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280-288/? suga solo twitter selfies (in chron order)


KYUNGSOO X i don’t even know what to make out of this EYEMAKEUP MOODBOARD (◉Θ◉)  (insp)

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Jealousy - pt.04

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Words: 1k

Genre: Angst(y) - kinda yandere

Warnings: none yet - swearing, violence (later in the story)

Summary: You had broken up with Jimin two years ago to go study in Germany. After your new friend introduced you to her new obsession with the K-Pop Band “BTS” you were forced to tell her what happened. The thing was, she had gotten concert tickets, convinced you would go with her. What happens when you see him again?

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ok so I came back from Tokyo recently and I just wanna say rock in japan was amazing and if there’s one summer fes I’d recommend it’s that one. actually I’ve only ever been to two of them lmao but it beats metrock.

and im writing this post to say that I was first row/almost smack dab in the middle for both perfume and sakanaction (I had to survive the momoiro clover z mosh pit to get there so really I deserved it) and also first row for mito natsume but that’s not hard to get lmao.

perfume were great and If You Wanna isn’t that bad and actually what I really want to say more than anything is this: at the beginning of the show a-chan noticed me and smiled at me while maintaining eye contact and I was like ok wow nice. she probably thought i came all the way from gaikokuland just to see them (i was proudly wearing my LEVEL3 t-shirt) while actually all I did was take a fukuoka-narita flight lol.

anyway i lipsynced during the whole show and was like. really into it like jumping and waving my arms but in a japanese way so that I wouldn’t annoy people around me you know. and she probably noticed that too and what happened next will warm your heart. at the beginning of Miracle Worker (a song idgaf about but that is now special to me), she looked at me again (i’m not hard to find cause i’m foreign and 186 cm tall and I was 15 meters away from her) and mouthed (when someone say something but without making any actual sound? idk what it’s called) “Thank You”. I hate that she assumed my first language is english but it was a great moment and i blew her a kiss in response lmao. and she really looked sincere while saying it and like. I won’t call her vile from now on maybe.

also mito natsume’s show was better and kyary unfortunately didn’t perform easta. the end

Zayn + 2013

Long story short I personally had a p good time in spite of all the pushing and shoving – I was center stage ish second row so I was standing on the raised platform. I had a great time till the end when they sang path and just waved and hopped off stage… Then the curtains closed and the security yelled that the concert was over so everyone had to leave and then apparently ppl who got hi touch had to sit and wait while their CEO made a statement concerning the safety of the members and the fans.

I’ve been outta it for some time but this was the grande finale – this has gotten so insane. People blow things out of proportion and think their actions have no fallout. Immediately rumors were flying about how people threw tampons on stage and all this shit and /no/ I was almost first row center stage and I didn’t see anything get thrown on stage. Security WAS TIGHT.

Namjoon kept to himself mostly and he seemed hyped but it was ??? I was so happy and feel so blessed to have seen them and experienced their performances but this got so so out of hand.

I’m ashamed that this happened their first time in NYC. That they must have been so excited because it’s New York City. And for the fans who paid extra, waited longass hrs, booked hotels and aren’t getting refunds – I’m so, so sorry. You guys deserved better.

BTS deserved better.

This is upsetting and unfair for all parties involved and I hope to dear heavens that something gets sorted out. That we are somehow able to earn their love and trust again but I don’t think that’s going to be possible for a long, long while.

Stay safe everyone :(