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Name: Trystan
Nickname: Some weird ones, but none really stick. Good. :)
Gender: Male
Star Sign: Cancer
Height: 6′1″
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw, no doubts.
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Animal: Lemurians
Current Time: 23:09
Cats or Dogs: Dogs, but I still love cats.
Favorite Fictional Character: Maybe Heather from Silent Hill 3?
Number of Blankets I Sleep Under: Two
Favorite Singer/Band: Too much, but lately King Krule
Dream Trip: The kitchen
Dream Job: Maybe video games? Hard to tell.
When This Blog Hit Its Peak: That one post about Bromance that got almost 50000 notes. That’s… pretty much it.
Why Did You Decide to Make a Tumblr: To follow all the artists I liked that fled DeviantArt.
Why Did I Pick My URL: It’s based on one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite shows.

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One day I’m going to wake up to the sound of coffee brewing and the scent of bacon, eggs and toast. I’m going to wake up to the love of my life making breakfast in the kitchen as he calls out to me, “good morning gorgeous, breakfast is almost ready.” I’m going to wake up in my pjs, hair messed up, and a bare face yet he will still call me “beautiful”. I’m going to wake up to this person who will give me so many good morning kisses I won’t even be able to count how many. I’m going to wake up to this amazing person one day and realize… “hey, I guess life isn’t so bad afterall..” and will love this person with all my heart and never let him go.

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12, 15, & 16 for the kiss hc thing please!? With Reddie! Your writing is so good, I love it!!!!

Eddie Kasbrak doesn’t often sleep alone, almost every night the sound of small rocks bouncing off his window is followed by the quiet entrance of Richie who crawls into bed, pushes himself into Eddie’s space, and then falls asleep. Tonight, however, Eddie’s window remains untapped, his space uninvaded, his bed empty. He frowned into the dark, turning the day over in his mind, Richie hadn’t said anything about not coming tonight, he was sure. Eddie blew out a puff of air and got out of bed, he wrapped his arms around himself and walked towards the window. The rain was making a clear view of the street next to impossible. Eddie began to turn back into his bed, Richie probably just didn’t want to get soaked, hypothermia is a real risk in this weather, plus the risk of catching a cold combined with the-
Eddie’s thoughts were interrupted by the tinny sound of a rock bouncing off his window pane. He span quickly, automatically reaching out to undo the clasps on his window. Richie appears after a moment, predictably soaked and visably shaking. Eddie pulls a towel out of his drawer and pulls it around Richie’s shoulders, gently pulling him further into the room.
“I didn’t think you were coming” Eddie mumbled, “I’ll get you some dry clothes, just hang on a sec”. Eddie disappears for a moment, rummages through his drawers and reappears holding a set of clean pyjamas. He holds them out to Richie, who is being uncharacteristically quiet, but Richie makes no effort to take them. Eddie frowns and takes a step forward, realising that the dampness on Richie’s face is not entirely the fault of the rain. Eddie presses a soft kiss to Richie’s cheek and begins to pull off his wet clothes, replacing them with the dry, clean ones he was holding. He guides the still silent Richie to his bed and climbs in, pulling Richie along with him.
“What do you need love?” Eddie asks quietly.
“Kiss me” Richie mumbles back, his voice is distant and hoarse. It’s the voice that makes Eddie want to never that Richie go back to that house, to those parents. He leans down and kisses Richie, soft, slow and full of as much love as he can manage. Sometimes Richie just needs to know that someone loves him, and Eddie is more than happy to oblige.

- The first time Richie tells Eddie he loves him they are sat on the field watching Bev play hockey

- Richie is watching Eddie read a book, his lips gently moving with the words on the page

- Richie leans over and kisses Eddie, expecting a grumble about how he’s trying to read

- But Eddie closes his book and turns into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Richie’s neck

- They separate, foreheads resting together, noses bumping gently

- “I love you Eds, you know that right?”

- Eddie is so enamoured by the complete adoration in Richie’s voice that he closes the gap between them, kissing Richie with every ounce of strength he has

- Richie is taken aback by Eddie’s sudden force and toppled backwards, landing flat in the grass

- Eddie is right there almost immediately

- “Of course I know, I love you too”

- By half time Bev is considering spraying them down with a hose

- Eddie is thinking about maths

- When Eddie thinks about maths his brow furrows, his eyes pinch up and his expression becomes one of distain

- Eddie can do maths, but he doesn’t like it

- Richie likes maths

- Richie likes the way Eddie’s face gets all scrunched up as he tries to remember how to do his algebra homework

- Richie especially enjoys distracting Eddie from his work

- It starts slowly, a sideways peck on the cheek here, a small shoulder kiss there
- As the frequency increases Eddie gets more and more distracted

- Eddie mumbles about trying to his algebra through the increasing onslaught of tiny kisses


- Cue a smack with a pillow

- Eddie decides that his homework can wait and returns the favour

I assigned homework for the first time today because my 4th graders kept goofing off and ignoring me, and one kid goes “I can’t do homework” and “I’m allergic to writing”so I said “can’t or won’t?” and he looked me dead in the eye and said “you can’t make me, and I will not do it.” and all the other kids followed suit.

Not gonna lie, I almost teared up because I was so frustrated and speechless because I have never met someone so defiant. I have no idea what to do.

The assignment was just “write a 6 sentence summary, connection, or prediction about what you read today.” I didn’t think it was asking too much, and they could have easily finished it during group. :/

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I just wanted to drop in and thank you for not bashing Severus. He's my fave, and it gets me so prickled to see so many loud people yelling about how irredeemable he was. Have a nice day!

Not at all dear! 

While not all of our mods love Snape, not all of us hate him either, and we don’t like to only post one opinion. We always post 2 or more to make sure the conversation is even, because balance is key to a good debate. 

I‘m rather lucky, people don’t tend to bash my faves, Neville, Newt and Cedric, but the Snape hate is real. But really, you’re most welcome, and thank you! You too!

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-Hufflepuff Mod Star

I’m not even sorry about the GIF I chose, it’s almost Christmas and Mean Girls Day was 2 weeks ago shush

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that update was so Good!!!!!!! god I love Johnny ranting about Daken and eating bagels with his bestie Bobbo and coming out to him too. Good Shit 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

the true tragedy in at frost glance is that no one has fed boddy yet and hes been taken out to eat almost every chapter

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kara calling his mom 'mommy' is literally one of my favorite things, its so cute!! i like to think that matsuyo secretly likes being called that bc it reminds her that while her sons are grown up, they're still her little babies. <3 (and let kara call his father 'daddy' without it being weird!!! its also cute!! why are people like this)

“You know what’s cool? Loving your parents”

It definitely seems like Oso can get away with being a big baby to win over his parents, but the others?? It’s hard to tell xD Me personally I’d LOVE to see the boys doing fun things with their parents~ Give me those good wholesome family feels.

For me, Kara finally saying “daddy” almost had me in tears xD so precious! Matsus with their mother is one thing but if Ep4 gives us Matsus being cute with their dad I think I will combust on the spot.

based off of this vine


Sometimes a Family is One Daughter and Her Eight Dads

“You told me not to make a big deal but you seem to have forgotten that my entire mission in life is to make a big deal out of your accomplishments. So consider this your graduation party. Surprise!”

“Dad, everyone’s here!”

“Well yeah, everyone wanted to come and support you.”

“Is that… a mac and cheese… bar?”

“Sure is. Fully customizable, down to the type of mac. And there’s an ice cream cake. The good kind with the crunchies in the middle.”

“I… don’t know what to say.”

“Don’t say anything. Just go have fun with your pals, alright? I’m so proud of you, Amanda.”

A Deal With The Devil

Story by reddit user CommanderSection

The deal was simple; we’d get to ask him a couple of questions and he got to ask us a couple of questions. A bit odd if you ask me. What could The Devil possibly want to know from us? I couldn’t tell you.

“Is heaven real?” I asked.

“Yes,” he replied, his voice like dying embers in a fireplace, “and so is hell.”

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I want you to know that I was looking at this picture for a good solid 15 minutes bc of the jawline, neck and collarbone forming a ‘Z’ backwards.

Or an ’S’ for Supergirl bc I love foreshadowing

Beginners guide for wlw mangas/manhwas

1. Tamen De Gushi (Ongoing)

Okay. Listen. This manhwa is for yall out there who just want a chill, innocent, non complicated, 50/50 fluff-to-humor ratio story. Blonde and Brunette. And listen, listen, listen… This is DIABETES worth sugar. The art style is really good too. It’s simple but somewhat sophisticated. So far it has 139 short chapters (about 12 pages per chapter). There’s a linear story to it, but it sometimes drifts to a completely different timeline. It updates about once a month, or sometimes once every two months. 11/12

2. Fluttering/Exciting Feelings (Ongoing/Currently in Hiatus due to Author’s health)

Before I even start with this, I got major Korrasami vibes out of it ho ly shit. Anyway, this manhwa is currently at chapter 68, and sad to say that the author may never continue the story again due to cancer and several other reasons. But I am still adding this manhwa to the list because it’s sooo good. It’s not as fluffy and humorous as Tamen De Gushi because later in the story, No-rae (brown hair) brings in some drama while Seol-a has drama of her own kind. The art is simple but it’s great enough to look amazing. Still though, the manhwa is great, but sadly… it might be discontinued :(. 10/12

3. Citrus [Saburouta] (Ongoing)

I like this manga. I like it a lot. The art is good anatomy wise, but sometimes it gets too…. much….. Here’s a note, though: These two are step sisters. Yes. You heard me right. There are a lot of love triangles, a lot of drama, a lot of “Im-gonna-kiss-her-wait-no-nvm” moments, but there are a lot of WELL-DRAWN kiss scenes and semi-sexual things. There is almost no story line? Well, there is, but it’s your typical high school plot. It barely updates, and it currently has 30 chapters. Probably updates once every two months. 8.5/12

4.  Yagate Kimi Ni Naru (Ongoing)

Yo, listen. This one is ……. VERY complicated. If you are planning on reading this story, I need you to know that this is as basic as I can put it: Nanami hates herself and doesn’t want her partner Yuu to fall in love with her, while Yuu is someone who can’t fall in love with someone. The art is simple but good god it’s really good *o*. It has fluff, but for every fluff there will always be some sort of angst right after or before it. There is certainly a plot line on this but it doesn’t focus too much on the plot. Characters are great and they have a personality of their own. Despite the “Im not in love” thing that is going on in this manga, there are many, many, cute parts. It updates about once every month or every two months. 10.5/12

5. The Love Doctor (Ongoing)

(PS: this image is misleading btw but it was too fucking cute) I. freaking. love. this. manhwa. so. much. Now, this has many, many fluff moments but it also has its bulk of angst and drama. Love(ish) triangles, dark past from both parties, and there IS an age gap between the two but I forgot how many years. Still though!!! It is worth a read! The art style is cute and light and adorable, but sometimes the emotions can start looking the same in each panel (especially for one of the characters). Updates, I believe, every month. 11/12

6. Pulse [Ratana Satis] (Ongoing)

Look at this art. Look at it. Isn’t it cute? Well, if you’re here for cute shit turn the fuck away cus this IS indeed cute, buuuuuut it also has sex scenes. There is also fluff and drama, and as you can see, one of them is a doctor. The art style is pretty well done and really sophisticated. I can’t remember if there’s an age gap? I’m pretty sure there is? Anyway!!! There’s a story, yes, and also a shitty ex that no one should like but everyone feels sorry for (for good reasons of course). 12/12

7. Magan & Danai / Magan he Danai (Ongoing)

This one reminds me of Tamen De Gushi a lot, BUT…. This one is directed to the life of two women who love each other and what happens in their daily life. The art is much more detailed that TDG, and the characters have very different personalities. Danai, the shorter one, is the more mature one but also the more feminine one while Magan, the taller one, is definitely a fucking cry baby. To be honest, idk how frequently it updates? But!!! Still!! Go watch!!! 11/12

8. What Does the Fox Say? (Ongoing, 2 chapters left)

Ho ly shit whe re to be gin…? Definitely not light. It is not full of fun or fluffy or innocent. This manhwa is dark, sexy, angsty, drama-filled, teeth gritting, and very complicated. VERY, VERY, VERY, Adult. A story with a beautiful young blonde who loves a much older boss, and the much older boss has a shitty ex that everyone loves who fucked up a lot but she has her reasons. This is one of those manhwas that you need to ANALYZE every. single. fucking. scene. It is one of those where each scene MEANS something and you have to keep a sharp eye even at the sex scenes. The art style is good. Not amazing, but decent enough. As I said, it ends in two chapters. It updates twice a month (from my observations). 12/12

*Note: These are all based on my observations




In the last episode Beth made me think about this, whe she choose Summer almost instantly. Summer was surprised and worried for Morty, and Morty was scared. Beth didn’t choose sacrifice herself instead her sons…

Summer know she was a mistake of her parents, Morty was the second son, he probably was planned first. So, what the heck, Beth? I think Summer and Morty are the only ones who showed love and care about each other. They are good brothers, even if they fight.




Labradorite (also called Spectrolite sometimes) is a considered by mystics to be a stone of transformation and magic. It is said to clear, balance and protect the aura, as well as being an excellent stone for general protection. It aids in magic work and brings good luck.

I love to use labradorite whenever I am going to job interviews, taking tests, doing tarot cards, any type of magic, and if I think that I need a little bit of good luck and protection. I almost never abandon my labradorite beads whenever I do tarot. Labradorite is one of my favorite stones ever, not because of the magical Labrador essence, but the energy it gives off. It is absolutely amazing

I really like the image of Vader rolling Luke’s name around in his head, saying it out loud to himself, testing it, hearing it. 

Luke. Luke Skywalker. My son’s name is Luke. 

Practicing different ways to say it. Maybe he tries it out in all of his different, typical Vader tones. You know, in the way he addresses Imperial Officers or Rebel Prisoners or even the Emporer. None of them probably sound right. 

Saying it quietly, in a gentle voice. It’s unfamiliar and maybe uncomfortable because he hasn’t been gentle in years but it’d sound right and good. 

I like the idea that there’s a build-up for Vader to that first moment. That the moment when he is looking at his son and calls him by his name for the first time, that it would be this important moment for him. One that he has thought a lot about and prepared for. 

And that every time he says it is precious. That he just keeps trying to get it right because this is his son and his name is Luke. 

A Definitely Incomplete List Of My Favorite Moments From The Lightning Thief (book), because I'm having Feelings
  • Percy very causally mentioning times he accidentally hit a school bus with a canon or dropped fifth graders into shark-infested water
  • Grover Underwood
  • Just everything he’s ever done
  • Percy running an illegal candy ring out of his dorm room 
  • “I was worried they found out I got my essay on Tom Sawyer from the internet and were going to take away my grade. Or worse, they were going to make me read the book.”
  • When Percy thought Grover was going to give him some deep, meaningful commentary on life to make him feel better but Grover just wanted Percy’s lunch
  • Percy tried so hard to do well on his Latin final and Chiron somehow thinks it’s a good idea to tell him he’s ‘not normal’ in front of the class my poor boy
  • That one part where Percy essentially went “Oh hey mom’s home!!! Better reschedule this panic attack I was having!!” 
  • When Percy did that weird hand sign (that was never explained) and the door slammed on Gabe so hard he flew up the steps
  • The fact that when Grover finally tracked Percy down he wasn’t wearing any pants. Like, there was literally no reason for him to not have the fake feet and the jeans on. No actual reason for him to be free balling it. Percy just needed a shock apparently. Showing up in the middle of a hurricane with no pants, dramatic ass satyr I love him. 
  • The SATISFYING DEATH of Gabe’s Camaro + Sally apparently learned bullfighting just in case because she truly is the best mom
  • Percy killing the minotaur with its own horn
  • Percy dragging Grover over the camp line while crying for his mom literally end me
  • You drool when you sleep.” could we get more iconic here
  • Percy teasing Annabeth about her crush on Luke
  • When Luke stole some toiletries for Percy and he got a little choked up because it was apparently the nicest thing anyone had ever done for him
  • The fact that Chiron basically told Annabeth that Percy was her destiny
  • The fact that a recovering alcoholic god of wine who hates children was deemed fit to run a camp for children
  • Not so fun: Percy, upon meeting Mr. D, immediately recognizing the signs of an alcoholic and going out of his way to sit far away from him ‘just in case’
  • The fact that everyone just expected him to hear ‘the greek gods are real’ and move on?? why would no one let this boy be in shock omg
  • Zeus apparently had a thing for the fluffy 80′s hairstyles
  • “the real world is where the monsters are” 
  • The fact that Poseidon could have claimed Percy at literally any moment but he apparently decided he really needed that dramatic reveal during capture the flag.
  • When Zeus was feeling Extra Dramatic™ after Percy’s claiming so he started making it rain inside the camp boarders and everyone was lowkey freaking out
  • When Annabeth pulls off her invisible cap and declares she’s going on the quest with him and Percy was like, beyond unsurprised that she was there and didn’t even attempt to fight her 
  • Chiron forgot to give Percy a sword from his father for like, an entire month. 
  • Grover with those freaking flying shoes oh my God
  • Annabeth blushing literally any time Luke talks to her 
  • lmao when Percy and Annabeth start bickering about something and Argus just winks at Percy because he knows
  • When they were playing hackey sack with an apple but it got too close to Grover’s mouth and he just ate the whole thing
  • The entire bus scene oh my God
  • “I was about to become the ADHD Poster Child of the Year” as he’s CRASHING A BUS
  • Annabeth on a fury’s back 
  • the explosion. just. all gr8. 
  • When Grover tries to play a path finder song and Percy just immediately slams into a tree. Also the fact that the path finder song was actually just a Hillary Duff number. 
  • “You two are giving me a migraine, and satyr’s don’t even get migraines!” 
  • Percy actually, truly trying to sell the story that the three of them are circus orphans who got separated from their ringleader 
  • Grover: hey guys this place is REALLY SHADY and we need to leave
  • Annabeth and Percy: but f o o d
  • Can you imagine walking into a store and finding your dead uncle’s body on display? Like????
  • When Medusa revealed herself and Annabeth’s running around invisible, Percy’s swinging a sword blindly and Grover’s flying around screaming and trying to whack her with a stick: everyone here is a MESS
  • When Annabeth was overly annoyed with Percy after that ordeal??? Sweetheart you fell for the trick too
  • Name something more iconic than 12 year old Percy Jackson mailing the decapitated head of Medusa to the gods on Mt. Olympus in an act of sheer pettiness. I dare you. 
  • When Percy was insisting on taking first watch while the others slept and Grover was basically like “hey kiddo listen to this” and played a song that immediately knocked him out so he could sleep all night 
  • “Percy. Say hello to the poodle.”
  • Percy seeing all the Greek creatures from the train window 
  • When Annabeth was dragging the boys to the St. Louis Arch and Percy’s claustrophobic ass Did Not Want To Get In That Tiny Elevator but he went anyway because he wanted Annabeth to be happy. That boy has had it bad since the start. 
  • “I am Echidna!”
  • “Isn’t…isn’t that a type of anteater?”
  • How many times has Percy actually been poisoned throughout all the series I literally want a count 
  • ‘Lemme just, uh….jump off the fucking St. Louis Arch and hope I don’t die when I hit the water.’
  • There is just something very aesthetic about Percy lighting a fire in the bottom of a river 
  • Percy’s got so much pent-up rage that he’s just immediately ready to wreck Ares upon meeting him omfg
  • Annabeth getting so worked up and flustered over going down there with Percy because it’s a love ride and Percy’s just like “you literally do not have to make this a Thing” lmao
  • Annabeth wouldn’t let Percy touch Aphrodite’s scarf because she didn’t want him getting infected by love magic but then…touched it herself lol
  • The entire sequence with the mechanical spiders and the cameras and the ride itself 
  • Percy’s plan to get off the ride!!!! He’s so smart okay can people stop calling him stupid!!! 
  • Grover trying to catch them both in mid-air but they‘re too heavy so the three of them just kind of slowly crash into one of those face-cut-out posters lol
  • Percy, turning to the camera’s broadcasting this shit on Olympus: “Show’s over! Thank You! Goodnight!” 
  • Everything about that scene omg. The animals they had to help. Trying to convince Grover of how great he is. The baby percabeth. my h e a r t
  • “What if it does line up like the Trojan War? Athena versus Poseidon?”
  • “I don’t know what my mom will do. I just know I’ll be fighting next to you.”
  • “Why?”
  • “Because you’re my friend, Seaweed Brain, any more stupid questions?”
  • Do you hear that sound? That’s me, ages 13-21(+) sobbing uncontrollably oh my God I love them so much
  • ‘let’s just set a fucking lion loose in Las Vegas’ 
  • “I put a Blessing of the Wild on them, so they’ll safely find food and shelter wherever they go.”
  • “Why can’t you put on of those on us?”
  • “It only works on wild animals.”
  • “So it would only effect Percy…”
  • “HEY!” 
  • When they get to the Lotus hotel and Grover starts playing that game where the deer shoot the hunters azxjhnhdjx
  • Percy physically having to drag his friends out of there once he realized it was the lair of the lotus eaters
  • When Annabeth gave the taxi driver her lotus credit card and he started calling her “Your Highness” lmao
  • Every time in this book Percy comes close to uncovering a Dark Truth the people around him are just like “let’s not worry about that :) “ and my polite boy actually shuts up it’s so wild because I would just keep going lol
  • Listen that entire scene has lowkey always been one of my Favs and I’m not even sure why but Percy chopping his head off was g r e a t
  • The entrance to the Underworld is DOA Recording Studios and I love it
  • “We, uh…all drowned in a bathtub.”
  • Poor Charon just wants his Italian suits he doesn’t need all this bullshit 
  • Grover almost getting dragged into Tartarus: not good. very bad. bad shit. 
  • Annabeth getting emotionally attached to Cerberus in the span of 3 minutes: RELATABLE 
  • ‘huh my backpack that I thought I got rid of five days ago is getting weirdly heavy, that’s not suspicious though, right?’ 
  • When Hades just starts monologue-ing about all the shit he has to put up with
  • “what kind of awful things do you have to do to get sewn into Hades underwear?” p e r c y
  • when Percy realizes the Master Bolt is in his backpack and he’s just like. tell me why. why. I’m a good person. what did I DO. 
  • When Percy has to sacrifice his mom to get Annabeth and Grover out of there I Cri Evey Tiem 
  • My cute lil’ baby yelling around on a beach to get Ares to show up 
  • ahdbsjznx when Grover gives Percy a crushed, half eaten tin can for good like and Percy is just like “Grover…I don’t know what to say.” I LOVE HIM
  • My sweet son kicking the god of war’s ass. bless. blessed on this day. 
  • The news crews who suddenly started backtracking and writing Percy as a hero 
  • Percy, choking back tears, giving Gabe’s store’s phone number out on national television and promising everyone free appliances IM STILL CACKLING I LOVE THIS BOY SO MUCH HE’S ICONIC 
  • Hades actually releasing Sally because he’s Not As Big Of A Dick As He Could Have Been 
  • Percy: hey I think there’s a really good chance that Kronos was behind this whole mess-
  • Poseidon rolling his eyes at literally everything Zeus says and does
  • Poseidon and Percy’s whole talk omg my sweet boy just wants his dad to love him and Poseidon’s trying to figure out how to show affection when he basically signed this kid’s death sentence I’m crying 
  • A man will never satisfy me as much or in the same way as Sally Jackson murdering Gabe Ugliano did 
  • Percy was spending months of summer stressing over who the friend that’s supposed to betray him was but like…Sweetie you had exactly three (3) friends and you knew two of them weren’t gonna hurt you
  • ahbdjsnx when Percy and Luke were having their conversation in the woods and like Luke’s acting shady af the whole time but it’s literally not until he litters that Percy is like “something…is Wrong.” this boy I s2g
  • Percy getting bit by a scorpion is Not A Favorite Moment but the nymphs helping him out was 
  • Percy making his Official Decision to go home for the school year only after Annabeth reveals that he actually did talk her into trying again with her family 
  • I didn’t mean to write out a summary of the whole damn book it’s six am listen I’m just feeling nostalgia for the original series in this chili’s tonight 
  • whoops

I feel like Sangwoo doesn’t understand why Bum likes him. For example in this scene he is comparing himself to the police as in “you should be scared of me too.”

Furthermore, when Bum starts saying the he likes Sangwoo, it makes him nervous and confused. It’s similar to the scene when he tries to hang Bum but saves him when he starts calling out his name.

It’s almost like he doesn’t want to believe Bum loves him cause it is too “good to be true” since he considers himself a monster (like his father) so no one will love him. This could be the reason he compared Bum to his mother, who is the only person that has truly loved him (from what I have seen, however, we could later find out she was a monster too).

His Warmth (M)

Word Count: 3532
Member: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Fluff & Smut
Warnings: Cum-play, Biting, Lots of cute bc I’m in love with Jimin

It’s been two months since your boyfriend went on tour and you haven’t been able to see him, so when you unexpectedly wake up to him in your bed you just can’t seem to keep your hands to yourself.


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