almost beer time

My Performance Review (for real)

So, it went pretty well.  

Actually, it might have been one of the best reviews I’ve had in years.  

I was touched and grateful for my boss’ comments, and the feedback from my coworkers (which is included in my department performance reviews).

This is a win for me.

Of note:  My boss commended me for my adaptability, and for my willingness to make changes based on feedback almost immediately.  Others, my boss said, follow a path more of initial denial and resistance, arguing why their approach was correct, and that change wasn’t needed.  Then, ultimately, they would change.  "If I make a recommendation for change or improvement in your evaluation, I can always count on you implementing that change or working towards it immediately.  I really appreciate that.“  

When you believe that you’re always on the brink of screwing up, if someone offers you a suggestion in ways to keep from screwing up, you jump right on it.  

If I feel like I’m usually wrong, when someone tells me how I could be less wrong, I’ll implement it right away.

I’m really happy right now.  And actually, my 3pm conference call just canceled.  I’m going to head home and take my last two calls of the evening from my couch.

Good luck everyone else.