almost cried at the ending



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(p1) whilst we're on the topic of receipts, me and my mum had coffee with her old bff the other day. he was down for the weekend & he's like, trained (he's super secretive about it idk its weird I think he's big in the security business or something), but he noticed straight away that my mum wasn't wearing her engagement ring. he also saw my rainbow direction wristband. he grinned at me and he was like 'lemme take a pic of that I wanna send it to my friends who'll appreciate it'...

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:(p2) I was shook because that was so vague wtf??? I was sat there listening to the convo all the way through the coffee but I wasn’t paying attention y’know because J (lets call him that), wtf that’s so shady!!! (made me think of you lol). His phone pinged a few times, but then again towards the end and it made him pay more attention. He had this weird lil smile on his face and he looked like he was tryna decide something for a few seconds before he just handed his phone to me.

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:(p3) long story short the bastard texted the picture of my fucking rainbow wristband to louis. The first reply text was like… ‘wait a sec, mate, H is working. it’s really busy here’. The second one looked like he’d gotten two minutes to send back a proper text. Well, actually, when I say proper text, he’d sent three in a row ‘wtf mate’, ‘that is sick!’. ‘one sec I’ll show H.’ then a longer one ‘just got him out of rehearsals, he said its just like his! Love it. Tell her thanks. Means a lot x’

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:(P4) anyways he referenced rehearsals and harry working so I’m assuming he means snl rehearsals which kind of works with the pizza guy rumour and the timing of lou’s voice at the end of that clip. I almost cried I swear it which obviously l was like… lol we’re always right everything is so predictable. Never really liked J all that much, but when I got home I had a whole new respect for him! <3

I can’t know if it’s legit or not but it’s cute so…. Thanks x 

A doodle of today’s chapter…what a beautiful ending for these two, but i’m still crying over the fact that they are D E A D and gone T__T

Ngl, I almost cried with Pewdiepie’s latest video.. specially at the end. He’s such a strong person, getting all this hate from the media but still able to wear a smile on his face and make videos for us. Most of us would’ve broken down a long time ago if we were in his place. We’re all here for you Pewds, don’t worry about it

I am freaking outttt

Okay, so I have literally wanted to share this for two and a half hours so I apologise if it comes out as complete nonsense. So, I have just been to a performance by the Britten Sinfonia of the St. John Passion at the Barbican, which was absolutely incredible. However, I was somewhat distracted by the presence of JEMMA BLOODY REDGRAVE who happened to be sitting on the SAME ROW as me! I honestly thought I was going to scream when I noticed her and I had to try so hard not to stare at her for the entire performance. I was too nervous to speak to her and I don’t think I would have been able to form a coherent sentence if I had, but our row was separated by the stairs and I shit you not, when it finished I walked NEXT TO HER the whole way up the stairs! She was by herself so she left straight away but I was actually overjoyed to walk next to her. She is just as beautiful in person as she is on screen and she made a simple shirt and jeans look absolutely stunning. My day has been well and truly made

Cream Cheese Pretzel and Samuel Adams Cold Snap from Pretzel Palooza located near the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


Jiwoo: Houston had the most fans from what I recall. We sprayed water during the encore and I remember there were these four women in the front row all dressed up and B.M oppa was about to spray water on them when the women replied in unison ‘Nope’.

Somin: L.A.’s performance was really fun too. Towards the end… Wow, I almost cried.  It was so beautiful… Everyone was so energetic.

J.seph: There was this one lady who pointed at me, signaling me to come over. 

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Congrats on so many followers! I would like to request the RFA + V and Saeran reacting to a YouTuber!MC and them joining her for a video. What would the video be about and what would they do? Thanks and congrats again! (I saw someone do a boyfriend tag hc, but I don't remember who it was so if it was you, please feel free to ignore this.)

I would never ignore you <3


He is like a stick and doesn´t move at all.

-“Jumin relax”

-“What if my father sees this or one of my workers”

-“I´m almost sure that no one of them is a subscriber of my channel, plus I will blur your face on the thumbnail”

- “The what?”

- “Just trust me!”

- “Alright…”

Ok, know he is a little bit looser.

And OMFG the camera loves him and since is one of those challenges of asking questions and have to tell the other respond like the other person would

Well, Jumin totally nailed that challenge. (He knows you as well as the palm of his hand)

And you didn´t do pretty well but you reward Jumin´s effort off camera

The video went Viral!!!

-“Son! Keep doing those challenges with your girlfriend they are really good publicity!”

And the dad of Jumin like it (+1 subscriber)


You said to him that he will do a “My boyfriend does my voiceover”

-“But Mc! No one will see my face”

-“That´s for another Video!”

- “Tsk ok…”

Zen new all the products and technics

And with that Sexy voice of him, Well…all your subscribers we going crazy and only ask for a face reveal of your boyfriend

Zen was Very happy


You did the “Try to not cry with boyfriend”

At first, seven was like “No pobremo! I´m the man of steal”

But when the sad video started to play, You were the first that cried and then Seven almost cried because you cried.

The first sad video ended and Seven said “And this one” he click on the second sad video that was about two Brothers and an alcoholic mother.

When you saw what was about you pause the video to see Seven crying (A lot).

You took his hand and drag him to the bedroom of Saeran

You two huge Saeran crying

-“WTF Get off of me!”

-“Sorry, brother…”Seven said

-“Jesus! You two are crazy”

Saeran could move for like 1 hour because Seven and you were glued to Him.


Same as Zen “My boyfriend does my voiceover”

Put he was very bad

-“So now I will be putting this creamy thing that looks like a milkshake and oooh no I´m bending it” He yells “That´s How is called MC?”

- “Yes,But don´t get distracted”

- “Oh sorry…Ohhhh!!! now Mc is usin- I mean I´m using aaaa…I know how this is call…Let me think …A SPONGE BOB Ssomething- no that´s not how it´s call”

Total mess



Since the first video was released you two were the most famous couple in the world.

A lot of People came to your coffee just to see you two.

Jaehee didn´t like it at first but now she loves it.

And that made jaehee make her own Chanel and she make tutorials of how to make different coffees

And she reviews differents types of coffee.





Two hours later

-“Ok guys today I will be doing the try not to laugh challenge with my boyfriend! Say Hi Saeran”

-“Yeah Hi”

Saeran didn´t laugh or smile at almost all the video and you were trying so hard

But then a video of a baby hitting himself make Saeran smirk

You didn´t saw it and you laugh after he smirks.

-“Did you laugh?” you question saeran


-“Well, I think I lose…you didn´t smile or smirk?”


-“Well I have to do my punishment of eating wasabi with cinnamon”

And when you were editing YOU SAW IT he smirk before you.

-“S-A-E-R-A-N you little liar”


So sweet and charismatic

You two were telling story about each other

And It was one of the cutest videos every

Almost too sweet for my taste

But it was pretty normal

(I wanted to put you made one of those videos of “Pranking my boyfriend with a positive test” but then I was like: DON´T DO THAT TO BABY V YOU EVIL WITCH)

Special Agent 606, Out.If you want to request here are the rules: HERE/Masterlist: Here



played my sister sign of the times last night.. she’s a singer and knows a bunch about music. She listened through earphones and almost cried at the end.. she said she can’t believe he wrote that himself because it’s so unexpected from what the media makes him out to be. She said it’s so so so good. She said it’s unlike anything on the radio now and the whole arrangement is just a masterpiece. She then asked if it was about his relationship and what he’s been through (she knows about him and Louis from me).. and then she just nodded her head when I explained some stuff and said it was open to interpretation as is a lot of his writing. She said she can hear Bowie and a bit of Queen.. then she pointed at the tv (my dad was playing a Pink Floyd DVD) and said it sounds like that as well but it’s still his own music. It’s not like he’s trying to sound like them, but they’ve influenced the sound. Then she was just staring off into the distance and reading the lyrics and kept singing it over and over again and commenting how good it is. I almost cried.

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have you watched Felix's new video?It's so sad : (

yea’ ofc!  ο(‘・’〃)ο

i’ve been rly touched .We rarely see him serious like this !Glad he took the problem in this way. Explainin’ everythin’ clearly to everyone (not only fans..)

Did he almost cried at the end? 

Now i’ll be waitin’ news for scare pewdiepie 2. even if it’s not on youtube red, i’ll pay with mah freakin’ money anywhere to watch it ! ꉂꉂ ( ˆᴗˆ )