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Hey! Can I have something written with Gabriel and about video games and drawings? Or overwatch related please? ( He/him and they/them )



Gabriel erased the face of the Overwatch character he was drawing for the third time. It just wasn’t coming out right. He sighed, frustrated, and picked up his controller. He chose the character he was trying to draw as his avatar and chose his mission. It was one he’d done before so he wouldn’t have to concentrate too hard on playing. As his hands played the level automatically, Gabriel studied the face of the character. He watched how it moved and made expressions. By the time he finished the mission, he was no longer angry at his picture. Gabriel picked up his pencil and thought about the character’s face. When he drew it, it came out almost perfectly. He had to re-draw one of the eyes, but then it was finished! He grinned and looked at his picture, feeling very satisfied.


Gabriel erased the face of the Overwatch character they were drawing for the third time. It just wasn’t coming out right. They sighed, frustrated, and picked up their controller. They chose the character they were trying to draw as their avatar and chose their mission. It was one they’d done before so they wouldn’t have to concentrate too hard on playing. As their hands played the level automatically, Gabriel studied the face of the character. They watched how it moved and made expressions. By the time they finished the mission, they were no longer angry at their picture. Gabriel picked up their pencil and thought about the character’s face. When they drew it, it came out almost perfectly. They had to re-draw one of the eyes, but then it was finished! They grinned and looked at their picture, feeling very satisfied.

Hayden Christensen’s performance as Anakin Skywalker is underrated

This post is something that I’ve been thinking about for a long time, and something that I finally need to get around to sharing with other people. I should have done this immediately after re-watching the first three episodes with Nannette while things were still fresh, but instead, I’m doing it almost a year later. I don’t remember exactly all the details or specific examples, but I’ll try my best. Maybe I’ll come back and edit this after I watch them again. Anyway…

Hayden Christensen did an incredible job with Anakin Skywalker. Before you stop reading because there’s no possible way I could be right, hear me out; maybe I’ll change the way you see his acting performance in Star Wars: Episodes II and III.

The biggest complaint I hear about Christensen’s performance as Anakin Skywalker is that he is stiff, delivering his lines awkwardly and playing his role mostly devoid of emotion. It just doesn’t seem good enough or realistic. I think that this could have been a deliberate choice by Christensen because of who Anakin is and because of what life and circumstance has shaped Anakin into being.

Anakin is an incredibly emotional character. He thinks with his heart instead of logic, often following through on impulsive actions brought on by those emotions. Anakin’s intense feelings are prevalent in many scenes: he is worried about and seeks power to protect his mom and Padme, he murders an entire Tusken village after learning about the death of Shmi, he is angered and upset that the council won’t make him a Jedi master, and pretty much any other scene involving Padme, like when Padme falls out of the gunship in Episode II and Anakin almost risks expulsion from the Jedi Council by going after her instead of working to end the war. This emotion is heavily contrasted by Obi-wan’s desire to adhere to their duty and think logically.

In fact, it’s this emotional driving force Anakin possesses that makes most of the Jedi Council worried about him. Anakin is out of place among the Jedi. The literal first line of the Jedi code is: “There is no emotion, there is peace.” This is where Christensen’s acting comes into play. Anakin is uncomfortable under this restriction, and that’s why he seems so robotic at times. Anakin is an incredibly emotional person under serious pressure by everyone in his life (except Padme) to stop being emotional. His humor even evolves into the monotone, deadpan sarcasm that is seen with Obi-wan. He’s working so hard at suppressing his emotions that he’s forcibly correcting his speech tones and gestures. This is incredibly in character and a wonderful performance given by Christensen.

The stiffness and awkwardness with which Christensen delivers some lines and acts some scenes is no mistake. It’s deliberate, and it’s incredibly well done. This is obvious when contrasted with Anakin’s emotional scenes where Christensen acts with passion. It’s even further evidenced as Anakin stops his efforts to smother his emotions and becomes Darth Vader. From his appointment to Lord Vader until his famous duel with Obi-wan he is free from the constraints on his emotions. We see a harrowed man who hasn’t quite realized the extent of his actions wipe out the younglings. We see a caring, concerned and loving man check on Padme to make sure she’s safe and that she isn’t aware of what he has done to protect her. We see an angry man confront his brother and teacher in a blinding rage. We see the emotion that he’s been hiding the rest of the time.

Christensen’s performance is resonating and undeniably impactful during the final moments leading up to the conclusion of Episode III. It doesn’t make any sense that that same conviction and heart wouldn’t appear throughout all of Episode II and III unless there was a reason that Anakin would be forcing himself to hide it. The Jedi Order itself was that reason, and the stiffness and awkwardness that is Anakin (barring the emotional scenes where his feelings come out) has some deep meaning to it. Next time you want to drag Christensen for his performance, take a moment to think why the character would be portrayed that way. Christensen did a wonderful, incredibly underrated job with his role as Anakin Skywalker.

TL;DR: Anakin is an incredibly emotional character forced into hiding and suppressing those emotions by the Jedi Order and Code. This is why Hayden Christensen’s performance may seem stiff and awkward at times. The awkwardness is purposeful and his performance is incredibly underrated.

Disclaimer: Anakin is my favorite character in the Star Wars universe, so this may just be me grasping at straws trying to justify what people say is a subpar performance from Hayden Christensen. However, I feel like I’ve given this analysis objective treatment and truly believe that he deserves more praise for what I consider to be an incredible job portraying such an interesting and deep character.


Hey, @nerdsbianhokie and @queergirlwriting, i fic-ed it! my nb!alex word vomit, that is. (here, for those wondering


When Alex gets home from work Maggie is already there, sliding berry cobbler into the oven, her t-shirt dusted with flour and her hair in a messy bun. She’s fresh faced and smiling as she greets Alex with a hug and a kiss on the cheek and Alex’s heart flutters at the touch like always, even as their stomach starts to knot, because after what they have to say there’s the possibility they could lose this. It must show on their face, too, because suddenly Maggie is looking at Alex with that expression, that head tilt and Alex swallows thickly at the tightness in their throat.

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Can you please do #128 with Jensen please ❤️

#128: “Don’t touch me. We’re fighting.”

Originally posted by anavarela97

“I’m so sick of this, Jensen!” As I stormed into the living room, and saw him coming in late from work yet again, I gave him a glare as I walked right up to him and pushed him against the wall. “It’s two in the freaking morning! We have three Jeopardy’s to catch up on and not to mention an Amazing Race episode, and you’re just out all night leaving me here by myself!”


“No! I let it slide yesterday and the day before, but I’m lonely, Jensen. And I know you’re almost done with filming, but I don’t care! I have to sit here every night and drink beer and watch stupid Wheel of Fortune, and then change channels because I would feel bad if I watched Jeopardy without you. But I’m done doing that. I’m sick of it. So the next time you’re late getting home, I’m gonna go ahead and watch Jeopardy. And I won’t leave you leftovers either because I’m sick of cooking for two just to sit alone at the dinner table, so you can kiss that good-”

Suddenly his hand was wrapped under my chin and on my cheeks as he was pushing my lips closed in an attempt to shut me up. My glare only intensified.

“Don’t touch me. We’re fighting,” I huffed, causing him to laugh and peck me on the lips softly. “No, Jensen. I’m annoyed. Really, really annoyed right now.”

“Y/N, we’re done filming.”

“Oh, stop with your excuses, Jay! I’m just so waiting for the day that we can wake up late and lay in bed and do nothing all day, just because we fucking want to! Wait…” I stopped and tilted my head at him as his smile grew. “You’re done?”

“Yeah, we stayed late tonight to finish up,” He chuckled. “If you would stop fighting with me, you’d have known that a lot sooner.”

I looked down at my feet, embarrassed at myself, then looked up at him and gave him a guilty smile, “So…Jeopardy?”

He kissed my forehead and walked towards the kitchen, dragging me by the hand, “You said there were leftovers?”

I bit my lip nervously and smiled sheepishly, “Well…I may have gotten hungry and eaten it because you were so late getting home…”

He sighed, then brought out his phone, “Pizza it is, then.”

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Okay I literally only watch this performance for the live vocals, the dance, and Onew’s outfit.

He is serving LOOKS I say

Just look at this majestic man!!

I’m entranced by how flawless he is ughhh

He needs to stay in his lane please… I really can’t take this much beauty;;

Everyone be warned! Lee Jinki is a dangerous man I tell you! Don’t let him fool you with his fluffiness! Once he flips the switch you’re done for;;

I’m literally so sick of Forest Lord like I got that spell in Celestia and it is STILL the only spell that can effectively get a battle done but once you’re past level 100 it just doesn’t work anymore. We Life wizards are weak af as it is. By the time I spend 800 rounds stacking every blade I can possibly procure I’m already almost near being defeated and my attack barely makes 4000 if I’m lucky. Meanwhile I watch Storm wizards, who are already the most powerful to begin with, get spells where they need two blades and a maybe a critical to kill everyone in the battle. And I’m tired of hearing “well Life isn’t supposed to be strong.” I’m not asking to be as powerful as Storm wizards. All I want is to be able to hold my own and not have to rely on this one AOE spell that deals 500 base damage every time I want to complete a single quest alone lmao. When the minions start having 4500+ health it just isn’t realistic anymore. Give me a new AOE spell (and no, not one that splits the damage).

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hi!!! i was wondering,,,,, how would sub!cheol be like? good luck with your new blog!!!

Originally posted by fabulous-girl-here

Hi, thank you so much for sending in a request. I wasn’t sure of which format you preferred. I hope you like this but if you wanted a scenario or something else just send in another request and we will get it done!

Sub! Seungcheol…

~He’s going to be a very dominant sub. You’ll tie him up but he’s going to tell you exactly where to touch him and how to touch him.

~He’s going to very descriptive on how you have to touch yourself.

~You’re going to have to shove something into his mouth to keep him from dominating you

~You will sit on the top of him watching him suffer being a sub

~He’ll be up for almost anything though like role playing, dressing up and using sex toys but only if you are comfortable, unless it’s like a cock ring.

~He would be really into role playing though especially if he’s the dominant one.

~Seriously when it comes to being sub he’s always whining about it but he’ll do it to make you happy anyway.

~Sometimes he would low key enjoy being sub as he gets to watch you tease him slowly.

~When he’s sub he would stay in character most of the time saying stuff like…

~“I’ve been a bad boy, are you going to punish me Miss/ Mr Y/L/N?”

~“Yes madam, how can I please you?”

~But most of the time he’s going to stop and question himself like “Omg why do I have to do this?”

~“ you should be the one calling me sir/daddy”

~Overall I guess he would still try his hardest to please you because he’s an amazing boyfriend

I really hope you like this, I tried my hardest but coups is such a dominant figure. Tbh he’s the type that would be into some dom daddy kink. Thank you so much again for requesting, feel free to request anything else! Everything is welcomed!! 

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nimblenonsense replied to your post “You’re probably tired of hearing about ant salvation, but I just got…”

Yeah, if you’re in the Gulf Coast region of the US, those are probably the razberry crazy ants. Near all commercially available baits and poisons don’t work, and we had a guy from Texas A&M come through our full neighborhood and do a study for pesticide companies to find something that worked. Check if your neighbors have problem with the ants, if they do, the only way to make it stop is that the whole neighborhood has to get anti-ant’d at the same time :cccc

Not even remotely, I’m in the upper midwest, the land of ice and fire. 

Yet we somehow had three different types of ant in our kitchen alone last year and sporadic invasions of the bathroom and home office. I dunno if you’ve ever heard a PC processor churning up ants when it got turned on after we’d been gone for a weekend, but the computer almost didn’t win. 

We’ve done all the things you’re supposed to do re: the yard and we’ve done all kinds of house repairs to get rid of them and laid every poison available to us. 

I watched the ones in the kitchen chew through fucking silicone calk.

We completely abandoned part of the basement last year until we were able to hire someone to come bomb it for us and now we have an annual plan we pay into to get the house treated every few weeks/months depending on how bad it is. So far we haven’t seen any since the last treatment so hopefully I wont be dealing with ants coming out my keyboard again/inside my tea kettle. My OCD just can’t handle it.


Title: Poisoned

Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Kevin Keller/Joaquin

Note: I wrote this because I was fed up of expecting this kind of talk on the show. You can also find this on ao3 under  TheKlainer (MoonlightShines)

Joaquin was lying upside down on Kevin’s bed, fiddling with a ruler as Kevin finished up his homework at his desk.

“I need that,” Kevin said playfully, as he rolled towards Joaquin with his office chair and snatched it out of his hand.

Joaquin rolled his eyes, and heaved out a heavy sigh.

“I promise I’m almost done,” Kevin said, “then we can do something fun.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know, you want to watch a movie?”

“I’m here. At your house. In your bedroom. Waiting as you do calculus and trigonometry for an hour, and you want to watch a movie when you’re done?”

Kevin’s cheeks coloured. He hoped Joaquin wouldn’t pick on him for that. Screw him for just wanting to cuddle with his boyfriend for a bit.

Kevin dropped his calculator onto his graph paper. “Babe, we can do whatever you want in five minutes, just let me finish.”

Joaquin rolled off the bed and wrapped his arms around Kevin from behind his chair.

“Your schoolwork can wait, Keller.” He said lowly in his ear,  “I can’t.”

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Sunday 23rd April, 2017.

Today was a full circle moment for me as I was sat in the exact same seat I did for my very first show. I had to laugh because people always ask me how I’m not bored of it yet but as I sat there in that small squeaky seat, with my stomach full of butterflies and my face aching from all the smiling, I can honestly say this show was just as magical the seventh time as it was the first ♥︎

Oh and before I start, I just want to say that today’s part two was one of the best performances I’ve seen from Anthony. He’s always a delight to watch but today he was something else. I’m so glad I scraped the empty barrel that is now my bank account to see him again!

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For blurb night... was wondering... My first tattoo with Sirius? I was sitting there with the needle on my arm wondering if he'd be holding my hand or laughing at me. Wondering how that might go? If you got time Re?

“Doing so well, love,” Sirius praised, his hand holding yours tightly. “Almost done now.” 

You closed your eyes as you squeezed his hand, the pain of the needle shooting through you.

“And finished,” the tattoo artist announced as he removed the needle and began to wipe off your freshly tatted arm.

“Thank you,” you nodded to the artist. 

The tattooist smiled before standing to give you and Sirius a moment to recover. 

“How do you feel?” Sirius asked, watching you with a nervous stare. 

“A little lightheaded,” you admitted. 

“I’ll get you some water once we leave,” he promised, kissing your forehead. “Are you gonna let me see it, now?”

You had made Sirius promise not to look at your design. It was a surprise for him that you were quite excited about. Though, you weren’t quite sure how he’d react.

“I suppose,” you chuckled. 

You held your arm out to him and saw his eyes grow wide as he took in the fresh ink. 

“I - you -” he stuttered. 

“Oh shit, you don’t like it, do you? I knew I should have asked first,” you began to ramble.

As your lips moved in apology, Sirius cut you off with a tender kiss. One hand cupping your cheek softly.  

“I love it,” he grinned. “You got a paw print for me?” His face was just inches from yours. 

You blushed, “Well, yeah. That way you’re always with me, you know?”

Sirius shook his head in awe, “You’re brilliant, you know that?”

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Kyungsoo in the dressing room.

Hey, sweet peas! So, this was originally part of a reaction, but I’d done goofed… I read the request wrong and didn’t want to not write the original prompt, so I’m posted this as a little drabble instead and posting the correct reaction later tonight. I hope that’s okay? Love, Admin Mimi ♡


Picking through your split ends had become a troubling pass time, but alas, one of the only means of killing time whilst waiting for your lover on set. He’d been recording for far too long, and you’re almost certain you’ve begun to start sprouting grey hairs from waiting for what feels like years. Watching him recording the more silent, sultry roles only ever served to make you mischevious. You’d observe how he moved, noticing his little quirks from afar, how he’d push the actress against the wall, but only you knew what she was missing when he’d purposely twist his hips to avoid hers.

After the take, you catch his eye, his gaze always searching for yours the very moment he broke character. You anchored him back to reality after every role, but this time he’s not met by your comforting smile, but a naughty little smirk as you imagine what it’s like to feel the wall against your back, shoulders scraping against the rough brick as he grinds his almost prominent bulge against you. You lick your lips as he walks by you, wiggling your eyebrows and biting your lower lip.

“Behave.” You scoff at that, ducking ahead of him and winking.

“Make me.” You start heading into the dressing rooms, exiting the studio and not even making the hallway before you’re being pushed against the adjacent wall. Your gasp is muffled by his lips, the only sounds coming from the click of the door swinging shut and the dampened babbling of actors and studio staff in the next room.

You moan from the heat his hardness emanates against your hips, feeling how he presses into you, giving you exactly what he’d been holding back in his performance. He licks at your lips, pushing his tongue against yours as his hands roam your hips; your own finding purchase in his soft hair and ruched up shirt at his waist. His deep voice- an inciting growl against your lips.

“Get ready to leave, clearly I have some disciplining to do.”




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sparkle when the lights are on

ship: portgo
word count: 1596
warnings: none really apart from some vaguely sexual references (this is like a light PG)
happy birthday @leclercq brat port wishes u a happy one too even tho he’s a selfish bitch <3

“I hope you’re taking me somewhere nice tonight,” Porter says and Hugo looks up over his newspaper to watch him expertly slick a top coat on his nails.

They’re red today; a deep, almost bloody crimson - Hugo’s favourite on him, if he had to choose, though Porter looks good in everything - and he’d done them all himself after the woman at the salon had botched his last manicure.

She doesn’t work there now, needless to say. Hugo had made sure of that. Technically she’s not even a French citizen anymore.

“Of course, trésor,” Hugo says. “I’ve already made reservations.”

Porter looks up from his nails and shrugs, quirks a condescending sort of smile. “I’m sure it’ll be passable.” His dressing gown, a silky black thing, slips down to expose his collarbone and the arch of his shoulder.

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CONTAINMENT 1x11: It finally happened...

So after watching a painfully intense episode of the Flash, and a pretty painful episode of Agents of Shield, I was in a pretty emotional state. Something in my mind told me “Hey… You have time… Why don’t you watch Containment? You’re on episode 11, you’re almost done!” Well, my friends, let me tell you. That was the worst best decision I’ve ever made. I am a pretty emotional show watcher in general, but usually when I don’t know what happens. I knew what happens between Katie and Jake in 1x11 “Nothing Gold Can Stay”. I knew it was gonna end badly. I knew she wouldn’t make it, but damn. I am still reeling over crying not once, but THREE TIMES during the last twenty minutes of that episode. I am not okay. I am forever changed. I’d like to thank Chris Wood and Kristen Gutoskie for their amazing acting. And I’d like to thank @emarasmoak @taurusclh @actualpuppychriswood @starcrossed-comets @busysciencegeek and everyone else for ruining my life and convincing me to watch this godforsaken show. It’s 12:33 am, my heart is broken, and I’m still a mess. I hope you’re happy.

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“Take my jacket, it’s cold outside.” For the silver ship! HidaKaka, KakaHida, whatever it is lol. Thanks again! you're amazing and I luff you!!!

Ah the Silver Ship. Hidan is always hilarious to write and adding anything romantic to his personality usually makes it even funnier!

Being stuck inside a half-rotten abandoned cabin for a week because of heavy snowfall was almost enough to make a man regret betraying the Akatsuki and pledging loyalty to the leaf. Hidan had spent quite a lot of the last few days staring hard at his companion, watching him move restlessly about the confining space as a reminder for why he had done it. 

He never thought he’d be the type to fall in love. He certainly never thought it would be with someone as goody-two-shoes as Kakashi. His lover was as loyal as they come, always ready to fight for his precious people and defend any injustice he saw. Hidan liked to laugh at him for it. He usually ended up helping though. He was getting soft. 

Today the walls felt just a little too close. Not even the entertainment of watching Kakashi’s muscles dancing under his skin as he paced about was distraction enough to keep him pacified. Hidan huffed as he got up and moved towards the door.

“Where are you going?” Kakashi asked. He sounded only mildly curious. Most of his attention was on the book he was holding while walking around. 

“Hunting or something,” Hidan growled. “I’m fuckin’ bored.” 

“Well take my jacket, it’s cold outside.” His lover, when he wanted to be, could be the reigning monarch of understatement. Also idiocy, Hidan thought with a snort. 

“In case you forgot I am immortal by the will of Jashin, I hardly think a little snow and cold is going to do me in.” He shook his head as he walked, chest bare like it had been since the start of their journey. 

He stopped when Kakashi caught a hold of his arm. The other man was holding out his own winter cloak and there was something strangely gentle around the corners of his eyes.

“I know you won’t die,” Kakashi said. “But that doesn’t mean you need to be uncomfortable. Wear it so I don’t worry?” 

His face feeling uncomfortably heated, Hidan snatched the cloak away and stomped off in to the swirling snow. Stupid idiot was always worrying. Not that Hidan liked it or anything. Of course not.

It was just warm outside, okay?

I’m almost done with season 2 of Gotham (and feverishly trying to figure out how I’m gonna watch what’s already aired of season 3) and I think my absolute most favorite thing about it is the ambiguous as hell time period.

Like. It’s ridiculous. Thomas Wayne has a basement full of computers, they’re making mutant creatures over at Indian Hill, but GCPD still records phone conversations on clunky reel to reel tapes. Everyone has an ugly little flip phone. Lee dresses like a regular business woman, but Miss Kringle was always dressed 50s? Was she just quirky? Some of the cars are from the 80s, some from the 40s, some 50s. What time is it? Who cares. It’s Gotham. Check out the punk rockers. Why are they here? Who knows cuz everyone else is listening to 30s-40s crooners. Nothing makes since, screw time periods it’s irrelevant let’s go to a Victorian circus…

Finally have some time to do this one. Tagged by @coolthingtrash and @envy-and-pride for this - thanks so much! I’ll tag this time around: @anime-trash-for-life (I know you’ve done this one already, but you’re always on my tag list!), @hasaji-san, @witchoftheseagrass, @soukitas, @musethe, @asparagusoup, @iqafullbuster, @katherineophe, @gintokitoki, @itomorimachi, and there were two additional people who tagged me once before, but their blogs and posts are gone. I would have tagged them, as well. I will pretty much tag anyone who has tagged me before or that I have spoken to a fair amount and do not feel as shy tagging… As always, no pressure to do this, and let me know if you don’t want to be tagged again.

RULES: Choose any three fandoms (in random order) and answer the questions. Then tag some friends.

I choose:

  • Gintama (of course)
  • Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood mainly; I’m first and foremost a manga fan, so I’m always thinking of the Brotherhood anime, although the 2003 version is superb, too)
  • Code Geass (don’t judge; there will never be another Lelouch)

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