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Fantasy AU in which Grantaire is the Crown Prince of his kingdom and fears the day he must ascend to the throne. His family came into power after an uprising which overthrew the previous king, judged cruel, unfair and unfit to rule. But the idea of power and kingly responsibility scares Grantaire to his core.

Every year on the anniversary of the uprising, a royal procession is organised. Except this time, amongst the cheers, Grantaire can hear shouts, seemingly coming from everywhere:

“Usurper!” “Murder!” “Throne stealer!”

His carriage is attacked by rebels and pandemonium breaks out. All Grantaire can make out between the clash of the swords is the handsome face of his assailant, his features made sharp with cold anger. His sword is knocked to the ground, and Grantaire waits for the final blow. But it never comes. His attacker spares his life, giving him one last icy glance.

Now that the seed of doubt has been planted in Grantaire’s mind, he starts doing his research, only to discover that history has been rewritten, document falsified, reports burnt. His father did not save the kingdom. He seized it by force. And killed every member of the previous royal family, all but one who managed to escape. A young boy.

Prince Enjolras.

As a baptan stan, every time I see people say things like “b.a.p would have been as popular as bts is right now if it wasn’t for the hiatus” or “b.a.p fans left and became bts fans because they got bored of waiting during the hiatus” I kind of want to bash my head against a real living version of the stupid ass tsent tree logo. 

I mean of course the hiatus did come at a bad time in terms of where they were in their career, and some fans did leave, so ultimately it did harm their popularity. But seeing this repeated everywhere sheds unnecessary negativity on the hiatus which we really don’t need because there’s already enough of that. B.a.p filed a lawsuit because they were being mistreated and taken advantage of by their shitty company, and were on hiatus for so long because said shitty company played dirty and kept postponing things and dragging it out. (Also please don’t ever wish b.a.p never took action to protect themselves for the sake of maintaining their popularity - wouldn’t it be hypocritical for a group known for their musical themes of social justice and standing up for what’s right to stand down when it came to their own matters and let themselves be used like that? Of course we don’t know exactly how things are now, but if they have money to buy cars and get time to go on holiday and see their families etc, it’s definitely better than before. Popularity is not more important than health etc.) 

Do you really think that a company who still pays their managers two months late, and announced a world tour out of the blue even though b.a.p members on several occasions said that they wanted to stay in korea in 2017 and focus on domestic activities (at least someone knows how to promote), would be able to put in half the thought and promotion that bighit has been doing since day 1? Of course nobody could predict the extent of the immense popularity bts has acquired (and several other kpop groups, or kpop in general recently), but bighit has been consistently marketing bts so well even since before debut: they were inevitably going to have a strong breakthrough of some sort.

Since everyone seems to be so eager to keep comparing the two groups (??????? never understood it and the pettiness shown by some fans from both sides????? please don’t be a loser thank you), let’s compare the management and marketing for a minute instead. 

Awesome things bighit has done to show they actually care about their group: 

  • constant presence on social media (twitter, facebook, youtube!!!!!!!! personally what made me really pay attention to bts back in 2013 was their bangtan bombs - humour reaches people where music taste might not)
  • actual dance practice videos!! (it’s ridiculous how easy it is to get views on youtube and yet we only have 2 proper b.a.p dance practice videos???)
  • focused on constantly promoting in korea without running the bts members into the ground and instead waiting for good times to go on tours, thus establishing a strong fanbase in korea (very important!!!!!)
  • don’t want to go on variety shows? make your own! bts run and gayo videos on v app - cheap and easy way of keeping fans interested during times when there’s not much new content

Stupid ass things ts did before the lawsuit (aside from the whole mistreating them thing y’know) that limited b.a.p’s popularity from the start and showed that they didn’t give a shit about their main money-makers:

  • not doing any of the cool things above that bighit does
  • no but seriously where the FUk are the dance practice videos???? listen this loses ts out on millions of youtube views I don’t understand what’s so hard? about filming them doing what they do all the time? and posting it?

Stupid ass things ts does now after the hiatus:

  • hahaha international fans = $$$$$$ right? milk out the international fans and throw b.a.p on an impromptu world tour when you’re in debt why not
  • it’s not like b.a.p is a korean group living and promoting in korea right? not like appealing to potential korean fans matters right? of course not hahahah :))
  • only gave b.a.p two-ish weeks to promote wake me up instead of the usual four (+ extra week of follow-up promos) to squeeze in said world tour
  • literally does not know how to promote - spends a load of money making nice music videos but then doesn’t seem to care about getting people to watch them

So basically, even if the whole mistreatment/lawsuit/hiatus thing hadn’t happened, and music styles/member personalities/etc aside, as long as b.a.p was with ts to begin with, you can’t really say they could have been as popular as bts. If they had debuted with a better company - well that’s too much guessing - we really can’t know what might have happened then. People really like to exaggerate how popular b.a.p was before the lawsuit and talk as if the hiatus completely destroyed them - really not the case. To quote something I wrote on a previous post:

people sometimes compare B.A.P’s youtube views to other groups, where we usually don’t do as well. then there’s the usual topic of some fans leaving and moving to other groups during the hiatus etc etc etc……. well actually, our youtube views aren’t really that different from pre-hiatus? I remember when 1004 (their main breakthrough and at the height of their career back then) was released on the 3rd of february, jongup’s wish was for the mv to reach 1 million views by his birthday on the 6th - 3 days later and it still didn’t reach 1 million. on the other hand, wake me up reached 2.25 million views in around 5 and a half days. with the explosion of kpop in the last couple of years, some groups enjoy immense success on a whole new scale. our achievements only seem inferior if we compare them to others 


So final remarks:

  • let’s please stop comparing everything b.a.p ever does to bts. and before you somehow call me out for doing that on this post, the point i’m trying to make is they’re really not the same and bts’s success was not a direct result of b.a.p’s hiatus. sure, it might have made a tiny impact in 2015, but right now? really? nope
  • b.a.p hasn’t been frozen in time since 2014? they’ve been active and gaining fans for the last year and a half. take a look at b.a.p mvs’ youtube comments and see how many people are curious and wanting to learn more. see how many new b.a.p blogs are popping up on tumblr. see how many more people are starting to make gifsets etc. see how many more views their comeback stage for wake me up got compared to any of their other post-hiatus comeback stages.
  • neither b.a.p nor their fans need pity

and on the bright (?) side, some slightly nicer things ts has done recently / since the hiatus:

  • this 찰떡B.A.P series on youtube and v app - posting fun videos at times when there’s no new content thus keeping a constant stream of it to keep fans entertained (finally)
  • letting the b.a.p members have more creative freedom. letting yongguk and sometimes zelo and the other members control their music, their concepts, their music videos etc clearly resulted in better quality music.
  • let jongup have blue hair
  • ;) semi out

And so it was that The Joshua Tree 2017 Tour started with Larry No Fucks Given Mullen Jr strutting down the catwalk like a motherfucker. And so it also was that Larry No Fucks Given Mullen Jr ignored the crowd as he went, giving no fucks as he proceeded to slam out the intro to Sunday Bloody Sunday like the cool motherfucker that he is. I Love You, Larry No Fucks.


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I love you guys <333

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your love for bottom robert gives me life! I'd love to hear some of your headcanons!

robert sugden loves to bottom is such a good tag. have you got any bottom!rob headcanons? 

i’m combining these two since they are the same thing lol one of these is from, im not kidding, a month ago and IM SO SORRY

okay let’s do this!

  • Robert didn’t generally bottom all that much until he met Aaron. The moment he met Aaron and felt that physical connection, that magnetism between them…he knew what he wanted. He wanted to fuck Aaron and he wanted Aaron to fuck him. 
  • Robert LOVES to bottom for Aaron. It’s incredibly sexy the way Aaron takes control, growling in his ear for him to either get on his belly or back…it makes every drop of the blood on his body rush to his dick
  • The sounds Aaron makes when he is inside Robert makes him shudder in pleasure, and makes the inability to walk the next day completely worth it.
  • Robert is loud. That’s a given, but when he bottoms it’s a whole other level. They often have to be careful when they decide to do it..making sure no one is home. That doesn’t always work, and the boys have to deal with awkward giggles of, “sounded like you two had fun last night” and averted gazes. 
  • Robert likes to power bottom. He likes Aaron taking control, but Robert being Robert, can’t help himself and let others have control for too he ends up setting the pace and driving Aaron so deep inside him he feels it in his stomach (Aaron has zero problems with this).
  • Roberts favorite position is sitting on Aaron’s lap, with his back pressed to Aaron’s chest. It’s much easier to ride him this way, and feeling Aaron’s breath on his neck/ear, and hearing his little moans and noises drives him crazy in the best way possible.
  • The first time Robert bottomed for Aaron he was so excited he was almost nervous. He was aching to feel Aaron’s length in him, to feel the fullness, the pleasure, to feel Aaron cum inside him…he played it cool but Aaron always knew. So he was gentle with Robert at first, until Robert was begging Aaron to “fuck him like he meant it.” He had a hard time walking straight the next day.

BONUS: Robert loves being rimmed, there is something about the way Aaron’s tongue slides across his hole that almost always make him cum on the spot :) 



Ok so I know this is a stretch, considering that I’ve tried this twice before with no results but I’m doing this so that I at least TRIED. 

I’m trying to save up from all angles for a trip to Florida. What for you ask? I’m glad you did, you see my very dear friend @toootys is from Ireland and I’m from the midwest of the US. We’re an OCEAN apart but this summer Nori’s family is going to vacation in Florida for a couple days. This is a chance for us to meet IN REAL LIFE for the very first time after almost FIVE YEARS.

I dont want to get too sappy on a commission post that might flop so I’ll keep it short and to the point. I need money for this very BIG expense, I need cash for the plane ride and the hotel so I’m opening up commissions to help out the cost. 

Chibi art is 5 for just the line art and 10 for it fully colored.

My regular art is 10 for line art and 15 for it fully colored.


I’m doing all I can from my end for the money so please, even if you cant afford or don’t need a commission do me a favor and reblog so another may see. 


there is 0 chance in hell of me even cleaning these sketches up, let alone inking it or w/e else, so heres a comic thing from the other day while i was ignoring my classwork in art class

this is probablyyyy a few weeks after spy finally tells scout he’s her dad, [and subsequently gets the shit beaten out of him; followed by at least a week or so of her refusing to talk to him, before she eventually, hesitantly and bitterly decides to forgive him, as long as spy proves he deserves her forgiveness]

and yes, she/her pronouns for scout, no she’s not “fem!scout”

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This is gonna be a bit messy since I’m doing it from my phone and this is the very first time I’m making a post like this so here goes First of all I want to say thank you for dealing with my mess and thank you to those who always tag me in quality posts bc it makes my day every time :’) I wanna wish you all a happy new year and I know some of you are already in 2017 so for those who are already there I hope you entered smoothly and happily and for those that are yet to go in let’s go in nicely as well~

 Now I tag these lovely who I have interacted with maybe ever since I made this blog to almost a few weeks ago, you guys are honestly the best and Idk I worry about y'all more than anyone I know irl :’) I don’t know what I’d be doing without my lovely mutuals ❤️❤️

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im taking 80 years to finish anything bc i feel terrible so heres some sketches from like 2 months ago (3rd rouge is the sketch for this)

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well she didn’t technically almost die

and I dont want post the biggest spoiler on here so if you wanna know what happened then PM me or message off anon and I’ll tell you

interlude: what are you wearing?

jikook / 1,178 words / rated T for suggestive themes and drinking / AO3
i actually decided to write this

“What are you doing?”

Jimin furrows his eye brows and pulls his phone away from his face just to check–yep, Jungkook is calling him at four in the morning, asking him what he’s doing. “I’m sleeping. What do you think I’m doing? What are you doing?”

“I,” Jungkook pauses, “I’m calling you.”

“Yeah, I know,” Jimin says. “At four a.m.? Are you still in the studio with Yoongi-hyung? Are you guys okay?” He’s tired and kind of annoyed, but if Jungkook is calling him and being weird this late, Jimin doesn’t want to hang up on him in case something’s wrong.

“Yes! I’m great!” Jungkook says. “Super. What are you doing, Jiminnie?”

“You already asked me that,” Jimin grumbles, looking suspiciously at his phone. “Kookie, are you drunk?”

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