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Biggest Fan

genre: fluff

summary: you and Jaebum are just trying to enjoy a night out, until some fans spot you two. But what happens when they’re actually asking for your autograph and not his?

a/n: for the request I changed the reader to just like a professional volleyball player not really focusing on a specific country to single anyone out :)

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Dating an idol wasn’t the easiest thing in the world. But it was a bit easier for you. Since you were a bit of a celebrity yourself, nothing compared to your boyfriend Jaebum. Being a professional volleyball player however did bring you a bit of fame. And so you understood the whole, strict schedules and traveling deal. You had it pretty similar. Making the relationship a bit less stressful on you and Jaebum. The two of you having a mutual understanding of each others schedules and what not.

“So, are you happy to have a few days off? I know you guys have been working really hard lately.”

Jaebum sighed, smiling wide as he took in the beautiful night view of the city. “Yes, I’m very thankful. We have been working really hard, and I think we are almost ready. But, these few days should help us all reset, come back ready to work and have over comeback.”

Your season had just ended, but for Jaebum, things were just starting to get busy. He and his group were preparing for their latest comeback. But he was given a few days off after a hard work week, which the two of you took advantage of. Wanting to spend as much of that time together now that you both were free.

As you smiled at Jaebum, you could see how tired he was. You always admired how hard working he was. Never wanting to disappoint his fans, sometimes pushing himself a little too hard. But overall, he was pretty amazing. But that was also what he loved about you.

He knew how hard you worked to get to play on your countries national team for volleyball. You had to sacrifice a lot in life to get to where you were. And despite the ups and downs you have faced, Jaebum has always been there for you. And you for him. Though the relationship was tough sometimes, your schedules often being so hectic you couldn’t even call one another. You two knew it was worth it, and you were both willing to work for it.

Continuing down the path, at one point stopping and getting some coffee, you two just caught up. Jaebum telling of how this choreography was some of the strongest the group had been given, and they were hopeful it could score big with the fans. Just listening as you people watched, you noticed a group of two or three girls eyeing you two from afar. They were approaching slowly, as if nervous. The were fans, you could tell by their body language.

Jaebum now catching on, he turned to face you, stealing your view away form the girls. “I’m gonna apologize now. I know we wanted this to be an uneventful walk, no pictures, autographs or anything. I’m sorry.” You just laughed, looking behind him as the girls were awkwardly standing there. Jaebum gave you one last reassuring smile before moving to the side, awaiting the fans screams or quick ramble of incoherent words.

“Hi, we’re sorry to bother you. But we are huge fans!”

Jaebum smiled to them, as did you. Although you laughed a bit as you’d noticed something Jaebum clearly hadn’t. “It’s no problem at all girls, really. We always have time for fans.” The girls smiled wide, then turning their attention to you.

“Well, in that case. Y/n, could we please get your autograph?” “And maybe a picture?” “If it’s not too much to ask?” The girls all chiming in as they were practically shaking in front of you. Jaebum looking on confused as he was sure the girls were fans of his.

“Of course girls! It’s not too much to ask at all!” You sighed the notebooks they each had, then posed for a picture that Jaebum kindly took. The girls telling you how they were volleyball players as well, currently playing in middle school. But they were working hard to make the best high school teams possible in order to be as successful as you one day. Blushing a bit at their kind words, you gave them some words of encouragement and advice. Telling them that if they have the want and desire, and are willing to work hard, they can make it.

The girls thanked you, and Jaebum. Asking for hugs before leaving you two to finish your walk. Jaebum awkwardly blushing at your side as he rubbed his neck.

“So, um. What were you apologizing for back there babe?”

Jaebum glared at you once hearing the sarcasm in your voice. “I was wrong~ I get it! Don’t rub it in.”

“Did you not notice their volleyball jackets they had on? That is what gave it away for me.” Jaebum looked down at you confused.

“You looked at their jackets? That’s how you knew?”

You laughed, stopping to look up at him, wondering how clueless he really could be sometimes. “Um, yeah? What made you think they were your fans?”

“They were girls?”

You playfully smacked his arm, “Jaebum~ Not every girl in the world is automatically your fan! Yah, don’t be so cocky,” continuing down the sidewalk as he just laughed.

“Well you’re a girl and your my fan. I just assumed all girls who were a fan of yours would be as smart as you to like me.”

You glared at him, not accepting his attempt at saving himself.

“Nice try babe. And hey! I’m not just any fan, I’m your biggest fan.”

So I’ve never had a request like this before, with the reader being like a professional athlete or something. But I think it turned out okay? Sorry if it’s on the shorter side. I didn’t feel like it needed to be too long cause I was afraid of it ending up becoming filled with like pointless dialogue and what not :) 

a different type of love II

yoo this was requested and i combined it with an idea i had so here ya go its super cheesy and gross and long 

like 4k words

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Hey! This is Stiles, you just missed me- you know what to do. 

The generic beep of the voicemail sounded loudly through the phone and you hiccuped in surprise at the noise, clearly not expecting it. A small giggle slipped past your lips at the hiccup which you wouldn’t have normally found funny but to put it lightly- you were drunk out of your mind. 

In your drunken state you were very easily distracted which you demonstrated as you nodded to a song that was playing your head, trying to remember why were you calling Stiles in the first place. As Stiles’ voicemail recorded your unusual and pitchy humming, you racked your brain to try recall why you were on the phone when it hit you: you had to tell Stiles you were in love with him. 

If you were in the least bit sober, you maybe would’ve had the senses to realize that this wasn’t a good idea (no matter how much you drunken mind was saying it was.) 

But, then again, sober-you didn’t have the sense not to drink that unattended bottle of gin when home alone, especially when you were feeling rather emotional about being in love with your best friend- smart definitely wasn’t the word to describe your decisions. 

And so, here you were: leaving drunk voicemail’s to your best friend who you were hopelessly in love with. 

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iKON Touches Your Boobs for the First Time

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Hanbin/B.I: Is actually really excited to touch your boobs. When he asked the first time, you told him no. He did all he could to persuade you and it worked. He was now feeling you up while getting a hard on. His hands on your boobs lead to them being somewhere else. 

Bobby: You’re in bed with him, cuddling. Your back is pressed against his chest and you couldn’t be more comfortable. That is until Bobby decides to drape his arm over you and slowly sneaks his hand up your shirt. You’re startled by his cold touch but you don’t stop him. “Can I keep going?” He whispers into your with a deep and husky voice. You nod your head against his chest and the night consists of him fondling your chest.

Donghyuk: A day at the beach with you is exactly what Donghyuk needed to help him keep his mind off work. You’re both in the water when a giant wave comes and covers you, engulfing you in water. Donghyuk laughs until you come back up for air. A light blush covers his cheeks as he sees your twins on display. Your top must have came undone. He can’t stop staring and you take his hands, placing them on your chest and he squeezes them. “Wow.” Is all he says before you have a heated make out session. your bare chest pressed against his doesn’t help the rising state of his member.

Yunhyeong: You and your boyfriend, Yunhyeong are playfully wrestling on the floor. You’re on top of him but he keeps rocking his hips and it’s causing you to lose balance. You fall forward and he catches you by placing his hands on your boobs, trying to steady you. You blush and he slowly pulls them away. You’re both flustered but you eventually tell him it was okay and that you wanted to do it again. 

Chanwoo: Chanwoo is sleeping peacefully until you jump on him, “Wake up! It’s 2 in the afternoon!” you should really let him sleep since it was his day off, but it was his only day with you. He groaned but he wouldn’t get up or open his eyes for the life of him. You sighed and almost gave up until you thought of something, “If you open your eyes, you can touch my boobs.” He instantly looks like a deer in headlights (Luhan). He doesn’t even say anything, he just goes straight to your chest, cupping your breasts in his hands. 

“So..big, jagi.” his husky voice was turning you on and making you wet.

“If you get up, I’ll give you a whole lot more, oppa.” 

Junhoe: Your date with Junhoe didn’t go so well. The waiter flirted with you the whole night and it caused him to be in a pissed off mood. When you get home, the first thing he does is push you up against the door. he’s clearly angry so you don’t say anything that could make it worse. 

“I knew letting you go out in this dress was a bad idea.” Your cleavage was slightly showing but not a lot, but the dress was also tight, “Everything under this dress belongs to me.” His strong hands pull down your dress and your left with your chest exposed to him. Despite his angry demeanor, he kneads them in his hand softly and you let him. You also let him punish you that night, letting him know that you were always going to be his. 

Jinhwan: “No, I don’t like this one.” Jinhwan sighed when he heard your response, he was stuck bra shopping with you and you’ve already tried out 8 different ones! He was growing bored and he told you he was going to help you figure it out. He snuck into the dressing room with you and you gasped quietly, “You can’t be in here.” He ignores you as he picks up a bra.

“Buy this one, it’s sexy.” Your chest is covered by your hands but he pulls your arms down and he’s surprised when you don’t stop him. “I might have to feel them, you know, to get your cup size.” He smirks as your perky breasts overpower his hands. The thrill of getting caught makes you even more turned on by his hands caressing you softly.


That was hard to write, just focusing on boobs, I couldn’t do it lol. 

For anon~ thank you for requesting. 


Golden Prince

Title: golden prince

Pairing: Lee Taemin/Reader

Summary: Taemin always lived seen by others, living to the expectations of the king and by the rules of the queen. His curiousness got him closer to what he thought was heaven, but oh, Taemin doesn’t know hell yet.

Chapter I/Chapter II/Chapter III/Chapter IV

Fitted, silky materials surrounded the prince as he looked at himself in the mirror, not completely sure if he’s supposed to hate or love what he sees. His hair was parted slightly in the middle, noticing Kibum behind him as he tries to sow the little parts that were a little unfitting on the skinny prince. Taemin was never one for expensive clothing, different? Absolutely, yes. There was just something thrilling of trying new things and seeing how they looked on him, but it was almost impossible to try so when your clothing was sown and prepared exactly for you by Kim Kibum, the most perfectionist fashion enthusiast you’ll ever meet.

“Straighten your back, for fuck’s sake,” Kibum mumbles, some of his utensils hanging from his mouth as the sewing needle went through the navy clothing he was wearing. Taemin, following Kibum’s instructions, lets out a scoff, but he can’t help but be a little nervous…what was this person his mother was talking about? “You’re exceptionally quiet, today.”

“Am I not like that usually?” Taemin asks, knowing damn well that he was a perfect mixture between talking too much and too little. He was a mystery, per say, he didn’t say anything about himself but he did talk to others; that’s how he lived his whole life. Kibum looks at him from over his shoulder, pulling on Taemin’s sleeves as a pleased smile appears on his face. The suit looked perfect.

“Well,” Kibum says as he places his needle on the little box he had for them, giving Taemin a watch to wear with his suit as he leans back against the little table on Taemin’s wardrobe, or rather…changing room for himself. “You’re one to say something back when I try to tease you, but you haven’t said anything today.”

“Mhm…” Taemin hums as he fixes the watch on his wrist, looking at the time to see that he still had twenty minutes for the meeting he had with his parents. “Just feeling a little bit lost, that’s it.”

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Never, In Fact, Homeless - Part 2

Relationship: Dean X Daughter

Words: 1,956

Summary: Reader has found herself in a bit of a situation and since the boys have offered their help, she feels it’s only right to return the favor.

Warnings: talk of hunger, mostly just sad Daddy!Dean feels tbh

Tagging: @mysaintsasinner because she asked to be tagged in her followers’ stuff and I figured why not? If anyone else wants to be tagged in stuff let me know!

A/N: Here it is! Just like I promised! Please don’t hate me for being so slow!

Part 1

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For supposedly being made of water vapor, clouds were actually incredibly warm. So soft and comfortable, you couldn’t recall a time when you’d slept on something as pleasant. The cloud even smelled nice, too, like worn leather and faint cologne. It reminded you of better, happier times, when the worst things you had to worry about were your grades or the latest gossip at school. It reminded you of coming home to fresh baked pie right out of the oven, of sweet lemonade with two straws that twisted around each other. It reminded you of –

You bolted upright, heart racing wildly in your chest. Whipping your head around, you noticed you’d somehow ended up in a motel room. But when? Why? How was it possible that you’d slept on a bed, a real, actual bed?

The realization had you almost in tears.

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Requested by anon <3 
Prompt:  I was wondering if you could do a Kylo Ren x reader? Maybe one where reader had a stressful day and is taking a bath and Kylo joins her. fluff (or smutty im really on board with anything) with lots of kisses and reader complaining about Hux and Kylo threatening to make his life a living hell. Please and thank you! (੭ ᐕ)੭*
a/n: omg he’s so hot?/?????


The hot bath untied the knots around your body as you pressed your back to Kylo’s chest, the hot fumes making your head spin. You hummed, giggling when he decided to adore your shoulder with soft kisses as his arms wrapped around your waist. You smiled, though it was not a happy grin he was so used to seeing. He didn’t need to ask what had happened as when you opened your lips to sigh a whole slew of jumbled words came out of what a bad day you had had.

“I just…You know!” You complained, “You know how…what an asshole General Hux is and today he was especially bad…” You continued ranting, your head bobbing to the sides and arms flaring as if to push your point even further. Kylo stopped nibbling on your skin, his expression hardening.

“I will make his life a living hell if you want me to, (Name).” He said slowly. Your heart leaped. You shook your head, almost frantic – you knew if he was telling promises like that he meant it – though then a blissful grin lit up your features and you tilted your head to kiss him on the cheek.

“I’ll get back to him on my own.”

“My methods are effective, I assure you—“

“Kylo. No.”

“He will pay for ruining your day—“ You cut him off by capturing his lips in a heated kiss.

Requests are opened!

Arranger Marriage: Sehun Edition. Part 7.

Word Count: 2928

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7 | PART 8 ongoing…

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It didn’t seem like it would, but like any other morning, sun rose up this time too. It didn’t seem like bright rays of sunlight would pour inside the room to illuminate it. It felt impossible for Oh Sehun to wake up and continue living, but he did it anyway. 

With a slight flutter of eyelashes, he turned on his side in his bed. Because of his weird dreams, everything around him felt strange and unfamiliar. By the way, he couldn’t even remember what he had dreamed about. Only one face was clear in his mind. Maybe because she was sleeping next to him?

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She’s basically in his lap on the driver’s seat.  He thinks about how funny it would be to end up in custody twice in one day, once for murder accusations, once for reckless driving.  He’s sure all his buddies would be happy to see him again, Whiting would be overjoyed.  The image of Whiting in his brain is a major turn off though, so he doesn’t even humor that thought anymore.  He just hopes he can keep the wheels in between the lines as she drops sloppy kisses all over him, his neck, his collarbone, his chest, his jaw…

She smells like hospital again.  He hates it.  But there’s something else, that hint of gunsmoke clinging to her shirt, what remains of her familiar perfume, the one that smells like a sunny day.  She’s coming back to him, the Kensi that they both know and miss.  Setbacks, like being kidnapped and betrayed by a friend, and barely escaping murder charges, and depression, and incomplete spinal injuries, they’re nothing for them.  Because in the end, they’re here, together, living, breathing, kissing, almost wrecking…

He swerves the car back into the road.  His heart’s racing, not from the driving hazard, from her laugh.  It’s so beautiful.  And seeing her smile, it drives him crazy.  He turns into their driveway, and he’s pretty sure he’s destroyed his transmission when he jerks his car into park and grabs her, pulling her completely onto his lap.  The stitches on her forehead kinda remind him of a sexy Frankenstein, and he tells her so.  She throws her head back and laughs, saying, “I should probably be offended by that.”

“No no no no,” he chides, grinning as he kisses her and grabs her ass, feeling her gasp against his lips when he kisses her.  "Emphasis on sexy.“  His fingers caress under the hem of her shirt, low on her back, and she shivers.  He kisses her forehead and opens the door for her, saying, “Come on, monster.”  

The day seemed to stretch on for years, and as they approach the end of it, he remembers feeling younger 24 hours ago.  Kensi rests her head against his shoulder as he unlocks the door.  She presses her body against his and he backs up a step so that she’s against the front door.  He turns around in her arms, looking down at her, wondering how he got so lucky.  Her eyes are bright with love and want.  It about drives him insane, the way she looks at him.

He kisses her lips, softly, slowly, and he can almost feel her melting into him.  She brings her arm around his neck, kissing him harder, and he scoops her up, making sure she’s not pressed against the door knob.They’ve only had sex twice since the helicopter crash, once the first night she spent out of the hospital.  But she was tired and insecure about her injuries and even though he joked about it being good dexterity practice, her mind was somewhere else.  The last time was new years, when their midnight kiss turned into a frenzied pile of drunkenness that he barely can recall.  Other than that, his Kensi always seems absent, like her soul’s slipping, wandering away.

But she’s back, he can tell.  The taste of being back in the field, even if it resulted in a taser to the stomach and slaps to the face and zipties, has pulled her back to him.

Field Kensi is his Kensi, so different, willing, wild.  He’s missed her.  He’s missed that hint of gunpowder.  

They almost make it to the couch.  But not quite.  He holds onto her waist and she puts most of her body weight on the knee that’s still a little numb.  Hearing the noises she makes after so long put him on the edge almost immediately, but he tries to find some source of stamina, even though it’s nearly impossible with her.  When he finally lets go, she’s looking back at him, her dark eyes smoldering, her mouth painted into an O shape.  He pulls her with him, sitting back as she shudders, holding her tighter than he thinks he ever has before.  Going from having sex almost every day to barely averaging once a month left him famished.  He realizes that he hasn’t been whole without her.  

She speaks exactly what he was thinking, “I didn’t realize how much I missed that.”

“We’re really good, aren’t we?” he asks, and she snorts.  "Seriously, we’d be millionaires if you’d just let me–“

“We’re not making a sex tape.”    

“But Ray J ain’t got nothing on me.”



“No.  Sorry.”  She’s laughing, and it’s beautiful, watching her.  She sighs and rests her head back, using his chest like a recliner. 

He strokes the damp, curling pieces of hair from her forehead.  "Have I ever told you that you’re gorgeous?“

He loves being the cause of the blush that starts to color her cheeks, and he kisses her jaw.  "A few times,” she answers, grinning.  "You’re pretty gorgeous yourself.“  

He gives it his best valley girl impersonation and draws out, “Thaaaanks.”  She elbows him, but it doesn’t hurt.  "We might be gorgeous, but we nasty.  We need a shower.“

“You’re right.  But I don’t want to move.“

He grabs her tight, holding her like a groom holds his bride, and she squeals as she laughs.  He grunts as he picks her up, ignoring how tired his body is.  They shower together and she messes with his hair as she runs conditioner threw it, attempting to give him a mohawk.  Things feel normal again.  Her heart’s where it used to be and her service weapon is waiting on her nightstand to be picked up in the morning.  She tries to ignore the dull aching of her head, and the marks from the zip ties.  She’d almost rubbed her wrists raw trying to escape. But she made it.  She escaped.  She proved that she was capable of saving her ass and other people’s.  Deeks was okay, because he got to shoot Sullivan in the end.  The sting of betrayal hurts, but Deeks is like morphine to her, and she can forget.  

She’s seriously tired.  The doctors had given her pain medication before she could think about denying it, and she tries to ignore the drowsiness.  She wants to be awake with Deeks for awhile.  Also, she thinks she’s hungrier than she is tired, and realizes she hasn’t ate since breakfast, which was about 9 in the morning.  It was almost midnight.  She’s pretty sure Deeks hasn’t had much either.  "Baby?”


“I’m starving.”  

He grins, a little sheepish as he admits, “Same.”  He brushes her jaw with his thumb, saying, “You know, I was gonna pick food up on the way home.  But something was distracting me.”  

She rolls her eyes.  He turns off the shower and wraps her in a towel before starting to dry himself off.  "I guess I’ll go find us some food.  That is, if you think you can live without me for a few minutes.“  

"I think I’ll manage.”  She grins, but the slight waver of her expression doesn’t go unnoticed by him when she says, “Lock the doors.”

He nods, serious for only a second.  "Monty will protect you.“  He calls for the greying mutt and pats for him to come up on the bed, where she’s found a spot, her feet curled around one of their soft throws.  He double locks the doors when he leaves and makes sure the sensor light is working.  His Beretta is tucked into the small of his back.  Paranoid, maybe.  But a healthy dose of paranoia never hurt anyone.  Except for the people that don’t listen when told ‘No sudden movements.’

He starts his car and shrugs behind the steering wheel, not quite sure where to go for food.  He settles for a 24 hour Mediterranean place that’s close to the house and has killer falafels.  Only in LA is there a never-closing falafel shack.  He gets a dozen falafels for them to share and a big kielbasa salad, pretty positive that Kensi will end up with most of the food.  Or worse, she’ll use all the tahini and eat the good parts of the salad.  He grins at the thought, knowing that it doesn’t matter what type of food it is, as long as he’s eating with her.  Plus, he can give her hell about it in front of the guys at work.  Not like it’ll do any good though.  

He makes up his mind in the car ride home as he thinks about watching her stumble out of the place they were holding her earlier that day, zipties still on her wrist, blood trickling down her jaw and forehead, limping like he’d seen her do too many times before, in the desert, cult headquarters, away from car accidents, fights, hospitals, that he’s proposing tomorrow.  He doesn’t know how or where or why, exactly, all he knows is that he loves her.  He loves her, and she deserves everything in the world.  Including the truth.

He unlocks the door and locks it behind him, and takeout bag still in hand, starts sweeping the place for bugs.  She comes down to see what’s taking him so long to get upstairs, wearing only one of his worn LAPD t-shirts, and he swears he almost proposes right there, in the middle of the living room.  He needs it to be official like he needs air in his lungs.  But he forces away the urge for the moment, not acknowledging the question on her lips.  "What…?”

“I gotta tell you something,” he eventually says, after he’s checked everything.  He sets the bag of food on the coffee table for her.  Even though he’s starving, food isn’t at the forefront of his mind.  He guesses it isn’t on hers either, because she walks right past the bag to him, placing her palm against his chest.

"What?“ she asks again, softly.  He looks down into her eyes, gets lost, and then finds himself.  He sits down on the couch, pulling her down with him.  

"What happened that night, with Boyle.  My partner.”  He watches her reaction, feeling nervous, his heart fluttering in his chest.  "I think you should know.“

"You don’t have to tell me.”  

"I know.  I want to.“  He swallows, feels the truth he’s hidden for years at the back of his throat, forcing its way up.  "I have to tell somebody.”

She nods, like she understands.  Also, like she’s seeing him for the first time.  Like she’s about to put all of his pieces together, and see the end result.  "I have questions,” she admits, cocking her head slightly.

“And you deserve the answers.”  The weight he’s been carrying around is already subsiding.  "I’m tired of hiding.“  

She asks who Tiffany is to him, and why he did it.  I had to protect her.  She was just some lost kid, just a girl.  I had to protect her.  She asks how.  I had every detail planned.  None of it was an accident.  I knew what he was going to do, and I couldn’t let him.  She asks when he knew what he had to do.  When she came to me, begging me to help her, saying he’d never stop, not until she was in a ditch somewhere.  She asks what it felt like, killing him.  Like losing a part of yourself.

When it’s done, she thinks she understands.  How chaotic his gestalt is, the obscurity of his past, the means he will go to trying to protect the people that can’t protect themselves.  That last part is what makes him a terrible cop and the best cop there ever was.  A cop that will commit terrible acts in the effort to save a life.  A cop that will give everything he’s ever had.  His reputation, his dignity, his humanity.  She touches his face, and he looks so vulnerable to her.  Just as vulnerable as he did asleep on his cat pillow years ago.  "It’s okay.”  She closes her eyes, pressing her forehead against his.  "It’s okay.“  

He buries his face into her collarbone.  He thinks about when he thought he knew her, riding dirt bikes in the desert, pulling her through lasers when the Russians got a hold of her, walking in on her wearing only a towel at their cover house, kissing her on the motorcycle.  "I love you so much.”

“I love you too.“  It kinda scares her, knowing how much she loves him, knowing she could never stop loving him.  Not for anything in the world.  "It’s over.”

“Yeah,” he says with a nod, and tries to shake off the day, the years of carrying that weight, the past and all of its darkness.

"Let’s just eat and go to bed.  I’m ready for today to be over with.“

"Me too, baby.”  He hopes that tomorrow will be the start of a new, happier chapter in his life, and that his pocket won’t carry the weight of the box anymore.  The thought of the ring on her finger makes him smile.  He’s sure all the rest will just fall into place.

A Pale Imitation

Author: @xerxia31

Rating: T for brief instances of foul language.

My head is pounding. I don’t get headaches like this very often. When I do, I have no choice but to go home and sleep it off.

I know it’s stress. I’ve been putting in far too many hours at the bakery I own lately. Going in early, staying late. Working through meals. I’ve barely had a home life at all in months.

Maybe the headache is a blessing. I’ll go home, have a hot shower. Take a nap. And hopefully then feel well enough to make dinner for Katniss. It will be the first time in far too long.

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New Years Eve // m.c

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credit to the original owner of the gym - i think i’ve used it before lol

Requested: based on this and this

Pairing: Michael x Y/N

Series:  Paid to be Popular - The Purpose of Love - Bittersweet Generation

Description: Y/N freaks when she remembers she doesn’t have a kiss for midnight, but it might end up okay if her lifelong friend, Michael, would kiss her?

“Fuck, the midnight kiss.” You screamed but because of the loud music and talking, only your group of friends heard you.

“Yeah, you don’t have one, do you?” Luke asked with his beer in his hand, Calum by his side drinking his whisky. You all sat in a circle in the middle of the room, playing Truth or Dare while ignoring almost everyone around you. In the circle were you, your best friend, your other friend, a guy you didn’t know but he was very handsome, Luke, Luke’s girlfriend, Calum and what had appeared to be Calum’s fuck buddy of something.

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Preferences: they surprise you with a pet

A very cute request, hope y’all enjoy it. ^^



  • You’re used to live with a lot of animals back home—dogs, cats, you name it—but ever since you moved into the rather small apartment (fit for two) with Joji, you hadn’t had the time to think about having a pet.
  • Nor have the space to get a big dog, like you’re dreaming about.
  • Soon, though, the lack of a pet around you to give your love to makes you sad and you more often than not complain about it to Joji. You don’t necessarily do it to convince him to get one cause he looks as eager to get a pet as you.
  • He just doesn’t do it because he wants to surprise you, so he has to keep a poker face and pretend he doesn’t really care.
  • When the time has come, he is rather careless and clumsy in arranging it. He doesn’t really plan it down to a T. He is sure the pet he got you was going to behave before you return from work/college.

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(Step by step, together; you wouldn’t have it any other way.)

word count: 2,793

genre: plotless fluff / originally meant to be a “mini-scenario” or drabble

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Dead And (pt.2) [ Filth ]

Masterlist: Click Here
Synopsis: Satan plays cupid in the apocalyptic world
Chapter Warnings: N E G A N & his glorious mouth, doubt of religion, start of s e x u a l tension, random character death (Lucille back at it again), violence (anything else, please tell me)
Chapter Synopsis: “Is he God or the Devil?”
Word Count: 2,680+ (I’m a bitch sucker for descriptive shit)
Rating: This story is now at hell’s gate, someone open the gate xie xie.
Pairing: (So far it’s) Negan x Reader
Helpful BGM: “Gasoline” by Halsey
A/N: After seeing the first part receiving almost a hundred notes, I knew I had to deliver shit so tada motherfuckers, here’s part two. Since this personal blog is 80% astrology 20% anything else, instead of following me for updates, you can just tell me if you wanna be tagged on the future chapters. Hope yall like this shit! Til then, ta-ta~

She never felt this filthy in her whole damn life.

As (Y/N) withstands the scorching noon heat while finding the safest way she can settle down at, her stench absolutely reeks that it causes her nostrils to flare time to time. She is sweltering but refuses to remove her leather jacket in case of a surprise walker attack. (Y/N) is a walking effluvium. Back from the community she was at before the beginning of this story, showering is only available for the people at the uppermost of the hierarchy. However, if you belong to the lower class there are some ways to get a proper shower every day: be a sex worker for the insatiable, be a soldier for the defenseless, or join the ‘game’ for the bored. Last time our lady (Y/N) right here had a shower was when she won the recent game in exchange of her life.

But that’s a story for a different time.

Let’s continue talking about how filthy she feels.

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#148: Baby Series | Baby’s First Word

Suggestion: Read the other prefs to get a better comprehension

Pregnancy Series Masterlist

First Night Home With The Baby


Diaper Changing

Bath Time

Bottlefeeding His P.O.V

You’re Insecure About Your Body After The Birth

Walks In The Park

Your Baby Laughs For The First Time

Doctor Visits


Luke’s fingers caressed down the skin around your shoulders, his finger tickling the skin around your bones and down your spine. He was humming lightly to himself, squeezing one eye shut by the morning sun streaking in through the curtains in bright orange and yellow colors. William was resting next to him between the two of you, his blue eyes curious and looking up at his father while enjoying being tickled on his stomach. It was great Luke was a multitasker because he knew William would bug if he stopped his actions. You were out like a light after taking too many painkillers because of early night period. It was days like these that could be so stressful, feeling miserable in your own body and not wanting to do anything else but rest in your bed and do pointless thing like sleeping. But with Luke by your side, all the pain seemed to vanish away. He was there when you needed him and the bond between him and your son was enough to make your heart melt, and relax with him only watching over the two of you. “See bud… She’s sleeping again. It took some time huh, of course it can’t compares to you though.” Luke smiled down at his son loving, moving his fingers from his stomach to the top of his forehead. He leaned his lips down to kiss your shoulders, planted one on top of William’s forehead before scratching his itchy bare chest, the duvet barely covering down to his V line. William turned around now resting on top of his stomach, clearly craving for his mother’s attention. He reached his small hand forward and grabbed your hair, pulling on it lightly making Luke’s eyes go wide. “No no William, don’t do that. She barely slept because of her period, she needs all the sleep she can so she can give you her 100% attention later when I’m heading to the studio.” Luke tried his best to fiddle William’s small fingers away from your matted hair. By his action, William looked at him confused, looking between the two of you. “Ma-“ He paused, “Ma.” His gaze turned towards your sleeping form, making Luke’s blue orbs widen. “William did you just-“ He was interrupted by his son finishing his first word, the word mama leaving his lips and he started to pull on your hair. “Oh my.” Luke commented amazed, hurrying to filter his fingers out of your hair again, not knowing whether to wake you up at this point. “William can you promise me one thing? When mommy wakes up, you’ll have to say that word again because it’s pretty amazing and I know it’s gonna leave her startled, surprised and her belly filling up with butterflies.” Luke’s fingers caressed your shoulder again while looking down at his son with rather proud eyes. This took him down to a memory from the pregnancy. The night he spoke to your belly for the first time. But now he could get the chance to talk to his son face to face. An amazing feeling.


”Shouldn’t he like, be talking by now?” Michael questioned out loud, his huge fingers wrapping around Alex’ small hands, his feet resting on top of the coffee table while Alex leaned his back against Michael’s thighs. Calum looked up from his phone to glance over at Michael, his eyebrows furrowing and he grasped his bottom lip with his fingers. “I don’t know I guess. I might have known if I had gotten the chance to ask any questions when we went to the doctors.” Calum gave Michael a look that told everything and in reaction the brown haired boy scoffed at him. “Admit it, the doctor visit wouldn’t have been anything without Luke, Ash and I as moral support.” Michael grinned by his own words and wiggled his eyebrows at Cal who only shook his head, his eyes looking over at the recording boot where Ashton was standing, Luke sitting in front of the equipment with John. “Come on Alex, the two words are easy. Simple as butter. Say uncle Mikey.” Michael looked serious at your son, his eyes focused on the brown orbs in front of him, trying his best to get some sort of contact. “Or you could just drool down on my jeans instead.” He chuckled after a minute of waiting, using his thumb to dry away the drool from Alex’s chin and his jeans, the spot fading into the dark denim. “Come on bud, I would die if you say Luke’s name before mine.” Luke looked over at shoulder and rolled his eyes by Michael’s comment, but still managed to grin over the small feud they shared. Instead of doing as Michael requested, Alex started to fuzz and make whimpers which you took as a queue to take him into your lap instead. “I can never have him for more than five minutes before he starts crying, great! I must get used to not being the favourite uncle.” He humbled and crossed staring at the two of you. Though, he was still a whimpering mess when he was embraced in his arms, even more furious than when being with Michael and you softly sighed by his reaction. “He’s being moody these days, it might be a bit stress from constantly switching hotel room and bunk.” You mumbled tired, trying to calm him down but he wouldn’t stop. “Dada!” He exclaimed loudly, looking over at Calum almost for help which made everyone freeze in the room, including John and Luke. “He just-?” Michael questioned shocked while Calum stood up from the couch with the biggest smirk on his face. “1-0 to daddy here.” Calum grinned and took you from your arms, and in the second Alex was resting against Calum’s chest he quiet down and smiled up at his father. You crossed your arms and shocked your head, looking over at Michael who shockingly stared at the scene in front of him. “Don’t be like that Michael, I’m his mother and Calum gets more appreciation than I do.” Calum grinned down at you and planted a soft kiss to your furious state, “Hopefully he will say mama soon.”


The sun was streaming nicely in your face, both warm and brightening up the whole garden that lead to Michael and yours house. You fiddled with the grass beneath the blanket while ripping it off and goofily letting it fall down on top of Celeste, whom started to squirm by the sudden contact on her belly. You lifted up your sunglasses to get a better look at her, and removed the grass again from her belly as it was clearly irritating her. “Your dad loves getting grass on his belly. I used to do it all the time when we were tanning in the garden before you were born. He even put grass on my belly once while it was huge and you were living inside of me. You probably don’t remember it.” You caressed your finger down her cheek while talking, the two of you keeping eye contact, Celeste noticing every word you were saying and observing it. “Speaking of which, where is your dad hiding, he said he only needed to find the lawnmower in the shed at the other end of the house.” You looked up towards where Michael had been going, a curious expression on your face. But seconds later he showed up from the other end, driving the lawnmower in front of him, having a light yellow cable with it that was connected to the other end of the house. He started to machine and started to run down the grass, cutting it off and making your lawn, and he smiled over at you with a small wink when he noticed you staring at him. “Dada!” You looked down at Celeste’s exclaim with a smile, nodding your head agreeing to her words. But your eyes widened as the realization of what she had just said hit you and you looked at her shocked. “Did you just say your first word?” Celeste looked up at you while chewing on her fist, drool running down her chin. You waited in silence in excitement for her to say something again, and her eyes traced towards Michael before she exclaimed the same word again, dada. “Michael!” You screamed over the loud sound of the lawnmower but it wasn’t after a few repeats of his name that he heard it and stopped the noise. “What?” he yelled and squeezed his eyes by the bright sun. “Celeste just said her first word!” You pointed down at her, and Michael’s eyes widened and hurried towards you guys. “Oh my god, what did she say?” “Dada.” She responded before you could and Michael’s eyes widened in pure surprise by the amazing voice of his littler daughter talking for the first time. “Oh my god Celeste, I knew you would be a sucker for your dad, can you say the word again.” He lifted her up in his arms, pressing kisses to his cheeks and laughing all over his face by the repeated word of dada.


After having the twins at the doctor visit and she mentioned you guys needed to talk more to Zack, you took to a whole new level – more correctly, Ashton did. Every time he would walk pass him in any way he would be making weird noises, words and babbles, trying to get attention from his son who looked up at his dad with the identical hazel eyes. No matter what time it was on the day Ashton would be a talking mess, but also remaining with giving both twins the attention. It was getting to the point where you almost wanted to put tape over his mouth, he was taking it to a whole new level. “We need to find a day off soon so we can get some time with ourselves. We haven’t had a date since the birth.” You mentioned while feeding Cloe with porridge, making weird facial expressions to catch her attention. Ashton looked up from cutting carrots and other vegetables on the counter and he wiped his curls that were sticking in front of his face. “Who should watch the twins, my mum?” His attention went back to the cooking in front of him, and you sighed by his words and leaned your elbow on chair you were sitting at. “If she has the time.” Ashton nodded his head agreeing to your words and opened the boiling pan with water, starting to fill it up with the cut vegetables. “I’ll just ask her when I have the time.” You nodded your head and your attention went back to the twins, seeing Cloe in a mess with her food while Zack only stared down at it, not really looking like someone who wanted to eat more of it. “Done?” You asked him and took his plate while standing up from your chair, ready to turn around to place it in the sink but protests came from your behind and all of the sudden Zack exclaimed “Mama!” frustrated. Ashton’s eyes widened along with yours and you both turned your attention towards your son. “Did he just say mama?” Ashton asked in pure amaze, and moved away from the stove to get closer to you. You looked at Zack curiously and started to back away from him with the food, seeing him become desperate and exclaimed the same word again. “Oh my god.” Your hand came up to your mouth in shock and you placed his plate back on the table in front of him and lifted him up from his baby chair. “Ashton your weird babbles have worked.” Ashton laughed out loud by your words and placed a tender kiss to his cheek, excitement filling his veins. “I was expecting the word to be dada but alright, we’ll give that to Cloe.” He moved down with a cloth in his hands to dry off the porridge around her squeezy cheeks and you smiled proudly down at your son, proudness filling your veins by his first word.

My dear friend>> Jackson, You

This was request by anon, I hope you will like it :)


You stopped dancing, looking at your friend Jackson. He was sitting on the floor, his back leaned on the huge mirror of the practice room as he was watching your practice.

“Do you think I got it?” You asked, panting, and your smile was so wide on your face. You had been practicing for 6 hours, but still thought there was something out of the routine.

“But, I can dance better than you.” He joked and you rolled your eyes in response.

“You are perfect. Just perfect.” Jackson said, giving you a thumb up. You smiled before shaking your head.

“I think I need to practice more.”

Jackson jumped to his feet, surprising you a little as he approached the stereo and shut the music.

“No, you are going home now.”

You walked to Jackson, shaking your head firmly. “No, No, no. I can’t Jackson. No”

“But you look like dying.” He frowned as he put his hand over your shoulder, turning you around, toward the mirror.“Look at yourself. You are tired. You look like zombie”

You really did look tired. Your skin was pale and your eyes had dark circles under them. Your color was off and you looked as if you had lost your soul.

Sliding Jackson’s hand from your shoulder you turned to look at him with a small smile, “I’m fine. Jackson.”

He sighed, running a hand through his hair. “Y/N…”

“You have to go home, yourself.” You chuckled. “You have a schedule, tomorrow, don’t you?”

“I’m not going home without you.”

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Arthur had been cooped up in his little office for almost a whole day now. He continued to scroll through maps, go through his emails, and answering and making phone calls all the way until about two in the morning.

The man hadn’t slept, barley ate, and never rested through this, how he’s still managing to function is a mystery in itself.

“C’mon…Lew, ya’ gotta be somewhere..” the blond sighed, rubbing his eyes.


Arthur’s eyes shot open at the sudden growl and rubbed his stomach. AH..did he eat today? He had to have eaten at least a little, right..? he’s only had water and coffee all day…

“That–” he yawns. “That’ good..” the mechanic mumbled before getting up and walking out of his office. 

He didn’t feel like cooking so maybe he could go out? He’s still functioning, so what’s the worst that could happen?..Ah..maybe he shouldn’t drive though…

Arthur threw on his sneakers and vest before walking out the front door…Though it wasn’t long until his mind wandered and his eyes drooped that he walked into somebody and jolted awake.

“Oh sh-, yo I’m sorry? I didn’t see you there..”

Spotless - Imagine Request

Requested by @jeffry4ever:  I will love to read a fic of DeanxReader where the reader gets abducted and her captors start torturing her, and for some reason she starts to forget about Dean…you can make the rest…if you want.

Characters: Dean x reader, Sam, Castiel.

Word count: 2,666

Warnings: none.

A/N: This is way too fluffy, I’m sorry. I hope you like it, though. Enjoy!

The corn field was huge, and there was no way (Y/N) and Dean would finish scanning the whole place with the EMF.

“There’s nothing here,” She sighed, “why don’t we go back to the motel and call it a day, huh?”

“Sounds about right, sweetheart.” Dean replied with a flirty smirk.

They started walking out of the field as fast as they could. The corn was almost fully grown and they didn’t want to break it and expose their actions to the farmers, who had threaten them with calling the cops if they caught them sneaking on the field.

There was this noise coming out of nowhere, one that (Y/N) recognized as something similar to the hovercrafts in The Hunger Games. But said hovercrafts were fiction, and there was no way one of those was flying above them.

“(Y/N), stay close.” Dean ordered, immediately pulling his gun out.

A light landed right above them. It was some kind of spotlight, but they couldn’t see what has holding it. Dean cursed under his breath and pulled her away from the light.

“RUN!” He ordered. Being careful to the corn was no longer an option.

“I thought aliens weren’t real!” She roared. Dean was still holding her arm, and she was trying her best to keep up with Dean’s pace.

“They’re not aliens!” Dean replied, “Those are fairies!”

“What?” The light covered them once more.

(Y/N) started levitating towards the light. Dean tried his best to pull her back on the ground but it was useless.

“Dean!” She cried, “RUN!”

“Not leaving you.” The huntress let out a heavy sigh and pushed him out of the light. The strange force levitating her took full control and, in a matter of seconds, she was gone.


Everything felt cold. Her vision was blurry and all she could see was million different lights, surrounding her. Suddenly, the million lights turned into a single white light and an acute pain filled (Y/N)’s body; ripping an agonizing cry from her lips.

“This isn’t the boy.” A high pitched voice said.

“No, but we can hurt him even more with her.” Another one replied, “There won’t be a sweeter revenge than the one we will have thanks to this girl.”


Dean was walking from side to side of the room, trying to remember every single detail he could about what happened ten minutes ago and what had happened years ago when fairies abducted Dean.

“Why did they only take her and not both of you?” Sam asked, interrupting Dean’s thoughts.

“The force was too strong and I couldn’t pull her away… The whole effort made me stumble and fall out of the light.” Dean explained. As always, he was blaming himself.

“Well, at least we know those are fairies… Now we have to find out who conjured them.” Sam said, opening the lid of his laptop and starting to research.


She stretched, finally waking up from her long dream. It was no longer cold, in fact, it was pretty warm. She wasn’t at a flat, metallic surface but rather in a soft one. She was in a bed.

Her (Y/E/C) eyes opened slowly. She needed to adjust to the change; she had been surrounded for nothing else but lights. Thankfully, the only light in the room was a lightbulb, and it wasn’t nearly as bright as her captors.

“How are you feeling sweetheart?” Dean spoke, cupping her cheek with a hand. His green eyes analysing every bit of her as she became conscious.

“Who are you?” She asked, frowning at the sight of the hunter.

“I’m Dean… Dean Winchester, don’t you remember me?” Dean furrowed at her dumbfounded look. She shook her head in response. Dean sighed and helped her to sit up.

Sam entered the room; he was carrying some plastic bags filled with all kinds of groceries. (Y/N) smiled at him instantly. “Heya, Sammy.” She said, “Missed me?”

“Hold it.” Dean ordered before Sam could reply, “You do remember him but you don’t remember me?”

“I’m sorry?” She answered. Dean stood silent for a second, analysing her once more.

“Enough joking, (Y/N).” He said, trying to laugh.

“I’m not joking.” She replied with a serious tone.

“Will any of you tell me what is going on?” Sam interrupted, leaving the bags at the counter next to the door.

“(Y/N) says she doesn’t remember who I am.” Dean spoke angrily.

“It’s the truth; I have no idea who you are.” She added.

“Did you lose your memory when you got abducted?” Sam asked Dean, who shook his head aggressively. “(Y/N), do you remember what they did to you?”

“Not really… I just remember being on a metallic surface and uh… Something hurt me, but I don’t know what.” The huntress told Sam.

“Torture?” Sam mumbled, looking over at Dean.

“But why? I thought they only served that pansy King of theirs.” Dean frowned.

“So you DID serve him!” Sam laughed.

“Not the time, Sam.” Dean grumbled, “We need to make her remember, then I’ll find those naked assholes and….”

“Alright, alright.” Sam calmed his brother, “We’ll find a way.”


A bunch of pictures where sprawled in front of her. They were all Dean and (Y/N)’s pictures; on their birthdays, after successful hunts, Christmas, Halloween… Every memory they had together, was there.

“So?” Dean asked. His green eyes were full of hope.

“Nothing, I still don’t remember you.” The girl replied nonchalantly. Dean sighed and sat beside her. They were back at the bunker, sitting in the war room – and surprisingly, (Y/N) remembered everything, even Baby, but not Dean.

“See this?” Dean asked showing her a picture of them dressed up as some lame-ass version of scarecrows, “That year you wanted us to dress up, but since we don’t own costumes, you decided to improvise.” He smiled at the picture, “You made us all wear old flannels, and then you and I went out to find some dry grass while Sam looked for old cloths or whatever we could use…”

    “And this one,” he grabbed another picture, “it’s from last Christmas. You made me get up very early in the morning to go cut a pine tree, and then you made me decorate it with you.” A chuckle left his lips, “Sam was amused by it, because we had never had a Christmas tree as pretty as that one.”

     “Now this one is from a few months ago.” He explained, “It was the first time I saw you wear a dress and I just had to take a picture.” He looked nostalgic, “You wanted to kill me for that, but ended up giving up and letting me keep this.”

He explained every single picture on the table. The huntress would alternate her gaze between the pictures and Dean. He reacted differently to each one, yet there was something that didn’t change; there was something in his eyes, in his voice tone… Something familiar, but it felt so distant to her.

“Dean?” She asked, interrupting the story behind the last picture.

“What is it, sweetheart?” He asked, putting the picture down.

“Were we… dating?” Dean’s face turned even sadder.

“No,” he shook his head, “I’m afraid not.”

“Oh, sorry I just… I thought…” Dean placed a hand over her leg.

“It’s fine.” He winked at her and left the room.

(Y/N) gave another look to every picture. It was like every memory that included Dean was somehow erased from her mind, but it made no sense because she could remember everything else.

Finally, after a few hours and a quick visit to Sam’s room, (Y/N) knocked on Dean’s door. She had two beers in hand and was willing to try and remember.

“Hey.” Dean smiled once he opened the door.

“Hey,” She smiled back, “Sam told me we uh… we drink beers at night so I figured we could try that, see if I can remember?”

“Yeah, sure.” Dean stepped aside, allowing her to get in. “Looks familiar?” Dean asked after noticing the way the huntress looked at his room.

“Kind of.” She said, “I remember the furniture and uh… I don’t remember the pictures or any personal artefact really.” She shuddered. Dean walked closer, pressing his hands on her shoulders and his chest on her back. Again, the familiar feeling fluttered inside her.

“It’ll take time, but at least you remember my room… That’s a good start, huh?” Dean chuckled.

“Yeah, I guess.” She let go off Dean’s grip and sat in bed, unconsciously taking her usual place. Dean smiled at her action and joined her.

The whole time, Dean dedicated to tell her all kinds of stories, trying to make her remember a bit more. However, she didn’t. Dean had been deleted from her memory and it was frustrating for both of them.

The next morning, the three hunters were at the kitchen when Castiel appeared.

“Hi, Dean.” The angel cheered, “Sam, (Y/N).”

“Hi, Cas.” She smiled, palming the angel’s arm, “how’s Heaven?”

“Celestial?” Cas squinted; he never understood what she meant with said question.

(Y/N) laughed and, before she could say anything else, Dean interrupted again. “You remember him too?!” He fumed.

“Yeah, I… Sorry.” (Y/N) gave her an innocent look, which immediately softened Dean’s features.

“So it’s true.” Castiel spoke, “You don’t remember him.” (Y/N) shook her head in response.

“Can you do anything?” Sam asked. Castiel took a closer look to (Y/N) and without asking, he touched her forehead with two fingers. (Y/N) screamed in pain and when Cas let go off her, she fell – thankfully, Dean caught her right in time.

“I need to enter her mind.” The angel informed like nothing had happened, “Those fairies set a barrier in her mind; a barrier similar to the one Sam had when he came back from Hell.”

“Is it really necessary for you to get it?” She asked with a tired voice tone. Dean was still holding her and she felt dizzy.

“I’m afraid it’s the only way.” Castiel explained, “Fairy magic is a lot different than Angelic powers… I can’t just take the wall down from the outside.”

“Will I remember Dean again?” She asked.

“I can’t promise anything, but I’ll do my best.”


“It won’t hurt, right?” She asked. Castiel opened his mouth hesitantly, “Okay, don’t answer that.”

“I’ll be fast.” He promised.

The huntress said yes and Castiel entered her body. Both Jimmy Novak and (Y/N)’s body remained still for fifteen minutes until Cas came back to his vessel. (Y/N) was still unconscious, and Castiel suggested taking her back to her room – which Dean did.

“She needs to process every memory, and it may take a while.” Cas told Dean.

“But she’ll remember me, right?” Dean asked with puppy eyes.

“I don’t know, Dean.”

Sam and Cas remained downstairs, doing God-knows what while Dean waited patiently for (Y/N) to wake up.

She opened her eyes suddenly, gasping for air and then closing them again. Dean started to call her name and, slowly, she became conscious again.

“Dean.” She whispered, gripping tightly to him.

“Yeah, it’s me.” He smiled, “Do you remember me now?”

“Only the past days.” Dean’s smile fell.

“We’ll find another way, I promise.” He said, trying not to sound hurt.


For a whole week, the Winchesters and (Y/N) focused on reading each and every single book the Men of Letters owned, trying to find answers. Meanwhile, Cas went back upstairs to see if anyone knew a way to make her remember.

On the sixth night, Sam excused himself and went back to bed; leaving Dean and (Y/N) to do the research.

Dean was actively reading a dusty lore book, while (Y/N) read some parchments and a few annotations she had found inside one of the books.

“Fairy tales were written by older fairies to teach the younger ones how to break their different spells.” One of the notes said. (Y/N) widened her eyes and closed that book, and then she walked over to the fairy tale section of the big library and started reading the last chapters of each.

“I don’t think fairy tales will work, sweetheart.” Dean spoke without looking up from his book.

“I might as well try.” She chuckled.

Every book ended the same way: A true love’s kiss. And though (Y/N)’s inner child squealed in excitement, her experienced hunter mind said otherwise; after all, even alchemists disguised their codes as romantic tales, and none of those really involved a true loves kiss to create gold.

She closed the books and stared at them for five minutes straight. Dean lifted his gaze, tilting his head and admired her factions. Meanwhile, (Y/N)’s mind wandered around all kinds of codes she had come up to over the years, and none of them were giving her answers.

“What is it, (Y/N)?” Dean asked.

“Nothing.” She replied, still staring at the books.

“You’re doing that… That thing you do when you’re nervous… What’s wrong?” (Y/N) looked up to meet the hunter’s eyes.

“I’m not nervous.” She lied. Dean smiled, and looked down for a minute.

“If you remembered me, you’d know that it’s no use trying to lie to me.” He spoke softly, “I know you better than I know myself and I can’t tell that you’re nervous.” He extended his hand across the table, taking (Y/N)’s. “Whatever it is, don’t worry. We’ll find a way.” (Y/N) smiled at him.

The contact with Dean was so intense, the strange feeling she had been having rose up again; only this time it was stronger. Her heart was beating faster than that time she was running away from a werewolf, and her limbs were trembling. She swore her hands were starting to sweat and her cheeks were threatening to turn red. What the hell was going on?

“Dean?” Her voice could barely be heard, “Maybe it’s because I really don’t know what kind of friendship we have, but according to this books there is something that I need to do and I don’t want you to kill me. Okay?”

“Okay… What is…?” Before Dean could finish his question, (Y/N) had let go off his hand and walked to the other side of the table.

“Please don’t hate me.” She begged, crashing her lips against Dean’s.

At first he was shocked. But after processing what was going on, he melted into the kiss. His hands held her hip, pulling her to cradle his lap as the kiss deepened. (Y/N) felt as if an electric wave fluttered on her spine, making her break the kiss. She nuzzled her head on the crook of Dean’s neck, holding him close.

“(Y/N)…” He tried to speak, but (Y/N) shushed him.

Like a movie that is set on fast forward, every single memory played on her mind. She remembered everything as it had been yesterday.

“Fairies are the cheesiest creatures on Earth.” She spoke softly, still nuzzled on Dean’s neck.

“I’m pretty sure those are cherubs.” Dean chuckled. His hands were around her waist, holding her tightly against him.

“Nope, fairies.”

“How can you tell?”

“Because I remember now.” Dean let out a relief sighed. He held her even closer, as a smile formed on his lips.

“Thank God.” He whispered. His hands travelled up her back and down again, repeating that same movement over and over.

“You don’t hate me?” She asked without looking up.

“How could I hate you, sweetheart?” Dean smiled.

“Good.” She smiled, finally facing him.

They were both smiling like fools, looking into each other’s eyes like a couple of teens. They were both blushing, and their hearts were beating so loud they could easily be confused with Jumanji’s drums.

She sighed and went back to kiss him again. This time it was slower, more careful, and especially more meaningful. They had no idea how things will roll next; having a relationship was really dangerous in the kind of life they lived. But one thing was certain: She would never forget Dean.

Love to Hate - 4

Summary: You and Sam make a deal, one where you have to actually be nice to each other. Can you handle that? And will this temporary truce actually change anything between the two of you?

[Part One] [Part Two] [Part Three]

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anonymous asked:

Companions react to Sole finding out that they were a synth the hole time. Created by the institute and plugged with artificial memory's of Nate who never truly existed?

*bites fist* *clenches table* *shakes violently.* I hope you know that I have not been able to stop thinking about this request since you first submitted it. I was so blown away. I bet you write some stellar fanfiction anon. 10/10 plot twist. Warning: This will get dark.

Ada: She didn’t say anything when Sole told her at first. Lights blinked on her automatron head indicating she was thinking. “I think that sometimes life takes us all in unexpected directions that make you question your existence. Just because you are operating on someone else’s consciousness does not negate the permanence of your life in this very moment. The present belongs to you. That’s what I’d like to think.” Then she turned her head and started clunking away as Sole watched. Ada struggled with grasping her own consciousness too and whether her self-awareness meant she was a being or not. Sole’s story stuck with her for many many days later as she pondered the perplexity of the very concept of consciousness and its implications.

Cait: She folded her arms. “Bullshit. I saw the human popsicle you took me too back in yer vault. You’re trying to pull the wool over me eyes.” It seemed too crazy to be real. She’d been around tons of people to tried to pull their tricks on her and this story just sounded to unbelievable. There wasn’t even any damn logic behind it! At least not that Sole knew. But Sole seemed utterly convinced of what this ‘Father’ had told her so Cait just rolled her eyes and went with it. “Yeah yeah, and you just full on believed this Father fellow didn’t you? He was probably all pissy you didn’t come get his arse immediately for all you know and pulled a mean practical joke on ya. But anyway, if you’re so damn hellbent on believing this crap then who the hell cares if it was implanted or not? Who cares if that guy really was yer husband or not? If it felt real, it was real. Simple as that.”

Codsworth: “Wait, then… then who am I?” Sole and Codsworth had been searching for a back way into the Institute through some old laboratories. They stumbled upon a dusty old terminal in a room full of dissected gen-3 synth parts. In no time Sole hacked it and found out much more than they ever intended. This was the first laboratory where the Institute perfected the gen-3 synths. The first gen-3 was designed as an experimental model transplanted with fake memories and no knowledge about the Institute, just to see how they fared on the surface. Sole stared wide eyed at a picture of themselves as Codsworth gasped horrified. That still didn’t answer why he had false memories too. Who was he? He and Sole scrounged the lab for any hint of Codsworth’s origins but all they found was a brittle signed piece of paper detailing a financial partnership between the Commonwealth Institute of Technology and General Atomics.

Curie: “Zat seems very bizarre zat they would not tell you. Doesn’t ze Institute pride themselves on keeping their synths under control? Why would they voluntarily give you your own autonomy? Zis does not make sense to Curie.” Sole was so caught up with their whole life being a lie that they were overwhelmed. Curie however made very valid points about the whole situation that really didn’t seem to add up. She grounded Sole, she always did. Curie’s ability to remain calm and logical in all situations is why she is the only person Sole trusts to go to for sensitive issues. She was their voice of reason. Sole and Curie went into a room with some large paper and pencils and drafted a hypothetical timeline of the events that Father had told Sole in sequential order. They plotted everything they could, dates, places, people, etc as they could. Curie was right. Something didn’t add up… Curie had them analyze their past few interactions with Father to see if there might be some reason for him to have told them this. Well Sole had knowingly continued to help the Railroad despite being advised against it. Wait… Did Father tell them that to make them more obedient? To make them believe that they were servants of the Institute to dissuade them from independent thought?

Danse: [Reversal of Blind Betrayal] Elder Maxson called him to the command deck, informing him that Proctor Quinlan had recovered the data retrieved from the Institute. Sole was a synth. Danse’s blood ran cold. How? How could he have not noticed he had been travelling with a synth the whole time? And he was the one that brought them on board. The implications of his wrongdoing weight heavily on his conscience. His mind raced with what they might have done. Had they stolen classified information? Were they a seed from the Institute? No matter. They were on the run now and Danse was mandated to kill them. He ended up cornering them at Listening Post Bravo. They were done running. Danse was so ready to kill the dirty synth that lied straight to his face but the second he saw their familiar eyes looking back so sadly at him, all of his bravado fell. They accepted their death, told him it was okay. Danse raised the gun to their head and they thanked him. Sole’s eyes never left his. He couldn’t. He was weak. Sole made him feel ways he never felt before and even though everything he had ever learned was screaming at him to kill them, his arms hung limply at his side. He couldn’t pull the trigger. He was in love with this synth.

Deacon: “What?” was all he said when Sole approached him saying “I won.” He could instantly tell something was wrong. Every semblance of their body language basically screamed they was upset. They had this game, kind of like comparing scars. Neither one took offense, but rather found it fun. They both had seen some pretty fucked up things. Sole explained how they had the biggest lie of all: their whole life. Deacon’s heart fell as they failed to fight back the tears that were streaming down their face. “Geez, Boss it never was a competition. I mean to me, you… aww shit what am I saying? Get over here.” He couldn’t take just standing there like a douchebag as the one person that ever truly made him feel like himself desperately needed someone. He fit their head into the crook of his neck and rubbed their back. He told people he wasn’t a hugger because he wasn’t comfortable with people being close to him. But now, he was more at home than he ever had been before. What they had; that was real. No Institute could have implanted that.

Dogmeat: *whine* Sole stared off into space in a catatonic state in their wheelchair. The intern at the State Mental Health Hospital wheeled them around the skilled nursing facility grounds away from the other patients. The residing psychiatrist approached her “How are they doing?” he said with his clipboard out, ready to take notes. The intern gave a weary smile, remembering the eventful past few minutes. “They’re doing much better now. Sorry the alarms called you on your day off doc. I don’t know what happened. They were fine one minute, and the next they were acting all paranoid saying something like we implanted memories in them or something and we faked their husband too. Then they started throwing things and it was really upsetting the other patients.” The doctor nodded knowingly, pushing his glasses an inch up his crooked nose. “Did you use operation Dogmeat?” he asked. Again the intern nodded. “Yeah. 5mg of Haldol. The nurses did it. Calmed ‘em right down.” The doctor nodded once more before clicking his pen shut. “Good. Sole’s been having increasingly severe episodes. Perhaps we’ll try another medication. Thank you for your help.” With that the psychiatrist walked off and the intern kept wheeling Sole’s chair as they stared off in an immobile state thinking about the comforting glow of the irradiated wasteland.

Hancock: “Wow. That’s some heavy stuff right there sister/brother.” Hancock looked down in pensive thought as Sole explained to him everything they had learned at the Institute. He knew something was wrong when they came to him, legs and hands trembling so badly they couldn’t keep still. So he brought them up to the roof of his state house. No one had ever been up there before besides him. Not even Fahrenheit. It was his place to go to when he needed time to think, to calm down, to cool off. But now, Sole needed time to think. That was the most important thing right now. He placed a gentle arm around Sole. “Hey, I know this isn’t exactly comparable, but I understand the feeling of never being able to return to the life you once had before. Believe me. But that’s what this place is y’know? This whole city collects all the misfits that don’t fit in anywhere else. Now me? I don’t give a damn what you are. You’ll always be my sunshine.”

MacCready: “Woah boss… okay.” He rose his hands up and started backing away. Sole had their back turned to him as they spoke calmly and softly. Somewhere deep down MacCready knew they didn’t look back on purpose because they knew what he was going to do. A synth? Are you freaking kidding me? He slung his sniper over his back and took off down the road without looking back. Boss had lied to him the whole time. He hated being lied to. He-he had traveled with that synth. He had laughed with that synth. He had kissed that synth. He had made love to that synth. Days passed as he almost made it to the border of the Commonwealth. The nights seemed colder. He became more irritable. More anxious. He missed that synth. Loneliness turned into sadness and as the decrepit signpost with ‘Welcome to the Capital Wasteland,’ came into view and he stopped. What was he doing? After a few moments he let out an irritated sigh and turned around to make his way all the way back to Sanctuary because he loved that synth.

Nick Valentine: They had tailed a courser to a military compound. Nick and Sole did a good job of tailing him stealthily until the courser stopped at a far room only visible though a small window. He held out a holotape to someone and a man i a lab coat grabbed it. Nick felt Sole stand up beside him, their face as white as a sheet. “Nate” they whispered. “Kid don’t!” He hissed, but it was too late. They’d already stepped out into the clearing. Sole took both the men by surprise, the courser immediately taking up arms but Sole only looked at Nate in a way that made Nick feel uncomfortable. He didn’t trust this man. Nate started smooth talking Sole who seemed to be sucking it all up like a dream. That was until he started saying a designation number. Nick shot him with a tranquilizer dart before he could finish and he and Sole finished off the courser for the sake of their own survival. Sole was all forms of confused and so Nick felt like he had to stay strong for them. He grabbed the holotape out of their not-so-dead spouse’s hand. Nick snatched away their hand that was smoothing down the collapsed Nate’s hair and popped the holotape in their pipboy, muttering something incoherent. What they saw was a report on the synth…Sole. That tape detailed everything. About their implanted memories and the fake body they implanted. Sole ran out of the building so quickly that Nick was stumbling to keep up with them. “Kid! Hold up…” He wheezed. When he caught up with them he saw tears where threatening to fall from their frightened eyes. “Having a life that doesn’t belong to you, not knowing where the fake ends and the real begins, that’s something I can empathize with more than you know.”

Piper: “H-hey Blue, calm down-” *crash!* “JESUS! Put that down you’re going to hurt yourself! And destroy my house!” Sole was never meant to find out they were a synth. Father went to great lengths to hide it. However a comment a scientist made in Robotics rubbed Sole the wrong way. How dare they implicate them as a synth? They were obviously Father’s parent. Sole was a truth-seeker, just like Piper, which is why she loved them. That night, Sole snuck into Robotics and hacked into their terminals, searching for what that could have meant. That’s when Sole found out. The first place they went to was Piper’s house. They quickly drank themselves into an angry stupor, throwing things and yelling about the life they never had and the person who they weren’t. Piper propped her hands on her hips, looking at her big baby Blue. “Look! I love the person I see here right before my very eyes. I don’t care if your past was fake, I know the you right now isn’t fake and that’s all that matters.”

Preston: He passed Sole the bottle of whiskey as they were explaining their story in front of the campfire they had made. He tried to imagine what it was like having your whole life all of a sudden be fake like that and he shivered at the idea. Sole downed the rest of the bottle in one go (which was ¾ths full!). Preston grimaced knowing that couldn’t have been tasty never mind healthy. He scooted closer to them, rubbing their back in small circles as they leaned up against him. Sole threw their hands up in frustration. “Hey General, your place if right here so don’t you ever feel like you don’t belong somewhere because you got me and all of us at Sanctuary to help you.” He placed tender kisses along their cheek but then abruptly stopped. “Wait… If Nate never existed then… does that make me your first love? That makes me kind of happy.” Sole didn’t look as happy as they play socked him in the arm. Preston stood up, taking their hands in his. He raised them up until they were at eye level and rubbed noses with them. “Babe, I’m really sorry your life was fake and all. But I promise, I am going to give you something real that only the person standing here before me could experience.”

Strong: “WHA… HUMAN NOT HUMAN? HUMAN IS METAL MAN? STRONG NO UNDERSTAND!” Sole grew red in the face trying to explain every little detail to Strong who seemed to kind of get it but not really. Venting at him actually helped them calm down a lot as they eventually adopted a ‘fuck it’ attitude and continued to do what they did. Strong now refers to Sole as ‘robot’ instead of ‘human.’

X6-88: He knew. X6′s boots slammed on the floor as rain pelted his shades. Who knows how long he had been running. The whole time, he knew about Sole. Sole was an experiment designed by Shaun to see how receptive an unsuspecting gen-3 model was when their origins were revealed. It was a test of internal fortitude. X6 knew they weren’t ready. He’d been assigned to protect them, to watch over them. He knew them. When they went AWOL, he was the first to volunteer for their reclamation. There was no way he was ever going to let any of the other coursers near them. He was going to do it. So now he ran. The Institute could track your locations of teleportation so he had to lay low. This was what he was trained for: hunting down synths that disobey. Sole was just another one. But as he searched every place that ever meant something to them, his convictions started to sound superficial to him. The more he thought of these troubling thoughts the more he began to think that he might become the very first courser in history that went rogue.


Maxson: Sole took him aside privately, hoping to confide in the leader of the Brotherhood. Big mistake. “Synth!” He yelled, smacking them across the face, knocking them out. When they came to, they were in a cage, the molerats having been moved, and surrounded by all the heads of the Brotherhood staring at them with cold eyes. Maxson stepped forward and Sole glared as he began a grandiose speech of how they were an Institute spy and synth filth that was sent to infiltrate them. After all they’d been through they couldn’t believe what they were hearing. When he finally turned to address them, Sole spit on him. The air filled with roars as Maxson stripped off his jacket and entered the cage. Sole did their best to put up a fight but he still beat them. He always won. This sick ritual of torture and humiliation continued for days. What the other heads didn’t know what that Maxson came back to their cage in the middle of the night and fucked them like they were going to ‘fuck the Brotherhood.’ They had known Maxson once had feelings for them and so Sole decided to take advantage of that. One night they kissed him hard, which stunned him enough for them to escape. They didn’t make it very far though before Maxson caught them by the hair and threw them forward into the sharp metal corner of a table, splitting their leg open. Sole yelped in pain, clutching their synthetic bleeding leg. Two large arms draped around them. All they heard was the faint whisper of “I’m sorry” as they tried to grasp the situation. What the fuck?

Father: “Take them away” he sighed with a wave of his hand, motioning to the door. He rose his cup of tea to his lips as two gen-2 synths came and dragged away Sole’s lifeless body off the floor. Both of his parents died that fateful day he was plucked out of Vault 111. Ever since rising into power of the most technologically advanced faction in the Commonwealth, Shaun sought to restore what he had lost: his family. With every prototype, each approximation got closer and closer to a real human. Unfortunately, this one was unable to handle the intense emotional stimuli of such a revelation. Shame. Perhaps the next one will do better.

Desdemona: She held Sole’s head to her chest comfortingly when they started to hyperventilate while talking about it. “Shh, hey there. Sorry this happened to you agent. The Institute likes to play all these kinds of cruel jokes on their synths just to see what happens sometimes. Can’t say it’s the first time I’ve seen something like this but I’m sorry it had to happen to you.” Des opened her arm to motion to the rest of HQ. When Sole finally looked up she saw everyone: Deacon, Glory, Drummer Boy, Tinker Tom, PAM, even Carrington surrounding them with sympathetic looks in their eyes. They were silent but united. Desdemona squeezed Sole’s shoulder. “You see? We are all here for you. We are your family now.”

Glory: She found out the hard way. One day the classical radio station had been jacked by the Brotherhood but when they all tuned in to listen to the strange broadcast, the sound of Sole screaming filled the room. The chilling discord of Sole’s voice turned her blood to ice. The Brotherhood said they found their little “synth agent” spying on them and that if the Railroad didn’t cease and desist, then they were going to kill her. Glory wanted to riddle every single one of them with bullets from her minigun but Des convinced her to wait for more information instead of running into a trap. A few days later, Tom’s terminal wigged out and a message slowly appeared on the screen: ‘Escaped. Help - Sole.’ That was enough sign for Glory. She grabbed her gun and ran to the only place she knew Sole would go: The Randolph Safehouse. Sole’s messy hair came into view as Glory called out to them as she approached but what she saw when Sole turned around twisted her stomach into knots. Sole had a gaping hole shot in their stomach which revealed a gory mix of blood, sparks, and protruding wire. Those motherfuckers. Glory ran to Sole’s side and took their shaky body in her arms. She was going to make the Brotherhood pay for what they did to Sole.