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In you I see everything I love. I hear my favorite songs in your laugh and smell my favorite flowers on your skin. When I look in your eyes I see the river I skipped stones on as a child and when we kiss it feels like the first I picked up an instrument. Most importantly in you I see the thing I love more than anything. You.
—  /Oliver

A teenage girl just feel out of the widow and crashed on his taxi. Someone else would think “What is happening?!” or “Is she alright?” (by the way, we know she is) or “Oh my God I almost died!”. Wintergreen thinks “I leave Slade alone for five minutes….”

Deathstroke #15 is an interesting one to unravel. First, let’s focus on Tanya Spears, Power Girl. I just love how this issue opens on her and Doctor Villain (who, for those who don’t remember, is a completely normal doctor with an unfortunate name who happens to be Slade’s personal doctor) discussing Slade’s condition. They drop so many medical terms and have a conversation like equals and two professionals and Villain is actually impressed by a 16-years old  being so smart. She even read his almost 1000-pages long book on a train. And I freaking love this scene and really enjoy how Christopher Priest writes Power Girl as a young girl, who remains truly a teenager at heart, while being a genius and an accomplished person members of the congress feel honored to have on their parties. She is an amazing haracter, if a bit naïve in that “Reed Richards can invent anything but doesn’t get people” manner, considering how easily she assumed Slade is some sort of superhero. This would be extremely stupid if it wasn’t for the fact that we know Deathstroke’s identity is secret (he outright sued people trying to prove Slade Wilson and Deathstroke are the same people after all) and she and her incarnation of Titans never interacted with the guy. And her optimism and good nature really make a great contrast with Slade’s cynicism.

Of course, this makes Slade being a colossal douchebag for preying on her trust and pretending to be a superhero until he can figure out what to do with his blindness. But then again, this is Slade, calling him a colossal douchebag is an understatement. Although you have to admire a bit of self-awareness in that here we have an old guy manipulating teenage girl for his own gain….and he chooses his superhero name to be Twilight.

One thing I’m torn on are the glasses that Tanya gives Slade, that supposedly gather information around him and take her directly into his brain. You know how I feel about Disability Superpowers and I need to question what’s the point taking Slade’s sight away if you’ll give it back to him this way. But in this case my opinion seems a bit improved by two facts – one that this does seem similar but more advanced take on technology that has been experimented on for at least a decade (I mean here is a video of a camera sending people image through the tongue from 2007) and I like the idea Tanya is trying to make some new breakdowns in that field. And two, that I have a hard time trying to form a serious complaint about development making disabled people less likely to emphasize with an unlikeable bastard of Slade’s caliber. Don’t get me wrong, if someone with sight disability of any kind was hoping to be able to emphasize with Deathstroke, they have full right to be upset. But myself I’d first have to be able to forget he planted a hit on his daughter and slept with his son’s girlfriend.

Speaking of which, we have some more developments on that field. Joe tries to save dying Dr. Ikon but is too late…unless Doctor Villain has anything to say about it. I mean, maybe I was wrong about him being so normal if he thinks he can bring a dead man back to life using SCIENCE. Meanwhile Rose sees visions of what I guess is Joey’s girlfriend being killed (which, considering she is on another continent, kinda clashes with Doctor Villain’s theory on how her powers work), which solicits showed us is going to happen. This prompt Rose to go back to the USA and try to stop it.

By the way, I need to ask something regarding Jericho. Is he actually out of the closet and trying to go back, or keeps his homosexuality as a secret? Because on the one had people around him keep acting like they don’t know, except one line in this issue that could be read as Rose alluding to it. And I don’t really know much of his history in New 52 except he was at some point evil, then he wasn’t, then he was a kid and New 52 Deathstroke was a trainwreck on top of a trainwreck. Had he ever actually came out in post-Flashopint continuity?

theatre songs that could resurrect me

• the bitch of living

• ring of keys

• blackout

• schuyler sisters

• la vie boheme

• bad idea

• defying gravity

• tomorrow is a latter day

• king of new york

• this world will remember us

• no one else

• one day more

• into the woods prologue

• all that jazz

• gimme gimme

• naughty

I’m sick of boys who pretend they care.
Who lift you up to the clouds
only to let you fall to the ground a moment later.
Boys who kiss your forehead
and promise everything will be okay.
Boys who make you open up
and show every one of your flaws,
only to wish you hadn’t.

I’m sick of boys who use me.
Who grab at my waist
until it grabs my friend’s attention.
Boys who bite my neck
when the girl he used to love walks by.
Who fill my every crack with love and passion
but only until ‘she’ realises what she’s missing.

I’m sick of boys who confuse me.
Who tell me they’re in love
but flirts with every other girl.
Boys who hold my hand one day
and walk past me another.
Who bring light into my life
but also with darkness and pain.

I’m sick of boys who make me feel like my heart is breaking. Who’s name makes me shiver
but also makes me hurt.
Boys who make me wish I could be someone else,
just to make them happy.
Who destroy my whole world,
but don’t even seen to notice.

—  Late night confessions in my mind.

I drew this as a print for SLO in Beijing (although I can’t be there *SADFACE*). Merry Christmas!

i kept seeing this idea in several fanfics and it just stuck with me: that Bucky has always been a big nerd for anything sci-fi. there are stacks of books on his nightstand and more crammed in the shelves of their apartment, asimov, frank herbert, douglas adams and so on and he always carries a beaten up paperback with him to read in between briefings

Everything new was uncomfortable until you got used to it.
—  Lucy Saxon, The Almost King

“I felt all the ways in which this world seemed so, so enormous–the height of the trees, the hush and tick of the forest, the shift of the sunlight and shadows–but also so, so removed.”

the miseducation of cameron post - emily m danforth

  • Dad: Can't you just name the dog something normal?
  • Me: Like what?
  • Dad: I don't know. Like Cooper.
  • Me: Only if his first name can be Special Agent Alice.
  • Mom: What does that even mean?
  • Me: It means he's a federal agent disguised as a rock star disguised as a dog, Diane.
  • Dad: ...what?