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Hayden Christensen’s performance as Anakin Skywalker is underrated

This post is something that I’ve been thinking about for a long time, and something that I finally need to get around to sharing with other people. I should have done this immediately after re-watching the first three episodes with Nannette while things were still fresh, but instead, I’m doing it almost a year later. I don’t remember exactly all the details or specific examples, but I’ll try my best. Maybe I’ll come back and edit this after I watch them again. Anyway…

Hayden Christensen did an incredible job with Anakin Skywalker. Before you stop reading because there’s no possible way I could be right, hear me out; maybe I’ll change the way you see his acting performance in Star Wars: Episodes II and III.

The biggest complaint I hear about Christensen’s performance as Anakin Skywalker is that he is stiff, delivering his lines awkwardly and playing his role mostly devoid of emotion. It just doesn’t seem good enough or realistic. I think that this could have been a deliberate choice by Christensen because of who Anakin is and because of what life and circumstance has shaped Anakin into being.

Anakin is an incredibly emotional character. He thinks with his heart instead of logic, often following through on impulsive actions brought on by those emotions. Anakin’s intense feelings are prevalent in many scenes: he is worried about and seeks power to protect his mom and Padme, he murders an entire Tusken village after learning about the death of Shmi, he is angered and upset that the council won’t make him a Jedi master, and pretty much any other scene involving Padme, like when Padme falls out of the gunship in Episode II and Anakin almost risks expulsion from the Jedi Council by going after her instead of working to end the war. This emotion is heavily contrasted by Obi-wan’s desire to adhere to their duty and think logically.

In fact, it’s this emotional driving force Anakin possesses that makes most of the Jedi Council worried about him. Anakin is out of place among the Jedi. The literal first line of the Jedi code is: “There is no emotion, there is peace.” This is where Christensen’s acting comes into play. Anakin is uncomfortable under this restriction, and that’s why he seems so robotic at times. Anakin is an incredibly emotional person under serious pressure by everyone in his life (except Padme) to stop being emotional. His humor even evolves into the monotone, deadpan sarcasm that is seen with Obi-wan. He’s working so hard at suppressing his emotions that he’s forcibly correcting his speech tones and gestures. This is incredibly in character and a wonderful performance given by Christensen.

The stiffness and awkwardness with which Christensen delivers some lines and acts some scenes is no mistake. It’s deliberate, and it’s incredibly well done. This is obvious when contrasted with Anakin’s emotional scenes where Christensen acts with passion. It’s even further evidenced as Anakin stops his efforts to smother his emotions and becomes Darth Vader. From his appointment to Lord Vader until his famous duel with Obi-wan he is free from the constraints on his emotions. We see a harrowed man who hasn’t quite realized the extent of his actions wipe out the younglings. We see a caring, concerned and loving man check on Padme to make sure she’s safe and that she isn’t aware of what he has done to protect her. We see an angry man confront his brother and teacher in a blinding rage. We see the emotion that he’s been hiding the rest of the time.

Christensen’s performance is resonating and undeniably impactful during the final moments leading up to the conclusion of Episode III. It doesn’t make any sense that that same conviction and heart wouldn’t appear throughout all of Episode II and III unless there was a reason that Anakin would be forcing himself to hide it. The Jedi Order itself was that reason, and the stiffness and awkwardness that is Anakin (barring the emotional scenes where his feelings come out) has some deep meaning to it. Next time you want to drag Christensen for his performance, take a moment to think why the character would be portrayed that way. Christensen did a wonderful, incredibly underrated job with his role as Anakin Skywalker.

TL;DR: Anakin is an incredibly emotional character forced into hiding and suppressing those emotions by the Jedi Order and Code. This is why Hayden Christensen’s performance may seem stiff and awkward at times. The awkwardness is purposeful and his performance is incredibly underrated.

Disclaimer: Anakin is my favorite character in the Star Wars universe, so this may just be me grasping at straws trying to justify what people say is a subpar performance from Hayden Christensen. However, I feel like I’ve given this analysis objective treatment and truly believe that he deserves more praise for what I consider to be an incredible job portraying such an interesting and deep character.

Sun, Sand, and Sea

Prompt: Batfam at the beach

Words: 481

AN: Thanks to all my beta’s for plowing through my stories!

        The beach is supposed to be a relaxing place. As a mother you know that’s total BS. Instead of reading a book or sitting and talking with your husband, you’re constantly watching your children. Like most mothers, your children are a bit reckless, unlike most mothers your children are capable of death defying stunts.

          So, instead of staying under your umbrella, you stay near the water. This is after forcing your boys to thoroughly apply sunscreen. Especially Tim, you’re almost scared that the boy is going to burst into flames with how pale he is.

          After that’s done, they’re charging for the water. All four of them dive under the waves, and then they’re swimming out to sea. You just drag your chair to the foot of the ocean, and watch them play. It’s one of the few times they’re allowed to really act their age. They splash in the water for a good two hours, dodging under waves and body surfing when appropriate.

           You’re able to get in a few chapters before they get hungry. Then you’re passing out snacks and water bottles. They scarf everything down before Tim and Dick grab the boogie boards, and Jason and Damian grab the skim boards. Their crashes have you wincing, but their triumphs have you smiling.

          Eventually they drag you in the water with them. The five of you swim around, and they drag you under several times. It makes you laugh and smile because Damian is almost always the one to pull you back up. He doesn’t like watching you disappear. It’s as the day begins to end and you’re drying off in the sun, that two guys approach you.

          They begin flirting, and you can only wish that Bruce was there. His face turns this funny shade of red when men flirt with you, and he usually seems to think he has something to prove later when you’re alone, not that you’re complaining.

          This time, however, it seems your boys have taken it upon themselves to ruin the boys’ chances. They surround you, and you almost expect them to start snapping before jumping into a song and dance number. They make sure to emphasize the word MOM ten times within in sixty seconds. As Jason and Damian do their best to be intimidating figures, Dick and Tim begin packing up the campsite.

          They grumble the entire ride home about what’s wrong with men these days, and “Honestly who hits on someone’s mother?!?!”

          You just stay silent and do your best to hide that small smile on your face. By the time you arrive at home, Bruce is already back himself. He greets you at the door with a kiss, and before he can even ask about how the beach was, the boys begin telling him about the guys at the beach. Who knows, maybe you will get lucky that night?

Hands Off (M)

Warnings: Fem!Domme, sub!Baekhyun, slow build, teasing, thigh riding, restraints

Length: 9497

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In animation you can do practically anything you can do in live action, but you have to find ways to cheat it because you’re dealing with flat objects. Now mind you if it’s 3D animation, it’s almost anything you can do with live action, but for 2D you have to find a way to combine elements. You go full frame and go away from camera – little tricks that you do that I learned just from watching a lot of Anime. American animation wouldn’t even attempt it, but when I approach my movies, I try to find the little tricks that I’ve done to give it that live action feel, but still rely on things I’ve learned in Anime in terms of timing and how the camera moves. So with Man of Steel, it’s exactly the same, but now it’s the amount of detail I can get into it. There’s actually a shot where Superman gets thrown through a building, a business building, and he crashes through a window and slides through all this office furniture.  As cool as it would be to do in animation, it would be very difficult because I would have had to have animated the background and then done cheats just to emulate the live action. But in the film it worked out pretty well. Also, did you notice my homage to Star Wars in that sequence? When Superman flies through that hole that Zod had flown through to escape the collapsing building, he does this rotation; he’s upside down and blasts through the hole. That’s my little homage to Return of the Jedi when they get out of the Death Star and are rotating around. I thought that would be a cool moment.

Jay Oliva - Storyboard artist for Man of Steel (2013)

No problem, anon! I’ll do my best! ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ


You two started dating about a month ago, and one thing you learned very quickly is that Jesse is extremely, physically affectionate.
Most of the time you get flustered, but return the gestures happily.

Then again, most of the time you two aren’t all over each other in frONT OF HIS DAD.

It was a simple recon mission, however, Jesse was always the kind to call almost everything you do together a date, and would treat them as such. A kiss here, a hug there, with some sweet talk sprinkled in.

It left you torn. Gabe was right there, it felt like he was forever watching; yet, when you refused, in came the puppy eyes. Oh man, was he a master of puppy eyes.

“Jesse c'mon,” You struggle in his bear hug after a job well done.

God, you could feel Gabriel’s stare. “You’re dad’s right there.” You mumble into his ear.

“Awww, he don’t mind.” He rested his head on your shoulder, hat pushing up against your cheek.

“Hurry up you two! We have a schedule to keep!” You swarmed away from Jesse, grabbing his hand as an apology for breaking the embrace.

“I don’t think your dad likes me very much.” You whisper to McCree.

“But, I do!” He smiled wide at you.

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The day is here. Some of us have been waiting for almost ten years for this, and it’s finally arrived. 

Enjoy it. Savour it. Love it. 

Be as attracted to it as you are pie. Slowly rot your insides with crappy food as you indulge in new Gilmore quotes. Remember, we’re flexible as long as it goes exactly the way we want it. 

When we’re done watching we can all come back together on this weird fucked up site and as a fandom hold hands and skip afterwards. 

Until then, I’ll be signed out to avoid spoilers. Once I’m back I’ll give a warning and then the spoilers were ensue. 

Copper-Boom motherfuckers, copper boom. 

See you on the flip side.

imagine vixx coming back with a band concept and hakyeon ‘plays’ the guitar. the kids have irritated him so much, that by the time they’re almost done filming, hakyeon cracks and begins smashing his guitar on stage. the camera crew gets it on film and the video goes viral. hakyeon becomes the worlds most famous rock star

stxxphi  asked:

For blurb night... was wondering... My first tattoo with Sirius? I was sitting there with the needle on my arm wondering if he'd be holding my hand or laughing at me. Wondering how that might go? If you got time Re?

“Doing so well, love,” Sirius praised, his hand holding yours tightly. “Almost done now.” 

You closed your eyes as you squeezed his hand, the pain of the needle shooting through you.

“And finished,” the tattoo artist announced as he removed the needle and began to wipe off your freshly tatted arm.

“Thank you,” you nodded to the artist. 

The tattooist smiled before standing to give you and Sirius a moment to recover. 

“How do you feel?” Sirius asked, watching you with a nervous stare. 

“A little lightheaded,” you admitted. 

“I’ll get you some water once we leave,” he promised, kissing your forehead. “Are you gonna let me see it, now?”

You had made Sirius promise not to look at your design. It was a surprise for him that you were quite excited about. Though, you weren’t quite sure how he’d react.

“I suppose,” you chuckled. 

You held your arm out to him and saw his eyes grow wide as he took in the fresh ink. 

“I - you -” he stuttered. 

“Oh shit, you don’t like it, do you? I knew I should have asked first,” you began to ramble.

As your lips moved in apology, Sirius cut you off with a tender kiss. One hand cupping your cheek softly.  

“I love it,” he grinned. “You got a paw print for me?” His face was just inches from yours. 

You blushed, “Well, yeah. That way you’re always with me, you know?”

Sirius shook his head in awe, “You’re brilliant, you know that?”

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Thor Odinson Imagine

Imagine going undercover with Thor.

You sat there with your legs crossed and your eyes constantly glancing at your watch, you were waiting on Thor’s makeover to be over with. The team was helping with his makeover for going undercover, they didn’t want you to help because they thought you weren’t qualified. As you sat there, the more impatient you started to get, your foot was tapping on the ground impatiently.

‘’Come on guys! We need to get going!’’ you shout, uncrossing your legs.

‘’We’re almost done! Hold up!’’ steve shouts back.

You sigh and continue to sit there very unhappy, but after a few minutes, you hear Tony yell with satisfaction.

‘’Perfect perfect!!’’ tony shouts.

‘’Can I see now? We’ve gotta go!’’ you exclaim, getting on your feet.

The door opens and everybody scatters out of the bathroom, everybody but Thor. You stood there and crossed your arms, you raise and eyebrow.

‘’Thor get out here!’’ tony exclaims, motioning to come out.

‘’No! I look absolutely terrible!’’ thor complains.

‘’Come on Thor! You look awesome!’’ steve shouts.

Thor steps out of the room and your eyes shift to him, your mouth dropped open from surprise and shock. He looked completely different from his normal look, for starters, his hair was short. He had a buisness suit on, which looked absolutley stunning on him, and he was wearing glasses. Your mouth was still open and you walked over towards him, when you reached him, you lifted an eyebrow.

‘’Are the lenses in your glasses.. Gone?’’ you ask, observing his glasses.

‘’Oh, well, they just kept getting dirty, so… I took em out.’’ thor shrugs.

‘’Handsome ain’t he?’’ wanda smirks.

‘’Totally unrecognizable that’s for sure.’’ you smirk, biting your lip.

‘’Whatever, let’s get going with the mission so I can change out of this nightmare.’’ thor sighs, throwing his jacket on him.

‘’Alright team, let’s go.’’ steve smiles.

Piper stands there for a long period of time.

The Elders don’t send Leo back. She checks her watch, sees that it’s almost midnight, and leaves to help her sisters.

Because of her stalling, they’re too late to save Kate.

The Elders are probably patting themselves on the back right now, complimenting their foresight. After all, she’s just proven exactly what they’ve said all along - that she’s sacrificed an innocent for her relationship.


Yes, she might be in a similar situation with a demon or whatever, with Leo in danger. But she would act. Because she’s a witch, and she has power in this world, and she can act against a demon.

When it comes to the Elders, though, she’s powerless. They are practically gods. The best thing she can do to fight them is nothing. That is the only way she can combat their power - by not giving them what they expect from her.

So of course she does nothing. Of course the innocent is then put in danger.


To sum up: The Elders are fucking ridiculous.

i really like the idea of mob and teru having a sleep over and eventually just…run out of things to say/do. it’s really late at night but neither one of them is tired or even wants to sleep. 

and like teru looks over at mob’s 3ds and he’s like oh ! what games do you have ? and mob says he’s got pokemon and like…teru hasn’t played pokemon in years so he’s like “okay pop it in and let me watch you play”

and so mob grabs his pink lil’ 3ds and starts playing pkmn sun (ritsu has moon) and as time goes on teru wraps himself around mob and watches him play from over his shoulder (”it’s easier to watch you play this way”) and mob talks about what he’s done for a bit and teru asks stuff about the captains and mob’s team and mob shows teru he named his rowlet after him (teru almost cries)

they’re like that for a while, mob getting a little excited just talking about the game and teru congratulating him when he catches a pokemon or beats a captain. eventually mob’s 3ds starts dying but by that point they’re both tired enough to go to bed

Preference #11 - Student life at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry  (AU)

A/N: Okay, so I just got back from a screening of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and I just HAD to do this the moment it popped into my head!

Liam: You snickered as you watched Liam reprimanding a couple for snogging in the common room; his Head Boy badge which he polished almost every day shining proudly on his robe.. Once he was done, he walked over to you. “You’re such a hypocrite,” you said to him. “What do you mean?” he asked, furrowing his brows. “Liam, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten how we used to sneak away to any dark, empty corner we could find,” you said, giggling. His ears turned red, the way they always did whenever he got embarrassed. “Oh, shut it,” he said, eyes crinkling as he laughed. He pulled you closer towards him, careful as to not draw attention to yourselves. “Our usual spot in ten minutes?” he said, winking at you. “I’ll be there,” you replied, biting your bottom lip gently.

Niall: You sat in Niall’s lap, away from the celebratory activities of your fellow House mates as they celebrated both your House’s win in the Quidditch Inter-House Cup. Niall had a spot on the team as one of their Chasers, but there he was, holding you in your arms as the two of you stared out the window. “Shouldn’t you be celebrating with the others?” you asked, turning your head to face him. He chuckled softly, a smile on his face. “I’d rather spend it with you, if you don’t mind,” he said. You smiled back, lacing your fingers through his, then bringing his hand towards you for you to kiss. “I don’t mind at all,” you said, settling yourself comfortably against his chest as a comfortable silence fell over the two of you, with him placing kisses on the side of your head every once in a while.

Zayn: You watched as Zayn waved his wand, making flowers appear out of nowhere. He conjured up a few more differently-looking flowers and arranged them beautifully before tying a ribbon around them to make a bouquet, making sure every little detail is as how he imagined it to be. He noticed you watching him, causing you to blush while smiling sheepishly. “What are you doing there, babe?” he asked, a warm smile on his face. “Nothing. It’s just… I love watching you,” you said, shrugging your shoulders. Zayn got up and handed the bouquet to you, making your heart flutter. “A beautiful bouquet of flowers for my beautiful girl,” he said. Since it was still early in the morning and the common room was empty, you took the chance to kiss him softly on his lips. “Thank you,” you mumbled.

Harry: You shyly approached Harry, who was focused on brewing his potion to perfection. He was the best Potions student in your year and you admired how he was so precise yet innovative when it came to brewing; not to mention the fact that almost half the girls in school are crazy over him due to his good looks. Clearing your throat slightly, it was enough to caught his attention as his green eyes focused on you. “Ah, (Y/N)… what can I do for you?” he asked politely, a dimpled smile on his face. “I’m having trouble getting this potion right… is it okay if you could teach me?” you asked timidly, face turning red. “Of course, love. I’d love to help you out,” he said, that smile of his growing wider. Clearing some space on the table, he patted the empty space next to him. “Come here, (Y/N). Let me see what I can do to help.”

Louis: Sighing, you smacked Louis upside on his head, making him break his focus on trying to play a prank on one of your fellow prefects. “Oi, what was that for?” he asked, rubbing his head. “Louis, don’t you have better things to do?” you asked, folding your arms across your chest. “Well… I would have better things to do if you say yes to going out with me,” he said, wriggling his eyebrows. Ever since your third year, Louis has been trying to ask you out to which you always declined. But curiosity got the best of you, so you decided to just go with it. “If I say yes, would you stop trying to prank the prefects?” you asked. “I promise. I’d be too busy with you anyway,” he said, a cheeky glint in his eyes. “Okay then. Next Hogsmeade visit sounds good?” you asked, smirking as you saw his jaw drop; he wasn’t expecting you to say yes that easily after years of saying no. “Y – Yeah, it does,” he said, smiling softly.

Ok guys, so we’re not done yet!

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Finally finished typesetting Centimeter...

Sorry, yesterday I discovered Killing Stalking, so obviously bought all the chapters right away and read them instead of working on this…(It’s soooo good!  I just re-watched Dexter, haha so I was prepared for a creepy series).  Anyway, back to Centimeter…my translation is a bit awkward in a few places, so once I fix it (don’t want to ruin everyone else’s awesome work with a crappy translation), I’ll finally be able to release this.  If anyone else wants to proofread it for me, you’d be my hero (Chiba’s really lazy…)!  Anyway, sorry I keep promoting this short oneshot that few are interested in, but it was fun working on it!  Shorter, easier projects like this build my confidence for the bigger ones. Sooooo…here are some more dicks!


Roman x Reader

Requested By Anon

You hated gym class. It wasn’t that you didn’t like sports, you didn’t mind that at all, you hated having to come up with an excuse as to why you couldn’t go near the showers after class. You weren’t sure how you’d explain having a huge bright fish tail to the students.


“Come on (Y/N) hurry up.” Your teacher yelled as you hopped about and attempted to keep your feet dry.


“Sorry I’m almost done.” You sighed and hurried out, ready to get home.


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Oxygen - chapter 15

Pairing: Jaehyun x (female) reader


Genre: romance, fuckboy!au


Summary: He took the oxygen away from your lungs and you let him. You let him unfold you when you promised yourself you wouldn’t. You let him inside when you knew you shouldn’t have. He ruined you and you gave him permission to do so.

Previously - here | Next part - here

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You watched the snow fall from the library window. Christmas was almost here and you were quite excited. It’ll be your first Christmas with Jaehyun.

You sighed and returned back to your assignment from creative writing. You didn’t even start on it. What were you supposed to write? You didn’t want to be too revealing, but you also wanted it to be interesting.

“You haven’t started yet?”

“Taeyong, what do you want?” You sighed. You didn’t have time for this, you wanted to get this done early.

“He told you.”

“If you’re talking about Sunhi then yes, he did tell me.” You replied, starting to pack your things away.

“Did he tell you that I was the first person she cheated on him with?”

You froze in your spot. How much more information could you take! You turned back to Taeyong and met his eyes.

“Why would you do that?” You asked curiously. Weren’t they best friends?

“I was stupid and drunk, but that’s no excuse. Even though he forgave me all those years ago I’m still trying to make up for it.”

“Why are you telling me this.”

Taeyong was lost for words. He didn’t know why he was telling you this.

“I don’t know. I guess it’s because I want you to protect yourself from him. You know the affect Sunhi had on him. It’s still there Y/N.”

You had enough of this. You grabbed your bag and stood up from your chair. You didn’t have to listen to this any longer.

“Y/N, stop!” He called out for you.

“You know you’re doing a terrible job of being his best friend. Aren’t you supposed to support him?” You accused.

“I’m trying to help him and you. End it now before it’s too late! I don’t want you to get hurt by him.” Taeyong said pulling you back.

You rolled your eyes and snatched your arm away. You didn’t need anyone’s help. You could easily protect yourself. Besides Jaehyun wouldn’t do that to you.

He loved you didn’t he?

“Christmas is almost here, do you have any plans?” Jaehyun asked playing with your hair.

You decided to spend your free time with Jaehyun before you went back to work. Taeyong’s words replaying in your mind.

“I don’t think so.”

“Well now you do. Next week I’m going to take you somewhere and we are going to celebrate Christmas together.” He said pulling you onto his lap. His hand resting on your thigh.

“Jaehyun, you don’t have to do that. Go spend Christmas with your family.”

He shook his head and slipped his hands underneath your shirt. He’s become more sexual as time passed, but you didn’t say anything. You craved for the feeling of him dominating you. You loved being wanted. Jaehyun’s lips ghosted over a vacant area of skin on your neck.

“We’re going to celebrate together, Jagi. It’ll be fun.”

“As fun as this?” You asked craning your neck over to give him more room.

His hand gripping your thigh.

“Even more baby girl. You’ll love it.”

Jaehyun pressed his lips against yours. His hand bringing you closer. You came to the conclusion that Taeyong didn’t know what he was talking about. Jaehyun adores you, he would never purposely hurt you.

No, Taeyong did not know what he was talking about.

“Why are you always leaving me?” Hansol asked zipping your bag that he once again packed for you.

“Because you’re never worth my time, Ji Hansol.” You replied slipping on Jaehyun’s sweatshirt.

Hansol held his hand on his heart and he fell onto the bed as if he was shot in the chest. You fell on top of him and poked his side.

“You hurt me, Y/N. I am wounded by your words.”


Hansol wiggled around to get you off of him. You laughed as he tossed you to the other side.

“It’s going to be so boring without you, Y/N.” Hansol commented resting his legs over your side.

“I’ll call your house don’t worry.”

“I doubt that, you’ll be having too much fun with Jaehyun to remember. I’ll tell my parents you said Merry Christmas anyway.”

“I’ll always remember you Ji Hansol.” You responded reaching for his hand.

Hansol smiled widely before pushing you out of the bed. You tell him you’ll remember him and he does this. But that’s okay, because that was your Hansol. Many people didn’t get to see this side of him, so you felt honored to have him by your side.

You stared out the window while Jaehyun drove to your destination. The exhilaration of spending the holiday with him making you jittery.

“Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise Princess. I think you’ll like it.”

A surprise. You learned recently that Jaehyun isn’t that good at planning surprises.

“This will not be like last time, I swear!”

You rolled your eyes at him for the millionth time and turned back to the window. You’ll just have to see for yourself won’t you.

“Put this on.”

“A blindfold?”

Jaehyun, what were you planning?

“It’s the only way to keep it a surprise. We’re almost there.” He said passing you the cloth.

Sighing, you complied to his wishes.

“Can you see anything?”

“It’s a blindfold Jaehyun, of course not.”

He chuckled at your witty comeback. “Just want to make sure.”

Jaehyun parked the car and cut the engine off. He glanced over at your figure. He made sure you were bundled up so you wouldn’t be too cold. He had you switch from three different coats because he didn’t think the others were warm enough. You felt your face heat up after he kissed your cheek softly.

“My princess is so adorable in her winter clothes.”

“Jaehyun!” You whined. You were positive your face was as red as a tomato.

You heard your car door open. Instead of grabbing your hand to help you step out of the car, he cradled you in his arms and carefully lifted you out of your seat.

You clung onto his neck and he carried you bridal style to wherever you two were going. After awhile he finally set you down onto your feet and removed the blindfold. A gasp leaving your lips as you looked at what was in front of you.

“Oh my gosh! Jaehyun, you didn’t have to do this!” You exclaimed walking around the beautiful hotel suite. There was a large window that overlooked the city right next to the bed, chocolate strawberries set on the table for you to enjoy, dim lights and lavish decor.

“Jaehyun this must have cost a fortune!”

He turned you around and rested his hands on your waist. He held your cheek and leaned towards you.

“Only the best for my Princess. Merry Christmas baby.”

“Merry Christmas, Jung Jaehyun.”

He connected his lips with yours with a passionate need. He wrapped his arms around your waist tightly. He tapped you and you jumped and wrapped your legs around his torso. The kiss becoming more intense. He kept you steady with one hand and the other went to grab a tray of chocolate covered strawberries.

Jaehyun made his way across the room and up three stairs. He dropped you onto the bed and you scooted up to the headboard.

“You know what to do baby girl.”

You quickly discarded the articles of clothing that were on your body. Your pussy already wet and needy. He picked up a strawberry and leaned over you. His eyes absorbing your body. He smeared the chocolate onto your bottom lip. Before you could lick it off he sucked on it for you. His tongue tasting the dark chocolate that covered the delicious fruit. He pressed the end of the strawberry between your lips and you took a bite.

Moaning at how good it tasted.

“I want a taste.”

You were going to offer the rest of the bitten strawberry when Jaehyun stuck his tongue inside your mouth. The vehement kiss taking the air away from your lungs.  

“I want to fuck you so hard into this mattress, Princess. I want you to feel me deep inside of you.”

Jaehyun practically tore your lace panties in half while taking them off. He hitched your leg up and placed it around his waist. His finger stroking your wet pussy.

You moaned into his mouth. Teeth and tongue clashing together. The roughness of the kiss didn’t bother you. It made you want more from him. He broke the kiss to take off his shirt. His broad shoulders. His large biceps.

Jaehyun picked up another strawberry and fed it to you. Observing the way your lips wrap around it.

“Fuck, I love you so much!”

You didn’t even get the chance to answer before he’s working his way down to your heat. Attending to your dripping core with his tongue. He sucked on your clit while he inserted a finger inside of you. You gripped the sheets tightly.

Shit, shit, shit!

Jaehyun wiggled his finger to find that special bundle of nerves, and when he did you were seeing stars. He hit it over and over again until he added a second finger. When Jaehyun released you of his hold he unclasped your bra and reached for a condom.

“What about you?” You asked breathlessly.

“Tonight is all about you, Princess. Don’t worry about me.”

Jaehyun discarded the rest of his clothing and was going to put the condom on until you stopped him.

“I’m on birth control.”

Jaehyun tossed the condom onto the bedside table and reached for the lube instead.

“Are you ready?”

You nodded and he placed both of your legs around his waist. He aligned his hips with his own and thrusted inside of you. Gasping you dug your nails into his biceps. You could feel
breath on your neck. He peppered small kisses on the side.

“I love you. I love you so much, Y/N. Fuck, I need you!” He whispered, thrusting in and out slowly so you can adjust.

“I love you too! You have no idea.”

Jaehyun picked up the pace and you wrapped your arms around his neck to keep him close. You whined and begged him to go faster. His hips snapping to speed up the tempo.

Jaehyun massaged your breast with one hand and sucked on one of your nipples. Placing the bud in between his teeth. Jaehyun paid as much attention to the other bud as well.

This wasn’t just sex to you. This was trust.

You felt that familiar warm sensation in your abdomen. You were close. You went to touch yourself, but Jaehyun slapped your hand away.

“I want you to come from my cock alone, do you understand?”

You nodded, but that wasn’t enough for him. Jaehyun pulled out and slammed back into you. Your body tingling from the movement. You screamed out and dug your nails into his back.

“Do you understand?”

“Yes! Fuck, Jaehyun!”

Jaehyun continued to slam into you while you tried so hard to keep yourself together. You were crumbling into pieces underneath his touch.

“J-Jaehyun I’m gonna-”

“Come for me baby girl.

Jaehyun pumped himself to bring him to the edge. The thought of him coming inside your heat bringing him closer. He repositioned your legs. The angle helping him hit new spots that made you weak.


“Let it all go, Princess.”

Your screams filling the room as you reached your orgasm. Jaehyun groaned as you clenched around him. He was so close. You flipped your positions so you were on top. You began bouncing your hips up and down. Jaehyun bucking his hips to meet yours.

“You’re doing so well baby girl. Just like tha- God yes!” He praised. “I’m so close baby!”

You rolled your hips down and looked up. Jaehyun observed every feature. Your lidded eyes, parted lips, how you furrowed your brows in concentration. How perfect and fucked out you looked.

“You’re such a good girl! Shit! I’m gonna come!”

“I want you to come inside me. Claim me. Scream my name, Jaehyun,” You whispered in his ear. You nibbled on the shell of his ear. “Make me yours.”

“Y/N!” Jaehyun screamed as his white hot seed filled you up. You groaned and fell onto his chest.

“You know these strawberries shouldn’t go to waste.” Jaehyun said nodding towards the still filled tray.

“Shut up.”

You woke up to the smell of breakfast. The sunlight from the window lighting the room. You rolled over and decided to open your eyes. Very pleased at what you saw.

You watched a shirtless Jaehyun put the finishing touches on the meal. You could get use to this.

“You’re up! Merry Christmas, Jagi!” He exclaimed bringing two plates over. He set them down and jumped on top of you, peppering kisses all over your face.

“Merry Christmas, Jaehyun. I have something for you.”

“No, you open your present first.”

“Jaehyun you didn’t have to get me anything. This was enough.” You said gesturing to the room.

“This is special,” Jaehyun said standing up. He moved over to his bag and brought out a rectangular box, “Open it.”

You did as he said and unwrapped the present. How is this boy human? You pulled out the beautiful silver necklace. The pendant was in a shape of a heart. The message “A princess deserves more than a tiara” was engraved on the front. Of course there was a little tiara on the bottom. Both of your initials were engraved on the back as well.

“Jaehyun, it’s beautiful! Thank you!”

“Of course.”

Your present wasn’t that good. You didn’t know what to get him. You almost didn’t want to show him. You got out of bed and found the gift. What if he didn’t like it? Would he think you’re moving too fast? It was important to you, but would he care?

“It’s not the best gift.” You said handing the small box to him.

You watched him unwrap it with anticipation. He opened the box and there displayed a silver band.

“My mom gave this to my dad when they  were dating. Not really a promise ring, it’s just something to show how important you are to me. I get it if you don’t li-”

You were cut off by Jaehyun’s lips against yours. He pushed you back so he was on top of you.

“I love you.” He whispered against your lips.

“I love you too.”

Jaehyun sat up and pulled you into his lap. He took your necklace out of your box and placed it around your neck. He then kissed the back if your neck softly. You took the ring and placed it on his finger.

“Merry Christmas, baby.”

You hummed in response and kissed his cheek. For the rest of the morning you ate breakfast and cuddled in bed. The perfect way to start off this important day.

You walked around the park hand in hand. Snow falling and bells ringing. You were both clad in pajamas and winter boots. You loved how the cold breeze hit your skin so sharply. The beautiful scenery was hypnotizing.

“You’re so adorable.” Jaehyun whispered.

You didn’t know if he wanted you to hear that or not so you left it alone. Instead you let go of his hand and crouched down. You turned around so he wouldn’t see what you were up to.

“Princess, what are you-”


Jaehyun stumbled backwards from the impact of the snowball that hit his chest. You laughed at his reaction, but that didn’t last long. You fell from one hitting your side and causing you to lose balance.

You both stared at one another before scrambling to make more snowballs. You hid behind a tree while he crouched behind a park bench. You managed to hit his leg while he kept missing his target.

Suddenly the pelting of the snowballs stopped. It was suspiciously quiet on his side. You slowly stepped away from the tree.

He wasn’t there.

You were going to turn back when a pair of arms grabbed you tightly.

“Got you, Jagi!”

He threw you over his shoulder and spun you around. He set you down and wrapped his arms around your waist.

“I win.”

He pecked your lips and kissed your forehead. You wished this moment could last forever.

“Where are we going this time?” You asked staring out the window of his car.

After doing some window shopping and drinking hot chocolate you both went back to the hotel. The only thing Jaehyun told you was to change into the black dress you packed in your bag. Well the dress Hansol packed in your bag for you.

“We have dinner reservations tonight.” He said smiling widely.

You watched him as he drove to the restaurant. All of the things he was doing for you. It warmed your heart that he cared so much.

“How are you real? How can someone like you be such an amazing boyfriend?”

“When you find the right one you just want to give them your all.” He responded intertwining your fingers together.

You arrived at the beautiful restaurant. The interior was extravagant and peaceful. We were led to a room in the back. It was just us.

“Jaehyun, this is so much! Did you forget we’re in college! This must have cost so much.”

He simply laughed it off and helped you into your seat. His hands on your shoulders and his breath near your ear.

“This is all for you. I want you to feel special tonight.” He whispered.

He went to sit across from you and held your hand.

“My dad is the CEO of this big company. So we’re pretty well-off. This is nothing.”

“Why didn’t you tell me!”

“Would you have acted the same way?”

“Yes! Jaehyun, you don’t have to spend your money on me. Being with you is enough.”

Your thumb ran over the silver band on his finger. Jaehyun lifted your chin up with his finger.

“I do this because I want to. Okay?”

“Okay.” You sighed.

Dinner went off without a hitch. You both enjoyed each other’s company. The jokes that were said, the endless flirting, even the silence was enjoyable. After paying for dinner you both took a walk around town. The Christmas lights illuminating the streets. The snow falling ever so gently. Everything was beautiful.

“I have to tell you something.”

“What is it?” You asked curiously.

At first there was silence. Just the sound of pedestrians talking and running about.

“It’s not you, it’s me.”

No. No. No!

“Don’t take it personally, it isn’t your fault.”

Do it. Just do it.

“Y/N, we’re…”

Just say it.

“We’re just not going to work out.” He finally said.

You nodded and ripped the necklace off of your neck. You threw the broken chain at him and pushed at his chest.

“You could have at least used different lines! I can’t believe I fell for this!”

“I’m sorry you-”

Wasted my time on you?” You finished for him. You watched him shut his eyes and swallow hard. Maybe it was the venom his words were laced with.

“I can’t do this anymore.”

Don’t cry. Don’t show him you’re weak.

“Everything was a lie?”


“I mean nothing to you!”


“Just answer this, you said you loved me. Was that true?”

Jaehyun stood there and stared at you. Making intense contact when he said his answer.


You pushed his chest again. Hitting and pounding against it.

“I opened up to you! I let you inside of me! God, I told you about my mother and my past!” You screamed at him. Your tears betraying you and sliding down your cheeks.

“I’m sorry you did that.”

“No, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I fell for your lies. You did all of this, just to end it!”

He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.

“I’m sorry I’m doing this, but you deserve someone better. The sex was great and all, but-”

You scoffed and turned away.

“The sex was great and all. You’re not like Doyoung. You’re worse.”

You heard him take in a sharp breath.

“Sunhi didn’t just mess you up. She killed you. Don’t call me, don’t talk to me, don’t even look at me when I’m passing by. Let’s just pretend we never happened. I hope you feel proud of yourself.”

You walked away from him before you broke down completely. He didn’t even call after you. You should’ve listened. You felt like a fool. You should have never let him figure you out. You should have never let him defile you that way. You should have never breathed him in thinking he would keep you alive.

Because he wasn’t oxygen, he was carbon dioxide. You kept him in your lungs, but in return he suffocated you until you withered away.

He did this because you let him.

Movie Night

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“Come on guys the popcorn’s almost done!” Your voice echoed through the bunker.

“Please tell me there’s gonna be pie.” Dean’s voice came from somewhere in the bunker.

“You know we’re out of pie Dean.” You rolled your eyes when you heard him groan and grumble in response. The microwave beeped informing you that your popcorn was done. “I swear if you don’t get in here right now I’m going to eat all this popcorn by myself!” You threatened.

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