almost crying while writing this


Loki approached the candlelit altar slowly as he held a handful of runestones and a bundle of flowers from the garden he cherished so much. A painting loomed over the altar. It was a painting of his mother, holding her hands and looking ahead with a soft smile on her face. He slowly knelt before it and set the flowers aside, placing the runestones next to each other on the open space of the altar. 

The first rune was Tyr, meant for victory in battle, the guiding planet, and the warrior. After all, Frigga happened to guide him throughout most of his life and he always had felt thankful for the things she had taught him. She had died a warrior, but Loki always felt guilty. Guilty for letting that monster ever getting to her.

The second was Naudr, where it meant patience and acceptance, but it also meant death and need. Naudr meant a lot to Loki, knowing that he needed Frigga in her time of death and even before that. A bitter taste rose in his mouth as he remembered his childhood memories. Frigga’s patient demeanor when it came to teaching him magic or when his pranks had gone too far, her acceptance when Loki shakily told her of his attraction to women and men when he was into his late teens. 

The third was Gyfu, meant for love, kindness, and aid. He always remembered her kindness and it always resonated within him. Of course it will, Frigga was someone he loved after all. But, Loki soon reversed the rune as soon as he placed it. With it being reversed, the rune meant separation. With her death, he had been separated from his mother, and that was something Loki always remembered. 

The last was Ethel, meaning motherhood and home. It explained itself, Frigga was Loki’s home. After everything she had done for him, Frigga was always his home and his mother. 

Loki then took the flowers and placed them in the adorned vases that stood on the edges of the altar. He grit his teeth as he felt a tear run down his cheek. He shakily took a breath before breathing out and was ready to say what he wanted to say. 

“Happy mother’s day,“ Loki said, his voice cracking as he said it, tears now flowing steadily. “I miss you and…I’m sorry.”

Be mine pt 2 (Saeran x MC)

So here is the FULL part 2! (Mine pt 2 was only a short teaser)(°◡°♡).:。

Be mine pt 1

Fandom: Mystic Messenger

Pairing: Saeran/MC -you
Summary: Part 2 of the Be mine series. This series is the Saeran’s POV and what would happen if he fell in love with MC.

Author’s Notes: I really love Saeran and I did almost cry while writing this. Hope you like it, sweeties! ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁) 

The plan was too catch you, to somehow – one way or the other convince you to go to the apartment. But … somehow, you didn’t play along. It was a beautiful sunny day and the sky was clear, I love such days… You were in a Café, trying to download some weird game or app, so I thought it was best to hack into your phone and deal with you in that way.

For someone like me, that was child’s play. All the years learning how to hack, all those boring books and torturous hours spent in front of the computer would now finally show some grand results.

Thankfully, I decided to be near you when I contacted you – that way I could make sure, that everything was moving according to plan.
I was sitting two tables away from you, where I could clearly see your face. Even if I saw it through all the pictures that the savior gave me, in person you were breathtakingly beautiful. You seemed so engrossed in your phone, it was as if you built up a wall or as if you lived in a bubble, so in a way no one could intrude. You wore such a carefree smile and the way you giggled at simple things was adorable. You noticing the small dog outside of the cafe, a song you liked playing on the radio and you beating a level on the phone, all these simple things made you happy.

Simple and small things made you tremendously happy. So I concluded, that you might be … a little dense or naive. Therefore I was convinced that my plan would most definitely succeed. But, I typed out the message, asking you for your help, but all you wrote was a simple “no”.
It took me so much strength not to burst out in anger, so when I calmed myself down I typed out. 

“Please, you are the only one who can help me.”

Your next answer surprised me.

“If you want something from me, why not ask me personally, white haired mystery guy?”

Then I looked up and our eyes met and you smiled. You wore such a silly smile and in the next moment you showed me your..tongue? So childish. How old were you? But if I ever had to confessed, your childish behavior did make me chuckle.

But, wait? Wait a second. How in the world? How did you know it was me that was writing you, I assumed that you were dense? I assumed my plan would work. It was SUPPOSED to work. How can a silly girl, such as you, trick me this way?

Then in the next moment the phone vibrated.

“Come sit next to me. Let us talk.”

Everything I had to endure, every time I had to take the medicine, go through extensive special training and all that BS. Nothing of that prepared me for this.
Nothing could have prepared me for – you being so insufferable and so childish.

While I stared at your text, I heard footsteps coming closer to my table, so I looked up – with as much hate as I could muster – and there was you. Standing in front of me and looking down on me. But I didn’t feel threatened or scared, neither annoyed. You were close to me and that was all that mattered.

“Since you didn’t seem to be moving to my table, I decided it was for the best to just, you know, take the initiative and walk right into your arms.” 

A small laugh escaped your lips and you seated yourself right next to me.
A sweet smell soon drafted towards me – it was coming from you. It reminded me of something familiar and nostalgic, my heart squeezed at that and I felt sick but at the same time it was comforting and soothing. I glared at you, I just couldn’t control my emotions very well, and everything was new to me. 

Going out was new, I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to talk to other people – aside from the people in the organization.

“How the f*, did you know it was me, ugly?”

Your eyes widened at that. Did I offend you? I was already cursing at myself in my mind, but in the next moment, you burst out in laughter.
You were holding your stomach and you were in tears. 

What is happening? Were you suffering, did my comment hurt you so much, that you couldn’t control your body anymore? I was in panic, you were hitting the table and your knees, your head lolled back and your tears were spilling out, more and more

“Are you in pain? Did I hurt you?” I asked in a panicked voice, subconsciously I lifted my hand and tried to comfort you, though I did feel scared because– something like me, something as dirty and weak like me could hurt something as pure and delicate as you. Then you calmed down, instantly, you were out of breath but you just shook you head and answered.

“I am perfectly fine, it has been ages, since I laughed so much. Thank you …erm…Unknown?” I could hear you were trying hard not to laugh at my name in the app.

“I didn’t want to reveal my identity so I chose something ….ordinary.” 

You stared at me at that and poked my cheeks.

“Don’t need to blush so hard, sweetie. I was just teasing you a little. So tell me, what do you need me for and we should probably introduce ourselves. And I do mean our real names not some silly made up ones. If you want and need my help you should just come clean and tell me who you are.”

The audacity. Such rude behavior. You were rude, had no self-awareness, you didn’t know simple boundaries, you intruded into my personal space as if it was your own…. as if we were…friends.

I wanted to stare at you and make you feel scared, but as I did look at you, you were leaning on your hand and smiling in such a comforting way, I forgot my anger and I wanted…wanted to be kind to you. I wanted to be kind at least to you. Since I wanted you to become one day, mine. You seemed so pure and so sweet. That is why I decided to speak up.

“Sa…Saeran.” I mumbled, while looking down. How I hated that name, how I hated being associated with him, but as I said it, as I said my name to you … it didn’t taste as bitter as it used to.

“Hmmm, Saeran.” And as you said my name out loud in that sweet sing song voice, my heart skipped a beat, I felt hot and weird. But I liked how it made me feel. It made me feel alive.
Then I felt a hand on my head. And while I peeked up, you ruffled my hair and giggled.

“See, that wasn’t so hard, was it? I am MC, but you can call me whatever you like.”
I swatted at your hand but you were faster than me and removed it, suddenly as you removed your hand, I felt lonely?
I took a deep breath and tried to form words, how should I tell you to do something that might harm you. You would surely get attached to those RFA idiots and then you would destroy me and the plan. But I wanted you. I wanted you to want me and be with me.
Wanting you, let me forget all about that person. About him. How he betrayed me.

“I need you, to go to the address, which I send you. You need to join an organization.”
I heard you hum and how you tapped your feet and at the next moment you took hold of my hand and smiled.

“Let us go to the park and discuss it there ok? The weather is so nice it would be a shame to sit inside. I promise, after we can do whatever you want Saeran”

Honestly, I couldn’t care less for my plan at that moment, if it meant being with you. I could just escape from everything with you and start anew.
So I nodded and let you hold my hand and guide me to the park.
We sat at a bench, we talked. Surprisingly, I talked more than you.
I told you as much as I could and as I finished you smiled, but your face was wet from all the tears you spilled.

“Stop it. Stop doing that!?” I yelled at you, I didn’t know if you were teasing me or what it meant. But you just took my hand, squeezed it tight and shook your head.

“I am just crying, since you already have cried so much, you can’t cry no more. I am crying for you. Because, no one deserves what you lived through.”

A lump, a big lump in my throat and something clenching at my heart and stomach, it hurt so bad. At that moment you seemed so inviting so warm I just pulled you close to me and embraced you. Even if you said I could cry no more, I spilled tears and together we cried while embracing.

I felt your heart, your hot tears that you shed for me. I couldn’t let you go, not now. Not now that YOU seemed to heal me, make the haze in my mind go away.

                                                I NEED you to be mine.

i and love and you | naruto

prompt: one of them gets sick and the other has to take care of them. @stellatiate
sum: you and me, we flew
a/n: i’m going to start taking prompts on my narfic sideblog @datte-ba, just fyi! also, please reblog + comment! 

Hanabi doesn’t expect him to make an appearance. Or, maybe she does, but not this quickly.

Kou offers the younger Hyuuga sister an amused look as she passes by, but Hanabi is careful not to do more than smile. Naruto’s eagerness in regards to all things concerning her sister is an easily laughable thing, but in a good way. His open and endless love for Hinata Hyuuga brings a smile and affectionate laughter to almost anyone’s face, sometimes even Hiashi’s.

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Lady In Red- Steve Rogers One Shot

Pairing: Steve Rogers X Reader

Prompt: Steve likes the reader and, at a celebratory Stark party, he gets the courage to ask her out.

Word Count: 1150

A/N: Inspired by the songs ‘Hungry Eyes’ by Eric Carmen and 'Lady In Red’ by Chris de Burgh. I literally almost starting crying while writing this because I love 'Lady in Red’ so much and it’s perfect for this.


You had been a part of the Avengers for barely a month. After a small victory, Tony decided to throw a party to celebrate-like always-which led to Natasha standing in your walk-in closet as she decided what you would wear. She was your best friend and had a better fashion sense than you when it came to a Stark party.

“How about this?” She asked, turning to you while holding up the red cocktail dress you almost forgot you owned. Natasha was already in her outfit for the night and no longer needed to worry about her look.

“Sure.” You shrugged.

“I want to see how it looks. Try it on while I continue browsing.” The red-head ordered.

“Yes, ma'am.” You teased, taking the dress from her.

“You’re hanging out with Steve more often, I see.” She called to you as you closed the bathroom door.

“So what if I am?” You asked, slipping on the dress, before emerging from the en suite bathroom.

“You look incredible. Here.” Natasha handed you a pair of silver heels.

“Can’t I just wear flats?” You whined.

“You’re going to a Stark party. Heels are practically a requirement. Have you met Tony?” She laughed and you unwillingly took them, setting them aside for later.

“How do I look?” You asked her, going over to your full-length mirror. You turned as you inspected yourself.

“Amazing.” Natasha smiled, coming to stand beside you in her cream colored dress, “Now, for make up.”


“Who are you looking for?” Tony asked, coming to a stop beside Steve. The captain stood on the edge of the room, his eyes scanning the crowd of people filling up the tower’s living room area.

“No one.” Steve replied, looking down at his feet.

“Is it a certain Avenger named Y/N?” The billionaire teased, making his friend blush.

“N-no.” He coughed out.

“I think she is still upstairs with Romanoff getting ready. When she gets down here, sweep her off her feet.” Tony continued to ramble about what Steve could do to make you go out with him. The super soldier wasn’t listening to his friend, for you had just entered the room with Natasha behind you. His eyes scanned you, taking in how fantastic you looked in your dress, “Are you even listening?” Tony’s question snapped Steve out of his daze.

“I’m sorry. What were you saying?” Steve asked.

“Did Y/N just show up? You’re distracted.” Tony turned around to look for you. He smiled when he saw you talking to Thor and Jane across the room, “Stop giving her hungry eyes and talk to her. Come on, Romeo, ask her to dance.” Tony nudged him.

“I can’t. She’ll say no.” Steve said, planting his feet to the ground.

“No she won’t. Go.” Tony gave him another nudge and Steve reluctantly went towards you and the others. He came to a stop, seeing an unfamiliar man come up to you. You talked for a moment before he left, looking defeated. Steve continued on his way to you. A few steps before he got there, Thor and Jane went away, leaving you alone.

“Hey, Y/N.” Steve’s greeting came out as a barely audible whisper.

“Hey, Steve.” You smiled. Relief washed over him that you had heard his comment and he didn’t have to repeat it like an awkward fool.

“You look fantastic.” He said, a sudden burst of confidence running through his veins.

“Thank you. Natasha picked this one out.” You replied as a pink tint flood your cheeks.

“Well, she did a great job choosing then.” Steve admitted. You could see the light blush spreading across his face and you grew even more bashful at how red your face must be at the moment. He outstretched a hand to you, “Would you like to dance?”

“I’d love to.” You stated, taking his hand and he led you to the dance floor.


“Yes!” Tony clenched his fist in triumph as he saw you and Steve heading to dance. He grinned as he took a sip of his beer.

“What are you so excited about?” Natasha asked him. He simply pointed to you two.

“They’re dancing together. Does that mean Steve finally asked her out?” Clint questioned, his eyes lighting up like a child on Christmas morning. You were the only Avenger who was oblivious to Steve’s crush on you. Clint had been dying for you two to get together, along with Natasha but she was less vocal about it.

“He at least asked her to dance.” Tony replied.

“It’s the dress, I’m telling you. I did a fabulous job.” Natasha said, smiling.

“I’ve got to go request a slow song. Those two will kiss by the end of the night.” The billionaire stated. He turned on his heel and headed for the DJ stand.


The upbeat song slowed down into the familiar 80s love song, Lady in Red by Chris de Burgh. At first, you believed Steve would exit the dance floor with you, not wanting to dance to a slow song. Your thoughts diminished when he gingerly put his hands on your waist. He looked to you, clarifying that it was okay. Your reply was simply wrapping your arms around your neck. You two swayed slowly to the love song and you leaned your head onto Steve’s chest. It was as if you two were the only people in the room.

“The lady in red is dancing with me, cheek to cheek, There’s nobody here, it’s just you and me, It’s where I want to be, But I hardly know this beauty by my side, I’ll never forget the way you look tonight,” You tuned out Chris de Burgh’s voice as you listened to Steve softly singing the lyrics into your ear.

“Y/N, there’s something I need to tell you.” Steve mumbled. You lifted your head up to look him in his eyes.

“What is it?” You asked. He cleared his throat nervously.

“I like you a lot and I want to know if you would like to go on a date with me?”

“Of course I would, Steve. All you had to do was ask.” You smiled. Steve slowly leaned down to place his lips on yours.

“I was right, Romanoff!” You heard a shout from across the room. You pulled away and looked to the source, like everyone else at the party was doing.

“Sorry, carry on.” Tony said, realizing how loud his cheer of triumph was. Clint gave you a thumbs up while Tony winked at Steve. Natasha rolled her eyes at the childish men she stood beside. She gave you an encouraging smile, which only made you and Steve even more embarrassed.

Okay but what if Hawkmoth gets sick of all his Akumas failing so he sets up a plan to trick Ladybug and catch her, something along the lines of akumatizing several people at once and instead of having them take her miraculous, he has them take her straight to Hawkmoth. So Ladybug puts up a good fight but ultimately fails because she is immensely outnumbered and Chat never showed up (a certain cat was in the middle of a fashion show on the other side of town) and right as Chat Noir appears to save Ladybug, Hawkmoth takes away her earrings. So it’s ends up being Marinette just sitting there and Chat Noir standing there staring, dumbfounded, for a second because neither of them had known the other’s identity up until this point. Chat then regains his senses and tries to get the earrings back from Hawkmoth, but it’s an extremely difficult fight seeing as there are several akumatized villains plus Hawkmuth, and Marinette is sitting there, embarassed because now Chat Noir knows her identity and is fighting a battle he cannot possibly win on his own, all because she thought she could handle several akumas at once. Hawkmoth, on the other hand, is feeling on top of the world. He has caused Ladybug, his arch nemesis to reach her lowest point, and has confiscated her miraculous. Also, Hawkmoth knows that Chat cannot possibly win this battle alone. However, to turn the events around, Chat Noir claims, “Whether you’re Marinette or Ladybug, you’re still my partner, and I can’t beat him without you.” This shocks Marinette back to her senses and she gets up to fight. She may not have her powers anymore, but she can still utilize her fighting skills obtained through her years of fighting akumas. Marinette and Chat manage to disarm the Bubbler and Marinette uses his weapon to trap the other akumas, because they cannot escape the bubbles without extremely powerful moves, such as Cataclysm. So after an intese fight scene, defeating the akumas, they are left to fight Hawkmoth. With Marinette and the Bubbler’s weapon, they manage to get the earrings back from Hawkmoth, because Chat had knocked them out of Hawkmoth’s hand and Marinette caught them using the weapon she had taken. So as Marinette transforms into Ladybug, her and Chat defeat Hawkmoth. Then they deal with the akumas one at a time, and cleanse the akumas so they’re normal butterflies again. After dealing with all the akumas and Hawkmoth, Chat and Ladybug are about to detransform. The thing is, now Chat Noir knows Ladybug’s identity so things are a bit awkward. Chat, being the gentleman he is, decides that it is only just if Ladybug knows his identity too. So at the end of the episode they would do their celebratory fist bump, but then as Ladybug goes to jump away, Chat Noir would have this serious look in his eyes, tell her to wait, and say that it’s only fair if they both know each other’s identities. Chat and Ladybug then detransform and there is a moment of silence, as both Marinette and Adrien stare at each other. The screen goes black and it’s the end of the show. There are no more episodes of Miraculous Ladybug.

“Forever & Always”

Pairing: Naruto / Hinata

Rated: K

Words: 1,466

Summary: The most precious thing in the world is love and life.

Recommended: Listen to this before/while/after reading this. (Click it!!)

“Where is he?” is the only thing she kept on saying for the past 2 hours while waiting for him. She’s sitting near the window of her room, phone placed on top of the table in case he calls, she’s been waiting for his call but received none. She’s starting to get worried because she’s sure that he would’ve called if something came up.

“Think positive, Hinata. He’s alright.” as she tries to convince herself

She heard the door to her room open and immediately looked as to who’s the one who came in, silently hoping that maybe it’s him, but when she turned her head around, it was only her sister.

“Oh, it’s you, Hanabi.” she said nonchalantly

Hanabi ignored her sister’s tone and asked “what’s up with you? is there something wrong? I mean I can almost see your brows connecting.”

Hinata kept silent for a while then sighed, obviously worried about something.

“Ano… Hanabi, did you receive any call downstairs? I mean… you know…. from Naruto?”

Hanabi raised a brow for a moment before answering her sister’s question.

“Ummmm… no? Don’t tell me he’s late again? I swear I’m going to kick his ass the moment he gets here.” she said irritably, so that’s the reason why she’s so quiet.

“Hanabi!” Hinata reprimanded her sister’s choice of words

“What? it’s not like kicking his as—” Hanabi was cut off when Hinata’s phone started ringing

Hinata quickly picked up her phone to answer not even bothering to look at the caller ID


“Ummm… is this, Naruto Uzumaki’s fiancee? Hinata Hyuuga, am I right?”

“Yes! Why?? Did something happen? Please tell me!” Hinata is having a hard time controlling her emotions at the moment and she thought that her erratic beating heart would burst at any moment.

“Ummm… We’d like to ask you to come to the ****** hospital right now and we’ll explain it to you the moment you get here. We’ll be waiting.” the call ended

Hinata stood, dumbfounded, in her room. She couldn’t utter a word, Hanabi immediately went to her side, ready to support her at any given moment. Hinata almost fell to her knees if not because of Hanabi, she put her sister’s arm around her shoulder to guide her towards the bed to let her sit.

“Onee-chan, are you… alright?” Hanabi asked hesitantly, knowing that her sister is anything but fine.

Hinata’s mind went back to December, the moment he proposed to her. Words that made her entire being melt with joy and love, but now, the same words are haunting her, words that might break her entire world the moment he decides to leave her. Forever.

“… I can clearly say, from now on til’ forever, I want to spend my life with you, Hinata, until the day I die!”

The moment she saw the entrance of the hospital, she immediately opened the door to their private car and slammed it shut, leaving her sister and father in the car. Hiashi came along with Hinata to show his support to his eldest daughter, knowing that she would need it, and it’s also his way of paying back the debts of only bringing her sorrow in the past. Hiashi also wanted to check up on Naruto because he knew that he’s the one who’s giving his daughter the happiness she deserves and also the one who could take care of her for the rest of their lives. Which he prays for. 

Hinata went to the front desk to ask her fiance’s room number, a nurse immediately went to her to show her to Naruto’s room, while walking, the nurse explained what happened and the current condition of Naruto. HInata’s face is void of any emotion, because all she could ever think was…

“Please be safe. Please be safe.” knowing that mere words couldn’t decide what could happen next.

The moment they stood in front of Naruto’s room, Hinata quickly went inside to see him. She needs to see him because she could feel that she will no longer be able to see him. She needs to be by his side, she held his hand as soon as she was beside him. The hand that she’d grown to love, the hand that used to protect her, the hand that reminded her that he’s strong, the hand that held her hand like it’s the most fragile thing on Earth, the hand that showed his promise to be with her forever. 

But now, it’s weak, cold, and fragile.

“Naruto?” Hinata said weakly, not even trying to be loud because she really felt weak. She wanted to listen to every breath he takes, the sign that he’s still alive. She’d like to see his ever beautiful and bright smile again. Naruto didn’t respond yet, so she began talking, hoping that he could hear her at least, about the things that they would like to happen in their future, together.

How they would be there for each other through the good and the bad times, how they will grow old together, about the family that they would have, the house where they would live, just happiness. The happiness to love each other and be together forever.

Naruto, soon, began to move and open his eyes; the moment she saw his cerulean eyes that always reminded her of the sky and the sea, she stood up as an idea came into mind. She asked the nurses outside to come in, she came up to a priest who’s passing by in the corridor to come inside as well (who’s only there to offer anointing of the sick prayers to the patient in the other room), then asked the couple next door to let her borrow their wedding rings then thanked them when they allowed her. When everything’s done, a knock from the door was heard then there, entered, her father, sister and the rest of their friends. She smiled at them and signaled for them to stand at the side. 

The priest started saying verses while she responds. She began saying her vows, while trying not to cry.

“… You, who gave me courage and strength to stand up again whenever I fall, the person who showed me that I am worth something, the person who’s always there to protect me from harm, the person who brings a smile to my face whenever I’m sad, the person who understands me more than anyone else, the person who said that I’m the most beautiful woman he has ever seen…” at this moment, she started crying and laughed at the silly things she’s saying “… the person who’ve seen me at my weakest but still said that I’m strong, the person who accepted me for who I am, and the person who loved me unconditionally. Thank you. I would like to be with you forever and always, through the good and the bad times, ‘til we grow old, and until the day I die. I love you, Naruto, from the very start and until the end of time.” as she finished her vows.

People started laughing at the silly comments she said, but began crying as well. The scene that they’re witnessing is heartbreaking, now that the beeps are getting too slow, they know that right then and there, the forever and always that they’re talking about would start and at the same time end.

Naruto, managed to give a small smile to her, he squeezed her hand as tightly as he could, not wanting to ever let go, but he could already feel his body giving up. He forced his mouth to open, it’s his time to say his vows to his one and only.

“Hi-hinata…” he began with his smile still plastered on his face, his voice croaked but he continued… "Thank you for everything… I may not be able to list down all the things I wanted to say to you because I know that it’s never ending… All I want is to make you smile, to bring you only happiness, to be with you forever and always… You’re my one and only, Hinata. Please always remember that… I will always love you, I’m so sorry for everything that I’ve done wrong, sorry for making you cry…“ he looked at her tear-stained cheeks then he reached for her face to wipe the tears away from her beautiful eyes. He smiled wider. ” … always remember that even if I’m not there, physically, I will always be there beside you. I will never stop protecting you and I will always make sure to give you the happiness that you deserve. I love you, Hinata. Thank you for loving me.“

After his vows, the beep went straight. And that’s the last thing they’ve heard. 


A/N: Okay… This is one of my favorite songs, tbh, I was going to write NejiTen but decided to make it NaruHina again.. This song makes me cry tbh.. and while writing this, I think it almost made me cry? I’m sorry if it’s not well-written… My feels are kinda scattered because of this.. I really don’t know what I should put or not… and the one I used for Naruto’s proposal is canon. (Back in December part) Btw, they’re in an AU world, Naruto was caught in a car accident. So yeah.

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Imagine Dean

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Imagine you die on a hunt and Dean keeps calling your phone just to hear your voice on the answering machine.

A/N: I almost made myself cry while writing this one

Two months, that’s how long it had been since that case down in Alabama. That’s how long Dean has had to live without his best friend. That’s how long it had been since you died. When Sam would ask how he was doing, Dean would respond with a sad smile and a nod saying, “I’m fine, Sammy.”

But it was a lie. He was not fine. In fact he was far from it.

Now, two months later, it still hurt just as bad as the day it happened. But there was one thing that helped.

Dean sat on his bed in the bunker, phone in hand. He had lost count of how many times he had done this, but that didn’t stop him. He dialed the number and held the phone up to his ear. After a few rings the familiar message played.

“Hey it’s (Y/N), leave your name and number…” your voice began.

“And nightmare!” Dean heard his own voice put in.

“Shut up, Dean,” you laughed as Dean pictured how you had playfully shoved him away while recording the message. After you shoved him he had wrapped you in a hug from the side and planted a kiss on your hair.

“You know you love me, Sweetheart.”

You laughed again and had placed a kiss on his cheek, “I love you, Dean,” the recording ended with a beep to signal the caller could now record their message.

Dean swallowed the lump in his throat, his eyes rimmed with tears, “I love you too, (Y/N),” he whispered as he set the phone down.

“Calum, I don’t want you to leave.” A tear ran down your cheek and Calum lifted his hand to wipe it away before remembering he couldn’t. Couldn’t touch you, couldn’t hold you, couldn’t comfort you. Every passing day made him feel more dead than he already was.

“I know, baby, I know.” Calum could feel his own eyes well with tears. “But it’s for the best. Y-you can’t move on if I’m always around.” He tried to let out a laugh to ease the mode, but it came out as a choked sob.

You let out a dry laugh of your own. “Who said I wanted to move on?”

Calum frowned, bringing his hand to your face and feeling like he was dying all over again as he watched it pass right through. You looked to meet his beautiful brown eyes for what seems to be the last time, “I just don’t want to lose you, Calum.”

Calum couldn’t hold back his own tears any longer as they began to roll down his face, over his pink lips, and off his chin.

“You’ll never lose me, Y/N, I’ll always be here with you. Always. And I promise you that.” He looked into your eyes, bringing his hand to hover over your cheek, remembering the feeling of cradling it in his palm that seemed so long ago. “I love you so much.”

“I love you, too, Calum.” And then, for the last time, the love of your life was gone.  

For @alreadymissings and @asickburnout supernatural!5sos night.

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Can you do one of those long answers to why you love JB so much? I'd be interested in reading it! :)

Omggg despite almost crying 20 times while writing this cause I’m so overwhelmed by how amazing he is, I have finally finished.

Click below if you want to waste your time and read 800 words of why I love this guy so much.

I love Jaebum because he is perfectly imperfect. ♥

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She stares up into the night sky, getting lost in constellations, while he stares at her. (My apologies, I'm listening to Saturn by Sleeping at Last and I got feelsy)

Omg mywildindigochild ! I listened to the song a million times on reply while writing this, and I almost started crying. Hope you like it. It’s a future fic with not that much dialog

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                   With shortness of breath, you explained the infinite.

                         How rare and beautifulit is to even exist.


                                                            ~ * ~

Closing his eyes, inhaling Bellamy prayed that the water would cleanse their scarred skin, wash their sins away with the tide that had seemed to bring them in - grateful that they were standing here, perhaps partly broken but as close to alive as they had ever been.

She stared up into the night sky, getting lost in constellations while the lone thing he could bare to look at was her, the white stars reflecting within her blue eyes, which were wild and captivating like never before. He allowed his fingertips to get tangle themselves easily among the damp, golden waves of her hair, causing her gaze to flicker to him, a foreign, relaxed smile upon her lips.

“You haven’t even tried to kiss me yet.” She whispered.

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