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SEVENTEEN as types of fanfic writers

scoups: the writer with all the established relationship AUs, the ‘family with 2 kids and a dog’ AUs, all tooth rotting fluff with literally no angst. the writer that will always make you want to punch a wall to feel manly again and the one you go to in the hopes of mending your broken heart after reading fics by the the8 writer.

jeonghan: writes for every single ship and AU under the sky and you literally hate them because they will never write for the same ship twice and yet every ship that goes through them works and you just want more. makes you ship stuff you never would’ve thought possible but also ends you because you’ll never find another writer that writes that rare ship as well as they do.

joshua: the writer that has one fic for each fandom so when you go to their page in the hopes of finding other related fics, you’re left utterly disappointed because it’s always a one time thing. dabs into every genre (still haven’t touched smut yet because that’s a step they are not sure they are ready to take) and just generally very solid.

jun: the queen/king of smut like even the most hardboiled readers will blush and giggle like a schoolgirl when reading their fics. it’s not because they write some of the kinkiest shit (they do) but because they’re just that good. also makes you question yourself because getting turned on by that can’t be normal or healthy in any way.

hoshi: the one who has 16 unfinished fics, all literally one chapter away from finishing and all leaving you on a horrible cliffhanger. they always promise that the ending will be up soon but when you get an alert, it’s to discover that they posted the first chapter of fic number 17. you’re still waiting for the first 16 to be finished.

wonwoo: the hurt/comfort writer who has perfected the balance between angst and fluff. your heart dies and swells with their fics. occasionally inserts some smut into their stories but it is always smut with so! much! feels! so you just end up getting horribly emotional. finishing their fics leaves you feeling empty and hallow inside.

woozi: updates once every 8 months but every chapter is a 20k word monster and always beautifully written and makes you cry. you always feel like trash when you compare your writing to theirs. never fails to reply to every single one of your comments and literally every reply is the length of a standalone fic.

dk: the crack writer, will turn everything into crack and humor. expect crack ships, crack AUs, basically crack everything with this writer. every fic will bring you laughter and they will always have their tumblr or twitter linked in their notes, which also happens to be almost longer than the fic itself. literal positivity in human form.

mingyu: writes only the most overdone of cliches and tags are a mess. probably has the line “summary sucks but story is good, promise” and every chapter is less than 1k in length. surprisingly, if you’re ever desperate enough to click one open, you discover that the story is actually decent and quite interesting and well written.

the8: the one with the fked up storylines (and tags) that you hate but still can’t help but read because they are amazing. angst/tragedy all the way and expect that 'major character death’ tag. literally no one has a happy ending, like ever (you can’t help but still hope for one even if death seems like the only solution to the problem by now).

vernon: the one that fucks you up real good because of how utterly beautifully their fics are. summary are one liners, tags are kept to a bare minimum, fic length ranges from 200 words to 7k and are always a treat to read no matter what. the writer you also go to for advice because they care so much about your wellbeing.

seungkwan: the one who writes all the human AUs and college AUs. no matter what fandom, this writer will throw the characters into real life settings and love triangle dramas. you don’t want to piss them off because they will sass tf outta you and they have a strong and loyal following that will back them up

dino: the one who starts a fic but never updates again. has 29 unfinished stories, each with great plot and promising start but nothing updates and it kills you a little on the inside every time. multifandom trash af.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I read your tags on that RD!Archie post, I was just wondering if you still felt Reboot!Comics Archie fell into the same category as Old!Comics Archie?? Sorry you don't have to answer I'm just curious feel free to ignore this message if you want

mmmm i didn’t really have reboot!archie in mind when i was tagging that post honestly. but now that i’m thinking about it, i think re!archie is more of a grey area than anything else. like he’s not a quite the soft boy rd!archie is but he’s not as, like, jarringly assholeish as every classic archie ever. he’s almost like… a human being? which is INCREDIBLY foreign and weird for an archie character. in no way could i describe any of the classic archie characters as even slightly resembling a human being. 

this was probably intentional as to not alienate readers with a character that would pull shit like this without batting an eye:

would you read a book centering on this–^ guy? yeah that’s part of the reason the reboot happened in the first place.