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Family portrait, James and Lily and Severus, and their boy Harry. Auror James, creature barrister Lily, and stay-at-home dad/work from home potioneer Severus, who spends most of his time w Harry. Harry, who has Lily’s eyes and James’ face, but Severus personality. This is the happiest they’ve ever seen Severus and Harry, never seen them so peaceful, brings them to tears.

(Yeah, #13 almost killed me. 6 art in one day, that was such an overreach)

addition: this is a LIE this is the 80s and Lily was gonna have that ridiculous anti-beehive and James was honna have the atrocious monstrosity known as Mullet but i couldn’t do it

Fantasy 1

I’m asked a lot what kind of fantasies I have… I’m going to share on here that way it’s out.
I have a huge love of multiple partners. Something about it turns me on so much. Being the sole focus of multiple men.
In my fantasy…
I come home and you tell me you have a surprise for me. I can tell by the look in your eyes that I’m going to absolutely LOVE it. You tell me to go get comfortable and lay on the bed. I go into our bedroom and put on something pretty for you. You come in with a satin sash and tell me to trust you. Of coarse I trust you. You are my other half. You tie the sash around my eyes and I see nothing. You lay me back on the bed and tell me to relax and enjoy. I’m not going to lie I’m a little nervous because I can’t see I mean who wouldn’t be?? But I trust you so I do as you ask. I think I hear other steps into the room but it’s so quiet on the carpet I can’t tell. The room stays silent but then I feel someone climb onto the bed. You gently touch my face to let me know you are close and kiss me on the lips. The kiss is sweet and tender and exploratory. I’m 100% into this kiss as I feel another person touch my ankle. Now I don’t know who I’m kissing. Is it you or are you touching my ankle?? The hand on my ankle starts to softly touch my skin. As that person is touching the 1st person is kissing my neck and touching my breast. That’s when I hear you on the other side of me whispering in my ear asking if it’s ok to continue? I nod my head yes. As soon as I get the go ahead I feel the hands getting more exploratory. They run higher up my legs with his mouth kissing everywhere his hands have touched. The 1st person goes back to kissing as you start to remove my bra as you do that my panties are also removed. I feel like I’m in sensory overload. I am beyond excited to experience this. I have no clue who is here, I don’t even know if I want to know. As soon as my undergarments are removed all 3 of you get up I can hear you all removing your clothes. When all of you get back on the bed I have no idea who is who anymore and it just amps my excitement. I feel hands and mouths and your hard dicks. I feel a hand on my face it’s turning my face to the side and wanting me to open my mouth to accept him inside my mouth. I feel a mouth at my breast and one on my very sensitive pussy. I am so ready for this! I feel like I can’t breathe!! I mouth latches onto my breast. I am in heaven!! I never want this to end. The person at my pussy works me with expert precision. I cum so quick! The person in my mouth backs up and I feel them lay next to me. I’m silently instructed to straddle his lap. I climb on and I am so ready he slides inside with ease. I feel another hand at my face nudging my mouth open. As soon as I think it can’t get any better I feel hands on my hips from behind positioning me to accept the 3rd and final man in the room. He rubs lube on my hole to lubricate me to accept him. Once he has inserted 2 fingers in my ass he positions himself to enter me. I’m so overwhelmed with sensation the second he bottoms out I cum and I cum hard!! Once everyone finds their rhythm it feels amazing. I have never felt anything this overwhelming before in my life!! Even as I am being used for everyone’s enjoyment I can sense the care that each man is taking with me. It becomes more intense and more fierce and more powerful I can tell everyone is ready to blow. That they need to get off!! I swear we are all so in sync once I start to cum again it triggers each and everyone of you. It feels amazing to have all of us cum at once!! I feel blissful as I float back to reality. I feel worn out. Once everyone has disengaged from my body I lay in our bed beyond satisfied and tired. You whisper in my ear keep the blindfold on I’ll take it off after I walk them out. I hear clothes being gathered and 2 separate kisses on my cheek. No one but you has said anything. I’m assuming it’s so I can’t try to place their voices. After a few minutes I feel the bed dip and you climb in behind me. You roll me to my back and untie the sash. You look at me with such love and tenderness it almost brings tears to my eyes. You kiss me tenderly and wordlessly ask if I’m ok. You know by the way my body responds to yours that I am more then ok with what we just did. As you are holding me close you slip inside and claim me. You let me know that I am yours and that is how it is always going to be…. it is perfect!
There is a go to fantasy of mine…. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoy it.


Instead of greeting her, he starts singing in a surprisingly good voice.

Jamison: ♫You only stay with me in the morning. And you only hold me when I sleep. I was meant to tread the water. Now I’ve gotten in too deep!♬

He’s wearing sunglasses, but even through the glasses…Teresa can see that when he’s not looking down at his guitar, he’s staring right at her…she can’t help but smile. 

Jamison: *continues with more emphases* ♪ For every piece of me that wants you! Umm hmm…Another piece backs away ‘cause you give me something, that makes me scared, alright. This could be nothing, but I’m willing to give it a try! Please give me something…'cause someday I might know my heart!♫

Something about the sincerity in Jamison’s voice almost brings tears to Teresa’s eyes. 

(Song Credits: You Give Me Something [acoustic version] by James Morrison…another favorite of mine)

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I think today is a nice day for compliments! So, I just want to let you know that “The Fisher’s Lure” has made such an impact on me that somehow I became brave enough to start writing myself. I’ve been thinking about it for years, but never had the nerve to do it. You’ve been my inspiration to start, and now you are my inspiration to try to be better at it. In other words, THANK YOU 💕

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to hear this. Writing has been an outlet for me when I’d otherwise just combust, and the thought that someone else might one day find a similar sort of solace because of me is almost enough to bring me to tears.

Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I hope that you find as much joy in writing as I have. 💕

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Hello. I love your blog! If it's not too much trouble how do you think the host club would feel about having an SO that's an artist? One that almost always has paint/marker on her hands, falls asleep in her studio often, and draws them a lot?

Sure! I hope you like it. I’m an artist myself so I had so much fun with this!

Tamaki: “She is always beautiful, but she looks like a goddess when she is in her studio. The way she pinches her eyebrows together in concentration as she holds the pencil up to her sketchbook. And the marks she gets on her face from touching her face with her graphite covered hands. I’m getting chills just thinking about it.”

Kyoya: “I was never one for artwork until she came into my life. I was never one for sitting down next to someone creating someone and observing, trying to figure out how moving their hands could create something so beautiful. She makes me forget about the stress of life for a while and remember that beauty is found in all the little details.”

Honey: “I love sitting there and watching her as she sketches, her hands slowly creating a few lines into a complete masterpiece. Especially when she draws me, the way she sees me comes through the artwork so clearly, it almost always brings me to tears.”

Hikaru: “At first I didn’t understand it. Why she would always come in with paint deep in the crevices of her body, but then, when I held her hand and I felt the pieces of dried up paint, I felt as though I understood. It was a part of her. She always carried it with her, to remind her that she was colorful, inside and out.”

Kaoru: “She fell asleep once, in the middle of a pretty big charcoal piece, and I saw the complete peace on her face, and that was the first moment I realized she was the best thing that has ever happened to me actually. But her hair was everywhere and her face was pressed softly to a blank spot on the large unfinished work. She looked so innocent, and it was beautiful.”

Mori: “I started to like her the day I saw her sitting outside drawing a tree that was in front of her. I didn’t realize at first that she was crying and that’s why she was sketching, but then she started to talk about it as we got closer. And when she draws me, her emotion inside the graphite is so strong, I can feel her love before I even see the drawing.”


Chibs’ imagine based on the song “Tell Her You Belong To Me”, by Beth Hart

[Hi guys. How are you doing?

Well, this is a little personal…I love this song, I can connect with the lyrics and it brings me to tears almost every time…Sorry, let’s get into business…

Enjoy Chibs… I mean, enjoy the imagine. Tell me your opinion. THANKS for reading it! You are amazing!]

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: smut

You were at the clubhouse with Gemma, Lyla and some crow eaters letting everything ready for a party to welcome Filip back. He was finally getting out of the hospital after weeks recovering from an explosion at TM. You were supposed to be there and bring him home, but Fiona was there too. She was his wife, but she had nothing to do there. They had been apart for so long that their relationship had just died. He was still married to her only to protect Fiona from Jimmy, his enemy. You could handle this situation, but her presence there was too much. She appeared to check on him, surprising everyone.

“Tell her to go”, you begged him at the hospital.

“I can’t do that”, he said. You just nodded and went home, staying there until now. He knew you were pissed off and had sent messages to your phone, through Juice, Jax and even Gemma. You ignored all of them. You knew you were being stubborn, but you needed his word and Fiona gone.

          Tell her you’re mine

          That you have been blind

          Tell her it’s over

          And you belong to me

          Tell me to come

          And like hell I will run

          Back into your arms

          Cause you belong to me

The lights were still on in Gemma’s office when you got back at the TM. The sound of your heels echoed on the floor as you made your way to meet the Queen. You were ready to open the door when you heard a familiar voice with a thick accent.

“It’s more complicated than that mom”, Filip said, “Jimmy is in town”.

“What does that mean Chibs?”, Gemma asked.

“It means she is not going, not now”, he said.

It was enough; you had heard all you needed. Fiona wasn’t going and with Jimmy in town Filip would be bound to protect her. He would never be completely yours, she still had a strong hold on him and you were just another girlfriend, a pussy to keep him busy. You entered the clubhouse and looked around.

“She is not here”, you heard. Tig was next to you, whispering in your ear, “She wouldn’t dare, with so many cats protecting their turf”.

“Nice comparison Tiggy”, you laughed, walking with him to the bar.

“Thanks”, he smiled and sat next to you, “He is missing you, you know”.

You rolled your eyes at him and ordered a beer. A few seconds later Filip and Gemma walked in, everybody got up and cheered. The crowd hid you in your corner.

“Aren’t you gonna hug him?”, Tig looked over his shoulder to you.

“No”, you said and turned to the bar again. He shrugged and sat back, ordering shots to both. He started to talk nonsenses with Chuck just to distract you and soon you were really into the conversation, really having fun.

“Can I talk to my girl Tiggy?”, you heard minutes later. You didn’t bother to turn, you knew who was there.

“Yeah”, Tig said and left. Chuck did the same and you had no choice but look at Filip, now in Tig’s place.

“Welcome back”, you said in a cold tone.

“Thank you lass”, he sadly smiled, “Can we talk?”

You looked at him for a few seconds. You bit your lip and hid a satisfied smiled when you saw him swallow. That gesture always had turned him on.

“Sure”, you sarcastically said and got up. You saw Gemma’s eyes following you two in your way to the dorms. You opened the door and entered, turning around to face him, “What do you wanna talk about?”

“Don’t be a smart ass darling”, he walked towards you, “I’m not in the mood right now”.

“I’m not Chibs”, you said.

“It’s Filip, lass”, he reached for your arm, his grip tight around it, “Filip”.

“Let me go”, you hissed at him. He was angry. He hated to hear his nickname from your lips. He liked you to call him only by his name, “Filip”.

“I missed you”, he whispered and leaned for a kiss.

“No”, you pushed him away, escaping from his arms, “You don’t have the right to hold me and kiss me anymore”.

“What are you talking about love?”, he narrowed his eyes.

“Don’t call me love”, you barked, “I know everything. She is staying. Fiona is staying”.

“Shite”, he cursed and rubbed his beard.

“I heard you talking to Gemma”, you looked up, blinking, trying not to cry, “I… I’ve been in that house, alone, all this time Filip. I was waiting for you to call, to tell me she was going… It was too much for me. Sorry, I couldn’t handle”

“It’s not like that lass”, he begged, “Let me explain”.

“Explain what?”, you took a step towards him, “Did I mishear it? Because it is the only way… It’s the only way for you to have me back Filip. Tell me I’m wrong, tell me she is leaving. Take me home and prove it I’m the only one”.

          If you wanna hold me

          If you wanna know me again

          If you wanna love me

          Then take me home

          I’ve been at the bottom

          The deep end of the ocean

          Barely surviving by the dark side of her street

          Tell her you belong to me

He stayed in silence for a second and you took it as your cue to leave. You were opening the door when he hold your arm again.

“I’m going to prove you, love”, he spun you around just to push you against the door. His lips claimed yours, kissing hard enough to hurt.

He lifted you, wrapping your legs around his hips. Your fingers tangled in his hair, making Filip groan in response. You were kissing him back like your life depend on it. You had missed him so much. Your hands grabbed his shirt, popping the bottoms open and his lips moved to your neck.

“Filip”, you whispered his name. Holding you, he walked towards the bed. Gently he put you on the top of it and stop, looking at you.

“You are the only one lass”, he took off your heels and throwing them on the floor. You got up to take off your shirt and bra. Filip tugged your jeans and panties down your legs and opened them for him, “You are my love, don’t you know that?”

His fingers were inside you, his thumb rubbing, pressing your clit and his mouth was over your breast, sucking it. You laid on the bed, your back arching with the pleasure. His teeth grazed a nipple almost making you cry with the sweet pain.

“Please Filip”, you begged, “I need you”.

He ignored and kept torturing you until you climax in his arms. You closed your eyes and heard him took his clothes off. He joined you in the bed and you felt butterfly kisses on your cheeks, nose and mouth.

“Look at me love”, Filip whispered. You opened your y/e/c eyes to meet his and found them full of love and desire for you. He slowly entered you, “Did you miss me?”

He thrust hard inside you, making difficult for you to think and talk. He repeated the question and thrust deeper and harder. How were you supposed to answer with him doing that?

“Answer me”, he hissed and thrusted again, “Did you miss me?”

“Yes!”, you cried out, “I missed you Filip! I missed you!”

He laughed, but didn’t slowed down. Your eyes rolled back on your head and your nails dug on his back, definitely leaving bloody marks. You were close to another orgasm, tightening around him.

“Filip”, you whined, “Please… Oh God!”

“You are mine lass. Never forget that”, he groaned, “Say it”.

“Oh yes!”, he definitely was on a mission that night, never slowing down and assuring his power over you, “I’m yours Filip, only yours”.

You found your release together; Filip rested his body over yours, leaving kisses on your skin. You smiled and patted his shoulder; he laid next to you on the bed.

“Sorry”, you looked at the wounds on his back. They were little red marks made by your nails.

“I’m not”, he turned to look at you. “These are your marks, telling that I’m yours”.

“Are you?”, you couldn’t resist, you let it escape from you lips before you knew what you were saying. You bit you lip and looked down to your legs.

“Yes”, he hold your chin, making you look at him. You couldn’t escape from his eyes, “I talked to Fiona, she is staying away from us. I have a plan for Jimmy and after that I will divorce her, but I need something from you lass”.

“What?”, you asked, still processing his words.

“Your word”, he said, “You word that you will marry me then”.

Your hand covered your lips and you could fell the tears in your eyes. You nodded, crying.

“Say it love”, he smiled, “I need to hear you say. Say you will be mine.”

“Yes Filip, I will marry you”, you leaned to kiss him and whispered on his lips, “I will be yours, my love, I belong to you”.

          She’ll never win

          ‘Cause I’m not giving in

          You are my man

          You belong to me

 Top 10

Rules: Tell us your favorite character from 10 different fandoms and tag around 10 people. Thanks so much @sansastarkthequeen for tagging me. 

Sensei 8:  Lito Rodriguez. He is just so funny, but brave too. And he has grown up so much, since the start of the story. And i am a sucker for characters who at first are a little superficial but change for the better. ( plus the whole: “ A see you villian with your fucking villian mustache” its such an iconic and great moment of TV history.)

One tree Hill: Brooke Davis. She is the first characters i ever loved. Brooke was so interesting, a litte spoiled but insicure. She was captain of the cheerleaders but was always considered a dumb pretty girl, when she was SO much more. 

ASOIAF: Sansa Stark. Sansa THE character i feel more related to. She is so strong minded, and her connection to Winterfell brings me to tears. Also (like almost all my top 10) she has such a great character development. She was a (little) bratty girl and she is turning herself into a more mature woman. 

Glee: Rachel Berry.  I just love a little spoiled queens, who have an heart of gold and just want to be loved and to love. Rachel was just like that. Plus lea michele voice is just so breathtaking.  

Greg Montgomery: Dharma and Greg.  awww he was just like my ideal guy. I had a crush on him when i was a kid. He was so sweet and cute, and NORMAL. ( Sometimes i re watch this show when a need some laughs and i still like him a lot..) 

The white princess: Henry Tudor.  He is problematic, but i have such a soft spot for him. Maybe its because he looks at elisabeth with such wonder in his eyes… I dont know. I am weak when it comes to him. (plus his relationship with elisabeth is how i want jon/sansa to be at the very end. Marriage of duty  with lots of aganist but still lots of babies!) 

Harry Potter: ron weasley. This was hard because i love harry and hermione a lot too but Ron has a special place in my heart, because he was such a good friend, and he is so HUMAN. Harry is the chosen one, hermione is super smart and never has a moment of doubt.  Ron makes mistakes during the series, but his jealousy, his insicurities are so relateble to me. ( I like imperfect characters who try their best!)

Star wars: Anakin Skywalker. Talking about making mistakes, this guy was the  master. Him falling to the dark side and subsequential  redempion arc are just so interesting (he is the central part of 6 movies of the franchise for a reason!).  No other character in this universe can give me more emotions. (plus his romance with Padme is heartbreaking but so beautiful!) 

Friends: Monica Geller. She was such a funny but sweet character, and she was always there for rachel, or ross or any of her friends. Plus she her story about wanting to have a family was so touching. (how she suffered from not being able to have kids…) She was inspirational. 

brooklyn nine nice: Amy Santiago. This show is such a gift, always funny but never offensive. Amy is my favorite because i love how ambition she is, but how awkard too. I like her determination in her work, and how she rocks her nerdy side. 

Thank you so much again for the tag!  I will tag @chiara-mendt  @autymnb @khaty-fan @thenedfur @meacrux  @kellyvela @ae-thumos @raeraet @arcadianambivalence @bisansastarks 


  Imagine: Having dated Theo, who broke up with you after cheating on with Malia, leaving you heart broken. Now as a fight breaks out you sacrifice yourself to save someone else. Only for the biggest shock to come at the end.
Part 2   

 Okay, so this is based kinda based on my imagine right here

    This is kinda has some crossover references to The Vampire Diaries. Also somehow when vampires die, they don’t look the way they do in the show. And gold kills any supernaturals (idfk).

    Anyways, I had this requested, but I didn’t get to everything so I’m planning on a second part.


    Alone. That’s all I can feel right now. It covers the heartbreak from Theo leaving me for Malia; the pain from Stiles now longer talking to me as punishment for trusting Theo. Besides from Scott and Lydia I am utterly alone…

  My phone began going off, wakening me from my moment of self-pity. Scott’s name flashed over the screen.

“Hey Scott. What’s up?” I answered.

“(Y/n) no time for talking. We think we found the Dread Doctors laboratory. We need to go.  Meet us by that place Stiles used to skateboard at,” Scott wasted no time in hurrying through his words.

“I’ll be right there,” I responded grabbing my car keys.

   Driving up to the place I could already feel the eeriness of it, but then again the dark sky and fog probably added to it. Parking I could already see the pack waiting for me.

“So what’s the plan?” I asked walking to them.

Stiles immediately turned his back to me, almost bringing tears to my eyes. How could I have been so stupid to pick some guy I knew back in 4th grade over my best friend?

“(Y/n), (y/n)… Hello,” Liam waved his hand in my faces bringing me out of my thoughts.

Only for me to then notice Malia and Theo standing side by side, way too close for my tastes. No, I have to pay attention; I spoke to myself making me refocus on Scott talking.

“Ok, so Theo, Malia, and I will go this way,” he point in the direction of their path. “Liam, Kira, and Brett will go that way. Stiles, Lydia, (y/n), and Mason will wait here unless you hear me howl. Okay?” Everyone shook their head yes, “Ok then let’s move.”

   As the supernatural half of the group went inside, an awkward silence overtook the outside. After only a few minutes a howl breaks the silence. I took off running inside.

“(Y/n), wait for us!” Lydia yelled to me.

I couldn’t force myself to stop, images of my friend hurt running through my mind. The strong bonds making me willing to do whatever I have to  to keep them safe.

 Following the sounds of fighting I entered the room where they all were; the pack and only 2 of the doctors. I looked around for some sign of the 3rd, wondering if they hand defeated it.

“MALIA! “ Someone screamed.

I turned to catch sight of the 3rd doctor behind her, ready to attack with a knife from their ‘surgeries’ in his hand. I took off being the closest to her, pushing her out of the way… Then I felt it, the sharp blade going into my abdomen.

Yells and fighting clouded my mind as I touched where I had been impaled; bringing my hand out to see it covered in blood. I began to fall to the floor, as someone caught me just before I fully collapsed. I my vision began getting blurry making it hard to see my savior, until I heard his voice.

Bring my close to his chest, looking into my eyes he began, “You’re going to be fine. Kira went to go call 911. It all over, we defeated them. I’m so sorry for the way I’ve been ignoring you.”

I cut him off before he could finish. “Shhh,” I said putting my finger to his lips. “Don’t waste my last few minutes apologizing,” I tried to joke, laughing a little bit before coughing blood out.

Looking around I could still see most off the pack standing around me, but not very clearly.

“Why did you do it, (y/n)?” A voice asked, anger and sadness laced in it. “I would’ve healed. I would’ve been fine.”

Now I could tell who it is; Malia. Despite ending up with my ex-boyfriend, I still wouldn’t let her die. I couldn’t let Stiles (whom she had left for Theo) or Theo go through that pain of losing her. I didn’t matter like she did. As far as anyone knows, besides Lydia, I’m just a tiny human girl who doesn’t make any contributions to the pack.

“Malia, we both know the knife was covered in pure gold, something that would kill any supernatural,” I began, trying to stay in the land of the living as long as possible. “I still care about you Malia and I could never let you die.” Looking up, changing my focus to others, “And I still love Theo and if you make him happy, I can’t put him through the pain of losing you. And I know you still love her Stiles,” I spoke softly looking up at my best friend putting my clammy hand up to hold the side of his face. “And I hurt you enough with placing my loyalty elsewhere; I couldn’t let you hurt more.”

“(Y/n),” Stiles began before I cut him off.

“ And I’m just a human (yeah , right) and I don’t make any contributions to the pack, Malia matters and makes a difference,” I tried making it lighthearted and giving a little laugh, but blood came up again.

I knew this was it; I could feel my time in Beacon Hills coming to a close. Exhaustion taking over my body.

“Lydia don’t forget to…” I tried reminding her of our plan for a situation like this, but I didn’t make it to finishing it.

      Waking up I could feel the heavy florescent light shining from about, making it hard to open my eyes. Before I had regained my sight I could hear distant mumbles, voices that sounded familiar. Slowly sitting up, my eyes becoming accustomed to the light, I moved my legs off the metal table I was previously laying on, now fully sitting. Noticing where I was finally, the vet’s. Moving to stand up I became a mess, falling into the counter, knocking things over.  

“Thank god you’re awake,” Lydia bounded into the room, leaving Deacon in the other space. “Don’t every do that again. I know you’re a vampire and all, but I still felt like I was losing you,” her tone scolding, along with worry.

Now racked with guilt with just putting her through that I thought about the big kicker; telling her she has to keep acting like I died. I really wish I didn’t have to, but I have made a promise to myself when I came to Beacon Hill. I couldn’t go back on that promise, the one where I vowed if I died I would find my brothers, who I have been playing hide and seek with since we became vampires.  

“Lydia, I can’t stay here,” I decided to get it over with.

“WHAT?” her voiced raised, she began screaming. “You can’t leave me; you’re my best friend. If this is about Theo and Malia or Stiles, I’ll find a way to fix it,” tears began rolling down her face, breaking my heart for what I was doing. “Please… You can’t leave me; I can’t be all alone again. I can’t lose someone else.”

Moving in to give her a hug, tears started clouding my vision too. She was so strong, even though she had lost so much, like Allison.

Not letting her go yet I whispered, “You are the strongest person I know. You can make it. You’ll still have me I just won’t be here. I’ve overstayed my welcome.” We began pulling away as I continued to speak, “It’s not safe for you guys or this place for me to stay here this long, supernatural being always bring trouble.”

Now being fully apart, silence took over. I patiently waited for some kind of response.

“Okay, but you have to call me every day, so I know you’re safe. And I’ll need some help knowing what to say to everyone else,” finally agreeing to let me leave.


     A few hours later I was on my way, having picked up some of my things. Following my brothers’ latest tracks, leading me to my hometown…

Mystic Falls.


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thejulietfarciertlove  here  is the first half of your request. This was getting a little long so I had to break it up, but i’ll have the second half out as soon as possible.

So I went last to see Rachel Tucker for my 3rd and unfortunately currently final night (not quite sure how I am going to cope- can you break a CD by playing it too much?) . It was AMAZING! The amount of energy and emotion she puts into all of her performances is phenomenal. Her cover of Waving through a Window always almost brings me to tears and She Used To Be Mine in between For Good and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road last night definitely did. Luckily Castle on a Hill definitely saved me from becoming a complete mess and made me smile soo much before I had to go out and face the world. Also herTina Turner impression is out of this world and I loved the ending on the piano (It makes her seem sooooooooooo tall) Also Falling is an amazing song and literally when I heard the first time I turned to my friend and was like I cannot wait to have it on the album so I can play it as much as I want. Also I was luckily enough that she had another one of my favourite musical theatre performers as her special guest SAMANTHA BARKS. It was great seeing them two of them sing together when it wasn’t a competition. They sung bits of songs from Chicago and For Good together and both were incredible :D

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Man, I love this blog! You have a great sense of humor and style. Just wondering, what are some (or just one) of your favorite architecture period/s?

I try to keep my house love unbiased, as I admire a well-designed house of any style.

I have to say I love mid-century modern (inb4 being accused of hipsterim) because it combines the sleek aesthetics of modernism with the traditional shapes (e.g. the gabled roof in some examples) of “home”. It’s modernism that wasn’t wrapped up in the Corbu-fueled ideas of a house being a “machine for living in” and the abandonment of all ornament, as a political stance.

I love brutalism with all my heart, especially the architecture of Paul Rudolph and Denys Lasdun because they used a cold and industrial material (reinforced concrete) to create not only powerful and dramatic exterior forms, but also interiors that were both warm and sculptural, often womb or cathedral-like. Paul Rudolph’s drawings are incredible.

I have a secret postmodernism boner- especially for Michael Graves and Charles Moore. I own Alessi kitchen stuff. I’m a Memphis-Milano freak. Don’t tell anyone.

I’ve seen every Frank Lloyd Wright house in Oak Park and River Forest and they all almost bring me to tears.

I also have a deep personal love for Victorian houses. I lived in one for two years when I was in college. I find them so charming and visually interesting, despite how kitschy they can sometimes be. The same goes for craftsman-style houses.

Kindred chapter 2

Since this was already finished, why keep you guys waiting any longer? :)

Here is chapter 2, still pretty heavy on the feels I’m afraid, we get to meet Rae’s sister and Tom is proving himself a bit of a stalker 

Fluff and feels, no smut (for now)

Chapter 1


Kindred chapter 2

I hid in my apartment for the next few days, I just came out to go to work, hide behind my desk all day and then go back home, watch tv and go to sleep, I didn’t hear from Wyatt either who was probably busy with work too.

But keeping busy helped me take my mind off Tom, I blocked him from my mind and went back to my life as it was before, or I tried at least.

So this was my Saturday night, X factor on an empty couch, but I really couldn’t be bothered to dress up and go out to meet another uninteresting guy that was only looking for a hot one night stand, or another boring guy that would fall in love with me and want marriage and kids as soon as possible.
I wasn’t sure which of those scared me the most.

I was quite happy being on my own generally, I enjoyed time alone and being free to do whatever I wanted to do without having to consider another person and their needs.
But there were times when it did get a little bit lonely.

As if to answer my thoughts there was a knock on the door, expecting no one else but Wyatt I ignored that I was wearing my comfortable lounge pants and a big sweater and answered the door.

‘Hi sis!’ she said with a big smile.

Clara was my height but her heels were so high I actually had to look up to meet her eyes, she was wearing a short and classy black dress and a little brown jacket, her blonde hair was perfectly cut and just touched her shoulders, her smile reached her gorgeous dark eyes as she leaned in to kiss me on the cheek.

‘Um…hi,’ I smiled, trying to hide my shock at seeing her on my doorstep unexpectedly,’ why are you here?’

‘Can I ask you one more huge favour?’ she said, immediately raising her hands,’ I know, I’m asking a lot but…I just dropped mum and dad off at aunt Jane’s. Rae, they are driving me crazy already, I can’t handle being in the same house with them for more than 1 day let alone more than a week’

Oh no, I could already guess where this was going.

‘Please tell me you have a spare room for your sister’ she begged as she showed me her sweetest smile.

I realised I was still blocking the doorway and not letting her into my apartment and I noticed her small suitcase standing next to her on the ground, she was not here to ask me to let her stay, she was here to stay.

I took a deep sigh, knowing she wouldn’t give up and knowing my sister’s stubbornness, I might as well just let her in right now.

‘Alright, come in’ I said as I stepped aside, adjusting my sweater, seeing her so dressed up made me feel even more like the slob that I was.

She dropped her suitcase in the corner and took a seat on the couch.
‘So how is mum and dad?’ I asked.
‘Ohh they’re great,’ she smiled,’ they can’t wait to go play tourist in London, you need to go see them Rae’

‘I will’ I sighed.
I knew I would have to but it was something I wasn’t looking forward to.

‘Okay so tell me!’ she said with a big enthusiastic smile on her face,’ what do you think? About Tom?’
I tried not to look directly at her as I was trying to think of an acceptable answer.

What did I think about Tom? I think he’s the sexiest most gorgeous thing I’ve seen in years, but that was probably not what she would want to hear about her fiancé.

‘He’s great Clara’ I said, trying to sound as neutral as I possibly could.
‘I know,’ she smiled,’ I feel like the luckiest girl in the world’

I had no doubt that was true.

‘So how is your love life?’ she asked.
I let out a little chuckle.

‘Let’s get you settled into your room’ I said as I stood up and avoided her question.

My love life, well I could be very short about that, it was non-existent.
It’s not that I hadn’t tried, I had been on dates during the past years but most of them just bored me and the others were assholes, so I had just given up on dating for now.

‘Now’ was going on for 2 years, but I didn’t want to complain, as I said I kind of liked my life the way it was, I liked my freedom and I didn’t want to be pinned down, I liked the idea of possibility, my life could still go either way, of course right now it was going nowhere at all…

This month I was a waitress, last month I worked as a receptionist in a hotel, last year I sold tickets in a museum and before that I worked in H&M for a few months.

Being a waitress wasn’t my dream job but I enjoyed it for now, I worked in a small cosy coffee house, close to my flat and I adored my colleague Kym, who only took this job so she could chat up all the single men in the shop.

I was cleaning tables and bringing empty cups to the kitchen that afternoon when I noticed him, his long legs were struggling to fit into the booth and he sat leaned back against the seat studying the menu, wearing a jeans and black shirt.

What is he doing here? There’s a fucking Starbucks on every corner, why would he pick this place?!

I turned the corner and hoped he hadn’t seen me yet, Kym saw my reaction and came closer.
‘Who are we hiding from?’ she asked with an amused look on her face.

‘Can you take my costumer for table 7?’ I asked.
She put her head around the corner to see who was sitting there and looked back at me with a big grin.

‘Damn!’ she said,’ Why wouldn’t you want him?’

‘Can you take him?’ I asked again,’ please?’
‘Oh honey I’ll take him any way he lets me!’ she answered with a wink and she was already on her way to his table.

I leaned back against the wall and let out a sigh of relief, I knew I couldn’t run from him forever but maybe I could at least avoid him for a few days. I took a few dirty plates with me and made my way to the kitchen.

But as I wanted to go through the kitchen door Kym tapped on my shoulder.
‘Sorry darling,’ she said,’ my powers don’t seem to work on him, he wants you’

I walked up to his table hesitantly, seeing a smile appear on his face as soon as he saw me.

‘Hi Rae,’ he said,’ Clara told me you work here and I was in the neighbourhood looking for some good coffee. I believe I’m in the right place, I have to admit I never pictured you for a waitress’

‘It’s temporary,’ I said with a sigh,’ like everything else in my life, what can I get you?’

I realised I sounded distant and cold and gave him a smile, hoping to soften the tone in my voice but I could see that worried look on his face again.
‘I’m sorry,’ I said as I waved it away,’ I’m having a bad day’

‘Why don’t you sit down with me for a bit?’ he suggested,’ it’s calm in here anyway’
I couldn’t find a reason to protest and took a seat in front of him.

‘So how’s your day?’ I asked.
‘I met your mother’ he said, the distorted look of fear on his face immediately put a smile to mine.

‘And does she hate you?’ I asked.
‘Yes!’ he said,’ I was so shocked, I was so nice to her but everything I said just seemed to come out wrong and make her hate me more’
He looked genuinely surprised.

‘Don’t worry, she hates everyone’ I tried to reassure him.
‘I think it’s the whole 5 months is way too soon thing’ he sighed.

‘What did you expect?’ I said,’ you’re marrying her precious daughter’
‘She has 2 precious daughters’ he threw back.
‘Trust me, I’m not the precious one’ I said which put a smile on his face.

‘I think you’re selling yourself short,’ he spoke softly, his eyes were resting on me a little bit too long for comfort, I noticed he did that a lot,’ from where I’m sitting you have everything going for you. You’re smart, funny, independent, … beautiful’

The way his voice dropped with that last word made me shiver and I could feel the blush creeping up on my cheeks as I tried to avoid his eyes.

I shook my head and when I looked up again I found his eyes were still on me and his lips curled, he could have every woman he wanted eating out of his hand with that charming smile.

I looked away and tried to find something else to talk about.

‘I’m also very stubborn, awkward, impatient, according to some a bit of a bitch and usually very hard to impress’ I then said.

‘Usually?’ he asked as he raised his eyebrow.
The amused look on his face made me believe he knew exactly what I was talking about and that he was the exception to my rule, I was not imagining this…was I?

I tried to stir the conversation away from his question by just ignoring it.

‘Yes well, don’t take it personal,’ I said,’ but in my experience most men are assholes Tom’

‘Ouch’ he said as he put his hand on his heart and pretended to be hurt, ‘Well as much as I feel obliged to step in here and defend my fellow assholes, I kind of also feel the need to apologise to you’

Now I was the one raising my eyebrow at him.
‘What for?’ I asked surprised.

‘I’m sorry that you met those guys who made you believe that,’ he continued, his voice was soft and filled with genuine sympathy and it made my heart melt,’ they are the worst of us, and I don’t wish to be associated with any of them if they did anything to upset you or hurt you…so I apologise for being part of the asshole tribe’

I couldn’t hide the smile on my face, it was also all I could muster at this point because my words were suddenly completely gone.
How did he manage to almost bring tears to my eyes and then make me laugh in one sentence?

‘You deserve to meet the best of us Rae’ he added.

‘Well it looks like I already did…’ my voice was barely more than a whisper but I could tell by the way his eyes twitched he had heard me.

We were both quiet for a moment.

‘I’m sorry,’ I then said softly,’ I shouldn’t have called you an asshole, I should go back to work’ 

I couldn’t think of anything more to say and suddenly all I wanted was to be out of this conversation.

‘You’re always running from me’ he said as he shook his head, I tried to urge myself to get up from the booth and out of his presence.

‘Yeah well, I’m a busy girl Tom,’ I said as I got up and looked him right in the eyes, trying my best to look confident and unaffected by his words and charm,’ and I’m needed in the kitchen, I’ll have Kym take your order’

‘See you later Rae’ he smiled.
‘I’m sure you will’ I sighed as I had already turned my back to him.

I tried not to look back at him as I walked away from his table, Kym was waiting for me behind the corner and gave me a big smile.

‘You’ve been holding out on me big time!’ she said,’ spill Rae, who is he?
‘He’s my sisters fiancee’ I sighed.
‘No he’s not!’ she said in complete disbelief,’ He’s not is he? Are you serious?’
I nodded my head.

‘Oh your poor sister’ she said with a little smile.
‘Why would you say that?’ I asked surprised.

‘Because he was totally checking you out the entire time’ she continued.
‘No he was not,’ I said firmly,’ it’s just his way, he’s very friendly’

‘Bullshit,’ she spat out,’ I’ve seen friendly and I’ve seen flirty, and I’ve seen it more than enough to know the difference and trust me, this guy was definitely flirty. I hope your sister knows what’s she’s getting into’
I let out a deep sigh.

‘I’m sure she doesn’t,’ I said,’ can you take his order please? I need some air’

‘Sure darling’ she said as she gave me a sympathetic look and walked back to his table.

I disappeared into the kitchen, determined not to come out again before Tom had left the coffee house, even if I had to hide in here all day.

Calling All Eremika Shippers

Hello! I’m sure many people in the em fandom recognize my url, and know who I am and what I do. Lately, things have been irking me, and I really feel like I need to share with my fellow shippers, because I believe it is important to know. This post isn’t about trying to make everyone feel bad, because that would be solving nothing. However, it is somewhat of a discussion. I do not intend to start drama in any way, shape or form. I also intend for this not to be some dumb fanwank. So please, do not spread ridiculous rumors. I really encourage people to read this, because I think it is important for the sake of this ship. I apologize in advance if this is lengthy.  

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johnlockficrecommendations' favorite authors

Hi all! In celebration of reaching 100 followers, I’m compiling a list of some of my favorite authors. They’re all fantastic and I highly recommend reading everything they’ve ever written, shopping lists included, but I’m including some of my favorite works as well and now this has become a fic rec list whoops.


Without a doubt one of the best authors I’ve ever read. Their prose is nothing short of spectacular and the characterizations are perfect. The Paradox Series takes Sherlock’s “high functioning sociopath” label and runs with it in ways that are often touching, sometimes disturbing, and always, always stunning. It’s truly masterful. Their current WIP, All the Best and Brightest Creatures, is a brilliantly constructed AU in which Sherlock sent Moriarty to jail for murdering Carl Powers. Sherlock is asexual in this fic, and his relationship with John is so well done: I particularly love that his asexuality is not ignored or viewed as a problem to be solved. The cases are brilliant, the characterizations are brilliant, everything is brilliant. Just - read everything they’ve ever written.


Chryse is another brilliant author. They’ve written everything from short smutty fics to epic works, and all of it is amazing. My personal favorite is A River Without Banks. I swear, this is one of the best stories I have ever and will ever read. Sherlock lives through multiple versions of his own timestream - some of them heartbreaking, others lighter and happier. I honestly can’t recommend this fic enough. The worldbuilding is intricate, the storytelling masterful, and the writing incredible. It’s angsty, fluffy, heartwarming, heartwrenching, hilarious, tender: everything you’ve ever wanted in a story and then some. Note: this fic has a happy ending, but heed the tags for some portions (warnings are given in advance). Other fantastic fics are The Ground Beneath Your Feet, The Frost Is All Over, and A Waste of Breath.


This author is uniquely brilliant. Their writing is fantastic and the characterizations are nothing short of perfect. I have made it my personal mission in life to recommend White Tulip to everyone. You know those people who hand out bibles on street corners? That’s what I want to do with this fic - print out a thousand copies and tell everyone that they absolutely have to read this. This story is stunning. Told during TSOT, Sherlock is quietly self-destructing while John and Mary plan their wedding. The prose is gorgeous and the metaphors almost bring me to tears. This fic fully embodies Sherlock and John’s voices in a way that very few do. It’s stunning and gorgeous and perfect and, at least to my mind, nothing short of a masterpiece. This story deals with heavy topics - among them drug use, PTSD, and suicidal ideation - so heed the tags carefully. The worst part is that it doesn’t really have a happy ending - it truly is a “wreck-it-more” fic - but if you’re looking for unbelievable angst and perfect characterization with a dash of graphic drug use, this is for you. Seriously, withoutawish is incredibly talented. Other great fics from them are Our Enthusiasms Which Cannot Always Be Explained and The River Variations.


@consultingcaitlin is absolutely one of my favorite authors in fandom. Her characterizations of John and Sherlock are perfect - they’re so human, they always feel real. The fantastic plots and scorchingly hot sex scenes weave together to create brilliant stories. Her WIP and your very flesh shall be a great poem is personally one of my favorite fics - John and Sherlock chase after Mary when she flees to America. I can’t recommend it enough. She also wrote the classic The Moonlight and the Frost, a gorgeous post-season 3 fic where Sherlock and John come together that incorporates angst and love and a fantastic case. And if you say the word, I could stay with you is a wonderful proposal story: so touching and sweet and lovely (it will also make you want coq au vin, which is never a bad thing). The Boundaries of an Event Horizon is one of the best darker fics I’ve ever read. It starkly portrays an all-too-realistic future in which neither John nor Sherlock cope well, but they heal so tenderly (note: this is another one to heed the tags on, abuse is a key plot point). And I could never leave out Somatic Theory, a series in which John and Sherlock’s relationship evolves to incorporate BDSM. So unbelievably hot. I love smut best when it furthers character development or reveals more about the characters, and this definitely does. Seriously, read everything this author has written. Everything.


@earlgreytea68 is a classic Sherlock author for good reason. Nature and Nurture, the most-kudos’d work in the Sherlock fandom, is a fantastic story in which Sherlock is accidentally cloned and John and Sherlock raise the baby together. It’s full of domesticity and wonderful fluffy goodness, and I absolutely adore it. Sherlock’s backstory is heartbreaking but perfect, the baby is wonderful (honestly, he’s exactly what Sherlock would have been like as a child), and there’s even a bit of Mystrade. Speaking of Mystrade, Scotch is a brilliant collection of stories that depict Mycroft and Lestrade’s relationship after Sherlock’s suicide. I never expected to fall in love with the pairing, but this series accomplished that. Saving Sherlock Holmes is my favorite teenlock story - I love John and Sherlock and how they came together, but I also love the portrayal of Mycroft. I’m a huge sucker for protective Mycroft. Other favorites include Keep the Car Running (an Inception crossover), The Adventures of a Single Girl in London (Plus a Consulting Detective) (told from Janine’s POV and wonderfully hilarious, read it!), the Letters series (Sherlock writes letters to John while he’s away), and John Watson’s Twelve Days of Christmas (fake relationship; fantastic). Seriously though, read all of their works!


This author’s writing is astoundingly good, and their stories even better. Ever wondered what fem!Lestrade would be like? Wonder no more, as Lestrade is genderswapped in The Least of All Possible Mistakes (spoiler: she is amazing). It’s an epic Mystrade fic that shows seasons one and two through Lestrade’s eyes, and it’s fantastic. The melodrama of the show is balanced out with the smaller but no less important moments that make up most of our lives, and the humor is perfect - I find myself laughing out loud every time I read this story. I adore it. Honestly, even if Mystrade/genderswap doesn’t sound like your usual thing, this is still one that I highly recommend. They also wrote Homemaking, a wonderful pre-slash story between John and Sherlock as they’re still learning how to fit together. Also, if you’re a fan of other fandoms, check them out - they’ve written for dozens of other fandoms including Harry Potter, Inception, and Stargate Atlantis.


@watsonshoneybee writes such wonderful fics - warm and kind and lovely and real, even when they’re angsty. I first fell in love with her Christmas series a good old-fashioned happy ending, in which Sherlock plans to propose to John during Christmas. It’s indescribably lovely and will absolutely leave a smile on your face. if nobody speaks of remarkable things is heartwrenching - check the tags before reading - but ultimately has a happy ending. It’s AU-ish in that Magnusson doesn’t exist, and deals heavily with the aftermath of miscarriage. It’s angsty at times but with a lot of hurt/comfort, and the relationship between Sherlock and John is lovely. My other favorites are the safety in the spaces of your mouth, all things warm and tender, for all that bitter delights will sour, and carrying up his morning tea but absolutely everything by her is wonderful, so go read it!


This author is unbelievably fantastic at worldbuilding. Their stories are wonderfully detailed and plot-heavy with brilliant cases and spectacular characterizations. The Gilded Cage is a brilliantly constructed, epic 300k A/B/O fic that tackles the often-problematic gender roles in the Omegaverse. It is both a fantastic societal critique and a wonderful case fic. John and Sherlock are both so in character, and there’s great smut without the consent issues typical of the Omegaverse. Another classic is Midnight Blue Serenity, which is a fantastic case fic in which John and Sherlock go undercover at a club to catch a serial killer. The buildup is wonderfully tense and the case is so well done. Even if you don’t love case fics, this is one to try. My heart was stolen by the Cat Among the Pigeons series, which skirts a lovely line between not-quite-platonic and pre-slash. It’s warm and fluffy and lovely, and the premise - Sherlock has a genetic variant in that he resembles a cat - is fascinating. Other wonderful fics: Electric Pink Hand Grenade, Bloody But Unbowed, and The Stars Move Still.

Note: Going through this list again, I find myself so in awe of the fantastic creations that have come out of this fandom. This list encapsulates only a small fraction of that talent, and so I just wanted to say this - if you’ve written a fic, or made fan art, or created anything, you are amazing, and thank you.

We sit there on the sofa. Watching whatever. You notice me staring off slightly to the side. I’ve been quiet for a while, which is very unusual for me. After all, I think I’m hilarious, so I never shut up. I’m wrong, so I should. But regardless, I don’t. So the fact that the air has been devoid of my unfunny ramblings is slightly unsetlling. You’ve almost gotten used to it by this point. If there’s an opporunity for one of my more obvious jokes while we’re watching something, you almost roll your eyes preemptively, waiting for it to occur. Still laughing when it does though. You’re worried. You know how much I tend to overthink. If I’m quiet on the outside, that usually means my head is a maelstrom of unhelpful thoughts.
You nudge me asking if I’m worried about something. I smile and brush it off. You know me well enough to see through it pretty quickly and press me into talking. I tell you that I’m just insecure. Things are changing and I’m scared. I chuckle at how childish this is. Holding my hand you tell me to look at you. Raising my head to yours, I see the confidence in your eyes. The determination. You say that you’re here and you’re not going anywhere with such assurance it makes me want to believe you. Feeling the fingers pressing tightly into my own, I listen to you tell me about how we’re going to get through this like we always do. I nod slightly. It’s not through distrust, but fear, that the doubts escalate. My head likes to play its tricks.
Through a sigh, I tell you my worries. The fear of change. The fear of being forgotten and left. The fear of not being enough. Or watching people move on without me. All grounded in experience. All so crippling it almost brings me to tears to just recount them. You’ve heard these before. In bits and pieces, but never so frequent and emphasised as now. After I fall silent, I feel your arms wrap around me. My head pressed into your shoulder, I hug back. Weakly at first, but then my embrace tightening as if you’re the only real thing in the world. Placing your hands on my cheeks, you arch my head up to look at you to ensure your words are heard. Stroking my face softly with your thumbs, you tell me you’re not going anywhere. That you’ll always be here with me. That you’ll try so hard to make me realise that, for as long as it takes.
Rising from the sofa, you off-handedly mention how ticklish you’re suddenly feeling. Trying to let you know you don’t have to do this just to make me feel better, I look away. You grab my face again, a little more aggressively this time. A smile on your face, and a teasing tone in your voice, I crack a small grin as you remind me that I’m the only one you want tickling you. That’s all it takes to cheer me up sometimes. You almost laugh at how easy it is to make me chuckle when it comes to this stuff. Leading me off the sofa, you keep talking about how you need me to tickle you right now. How much you just want to feel my skin against yours. How much you just want to show me that you care, and that this is a way you feel I’ll believe right now. Allowing myself to be led, my demeanour slowly changes to that of a semi-serious torturer. I say semi-serious because I’ve started cracking jokes again. Terrible, terrible jokes. The rest of the night is filled with laughter from every source imaginable. Lying there afterwards, I hold you close and whisper gratitudes and tell you all the ways I feel. The appreciation and care I feel for you. All the best things that can only be said in this situation.
My world is ever-changing. But you were always here. In whatever fashion I needed you. Just because I was me. And that was enough for you.

The scene becomes blurry as it starts to fade.

And then I wake up.


Just going to rant about clothes for a minute here

I can finally put into words why I hate clothes shopping so much: it’s hard to find clothes when you’re nonbinary! I’ve always hated shopping and now it makes sense. I can never find what I’m looking for. Shopping online is such a pain unless it’s for something simple like tshirts that all run about the same size/shape. For anything else, I have to try it on. And this is frustrating as hell. Not only do I have to move between two or three different departments, but whatever I take from the men’s section, I have to try on in the women’s section- so if I need to try a different size, I have to make sure my husband is there to run across the store for me to save time. I’m certainly not comfortable using a men’s dressing room. :-/

So then I finally have clothes in hand that I kind of like, but then I’m left grimacing again. I’m short and petite, so a lot of the men’s clothes (which I prefer since I love tshirts and cargo pants/shorts) are too loose or too long. I prefer this to the junior’s clothes, though, which technically fit me best, but are almost always stretchy, clingy, revealing fabrics. Ugh. Once in a blue moon I can find something like knee-length cargo shorts in the junior’s department, but these are few and far between. The women’s department doesn’t fit me much better than the men’s clothing does (also generally too large and ill-fitting) and I’ve always found women’s department clothes to be too frumpy and old looking. The petite section is usually pretty much nonexistent and still not the style I’m looking for.

So I spend two hours trying to find cargo shorts (luckily I snagged a few that fit pretty well!), tank tops (no luck- men’s are too loose/large, women’s are ugly, junior’s are clingy and gross), swim trunks (bingo! The first pair I tried on fit great and were a cute teal and blue pattern), and a tankini bathing suit top (eh, I found one that kinda works, but my ribcage is wide in proportion to my torso length and chest size so it’s looser than I’d like in the chest). Two hours for six articles of clothing. Ugh.

And all the while I’m left wondering: WHY can’t they make more cotton, unisex-type clothes in women’s shape/sizes? Men’s clothes are so simple and comfortable! So much of the junior’s/women’s clothes are clingy, stretchy, nylon-type fabrics. Why? Why can’t something in my size be a looser, comfortable pair of shorts with pockets? Why can’t something in my size be a simple cotton tank top, not weird fabrics and strange cuts, usually with low necklines or tight designs? I get so frustrated that it brings me almost to the point of tears. But I’ve acquired shorts and a bathing suit that I needed, so I guess the frustration was worth it. Right? Anyway, this turned into a rant, so I’ll just leave off here. Or delete this later. Who knows?