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I’m in a very “late-’90s nostalgia” place right now, so let me pick up where I left off last night and ramble on about why Animorphs was so fucking great.

So, in the beginning, the series had very distinct good guys and bad guys.

Now, what made them good guys and bad guys?

Well, their goals made them good guys and bad guys.

One side was fighting to enslave humanity and destroy the Earth. The other side was fighting to keep that from happening.

And, in the beginning, that was enough.

But it’s a sixty-book series, and a little ways in, by about book sixteen, the kids are starting to ask themselves (and each other), “Hey. Wait. No. Can we honestly pretend the ends justify the means?”

“Can we honestly tell ourselves that, because we’re defending our planet, literally anything we do is automatically justified?”

“Is it not possible for us to go too far?”

“Are there moves that it’s fundamentally morally indefensible to make?”

And from that point onward, it’s not just about goals. Now it’s also about tactics. They’re the good guys because they have Limits, because they have Rules.

They say, “No, we’re not going to pretend the ends justify the means.”

“We’re not going to sink to the level of our enemies.”

“We’re not going to be cruel. We’re not going to be cutthroat. We’re not going to be inhumane or controlling. We’re gonna be clean. We’re gonna be good. We’re gonna be ethical and compassionate.”

“There’s no point fighting our enemies if we just become them in the process. We have to be the bigger people.”

And, again, for a while, that’s enough.

But if the series is about anything, it’s about how war breaks down everything you think you know about yourself. By the end of the series, all six main characters have committed atrocities on a massive scale.

There’s one book late in the series where they literally threaten to nuke their own hometown, and all the innocent people in it, because it becomes strategically advantageous.

Now, they end up not having to because the enemy folds, but the fact that they almost did it, the fact that they would have done it if they’d been pushed just a little bit farther, fucking haunts them.

But at least they didn’t, right? Like, if nothing else, at least they have the small, quiet comfort of knowing it ultimately didn’t come to that.

Oh, except, four books later, they end up nuking it, anyway.

It’s that kind of series. You’re never out of the woods.

In the beginning, the good guys’ leader, Jake, is specifically a reluctant leader. He didn’t want the job. He didn’t ask for it. If he could, he’d happily give it to someone else. He becomes the leader because he’s the one every other member of the group instinctively turns to when times are tough.

He becomes the leader because they need him to be the leader.

Not because he wants power, not because he likes it, not because he thinks he’s the best guy for the job. But solely because, when the chips are down, he’s the one they turn to. Every time.

They elect him, despite his own protests.

He is humble, and he is brave, and he’s this very idealized archetype.

He’s very much cast in the mold of, like, Pop Culture George Washington, the venerated veteran who naturally, effortlessly just exudes strength and power and wisdom and confidence and charisma but honestly really just wants a moment alone in the shade.

That changes by the end of the series.

By the end of the series, he is just a straight-up dictator. He has seventeen thousand defenseless prisoners executed just because he can.

Just because he wants to watch them die.

It’s actually pointed out in the last book, in canon, that he is, by all rights, a war criminal several times over – and that the only reason he’s not being prosecuted is because he was on the winning side.

A lot of fucked-up shit happens in the last five or ten books. Probably the most downright sickening thing is when the good guys recruit a small army of physically disabled kids, then basically throw them at the enemy as a momentary distraction. And they’re slaughtered. All of them.

But what makes the series memorable isn’t just that a lot of really dark and shocking stuff ends up happening. That’s not special by itself.

It’s that the characters spend so much time talking about it.

You know, it’s a kids’ series – these are, like, fourth-grade reading level – that isn’t remotely afraid to have hard conversations about how there’s no such thing as a good war, how even good people can be swayed to do terrible things, and how no one is ever above reproach.

I’m not going to say it’s necessarily perfect, sensitivity-wise, but it’s kind of amazing how much it doesn’t take for granted.

It’s very willing to have the debate (whatever debate happens to be at hand), show all sides, and let that play out to its natural endpoint.

And all this exists in a series that also has plots like, “I turned into a starfish, and a random little kid chopped me in half (because kids are jerks), and then both halves regenerated into a separate me, except one is good and one is evil, weirdly, for some reason, and we need to recombine ourselves by electrocuting each other.”

- Mod A.

With All My Heart - Part 2

Word Count: 2225

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Slight panic attack

A/N: Again, there will be no tags for this series other than my Jensen tags which are closed. All new fics and only new fics will be reblogged over on my writing blog @torn-and-frayed-writes for easier access. Please do not ask to be tagged. 

Thanks to @impalaimagining for beta-ing this for me super fast at 1:30am! 

With All My Heart Masterlist

Running out on Jensen was one of the dumbest things you’d done in your life. You didn’t quite know why you did it and you’d spent almost every waking moment over the last week curled up on your couch trying to figure it out. He’d been nothing but kind to you, staying with you, driving you home, offering to get your car. You’d stared at his number in your phone a few times, debating whether or not you should call and apologize, but you’d chickened out every single time.

“Well, don’t you look like shit?” You drew your eyes up from your coffee cup and glared at Emma, your best friend who had agreed to meet you for coffee before your doctor’s appointment. You’d asked her to meet you at a smaller, hole in the wall coffee shop for fear of running into Jensen at Starbucks again, although you didn’t exactly tell her that.

“Fuck you too, Emz.” She laughed and sat down across from you, taking a sip of her coffee before looking you over one more time.

“You really do look like hell. Are you feeling any better?”

“Yeah, kinda.” You shrugged. “I have that appointment in like an hour and then I guess I need to go beg Don for my job back.”

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ASOUE Modern AU + The Baudelaires and the Quagmires living together in an apartment and being happy

•The Quagmires just show up at the Baudelaires’ door one day. They don’t like to talk about whatever happened in The Great Unknown, and the Baudelaires don’t ask. They just sort of settle in.

•They have one bookshelf but G-d knows it doesn’t hold all of them. Isadora keeps her poetry books in a box under the bed in the room she shares with Violet, Beatrice, and Sunny. Klaus keeps various books everywhere, under the couch cushions, in the cupboards with the plates, everywhere. Violet acts like she minds it, and tries to get Klaus to clean them up once in a while, but secretly she enjoys it. She’s never enjoyed libraries as much as her brother, but after libraries saved her more than a few times, she found that she didn’t quite mind that her whole home has become one.

•Sunny starts kindergarten that year, and Violet feels uneasy leaving her with someone else. But she has a job now, in a local garage, and she’s suddenly busy with carburetors and jumper cables and her coworkers who always have a funny story to tell about their kids. Klaus and Duncan and Quigley and Isadora are all in their last years of high school, but they have after school jobs as well. Violet gets her GED online, and she gets out of work early enough to pick Beatrice up from Pre-School every day. They fall into something of a routine.

•The days are easy, but the nights are a little harder. Violet can sometimes hear the boys cry out in the other room, the sounds of a night terror leaving them, some unknown monster that they’re fighting in their own minds. Duncan sleepwalks on the worst nights and Violet gently guides him back to bed. Isadora never cries out, she just whimpers and shifts in her bed, but Violet always wakes up anyways. Sunny doesn’t get them. Beatrice murmers for her mother in her sleep.

•The apartment always fills with the smell of Sunny’s cooking. Her flair for food only grows as she gets older. On Passover, the Quagmires’ first with the Baudelaires, they sit down at their table with the Seder plate in the middle and the Afikomen hidden somewhere amongst the clutter of their apartment. Violet immediately picks out the smells of different foods, like the Gefilte fish and the Maror, but mostly she smells the Matzo Ball Soup and her eyes fill with tears as she remembers her mother’s and how it never failed to warm her up in the rainy month of April.

•Violet sits on the fire escape with Quigley, her hand in his, as they look down at the alley below them. She remembers a moment, forever ago, when they sat on a similar ledge and watched the moonlight glisten on the snow-topped mountains. “It’s a very lovely view,” Violet says, only once more. “Very lovely indeed,” was the reply. Violet realized then that he wasn’t looking at the alley.

•Life for the Baudelaire-Quagmire family is crazy. It’s all spilled coffee and dog-eared pages and lost socks and nights spent in a pile on the couch and school projects and helping hands and fire escapes and everything that they always wanted for themselves. It’s home, and they’re still getting used to having one again. But the best part about it, is that it’s the easiest thing they’ve done in a long time, and bad memories are almost forgotten.

For A Good Time, Call: The Horndog (M) (by tayegi)

oneshot 7/7 for our collab series! this one was written by the extraordinary @tayegi ​so be sure to check all her other works out! now we just have @hyacinth-ink‘s part 2 and we’ll be done EEEK! thanks for all the FAGTC love! (btw that picure of jimin nope)

Your phone buzzes at a quarter to midnight. You had almost fallen asleep and try to ignore the pesky text message. But then it buzzes again and again, and you can’t ignore the loud vibrations any longer. Grunting in irritation, you roll over and snatch up the phone. You’re amazed to find that it’s just your dumb boyfriend. And with nothing important to say, as usual.

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He steps forward and kisses her. It’s quick, almost violent, and before Katara can respond he has already pulled away. They are in full view of the crowd. The arena has gone silent. 

“Everyone saw that,” she whispers. 

“I don’t care.” And he leaves her, walking out from under the protection of the tiled roof to kneel on the sanded clay ground. In Agni Kai even bending a knee is done with pride. 

If Zuko lives through this, Katara is going to murder him herself.
And yet again more fanart of The Sparrowkeet Series by @audreyii-fic. ( Audrey Senpai pls notice meh ;____;)

Tell Me I’m A Bad Man – Part 3

Originally posted by sittingonyourcounter

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Words: 1,127

Forever Tag List: @thesalsafic @bummblebeeblue @sarbear429 @bea789 @xtina2191 @lovethefandomsuniverse @evyiione @trustnobodyshootfirst @motleymoose @thegoodhunterrr5 @bookaddictedhedgehog @gurlwitafro @magicalsis11 @aquabrie @fanboyswhereare-you @percussiongirl2017 @almightyunnie @dionnemaria @sherlockslove112 @sesshomaru-lover @freaksforthewin @neishax-butler @hi-pixzza @cookee50 @captainidjit @imasunflower13 @clairedelalune @swimmer-sarcasm @winchesterswantmypie @lovelife-tothefullest

Original Request: Could you do a fic alternate universe in which dean was a evil demon and he is the head of a evil demon cult? he is really intrigued with this women he meets and shes a hunter and hes trying to track her down? she starts having visions/dreams about him and he is trying to lure her to him and its starting to work. she meets Sam in this universe who is trying to keep her away from demon dean? somehow the reader has fallen into this universe and she is trying to get back to her dean? - Anonymous

Author’s Note: Sorry it took so long to get another part up. I hope you all like this one. I think there is a few more parts left in this, I’m not really sure. Whenever I finish this up, I’m going to start back up my Stanford!Sam series. I’m almost done with that one as well. Again, the title is taken from House of Wolves by My Chemical Romance. Hope you all have a good Sunday! – Haley xx

Your name: submit What is this?

“What all do you remember?” Sam asked me, giving me a bottle of water. I eyed the bottle. “Drink up, we’re in the middle of the desert.”

I took the bottle from him and took a large drink. “I don’t understand what’s going on here, Sam.”

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I have seen several times in the TFC tag that people have his weird reaction to finishing the book? And I don’t know if it’s that way for everyone or not, but it certainly was like that for me, that we finish the series and we feel almost left adrift. I’m not sure I can explain his correctly, but I think a lot of us felt that way after we were done, more so than with other books? and I find that fascinating. Because I don’t understand my own feelings in the matter. I only know that I wanted to read more, immerse myself in the books over and over again, and I knew it had become my new favorite series.

It’s just that I felt like I had been waiting for something like this for so long that now that I found it I can’t bear to let go of it. 

I am obsessed, and I love it. I love the books, and the characters, and the story and the entire fandom.

I love my foxes and I’ll probably read the books thousands of times and I’ll never tire of it. The more I read it, the more I see new things and learn more about the foxes, but this new knowledge never manages to make that strange feeling  go away. No matter how many times I’ve read the books, how many times I’ve finished it. As soon as I reach that last page, he feeling comes back. 

And that had never happened before.

I think, strangely, I feel in love with a book.

Who knew that was an actual thing, huh?


We are almost done with the new flat, after moving and assembling all the different things again and stuff… we still need some new furniture but I finally found some time to continue with this keychain! Tomorrow is the last day to send them to print, I wonder if I’ll have time to draw another design… I at least wanted to have one of Morgana with Akira too, for the next con.

Full Masterlist

Harry Full Series: 

Watched  - Y/N and Harry’s relationship is put to the test when someone from Y/N’s past comes back. Will they be able to stay together or will they lose everything? (Completed)

A New Chapter - Companion series to Watched. Harry and Y/N’s new chapter of life being new parents. (Completed)

Daddy Harry: Two Friends. One Night. One Baby. Their story. (Completed)

Are We Friends or Are We More?: Practically forbidden to be together, two friends, who fall in love find a way to be together. (Almost completed/Hiatus)

Be With Me So Happily: After years of broken promises and hearts, two lovers find their way back to their heart’s owners, despite one of them already being in a relationship. (Completed)

Spaces: A complicated relationship turns into something more. (Hiatus)

Hey Angel: Harry Styles, member of the biggest band in the world and single father, meets Y/N, a local LA stylist, who is also a single mother. This is their story of falling in love and merging their broken families into one. (In Progress)

Harry Mini Series: 

Give Me Love -Two best friends in love, who struggle with their feelings and moving towards a relationship. (Completed)

Hello - Two former lovers say hello to a new relationship. Based on Hello by Adele. (Almost completed/Hiatus)

Happily Pregnant - Companion mini series based on my Be With Me So Happily  series. Harry and Y/N’s are ready to finally have a baby, this is their journey. (In progress)

Temporary Fix - Harry becomes Y/N’s temporary fix as she tries to move on after a painful breakup. (In Progress)

Other Series: 

Daddy Niall - What happens when Niall falls in love with a fan, only to find out she’s a single mother. (In Progress)

12 Days of Christmas 2015 - Christmas based One shots. (Completed)

New Preferences - Preferences based on songs/scenarios. Features all four boys. (In Progress)

Gif Imagines - Imagines based on certain gifs. Features all four boys. (In Progress)

Personals - Personals I have done in the past

Personal - another link for personals I’ve done. 

Also, if you believe I’ve missed a series or  link to something, please let me know! :) 

**Key to what the following means:

        Completed - Finished story. I will not be updating it again. The story either ran it’s course or I could not longer come up with suitable ideas for it. 

        Hiatus- (Insert Robot Harry Hiatus gif) This simply means, that I have run out of ideas, but plan on picking up the story at some point soon. This also could mean a possibly monthly update as I get more ideas for one, but no weekly post. 

       Almost Completed/Hiatus- Means that this story is currently in hiatus until I figure out a proper ending to complete the story. Once that happens, the story will officially move into Completed. 

     (In Progress) - Means the story is still being updated on a weekly-biweekly schedule. I plan on coming up with a posting schedule soon, so everyone will know what story or specific updates will be. 

All the links are posted above. I’m still working on getting every single link at the  Daddy Harry master list and Preference master list! 

Our band banquet was so good last night omg

anonymous asked:

What's your fave convo in the whole sp series ? Mine has to be the one in kotw where Val has just come off the invisible railroad and she is mortified about being turned down. Skul and hers convo will forever kill me 😂😭

god mine is the “god valkyrie i said i was sorry for throwing a tantrum that almost killed the world now stop being a hypocrite and be my friend again” conversation post-Vile-Reveal in Death Bringer.

The fact that him standing outside the bathroom talking to her while she showers is obviously something they’ve done before because they’re so comfortable with it. Her getting him to dry her off. The fact that he almost follows her back into her room afterwards. The moment he points out her reflection is still naked. “Turn around.” “Are you going to throw something at me?” i just love that conversation so much

I’m a Survivor (Part 8)

Bucky x Reader

Summary – The reader is more of a scholar/lab rat (highly intelligent, knows something about everything and maybe a bit of a know-it-all). She prefers the shelter Stark Tower offers her rather than joining in on the action whenever there’s a new mission. Fury knows she once got beaten up pretty bad, even ended up in the hospital, and gives her a pass each and every time (the others don’t mind but are a bit disappointed). She has been on guard ever since, ashamed of her scarred body and counting her blessings ‘cause she’s still alive. But when she finds herself all alone in the tower yet again, she decides that something needs to be done and asks Bucky for some lessons in self-defense.

Requested by Annelies @hellomissmabel

Warnings – None

Word Count – 1,505

Notes – We’re almost to the end and it’s a little bittersweet.  I love this series so much and I hate to see it end, but I feel very confident that she has overcome her fears and she’s ready to face anything.  Let me know what you think!

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10


Originally posted by enochianess


The kiss you shared was sweet and tender.  Neither one of you were in a hurry, you were just reveling in the knowledge that you had each found someone that understood you completely.  

Eventually the desires that the two of you had suppressed these last few months demanded to be addressed.  Bucky’s hands roamed your body, never hesitating as he encountered the different textures of your body.  You took advantage of the exposed flesh in front of you as your hands raked over the hard planes of his chest.  

Bucky’s lips never left yours as he lifted you in his arms carrying you to your bed and laying you down on top of the soft bedding.  He let out a strangled moan as he broke contact to rid himself of the rest of his clothes before joining you again.  You would have been perfectly satisfied if Bucky had taken you right then, but he had other plans.  He was in no rush and was content to spend every moment he could showing you just how much he adored you.

2 Months Ago

You were worried how everyone would react when you and Bucky emerged from your room the next morning, but no one seemed to think anything was strange about Bucky spending the night with you.  Vision was making pancakes and Wanda was hovering over him, making sure he didn’t burn them.  Steve offered you and Bucky a plate as everyone began to sit around the table.

“How are you feeling today?” Steve asked you.

“Helen was able to heal the wound, so I’m feeling fine,” you answered.

“I bet you’re feeling fine this morning,” Sam teased with a wink from the end of the table, earning a smack on the back of his head from Nat.  “Ow!”

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Arrow Fanfic I Read and Liked, Week of 4/17/17

the most recent two chapters of @realityisoverrated-fic‘s The Magician’s Final Disappearing Act - Malcolm kidnaps the kids.  We’re at chapter 7 of 8, so almost done!

the most recent chapter of Pieces of Always by @dust2dust34 and @so-caffeinated - Felicity has postpartum depression after Ellie’s birth.

greyhorizon’s Tommmmyy!-verse series, a season 2 Olicity get-together fic/Tommy lives!AU - Wicked Wind - It’s a super hot day so Thea invites Felicity over to the mansion for a swim, with no ulterior motives, really!  Dark ‘n’ Stormy - an old rival visits QC, Oliver gets jealous, and Thea meddles again.  Flaming - Oliver tries to drown his feelings for Felicity at Thea’s birthday party.  Down N’ Dirty - The gang gets kidnapped in Gotham.  The last fic is complete except for an epilogue (addressing Thea/Tommy as a non-incestuous side pairing in this AU).

I finished the final three chapters of Shared My Body and My Mind With You (That’s All Over Now) by @hoodiesandcomputers - Oliver is a prostitute, Felicity is a former client turned friend.

the most recent chapter of Way Down We Go by @absentlyabbie - Part 4 of the Long Way Down series; a brainwashed, Lazarus Pit-ed Tommy abducts Felicity circa-season 2.5; now he’s (mostly) de-brainwashed and they’ve escaped, but that doesn’t mean that everything’s great.

Bed, Bath & Beyond Scene from @eilowyn1 - Why yes, a scene with Olicity shopping for housewares can be totally engaging and full of action, humor, and family bonding.  Writers, take note!

the two most recent chapters of you said you’d lend me anything, i think i’ll have your company by @beinmyheart - Friends to friend-with-benefit college AU; Oliver picks Felicity up from a med school fundraiser, and Oliver and Felicity in the emergency room.

Saving Lives pt. 7

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: series, doctor!baekhyun au, fluff, angst, smut (in later chapters)

Word Count: 2,153

Summary: You’re about to start your internship in Seoul’s most prestigious hospital but before you devote your whole life to medicine, you decide to have one more night of freedom, and meet someone you didn’t expect to meet again. (inspired by Grey’s Anatomy)

A/N: omg hello everyone!! its been a while since I’ve updated. I’m almost done with college apps and since I’m in thanksgiving vacation, I’ve had time to work on this fic. so as a thank you to you all that have been supporting me and been appreciative of this fic, I’ve decided to post two chapters this week. I’m almost done with the eighth part so it should be up in a couple of days. i hope everyone has an amazing thanksgiving break and if you don’t celebrate thanksgiving, i hope you have an amazing day. ~admin L

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

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“Do you want to die old and craven in your bed?

 How else? Though not till I’m done reading.” - A Feast for Crows

Throwback thursday to when I read A Feast for Crows almost three years ago! I bought the slipcase edition which I absolutely love! I was on winter break from school and had about 2 and a half weeks to read it before school started again.

Which of the books from A Song of Ice and Fire series is your favorite?

For me it’s probably A Storm of Swords!

Park Place (5/7)

Summary: You go on your usual walk with your dog only to bump into someone special.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~1700

Warnings: One cuss word. A little bit of angst I guess? But there’s still some cuteness in there too :)

A/N: Yay! I finally got my crap together and wrote everything out, so now you know exactly how many parts are left! Since this series is almost over, if you’d like me to write some more stuff in the down time before I post another series (I have the first part mostly done), send me requests! And, if anyone reads this, how do people feel about the possibility of smut, whether in one-shots or in a series? I’m just nervous to post something with it in case it sucks. Please let me know!

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 When you went back to the Avengers tower to see Bucky, you were welcomed by the others, too. Once again, you had brought more cookies, since they were such a hit last time.

         “Everyone agrees that we’re hiring Y/N to make us cookies, right?” Sam asked as he shoveled three into his mouth.

         “Hey, I’m broke, I could use the money,” you admitted. “Glad you like them so much.”

         Bucky welcomed you with a hug, which you reciprocated immediately. You two were growing closer, and you were a bit scared of your feelings for Bucky – with who he was, it would be no normal relationship. But at the same time, wouldn’t it be? If you two wanted to be together, shouldn’t that be the only thing that mattered?

         But you shook your head, pulling yourself out of your thoughts. You didn’t need to think about that now. You turned to see Wanda look knowingly at you. You’d have to talk to her later, as she was getting to know you, too. The girls were much better confidants than any of the boys. The moment you’d tell Steve, you’d suddenly find yourself standing in front of Bucky with him knowing your feelings the next. The man couldn’t keep a secret when it came to things like that.

         You and Bucky went upstairs to his room, where you both sat down on his bed to talk. You noticed Bucky seemed a bit distant, and you decided to bring it up.

         “Hey, are you okay, Bucky?” you asked, placing a hand on his arm.

         He sighed, and looked to you. “We got called in for a mission, in South America. I’ll be honest with you – I tried to get out of going, tried to offer up replacements instead of me to go so I could spend time with you, but Fury wouldn’t have it. They… they need me. At least Steve does.”

         Your face paled a little, but you couldn’t be shocked – this was their job, after all.

         “When do you leave?” you asked.

         “Saturday morning,” Bucky answered. “If all goes well, we should be back by Wednesday.”

         You took in a deep breath, and let it out, nodding. “Well, bring me back a souvenir.”

         Bucky smiled, but it was forced. “I don’t want to leave, doll. I’d much rather stay here and run with Lola and learn more about you. But I have to go.”

         “I know. You have to go be a super soldier,” you said, nudging him lightly.

         “Mr. Barnes, Y/N, your presence is requested in the living room,” F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s voice rang out.

         “Who wants us?” Bucky asked.

         “Mr. Stark and Mr. Rogers, sir.”

         “All right, if it’s not just Tony,” Bucky grumbled, standing up. He helped you up, wrapping your arm in his right one, leading you downstairs to the living room.

         You separated before you got there, not wanting to look too conspicuous. Wanda winked at you, and you tried to hold back your smile.

         “Oh, hey, Y/N. I have a quick question,” Tony said, turning to you.

         “I’m not going to like this, am I?” you asked hesitantly, looking at Steve. He shrugged.

         “I’d maybe give it a listen,” he said.

         “We all know I always speak pure amazingness, so yes, you should listen. As Manchurian candidate probably already told you while you two were canoodling, we’re all off on a mission. That would leave the tower empty, and I hate for it to be lonely,” Tony said. “That’s where you come in. You’d stay here while we’re gone. You don’t even have to do anything – just sleep here, maybe enjoy some of the thousand amenities we have. And your pooch can stay here too, if you keep her off the couches. And we’ll pay you for the extra gas money it takes to commute, and just for what you’re doing.”

         “You’d pay me to house-sit?” you asked. “Except it’s not even house-sitting – the damn thing can take care of itself with all of the technology you guys have here. Why do you need me?”

         “Come on, Y/N,” Steve spoke up. “It’s just you staying here for less than a week. You come here so often anyway. Our guest wing is very comfortable.”

         “‘Guest wing?’” you repeated, your voice a few octaves higher.

         “Okay, another reason for you to stay,” Sam interjected. “It sucks to return home to an empty house. It’d be nice to have someone here to come home to. Maybe with some baked treats if she feels so inclined.”

         You rolled your eyes, but Sam’s idiotic comment did tug at your heartstrings a little.

         “Yeah, you get to welcome your soldier home,” Tony joked. You blushed, tossing a glance to Bucky, who was trying to hide a smile.

         “I don’t know,” you sighed. You looked around at all of the people looking at you, all of them seemingly wanting you to do this. They were all basically giving you the ASCPA look, way stronger than any standard puppy dog eyes. Your resolve crumbled when you saw Bucky, a soft smile on his face formed as you looked at him, and you noticed the faint rims of tiredness around his eyes.

         “Okay,” you muttered, barely even audible. “I’ll do it.”

         “You’re the best, dear!” Tony exclaimed, and pulled you into a sudden hug. Steve followed next, and eventually you were passed on from Avenger to Avenger until you reached your favorite, Bucky. His hug was obviously the best.

         Friday night, you drove back to the tower with your duffel bag filled with all of the stuff you needed, as well as Lola in the backseat.  You were settling in the night before, so you didn’t have to worry about unpacking while saying goodbye at the same time. Bucky came out to help you with your bags, and he surprised you by bringing you up to his room, not the guest wing.

         “You can sleep here,” he said. “My bed is way more comfortable than the guest wing’s.”

         Slowly, you nodded. You were only a few months into knowing him, and here you were moving in, even if it was just for a few days.

         You went into the bathroom, changing into a pair of pajamas. When you came out, Bucky surprised you by being in a chair pulled up beside the bed, his ankles crossed on it as he leaned back.

         “What are you doing?” you asked him.

         “Sleeping,” he replied. “I’m not going to make you sleep in the chair, doll.”

         You rolled your eyes at him. “Well, I’m not going to either. You can sleep in the bed, Bucky.”

         “Doll, I don’t want to have you—“

         You crossed your arm, raising an eyebrow at him. He did the same, and there was a ghost of a smile on his face.

         “You can’t win this, Y/N,” Bucky told you, his eyes glaring playfully into yours.

         Sighing, you shrugged, grabbing one of the pillows. “I guess I’ll just sleep on the floor. I mean, if you’re not going to take the bed, I’m not going to either.”

         He sighed. “Doll—”

         “You can’t win this, Bucky,” you repeated his words back. He rolled his eyes.

         “So what, you want the chair?” he asked you.

         “No, obviously not. I was thinking we could share the bed since we’re both so stubborn – it’s certainly big enough. I-I mean, if you’re comfortable with it.”

         Bucky’s eyes widened for a moment before he cleared his throat. “Only if you’re comfortable with it, too.”

         “I obviously am if I offered to share it with you, dummy. Now hurry up and get settled.”

         Bucky smiled, and stood up, pushing the chair back to his desk, lifting up the covers to climb in on the other side of the bed. You scooted in next to him, keeping a respectable distance between you as you flipped off the light. But the room was a bit cold, and you could feel the warmth of his skin radiating underneath the covers and next to you, and you wanted nothing more than to snuggle up against him.

         He broke the silence first. “Do you mind if I—”

         Knowing what he wanted, and smiling at the fact he wanted to as well, you both moved closer together, you resting your head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around you, drawing you closer. He pressed a featherlight kiss on the top of your head.

         “Sweet dreams, Y/N.”

         The morning came way too early, and you ignored Bucky’s suggestions of just going back to sleep, as you wanted to say goodbye to everyone. Especially him. You had gone and gotten feelings for an Avenger, and you knew it was going to be difficult, even if you never told him.

         After getting dressed, you sat back down on the bed, watching Bucky pack his things. He started putting on all of his tactical gear, and you shook your head in disbelief as you watched him.

         “How do you deal with that many buckles?” you asked.

         He laughed and shrugged in response. Once he was packed, he stepped up to you. “Listen, Y/N, I… I wanted you to have this.” Bucky pulled out a small band from a pocket in his vest. Grabbing your hand gently, he dropped it into your palm. You turned it over, examining it. “It’s a communication device. It taps into mine, and mine only, so we can talk without the others hearing in. I promise I’ll contact you at least once a day, no matter what.”

         You smiled, relieved at the thought of being able to contact Bucky while he was away. This would certainly ease your mind a little, being able to ask him how everyone was doing, or how the mission was progressing.

         “Thank you,” you muttered, clipping the band around your wrist. You reached up, wrapping your arms around Bucky’s neck, pulling him into a tight hug. “Please stay safe, okay? You’re the only one Lola loves the most besides me.”

         Bucky laughed as he wrapped his arms around you as well, squeezing you lightly. You wanted nothing more than to just stay here forever, to keep him safe here. To stay with him. “I won’t leave my favorite girl,” he responded.    

         You rolled your eyes, being glad he couldn’t see your sarcastic response at him saying Lola would be who he would miss the most. But Bucky reluctantly pulled away with a sigh, and kissed the top of your forehead. “I’ll talk to you later, doll. We’ll be back before you know it.”

         You somehow knew it wasn’t going to be that simple.


Eddy pushes Edd’s hands away from him. Eddy feels as if he never deserved this comfort.

“I made it all up Double D. Everything about my brother was a lie.”

This was a big shock to everyone who watched this scene for the first time. Eddy’s Brother was never the person who Eddy lead on.

But, this goes for Eddy too. He has been hiding under a mask the whole series. If we go back and watch episodes, there are little moments where we truly get to see the real him.

You can never watch the series in the same way again after watching the movie.

Ed and Edd are aghast.

Best reaction faces ever! The artists have done amazing jobs on all the expressions over time.

They have been friends with someone who has been lying to them their whole life.

It’s true that Eddy was never a good friend to begin with, but he has helped his friends out in so many ways.

I love the way Ed and Edd look at one another. Edd almost looks as if he is asking Ed, ‘now what?’ They are both looking to each other for an answer.

An interesting moment, because no matter what they have always looked to Eddy for the answer even when their friendship was at a tense moment.

If you watch very closely, Ed is the first to react. He looks the most hurt from Eddy’s confession. Edd is a little late to respond because he is trying to figure out the facts. Ed is quick to figuring out what Eddy says because they have been best friends since they were babies. He doesn’t need any facts. He immediately understands.

I really like how this moment takes place in Eddy’s perspective. He has to see how they react.

This is the hardest part of his confession. Seeing his friends discouraged faces.

Now he believes that there is no way he can regain his friendship. This is the worst lie he has ever told them because his friends hardly even know him.

I never understand why Eddy just addressed Edd here. He was confessing to both of his friends. It feels as if Edd is more important to Eddy because the series has been about their friendship. Eddy has become closer with him in the last few hours that he really feels the needs to apologize to him. The writers should have made Eddy address both of his friends.

“I just made things up, so people would like me. Think I was cool.”

Wow, we learn so much about who the real Eddy is in just a few lines.

Bro made Eddy have such a low self esteem about himself that he thought people would never like him. Eddy hardly even likes himself, possibly from when he was a young age too.

When Eddy was little he noticed how people always payed attention to his brother. Since he was so little, Eddy didn’t understand how people really felt about Bro. Eddy is just beginning to understand that in this moment.

I like how Eddy twiddles his fingers on the word, ‘cool’. Bro taught Eddy to be cool, but they were really techniques that made people be annoyed with him.

Eddy did everything to be like Bro that he displayed this mask day after day. He never gave up trying to be like Bro.

Eddy has gone through so many hardships that his self esteem has worsened. This is evident through season 4 and 5.

Eddy developed anxiety and is going through an identity crisis. He believes he wasted his whole childhood just for the scam world. And Eddy has suicidal tendencies because he thinks about his own death on occasions.

Eddy is a shy, self hating kid who never got a chance to grow up and see what the world is really like. It was taken away be Bro. His parents tried make him look at the world in a better way, but it was already too late.

Eddy is also realizing how his parents were right about Bro. There seems to more tension between Eddy and his parents in the movie. He never understood why they blocked his contact of Bro. They never wanted Eddy to know who what really was.

Eddy realizes so many mistakes, but the one thing that really makes him upset is how he had to let down his friends.

Update on Love Bites

Bad news: Sorry folks, Love Bites is officially on hiatus. I have it fully plotted out but I cannot seem to transfer that into words. I have written and re-written parts so many times that it has me all twisted up.

Good news: Worrying about this series has kept me from working on other stuff. Now that I’m not worrying about it anymore, I can move on for a little bit. I have the first part of a couple series and another oneshot almost done; so you’ll be getting some content this week.

Again, I’m sorry for those that were really looking forward to more from Love Bites. But don’t worry too much, because I do intend to finish it eventually.

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It’s a bet then? Pt.3

Genre: Angst/Romance

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

A/N: Yea boi finally done with this series. It was supposed to be up so long ago r.i.p. I tried making this longer and hopefully you all enjoyed.Thank you to the original requester, i love you. EnJoy! (Y/F/N:‘your full name’)

Warning: mentions of suicide

Part 1 / Part 2

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