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Punk Rock (Jungkook Smut)

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Word Count: 1750 words

“Who’s the new girl?”

“I don’t know but she’s hot!”

“Are you both stupid, that’s Y/N!”

“Why does the uniform look so good on her?!”

“I wish I was that pretty.”

You ignored these words usually but it happened every day. You were known, just from the one vocal performance you had in school. Of course that was a few months ago but it was fresh into some people’s minds.

You got back from spring break, hanging with your friends all week. You were physically still in bed, asleep but you smiled for your approaching friends.

“Y/N!” You hugged your best friend and you were remembering last night. You were glad your friend’s parents loved you and didn’t ask about the smell of vodka in the living room.

“Last night was crazy.”

“So crazy, why did you let Namjoon do that keg stand?”

“Talking about me, ladies?” Namjoon put his arm around you and you rolled your eyes.

“Yeah, he was stupidly drunk after that keg stand.”

“You have to admit it, I looked pretty awesome.”

“Keep telling yourself that, big boy.” You patted his chest and removed his arm from you. You walked with your friends to class, still chatting about last night.

You took your seats, ironically around each other in the back and you almost forgot the presence of the empty seat to your left.

You sighed, remembering that’s where Jungkook sat.

“Why do you keep worrying about that outcast?”

“What do you mean?”

“He comes to class late, sleeps in class and doesn’t talk to a soul-”

“I get it. It’s just..whatever. Wait, is that my earrings?”

“Hehe~ About that..” Your teacher walked in, his book slammed on the desk.


“Morning, Mr. Lee.”

“Today, we’re starting Macbeth..” He droned on, you’ve already read the play a few times. But it was one of your favourites.

“What do the witches symbolize when-” The door opened slowly, making a loud creaking noise as Jungkook peeped in.

“Jungkook, you’re late.” He didn’t say anything, just taking his seat and you quickly glanced at him. You listened to your teacher, lecturing on about the skill of writing that Shakespeare had in this first act.

“Everyone look to your left because you will work with that person on the next three acts. Start working.”

You turn to Jungkook, music blaring from his earbuds and you tapped his shoulder. He looked at you and you could feel your face getting hot.

Did you forget to mention that he’s hot as hell? He gave you a hard stare before taking out an earbud. Judging from the blank stare he gave you, he didn’t hear a word your teacher said.

“We’re working together to read the acts in Macbeth.” He nodded and moved his desk to yours. You told him what you wanted to do and he simply nodded.

“Do you think you’ll get this done soon?”

“Give me more time.” You wanted to hear more than just four words but you didn’t want to push it. You both worked quietly, the loudness of the room oblivious to you and him.

That was just how the rest of the day went, you just followed. Your friends didn’t seem to notice how distracted you were actually were.



“Remember Yoongi, that hot college boy~?”

“The one that you would drop your skirt for and can’t shut up about?”

“He invited me to little gig that he’s playing and I want you to come with me.”

“I’d it because your parents love me and they won’t let you go unless I’m there?”

“You know me so well.”

“Macbeth can wait for me, then.”


You dressed up in a grey shirt, red flannel, black shorts and shoes. You tousled your hair and wore your favourite black brimmed hat.

“Hey, hottie. Who are you looking so cute for?”

“You mentioned college boys~”

“Are you here to see Jungkook?”

“He’s so hot!”

“I would faint if he said my name.”

They couldn’t be talking about your Jungkook. He wasn’t yours but they weren’t talking about him, right?

“Y/N, look it’s Yoongi.” You looked to see him waving at you both, he was way older but that didn’t stop your friend.

“It’s starting.” The crowd started chorusing Jungkook and you almost dropped your drink. There he was, Jungkook up on stage.

You recognize the song as the one he was listening to in class.

He was practicing for tonight.

But then you heard his voice, it was beautiful. Did he not talk much to preserve his voice? God, you didn’t think you would hear something so melodic.

“J-Jungkook.” It was as if he heard you, making eye contact with you. He didn’t break eye contact, acting like he was singing to you. Your heart was fluttering and you listened to the rest of the set.

“Yoongi oppa~!” She ran over to him, gushing about him playing the keyboard. They were immerse in conversation and your eyes wavered to Jungkook.

He was looking at you and he turned to leave. You got up following him backstage and grabbing his arm when you caught up to him.


“Why are you here?”

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?”

“Just go home.”

“Jungkook, why wouldn’t you talk to me?” He turned around, the height difference between you two becoming more apparent.

“You’re one of them.”

“Them? Who are you talking about?”

“You don’t see it, do you? You’re one of the populars. You haven’t pop up yet but I’m sure you’ll be seating on their stupid throne soon enough.”

“I’m never going to be a queen bee. I just want to be friends.”

“So what? You can treat me like how your friends do. An outcast.”


He grabbed you by your shoulders, frightening you a little and your heart stopped beating.

“Why won’t you listen to me? Why do you make me think like this..?”


“Why do you make me like you?” You pulled him by the straps of his leather jacket and kissed him. He lifted you up, you holding onto him tightly.

“Do you want this?”

“Give it to me.” He kissed your neck while carrying you into an empty room and he dropped you on the couch. He locked the door and climbed on top of you.

His lips were intoxicating, the effect stronger than any hard liquor you’ve tried. You lost your hat from your head and he cupped your face.

His tongue asserted dominance over you and your hands rushed to slip him out of his jacket and shirt. His naked chest made your cheeks burn and he slipped off your shirt.

He grabbed your breasts, the friction from the fabric against your hard nipples making you moan. He unhooked it from the front and your breast bounced free.

You could have sworn you saw him licking his lips.

He sucked on your nipple, pinching and nibbling on the flesh. You moaned his name unsteadily and his tongue came into play.

He kissed your chest profusely before his hands reach your shorts. You grabbed his hands and pushed him up. Your hands let go, sliding down his chest before reaching his jeans.

The button came undone easily and you unzipped them. You stroked his bulge before he kissed you roughly. He got you on your back once again and hastily undid your shorts. He was aggressive with them, angry because they were in the way of him seeing all of you.

“My favourite.” It hadn’t occurred to you that you were wearing a see through lace thong until you noticed the source of his smirking. He caressed your thighs, down your legs before hooking his fingers to the straps of your thong.

“What a pink little pussy you have.” You pushed your body upwards, your head hitting the armrest and spread your legs. He kissed your pussy softly before giving it a torturous long and slow lick.

“And you’re deliciously wet, baby.” He licked his lips while maintaining eye contact with you.

“Tell me where you want me.”

“M-My..” You gasp as his fingers rubbed your pussy, his finger moving quickly.

“Tell me.”


“Where, here?”

“J-Jungkook.” He slipped his fingers into you and your moans went higher. His fingers felt amazing, the duo tangoed inside you. You felt his fingers curl up inside you, trying to hit deeper within your walls.

“A-ahh!” His tongue pressed against you, the quick licks were rushed before he set his sights on your clit. You tugged at his hair, knowing he had found your sweet spot and he added more fingers.

Your mind was starting to pool along with the sweat you were accumulating and he pulled out his fingers. He sat, his pants still undone and you crawled over to him. He slipped off his pants and you pulled down his boxers. Your hand grip his cock before you teased him with your tongue.

“Fuck, baby.”

“Mm.” You hummed against his cock, he pulled back your hair as you sucked on his tip. You pumped him, tasting his precum on your tongue before swallowing him.

“Holy shit.” You bobbed your head, letting him hit the back of your throat. His fingertips brushed against your back and he lightly smacks your ass, you moaning against his cock.

“Baby.” You took as a warning, getting your mouth off his cock and he pulled you into his lap. He slipped on a condom and you looked at him nervously.

“Don’t be shy..” He kissed you as you lowered yourself into his cock. You opened your mouth, the sudden size making you almost scream.

You bounced on him, his hands guiding your hips and your voice strained.

He thought this was better than any song he’s written. Better than any song he’s played. It was more melodic than the sound of his own voice.

He would love to hear you like this again.

He would love to see you like this again, your body falling apart under his touch. The loud whimpers when he would smack your ass, your lips just desperate to kiss him to try and contain these moans that were bound to leave your lips.

He wanted more.


“Cum, baby.” His words set you off, your orgasm hitting you hard. He groaned, spilling into the condom and got off him. He tossed the condom and you lied on the couch.

“Will you sing to me?”

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A Million Kisses and More 😺(Part 3/8)

Word Count
: 1634
A/N: Next part is up! Thank you all for being patient, this section is slightly longer to make up for the wait. Also, in case you missed my emoji hints, this chapter features: *drum roll* Adrien’s perspective!

I originally had a part in between parts 1 and 2 from his perspective, but it was pretty repetitive and didn’t move the story forward, so I cut it. But this part has plot points and Adrien’s POV! Anyway, I hope you all enjoy and thanks again for the likes/reblogs/comments!

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The weeks after Ladybug’s initial visit to Adrien’s home were some of the best weeks of his life.

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