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Writing is Hard, pt 8: Slow and Steady

Summary: Dean shows you his favorite kind of sex.

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Warning: Smut, dirty talk

Word Count: 3100ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. Hope you enjoy! (Sorry, tag list is closed!) XOXO

The motel door opens quietly and you hear Dean shuffle in, his footsteps easy to recognize. You don’t move, body too exhausted to even roll over in bed and say hi.

Sam has to know that Dean comes to your room every night now. Actually, Dean just goes straight in with you now more often than not, leaving Sam to himself. You’ve never discussed it, but you suspect that Sam’s silence on the matter of you and Dean is his thank you for finally having some privacy on a regular basis.

Either way, you aren’t remotely surprised that Dean is here. You listen to boots being kicked off, a gun being placed on the night stand, and clothes being shuffled off. He’s down to his boxers when he slides beneath the covers.

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I’m just going to take a moment to say, you know what? I’m proud of myself. I’m proud that I’m working so unbelievably hard to get good marks, I’m proud that I haven’t hurt myself in almost a month, I’m proud that I’ve managed to build this tumblr up to almost 50 thousand followers, I’m proud that I try to be a good friend. I’m proud for once, and I’m not afraid to say it.

Secret of These Hands Ch. 1 (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Hello babes! Ahhhh I’m almost at my first thousand followers and I’m literally about to freak out because I never thought I would ever get here. This is insane!! I just want to thank you all for getting me here because without an amazing audience like you, I honestly don’t know what I’d be doing with my life. Anyways, here’s the first official chapter of “Secret of These Hands”. Enjoy! xx

Description:You were born enhanced. Ever since you were a child, you had the capability to reach into people’s memories by the mere touch of your hand. Even the slightest brush of fingers, or a polite handshake could send you years back into their life without your control. To prevent any sort of incident, you always wore gloves on your hands, no matter what the weather would be. 

One day, you wander into a French farmer’s market, bumping into a man at a fruit stand who, oddly enough, fashions a glove like yourself in the summer heat. You step into his life, hiding secrets, and finding that he has some of his own. Will you ever come clean? And even then, will he?

Warnings: None



You stared at the departure board, your eyes scanning over each destination. There were endless possibilities of where you could go, but all you knew was that you wanted to get away from this place. The Seattle was bustling with people and every once in a while someone would brush past you, knocking you in the shoulder or getting you off balance. The close proximity of the people around you made you antsy about your hands, even though they were gloved. Knowing that you could accidentally go through someone’s lifetime always put you on edge, even with the gloves on. 

As you scanned the board, you eyes landed on a particular city. New Orleans. It was all the way across the country, it was culturally enriching, and it would be hard for anybody to track you down. Well, at least you hoped. You shoved your hand into your back pocket, feeling the wad of cash that was supposed to take you wherever you wanted to go. Ever since you were thirteen, you had been stashing away your allowance for this. That had been the year you decided that you were going to get the hell out of your life. That life was your old life now; you were about to begin a new one. One where nobody knew who you were, knew what you could do. You could start fresh. 

The lady at the airline reception desk eyed you suspiciously when you asked for one ticket to New Orleans in the middle of the night, all by yourself, with a whole stack of bills. She had good reason to be, but you were honest. 

“I hate to bug you hun, but this doesn’t seem too right. It’s two o’clock in the morning, you’re alone, you got a whole lot of cash, and you want a one way ticket to Louisiana. I don’t have to call security, do I?” She was trying to be sincere, but she couldn’t help raising her eyebrow at you. 

“Oh no, you don’t have to do that. I’m going to be honest with you. I literally just turned eighteen two hours ago, and my family basically wants to disown me, so for the past five years I’ve been saving up money to leave. This is my way out. I’m totally legal and I didn’t acquire this money illegally.” You chuckled nervously. You literally just confessed your life story to a complete stranger. “The only thing I am doing is running away from this life, so that’s what I’d like to do, if you don’t mind.” You gave her a small smile, and she responded with a slow nod, letting her fingers type furiously on her computer. You heard the sound of a printer, and she handed you your ticket. 

“Try the beignets at City House Square on 5th, you’ll fall in love.” She smiled sweetly at you, and giving you a wink. 

“I will, and thank you.” You turned away towards the terminal, shifting your bag on your shoulder. You whispered to yourself. “A new beginning is just what I need.” 

The hallways were packed with people surprisingly and you weaved in out and of them, trying to find your gate. Of course, it was the last one all the way at the other end of the airport. When you finally saw the screen with your departure information, you plopped yourself down on a chair, and pulled out your headphones. Suddenly, all the outside noise was droned out by one of your favorite songs on a playlist of yours. You checked the time. You still had forty-five more minutes till boarding.

The time seemed to whiz by. The plane parked, the people got off, you got in line, and now you were giving the man your ticket. 

“Thank you.” You gave him a slight nod and made your way down the ramp to the plane. The deep sigh that came out of you relaxed your muscles and you felt like the world had just been lifted off of your shoulders. You found your seat in the middle of the plane, next to the window. A small smile came across your face as you looked up out the window, watching the stars. 

The plane wasn’t nearly filled to capacity. You guessed that not many people took spontaneous trips to New Orleans at three in the morning. The pilot spoke over the intercom, telling you the flying the conditions and the estimated time of arrival. As the lights inside the cabin dimmed, the hum of the engine began to lull you to sleep. The soft music in your ears drowned out the violent take off, letting you relax in your seat, and lean your head against the window. 

All you could think about was that there was nobody binding you anymore, no old life you had to hold onto anymore. You were free, you could explore, and there was nobody around you that had anything against you. 

The last thought that ran through your mind before you fell asleep was echoed softly through your head. 

It’s only me and a new life ahead of me. 

I know it’s short, but I’m trying to get it to build. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day! I’ll have two new chapter tomorrow, and maybe a one shot depending on how things go when I write tonight. I love you all, xoxo



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The great day has arrived! It is Algy’s 5th Tumblr Birthday.

Algy’s surprisingly fluffy 5th birthday party will start at midday, over on his sideblog @lovefromalgy

It is YOU, Algy’s wonderful Tumblr friends and followers, who have made these five years of Algy’s adventures possible, and YOU who have kept Algy going through good times and bad. Thank you all so very much!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the thousands of almost-invisible followers who Algy does not really know but who see his posts and leave notes from time to time…

And a VERY SPECIAL HUGE THANK YOU to those hundreds of amazing friends and followers who Algy has come to know and love over the past five years - who frequently “like” Algy’s posts, leave kind comments, and send Algy messages. 

Algy loves you all and sends you all lots of surprisingly fluffy birthday hugs, and hopes that you will be able to join in his birthday celebrations xoxo

To take part in Algy’s birthday party on @lovefromalgy, submit one or more images, or post on your own blog and send Algy a link (your own original work, please). If you post on your own blog, please be sure to let Algy know, as the Tumblr notification system for being mentioned on another blog doesn’t work…

And of course come along to @lovefromalgy and enjoy the fun whenever you can. This very special party is likely to run on into the night here in Scotland (GMT).

Submissions can be made at any time from now until the end of the party. Here’s the link to the Submit form again: again:

To celebrate, Algy is also running a small retrospective of his 5 years of amazing adventures, on his main blog @adventuresofalgy. This was originally planned for just two days, but Algy has now decided to spread it over 5 days - one day for each year :)

Hi Guys!

So, just in the last three days I’ve gotten almost a thousand new followers and in about 24 hours, I’ve received 50 new messages, so I thought I would answer some of the more common messages I’ve been receiving. 

First of all, yes, my name is Arizona. I know it’s weird, but I actually really like my name. I’m 19  and I’m from the Midwest United States, and no, I don’t get anymore specific than that. My impregnation kick is something that I play out in real life, as I am trying to get pregnant and I don’t use condoms or any other form of birth control, but I’m also not looking for anyone to help me get pregnant right now. I appreciate your interest in me, but I’m just not looking right now. A lot of you have also asked about my incest experience, and honestly, there isn’t much to tell. My female cousin and I were playing truth or dare when we were about 13 and she asked me to eat her out. I did and we’ve never done anything like it ever again. And yes, I am bisexual. My profile picture is not me, but I did choose the picture because it looks almost the exact same as me. So, yes, my nipples are pierced. 

If I don’t reply to you, it’s not because I’m trying to be rude or anything, it’s simply that you guys are being pretty active and my page is growing really quickly so it’s hard to respond to everyone. That being said though, feel free to continue sending me messages, asks and commenting. I’ll respond if I can. 

New Year Celebrations

 Pairing: Fred x Reader

Request:  lol nope… I only have 87 to get through so why not do one that isn’t one of them, great idea.

A/N: Happy New Year!!!! It just hit midnight and here I am developing a Fred Weasley Imagine idea, and it is a bit stupid but I hope you like it!

Squicks: Look, it’s not a smut because I have morals and all that, but it is a bit… suggestive? And there’s v minimal swearing, spoiler alert it’s the word shit you’ll be fine

You were staying at The Burrow for the break over the two week period for Christmas and New Year.

It was early on New Year’s Day, and Molly wanted to stock up on school supplies early before the shops became too busy, so she rounded up Ron, Hermione, Harry, George and Ginny to head down to Diagon Alley, leaving you and Fred in the burrow alone.

You were sitting on your boyfriend’s bed reading your book, while Fred was throwing things into his trunk for when school started back shortly.

“You know Y/n….” Fred began, “we’re finally alone now…”

You looked up from your book, returning Fred’s smile,

“Well that’s observant of you, new year new you I see,”

“Well my dear yes now that you remind me, it is the new year, and I do believe we ought to be celebrating…” Fred says flirtily as he joins you on his bed sitting opposite you.

“Oh Fred that’s a wonderful idea! What is it exactly that you had in mind?” you ask, trying to play as oblivious as possible,

“I think you know very much what I had in mind, Y/n”.

“As a matter of fact I think I do know what you had in mind actually!” you say happily, “But Fred… we can’t, can we,”

“No, I do believe you are absolutely right,” Fred agrees nodding his head, “We have our clothes on”.

“Yes, we do, and we can’t have our type of celebrations with our clothes on now can we?” you say thoughtfully as Fred slides your shirt up over your head,

“No Y/n you’re absolutely right, clothes just simply can’t happen, I won’t allow it,” He continues, puling at the waistband of your sweatpants.

“I don’t know what we can do… we can’t celebrate while wearing clothes, yet here we are wearing clothes!” You were now sitting on his bed in nothing but your lingerie, still pretending to be totally oblivious to the fact,

“I’m afraid there’s not much that can be done in this situation, my love,” Fred says as he pulls his arms out of his sleeves,

“No Fred, I do believe you’re right,” you say sadly as Fred drops his shirt to the floor, “There isn’t much we can do while we have clothes on our bodies,”

“New Year only comes around once a year, because otherwise it wouldn’t be a new year,” Fred unzips his jeans and pulls them off, “so this would have really been our only opportunity to celebrate…”

“Yes, it was wasn’t it,” you sigh in agreement as Fred climbs on top of you, gently pushing you down so that you are lying on the bed, “it’s a shame, I was looking forward to welcoming the New Year in our special way, it’s become a tradition…”

“It has indeed,” Fred nods, “A tradition that will have been lost, and all because we’re wearing clothes”.

You let out a loud gasp of shock, “Fred!”

Fred copies your gasp with just as much enthusiasm, “What?!”

“Would you look at that… Our clothes are gone!” you say, looking down at the two of your almost naked bodies,

“My God Y/n, you’re absolutely right!”

“Oh Freddie, you know what this means, don’t you?”

“Mmm yes I do think I know what this means…” Fred says as he leans down to kiss you.

You wrap your hands in his hair, as he kisses you and his arm wraps around your waist.

As things began to get heated, the door slams open,

“Guys have you seen my— SHIT WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!”

George had walked into the room to see the two of you in a very compromising position,

“OH MERLIN— GEORGE HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF KNOCKING?!” Fred shouts as he hastily grabs the doona to cover you with, as you try to hide yourself from embarrassment,

“Fred if you’ve forgotten we sHARE THE SAME BLOODY ROOM—“



“Alright alright alright fine you’ve got your coat now shoo!” Fred says as he spins his brother around on the spot and begins to push him out the door,”

“Fred’s a lucky man, Y/n!” George shouts once he was out the door, to which Fred said something angrily that you can’t quite make out.

Fred waits, leaning on the wooden doorframe with his arms crossed, until he is sure that George and the others have all walked out the door, before shutting his own and crawling back on top of you.

“Let me just… Yep,” Fred says as he lifts the covers to see you, “Still undressed, so I’m hoping the celebrations are still ago?”

You giggle, “Yes, I believe they are. Where were we…?”

A/N: Happy New Year everyone! As oppose to popular meme related opinions, I thought 2016 was a really great year, I daresay the best one I’ve had so far! Thanks for being such tremendously supportive followers, I never imagine that this lil blog would get to almost 11 and a half thousand followers! Thank you all so very much, and remember to stay safe and party hard tonight kiddos! ♥ 

tumblr vs insta

I’m thinking of moving to Instagram for privacy purposes. i have almost three thousand followers and I’m paranoid about outing myself but i would love to share more personal stories and images with real other babies in the bowl on instagram. if i could make my tumblr private that would be so perfect. 

You need to understand this.

Although I have a lot of followers, I have a really good memory for people. If you sent me a sweet message, if you added a cool comment to one of my posts, or if you just reblog my stuff all the time, I probably remember your face/avatar/url and smile to myself every time I see you in my activity tab.

I miss you guys and i love you my followers.
Sadly month of mei is soon going to be the end. but here is what you can do to make me happy
1. Make the notes higher
2.follow my blog
3.ask me anything
4.message me
I love you so much guys all of this would make me the happiest gal ever also i am happy we are almost to a thousand followers. i love you goodnight.

A  Timeline of Asagao Academy according to my experience

This game came out a year ago today,, weird to think that was so long ago.

I feel like if I try and make something super sentimental I’m just going to start rambling and crying so I’m going to do this in the most low-key way I can; I’m putting together a timeline of the Asagao fandom, but solely from my perspective. So, let’s take a look at how things have changed over the course of this year, shall we?

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Leaving Her Behind pt. 2 [Suga Angst]

 Pt. 1

Originally posted by hugtae

“there’s always this one stupid mistake that changes everything”

Every love story that you’ve read always ended with a happy ever after. But for you, you had no hopes, no expectations, absolutely nothing for the happy ending. What you knew was that it was going to be hard, hurtful and a very long journey through pain.

It was going to be hard looking at him, seeing his photos on social medias, see people that reminded you of him. You knew it was going to be hard. But it was thousand times worse to see him with her not even a week after your break up.

It was hard to see them walk into the restaurant that you worked at. It was hard to swallow and breathe when he walked past you, not giving you a glance and right there, you felt like the two of you were back to strangers who never even shared a kiss. Strangers that never had been madly in love. Strangers that will always stay as strangers.

“Y/N, don’t just stand there, we have some lovely customers waiting to order” you heard your boss say which made you realize that you were going to be their waitress. With shaky legs and short steps, you tried really hard to walk as slowly as possible.

“I-I’m Y/N and I will be y-your waitress for toni-”
“Can we have another waitress taking our order?” you didn’t even need to look up from your notebook to know that it was him. His voice was the same. At least something about him was the same.

“Uh… I-I don’t know, I’ll as-”
“Is that the way a waitress talk to her customer? That she doesn’t know?” He was trying to upset you, to make you feel like a completely fool in front of these high class people.
“I-I am sorry, I will fix this” you had turned around to leave with tears in your eyes when you heard him again.

“Fix what, a broken relationship? Yourself and your wrong doings? Is there anything to fix that has already happened, Y/N?” You felt his heavy breaths in the crook of your exposed neck. It sent a bucnh of shivers down your spine. You missed being this close to him but you knew he was only playing with you. Yoongi knew your weak spots. He knew what you’ve always wanted, his presence, his caringness. Something he had never shown you before.

Taking a deep breath, you turned around, facing him.
“I won’t fix a broken relationship, because I wasn’t the one who broke it. I will fix my own broken heart and I will not let you or anyone break it again. Don’t fuck around with my feelings because even though I love you more than you will ever imagine, I won’t be on my knees begging for your love and trust again.”

It felt good to say that.

It felt good to be the one leaving him this time.

But at the same time, you went through as much pain like the times he had left you standing. This time was worse, because you knew that he won’t be the one running after you like how many times you had run after him.

Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? Him running after you. Begging for forgiveness and for you to take him back?

For the two of you, it was never like that. He never had you as his first priority. He never thought about running after you if you one day would leave his side. It was an obvious matter that he never realized how much you really loved and cared for him.

Until it was too late.


Min Yoongi, the one who thought he was going to be perfectly fine without you. The one who expected life to be easier without your non-stop loving and caring. The one who thought that you would come running back like all the other times.

But he was so wrong.

It has been months since he last saw you. It has been months since he last talked to you. He has been months since he saw your smile.

But it has only been a few seconds since he thought about you. About all the times he would carelessly walk past you while you stood there in the hall at 1:a.m to welcome him home. Always smiling that bright smile of yours. But he never noticed that. Everything he saw was black. He was blinded by work, by negative thoughts and always the flaws in you. Yoongi never saw the good in you, he saw past it.

He had blamed you for everything you never once did. Instead, he was the one who cheated. He was the one that didn’t show that he cares and loved you enough.

But then why was he still expecting you to come running back into his arms? The arms you had once felt safe even though he always pushed you away. Even though it was there, in his arms that you had cried rivers, because of him. You still thought that his arms were the safest place. A place you called home.

“When are you going to grow up and actually be the one to get her back?” Jin asked Yoongi, still angry because of the things he had done to you.
“Hyung, I have hurt her more than thousand times. I won’t get her back to hurt her once more”, just thinking about hurting you again made him want to run into a wall.

“Do you love her?”


“Yes I do. I love her a lot and that’s why I’m letting her go this time, willingly. I won’t get her back because she deserves a better man. A man who hasn’t cheated on her. A man who has the courage to stand up for his wrong doings and a man who can tell her that he loves her, every single day wihout getting tired of saying that repeatly.”

“Although I don’t want her to get hurt again, I really want you to at least show her now, that you love her. Because she sure as hell loved you more than anything else, she still loves you. She still cares. She still has you as her background on her phone for goodness sake. She still thinks about you and waits for you, at home.”

“She- she still loves me…?” How could you still love him after all these things? How could you still love a cheater and a jerk of a boyfriend?

“Yes, she loves you very much Yoongi, you better not mess up this time. I will be there with a knife if you hurt her again. But for now, get ready and go to her.” Although Yoongi was exciterd to finally meet you again after all these months, he was shaking because of the nervousity.

“Calm the freaking down, Suga” Jin laughed before giving him a pat on the shoulder. Yes, Jin was right, he had to calm down. He had to think through what he was going to say. He wanted to come there prepared.

After one hour of getting ready and preparing for his speech, he was finally leaving to get home and this time it was home to you.

You didn’t expect to see him any time soon and you definitely didn’t expect him to stand there when you opened the door.
“Yoongi, what are you doing here?” It was a stupid question because this house wasn’t just yours, it was his as well

“I came here to see you and to talk” was his simple reply. He was usually hard to read, but you saw that his hands were trembling and that he was nervous. You didn’t know why but you knew for sure that it was because of the minutes that were getting near. You knew the words he was going to say was the main reason why he was so nervous that it was almost unbelievable that Min Yoongi would lose his calmness like that.

“Can I come in?” He asked which you nodded to and let him walk past you before you shut the door after him.

“How- how are you doing?”

“I’m getting better, thank you for asking”

“Y/N… I-”

“Do you want something to drink?” You asked. Yes, you were trying to avoid talking about the past with him. You were afraid of getting hurt again and you weren’t ready for this talk, yet. You didn’t know what he was going to say. If he was going to tell you how much he regret it or if he was going to tell you that he’s getting married next week. Either way, you weren’t ready to hear him say anything.

“Y/N, please listen to me. I promise you, if you don’t like what I’m going to say then I will leave immediately after that I have told you. Please, Y/N-ah”, his voice was desperate, almost begging you to listen to him. So you did, you nodded and let him start his talking.

“First of all, I’m a completely idiot for treating you like nothing. I- I’m really nervous but I will try to tell you my feelings. No, I have to tell you because I want you to know how I feel.” He started.

“I was blind, I was stupid, a jerk, an idiot, a blinded idiot that never saw the good in you. I can’t blame it on anyone else, but me. I’m the one to blame for everything. If I had believed you, if I had trusted you, I would never ever have left you that night and all the other nights. I would gone home, kissing you when you opened the door for me in the middle of the night. But I’m sorry I didn’t do that.”

“Yoongi, saying things like these won’t take back what’s alreadyhas been done. I’m grateful that you took your time to tell me this, I’m really happy you told me this but Yoongi, I can’t come back to you.”

“Why? I love you Y/N. I love you more than I ever thought I could. But I do really, really, really love you. I know it won’t be easy for us to find the chemistry and love we once had. But if we love each other, if we can see the little chance of us getting back, then I am going to do whatever it takes to make it work. Because Y/N, I love you”, and then he was pressing his lips against yours while wiping away your tears with his thumbs.

The kiss was sweet but at the same time very passionate. It was through the kiss that you for the first time believed that he actually did love you and even if your heart was still aching, you felt yourself relax in the warmth of his arms.

“I love you Y/N and I will keep saying those words until we grow old together”

Hey guys!

 I don’t know if you guys know but I was planning to post this part last wednesday to celebrate this blog getting 6 months old and for almost one thousand followers!! It’s insame how time passes by this fast and how awesome you guys are for always reading my works!

But unfortunately, my computer died when I was in the middle of writing. So I couldn’t post this, but now, a few days later, this hell of a computer woke up from it’s coma and I hope it will at least work until I post this up.

Anyway, I really love you guys and thank you all for all the kind messages! I won’t stop writing because I love what I do and I love making friends through this. I’ve become friend with people that are my closest friends here on tumblr and I am forever thankful to BTS and this fandom.

Thank you for 980 followers and I LOVE YOU!


I will talk to you guys soon xx ~

Why am I here?

I’ve been running this blog for a little over a year now and I have managed to amass almost four thousand followers. I am certainly appreciative of all the interest in what I share, but I also seem to attract some unwanted attention. For every five followers I get, an average of three are porn blogs sharing images from my page for the purpose of arousal. I would like to point out that this blog is intended to share the notion of body acceptance and promote healthy social nudity among families, friends and even strangers in a legal and unprovocative manner. Nothing I post is meant to be suggestive or sexually arousing because there is more than plenty of that in our society as it is. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no qualms about pornography or sex. In fact, I can honestly say that my wife and I relish our continuously evolving and creative sex life. The thing is, there is a time and place for that, and this blog is intended for something else. I believe nudity and sex can be separate just as owning a car and racing can be separate. Having a car makes racing easier and more fun, but simply having a car doesn’t automatically preclude the notion that you race every chance you get. Our natural bodies are the same way. Enjoying sex and pornography are great, but simply being nude or seeing/interacting with people who are nude doesn’t mean sex is involved whatsoever. Due to this, I have made the choice to keep Tumblr porn as separate from this blog as possible. I visit the pages of every one of my followers and can easily usually determine why that person is following my blog by viewing a few posts. If your reason for following my blog is because you live the nudist lifestyle, are curious about the lifestyle or simply admire the human form in whatever variation, I welcome you. If your page is blatantly pornographic and depicts sexual acts of any kind, I will block you. Again, this isn’t because I disapprove of pornography or sexuality, but because this blog has a different purpose. I aim to spread the joy and freedom of simple nudity here, and I would hate to have a visitor or follower seeking additional information or encouragement on nudism be discouraged by an audience consisting of penetration gifs and “Share if you would fuck me” messages. That’s not why I’m here.

With that, I wish each and every one of you a happy and prosperous new year. Live life to the happiest and fullest; live life to the nudist!