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Why am I here?

I’ve been running this blog for a little over a year now and I have managed to amass almost four thousand followers. I am certainly appreciative of all the interest in what I share, but I also seem to attract some unwanted attention. For every five followers I get, an average of three are porn blogs sharing images from my page for the purpose of arousal. I would like to point out that this blog is intended to share the notion of body acceptance and promote healthy social nudity among families, friends and even strangers in a legal and unprovocative manner. Nothing I post is meant to be suggestive or sexually arousing because there is more than plenty of that in our society as it is. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no qualms about pornography or sex. In fact, I can honestly say that my wife and I relish our continuously evolving and creative sex life. The thing is, there is a time and place for that, and this blog is intended for something else. I believe nudity and sex can be separate just as owning a car and racing can be separate. Having a car makes racing easier and more fun, but simply having a car doesn’t automatically preclude the notion that you race every chance you get. Our natural bodies are the same way. Enjoying sex and pornography are great, but simply being nude or seeing/interacting with people who are nude doesn’t mean sex is involved whatsoever. Due to this, I have made the choice to keep Tumblr porn as separate from this blog as possible. I visit the pages of every one of my followers and can easily usually determine why that person is following my blog by viewing a few posts. If your reason for following my blog is because you live the nudist lifestyle, are curious about the lifestyle or simply admire the human form in whatever variation, I welcome you. If your page is blatantly pornographic and depicts sexual acts of any kind, I will block you. Again, this isn’t because I disapprove of pornography or sexuality, but because this blog has a different purpose. I aim to spread the joy and freedom of simple nudity here, and I would hate to have a visitor or follower seeking additional information or encouragement on nudism be discouraged by an audience consisting of penetration gifs and “Share if you would fuck me” messages. That’s not why I’m here.

With that, I wish each and every one of you a happy and prosperous new year. Live life to the happiest and fullest; live life to the nudist!

It’s Imbolc and I just spent the entire day cleaning Old Man Winter out of my room - only to come back and find that I have almost THREE THOUSAND followers now!

Where did you all come from! How are you doing? What are your plans for Imbolc??? Do you have pets! Say hello and pet your pretty animals for me thank <3

Gosh I wish I could get to know you all…Send me hello asks and pictures of your pets if you want, it would make my (holi)day!

Thanks for 10,000 Followers!

This blog has been growing so quickly, its incredible. Over just a one month period, we’ve gained almost a thousand followers, and that pattern has been going continuously for awhile now. I’m that I can share a lot of the incredible art that goes undiscovered on my blog, and give the artists recognition. 

Remember that if you find something that you think would fit my blog, or you make something yourself, please submit it!

Thank you all again!

💕💗Happy Valentine's Day everybody💗💕

We’re almost at a thousand followers which is just fuckin crazy thank each and every one of you so so much
If you’re not spending today with anyone that’s a-okay, come spend it with me and Kerensa because we’re alone too lmao 😭
If you ARE spending today with someone that’s awesome I hope you have a good time stay safe😘
-Kate and Kerensa

I haven’t posted a picture of myself on here in years. When I started this blog nearly four (six?) years ago, I learned how to create gifs in celebration of a series that would forever hold a place in my heart. After several months, I started gaining followers and then what turned into celebration became a thirst for favorability, validation and a twisted desire for power. I essentially gave up my social life in place of making gifs at a computer screen. During my senior year (of high school) I channeled all of my anxiety about the future into the production of images for this blog. In that time frame I had developed over 2,500 gifs in my draft folder (publishing almost twice as many) and gained thousands of followers. My tumblr experience had become an addiction, it became my world. As my years into college progressed I started losing touch with this blog as I got more and more reacquainted with the “real” world. I am emboldened my artistry (I’m an actor for anyone who’s curious), I fell in love (and am still in love) with the most magnificent woman I’ve ever met, I made the greatest friendships I’ve ever held in my life, and I learned to accept the universe and my place in it. As I stand now, I look back at where I was when this all started and I am happy for where I have been and where I am now. I look at myself not as the hermit crab I once was, but as an intelligent, capable, passionate and handsome young man with his foot in the door of opportunity.


Skaro is a hostile planet that supports vicious flora and fauna. The planet became almost inhospitable following a thousand-year war that resulted in the creation of various mutant creatures.

The dominant lifeforms of the planet were once Thalls and Kaleds, however these people went to war before they had even discovered other solar systems and all but wiped each other out. The Kaleds left behind a legacy of mutant descendants known as Daleks, a xenophobic race of emotionless creatures which declared war on all other living things. The Daleks were created by Kaled scientist Davros after he realised what his people were destined to mutate in to due to the heavy use of nuclear weaponry. Davros genetically modified the Kaled mutants to remove their capacity for emotion and to give them a military mind, making them Daleks. The mutants were unable to survive for long on their own so Davros used the technology of his wheelchair as a basis for designing the Dalek casing, which provides life-support and also works as battle armour.

The Celestial Intervention Agency sent a Time Lord known as The Doctor to Skaro at the genesis of the Daleks with orders to destroy them. The Doctor, however, did not have the heart to carry out his orders. Unfortunately, his presence on Skaro alerted its inhabitants to the existence of alien life, prompting the Daleks to develop space and time travel and take their war to the entirety of the universe. The Doctor soon came to regret his moment of compassion, even before the Daleks declared temporal warfare against the Time Lords of Gallifrey. 

In celebration of UNIQ’s FIRST MINI ALBUM, and me almost reaching my next thousand in followers (thank you for putting up with me! lol) I decided to do a little giveaway! The grand prize is of course UNIQ’S FIRST MINI ALBUM, EOEO (Korean Version)! (/◕ヮ◕)/ The album consists of the physical CD, an eighty page booklet, and one random member’s photocard. It with be counted on the Hanteo charts. The giveaway ends on May 15, 2015, 11:59 PM EST, and I will annouce the winner the next day. Hopefully if I receive the album by then, I will ship out immediately. If not, I will ship when I receive them. Oh, and I will ship internationally!

Basically the rule is reblog this post only once, just once. And that’s it! (✿◠‿◠) Oh, and make sure your ask box is open because that is how I will contact the winners! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! Good Luck Everyone!!!

       So the fact i am almost to my next thousand followers milestone
        just blows me away because i first made this blog on a whim.
       like how did this happen? and because you are all
       so wonderful and i want to thank you all for being so
      here’s another giveaway.
                   must be following me, but then don’t
                  unfollow because that is very rude.
                  reblogs only, likes DO NOT count.
                  3 winners will win a pack of icons
                  giveaway ends when i hit 7k