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Sundays with Spideypool (#1)

So Im doing a thing now, where Ill be answering Spideypool prompts every Sunday because I love to write them. Drop prompts in my ask box, and Ill try to get to them! NSFW are fine, but my NSFW SP is A. Garfield with Ryan Reynolds, anything with T. Holland will have to be completely platonic. 


This one is for @iwannabebrilliant for the prompt and for @lilithien-bell who is having a rough day. This got a little longer than I thought and heads up for some smut!


Wade loved Peter’s apartment. It was a far cry from his shitty one bedroom on the other side of town. Apparently working at Stark Industries in the science-y tech-y lab thing doing whatever it was geniuses did meant that Peter could afford this adorable little townhome, with it’s little planter boxes full of flowers and one and a half baths and big master bedroom and good sized kitchen with one of those ridiculous island things that only rich people seemed to have and a great big oven and—

Hello what’s this? An adorable boyfriends butt bent over that great big oven whilst baking cookies?

Completely derailed from his initial plan of taking a shower, Wade decided to lean against the kitchen door frame and just…watch…for a few minutes.

“I can feel your eyes on my ass, you giant pervo.” Peter said without turning away from his mixing bowl, and Wade smiled without even bothering to look up from the aforementioned ass. “And don’t even think about propositioning me for kitchen sex because I–” Peter stood on his toes to reach the baking soda on the top shelf of the cupboard. “I am still sore from this morning.”

“You say propositioning like there’s money changing hands.” Wade protested. “You know I’d never treat you like that.”

“Wade.” Peter still hadn’t turned around, concentrating on his recipe. “Last night you handed me a twenty, slapped my ass, and told me to go get myself something pretty.”

Wade ran a hand over his bare scalp and grinned. “And did you go get something pretty?”

Peter wiped a hand on his apron, hooked a thumb in the waistband of his sweats and shoved them down just enough to give Wade a quick flash of something lace.

Ooph!” Peter huffed a laugh when Wade was suddenly pinning him to the counter, rough hands pulling at his pants impatiently. “Get off! I’m cooking!”

“Let me see!” Wade whined and Peter shook his head firmly, holding his pants up so Wade couldn’t move them. “Petey pie, how you gonna flash that at me and then not let me see the rest?”

“It’s called a tease. And if you had patience like any grown man, you would know that good things come to those who wait.”

“That’s true.” Wade admitted, as he slid his hands up and under Peter’s t shirt to pinch and play with his nipples, smiling when he felt his boyfriend’s breath catch. “That’s so true, Pete. I should probably learn some patience.”

“You-you should.” Peter said cautiously– or maybe not so much cautiously as sort of breathlessly because Wade was rocking against him in a very tale-tell not subtle way at all. “But you should also back off, because I have cookies coming out of the oven in about six minutes and if they are burned I’m gonna kick your ass.”

“Who are the cookies for?” Wade asked innocently, and let his teeth scrape behind Peter’s ear, then moved down his neck with licks and sharp little bites.

“Aunt-Aunt May.” Peter stammered and Wade hummed in approval.

“Sweetest old lady I ever did see. You should be making her cookies. God knows she puts up with enough from you.”

“From me?” Peter protested, and went to shove Wade away, but that meant he had to let go of his pants and Wade had them down to his thighs in the blink of an eye. “God dammit.” he sighed, but he wasn’t actually all that upset because Wade made a sound that was a cross between a moan and a growl and damn did Peter love when he sounded like that.

“Red and black.” Wade muttered, leaving one hand under Peter’s shirt on his chest, and letting the other drop to touch the ridiculous lace Peter had put on this morning. “I completely approve of your choice. If I didn’t know better I’d think you wore these for me.”

“I like to bake cookies in them!” Peter retorted, but there was no irritation in his voice, not when he heard the zip of Wade’s fly and could feel Wade lying heavy and hot against him. “Wade, I have cookies in the oven.” he warned again.

“Is that you saying no?” Wade asked, because even after six months he always asked and Peter wasn’t sure if that was because consent was so important to Wade, or if it was because the mercenary still couldn’t believe that Peter wanted him. Either way–

“It’s me reminding you that if the cookies burn because of you, I will kick your ass!” Peter corrected, and then softer- “but you know it’s a yes.”

“Baby boy.” Wade crooned and Peter bit his lip and wiggled a little because he loved loved when Wade called him baby boy. It had been a joke back when they were just Deadpool and Spiderman but now that they were dating…

“Baby boy.” Wade said again. “I promise you won’t burn your cookies. And I know you’re sore so let’s do—” some fumbling, and Peter yelped when oil dripped down his lower back and soaked through the thin material. “Let’s do this. Oh fuck yeah.” Wade thrust sharply, his cock sliding through the mess of oil and against the lace. “Oh fuck, oh that’s good.”

“Wade.” Peter bit out, and arched his back, shoving his ass back against him. “If you get yourself off and don’t take care of me–”

“Hey hey.” Wade grunted as he thrust again, then rolled his hips to up the friction, groaning out loud as he did. “Baby you were the one– spread your legs a little, damn that’s good like that– you were the one to say good things come to those who wait.”

“You can’t be serious.” Peter choked, but he still braced himself against the counter, holding still and letting Wade rut against him as hard as he wanted, those big hands undoubtedly leaving bruises on his hips, but it was fine, god it was fine because Peter fucking loved it.

“Will you please–” Wade was still talking, because not even impromptu almost sex against a kitchen counter could stop his mouth from running. “Will you please just let me do this without complaining?”

“You’re the one who hasn’t shut up.” Peter gasped and Wade bit his ear sharply, grinning when Peter moaned and shivered beneath him.

“Yeah well, you knew that when you fell in love with me.” Wade spread Peter’s cheeks so he could thrust directly against his hole and Peter jerked and swore, and pushed back for more.

Sore be damned.

“Yeah, I fucking did.” Peter nodded frantically. “I did know you never shut up when I fell in love with you and it didn’t stop me, did it?”

“Pete–” Wade’s voice dropped, because even though they were teasing and he was basically trying to fuck Peter through his underwear– he never ever got tired of Peter telling him he loved him. That they were in love. That this was what he wanted. That Wade was what he wanted.

“What?” Peter retorted, but there was no heat in his tone, just affection. “You want to talk about our feelings or you want to ruin these ridiculous panties I’m wearing?”

Fuck!” Wade swore and pushed against him harder, watching the muscles in the beautiful kids arms and back bunch as he braced himself against the counter.

“You better hurry up.” Pete challenged. “Cookies are almost done and you know what that means.” Wade grumbled against his shoulder and spread him further, stroking himself through the lace and slick oil, pushing the head of his cock at Pete’s entrance. “Come on, baby, come on.” Peter was panting now, pushing back against him and Wade shoved the lace panties aside so he was sliding over bare skin.

“Want to be in you.” he half demanded, half pleaded and Peter’s whispered yeah of course, Wade fuck yes had him grabbing the oil and spreading it all over that perfectly smooth skin and pushing deep inside that beautiful body in one quick stroke.

Peter screamed, not because it hurt, but because the stretch was good, and the burn was so good, and he was still open and probably wet from this morning and last night and damn it, damn it nothing felt as right as when Wade was buried balls deep inside him.

It was just good, all of it was so good and Wade must have agreed because he didn’t have time to even move before he was coming, holding Peter against the counter, his hips jerking helplessly as he filled him and Peter put his head down on his arms and tried to remember to breathe.

Wade was good, and he was always going to say yes to his boyfriend, but Wade was big and he didn’t think he’d ever really get used to it.

Which was one hundred percent fine with him.

“Wade.” He tightened his body and smirked when Wade yelped.

Pete! Give a guy a second before you try to vice-grip his dick off!”

“Charming.” Peter said dryly. “But while you were blanked out and drooling on my shoulder the timer for the oven went off.”

“Damn.” Wade sighed, kissing his neck sweetly. “Are the cookies burnt?”


“Are you gonna kick my ass?”

“Well not only did you burn the cookies, but you also managed to do all of this without touching me once so–”

“I touched your butt.” Wade countered and Peter rolled his eyes.

“Without touching what I wanted you to touch.” he corrected. “So yeah. I should kick your ass. But instead…”

“Instead?” Wade said hopefully.

“Instead, help me finish baking the rest of these, and I’ll show you what else I bought, but only if you give me a blow job while I’m wearing it.”

“Oh my god.” Wade eased out of him carefully, pulling the thoroughly ruined panties back up over Peter’s ass, and putting his sweatpants back on as well before tucking himself back into his jeans. “Oh, baby boy, this is like the best punishment for burning cookies ever.”


“Okay.” Wade folded his arms. “I was definitely under the impression that you had bought more sexy underwear, not– not this.”

Peter looked down at his outfit, the flannel bottoms and matching button up flannel top complete with slippers. “What’s wrong with my pajamas?”

“Nothing.” another frown. “I just thought you would be wearing something sexy.”

“Are you saying flannel jams aren’t sexy?” Peter looked horrified.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying.” Wade retorted.

“Well tough shit.” Peter flopped back onto the couch, legs spread, and beckoned for him. “Because I said a blow job and I meant it.”

Wade grumbled some more, but when he dropped to his knees and licked his lips, he was smiling.

“I love you.” Peter leaned over and kissed him, drawing his fingers lightly over the scars that covered Wade’s face, running gentle hands down his equally scarred shoulders and arms. “You know that.”

“I know.” Wade grinned. “I love you too. And I’ll never burn cookies again.”

“You’re lying.”

“Yeah but, are you complaining?” Wade raised an eyebrow, and dropped his head, opening his mouth wide.

Peter shrieked but Wade had his mouth too full to comment on it.


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The next 7! All the Amiibo sets and Dark Link!

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I AM ALMOST DONE WITH THIS CHALLENGE! I just need to draw the Phantom Armour then I would have successfully drawn every armour set in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!

Hello Studyblrs!

I haven’t posted for a while, I had some personal problems going on, and during times like these its hard to keep up with social media.
I am almost done with the 100 days of productivity challenge so I decided to start again + start a completely new challenge.

Btw, check the picture I took yesterday during our lab session, we finally got to do some dissecting, its a sheep heart, it is very similar to the humans heart, studying on it helped us a lot for our cardiovascular chapter!


Jerk (Lams)

AN: this is so bad and I don’t even have an excuse 

Tag Crew: @huffleheyguys @artisticgamer @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit @hmltntrsh51 @theoverlordofeverything @megabooklover18 Request: Anonymous- Could you do lams for the “make me” prompt where John is being a little brat

Warnings: little bit of sex and swearing

Word Count: 1,500


“‘Lex,” John rolled over. “The light is too bright.”

“I’m almost done,” Alex mumbled.

John sat up and reached for Alex’s hand, trying to stop him from typing. He’d been trying to get Alex to sleep for at least three hours. This was the normal routine in the Hamilton household, of course, but it seemed more frustrating tonight. John had been keyed up all day while Alex spent what was supposed to be a day off on his computer. Again, not unusual.

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Hi guys! Welcome back to the challenge, we are almost done. Today we will be balancing the third eye chakra, which is so famous in the spiritual community. The third eye is about intuition and if balanced, will help us connect to that deeper part of ourselves that just “knows” without even being told. If you feel you lack clarity, can’t see the big picture or want to get more in touch with your inner guidance… this post is for you!

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yaoikuza  asked:

For the doodle prompts: Jasper lifting someone smaller than her. (Luckily, everyone is smaller than her! XD SUPER BONUS MEGA CHALLENGE that likely cannot fit on one post-it, but whatever: Jasper lifting the entire Shorty Squad.)


Not a post-it note, but who cares.  ⋆ SHORTY SQUAD 4 LYFE ⋆

badboy!min yoongi au

ok so i have been putting off making a bts aus side blog because i never stick with writing blogs that i’ve made but i got inspirationg for badboy!yoongi when i was in the shower like ten minutes ago so here i am and here you are and i hope you enjoy this 

  • okay so to start off with bad boy min suga’s appearance
  • black haired yoongi. black haired yoongi with a beanie all the way
  • that is badboy!yoongi fight me on this
  • for the most part i think his appearance would pretty much match how he dressed during the no more dream era
  • besides maybe the rich housewife hairstyle but idk who knows maybe sometimes he’s feeling edgy and does that before he heads to his underground rapping thing
  • so you two are both college students, maybe juniors
  • you both have apartments in the same building a little ways away from campus
  • you don’t have a roommate but yoongi bear is roommies with our precious leader namjoonie (poor baby was sick and missed the concert today i hope he feels better soon)
  • they’re really really close friends because they’ve been running around together since their sophomore year of high school (they got detention a lot tbh) and they started together in the underground rap scene
  • also it’s not uncommon for their other best friend hobi to crash at their apartment because his roomie is always telling him to stop dancing it annoys the neighbors on the floor below them and telling hobi to stop dancing = no
  • their apartment is a little down the ways from yours
  • you’ve seen yoongi around campus since you were a little freshman and you’ve always been mildly drawn to his bad boy aura and you though he was cute but you never really think about him when you’re not around him
  • but whenever you are you sneak glances and are always subconsciously focused on him (which can be a real problem if you two share a class)
  • it’s kind of like a crush but not really because you don’t know his name and you only see him every so often and you’re okay with it staying like that because you’re not #creepy
  • you’re pretty much the dictionary definition of good girl 
  • in fact you may take it a step too far
  • you’re not one of those annoying “be quiet i can’t hear the teacher!!!” kind of good girls but rather the “i may only ever watch animated movies and i’ve never even been tipsy even though i’m over or at the legal drinking age” kind of good girl
  • you’re never really embarrassed by it because yes maybe you’re a bit naive but you look cute af(udge) in you pastel dresses and high waisted jeans and ballet slipper shoes and building blanket forts is fun gosh darn it and you’re not going to give it up just because the rest of the people your age are boring and out destroying their livers every weekend.
  • you and namjoon know each other sort of
  • the university y’all go to is kind of small so you often have the same classes with a few people in some other class ya know what i mean
  • and you and joonie have shared a lot of classes together and even been paired up for some projects and one time studied for a final together when you bumped into each other in the library one time
  • so you’re not friend friends but you’re friendly acquaintances who smile when you see each other around campus and small talk in line at the cafe if you notice each other and have each others numbers for school purposes 
  • everyone knows he and yoongs are besties and everyone is a little !!!! around them and the rest of their friends because it’s not like they’re a gang or anything but they are very active in the underground rap scene and the people who hang around their aren’t known for being very nice in your city and maybe they’ve gotten in trouble with the cops a few times maybe they’ve been caught doing some graffiti maybe they’ve been into their fair share of rumbles as well
  • even you were pretty !!! about being paired up with joonie for a project your freshman year but then while you guys were working on it in the library you see him almost knock over an entire shelf of books and break his own calculator all in a span of like five minutes so you’re like naw this kid is cool
  • but this isn’t about joonie
  • this is about yoongi
  • but kind of back to joonie because he’s how you two meet
  • this is way long i’m so sorry
  • you’re in the campus cafe between some classes and you’re just minding your own business listening to some tunes and messing around on your phone waiting for your cotton candy frappe
  • and in walks joonie and yoongi
  • namjoon sees you and makes his way over to sit at your booth because he has to ask you for some notes he missed in your psychology class because he was “sick” *cough*writingdissesforanupcomingrapbattle*cough*
  • and you’re like sure i got you
  • and as he’s copying them down and making small talk you keep glancing at yoongi because it’s him!!!!! the mysterious good-looking fella who always falls asleep on benches around campus!!! 
  • and namjoon doesn’t notice you glancing at yoongi but he does notice how yoongi is acting distant and a little less friendly than he usually would towards a stranger becuase surprise!!! yoongi has had the same almost crush on you all this time too!!!! 
  • and so namjoon sense this and is like hEY have you met my friend yoongi here ;) ;) ;) ;)
  • they kind of sabotage each other like they used to do in their vlog things they did a lot
  • and yoongi immediately tenses up and gets flustered and pinches namjoon in the stomach under the table 
  • but despite it being obvious and despite namjoon grinning like a madman at his friend’s reaction you just chalk it up to him being mysterious and a bad boy and probably not wanting anything to do with a girl with a five inch bow in her hair and a disney princess backpack
  • so namjoon finishes copying your notes and hands them back and leaves but not without a very obvious “WE will see you later bye!” while nudging yoongi in the side
  • and you don’t see this but when they get out of the store yoongi beats the crAP out of joonie for embarrassing him and joonie is just like I KNEW IT
  • so now you also wave politely to yoongi when you see him around even though you’re still a little !!!! around him because you don’t know how much of his reputation is true
  • he only ever answers your hello with a head nod and maybe sometimes a grunt if he’s feeling friendly
  • again you chalk it up to you not being his type
  • so you kind of give up on that little crush you had because what would an underground rapper with the name agust d want with a girl who spend last night sobbing into a glass of strawberry milk while watching The Titanic
  • until one evening there’s a knock on your door
  • you open it and it’s yoongi and he looks at you as if he’s debating on something
  • and you’re just like “hi yoongi can i help you”
  • and he just sighs and says “i accidentally locked myself about of the apartment and namjoon is studying with some friends at the library so the nerd won’t be back for hours and my bladder is about to burst can i please use your bathroom”
  • so of course you let him in and you’re holding back a chuckle because this is funny but then you stop laughing when you realize he’s going to see your apartment with your pink walls and teacup collection and the dISNEY PLUSHES YOU KEEP ON YOUR COUCH
  • and he does see it
  • he stops a few feet into your apartment and just looks around and you’re holding your breath because there is no way in heck he’s going to think you’re cool now
  • and then he looks you in the eye and in the most even and deadpan voice you’ve ever heard to this day says “you are the cutest thing ever”
  • and you’re suave right you catch yourself before you freak out and just say thank you and smile
  • but when he turns his back to head into the bathroom your face is literally the equivalent of the smirking emoji
  • like heck yea prestigious underground rapper agust d thinks your cute heck yea heck yea
  • so he leaves after saying thank you and things kind of go back to normal 
  • a few weeks later you’re coming home from your job at forever 21 in the mall and you’re waiting for the elevator
  • the doors open and guess who it is!!!
  • it’s joonie and yoongi!
  • and namjoonie sees you and he kind of exclaims loudly and is like thank goodness you’re here you need to come with us i stopped by your apartment but you weren’t there and we need a favor
  • and you’re like !!! what!!!
  • “we kind of made a bet with this other rapper that we could bring more supporters to the rap battle tonight than he could and every last person counts please come with us this guy is a jerk we really want to beat him”
  • and your kind of scared because that’s not really your scene but you don’t want to be offensive and be like “naw that’s dangerous i’ve heard stories about people getting hurt their y’all are a bad influence”
  • so you go with the classic “i don’t think i’m properly dressed for this” because you’re wearing like a high waisted skater skirt with white vans and a sweater with hello kitty on it
  • and yoongi without thinking about it goes “you look wonderful don’t worry about it” then he realizes what he says and to avoid namjoon’s teasing he stuff his hands in his pockets and looks at the ground
  • and once again you’re all smirking emoji face
  • so you get to the place and the boys introduce you to hobi who’s there waiting to get this started
  • basically the jerk guy that namjoon was talking about challenged the three of them to a rap battle saying that all three of them couldn’t beat him by himself
  • and the boys accepted and put this together 
  • and before the battle begins yoongi keeps glancing over at you before turning to hobi and joonie and expressing his concern for leaving you alone here while they’re preforming and you haven’t failed to notice how he’s been holding on to the sleeve of your sweater so you wouldn’t get separated or lost
  • and hobi’s like lol don’t worry brah
  • because then up walks jungkook and jimin who are apart of hobi’s dance crew and have been hanging with joonie and yoongs for about a year now
  • so they stay with you while the other three perform 
  • this is so long but it’s almost done i promise
  • do their challenger gets done with his rap if it can even be called that and then hobi and joonie and yoongi bear step up and literally spit fire and put the other guy to shame
  • and when yoongi’s rapping you’re just like
  • :D :D :D :D :D N I C E :D :D :D :D :D
  • and when you see the passion in him that little crush becomes not so little
  • so after everything is all said and done the boys decide they want ice cream because they’re all actually five year olds
  • and as you guys are walking around the dark city in search of an ice cream shop that’s still open you realize that these boys aren’t so scary after all because they’re giant walking memes
  • you counted the times jungkook made a pepe the frog reference and you got up to at least eleven
  • and as you guys enter a more quiet part of town four men walk out of an alley and guess who it is
  • it’s the guy the boys beat and his three little toadies
  • so he’s not very happy at being beat
  • so they start talking smack and even make a few digs at you
  • “who’s the pretty girl, huh? y’all’s pet?”
  • at that comment yoongi gets pretty angry and steps in front of you
  • the other boys kind of form a protective circle around you
  • you’ve never been in a situation like this before but you’re trying to keep your cool and not think about if you’ll never get to hug your stuffed mickey mouse again
  • it’s four against five but they still seem confident they can take bangtan on
  • and you realize why when one of the little toadies pulls out a switchblade
  • and you remain calm and quiet but on the inside you’re officially freaking out and you can feel tears starting to form in your eyes
  • but then a car pulls up to the side of the street y’all are on and guess who steps out
  • the rest of the boys’ friends that’s right it’s jin and taehyung
  • it’s not like they’re a gang or anything but these seven boys have a reputation when they are together and even with the switchblade they don’t stand a chance to win this fight
  • so they start running away as fast as they can and yoongi and jungkook and jimin immediately chase off after them
  • they aren’t going to hurt them they just want to scare them off and make sure they know it’s not okay to mess with them
  • you realize namjoon is talking to you
  • “are you alright?”
  • “yeah i’m just a little shaken up”
  • “if it’s about the knife you shouldn’t have been afraid we all have them too so you would have been perfectly safe with us”
  • “WhAT”
  • “nOTHING”
  • so joonie and jinnie take off after the other three to make sure they’re okay and hobi and taehyung walk you home
  • so it’s like three o’clock in the morning and you’re watching a movie because you’re adrenaline has you wide awake and to be completely honest you’re still a little scared plus you’re worried if the boys are okay especially yoongi
  • there’s a knock on your door and you check through the peep hole and see it’s yoongi
  • so you open up and he’s immediately hugging you and apologizing and begging you not to hate him
  • and you’re just like dude i’m fine just a little freaked out i know you guys would have totally had my back out there
  • he looks at you for a moment and then just starts pouring out how much he likes you and how he was afraid to make a move because he didn’t think he was your type and he was worried you would be afraid of him and all these things and he goes on to say how he thinks it’s adorable how you decorate your apartment and how you dress and that you have an Olaf pencil case that you use in english class
  • and you’re kind of speechless because even though you caught on to his crush on you you never imagined he would be so forward so intentionally
  • he’s still rambling but you’re movie has been paused for the last five minutes so you kiss him on the cheek and tell him you think he’s the most handsome guy on the planet and invite him to stay and finish watching snow white and the seven dwarfs with you
  • he does
  • and then he lets it slip that he hasn’t seen a lot of disney movies so he ends up staying the rest of the night and the next day with you and you two do nothing but watch movies and eat snacks and nap
  • he starts calling you “baby” and you start calling him “suga” because he’s so sweet to you
  • he doesn’t really like you going to more underground rap events because of what happened the first time but every once in a while you tag a long if some of the other boys are there to protect you while he’s performing
  • about a year into y’all’s relationship you attend one
  • and you realize that he’s being introduced as suga

son of a nutcracker this was really long i’ve been typing for an hour

but anyway this is the first au thing i’ve done so please let me know what you think!!!!

anonymous asked:

Are you and Kayla planning to add any more generations to the NSB challenge? It would be awesome if you added a few to incorporate Pets and mostly to complete all of the collections. If you look at your family's collection screen after this challenge is done, almost all of the base game collections are complete. It might be fun to have a few more gens to complete them all! Or maybe to complete some more in-game achievements! :)

pets will probably be incorporated it really gonna depend on what comes with in the pack so dont you worry 

Week 30: looking through glass

iPhone6 ProCam4 1:50pm Southside
f/2.2 ISO 32 1/395s
Cropped and edited it PicsArt
brightness +14
Contrast +50
Saturation +20
Temp +20

I’m late I’m late… sorry, was so busy yesterday I was in church this morning before I remembered I hadn’t done this weeks challenge… I almost didn’t! As I wasn’t sure what photo I could take that was interesting… I was actually out the front trying for flowers in my front garden when @chartreusebob car caught my eye.. I think it came up good? Love the tiny reversed car in the top of the stem! Had a little art direction from the youngest. Phew… made it! 😘

Very cool shot @retrokarrots!  Great composition!

- RK