almost done with all the test in english

Nail Polish

I originally wrote this fic in a journal and I would add to it during breaks at school. It turned out to be twelve pages long which should tell you something either about the size of my handwriting or the size of the journal pages.

Tw: Homophobia and some depictions of violence

“I still can’t believe I let you talk me into this…” Spot sighed, his pinky twitching.

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This whole week was just a crap ton of stress with AZMerit testing
(Arizona’s standardized state test) WHILE on 2 hour block-scheduled classes and I have an English project due on Monday, and an English book report-type project and a mock AP World exam today 😴 but the school year’s almost done and I’m so close to finishing this semester with all A’s! 

re: v-er-satile

“Thank you :D and also, I read somewhere that Korean is written in SOV form, meaning that it’s subject + object + verb (I haven’t even finished Hangeul yet, so I’m really getting ahead of myself here. Sorry if I’m missing something big) and then I saw -your verbs list. So would you literally just piece the words together and then add, say, “to go” just plain and simple at the end? No conjugations, like they do in Spanish (not sure if you’re familiar with Spanish, sorry lol)?”

Nono you’re totally right, Korean is almost if not always in SOV form, or at least, the verb comes at the end. I’m not exactly sure what you mean (and I’m also not familiar with Spanish haha) but I can write some example sentences that you can use to refer to?

시험 준비 다 했어요
[shi heom jun bi da haet sseo yo]
I finished preparing for my exam/test

Translating this directly to English, it would be kind of like: Exam/test preparation all did/done

In this case, the exam/test preparation is the subject, and the verb is the 했어요 part meaning to have done something (the “하다” in 준비하다)

저는 학교 가기 싫어요
[jeo neun hak gyo ga gi shil eo yo]
I hate going to school

Translating this directly to English would sound like: I school go hate.

In this case, the subject is you, the object is school (or I suppose “going to school”), and the verb is hate.

I hope this helps! Hohoho Merry January 2nd