. She’s BFFs with everyone, including her fans
It’s not hard to rattle off Taylor Swift’s famous friends, because she has a growing collection that includes everyone from Selena Gomez and Lorde to actresses Jaime King and Lena Dunham.
But what makes Swift win over in the skeptics is her connection with her fans. She knows at least one of her supporters so well that she could make a surprise appearance at the fan’s bachelorette party with complete ease, posing for pictures and handing over a gift that she knew her fan would like. We’ll say that again: She knows her fans well enough that she can buy them personalized presents. Who does that?
5. Her parties are as dorky as yours
While some stars are always sharing photos of their exclusive vacations in exotic faraway locales, Swift’s get-togethers look like they could’ve been photographed in your neighbor’s backyard. Fourth of July? She’s baking a holiday-themed cake and hitting the Slip N’ Slide. Christmas season? She’s even constructed homemade holiday cards . And of course, as endlessly chronicled on Social media , you know Swift will always dance like no one’s watching.
—  5 reasons you love Taylor Swift even if you don’t want to - CNN article

Some infamous Critical Role lines as soundwave art. Because I obviously have nothing better to do with my time xD
Tiberius art by Andy (CalloftheDeep over on Twitter)
EDIT 1: Added Grogs
EDIT 2: Now with more Bigby’s Hand. Working on “Dagger Dagger Dagger”, “Hunters Mark” and I’m thinking Keyleths “OH HALLOOO” 
EDIT 3: Hunters Mark down. Also fixed something with Percy’s. Almost forgot about Pike, “Where you at?”
EDIT 4: Updated this with the rest of them!


some doodles from tonight of @oztrichbunz‘s precious water-themed Genos who I’m absolutely going to draw more of in the futureヽ(´ヮ´)ノ

@anjelzjelly129 I’ve fallen in love with your drawings of Genos with an undercut and I used that concept here except with a ponytail (which I am,, very bad at drawing,,,, I have almost never drawn hair pulled back uughhguh)
now that the artblock is gone, the laptop is fixed, and I’m no longer sick (surprise, I had a 48 hour flu) I can FINALLY DO THINGS AGAIN

I know I’ve gotten older than the intended demographic, but I feel like good shojo manga is really hard to find now.


sorry i’ve been dead folks

he deserves way more than some stupid drawing and i feel like i can’t top the gif i did last year unless i do another animation but better (NEXT YEAR… perhaps..)
but i was so c aught up in classes and uni and garbage (registration date on my son’s bday. rip) and drowning in the sinkhole that is jojo i can’t believe i almost forgot ;_;

college!au minghao (pt 2)

         part two of my college!minghao au :-) enjoy!

         (part 1) (part 3) (part 4)

          When you woke up, you almost forgot what had happened last night. You had slept dreamlessly last night, your brain too tired to conjure up any images. You rolled out of bed, hanging your legs over the bed, hair probably looking like a bird nest. You sighed, and got up stretch. Your roommate was gone, probably getting breakfast. 

           You decided to take a shower, since you didn’t last night after all that dancing. You froze, the events from last night flooding into your brain. You chewed on your fingernail, thinking of all the embarrassing things you did last night while tipsy, as well as the embarrassing stuff you did while you were dehydrated. You remembered how Joshua was spilling your embarrassing secrets to his friends, and you gritted your teeth. You pulled out your phone to text Joshua that he was dead.

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Inevitable Pt.2 (Philip x Reader)

Word Count: 2,664

Warnings: nothing

Authors Note: HELLOOOOO! Just stepping by to give you a story that I finished. Let me know what you thought! Until next time… So long!

Part 1


July 21, Summer, Your room

You didn’t see him for the rest of the summer. He went upstate to stay with his grandfather and after that he left. He left for college without a trace, and he left you with all of your feelings bottled to yourself. No goodbye, no call, no text, just gone. You should’ve expected it. You were the one who broke up with him in the first place but for some reason it felt as if you felt more pain than him. You deleted his number quickly, but not before blocking him first. You knew that if you kept it you would be the one to text him first, the first one to cave and come running back, and you didn’t know if he wanted you anymore. Not after what you did. You didn’t want to find out either, so you deleted his number. You blocked him because you knew him. You knew that when he was drunk he would text you saying that he missed you when he didn’t and you couldn’t and weren’t willing to get your hopes up. So you blocked him. You blocked him before he sent his first ‘I still love you’ text post-breakup when he was in college and sober. He sat in his dorm looking at the grey text bubble that wouldn’t deliver.

You tried to forget about him. And you almost did until you decided that social media was ok. You scrolled through your instagram feed before you stopped promptly. A picture of your love. He was smiling, his eyes sparkly and cheeks brushed ever so slightly with a blush and around his arm was a girl. Two girls actually. One was smiling at the camera, the other kissing Philip’s cheek. Philip’s arm was around her waist, fingertips making contact with her bare midriff. You closed your eyes and scrolled past. This was what you had wanted. For all you knew she could be his future wife, and he was so happy with her. You let your mind wander. Bad idea. She looked nothing like you, were you even his type. Had you wasted his time? Had he wasted your time? Did he look that happy when he was with you? Did his eyes sparkle and did his cheeks flush when he was with you? Maybe he really loved her, and maybe he never loved you.

July 20, Summer, Frat party

Philip’s best friend posted the picture.

“There. Now she’ll for sure be running back.”

“I don’t know man.” Philip replied wiping the pink lipstick stain on his cheek, his eyes skimming the dark room trying to avoid the girls that his friend had forced him into a picture with. Philip shook his head, he knew you. You wouldn’t budge, and he was trying to accept that.

You almost forgot.
But he never would.

September 4, First day of school, High school

You walked into school senior year, a bright smile gracing your face. Walking the familiar hallways, you waved at old friends and acquaintances eventually making your way to your locker. Setting your backpack on the floor, you began to twiddle with the lock.

“Hey! There she is!” you heard a familiar voice say. Your best friend.

You turned around to be greeted by open arms as she hugged you tightly.

“Lol, dude. I literally saw you last week.” you say suffocated by her tight grip.

“Still, this is our last year of this.” she said letting go of you. You had to try not to burst into tears at the fact that this was your senior year. She was right. Everything was in place and perfect. Almost.

“So, how was your summer? How is Philip?” she asked nonchalantly. You nearly choked on air. Feeling the heat rise to your face you turned around to look busy in your locker. You hadn’t told anyone about the breakup and truthfully it still made you uneasy to talk about it, about him. You didn’t know why. It had been 3 months without him, hearing him, feeling him and yet you still felt something that lingered in your gut because of him.

You felt a tear fall from your eyes and you tried to quickly wipe it away before she noticed, but she was your best friend. She knew everything.  

“Y/N. Are you ok? What happened?” she asked putting a hand on your shoulder and her kind tone only made your tears fall faster.

“Hey, hey. It’s ok. You’re gonna be ok.” she reassured rubbing your back.

“No.” you hiccuped. “I broke up with him.” you said shakily.

“Y/N.” she said pulling you in for a hug. “Hey, listen to me. Don’t let him ruin your first day of school. You deserve so much better-” she said before she was interrupted by the bell. She gave you a sympathetic look before saying she had to get to class. She made you promise her that you wouldn’t cry anymore that day and that you’d find her at lunch. You nodded absentmindedly and watched her disappear in the sea of students before resuming back to your locker. Thankfully you had a free period first hour and you made a beeline for the bathroom. 

September 4, First day of school, Bathroom

Why were you crying?

It had been months since you broke up with him. Sometimes you had to remind yourself that this was your fault. You were the one that broke up with him. Every time you had doubts you told yourself it was for him, and that you were trying to be selfless and give him everything he had yet to see. What you couldn’t tell was that you had taken his everything away from him. You quickly wiped your eyes and took deep breaths in the mirror when you heard the bathroom door beginning to open. You dove into a stall and locked yourself in keeping quiet.

“Did you hear that Y/N broke up with Philip?” one of the girls asked her friend, reapplying her lip gloss in the mirror.

“She broke up with him? Are you sure it’s not the other way around?” the friend joked.

“I know! Tragic really, but hey at least he’s single now. He deserved so much better anyways.” The girl huffed before walking out of the bathroom. You stayed in the stall until you heard the clicking of her shoes on the tile begin to fade. You felt something wet hit your leg and you looked down to see a wet mark on your jeans. You couldn’t even tell that you had been crying.

Millions of thoughts swirled your head. Was that how everybody had seen you two as a couple? That he was out of your league and that he was being so generous even giving you a portion of his time? You absentmindedly pulled out your phone and began to type in numbers before you hit the green call button. You let it ring a few times before hesitating and ending it. You wished that you would’ve let it go through.

September 4, Post party, Philip’s dorm

Philip awoke to his phone ringing, he groaned at his hangover and tried to find his phone. He pulled it to his face and saw your name plastered on the screen. He scrambled to answer it before it stopped ringing. He felt as if his whole world was spinning around him. Taunting him.

“DAMN IT!” he screamed into his covers before throwing his phone across the room.

If he hadn’t drank last night, he would’ve been awake by now. Awake to answer your call. He desperately wanted to know what you had wanted to tell him, actually, he just wanted to hear your voice. He swore that he would’ve recorded it and listened to it every day if he could. After all your last words to him were “Don’t forget about me.” And how could he not. The way your hair fell to frame your face that day, sitting in the passenger side of his car. The way your cold hands felt against his cheek. The way your lips felt warm on his and how sparks still flew around his body like it was the first time kissing you. He wished he would’ve kissed you back that day if he knew it would be the last time.

May 25, Late night, Bed

The weeks progressed into months and Philip never left you. Every goddamn turn you made, something had to remind you of him.

At school you passed the janitor’s closet where he would sometimes pull you in during passing time for a quick kiss.

At the library when he would come surprise you when you were studying with coffee and his company.

Even at home on your bed where you two shared some intimate moments

You layed in bed when it hit you. The feeling that had been lingering because of him…

It was regret.

May 25, Post breakup, bed

Philip had his fair share of girlfriends in college, each one never lasting more than 2 weeks. Every time he thought they were the one, he remembered you. How you would caress his cheek when he was stressed. How you would play with his hair and how it made him sleepy. And how none of them made him feel the way you did.

He wondered how you felt, and if you still thought of him the way he thought about you.

June 4, Pre graduation, Dinner table

Senior year was over sooner than you wished. You wished you could stay at home with your parents and friends, and mostly you wished you would’ve cherished it more.

You sat at your desk writing envelopes for your grad party invitations with your best friend.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this!” you say still in shock that you had graduated.

“I know. I feel so old.” she giggled as she placed a stamp on one of your cards before slipping it into her bag.

You addressed the last couple envelopes when your friend asked if you wanted something to eat.

“Um, sure I’ll have whatever.” you say sticking a stamp on the last one. She walked into the kitchen and you sat at the table looking around when the last crisp white envelope seemed to be taunting you. You sat there, and before you could stop yourself you grabbed it and effortlessly addressed it.

‘Philip Hamilton’

June 10, Grad party, Your room

You glanced at the clock before looking back in the mirror. The guests were going to be arriving any minute now. You smoothed out your hair and checked your outfit once more. Wearing your favorite romper you gave yourself a 360 before beginning to walk out when a crisp white envelope caught your attention. It sat under a pile of books and a necklace, and in black ink, it was addressed to Philip Hamilton. 

June 6, Studying for finals, Kings College library

Philip sat at the table trying his best to keep his eyes open. The light at the end of the tunnel was that he would be going home on the 10th and he couldn’t wait to get out of school. He was drifting off when his roommate sat in the chair in front of him and handed him a crisp white envelope with his name scribbled on the front.

“What’s this?” he asked his roommate, who just answered with a shrug before chugging more of his redbull.

The return address was to your best friend.

“What in the-” he asked confused as he ripped open the envelope before his breath caught in his throat.

In the envelope was an invitation to a grad party, your grad party. On the card there was a picture of you, your senior picture he assumed, where you sat in a field smiling naturally, your hair blowing in the wind. You looked unbelievably beautiful. He turned the card over to see a small note scribbled on it.

‘Listen, you don’t have to come if you don’t want to. I just thought it was worth a shot.’ it read.

His heart sank once he realized that it was not your idea to invite him.

Would he go? Did you even want to see him?

Could he bear ruining your big day just so he could see you once more?

June 10, Grad party, midday

You smiled as new faces began to appear.

“I’m so proud of you honey.” your aunt said as she pulled you in for a hug.

That’s when you saw him. He was looking straight at you, bags under his eyes and a small smile as he gave you an awkward wave. You stumbled back from your aunt’s hug and she looked at you with concern.

“Darling, are you alright?” she asked.

“Oh, um yes. Could you excuse me for a minute.”

You ran towards him.

“GEORGE!” you exclaimed as you ran into his open arms

“I didn’t think you’d be able to make it Eaker.” you whispered as you pulled away.

“And miss out on my childhood best friend’s big day? No way!” he said as he gave you a card.

“You really shouldn’t have.” you thanked him as you began to engage in a conversation with him.

Your best friend sat at the table looking for familiar cars. Philip’s car. He never came. So he was a coward after all.

June 11, Post party, 12:00 AM

You finished cleaning up the mess in your home and you were beginning to get ready for bed when the doorbell rang.

Who in the hell would come to your house at 12 AM? You thought as you walked to your door, fidgeting with your romper, wanting nothing more than to be able to take it off. When you swung the door open your heart jumped to your throat.

In front of you someone stood there in a King’s College sweatshirt, flowers in one hand and the other by his side. Familiar curly brown hair pulled back into a bun and a crooked smile.

“Philip” you said in whisper.

“Hey, Y/N. I know it’s late but I just got in and I wanted to stop by and-”

You pulled him in for a hug, his familiar scent engulfing you. You felt him drop the flowers and snake his arms around your waist as he pulled you in closer. The hug was longer than any hug should be but you missed being in his arms.

“I missed you so much.” he whispered into your hair as he began to pull back.

“Philip. I love you. And I’m sorry. You were right. I never should have let you go…” your mouth was like an open faucet and everything you’ve kept bottled up came out. Your eyes beginning to tear up as well. You felt a tear roll down your cheek and before you could wipe it away, Philip’s hand went to your cheek as he wiped the tear with his thumb. You expected him to pull his hand away but he left it there, caressing your cheek and bringing you closer to his face.

“Philip, do you still love me?” you said at the end of your rant. His lips were dangerously close to yours and you felt him let out a soft laugh. He leaned in slowly and pressed his lips onto yours. Everything was slow, nothing rushed as you memorized the way his lips worked in sync with yours. You moved your hands up to his hair and his hands went to your butt giving it a light squeeze.

Same old Philip.

You squeaked and let out a giggle as you pulled away.

“I love you. You, Y/N, more than anything else in this entire world.” he said, a goofy grin on his face.

“I can’t believe you came back to me.” you said intertwining your fingers with his.

“Of course I did. It was inevitable.”