almost a time lord

I'm Not Gay MCCREE, are you SURE you don’t like Hanzo? -3-

Tracer: Ya can’t hide a rainbow from me, Jesse. You know that.

McCree: … *singing* I’m not gay guys, that ain’t me! I’m just comfortable with my sexuality. So I can admit when I see a guy, who’s got a handsome face and pretty eyes-

*starts imaging Hanzo*

and a rock hard chest….and rippling abs…and the tightest ass…..and those sculpted calves…..and the bulging quads…and that perfect bod…..and oh my g o d take your pants off *drooling* oh m y

Tracer: …..called it

Hanzo: ………………………… *Hanzo.exe has stopped working*


tfw you gotta study, revise, and write a paper in one night but you’re dead tired and got a skull splitting headache 


     To whoever originally made this meme: I am truly sorry for the rant I’m about to go on, because I know you meant this to be funny, and it is. But this scene is incredibly important to the character development of, well, pretty much everyone– but especially Jack.
    Right from the beginning, Jack believed in the Doctor. This rogue Time Agent just hooks up with this clearly insane alien and decides that this is the man he’ll follow, come Hell or high water. Jack the renegade, the criminal, the con man, the torture master (see Torchwood season 1, “Countrycide,”) decides that he’s going to owe his loyalty to this total stranger in a blue box– all because the Doctor came back for him when his ship was about to blow rather than let him die. He calls him “sir.” He enforces his wishes. He throws himself into danger for him. Then Station 5 happens, and Jack knows full well that they could all die, and what does he say? “Never doubted him, never will!” And not only does he march willingly into the jaws of his own death, he turns commando and encourages others to die in this man’s name as well. And die he does– brutally, quickly, and with all the attitude of a man who has chosen his own fate.
    He never wanted to believe that the Doctor would never have intentionally abandoned him on Station 5. We can see it in his face when the TARDIS disappear. His idol wouldn’t just leave him there to die, or for dead. And when he makes it to Earth, what leads Torchwood straight to him? “Just you wait until I find the Doctor!” “The Doctor will fix me!” He’s as stubborn in his faith as everything else.
     But the Doctor doesn’t come. And doesn’t come. And doesn’t come.
     And every day, as Jack cuts himself shaving and the nicks heal, as he gets into barfight after barfight and comes away unscathed, as bullets go through his skull like noise through an eardrum, his faith gets just a little more battered. And a just a little more bitter. And the days turn into decades. And the decades turn a century. And Jack’s loved ones drop dead, and he remains, and the Doctor still doesn’t come.
     He’s almost given up hope. He’s got his little team. It’s enough, isn’t it? Isn’t it?
     And then he hears the wheez of those blessed engines, and for the first time in a hundred and fifty years, he feels alive.
     He almost misses the TARDIS, but that’s okay, he’ll hold on. He doesn’t realize that the Doctor is running from him as hard as he’s running to him. He doesn’t know that the Doctor saw him coming and intentionally tried to get away. (What the fudge, Doctor?)
      “You abandoned me,” he accuses, facing this man who has to be the Doctor but looks nothing like the man he died for all those years ago. And the Doctor can’t even come up with a decent excuse. “Got busy,” my left butt cheek.
     He doesn’t get a decent answer until he’s up to his eyeballs in radiation, and the Doctor has known all along. He did it all, leaving him and staying away, on purpose. But Jack starts cracking jokes! He should have been so bitter! But he knows now that he’s “wrong,” and maybe he deserves the Doctor’s ire, just like he did back in 1945 during the nanogene incident.
     The Master, the Toclafane, that’s all just part and parcel of running with the Doctor, and he’s okay with it. Mostly. Sort of. You can even see him smile at the Doctor when Martha’s gone (season 3, The Sound of Drums,) as if to say “Good work, getting her safe.” Even though they’re both trapped in the Master’s ship with no visible hope of escape. But the Doctor will figure it out.
     The world is burning. The Master reigns supreme. And it’s true that the Doctor’s basically disabled, so you can’t blame him, not really…except Jack does. Just a bit. Because this is the man who’s outsmarted Daleks and left planets safe thanks to his brilliance, yet there Jack remains, chained in a room with no sunlight and tortured for the amusement of a madman. (Which Time Lord that’s referencing is almost irrelevant at this point.) And it’s not just Jack who’s suffering. Every human being still alive lives in mortal terror, and Martha’s family are slaves. Even Lucy shows signs of abuse. The Doctor’s desire to save the Master is laudable, but at this stage of the game, utterly irrational. At the very least he should have defeated the Master first and then tried to redeem him, leaving the innocents of Earth out of the equation. This is one of the few times we see the Doctor act like the arrogant Time Lords from whom he tried so hard to distance himself, so desperate to hold onto this last piece of his race, planet, culture, that he’s willing to let this atrocity play out for his end game. Leave humanity out of it this time, Doctor. No one else volunteered to risk their lives to save that bloodthirsty maniac.
     Jack’s the first one on the Valiant to join his whispered, bruised, battered faith to the psychic network that will revive the Doctor. In spite of all the pain he’s suffered, not just at the hands of the Master but throughout his inhumanly long life, he throws his faith behind this madman with a box who has simply got to save those people on the planet below. Jack needs those people safe just as much as the Doctor ever did.
     The Doctor told Jack that he was “wrong.” That he was never supposed to exist. That he ran away from him because looking at this man who admires him above all others is just too difficult. But he’s willing to keep the Master on the TARDIS indefinitely, maybe forever.
     What exactly is the point of loving and believing in someone who barely acknowledges that you exist?
     And so we come to this scene. Jack’s not just tired, not just recovering from injuries, not just battling PTSD. He’s disillusioned. He’s lost what little was left of his idealized version of the Doctor, the one he maybe tried to believe didn’t leave him behind on purpose, the one who would SURELY come back for him and tell him he’s done good. The one who would make all his suffering worth it. This Doctor MADE him suffer. This Doctor could have saved them all, but tried to save the Master instead. He’s shown where his priorities truly lie– and Jack isn’t even a factor.
     “Jack Harkness is just a slut,” so proclaim the naysayers. But what kind of person who is “just a slut” could smile at the Doctor the way Jack does as he says good-bye, knowing finally that he’ll never truly have a place at the side of the man he waited a century for, and still manages to forgive him?

Captain Jack Harkness. The Man Who Waited. The Man Who Believed. The Man Who Deserved an Apology. The Man Who Should Have Had Better.

arya + northerners

Back at Winterfell, they had eaten in the Great Hall almost half the time. Her father used to say that a lord needed to eat with his men, if he hoped to keep them. “Know the men who follow you,” she heard him tell Robb once, “and let them know you. Don’t ask your men to die for a stranger.” At Winterfell, he always had an extra seat set at his own table, and every day a different man would be asked to join him. One night it would be Vayon Poole, and the talk would be coppers and bread stores and servants. The next time it would be Mikken, and her father would listen to him go on about armor and swords and how hot a forge should be and the best way to temper steel. Another day it might be Hullen with his endless horse talk, or Septon Chayle from the library, or Jory, or Ser Rodrik, or even Old Nan with her stories.

Arya had loved nothing better than to sit at her father’s table and listen to them talk. She had loved listening to the men on the benches too; to freeriders tough as leather, courtly knights and bold young squires, grizzled old men-at-arms. She used to throw snowballs at them and help them steal pies from the kitchen. Their wives gave her scones and she invented names for their babies and played monsters-and-maidens and hide-the-treasure and come-into-my-castle with their children. Fat Tom used to call her “Arya Underfoot,” because he said that was where she always was. She’d liked that a lot better than “Arya Horseface.” (AGOT)

arya underfoot is one of the most important names for arya. she goes through numerous personas and identities but this is one of the first. and unlike most of the others it doesn’t chip away at arya’s sense of self. arya underfoot embraces arya’s true identity. it was given to arya by the smallfolk of winterfell, specifically her father’s men, but even jon and theon think of her as such. they gave her this nickname because she was always so close to them, literally underfoot. she would play, befriend, and socialize with all of her people. regardless of birth or rank or job. arya valued their existence which is more than most highborns who see them as disposable things.  

and while arya hasn’t been in the north for years her connection to it’s people has never diminished. arya often remembers the ones she loved from winterfell and even crosses paths with some northern characters both new and old

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the stranger things cast, according to my grandma:

finn: “he’s gonna be a little heartbreaker when he gets older, he’s so adorable.”

gaten: “i’m adopting that one, he’s precious! look at his little curls and that smile!”

noah: “oh my god, he’s so tiny! can i adopt him, too? he reminds me a little of that big-eyed guy from the wizard ring movies you used to watch all the time.” (it took me almost five minutes to realize she meant lord of the rings and i think she was referring to elijah wood)

caleb: “another future heartbreaker.”

millie: “hey, we have the same name! but she’s much more gorgeous than i was or ever will be. she looks so stylish.”

charlie: “river phoenix.”

joe: “flock of seagulls cover band front man. also looks like that guy who played the spidery man.”

natalia: “gorgeous flower child.”

david: “big burly man who i would be very interested in dating.”

winona: “isn’t she the woman you’re in love with?”

I don’t know weather to cry or be impressed at the audacity of Moffat calling Rose Tyler a mary sue.  That giving us extra special almost Time Lord River Song who is the total soul mate of the Doctor.  Then extra special super impossible Clara Oswald that saved all the Doctors and whose puppy eyes convinced the Doctor to basically change history time lock events be dammed.


Well it’s been quite the year and well all lot of bad things happened (for me most were very personal) there were good things. And when I say good things I mean good people. Scratch that amazing people! These people helped me get through the year so that I would see this new one (even if the year is already starting bad for me). And even though I may not know a lot of them personally I still want to personally thank each and everyone of them. (Also I can draw better than this sorry)

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Essays in Existentialism: Ice and Fire

Winter came.

The dead would not die and stay dead, the world was at war with itself, and to compound the misery, winter came with a wrath that was a distant memory for most who lived. It did not creep in, nor did it apologize for its untimely birth. Instead, it just rattled the doors and ravaged the land in a different kind of war.

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so i played around with voice recognition and this is what i got

Truce AU -Steven universe

This is LONG and im sorry i cant make a cut on mobile.

Anyway pink wasnt shattered in this au and she just disapeared,with her high court the zoo and all the rose quartz gems after they were bubbled, but she is presumed dead

Shortly after pink disapeared, blue attempted to make a truce with rose.
The earth is a gem colony that will not be “renovated” or used to make gems.
Its usually where defective gems are sent, but any gem can travel to earth if she desires. Rose controls the earth though it is considered blues colony.

Steven still happens, and is basically raised to be in a high position of power. Though most leadership was left to garnet amethyst and pearl

The trial does still occur, though its because steven felt he needed to be tried for roses war crimes that she never delt with (as the diamonds couldnt get her in order to do a trial)

This is what causes zircon to get interest, so thats why shes on earth with howlite :p

Gems who live on earth are integrated with human society, and will either be symbolless or have a star. So you can tell wich gems are visiting earth (usually, as many gems choose to live on earth and havent gotten a star yet)

The corruption bomb never happened sooo no corrupted gems

The humans are treated equal, though most governments are controlled by gems (their better at leadership than humans, but their councels are full of humans usually)

Cluster never happened (blue wont let yellow get near the planet, shes still super sad about pink and all that)

They attempted to find pink diamond for many centuries, but they just couldnt find her.. Rumors say there are still search parties going throughout the galaxy

Pink diamond took her gems and her zoo to a planet near the edge of the galaxy, one that isnt on the diamonds star maps and is very similar to earth, so the zoomans dont need to stay in the zoo

Steven grew up taking frequent trips to homeworld to watch the crystal gems discuss imortant matters, this eventually switched to steven when the cg thought he was ready (this is probably some point during s4, even though many plot points are different)

Aquamarine and topaz are sent to earth in order to collect some human specimen, as blue and yellow wanted to do research on them. (Blue from sheer curiosity, yellow because she wanted to get more control over them, i.e making weapons that would effect them and stuff)

Steven volunteers for the trial when he learns more about rose, and pink diamonds disappearance. The crystal gems beg him not to do it, but he thinks it needs to be done.

Neither zircon is poofed in the trial, blue zircon does her job well and steven is tried as innocent, steven having been on homeworld many times before, kind of knows how the legal system works and asks that instead of yellow zircon being shattered, she is sent to live on earth with no allowance to visit homeworld or any other colonies. Yellow and blue diamond find this acceptable.

yellow zircon lives with lapis and peridot in an apartment in beach city.

Gems are all over the earth and there are many of them, due to their influence on human society and culture, the humans are not racist or anything, and they have many technological advancements.

Greg and connie (also lars when he becomes pink lars) are human representatives for homeworld and other colonies. Greg because he was close to rose, she would bring him along. Connie is considered stevens “human mate” (even though they are not together…as of now) her parents are very proud of her for being an intergalactic diplomat. And lars as he basically becomes stevens “guard”, steven wants to keep lars near by (so he always has an escape route if need be and because hes just a sweet boy who loves his zombie friend okay?)

Blue zircon doesnt live on earth, but she spends all her free time there, whether she is relaxing or preparing for a case, you can usually find her somewhere on the coast (usually the outskirts of beach city, outside city limits but still close enough that you could say shes in beach city) looking over files or reading human books.

Howlite is usually bugging her (btw, while this isnt fully an oc insert au just for my ocs, im including howlite in anything with zircon… Let my law girlfriends be happy ok)

The off colours are on earth, as padparacha and rutile were sent there soon after popping out, rhodonite and flourite came later when they were discovered. They live in a house in the country (around the barn area) they have an area big enough for flourite to have her own space, they are happy, steven visits when he gets the chance, garnet will always check in on rhodonite and flourite, checking up on relationships and asking if they need anything for their home (these babies are shy and wont go into town to get things, its cute)

Pearl has a gang of bad ass “rebel” pearls, they are commonly seen sparring on the beach, or being moms around the town (to everyone.. I swear)

Amethyst spends alot of time with the famethyst, as they were never taken off earth and sent to work in the zoo, amethyst didnt really pop out alone as the amethyst above her would often go to the kindergarden to see if the amethyst below her would ever come out.

This means amethyst wasnt super involved with the crystal gems, but her and the famethyst (including the jaspers and carnelian) are considered an off-branch of the crystal gems, amethyst goes along to the homeworld meetings as a representative for the gems made on earth, as for some reason the famethyst wanted her to represent them)

Sadly holly blue is never roasted by pearl, may this amazing scene rest in peace.

Holly wants nothing to do with the earth and wont go to it unless blue instructs her too, which she has never done, holly is grateful.

Jasper is part of the famethyst, is still a salty butt and is like a big sister to ALL OF THEM (suprising that she wasnt the representative for all of them)

Jasper hopes they find pink diamond some day, as do the rest of the famethyst, they feel abandoned by their diamond and hope she will return some day

The famethyst is more than just the gems that are originally at the zoo, it is every quartz soldier (other than roses) to ever come out of earth

Pink is guilty that she couldnt bring every one of her gems with her, and is often quite sad because of this.

Pink is never found, never returns to the earth.

However some of her court have visted earth in secret to update their diamond on her colony, and her gems.

She cries happy tears with every sparce report.

Pink lets her gems do whatever they wish on their new planet, human civilization thrives, pink thinks one day she will need to inform earth of their sister human colony.

One of the rare reports was done by a sapphire, her future vision gave her two paths, to inform the famethyst (pink knows about them and loves that her children stick together) of their diamonds wereabouts, or to return to earth 2.0 and never let them know. She watches them for many days and thinks they would be happier staying on earth, she informs pink of this. Pink respects her choice.

The entire famethyst dont have stars (including our amethyst) all have pink diamonds, yellow and blue think this is strange, but they understand that they are still loyal to their missing diamond.

There are many cities throughout earth that are populated by only gems, some of these are inhabited by only permafusions (the cities are not limited to gems and fusions, these are just areas humans chose to not live in, or eventually abandoned.) They are all like small town cities, with one or two streets, they occasionally get shipments of suplies (like food and stuff, even if they dont need it, many of them enjoy eating or doing “human” things)

Garnet once considered moving to one of these towns, but decided she needed to stay with the crystal gems.

She has told the off colours about these towns, but they prefer seclusion, garnet wont force them to do anything they are uncomfortable with, so she suggests it once, they turn it down, never talked about again.

Steven finds lion while hes exploring the earth one day, since corrupted gems dont exist on earth, they had no reason to go to the desert. But steven happened upon it one day, lion was lying near the warp pad, waiting patiently for rose to come visit him again, lion takes a liking to steven, all the cuteness ensues.

Lars doesnt turn pink on homeworld, he develops a terminal illness, when steven learns of this he tries to use his healing spit to stop it, it doesnt work, lars dies soon after, steven cries over lars when he visits with sadie, lars parents are already in the room, his mother bawling, his father barely holding himself together.

When lars wakes up from death, his mothers tears turn from sad to happy, his father finally lets his tears flow, steven and sadie freak out for a few seconds before takling him with hugs. A doctor checks lars for any sign of the illness, its gone.

Yellow zircon, peridot, and lapis are the loudest ones in their apartment building. They have almost been kicked out several times. Zircon talks the land lord into letting them stay, every time.

Yellow zircon will often visit blue, they had a whole heart to heart thing. Blue expecting yellow to be furious about being trapped on earth and out of a proper job (shes going to law school to be a lawyer on earth, and currently works at a mall in the nearby town sice beach city doesnt have one..i think.) Yellow said that shes not upset, she just misses homeworld sometimes, though she enjoys her new life with peridot and lapis. They spend alot of time comparing homeworld law to earth law, how annoying law school is even though yellow was litteraly MADE to be a lawyer. Blue is thankful she doesnt have to do schooling on earth.

Blue zircon has made many friends on earth, and spends alot of time on the planet. For some reason she doesnt feel the need to move to the planet, she feels like all her trips to homeworld would make it pointless and she might aswell remain living on homeworld.

Yellow zircon and howlite eventually talk her into moving to earth, she lives in the same apartment complex as yellow, lapis and peridot, with howlite. The noise drives her nuts, howlite assures her shell get used to it.

She never gets used to it.

Zircon doesnt get how they sound like their in the same room, when they are on completely seperate ends of the building (yz peri and lapis are on the top floor near the front of the building, bz and howlite are on the second floor in the back)

Zircon does not blame the land lord for hating them, she eventually demands they learn how to be quiet, as legally the land lord can kick them out at any time (from the many.. Many noise complaints)

Howlite takes trips to homeworld, as any gems arested on earth are usually sent to homeworld for trial, then given back to the earth to decide what to do with them. Howlite (and other howlites and turquoises) is usually the one(s) to deliver the gems.

Howlite also just works as a general cop (*coughcough security officer at a mall coughcough*) on earth

Gems arested on earth are usually bubbled and kept in the burning room for however long their sentance is, pearl puts sticky notes on every bubble, on who the gem was, why they were bubbled, how long the sentance is, and the year they were bubbled.

Yellow zircon ended up living with peri and lapis, because she didnt know what to do or where to go, steven took her to the appartment, asked the girls to help her get on her feet, they grew attached and she never left.

Yellow zircon and peridot where normal human clothes (yz gets a discount from the store she works at so why not take advantage of it?) Lapis doesnt understand why they like human clothes so much.

Yz loves baggy shirts and pants (she kinda misses the bell bottoms… Oh well). Peridot loves the fluffy sweaters, croptops, and cute shorts. She thinks shoes are weird so she usually goes barefoot.

Peridot doesnt have a job, she stays home with their dog named pumpkin (shes a weiner dog and they love her) lapis works at fun land, as stayed before, yz works in a clothes shop at a mall.

The famethyst have basically made their own city at the alpha kindergarden, it is recognized as an acctual city, and is the only one to be solely inhabited by just quarts soldiers.

This town has no buildings or anything, its just the famethyst sparring and being quartz soldiers, the ones who enjoy sleep will sleep in their holes (any gems from the beta kimdergarden who like sleep will find an abandoned hole, that probably belonged to a rose quartz and claim it as their own)

They all enjoy food.. All of them. (Except jasper.. She eats rarely though) so the town does get food shipments occasionally.

Jasper is declared “mayor” of the town, they dont know what a mayor is.. But.. Jasper is it.

Homeworld has a stigma with earth, that every gem there is defective. Though many gems living on earth still work for homeworld, some have hard times getting jobs, as gems would rather have a gem from anywhere else. It sucks and was a main reason blue zircon was scared to move to earth in the first place.

Blue zircon does still have alot of work however, as she is usually the gem assigned to defend gems arrested on earth (as she knows how earth culture works, and many homeworld gems dont)

Of course there are many other zircons on earth, same with any other gem. Theres many of every kind.

Many gems will deny their purpose entirely and go to human college to pursue a new path. Sapphires have become scientists, quartz soldiers have become teachers, pearls have become famous chefs.

Its known on homeworld that on earth you can do whatever you wish, though this makes the homeworld gems despise the earth more, why would a gem deviate from her purpose? She was made to do something, why would she go to earth to do something entirely different?

Noble Attack Foiled, Missing Doctor Spotted

By Risri Elthron

The Special Investigations Unit is seeking information or witnesses to an attack in Elwynn Forest on Tuesday, May 16th. In a suspiciously timed assault, almost within the same hours as Lady Addington and Lord Blackfyre were separately attacked and kidnapped, another attack was attempted on a noblewoman traveling to a wedding in Stormwind.

Lady Raschel, a distant cousin to King Anduin, was traveling with her grandmother and two members of the Church of the Light-Anchorite Kha’tal and a Sayyadina Farrah. In addition, three guards traveled as protection for the young Lady. The assault was carried out via a winged ornithopter. The guards shot down the vehicle leaving the pilot dead and the co-pilot severely injured leading to their subsequent death, the third member of the attackers escaped after parachuting to safety, though not without injury.

Investigators are looking into former Lordearon citizens turned criminals as the parachutes used by the attackers had seals indicating connections to the lost kingdom. The three guards are also sought by investigators as it was revealed during the course of the interviews with Lady Raschel and her grandmother that the three guards may be the missing Lord Doctor Wellson and persons of interests in his case.

Doctor Wellson has been missing since late last year. The two other guards are suspected to be two individuals the Special Investigations Unit has been searching for in connection with Doctor Wellson’s disappearance. A Miss Dove and a Miss Quai Mason, who was thought deceased, were identified by an anonymous source after the interviews with Lady Raschel and her grandmother. All three are now being sought in regards to the attempted attack on Lady Raschel as well as for the escape of Miss Dove from her Abjuration in January this year.

Special Investigations Unit requests any information leading to the finding of the remaining attacker or to the discovery of Doctor Wellson and his compatriots to be sent directly to their office in Stormwind care of Major Glenice Morcant.

The Royal Courier will continue to track this case.

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Genesis of the Daleks might be one of the most misunderstood scifi stories ever. Everyone remembers the Doctor refusing to detonate the charges that would kill the embryos in the incubation room, but everyone forgets that the Doctor changes his mind and goes back to do it anyway, only getting interrupted by a Dalek that accidentally blows the charges first. The embryos get killed either way.

Yes, a Dalek did this; Daleks already existed before the embryos. This wasn’t a mission to erase Daleks from history: it was a mission to replace who survived and became the Daleks. Because what do we know about these embryos?

DAVROS: That outlines the chromosomal variations to be introduced into the embryo Daleks. It is to be implemented at once, Gharman.

GHARMAN: Davros, this will create enormous mental defects.

DAVROS: Not defects, improvements.

GHARMAN: It’ll mean creatures without conscience, no sense of right or wrong, no pity. They’ll be without feeling or emotion.

Before the CIA interfered in Genesis, the embryos lived, grew to maturity, and then (since they had no conscience or positive emotions) exterminated both Davros and his original Daleks. These are the completely ruthless Daleks we saw from the First Doctor until Genesis.

The original Daleks, which survived after the Doctor destroyed the embryos, had defects:

DAVROS: There is much to do. I want the genetically conditioned creatures installed in the machines immediately. Twenty of them.

NYDER: Twenty?

DAVROS: They are our troops in this battle for survival.

NYDER: But they’re still very erratic, unstable.

DAVROS: They will not be allowed self control. I will prepare a computer program that will limit their actions. After that, we are going on a journey.

(This limiting program is the same stuff that changes “Clara” to “Dalek” and “I love you” to “Exterminate”, and makes strong emotion fire the gun.)

When Davros says in The Witch’s Familiar:

DAVROS: Oh, they have no choice. My Daleks are afflicted with a genetic defect.

DOCTOR: What defect?

DAVROS: Respect. Mercy for their father. Design flaws I was unable to eliminate. And now he sees it. Now he understands.

Davros created the Daleks, but who changed history so that Davros survived their creation, and prevented the completely ruthless Daleks from arising? The Doctor did. Note that the only time Davros is completely lost to the Daleks, gobbled up by the Nightmare Child at the start of the Time War, they manage to almost defeat the Time Lords. Davros is the true Dalek inhibitor.

plaidypuspelt replied to your post: What can be a good name for Doctor Who au for…

But which Doctor would mesh best with Gravity Falls? Grunkle Stan would write off Eleven because he looks like a hipster. Twelve could pass as one of Stan’s criminal buddies.

That’s why it’s an au, so I don’t have to worry about The Doctor :D My idea is this: when the Daleks attack, Stan pushes Dipper and Mabel into his TARDIS and makes it so it can never come back to Gallifray aka twins are safe. 

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