almost forgot about this one :)

I think it’s real convenient that all anti-su critical people who say “gems don’t have a set height bcoz they can shapeshift” just collectively forgot about that one episode where Steven almost like. died because he tried to shapeshift like three inches taller for one day

Another gem I almost forgot about, no pun intended.

This was partially inspired by one of my friend’s who’s really into Sailor Moon but has never seen Steven Universe. I got the idea to do a cosplay picture with the color schemes of Chibi Moon and Helios matching with Steven and Connie, that and Connie would totally wear armor/prince clothing given the chance. And Steven has zero problems wearing a dress given that one episode so i mean.

Two pairings in one pic.

Saigenos Week 2017: Day 1

Genos: Human AU


One Punch Man, you say??? No, It’s SALARY MAN!!!

In a world where obstructive bureaucrats run rampant… Saitama, the most effective and efficient, under-appreciated office worker ever existed, together with his loyal and adoring top-manager-to-be sidekick Genos, are ready to kick some Red Tape asses!

Slytherin Girls Women - Andromeda Black Tonks

millicent bulstrode | pansy parkinson | astoria greengrass | daphne greengrass | narcissa malfoy  | lily luna potter  


Like a lot of girls, I was not able to get Sebastian as I had hoped I would. But, I am going to do a special early shoutout to my favorite Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler imagine blogs on Tum-Tum. They also do headcanons, scenarios, and match ups. My favorite. =)

@fandomsimaginationstation - I have read a few of their posts, and I have to say they are very gifted. Please show them some love.

@sharingan-rasengan-chidori - I love her writing. She also does Sherlock Homes, Death Note, Bleach, Naruto, Red Dwarf, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Ghost Hunt, Criminal Minds, and more. Check her out. You won’t regret it. Out of the blogs I have listed here, I am closer to her since I have been talking with her like a friend.

@bishesreactions - I really love this blog. Please check her out. You will love her writing. She is also deadxxxmoon. She is on here, I promise you. =) She doesn’t do match ups, but she is still a very entertaining writer.

@kuroshitsuji-scenarios - You will love Nadia’s work. I love her portrayal of Sebastian, and her non-imagine works are enriching to read. You can take me word for it. =)

@blackbutlerscenarios - This blog hasn’t been active in a while, but they still have a good blog to go through while you wait for them to come back.

@black-butler-imagines - This blog doesn’t do match ups, and just like the last one, they have not been active in a while. But they have good imagine posts to read through to pass the times. I would know. I have almost read through all of them. =D

@iamsimplyonehellofawriter - I forgot about this one. They give very accurate character portrayals in their posts. You will find it very refreshing from most imagine blogs. =) —– March 20 is Positivity Day for the Black Butler community. I decided to do this part of the young tradition early since a certain someone was feeling down. Hope you feel better! =D

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I love your Human!Metta OMG! But I had another thought...what if he's also a combat veteran? Because...yanno, we gotta account for NEO here, too.

Oh my gosh I almost forgot about this one (this is what happens when I don’t keep up with all my drafts)

I think that would work if, in an alternate timeline–probably Genocide instead of Pacifist–Mettaton would decide to join the military.

Look at him. My beautiful son. Off to fight the good fight. *sniffle*

Headcanon Alert: Mettaton is a missiles expert and carries his trusty bazooka everywhere. All the high ranking officer’s are livid at his bright pink uniform attire because it’s “a dead giveaway to the enemy” and “unprofessional.” 

But who cares? It hasn’t ruined his reputation as one of the best artillerymen around. Undyne is one of those high ranking officers and every time Metta shoots her a side eye, she swears she’s going to throw him over enemy lines one of these days…

Spring Day

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 4 || Pt. 5

Jimin x Reader 

Series Genre: Angst/Fluff

Series Summary: You knew that married life with an idol would be challenging. You just didn’t know that it would be this challenging. 

Word Count: 1309

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The wind blew the leaves across the pastel orange skyline. The blades of the grass swayed back and forth following the patterns of the whisking air. He stared at the lone tree in the middle of the field as the atmosphere turned into something bittersweet.

“Papa?” Her small hand was encased in his, “Papa…are those shoes for the tree?” He chuckled as he gazed down at the young child. He was amused by her innocence,

“No, those shoes already have an owner.”

“Who, papa?” The young girl looked up curiously at her father waiting for some type of answer. He licked his lips and gulped. A tinge of sadness twinkled in his eyes.

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