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What would love be like with each character? Please include my dearest trio and if you can... Rika. I want to know what love with each character feels like on a Sunday morning and after a fight, you know these characters so well I hope it made sense! (do I have to be anon?)

This is my longest headcanon ever (4k words) so it’s going under the cut.  I added everyone so hopefully it lives up to your expectations, but heavy spoilers! And no, you don’t have to be anon!

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Something I'd like to know: how would things go down after s/o caught Joot calling his loving mother a bitch?

Everyone who meets Holly tends to love her - she’s bubbly and outgoing, a smile on her lips for everyone, laughing and fawning over her son. She’s almost immediately fawning over Jotaro’s brand new s/o, too, whispering that she never thought Jotaro would bring anyone home and she was losing hope of ever being a mother in law, pulling out baby photos and pictures from his childhood and gushing about how adorable he was and what a good boy he is– Jotaro is clearly growing more and more uncomfortable, but s/o is loving it. 
Eventually, Jotaro reaches his breaking point as she brings out the ubiquitous Bath Photographs and snaps out something very rude to poor Holly - who, of course, laughs it off. Jotaro’s s/o, though, is absolutely horrified. 
“Th-that’s not very nice!” They sputter out to him. “Jotaro! She’s your mother!”
Jotaro gives his s/o that level gaze he’s so good at. 
It takes a lot more shocked outburst from his s/o, a long story and a telling off of Jotaro that ends in his s/o telling him he ought to respect women and s/o warning Jotaro that if he ever calls them that he’s going to be kicked to the curb, but eventually Jotaro gets the message. Holly thinks she might marry them instead. 

Advice to New Interns: Guide to Getting Along With Other Residents
  1. If you call upper level residents “doctor So and So,” they will secretly laugh at you. You are not a med student anymore. Call them by their first names. 

  2. Don’t compete with your fellow interns. You’re stuck with them for the next 3-5 years. Make it as pleasant as possible.
  3. Give help, get help. If a fellow intern is struggling to get something done one day, help out. One day it will be you, and hopefully they’ll return the favor. 

  4. Though they may act like it at times, your upper level residents do not know it all. If what they tell you sounds weird, ask for an explanation. And then look it up to confirm. We get stuff wrong too, and brand new backups are almost as scared as brand new interns. 


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